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Devi Sarasvati In A Raw Yellow Saree

Devi Sarasvati In A Raw Yellow Saree

Despite the simplistic finish of batik paintings, batik art is one of the most complex of folk arts. In terms of the time required to complete the multi-stage process as well as the skill required to pull off the techniques involved, few styles of fabric paintings come close. The one you see on this page is a veenadhari Devi Sarasvati composition. While Her iconography occupies the centre of the cotton canvas, the background is a pale sindoori colour with the dense infusions characteristic of batik dyeing.

Amidst the cloth-treating, waxing, dyeing, boiling, de-waxing, and probably doing it all over again, the Devi’s chhavi has acquired a degree of perfection and solemnity. She is clad in a saree the colour of raw turmeric, which becomes Her milk-white complexion. From Her bangles and the halo behind Her head, to the blooming lotus asana, these are all a solid vermillion colour. The colour palette is reminiscent of the spring of the Eastern delta region, where She is worshipped in all the glory of the season. Note the realistic creases that occur on the gigantic petals of Her asana from Her weight thereon.

Zoom in on the Devi’s shringar, the decorated veena, and the intricate serrations on Her crown, in order to take in the shraddha (devotion) and precision with which this work of art has been made.

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Batik Painting On Cotton
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