Horse Species of the World - Bashkir

Horse Species of the World - Bashkir
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The Bashkir, or Bashkirsky, evolved centuries ago in Bashkiria, around the southern foothills of the Urals. There it is bred as a pack, draught and riding animal and to provide meat, milk, and clothing. In a seven-to-eight-month lactation period, one mare yields 330-350 imperial gallons (1,500-1,600 liters). Moreover, the peculiarly thick, curly coat of the Bashkir can be spun into cloth.

The hardy Bashkir is kept out and can survive winter temperatures of -22 to -40 F and find food under 3 ft (1m) of snow. A pair of Bashkirs are said to be able to draw a sleigh 75-85 miles in 24 hours without being fed.


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