Mirabai: The Embodiment of Divine Love

Mirabai: The Embodiment of Divine Love
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Batik Painting On Cotton
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The aristocratic Hindu mystical singer and a devotee of lord Krishna from Rajasthan and one of the most significant figures of the Sant tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement Meera as an infant became deeply enamored of an iconic idol of Krishna owned by a visiting holy man; Though married in an influential Hindu family she was not enamored of the luxuries of the palace. She served her husband dutifully, but in the evening she would spend her time in devotion and singing to her beloved Sri Krishna. Whilst singing devotional bhajans, she would frequently lose awareness of the world, entering into states of ecstasy and trance.As a result of which she brought a lot of defamatory gossip poured upon her.

As characteristic of her , her face has been shown as the lotus-flower of Prem, kindness in her look, Mirabai was a devotee of the highest order. She was immune to the criticism and suffering of the world. She was born a princess but forsook the pleasures of a palace for begging on the streets of Brindaban. She lived during a time of war and spiritual decline, but her life offered a shining example of the purest devotion. Many were inspired by her infectious devotion and spontaneous love for Sri Krishna. Mirabai showed how a seeker could attain union with God, only through love.

The elaborate ornamentation in the painting, on Mira speaks evidently of the affluence she was endowed with, to carry upon herself, for her belonging to a high-class family .She couldn't renounce that, for her sensitivity of temperament enabled her to be as conducive to the demands from her as was humanly possible for her .Though overtly the sophisticated ornamentation would naturally be a contradictory concurrence to her countenance ,as her being was so drenched with the devotion for her lord Krishna .She was helplessly immersed in the bhakti of her lord as is written in the expression of surrender on her face .And so the presence of her the musical instruments in her hands ,as an accompaniment to her devotional singing ,even though she is bedecked with precious jewels .

Again the presence of clouds is symbolic of her extraterrestrial existence. Audibly enough, the presence of the clouds is whispering her being in the realm of the celestial. Above the boundaries of human existence, almost as if somewhere amidst the clouds . accompanied forever with her beloved Lord Krishna ,whose presence again is only a manifestation of her inner conscious planes ,where He was forever her companion .Krishna being shown in blue colour of the body, as was an understood symbolic color for Gods.

Thus when Mira becomes the subject of one’s painting ,it facilitates a reminder to the presence of a spirit like her amidst us .A human form with a divine spirit naturally inspires us towards a possibility towards an existence like hers. Specially in the present times, when our society seems to have acquired a new persona,in the name of liberation a reality like her would appear rather idealistic,impractical and far fetched .A persona like her would probably be a butt of jokes .But she wasn’t she then too as much a misfit?A presence like her would be all the more important considering the present scenario, of hedonism ,of pleasure seeking self indulgence in the name of progress and advancement. This description by Bhoomika Jain.

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