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Princes Play Polo on Two Beautiful Horses

Princes Play Polo on Two Beautiful Horses
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Watercolor on Paper
Artist Navneet Parikh
13.5 inches x 10.5 inches
Item Code: MH84
Price: $320.00
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Although Indians have always portrayed animals with great empathy, the Mughal painters achieved a new height of liveliness and realism, largely due to Jahangir's insistence on acute observation and his instinct for naturalness.

Observing this miniature, one is immediately struck by the fluid line of the animals' body and their natural dignity. Another aspect which is conspicuous is the animal bodies flowing out of the frame. A strong line defines the animals, but the artist lends vague colours to the horses, affecting the overall beauty. The players, dressed in all finery, held tall polo sticks, as a ball lies in between them on the ground. They wear turbans with pearl strings, transparent jamas, through which tight pyjamas can be seen. The long shoulder cloths go around their necks and the end hangs on loose. The faces bear almost identical features. They sit erect on silken saddles, waiting for the game to begin.

The background suggests the vastness of the level, green land, interrupted by tufts of grass. In the near distances stand two posts for the sport. The players on horses stand aloof from the background, refusing to look part of it.

This description by Renu Rana.


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