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The Regal Courtesan

The Regal Courtesan

A painting finished with great skill, this splendidly dressed courtesan will attract numberless gazes of admiration wherever you put it up. Her piercing eyes - not to mention the rest of her - are bound to become the centre of attraction in your space. She is a symbol of the Indian and the feminine, what with her statement attire, sharp features, and jewels aplenty.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
39.0 inch X 49.0 inch
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A woman of such regal appearance as she stands at her door will tempt anybody to come in. In the decidedly Indian garb of lahanga with matching choli, this royal lady drapes a rich, silken dupatta over her luscious physique and holds it in place with her fingers. She rests the other hand on her hips, which transitions from her narrow waist at a sharp angle, accentuated by the lahanga's waistline that sits high on the hips but dips strategically below the navel. Her composure of countenance is highly self-assured; her gaze, superbly straight and confident. The very image of plenty, she exudes an allure that is decidedly worldly.

Decked up in an abundance of jewels, a royal lady could not look more beckoning. The numberless emeralds and rubies across her person lend her a bright, colour-ridden beauty. A jet black bejewelled choker clasps her neck. Strings of pearls of varying lengths and richly studded pendants flow down her undulating torso. Chunky amulets and bangles of glittering gold grace her plump, confidently held limbs. There is a ruby embedded in the brocaded waistline of her gorgeous lahanga, which is of a deep blue colour of silk and features rose-gold buds on the fabric. Her choli, of a complementary crimson hue and woven with precious booties, is cut so low that it serves to reveal rather than to conceal the orbs of her bosom; it fits so high on her torso as to bare her gorgeous midriff, leading up to her seductively deep navel, in its entirety. Her skin has the fluid glimmer of the tropics, over a clan of which her king rules.

The dupatta she wears over her head is of a resplendent, silken scarlet, the ample hem and booties of which are woven in gold. It rests on her luxuriant black mane, braided by her handmaidens with an exquisite tassel fashioned from gold and miniscule, matching jewels. Note how its great girth reaches all the way down to her hips. Her shapely face is framed by a band of gold along the hairline, intricately designed and studded, and jewel-and-pearl jhumke (ethnic dangers) that caress her cheek. Her statement headpieces include an ornate maangtika and an exquisite passa with a single emerald embedded in the centre. Soft pearls dangle along the entire edge of her headpiece, the pristine white of which bring out the rich, desert brown of her eyes as large as the emeralds she wears. Highlighted with gentle doses of surma and shadow, her superbly curled lashes almost touch her cheek. Her brow arches sharply, while the elaborate red bindi surrounded by pearly dots nestles amidst them. Her long, slender nose is pierced on both sides, a gold-and-ruby stud on one and a gold hoop strung with more jewels and pearls on the other. The latter gently grazes her glossy - almost moist - lips, which hold promises of supreme worldly treasures. The perfect curvature of her smooth chin completes the flawless beauty of her countenance.

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