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Shri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra (Yantra For Good Luck, Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Good Fortune)

Shri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra (Yantra For Good Luck, Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Good Fortune)

This composite yantra is one of the most powerful that there is. Its effectiveness in combating ill fortune and poverty have been laid down in tantric shastras aeons ago. Devi Lakshmi, as Vishnu's wife, lords over abundance and plenty. In the Mahalakshmi yantra, the numbers three, eight, and six assume prime importance. The three levels of the bhupura stand for the trivarga or the three pursuits of human life, which are artha (purpose), kama (pleasure), and dharma (virtue). The six angles of the shatkona (star made up of two strategically interlocking equilateral triangles) of Her yantra are in concordance with the shatkona-chakra of Her husband, Vishnu. Finally, the eight petals of the ashtadala padma stand for the prakriti octave of akasha, vayu, tejas, ap, kshiti, sattva, rajas, and tamas. You remove the ashtadala padma from the Mahalakshmi yantra, and you have the yantra of the much-worshipped deity, Kubera, who presides over the sum total of celestial wealth. Despite the fact that the individual yantras, each powerful in its own way, had to be accommodated on a small reed-thin copper sheet, the iconographies of the respective deities are intact. The traditional lamp motif that divides the yantra into half and the rangoli-esque motifs punctuating the frame have been engraved with superb precision.

7.8 inch X 7.8 inch
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Thank you very much. Your sale prices are wonderful.
Michael, USA
Kailash Raj’s art, as always, is marvelous. We are so grateful to you for allowing your team to do these special canvases for us. Rarely do we see this caliber of art in modern times. Kailash Ji has taken the Swaminaryan monks’ suggestions to heart and executed each one with accuracy and a spiritual touch.
Sadasivanathaswami, Hawaii
Good selections. and ease of ordering. Thank you
Kris, USA
Thank you for having books on such rare topics as Samudrika Vidya, keep up the good work of finding these treasures and making them available.
Tulsi, USA
Received awesome customer service from Raje. Thank You very much.
Victor, USA
Just wanted to let you know the books arrived on Friday February 22nd. I could not believe how quickly my order arrived, 4 days from India. Wow! Seeing the post mark, touching and smelling the books made me long for your country. Reminded me it is time to visit again. Thank you again.
Patricia, Canada
Thank you for beautiful, devotional pieces.
Ms. Shantida, USA
Received doll safely and gift pack was a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good job.
Vidya, India
Thank you very much. Such a beautiful selection! I am very pleased with my chosen piece. I love just looking at the picture. Praise Mother Kali! I'm excited to see it in person
Michael, USA
Hello! I just wanted to say that I received my statues of Krishna and Shiva Nataraja today, which I have been eagerly awaiting, and they are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, I am so happy with them and the service you have provided. I am sure I will place more orders in the future!
Nick, USA

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