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Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra
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Batik Painting On Cotton
3.5 ft x 2.2 ft
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Yantras are geometrical symbols and patterns which are not only empowering but are aesthetically vivid. It is, as a matter of fact, a piece of psychological apparatus to call up one or the other aspect of divinity. As with many of the fine arts and crafts, batik has also incorporated aspects of tantrik and Buddhist art.

The process of batik is extremely intricate requiring boiling and oiling of the fabric before designing and dyeing. Then wax is painstakingly applied to the cloth in areas which need not be dyed. Wax is then removed and reapplied to other areas and then successively dyed.

The Sri yantra here has four bars with the edges of the square falling on them. There are four circles interspersing the bars. This yantra is further composed of two sets of squares and chakras, one within the other. Sri, the auspicious holds the most important place, at the center of the innermost circle. Some additions have been made at the corners of the square, purely for decorative purpose. The ultimate object of meditation on this yantra is to realize the unity of atman (the individual soul) with paramatman. Practice of the ritual transforms the mind itself and what at first seems merely an external yantra with lines, corners and petals becomes a pure mental state.

This description by Renu Rana.

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