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Two Sky-Clad Deities (Chandamaharoshana in Yab Yum)

Two Sky-Clad Deities (Chandamaharoshana in Yab Yum)
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Batik Painting On Cotton
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This powerful, yet gently sensuous image represents Achalanatha in sexual embrace with his consort. Each is rendered in a light-shade of blue. This is the hue of the sky. It is interesting to note here that skyclad is often an epithet for practitioners of occult practices who perform their rituals without clothes. This is particularly popular in certain witchcraft and tantric rituals. Thus the two embracing deities here are sky-clad, both literally and physically. Significantly, Achalanatha is believed to be an emanation of the Dhyani Buddha Akshobya, who is visualized in Buddhist sadhanas as blue colored.

Achalanatha, also known as Chandamaharoshana, is an important deity in Tantric Buddhism and has a complete Tantra text devoted to himself, known as Chandamaharoshanatantra. In this text he is the enlightened exponent of truth, answering questions posed by his consort as they are joined in physical union. In this artwork he is shown seated in his typical bhumavarudhajanukun asana ('knee on earth' posture). He holds a noose in his left hand and brandishes an upraised sword in his right. His lips unite with those of his consort. Both wear detailed ornamentation, including elaborate crowns.

Chandamaharoshana has as his general function the subduing of the evildoers of this world, but among them he singles out those who transgress against women. He assures us that he keeps his sword and noose ready as he scouts for men who fail to pay homage to women, so he can slash the scoundrels to pieces:

Mother, daughter, sister, niece,
and any other female relative, as well as
a female musician, Brahman, sweeper,
dancer, washerwoman, and prostitute;
holy woman, yogini, and ascetic as well. . .
these he should serve in the proper way
without making any distinction,
Chandamaharoshana will be provoked
and slay the practitioner,
throw him into Avici Hell,
and threaten him with sword and noose.
------------- The Chandamaharoshanatantra (trans. by Christopher George)

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