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The Mudgal Purana, the second Purana of Ganesha, describes the incarnations that the elephant-faced god assumed in order to conquer the eight formidable demons.

In this painting Ganesha has assumed the form of Vighnarajakhanda to annihilate the demon of egotism. According to a legend the demon of egotism named Mama was born from Parvati's uncontrollable laughter. Learning all kinds of evil intrigues from the demon Samba, he terrorized the gods and imprisoned them. The gods propitiated the Lord of obstacles, Vighnaraja, who promised to intervene and free them. When Mamasura attacked him, Ganesha threw at him his lotus. Unable to bear the fragrance of Ganesha's lotus, the demon finally understood where the truth lay and surrendered.

The painting, painted in the style of Basohli School, shows Ganesha in his left profile, seated on huge lotus petals. Attired in a yellow dhoti and a similar colored scarf, his body is vermilion in color. He wears simple jewelry on his body but his crown is elaborate with three budding lotus flowers placed on the high points. The weapons that he holds in his two hands are the parashu, offered by Parashurama who had in turn received it from Shiva, and the ankusha (elephant goad), which Ganesha received from Vishwakarma. He holds a rosary in one hand and is poised to throw the lotus at Mamasura, treating it as a weapon.

The background is plain ochre with a border of contrasting brick red color, making the whole picture an attractive one.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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