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The Watchful Gaze Of Lord Gopala

The Watchful Gaze Of Lord Gopala

This painting shows a colourful picturesque of Lord Krishna’s divine soul, where he is both, a young and naughty child to his mother and also a cosmic deity who resides in the heaven, above the dense clouds and youthful moon, keeping a watch over the entire universe to fulfil his promise of always being there in times of doom.

The painter has shown his expert Batik skills in this miniature by an interplay of colors to create the shown heavenly background at the top with a blend of various shades of black, red, brown etc and when you zoom in you will notice haphazard black lines painted, giving a dignified look to the sky; bottom fitted with heavenly clouds and a large bright moon wherein Bal Krishna is hiding as if playing hide and seek with his friends.

Bal Krishna is painted in a handsome color palette that reflects his iconic and vibrant blue shade with the bansuri (flute) in his hands ready to generate sweet and soulful sounds; bedecked with ravishing beads and pearls on his neck, hands, ears and free flowing hairs decorated in a mesmerized way with a peacock feather peeping at the top. The gentle expression of his eyes and that of his red lips with the visible small milk teeth portrays Bal Krishna’s characteristic sweet naughtiness and his generous helpfulness.

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Every Indian mother longs for a son like Lord Gopala. His twin qualities of innocence and wisdom have been captured by the artisan in this fine batik painting. The baalroopa (childhood form) Lord Krishna watches over His lovers and devotees from His place in the heavens. He is leaning over a soufflé of white clouds with blue undertones. Nestled amidst its soft, thick folds is a long, sharp sliver of the pristine moon. The halo behind Gopala’s gentle head lights up the dusky sky that makes up the background.

A composure of all-encompassing calmness characterises His countenance. A shock of curly black locks frame that face, the choti held in place by bejeweled gold ornaments. Note the peacock plume that is wedged into the same, which match the danglers on His ears and the necklace, bangles, and amulets He is wearing. With the adorably chubby fingers of one hand, He clasps His long golden flute; His face He rests on the palm of the other. This work of art is an expression of faith in that He looks after His devotees in ihaloka as much as they look up to Him in parloka.

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