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Dancing Ardhanarishvara

Colors available: 3
Current: Antique Brown Gold
Brass Sculpture
15.0" X 8.0" X 4.0"
4.97 Kg
Item Code: ZDN30
Price: $255.00
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The dancing Ardhanarishvara is the most telling deity of Hindu philosophy. It is not only the confluence of purush and prakriti, of the male and the female, of energy and matter; but a powerful symbol of existence as a process. Two halves each of Lord Shiva and His wife, Parvati, meet to strike up a dance that is expressive of the two basic, complementary tendencies of the mind: wrath and bliss. Shiva expresses wrath in His tandava, while Parvati expresses bliss in Her lasya. While lasya is the spiritual progenitor of existence as we know it, tandava is the all-important destruction of the same. The dancing Ardhanarishvara is the very picture of what Virginia Woolf considered "the best mind", neither woman-manly nor man-womanly.
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The Most Sacred and Auspicious of All Divine Forms
Received doll safely and gift pack was a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good job.
Vidya, India
Thank you very much. Such a beautiful selection! I am very pleased with my chosen piece. I love just looking at the picture. Praise Mother Kali! I'm excited to see it in person
Michael, USA
Hello! I just wanted to say that I received my statues of Krishna and Shiva Nataraja today, which I have been eagerly awaiting, and they are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, I am so happy with them and the service you have provided. I am sure I will place more orders in the future!
Nick, USA
Excellent products and efficient delivery.
R. Maharaj, Trinidad and Tobago
Aloha Vipin, The books arrived today in Hawaii -- so fast! Thank you very much for your efficient service. I'll tell my friends about your company.
Linda, Hawaii
Thank you for all of your continued great service. We love doing business with your company especially because of its amazing selections of books to study. Thank you again.
M. Perry, USA
Kali arrived safely—And She’s amazing! Thank you so much.
D. Grenn, USA
A wonderful Thangka arrived. I am looking forward to trade with your store again.
Hideo Waseda, Japan
Thanks. Finally I could find that wonderful book. I love India , it's Yoga, it's culture. Thanks
Ana, USA
Good to be back! Timeless classics available only here, indeed.
Allison, USA