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The Enchanting Devi Sarasvati Seated On Her Peacock

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Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of learning, knowledge and creativity. She also guides the souls of the deceased to find their way in the afterlife. In the states of Bihar, west Bengal and Orissa, she is considered as the daughter of Durga, along with her sister Lakshmi and brothers Ganesha and Karthikeya. In Hinduism, she is worshipped not only for academic knowledge, but also for her divine knowledge required to achieve moksha.

Here she is represented with four hands where the left hand holds the veena (her instrument) and right hand plays it, symbolizing creativity and accentuates her concern for education as well as music; rear hands hold a book of wisdom and a parrot showing colorful splendor. She is sitting in a lalitasan posture on her sacred vehicle, Swan, immensely carved with proper minute textures symbolizing its ability to differentiate between good and bad. The snake (symbol of death) in Swan’s mouth shows, Saraswati’s control over death. Crown is formed like a temple with a divine flower shape aureole at the back, wears magnificent jewels and artistically patterned clothes adorned perfectly over her body. The smile on her face shows her positivity and the expression of her posture is flamboyant.

Brass Statue
19.50 inch Height x 14.00 inch Width x 6.20 inch Depth
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This is no ordinary murti of the Devi Sarasvati. This one stands tall on a quadrilateral lotus pedestal, and comes in two finishes such that befit Her divine glory. Her unusual asana in this composition is the peacock, which has been sculpted with great care. Zoom in on its lifelike eyes, the dynamic stance of its feet, and the complex engravings on its plumage to truly appreciate the skill that has gone into this work of art.


The gracious Devi sits in lalitasana on the wing of Her vahana. The veena She plays on with Her anterior hands is an unputdownable part of Her divine personality, given that She presides over learning and the arts. Her instrument is as tall and slender as She is Herself. From below the navel She is clad in a pleated silk dhoti, while a world of shringar clothes Her beauteous torso and arms. What further adds to the unconventional iconography is the parrot in one of Her posterior hands (She holds the pothi in the other).


The countenance is the most beauteous aspect of this murti. The ratio of the engraved curves that define Her features are perfect. Behind the joyous composure on that round face is a solid halo rimmed with lotus petals. A towering crown with the tip of a peacock feather at the forefront completes the composition.

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