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Large Size Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati is one of those important goddesses in the Vedas who have retained their original and contextual significance to the present day. If you want to kindle the creative streak in your life, Saraswati is the goddess for you.
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Brass with Inlay Statue
37 inch Height x 31 inch Width x 17.5 inch Depth
105 kg
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Goddess Saraswati is always referred to as extremely beautiful, fair complexioned, four-armed, ever youthful and gracious looking. She generally holds a lute (Veena) diagonally across her form. In addition she also holds a rosary and a book. The book associates her with literature and the sciences, and with learning in general. The lute associates her with the arts, particularly the musical arts, and the rosary links her with the spirituality and religious rites. Goddess Saraswati is nearly always dressed in soft colors, reminding us to always utilize our creative energies in a positive and constructive way.


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