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Large Size Saraswati, The Goddess of Three-Fold Knowledge

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Brass Statue
29 inch Height x 20.5 inch Width x 1.7 inch Depth
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Literally Saraswati means 'the flowing one.' Indeed, in the Rigveda she represents a river. Hence she is connected with fertility and purification. Some of the other names used to describe her are Sarada (giver of essence); Vageshvari (mistress of speech); Brahmi (wife of Brahma); and Mahavidya (supreme knowledge). Metaphorically, the 'flowing one' can represent speech also.

Seated on a lotus pedestal, she is four-armed. These symbolize her unimpeded power in all directions and her all-pervasiveness.

Being the goddess of learning, it is but natural that she holds a book in one of her left hands. This book is a symbol of all areas of secular sciences. But mere intellectual learning, without a heart tempered by higher feelings, sentiments and emotions, is as dry as saw-dust. So she holds an animal head vina (lute) which she actually plays, to show the need for the cultivation of the fine-arts. Then there is the akshamala (rosary) in the right hand. This represents the spiritual sciences of Yoga which include tapas (austerities); meditation; and japa (repetition of the divine name). Thus Saraswati is the patron goddess of all the three realms of knowledge (secular sciences, fine arts, and spirituality) which taken together encompass the complete range of knowledge available in the universe.

The goddess is wearing a type of crown known as the karandamukuta. This crown tapers to a point like a pile of plates in narrower and narrower layers. Her delicate feminine head is framed by a solar halo, where the rays are stylized as lotus petals.

This sculpture was created in the small town of Aligarh, situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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