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Lord Hanuman

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Brass Sculpture
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This brass cast from Nepal, a cute figure inspiring affection as to a loving child rather than devotion due to a god or divine being, represents the monkey-god Hanuman, the most loved divinity of Indian pantheon worshipped across sectarian lines. Barely in a loincloth and a few basic ornaments : a lace of beads around the neck serving also as the commemorative rosary, bracelets, armlets and anklets and a crown which is also his protective headgear, a simple form, neither anodized or plated for a richer metal-effect nor gilded for lustre, the statue discovers its rare excellence and art merit in its naïve simplicity and serenity that enshrine the face and entire being of the deity and in the posturing of his figure. This blend of elegance and simplicity with sublimity and the power to inspire devotion is the acclaimed merit of the Nepal’s metal-casters.

Generally this metal piece appears to be an ordinary statue representing the monkey god Hanuman as paying homage to his Master Rama. As in most of the Rama-durbar renditions Hanuman’s figures are represented as standing close-by, or as seated on floor around his feet, in both cases, with folded hands, it has become a common perception that his images with folded hands represent him as paying homage to Rama. Undoubtedly, with his hands folded, eyes closed, head bowed and face immersed in deep meditation, this statue also represents Hanuman as commemorating Ram; however, as emphasizes the posturing of his legs : the right, turned backwards, and the left, raised upwards, and the determination on his face, the image illustrates a particular occasion when he is commemorating his Master for giving him strength for accomplishing an end, not a homage-paying Hanuman in general. Taking a position as takes a runner participating in a racing competition Hanuman appears to be invoking his Lord to become his strength before he leaped to reach his goal.

In every likeliness, the statue represents a Hanuman readying to leap across the sea to Lanka for collecting Sita’s whereabouts and as invoking his Master for helping him accomplish the ordeal. After they knew from Sampati, elder brother of the great bird Jatayu, that Sita, abducted by Ravana, was in his captivity at Ashoka-vatika in Lanka, they wondered as to who could go across the sea to Lanka and collect information in regard to her. Each of them assessed his competence only to conclude that none could do it. Suddenly, it struck to Jambavan’s mind, the minister of Sugriva, that Hanuman was possessed of the power to cross a four ‘yojana’ distance in a single leap : much more than Lanka’s distance, though under a curse he did not remember it and needed to be reminded for reviving it. When Jambavan reminded, Hanuman’s body burst with gold’s lustre and great youth and he declared to leap across, bring back mother Sita’s whereabouts and, if obstructed, destroy anything or any person however powerful. Before he proceeded, he sat down at the sea-shore meditating on his Master invoking his help in accomplishing the job.

Obviously, the statue represents this moment of Hanuman’s life. An ordinary brass-statue it has gold’s lustre as his figure burst with when he had his divine power restored. He also has very little on his body as one would have when flying or swimming. Even his mace, resting on his right thigh, is tinier. Despite that the image represents a particular moment the artist has blended with its divinity also an element of auspiciousness by casting with it a lamp, the source of light making the divine image also an instrument of use. The image has been conceived over a triply designed partially oval pedestal, the base being a beaded moulding, middle, a larger part, consisting of lotuses, and the uppermost, another moulding with beaded upper rim.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of literature and is the author of numerous books on Indian art and culture. Dr. Daljeet is the curator of the Miniature Painting Gallery, National Museum, New Delhi. They have both collaborated together on a number of books.

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