Mahadeva Shiva in Ashirwad Mudra

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Lord Shiva is an important deity in the Hindu trinity of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. He is a complex character who represents goodness, benevolence, protection and a fierce being responsible for complete destruction and creation. He is the patron of yogis who concentrates on meditation as a means to find perfect happiness, thus revered as Adiyogi. This brass sculpture represents Shiva settled on a tiger mat in a meditation posture; all adorned in a tiger skin symbolic of his mastery of the divine force over animal instincts. The sculptor has carved his tiger clothes and mat in deep and close realistic striations.

Zoom in to the facial features and cuts highlighting his expression of bliss and contentment with the Shaivite tilak and the third eye of wisdom glorified on his forehead. He blesses the devotees of fearlessness with his right hand and is ornamented with rudrakshmala in his neck and as bracelets. Perfectly streaked matted hair locks represent the sculptor’s laborious time taken to etch them in completeness and beauty.

Shiva is the beholder of serpents, as can be seen by the way two snakes settled on him- one coiled extensively around his neck and the other at the top around his hair. Crescent moon embellished on his hair represents his control over the waxing and waning of time with river Ganga flowing out in extreme power and comfort. Supremely carved trishul and an attached damaru stand erect on the right, symbolic of consciousness and cosmic energy respectively that creates and destroys the world. The aesthetic carvings of this sculpture aptly depict Shiva as Mahadeva blessing the devotees and spreading vibes of spirituality and protection.

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Brass Statue
14.70 inch Height X 13.50 inch Width x 7.50 inch Depth
9.50 Kg.
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