Padmasana Devi Sarasvati (Kirtimukha Aureole)

The quiet Devi Sarasvati is playing on Her veena. Her tall, beauteous form is gathered in great poise on a gigantic inverted lotus. She is seated in lalitasana, the stance found most abundantly in traditional Indian iconography. She is the wife of Lord Brahma, He who creates. In turn She presides over learning and the arts, which are indispensable to the creative process. The chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) Devi is seen here with the musical instrument, pothi (manuscript), and rosary in Her hands, each of which are integral to Her presence.

Note the distinction of dress and shringar made on the panchaloha make of this composition. Her silk saree gathers in flowing folds over Her lissome legs. On Her torso is a breastband and streams of gold necklaces. Together with the karna-kundalas and the numerous bracelets on Her arms, She looks every bit the parlokiya (heavenly queen) that She is. In the fine features of Her face and the finish of the digits lies the hallmark of the artisan’s superb skill.

The padmasana Devi Sarasvati is placed on a pedestal carved with giant lotus petals. She is flanked by snatches of a pair of pillars, after the style of South Indian temple architecture, atop which sit a pair of swans, Her vahana (divine mount). The ornate aureole that frames the composition gathers in a distinctive kirtimukha motif at the top.

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Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
8 inch Height X 6.20 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
1.70 Kg.
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