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Vijaya Ganesha

Vijaya Ganesha
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South Indian Temple Wood Carving
Artist: P. Sengottuvel
36.0" X 17.5" X 5.0"
12.7 Kg
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This image of Lord Ganesh, carved using fine Vangai wood, represents the elephant-headed god in his Vijaya Ganapati manifestation. The red-hued Vijaya Ganapati rides his resourceful mouse and has four and sometimes six arms, carrying in them almost invariably a noose, goad, broken tusk, and a delicious golden hued mango – everyone's loved fruit, and in the other two, a mace and a lotus. The mace is sometimes substituted by a battle-axe, and lotus, by a similarly delicate object. This statue of Vijaya Ganapati represents the great Lord carrying in five of his hands prescribed attributes – noose, goad, broken tusk, mango and mace, but in his sixth, instead of the usual lotus, he stylistically holds the end of his sash – a royal gesture imparting to the figure added aesthetic charm.

Vijaya Ganapati is the victorious Lord bestowing success. He rides his mouse that finds a way across otherwise impenetrable mountains. With his mace he crushes impediments; with his noose drags the straying ones to the right path; and with his goad makes the slow ones move faster. He dispels inertness and undoes obstructing forces. The mango that he carries defines fruition, fertility and sweetness. His Ekadanta form, which is an aspect of Vijaya Ganapati, depicts oneness of mind and single minded devotion – the key to success. His middle right hand, carrying broken tusk, is so held that in simultaneity it also bestows 'abhaya'. Though riding his mouse, Vijaya Ganapati is in a semi-dance mode – one foot laid earthward and the other stretched horizontally. He thus extends into all directions and at the same time does not lose his touch with the earth. His red complexion glows in darkness and brightens the creation as also the darkness within.

This image of the great Lord has been sculpted with the pot belly, manifesting him as Lambodara, and with the syllable Aum inscribed on the forepart of his trunk. This prodigious large protruding belly is believed to contain in it all galaxies, all known and all unknown universes – it is the seed that contains within an entire tree and more seeds and more trees. Aum is the sound of creation wherein the whole universe becomes manifest. The form of Vijaya Ganapati vibrates with the sound of Aum and thus in it the whole universe becomes manifest. With his half shut eyes, the figure of the great lord reveals meditative absorption further defining oneness of mind with which Vijaya Ganapati leads his devotees to endless success.

This image, bejewelled elaborately from toe to head, is only in loin-cloth which does not extend beyond knees, though a beautiful sash consisting of red beads and green 'falis' – frills, unfurling on his both sides, makes up for the over-all lack of costume. Ornaments consist of variously designed necklaces, magnificent armslets, bracelets, anklets, and various other ornaments worn on other body-parts. A lace of beads is worn around the trunk also. His head-dress-cum-crown is of moderate size but elaborately carved with various designing patterns and motifs. The statue is installed on a conventionalised lotus 'pitha' with a four-petaled flower in its centre. Towards the left of the 'pitha' there lay the basket with 'modakas' and in its middle stands Lord's mouse. The holy image of Lord Ganapati is seated on the mouse against a variedly designed 'prabhavali' with the 'Shrimukha' motif surmounting its circular apex. 'Shrimukha' adds to the image further auspiciosness.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of ancient Indian literature. Dr Daljeet is the chief curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the National Museum of India, New Delhi. They have both collaborated on numerous books on Indian art and culture.

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