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Adorably Dancing Ganesha
Adorably Dancing GaneshaAdorably Dancing GaneshaAdorably Dancing GaneshaAdorably Dancing GaneshaAdorably Dancing GaneshaAdorably Dancing Ganesha
6 Colors Available
Baby Ganesha with Large Ears
Baby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large EarsBaby Ganesha with Large Ears
7 Colors Available
Lalitasana Ganesha
Lalitasana GaneshaLalitasana Ganesha
2 Colors Available
Mayur Ganesha
Mayur GaneshaMayur Ganesha
2 Colors Available
Ganesha Seated on Lotus
Ganesha Seated on LotusGanesha Seated on Lotus
2 Colors Available
Eight-Armed Five-Headed Ganesha
Eight-Armed Five-Headed GaneshaEight-Armed Five-Headed GaneshaEight-Armed Five-Headed Ganesha
3 Colors Available
Crown Ganesha
Crown GaneshaCrown GaneshaCrown GaneshaCrown GaneshaCrown Ganesha
5 Colors Available
Lord Ganesha Holding Kumbha in Trunk
Lord Ganesha Holding Kumbha in TrunkLord Ganesha Holding Kumbha in Trunk
Small Dancing Ganesha
Small Dancing GaneshaSmall Dancing Ganesha
2 Colors Available
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What is the symbolism of Ganesha's elephant head? Why does Ganesha ride on a mouse? What is the spiritual significance of Lord Ganesha? How was Ganesha especially devoted towards his mother Parvati? What are the different symbols Ganesha holds in his hands? These are some of the questions this article answers.
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Thank you so much. Your service is amazing. 
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Over the years, I have purchased several statues, wooden, bronze and brass, from Exotic India. The artists have shown exquisite attention to details. These deities are truly awe-inspiring. I have been very pleased with the purchases.
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The Green Tara that I ordered on 10/12 arrived today.  I am very pleased with it.
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Your books arrived in good order and I am very pleased.
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Thank you very much for the Shri Yantra with Navaratna which has arrived here safely. I noticed that you seem to have had some difficulty in posting it so thank you...Posting anything these days is difficult because the ordinary postal services are either closed or functioning weakly.   I wish the best to Exotic India which is an excellent company...
Mary, Australia
Love your website and the emails
John, USA