Gemstone Beads, Garnet Gemstone, Faceted Gemstones @ExoticIndiaArt - Listing of all items

Buy exquisite Gemstone Beads like Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Amber, Peridot, Tourmaline and Turquoise at ExoticIndia. We also offer faceted gemstones.

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JVT92 : Amethyst Plain Chunky Ovals

JKF06 : Faceted Fluorite Tumbles

JDH42 : Mokite Faceted Briolette

JXD52 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JRR16 : Amazonite Plain Briolette

JPR53 : Citrine Plain Drops

JYM69 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Briolette

JRC29 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Drops

JKU95 : Faceted Peridot Rondells

JWU88 : Faceted Peridot Rondells

JPZ91 : Iolite Israel Cut Twin Hued Rondells

JLW22 : Peridot Tubes

JKF13 : Rose Quartz Carved Tumbles

JLV82 : Unpolished Rose Quartz Nuggets

LBO30 : Tourmaline Israel Cut Rondells

JRM20 : Chunky Labradorite Chips

JMR40 : Israel Cut Green Onyx Rondells

JMT58 : Lapis Lazuli Wheels

JWF32 : CZ Side Drilled Drops

LAL84 : Faceted Superfine Watermelon Tourmaline Large Briolette

JHK39 : Amethyst Twisted Briolette

UA72 : Faceted Labradorite Briolette

JXD51 : Fine Hand-Crafted Beads Marked with Hari Om (Price Per Pair)

JXK52 : Amber Dust Drum with Silver Caps (Price per Pair)

JWT05 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Rondells

JXD39 : Lapis Beads with Silver Caps (Price Per Piece)

JWM88 : Pearl Bunch (Price Per Piece)

JXD37 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

LAK70 : Amethyst Plain Nuggets

JYI05 : Aquamarine Square Discs

LAK78 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Onions

JVU03 : Faceted Turquoise Shapes

JYH97 : Multi-Color Moonstone Square Discs

JVU65 : Pyorite Faceted Drops

JWE99 : Tourmaline Plain Briolette

LBH67 : Black Glass Bead Balls

JWE76 : Faceted Carnelian Briolette

JPR98 : Faceted Kyanite Side-Drilled Marquis

JVN11 : Faceted Rhodochrosite Briolette

LAX27 : Faceted Tiger Eye Onions

JMR90 : Green Grass Squares

JYN46 : Iolite Marquis

LAK85 : Moss Agate Large Buttons

JYN78 : Tourmaline Plain Drops

JIY82 : Black Onyx mm Sized Cabochons

JYC44 : Faceted Cat's Eye Boxes

JXQ41 : Faceted Cherry Quartz Drums

JKF29 : Faceted Dendrite Tumbles

JEG69 : Unakite Faceted Flat Tumbles

JPR94 : Faceted Labradorite Side-Drilled Marquis

JYN50 : Faceted Tiger Eye Briolette

JPF03 : Fanta Garnet Beaded Necklace Center

JMC96 : Tourmaline Marquis

JYN79 : Faceted BT Rondells

JLT41 : Peru Opal Faceted Tumbles

JNG13 : Rutilated Quartz Plain Nuggets

JMR59 : Gzi Tubes

JMU96 : Lot of Five Tourmaline Cabochons

JKN08 : Unpolished Green Fluorite Nuggets

JVR05 : Banded Black Onyx Ovals

JXD59 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

LBO38 : Faceted Fanta Garnet Rondells

JYX19 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Marquis

LBO28 : Israel Cut Chrysoprase Rondells

JYH96 : Peridot Square Discs

JKK60 : Side Drilled Faceted Peridot Rectangles

JMT55 : Turquoise Wheels

JYH98 : Carnelian Square Discs

JYH90 : Faceted Labradorite Coins

JEC37 : Faceted Rajasthani Tourmaline Tumbles

LAW22 : Faceted Tourmaline Drops

JDO25 : Faceted Yellow Chalcedony Twisted Briolette

JMR63 : Gzi Claws

JBL77 : Pearl Cabochons

JKB63 : Prehnite Faceted Rolling Marquise

JHU05 : Prehnite Faceted Briolette

LBY01 : Super Fine Pearl

LBP27 : Faceted Superfine Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Necklace

LBO37 : Andolusite Israel Cut Rondells

LBO31 : Blue Corundum Israel Cut Rondells

LBO41 : Faceted Chrysoprasus Rondells

LBO52 : Faceted Green Corundum Rondells

LBO43 : Faceted Rodocrosite Rondells

LBO55 : Garnet Mozambique Israel Cut Rondells

LBO53 : Golden Rutilated Israel Cut Rondells

LBO48 : Hessonite Israel Cut Rondells

LBO45 : Israel Cut Haridot Quartz Rondells

LBO42 : Israel Cut Multi Stone Rondells

LBO47 : Israel Cut Prehnite Rondells

LBO56 : Israel Cut Pyrite Rondells

LBO33 : Israel Cut Tourmalinated Quartz Rondells

LBO49 : Israel Cut Vasonite Rondells

LBO34 : Israel Cut Yellow Sapphire Rondells

LBO50 : Peru Opal Israel Cut Rondells

LBO32 : Pink Opal Israel Cut Rondells

LBO29 : Smoky Coated Israel Cut Rondells

LBO39 : Smoky Quartz Rondells

JWG23 : Grossular Garnet Israel Cut Rondells

QN54 : Iolite Israel Cut Rondells

JST23 : Labradorite Coated Israel Cut Rondells

JHS78 : Rainbow Moonstone Israel Cut Rondells

JXK09 : Faceted Rose Quartz Drilled Shape (Price Per Piece)

JWG61 : Straight-Drilled CZ Spindles

JKD12 : Cubic Zirconia Triangles

JWE96 : CZ Straight Drilled Briolette

JWE94 : CZ Straight Drilled Briolette

JWG59 : Straight-Drilled CZ Spindles

JWG20 : CZ Israel Cut Rondells

JMR43 : Israel Cut CZ Rondells

JXN01 : Lot of Eleven Faceted Rose Quartz Rectangles

JWG50 : CZ Side-Drilled Drops

JWG66 : CZ Straight-Drilled Ovals

JWF42 : Straight-Drilled CZ Ovals

JWG63 : Straight-Drilled CZ Ovals

JWG62 : Straight-Drilled CZ Spindles

JWG69 : Straight-Drilled CZ Spindles

JKF22 : Kyanite Plain Drops

JLM25 : Carnelian Twisted Briolette

JHS16 : Green Fluorite Plain Nuggets

JPV17 : Redstone Chips

JKJ57 : Twisted Crystal Briolette

LAX26 : Faceted Ametrine Briolette

LAV59 : Faceted Gray Chalcedony Briolette

JYI11 : Amethyst Square Discs

JYI04 : Emerald Square Discs

JYH89 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Coins

JYI03 : Iolite Square Discs

JYH95 : Labradorite Square Beads

JYI02 : Prehnite Square Discs

LAK93 : Amethyst Plain Nuggets

LAK96 : Amethyst Plain Ovals

JXQ69 : Faceted Peridot Rondells

LAK94 : Gray and Pink Moonstone Plain Nuggets

LAK87 : Labradorite Plain Nuggets

LAM14 : Kyanite Plain Ovals

LAK89 : Lemon Topaz Plain Nuggets

LAK90 : Rutilated Quartz Plain Nuggets

LAK82 : Amethyst Plain Nuggets

LAK86 : Black Onyx Plain Nuggets

LAK88 : Crystal PLain Ovals

LAK76 : Faceted Black Spinel Onions

LAK77 : Faceted Cat's Eye Onions

LAK72 : Faceted Hessonite Onions

LAK73 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Onions

LAK71 : Plain Black Onyx Nuggets

LAK84 : Rutilated Quartz Plain Nuggets

LAK83 : Smoky Quartz Plain Nuggets

JYH93 : Faceted Ametrine Coins

JQO46 : Centrally Drilled Rugged Pearl Strips

JLP53 : Cubic Zirconia Faceted Briolette

JKD10 : Cubic Zirconia Triangles

JPK56 : Faceted Afghani Peridot Rondells

JPE83 : Faceted Black Onyx Drops

JPG65 : Faceted Black Spinel Shapes

JJL95 : Fine Cut Crystal Flat Tumbles

JQO39 : Om Mani Padme Hum On Green Onyx Claws

JKU18 : Tiger Eye Faceted Ovals

JHS46 : Tourmaline Faceted Rondells

JWG43 : CZ Dual Tone Rondells

JWE86 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Drops

JWG06 : Faceted Iolite Chewing Gum

JYC52 : Carved Blue Chalcedony Flowers

JYB89 : Faceted Tourmaline Straight Drilled Drops

JYC36 : Carved Green Chalcedony Flowers

JYN95 : Faceted Citrine Marquis

JYC49 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Rondells

JYC45 : Green Onyx Plain Briolette

JYI01 : Iolite Square Discs

JVU12 : Faceted Rhodochrosite Rondells

JPR77 : Plain Crystal Kites

JVW14 : Tanzanite Plain Drops

JWE84 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Briolette

JWF91 : Iolite Coins

JKV29 : Plain Green Fluorite Briolette

JYZ39 : Lemon Topaz Carved Leaves

JYX15 : Faceted Tiger Eye Large Tumbles

JYW46 : Kyanite Plain Nuggets

JYW45 : Peridot Plain Nuggets

JYW30 : BT Beaded Necklace

JYW31 : Faceted Kyanite Necklace

JYW42 : Rainbow Moonstone Carved Leaves

JBS13 : Superfine Faceted Citrine Briolette

JYV57 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Briolette

JWE77 : Faceted Turquoise Side Drilled Chiclets

JYU54 : Faceted Labradorite Briolette

JWU79 : Faceted Cat's Eye Shape

JWT09 : Faceted Pyorite Boxes

JYQ30 : Prehnite Twin Hued Plain Nuggets

JYP61 : Cherry Quartz Plain Nuggets

JYP60 : Crystal Flat Plain Nuggets

JYP59 : Lemon Topaz Plain Nuggets

JYN76 : Carved Rose Quartz Leaves

JYN75 : Faceted Yellow Jade Briolette

JIC31 : Amethyst Carved Valentines

JYN48 : Faceted Black Spinel Drops

JJW89 : Faceted Crystal Marquis

JYH88 : Faceted Rose Quartz Coins

JYM74 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Drops

JMR35 : Faceted Aquamarine Rondells

JRO03 : Faceted Black Onyx Tumbles

JBG16 : Faceted Labradorite Tumbles

JYK90 : Rainbow Moonstone Plain Nuggets

JFA04 : Black Onyx Faceted Flat Tumbles

JYH94 : Black Onyx Square Discs

JYH92 : Faceted Hessonite Coins

JYH91 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Coins

JYI07 : Rose Quartz Square Discs

JYH86 : Faceted Green Amethyst Coins

JYH87 : Faceted Multi-color Moonstone Coins

JYH80 : Faceted Rose Quartz Boxes

LN37 : Obsidian Chips

JPV33 : Tiger Eye Chips

JUT44 : Citrine Chips

JPV28 : Multicolor Moonstone Chips

JUT58 : Smoky Quartz Chips

JRK25 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Tumbles

JYC38 : faceted Moss Agate Ovals

JUI34 : Lemon Topaz Chips

JKF01 : Faceted Amazonite Tumbles

JPV27 : Sunstone Chips

JYC50 : Centrally Drilled Multi-shaped Pearl Strand

JYC37 : Faceted Labradorite Ovals

JYC41 : Faceted Moss Agate Briolette

JYC47 : Green Tourmaline Plain Ovals

JYC95 : Banded Yellow Chalcedony Paisley

JYB68 : Blue Chalcedony Carved Flowers

JYB67 : Crystal Plain Balls

JYB84 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Briolette

JXK51 : Cherry Quartz Heart (Price Per Piece)

JYB64 : Faceted Green Amethyst

JYA28 : Tiger Eye Balls (Price Per Twelve Pieces)

JXV80 : Faceted Tiger Eye Drops

JHT16 : Peru Opal Faceted Briolette

JQQ21 : Amethyst Unpolished Nuggets

JXQ67 : Faceted Cherry Quartz Rondells

JXQ68 : Faceted Cherry Quartz Rondells

JPQ18 : Carved Turquoise Flower (Price Per Piece)

JXN07 : Lot of Six MOP Shapes

JXM52 : Sponge Coral (Price Per Piece)

JXM51 : Sponge Coral Cabochon (Price Per Piece)

JXM58 : Sponge Coral Shape (Price Per Piece)

JXK24 : Amber Dust Drum with Silver Caps (Price Per Pair)

JXK25 : Lapis Lazuli Mridangam with Silver Caps (Price Per Piece)

JXG84 : Sponge Coral Marquis (Price Per Piece)

JXG85 : Sponge Coral Round (Price Per Piece)

JPC21 : Fine Cut Ametrine Balls

JEY45 : Fluorite Cushions

JWU80 : Faceted Hessonite Ovals

JWU86 : Carved Yellow Chalcedony Flowers

JWU74 : Faceted Cat's Eye Briolette

JWU77 : Faceted Cat's Eye Shape

JWU90 : Moss Agate Chiclets

JXD58 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD41 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD42 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD45 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD46 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD53 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD54 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD63 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD64 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD67 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD70 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD61 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD44 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD48 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD57 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD60 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD66 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD50 : Gzi Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD56 : Gzi Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD69 : Lapis Lazuli Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD68 : Lapis Lazuli Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD40 : Turquoise Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD47 : Turquoise Beads (Price Per Piece)

JWY15 : Faceted Green Amethyst Briolette

JWY16 : Faceted Green Amethyst Briolette

JWX35 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Beads

JWX33 : Pink Opal Beads

JWE88 : CZ Drops

JWG70 : CZ Ovals

JWF40 : CZ Rondells

JWU61 : Yellow Chalcedony Flowers

JWW63 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ovals

JWW60 : Faceted Moss Agate Briolette

JWW62 : Faceted Moss Agate Large Buttons

JWW61 : Faceted Pink Opal Large Buttons

JWW58 : Faceted Peru Opal Rondells

JWU62 : Carved Yellow Chalcedony Flowers

JWU75 : Faceted Cat's Eye Briolette

JWU73 : Faceted Cat's Eye Cushions

JWU72 : Faceted Cat's Eye Drops

JWU71 : Faceted Cat's Eye Marquis

JWW57 : Faceted Aquamarine Ovals

JWS98 : Faceted Cat's Eye Boxes

JWT02 : Faceted Cat's Eye Pyramid

JWF23 : CZ Drops

JWG28 : Faceted Afghani Peridot Briolette

JUX42 : Blue Chalcedony Carved Shapes

JPH27 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Briolette

JRN61 : Iolite Plain Briolette

JNF56 : Plain Kyanite Rhombuses

JPR48 : Smoky Quartz Plain Wheels

JWF37 : CZ Drops

JWQ18 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Buttons

JWP89 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Ovals

JWP88 : Side-drilled Faceted Ruby Zoisite Rhombuses

JWP87 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Rhombuses

JWM76 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Briolette

JWM69 : CZ Drops

JWM81 : CZ Rectangles

JWM71 : CZ Tubes

JWM82 : CZ Tubes

JWM83 : CZ Tubes

JWM84 : CZ Rectangles

JWM85 : CZ Rectangles

JWM86 : CZ Tubes

JWM78 : CZ Dual Tone Rondells

JWM87 : CZ Rectangles

JWM75 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Large Briolette

JWM79 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Bi-Color Ovals

JWF31 : Amethyst Plain Rectangles

JWF14 : Black Onyx Coins

JWG68 : CZ Spindles

JWG65 : CZ Spindles

JWG24 : CZ Briolette

JWG07 : Faceted Carnelian Briolette

JWG15 : Hessonite Coins

JWF93 : Israel Cut Blue CZ Rondells

JWF35 : Multi-color Tourmaline Plain Briolette

JWF25 : Faceted CZ Rondells

JWE80 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Trillions

JWE81 : Green Amethyst Plain Briolette

JWF19 : Plain Agate Briolette

JQO52 : Straight Drilled Gzi Shapes

JMV39 : Yin Yang 9 Tai Chi Tu) Bead (Price Per Piece)

JQU28 : Black Pearl Crosses

JKP97 : Gzi Bead Cylinders

JMR61 : Gzi Drums

JMR79 : Gzi Cylinders

JQU21 : Pearl Crosses

JVW10 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Briolette

JVW09 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Briolette

JVW18 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Drops

JVW08 : Faceted Pyorite Briolette

JVW24 : Multi-color Israel Cut Tourmaline Rondells

JUX46 : Yellow Chalcedony Cross

JMN40 : Gzi Donuts

JMP80 : Large Gzi Cylinders

JVU66 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Ovals

JVU09 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Trillions

JVQ78 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Boxes

JVN07 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Briolette

JVU82 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Drops

JVU71 : Rhodochrosite Plain Ovals

JVU18 : Fine Plain Rhodochrosite Ovals

JVU01 : Rhodochrosite Plain Briolette

JUY21 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Briolette

JUY24 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Coins

JUX49 : Peru Chalcedony Cross

JVQ84 : Faceted Sunstone Briolette

JVT96 : Faceted Turquoise Rondells

JVR77 : Cubic Zirconia Boxes

JVR80 : Cubic Zirconia Boxes

JVR81 : Cubic Zirconia Boxes

JVR76 : CZ Boxes

JVR78 : CZ Boxes

JVQ97 : Plain Green Amethyst Briolette

JVN16 : CZ Cones

JVN22 : CZ Cones

JVN18 : CZ Ovals

JVN28 : CZ Ovals

JVN26 : CZ Squares

JVN09 : Multi-color Tourmaline

JVK28 : Large Jasper Plain Briolette

JVK29 : Large Picture Jasper Plain Briolette

JVK27 : Pyorite Faceted Rondells

JVK26 : Plain Rose Quartz Chewing Gum

JLH79 : Sunstone Plain Ovals

JJT16 : Sunstone Rectangles

UI44 : Crystal Balls

GR27 : Crystal Plain Ovals

JFG07 : Tanzanite Plain Ovals

JML49 : Peridot Plain Wheels

JFB44 : Tourmaline Faceted Drops

JPQ19 : Tanzanite, Change Garnet and Spinel Chips

JQQ95 : Smoky Quartz Unpolished Nuggets

JUY25 : Carved Blue Chalcedony Shapes

JUX54 : Carved Yellow Chalcedony Shapes

JUY23 : Faceted Iolite Tumbles

JKW59 : Amethyst Carved Drops

JPU18 : Labradorite Carved Melons

JPU38 : Labradorite Twisted Tubes

JPU19 : Plain Crystal Flat Briolette

JPV24 : Rutilated Quartz Chips

JPD85 : Smoky Quartz Israel Cut Rondells

JUX51 : Blue Chalcedony Flowers

JUX36 : Blue Chalcedony Ice-Cream Cones

JUX43 : Blue Chalcedony Ice-Cream Cones

JUX50 : Blue Chalcedony Ice-Cream Cones

JUX53 : Faceted Orange Chalcedony Briolette

JUX37 : Peru Chalcedony Carved

JUX52 : Peru Chalcedony Flowers

JUX45 : Peru Chalcedony Twisted Ice-Cream Cones

JUX35 : Yellow Chalcedony Flowers

JUX41 : Yellow Chalcedony Ice-Cream Cones

JUX39 : Yellow Chalcedony Twisted Ice-Cream Cones

JJW40 : Faceted Tourmaline Briolette

JFI17 : Plain Crystal Balls

JUW88 : Pyorite Israel Cut Rondells

JJS78 : Tourmalinated Quartz Faceted Ovals

JKO82 : Plain Peridot Drops

JMG02 : Garnet Paan

JQO36 : Green Amethyst Israel Cut Rondells

JPZ32 : Iolite Faceted Coins

JKU99 : Large Faceted Carnelian Briolette

JQS98 : Multi-color Cubic Zirconia Tubes

JQU46 : Pearl Fish

JUT43 : Crystal Plain Nuggets

JUT50 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Tubes

JUT60 : Smoky Quartz Chips

JFJ75 : Dendrite Opal Faceted Flat Large Tumbles

JPV65 : Rose Quartz Rectangles

JRN54 : Faceted Amazonite Briolette

JKU21 : Faceted Garnet Marquis

JMU52 : Carved Onyx Bead (Price Per Piece)

JTL26 : Crystal Shape (Price Per Piece)

JTL31 : Crystal Shape (Price Per Piece)

JTK60 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JTK95 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JTJ61 : Crystal Spindle Bead (Price Per Piece)

JQH21 : Faceted Almandine Garnet Drops

JRZ77 : Faceted Pyorite Briolette

JMK46 : Lot of Five Drilled Cabochons

JMK57 : Lot of Five Drilled Cabochons

JMJ78 : Lot of Five Drilled Dendrite Opal Cabochons

JLP83 : Amazonite Faceted Tumbles

JEN31 : Labradorite Faceted Flat Tumbles

JUI33 : Green Chaorite Chips

JQP72 : Faceted Aquamarine Flat Tumbles

JNF26 : Chunky Ruby Plain Nuggets

JKU77 : Black Onyx Balls

JTI64 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JTL22 : Drilled Crystal Shape (Price Per Piece)

JFJ66 : Ametrine Balls

JQQ31 : Andolusite Top-drilled Marquis

JRD15 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Drops

JIJ04 : Mystic Topaz Faceted Drops

JTK59 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JTK92 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JRW26 : Faceted Ruby Zoisite Briolette

JTI67 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JTI68 : Crystal Shape for Pendant Setting (Price Per Piece)

JSV73 : Black Onyx Plain Side Drilled Drops

JPG32 : Faceted Black Onyx Rondells

JFJ61 : Faceted Crystal Flat Tumbles

JHR97 : Labradorite Ovals

JHS83 : Multi-color Israel Cut Aquamarine Rondells

JPR83 : Plain Crystal Straight Drilled Flat Briolette

JQX86 : Smoky Quartz Chips

JDX74 : Tourmalinated Quartz Plain Nuggets

JKJ58 : Twisted Crystal Faceted Drops

JKD04 : Cubic Zirconia Edge to Edge Cuboids

JKD14 : Cubic Zirconia Triangles

JKD09 : Cubic Zirconia Triangles

JKC84 : CZ Faceted Edge to Edge Cuboids

JIH83 : Heat Treated Rectangles

JKC83 : CZ Edge to Edge Faceted Cuboids

JHW05 : Rajasthani Tourmaline Plain Nuggets

JDX75 : Plain Chunky Agate Nuggets

JPZ76 : Iolite Israel Cut Rondells

JPV40 : Peru Opal Chips

JQQ18 : Smoky Quartz Unpolished Nuggets

JPZ23 : Tourmalinated Quartz Fine Cut Drops

JPR92 : Change Garnet Chips

JQQ19 : Cherry Quartz Plain Ovals

JPH71 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Briolette

JPQ25 : Faceted Kyanite Briolette

JPQ23 : Multi Color CZ Briolette

JSV70 : Blue Chalcedony Plain Briolette

JST16 : Black Onyx Balls

JST32 : Marble Chips

JDS96 : Unpolished Iolite Nuggets

JRM27 : Grey Moonstone Chips

QN57 : Peridot Israel Cut Rondells

JKU76 : Black Onyx Balls

JPA87 : Faceted Amethyst Briolette

JPA86 : Twisted Carnelian

JGQ48 : Amethyst Faceted Drops

JRV76 : Faceted Hematite Briolette

JRV19 : Tiger Eye Plain Wheels

JRV21 : Tiger Eye Side-drilled Plain Drops

JLL62 : Green Fluorite Plain Nuggets

JMR70 : Matt Finish Black Flat Onyx Capsules

JMR49 : Matt Finish Black Onyx Rectangles

JQD34 : Faceted Pyorite Tumbles

JPY83 : Plain Hematite Wheels

JMJ86 : Lot of Ten Drilled Dendrite Opal Cabochons

JRR93 : Grey Chalcedony Claws

JRO85 : Green Chalcedony Plain Briolette

JQU39 : Rugged Pearl Kites

JRN55 : Apatite Rectangles

JLW28 : Faceted Peridot Drops

JQO38 : Faceted Green Amethyst Tumbles

JRL44 : Hessonite Fine Cut Boxes

JRL36 : Matt Finish Lapis Lazuli Plain Nuggets

JPW38 : Faceted Ametrine Ovals

JMR50 : Superfine Cut Crystal Rondells

JRK53 : Smoky Quartz Plain Rondells

JRK01 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Tumbles

JRD57 : Cherry Quartz Straight-Drilled Briolette

JQW08 : Faceted Jasper Flat Tumbles

UA60 : Gray Moonstone Chips

JRC30 : Blue Chalcedony Plain Briolette

JQO54 : Centrally Drilled Rugged Pearl Strips

JQO49 : Double-sided Vishva Vajra Onyx Coins

JHJ98 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Straight Drilled Drops

JRB21 : Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Briolette

JMR82 : Faceted Prehnite Rondells

JMR51 : Fine Cut Incised Crystal Balls

JMU97 : Twisted Black Onyx

JQQ90 : Cherry Quartz Plain Ovals

JQQ91 : Plain Cherry Quartz Paan

JQU50 : Brown Pearls

JQU32 : Pearl Coins

JQU49 : Pearl Fish

JQU38 : Pink Pearl Kites

JPW80 : Faceted Ametrine Drops

JQV07 : Green Onyx Plain Tubes

JQO56 : Fine Cut Green Amethyst Drops

JQP71 : Pearl Star Beads

JQO43 : Centrally Drilled Brown Pearl Strips

JQO44 : Centrally Drilled Rugged Pearl Strips

JQH18 : Almandine Garnet Plain Flat Briolette

JHD48 : Aquamarine Plain Briolette

JKO99 : Faceted Peridot Briolette

JPP10 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Drops

JLG36 : Rainbow Moonstone Coins

JEO50 : Pigeon Agate Faceted Tumbles

QR01 : Sunstone Faceted Briolette

JNE70 : Apatite Plain Marquis

JPH30 : Faceted Multi Color Cubic Zirconia Briolette

JLM68 : Opal Faceted Briolette

JPZ39 : Iolite Faceted Tubes

JCX42 : Iolite Faceted Briolette

JHV70 : Iolite Faceted Drops

JCU36 : Plain Side-Drilled Iolite Drops

JDZ06 : Iolite Stylized Birds

JAQ41 : Plain Iolite Rondells

JHT02 : Rose Quartz Edge to Edge Cuboids

JHU29 : Fine Cut Tanzanite Briolette

JKJ61 : Faceted Grossular Garnet Briolette

JKF28 : Faceted Rhodonite Tumbles

JPW85 : Faceted Hematite Tumbles

JIT76 : Hematite Coins

JPG78 : Black Onyx Twisted Briolette

JPG62 : Faceted Prehnite Drops

JPR95 : Side Drilled Labradorite Twisted Briolette

JPW51 : Coral Balls

JPW36 : Faceted Ametrine Chiclets

LC61 : Faceted Ametrine Buttons

JPU88 : Coral Tubes

JPR61 : Labradorite Plain Rondells

JJW83 : Black Spinel Faceted Straight Drilled Drops

JHW34 : Crystal Tubes

JHW16 : Crystal Tubes

JEY47 : Faceted Crystal Straight Drilled Drops

JBF41 : Faceted Dalmatian Agate Chewing Gum

JBS06 : Faceted Rose Quartz Straight Drilled Drops

JHV73 : Grossular Garnet Faceted Drops

JBL66 : Howlite Faceted Chewing Gum

JDI05 : Leopard Jasper Faceted Briolette

JHW61 : Multi Color Chalcedony Faceted Briolette with Veins

JJM84 : Plain Black Onyx Straight Drilled Drops

JEQ31 : Unakite Kites

JER11 : Unakite Rectangles

JGB86 : Yellow Chalcedony Twisted Drops

JPR90 : Side-Drilled Plain Amethyst Drops

JPR97 : Faceted Kyanite Side-Drilled Drops

JPR67 : Labradorite Plain Tubes

JPR68 : Smoky Topaz Plain Tubes

JPR58 : Crystal Plain Drops

JPR59 : Crystal Plain Rectangles

JPR46 : Crystal Side Drilled Plain Drops

JPR47 : Labradorite Plain Drops

JPP09 : Crystal Kites

JCR18 : Plain Smoky Quartz Drops

JIG15 : Faceted Crystal Straight Drilled Drops

JHS13 : Crystal Faceted Ovals

JHS08 : Smoky Quartz Coins

GX19 : Smoky Quartz Damru

JKO83 : Peridot Coins

JMV47 : Carved Onyx Flat Eye (Ideal for Bracelet or Necklace Center)
(Price Per Piece)

JMR75 : Unpolished Black Onyx Strips Drilled Centrally

JLR72 : Cat's Eye Plain Nuggets

JMV53 : Shou (Chinese Good Luck Symbol) Carved on Onyx Cylinder<br>(Price Per Piece)

JMR58 : Three Faced Frosted Black Onyx Drums

JCR08 : Crystal Plain Drops

JDS89 : Unakite Plain Tumbles

JLD31 : Aquamarine Plain Flat Tumbles

JPH28 : Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Briolette

JPE89 : Faceted Blue Topaz Rondells

JPE76 : Black Onyx Side-Drilled Plain Ovals

JPE73 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Drop (Price Per Piece)

JPF10 : Large Onyx Cylinder Incised with Vajra (Price Per Piece)

JKU13 : Black Onyx Matt Finish Squares & Drums

JKD07 : Cubic Zirconia Triangles

JLU58 : Faceted Grossular Garnet Rondells

JPA85 : Faceted Prehnite Tumbles

JHF08 : Labradorite Side-Drilled Faceted Tumbles with Tubes

JMR76 : Black Onyx Shapes

JBL50 : Black Snowflake Obsidian Faceted Chewing Gum

JII84 : Crack Crystal Plain Nuggets

JBL76 : Faceted Black Onyx Drops

JMR71 : Large Faceted Black Onyx Rondells

JMR84 : Black Onyx Hexagons

JMR32 : Extra Large Chunky Rhodochrosite Ovals

JMR74 : Fine Cut Crystal Rounded Cylinders

JMR65 : Plain Prehnite Rondells

JPD07 : Carved Smoky Quartz Briolette

JMP84 : Black Onyx Twisted Lips

JEN34 : Rose Quartz Faceted Tumbles

JMN41 : Matt Finish Black Onyx Circles

JMN12 : Matt Finish Black Onyx Shapes

JLJ51 : Apatite Faceted Marquis

JPA84 : Faceted Savorite Rondells

JII02 : Faceted Amethyst Marquis

JKO79 : Chunky Agate Plain Nuggets

JKU10 : Picture Jasper Plain Nuggets

JKU28 : Rutilated Quartz Faceted Drops

JKV28 : Plain Green Fluorite Briolette

JKV16 : Faceted Beaded Green Onyx Necklace Center

JKV19 : Faceted Beaded Smoky Black Onyx Necklace Center

JKO98 : Faceted Peridot Side Drilled Cushions

JLR94 : Kyanite Plain Briolette

JHU20 : Prehnite Faceted Briolette

JKU96 : Amethyst Faceted Drops

JIC84 : Faceted Peridot Rhombuses

JKU16 : Black Onyx Faceted Rondells

JMC94 : Tourmalinated Quartz Faceted Drops

JDL08 : Crystal Faceted Briolette

JFI28 : Monalisa Balls

JHP28 : Green Fluorite Faceted Chewing Gum

JFB65 : Yellow Chalcedony Faceted Flat Tumbles

JDX78 : Obsidian Snow Flake Plain Tumbles

JEN29 : Faceted Grossular GarnetTumbles

JLS51 : Rutilated Quartz Faceted Rondells

JKN09 : Tourmalinated Quartz Nuggets

JKK59 : Faceted Grossular Garnet Marquis

JLW23 : Obsidian Snow Flake Faceted Tumbles

JJL31 : Faceted Green Fluorite Tumbles

JLL64 : Iolite Faceted Tumbles

JLL86 : Black Onyx Faceted Marquis

JBH75 : Picture Jasper Faceted Chewing Gum

JLD27 : Chrysoprase Frosted Tumbles

JKF08 : Faceted Mokite Tumbles

JGR05 : Turquoise Faceted Chewing Gum

JHQ10 : Black Onyx Kites

JKC89 : Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Rhombus

JLL10 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Edge to Edge Rectangles

JLL06 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Edge to Edge Rectangles

JBG64 : Lot of Five Top-Drilled Mother of Pearl Cabochons

JCE55 : Lot of Five Shell Cabochons (Both Side & Top Drilled)

JBL49 : Shell Lips

JBH73 : Shell Circular Tubes

JBH71 : Shell Rectangular Tubes

JBH72 : Shell Twisted Tubes

JBG18 : Faceted Pearl Chewing Gum

JBF47 : Lot of Five Labradorite Faceted Cabochons

JBF49 : Shell Dish

UV78 : Shell Chips

UI26 : Multi-Hued Smoky Quartz Ovals

QR09 : Mother of Pearl Triangles