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IDC342 : Zen-Yoga A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-Integration

NAW099 : Meditation Now (Inner Peace Through Inner Wisdom)

NAV288 : Secrets of Hatha Yoga or Yogi Philosophy of Well Being

NAW342 : Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnu-Devananda

NAB701 : Yoga Vasistha- Utpatti-Sthiti-Upashama (Vol-II)

NAW224 : Kundalini Yoga

MZF441 : Pour Le Bien Du Plus Grand Nombre- French Translation of English Book For the Benefit of Many

NAW163 : Manual of Vipassana Meditation

NAW165 : Realising Change (Vipassana Meditation in Action)

NAW170 : Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific World View

NAW131 : Mahasatipatthana Sutta (The Great Discourse on the Establishing of Awareness)

MZF520 : Meditation Now (French)

NAW153 : Yoga Education- An Indian Perspective

NAW095 : A Re-Appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras (In the Light of Buddha's Teaching)

NAW115 : Bhakti Yoga

NAW090 : The Serpent Power

NZF253 : योग (सम्पूर्ण सचित्र पुस्तक) - Illustrated Yoga

NAV903 : Yoga Education and Spiritual Journalism

MZF006 : The Life Shaping Alpha Meditation (Tamil)

NAV851 : Meditation Science and Practice

NAV842 : Calcutta Yoga How Modern Yoga Travelled to the World from the Streets of Calcutta

NAV840 : The Story of Yoga from Ancient India to the Modern West

NAV785 : Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

NAV788 : Yoga in Transformation (Historical and Contemporary Perspectives)

NAV825 : Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali

MZE629 : तनाव एवं योग (अवधारणा, स्वरुप और यौगिक प्रबन्धन) - Stress and Yoga (Concept, Form and Compound Management)

NAV793 : Concentration and Meditation

NAV787 : Effect of Yoga on Psychological and Physiological Health

NAV799 : Kundalini (An Occult Experience)

NAV767 : The Art of Meditation

NAV737 : Living the Bhagavad Gita Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

MZD859 : अक्रिया ध्यान दृष्टा की पहचान - Non- Action- The Face of Meditation

NAV277 : Secrets of Maha Yoga or The Upanishadic Lore

NAV671 : Thank You India (A German Woman's Journey to the Wisdom of Yoga)

NAV578 : Yogavataranam- The Translation of Yoga (A New Approach to Sanskrit, Integrating Traditional and Academic Methods and Based on Classic Yoga Texts-for University Courses, Yoga Programs, and Self Study)

NAV657 : Yoga Vasistha (Set of 2 Books)

NAV454 : Swami Kuvalayananda A Pioneer of Scientific Yoga and Indian Physical Eduction

NAV095 : The Yoga of Netra Tantra (Third Eye and Overcoming Death)

NAV606 : Yoga For Children (Specially Designed for School Co-Curricular Activity and Young Yoga Enthusiasts)

NAV297 : Secrets of Yogi Philosophy (Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism)

NAV110 : Celebrating Life With Yoga

NAV541 : Vagyoga Theory (The Cosomos appeared from the Supersonic Sound)

NAV556 : A Journey of Superconsciousness

NAV501 : Meditation the Art of Ecstasy

IDF676 : Science of Natural Life A complete and easy Book on Nature Cure Principles, Methods and Experiments on almost all the Diseases with Photographs

NAT146 : The Story of Meditation

IDF634 : The Supreme Yoga Yoga Vasistha

NZX683 : Vihangama Yoga - The Science of Consciousness (With Sanskrit Text of Varahopanisad & Mahopanisad)

NAV485 : Buddhism as/in Performance (Analysis of Meditation and Theatrical Practice)

MZB905 : Joga Oddechu Pranajama (Spanish)

NAV481 : Autobiography of a Yogi (With CD)

NAV406 : Jagdusha and the Pirates of Oman (Book One of the Patanjali Yog Sutra Adventures)

IHE073 : Evolution of Yoga

NAC880 : Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic Practices Understanding of the Yogic Concepts and Physiological Mechanism of the Yogic Practices

NAT853 : Office Yoga (Tackling Tension with Simple Stretches You Can Do At your Desk)

NAV379 : Mind in Health and Disease (An Old and Rare Book)

IHE058 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Commentary by Swami Venkatesananda

NAV321 : How to be a Yogi

NAV324 : The Secret of Bhakti Yoga

NAV298 : Yoga for Eternal Youth

NAV330 : Yoga Made Easy

NAV309 : A Compendium of the Raja Yoga Philosophy

NAV293 : Kundalini (The Mother of Universe The Mystery of Piercing the Six Chakras)

NAV300 : Secrets of the Himalayan Masters and Ladder to Cosmic Consciousness

NAV295 : Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness

IDF190 : The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism Consciousness is Everything

NAV218 : Ayuryoga (Life in Equilibrium)

NAV188 : The Chinese Way to Keep Fit (Traditional Chinese Movements for Health and Rejuvenation)

NAV130 : Meditation Without Gurus A Guide to the Heart of Practice

NAV187 : The Yoga Book A Practical Guide to Self-Realization

NAU193 : Philosophy of Gorakhnath with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha

NAV178 : Step-by-Step Yoga for Stress Relife

NAV176 : Yoga for Teens

NAV069 : Light on Astanga Yoga (An Offer to the Lovers of Yoga)

NAV144 : Practical Psychology of yoga Wisdom (Based on Psychosynthesis, The Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and The Bhagavad Gita)

NAU953 : The Essence of Yoga

NAR435 : Classical Yoga Philosophy and the Legacy of Samkhya

NAU967 : Meditation - Finding the Supersoul Within

NAU961 : Pranayama (The Modulator of Life)

IDI715 : Jnana Sankalini Tantra (Transliteration, Translation and Metaphorical Interpretation)

NAU874 : Gheranda Samhita

NAU881 : Shiva Svarodayah

IDJ754 : Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis

NAU755 : Meditation - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Volume 4 - Part I)

NAU371 : Vipassana Meditation (The Art of Living as Taught by S. N. Goenka)

NAU731 : Meditations for People in Crisis

NAU716 : Gurukula Dhyana Manjusa (A Bouquet of Meditations)

NAU715 : Three Doors of Meditation

NAU717 : Three Doors of Meditation

NAU698 : Yoga and the Sacred Fire (Self-Realization and Planetary Transformation)

IHE060 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Volume XII Yoga India’s Philosophy of Meditation

NAU666 : Speaking of Curing Diseases through Yoga - A Practical Guide to the various Yoga Asanas that enables Healthy Living

NAU675 : Yoga- A Gem for Women

NAU665 : Deep Yoga - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

NAU649 : Meditation is Boring? (Putting Life in Your Spiritual Practice)

IDD351 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Yoga of Supreme Identity Text of the Sutras and the Commentary Vimarsini of Ksemaraja

NAU644 : Transforming Self Through Yoga - Getting More than Excercise from an Ancient Spiritual Practice

NAU603 : Maharshi Patanjali's Yog-Darshan Yogic Interpretation Based on Self-Realisation

NAU004 : The Ageless Dimension

IDF166 : Kundalini Tantra

NAU560 : Ayurveda and Yoga

NAU394 : The Vision of Vedanta (Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Yoga)

NAU431 : The Secrets of Loving Touch for Health, Happiness and Beauty

NAU363 : Ashtanga Yoga (Practice and Philosophy)

NAU356 : Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind (A Guide to Personal Reintegration)

NZX348 : Yoga Sooryanamaskaram

NAT965 : Intergral Yoga, Evolution and The Next Species

NAU161 : Foundation of Yoga (The Traditional Teachings of Sri Shyam Sundar Goswami)

NAU169 : The Yogasutras of Patanjali on Concentration of Mind

NAT751 : The Art of Meditation

NAU104 : The Yoga Philosophy (Speeches and Writings of Virchand R. Gandhi)

NAT956 : Hatha Yoga

NAU071 : Words of The Mother (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAT810 : Yoga on War and Peace

NAT745 : How to Meditate

NAT749 : Non - Action Meditation

NAT995 : Swapna Yoga or Interpretation of Dreams

NAT743 : Three Doors of Meditation

NAT932 : Inner Tantric Yoga (Working With the Universal Shakti Secrets of Mantras, Deities and Meditation)

NAT858 : Kriya Yoga (The Scientific Process of Soul-Culture and the Essence of all Religions)

NAT894 : Kundalini Yoga

NAT895 : Pranayama (A Classical and Traditional Approach)

NAT821 : The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Pathway to Liberation)

NAT572 : Kundalini Rising (Exploring the Energy of Awakening)

NAT692 : Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda (The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality)

NAT601 : Ayurveda for Perfect Health

NAT633 : Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis

NAT622 : The Yoga Sutras (A New Translation and Study Guide)

NBA072 : The ABC's of Chakra Therapy (A Workbook)

NAT487 : Yoga (A Guide to Healthy Living)

NBA063 : Yoga for Your Type (An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice)

NAT414 : Discourses On Yog

NAT191 : The Yoga of Knowledge (Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga)

NAT232 : The Yoga of Love (Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga)

NBA008 : Yoga for Men (Postures for Healthy, Stress-Free Living)

NAT268 : Meditation As a Way of Life - Philosophy and Practice (Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda)

NAT262 : The Healing Power of Yoga (For Health, Well-Being and Inner Peace)

NAT265 : Tirthankarasana (A Work on Jaina Yoga)

NBA022 : 21 Meditations for Empowerment (Meditation Practices for Spiritual Growth and Self-Healing)

NAT250 : 9 Secret of Successful Meditation

NAT248 : Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

NAT241 : Conquer Your Stress with Mind Body Techniques

NAT238 : Doorways to Awakening (A Guide to Self Realization)

NAT235 : Karmic Facts and Fallacies

NAT245 : Super Consciousness (How to Benefit from Emerging Spiritual Trends)

NBA012 : A Manual on Humanics

NAT224 : The Yoga of Works (Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga)

NAT205 : Beat Fatigue With Yoga (A Simple Step-by-Step Way to Restore Energy)

NAT213 : Meditative Therapy (Facilitating Inner Directed Healing)

NAT214 : Neti (Healing Secrets of Yoga and Ayurveda)

NAT204 : The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

NAT210 : The Inner Guide Meditation (A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century)

NAT215 : The Spiritual Roots of Yoga (Royal Path to Freedom)

IDE214 : Hatha Yoga Pradipika Light on Hatha Yoga

NAT186 : Meditation Guide Book

IDI041 : Sankara on the Yoga Sutras

NAT188 : Stretch Your Limbs for Balance (Yoga for Long and Healthy Living)

NZU724 : The Art and Science of Raja Yoga-Fourteen Steps to Higher Awareness (With DVD)

NAN885 : The Hathayogapradipika

NAN887 : The Heart of Asana (A Big, Comprehensive Manual of Classical Yoga Postures)

NAK608 : The Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of Practice)

NAH808 : The Yoga Rahasya of Nathamuni

NZF866 : हठयोगप्रदीपिका Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Word-to-Word Meaning With Hindi Translation)

NAR036 : Swan Meditation (Theory and Practice)

IDD304 : The Ascent

NAP906 : Yogic Elements in Pancamahakavyas

NZF438 : हठयोग सभी के लिए Hathayoga for Everyone

NAT137 : Meditation Pure & Simple (The Heart and Essence of Meditation Practice)

NAT133 : Meditations For People in Charge (A Handbook for Men and Women Whose Decisions Affect the World)

NAT126 : Tantric Yoga and The Wisdom Goddesses (Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda)

IDF619 : YOGA VASISTHA Of Valamiki 4 Volumes

NZC397 : संक्षिप्त ढंग से योग का सीखना और सिखाना A Concise Method of Learning and Teaching Yoga

IDF290 : The Supreme Yoga A New Translation of the Yoga Vasistha (Two Volumes)

HAA141 : योग महाविज्ञान (Yoga Mahavigyan)

IDG350 : Cause and Effect

NAH401 : God

NAE428 : Kriya-Yoga The Science of Life-Force

NAT116 : Meditation

NAB781 : Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali With Bhasvati

NAB947 : Yogic Therapy – Its Basic Principles and Methods

NZG184 : दत्तात्रेय योगशास्त्र Yoga Shastra of Dattatreya

GPA054 : योग-दर्शन पतंजलि (Yoga Darshan of Patanjali) योग सूत्रों की हिन्दी में सरल व्याख्या

HAA246 : सूर्य नमस्कार (सूर्य से शक्ति प्राप्त करने की विधि) - Surya Namaskara

NAS045 : How to Meditate

NAR820 : Swami Sivananda's 18 ITIES and The Practice of Pratyahara


NAT095 : The Yoga Tradition (Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice)

IHL818 : Yoga

NZD330 : बुढ़ापे से जवानी की ओर From Old Age to Youth (With Homoeopathic Directions)

IDF087 : Asana Why and How?

NAF418 : Inner Yoga (Antaryoga)

IDJ977 : Theravada Meditation (The Buddhist Transformation of Yoga)

NAF965 : Yoga in Practice

NAP918 : Yoga Psychology and Beyond

IDD333 : Yoga and Indian Philosophy 

NAC972 : Head, Heart and Hands

IDE773 : Seven Lessons In Conscious Living A Progressive Program of Higher Learning and Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition

NAH023 : Siva Samhita (A Critical Edition - English Version)

IDC109 : Yogasutrabhasyavivarana of Sankara (Shankaracharya) (2 vols.)

NAO735 : YRF Journals 1989-1990 (Yoga Research Foundation Volume One)

HAA248 : जागो माँ कुल-कुण्डलिनी Jago Maa Kul-Kundalini

NAG591 : Beads of Sermons (Set of 7 Books)


NZG182 : आसन Asana (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR728 : Concentration and Meditation

IDJ344 : The Kundalini Book of Living and Dying Gateways to Higher Consciousness

IDD334 : Yoga and Indian Philosophy 

NAK226 : Yoga Exercises for Health and Happiness


IDE043 : The Wisdom of Vasistha (A Study of Laghu Yoga Vasistha from a Seeker's Point of View)

IDD590 : Vijnanabhairava or Divine Conciousness

IDF932 : Message From The Master

IDD595 : Patanjali's Yoga Sutras With the Commentary of Vyasa and the Gloss of Vachaspati Misra, and an Intro. by Srisa Chandra Vasu

IDD335 : The Yogasutras of Patanjali on Concentration of Mind

IDD589 : Vijnanabhairava or Divine Conciousness

NAK790 : Hathatatvakaumudi - Hatha Tattva Kaumudi (A Treatise on Hathayoga by Sundaradeva)

IDH325 : Personality Development Through Human Excellence (Illustrated)

IDI641 : Practice of Brahmacharya

IDG611 : The Science of Yoga (The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali In Sanskrit With Transliteration In Roman, Translation And Commentary In English)

NAS748 : From Old Age to Youth (Through Yoga With Treatment)

NAS794 : Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali (Philosophy, Religion Culture, Ethos and Practices)

NAL827 : Bases of Yoga

IDI640 : Self-Knowledge

IDI916 : True Psychology

NAK785 : Yoga Concordance (Set of 7 Volumes)

NAI943 : पातञ्जल योगदर्शन Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Vyasa Bhashya and its Explanation

NZF195 : योग एवं निसर्गोपचार Yoga & Naturopathy

NZF416 : विज्ञान भैरव Vijnana Bhairav

NZE657 : स्वरोदय तंत्र Svarodaya Tantra

NZE468 : हठयोग प्रदीपिका Hatha Yoga Pradipika

NAF974 : Consciousness, Indian Psychology and Yoga

NAD327 : Streams of Yogic and Mystic Experience

NAC974 : The Paths of Pravritti and Nivritti

NZA757 : योग दर्शन Yoga Darshan (Vision of the Yoga Upanishads)

HAA783 : योगदर्शन Yoga Darshana

IHF036 : A Journey Within The Self (A Diary of Yogic Experiences)

NAS746 : The Original Philosophy of Yoga (The Yogasutras of Patanjali)

NAE959 : Yoga Psychology (A Handbook of Yogic Psychotherapy) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NZA264 : भारत के महान योगी The Great Yogis of India (Set of 7 Volumes)

IDG177 : YOGA FOR CHILDREN Teacher's Handbook

IHJ030 : Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess

NAO173 : Vital Energy (Energy for Normal Body Function)

NZB240 : समस्या पेट की समाधान योग का Solution of Stomach Problems Through Yoga

NAJ427 : Meditation

NAE455 : Stilling The Brain The True Patanjali Yoga(A Scientific Interpretation)

IDI609 : The Ideal of The Karmayogin

IDI141 : Yoga Explained

NAS561 : A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance

IDK545 : Adhyatma Yoga


IDJ290 : Music as Yoga


IDK191 : Sadhana [A Text Book of the Psychology and Practice of the Techniques to Spiritual Perfection]

IDH153 : The Role of Celibacy In The Spiritual Life


IDF830 : YOGA VEDANTA DICTIONARY (With English Transliteration)

NZH132 : पंतजलि योगसूत्र Patanjali Yoga Sutra

IDD355 : The Path of Light A guide to 21st century discipleship and spiritual practice in the Kriya Yoga tradition

IDK353 : Jorcho The Six Preparatory Practices Adorning the Buddha's Sublime Doctrine

IDG872 : The Secret of Action

NAD672 : The Wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

NAO852 : The Yogasara Upanishad (With CD Inside)

NZA455 : कर्मयोग साधना Karma Yoga Sadhana

NAO587 : All-Important Yogas in Vedic Jyotish

IDF104 : Asanas

IDF180 : Gheranda Samhita

IDH446 : Karma Sannyasa Spiritual Life For The Householder

NZB574 : योग (पीठ और जोड़ों के दर्द के लिए योगोपचार) - Yoga for Back and Join Pain

IDE761 : Asparsa -Yoga A Study of Gaudapada's Mandukya Karika

NAK464 : Promotion of Health for All by Ayurveda and Yoga (An Old and Rare Book)

IDD352 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Yoga of Supreme Identity Text of the Sutras and the Commentary Vimarsini of Ksemaraja

NAC192 : Yoga For Everybody

IDF008 : Patanjali Yoga Sutras Translated with a new Commentary

IHL187 : Samkhya Darshan (Yogic Perspective on Theories of Realism)

IRP87 : Sri Aurobindo and Integral Yoga

NZF964 : प्राकृतिक आयुर्विज्ञान Science of Natural Life

NZC650 : योगतन्त्रागमदृष्टयामुद्रातत्त्वविमर्श Concept of Mudra in Yoga, Tantra and Agamas

IDD438 : LIFE SURRENDERED IN GOD (THE KRIYA YOGA WAY OF SOUL LIBERATION)(Essential teachings, lifestyle routines, and spiritual practices. With comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by a direct, personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.)

IDF295 : The Healing Power of Mudras The Yoga of the hands How Simple Positioning everyday rejuvenates the body, heals disease and slowly leads to Spiritual Awakening

IDF471 : Yoga Chudamani Upanishad (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Commentary)

NAK791 : Amanaska Yoga (A Treatise on Layayoga)

NAH889 : Yoga Makaranda - The Nectar of Yoga

IDF178 : Sure Ways to Self-Realization

NAS789 : Advaitic Sadhana (The Yoga of Direct Liberation)


NAS182 : The Splendours and Dimensions of Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZC490 : शिवस्वरोदय Shiva Svarodya

IDE317 : Massage Therapy for Diseases of Vital Areas (Marma Treatment)

NAR576 : Notes On Shatkriyas, Asanas and Pranayama

NAR628 : Siddhasiddhantapaddhatih

NAC922 : Yoga, Enlightenment and Perfection

NAS223 : Yoga - Wisdom and Practice

IDK289 : Dynamic Meditation

NZB065 : घेरण्ड संहिता - योग शास्त्र (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) Gherand Samhita - Yoga Shastra) (Khemraj Edition)

NZC450 : बृहद्द्योगसोपान (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Brihad Yoga Sopan

NZB161 : योग दर्शन (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Yoga Darshana Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Translation and Explanation

NAS261 : Meditational Experiences (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAS143 : Glossary of Yoga Terms

NAO874 : Yoga Over Medicine

NAS214 : Hasta Yoga (Theory and Practice)

IDI613 : Japa Yoga (Mantra Yoga) (Theory, Practice and Applications)

NZC179 : योग साधना एवं योग चिकित्सा रहस्य Yoga Sadhana and Secrets of Healing by Yoga

NAD535 : Yoga Sastra of Dattatreya (A Book)

NZA778 : आसन प्राणायाम मुद्रा बन्ध Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

NAN633 : Paatanjal Yoga Darshan - Philosophy of Yoga (Patanjali - Aphorisms and Vyaasa Commentary)

NAR575 : Amrtasiddhiyogah (Text. English Translation and Critical Study On The Basis of A Single Manuscript)

NAR572 : Kapalakurantaka's Hathabhyasa-Paddhati (A Critical Study of Single Manuscript - English Version)

NAR598 : Pranayama - Mudra and Meditation

NAP013 : Studies in Haribhadrasuri

IDF462 : Yoga - Sara - Samgraha of Vijnanbhiksu

NAP145 : Art and Science of Mudras (Healing at Your Finger Tips)

NZC546 : योग से रोग निवारण Removing Diseases Through Yoga

NAN382 : An Introduction to the Yogasutra

NAK828 : Therapeutic Reference in Traditional Yoga Texts

IDE429 : Yog for the Spine The Practice of these spinal asans will help to remain slim, young and healthy.

NAK060 : The Yoga of Healing

NAN881 : Yoga Makaranda (French Only)

NAK735 : Yoga Quotations from The Wisdom of Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda (An Old and Rare Book)

MOB005 : Light Meditation

IHD37 : The Original Yoga (as expounded in Sivasamhita, Gherandasamhita and Patanjala Yogasutra)

NAJ783 : Sambhavi Yogam (Merging of Nada and Jyoti Yoga)

NAN785 : Early Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAN267 : Humans and Superhumans (The Touch of Grace)

NAN266 : The Crew (For the Welfare and Happiness of Many)

NAN265 : The Yogi and The Maya (Renewing an Ancient Bond)

NAR775 : Yoga and Diabetics

NAN782 : Yoga from Shore to Shore

NAN234 : Yogic Techniques

IDF620 : Glimpses Into The Psychology Of Yoga

NZF351 : अष्टाङ्ग योग Ashtanga Yoga

NZF856 : घेरण्ड संहिता (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Gherand Samhita

NZG599 : योग उपनिषद् संग्रह (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Yoga Upanishad Samgraha (Set of 2 Volumes) - Collection of Yoga Upanishads

NZF548 : योग का वैज्ञानिक रहस्य एवं यौगिक चिकित्सा Scientific Secrets of Yoga

NAO719 : A Re-Appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-Sutras (In the Light of the Buddha's Teaching)

NAR643 : Abstracts and Bibliography of Articles On Yoga From Kaivalyadham (Part - III)

NAK792 : Mandala Brahman Upanisad and Nada Bindu Upanisad

NAR627 : Abstracts and Bibliography of Articles On Yoga From Kaivalyadhama (An Old and Rare Book)

NAD026 : Meditation According to Yoga-Vedanta

NAR637 : The Basic Principles of Yoga

IDE459 : The Essence of Yoga Reflections on the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

IDE469 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAQ640 : Yoga of The Mahamudra (The Mystical Way of Balance)

NAR583 : Anatomy & Physiology - Yogic Context

NAR573 : Notes On Basic Principles and Methods of Teaching As Applied To Yogic Practices and A Ready Reckoner of Yogic Practices

NAR577 : Satkarmasangrahah

NAR596 : Yoga As Therapy - Medical View

NAQ986 : Secrets of Meditation and Inner Peace

NAN026 : Yoga - A Healthy Way of Living (Secondary Stage)

IDE080 : Yoga-Nidra (Yogic Trance Theory, Practice and Applications)

NZD568 : पातञ्जलयोगसूत्राणि Patanjali Yoga Sutras with Three Commentaries

HAA806 : बहिरंग योग First Steps to Higher Yoga

NAF544 : The Science of Yoga Mudras Physical and Mental Health, Philosophical and Phychologycal Mudras

NAM841 : Yoga A Healthy Way of Living (Upper Primary Stage)

NAR486 : Yogasutras of Patanjali (Ballantyne and Shastri)

NAI165 : Yogic Therapy or Marvels of Yogic Cure

NAK847 : A Guide to Shaktipat

NAK224 : Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) Divine Power

IDH133 : Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (New Thoughts On Health)

NAJ974 : Yogayajnavalkya Samhita The Yoga Treatise of Yajnavalkya

HAA820 : दिव्य शब्द विज्ञान Science of Divine Sound

NZC158 : योगदर्शनम् Yoga Darshnam - Commentary on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAP019 : Devlopment of Satyananda Yoga

NAO127 : Fundamentals of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy

NAL825 : Meditation According to Vedanta

NAR537 : The Quintessence of Yoga

NZC169 : योगदर्शनम् Yoga Darshanam (A Unique Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAI644 : हठयोग Hatha Yoga

NZF031 : कमर दर्द इलाज आपके हाथ में Back Pain - The Remedy is in Your Hands

NZF022 : चमत्कारी योगासन Magical Yogasanas

NZE189 : मुद्रा विज्ञान Science of Mudras

NAR413 : Inner Powers Through Ashtanga Yoga

IDI908 : Mudras for Healing (Mudra Vigyan A Way of Life)

IDF850 : Pancastavi The Pentad of Hymns of Kundalini Yoga

IDE974 : Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra The Ascent

IDE784 : The Forceful Yoga

IHF097 : Yoga Tantra Theory and Praxis- In the light of the Hevajra Tantra, A Metaphysical Perspective

NZA659 : ध्यान तन्त्र के आलोक में Meditation in The Enlightenment

NAR342 : Essays on The Yogasutra

NZF352 : चमत्कारी योग मुद्राएं Magical Yog Mudra

NZC934 : हर्बल ब्यूटी एण्ड बॉडी केयर Herbal Beauty & Body Care

NAR314 : A Basic Handbook for Spiritual (Self Realization and Meditation)

IDE571 : विज्ञानभैरव - Vijnana Bhairava The Practice of Centring Awareness

NAR301 : Vihangama Yoga The Science of Consciousness (An old and Rare Book)

NAR251 : Hatha Yoga Pradipika ( The Classic Guide for the Advanced Practice of Hatha Yoga with Commentary by Swami Vishnudevanada)

NAO361 : Yoga and Vedic Astrology (Sister Science of Spiritual Healing)

NZF174 : पातञ्जलयोगसूत्रवृत्ति (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Patanjala Yoga Sutra Vrtti (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR169 : Yoga for Kids

NAR131 : Yoga in Buddha's Gaya (Flirtatious Enlightenment)

NAI320 : The Secret of Happiness or Yogic Physical Culture (With CD)

NZA654 : ध्यान विज्ञान (ध्यान में प्रवेश की 115 सहज विधियां) Science of Meditation

NAL820 : Abstracts and Bibliography of Articles on Yoga from Kaivalydhama

NAD724 : How I Became A Disciple of Babaji

NAL686 : Living Within (The Yoga Approach to Psychological Health and Growth)

IDH447 : Yoga Book For Doctors (A totally scientific, revolutionary approach Novel explanations on mechanism of action)

NZE483 : नाथ योग Nath Yoga (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL543 : Simplicity and Meditation

NZA560 : यौगिक सिद्धियाँ (एक विवेचनात्मक अध्ययन)- Yogic Siddhis

NZC009 : साम्ययोग मीमांसा Samya Yoga Mimansa (Dharmasastra)

NAP931 : Compilation on Yoga and Naturopathy (Based on CCIM New Syllabus)

IDF118 : YOGA for Diabetes

NAQ932 : Jnana Yoga Method and Attainment

NAQ921 : The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion (A Modern Translation of the Narada Bhakti Sutras)

NAR008 : The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga (The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight)

NAQ991 : The Yoga of Power (Tantra, Shakti, And The Secret Way)

NAQ930 : The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali - A New Translation and Commentary

NAK675 : Kriya Yoga (Its Mystery and Performing Art)

NAQ945 : Source Code Meditation (Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation)

NAK414 : Tantra and Yoga for Beginners (Set of 10 Books)

IHF081 : The Eternal Silence... Synthesis of all Dharma Paths- Sarba Dharma Samanway

IHF083 : Mahamuni Babaji's The Original Kriya

NAQ910 : Touch of Joy (A Yogi’s Guide to Lasting Happiness)

NAC771 : Yogacharya Sri Sri Panchanan Bhattacharya The Chief Disciple of Lahiri Mahasay - His Notes In The Light of Kriya on The Bhagavad Gita (Aryya Mission Gita)

NAL023 : The Kriya Sutras (In Eleven International Language)

NAH025 : Back -Care Through Yoga (Cervical Spondylosis and Backache)

IDI750 : Fifty Stories from Yogavasishtha

IHL680 : The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar (Volume 1)

NAQ885 : Yoga Nidra Meditation – The Sleep of The Sages (A Conscious Exploration of Wakefulness, Dreaming and Deep Sleep)

IDF292 : Vasistha Samhita (Yoga Kanda)

NAH032 : A Critical Edition of Jyotsna (Brahmananda's Commentary on Hathapradipika) (Transliteration with English Translation)

IDJ382 : Brhadyogiyajnavalkyasmrti

NAH036 : Diabetes and Its Management (Health Through Yoga)

IDF298 : Essence of Pranayama

NAH033 : Goraksasatakam Of Gorakhnath (With Introduction, Text, English Translation, Notes etc.)

NAH037 : Hatha Yoga Manjari

IDJ206 : Hathapradipika of Svatmarama (Original Text, Transliteration, Translation and Notes)

NAH029 : Jogapradipyaka of Jayatarama

IDJ362 : Notes on Structure and Functions of Human Body and Effects of Yogic Practices on it

NAH039 : Para Vidya and Positive Life Style (Human Physiology, Anatomy in Yog, Its Purpose)

NAH024 : Pranayama

NAO530 : Selfless Action - Compilation and Critical Analysis of The Practical Philosophy of Karma Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAH035 : Yoga Therapy for Selected Diseases

NZC300 : गोरक्षशतकम् Gorakshashatakam of Gorakhnath

NZB866 : प्राणायाम Pranayam

NZC920 : योग एवं मानसिक स्वास्थ्य (स्वस्थ जीवन की एक मार्गदर्शिका) Yoga and Mental Health

NZA707 : योगाभ्यासों की अध्यापन विधियाँ Teaching Methods for Yoga

NZH167 : योग समन्वय The Synthesis of Yoga

NAQ847 : Meditation Techniques of The Buddhist and Taoist Masters

NAQ853 : Yoga Psychology

NAQ667 : Hatha Yoga The Ultimate Book (Set of 8 Volumes)

NAQ687 : Prana Vidya

NZC649 : अष्टप्रकरणम् Eight Books on Yoga and Tantra

IHE094 : Karana-Kusumakara or The Poems of The Body (A Color Photograph on Each Page)

IDE067 : The Four Yogas Or The Four Paths To Spiritual Enlightenment (in the words of the ancient Rishis)

NAD884 : Yog Nidra


IDF121 : YOGA Practices for Anxiety and Depression

NAN878 : Karma Yoga Book Conversations of The Science of Yoga (Set of 7 Books)


IDD357 : Stress and its Management by Yoga

NAQ812 : Yoga for Everyone (A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Iyengar Yoga)

NAK565 : Yogasutra of Patanjali with The Commentary of Vyasa

IDK951 : How to Overcome Mental Tension

NZF514 : योग ध्यान और योगासन Yoga Dhyana and Asana

NAK833 : Amrtavakyam (Immortal Sayings of Sri Goraksanatha)

NAK829 : Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas (Profusely Illustrated)

NAK831 : Guidelines For Yogic Practices

NAK789 : Hatha Pradipika of Svatmarama (With Yogaprakasika Commnentary by Balakrsna)

NAK830 : Hatharatnavali (A Treatise on Hathayoga)

NAM746 : Kumbhaka - Paddhati (Science of Pranayama)

NAK788 : Pranayama The Science of Breath (Theory and Guidelines for Practice)

NAN773 : Traditional Theory of Evolution and Its Application in Yoga

NAN232 : Trisikhi Brahmanopanisad, Yogakundaly Upanisad and Yogacudamany Upanisad (Selected Yogopanisads)

NAD869 : Bliss Living Beyond Happiness and Misery (Talks on The Shiva Sutras)

NZD426 : योगासन और प्राणायाम Yogasanas and Pranayam

NAI319 : Steps in Yoga and Meditation

IHD36 : The Original Yoga (as expounded in Sivasamhita, Gherandasamhita and Patanjala Yogasutra)

NAL695 : Elements of Yoga

NAE066 : Hath Yoga Pradipika

NZC430 : हठयोग प्रदीपिका (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Hatha Yoga Pradipika

IDF813 : First Steps to Higher Yoga An Exposition to First Five Constituents of Yoga

IDF929 : A Study of Patanjali

NAC624 : An Introduction to Buddhism and Tantric Meditation

NAH516 : Awaken to Superconsciousness (How to Use Meditation for Inner Peace, Intutive Guidence, and Greater Awareness)

NAG098 : Fearless Living (Yoga and Faith)

IDJ770 : Samvidullasah Manifestation of Divine Consciousness Swami Lakshman Joo (Saint-Scholar of Kashmir Saivism)

NAQ462 : The Yoga of the Nine Emotions The Tantric Practice of Rasa Sadhana

IHL626 : Yoga of Objectivity

NAF333 : Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu (Set of 4 Volumes)

NZE645 : कुण्डलिनी महाविद्द्या Kundalini Mahavidya

NAG262 : Path of Fire and Light (Advanced Practices of Yoga)

NAN268 : The Daredevil Dolphin (Making a Leap of Faith)

NAC969 : Origin of Yoga and Pashupata Yoga

NAP557 : The Essence of Yoga (Essays on The Development of Yogic Philosophy from The Vedas to Modern Times)

NAN269 : The Gift of Peace (A Precious Bequest)

NAP351 : The History of Bihar School of Yoga

NAF528 : Yogic Management of Cancer

NZA902 : बच्चों के लिए योग शिक्षा Yoga Education for Children

IDI720 : Kriya Yoga The Scientific Process of Soul-Culture and The Essence of All Religions

IDE237 : Surya Namaskara A Technique of Solar Vitalization

NZA031 : Mudra Vigyan Aur Sadhana (Hindi only)

NZA248 : नव योगिनी तंत्र महिलाओ के लिए योग साधना पद्धति (Nav Yogini Tantra)

NZA837 : मूलबन्ध - अनन्त रहस्यों की कुंजी Moola Bandha - The Key to Eternal Secrets

HAA245 : योग निद्रा Yoga Nidra

NZH494 : हठयोग पध्दति Hatha Yoga Paddhati

NAQ604 : Dynamics of Yoga

IDD360 : Hatha-Yoga Its Context, Theory and Practice

NAQ615 : The Wellness Sence A Practical Guide to Your Physical and Emotional Health Based Ayurvedic and Yogic Wisdom

NAF656 : Yogavasishtha Darshan

NAP801 : हठयोगप्रदीपिका Hatha Yoga Pradipika

NAQ569 : Yoga All You Need to Know (Pocket Book)

NAG542 : Jeevan Darshan The Philosophy of Life (A Complete Guide to Yoga Culture, Self-culture and National Ethos)

NAG160 : Yoga or Yaga?

NAK783 : Yoga For Obesity

IHG010 : Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic Practices

IDC920 : Kundalini and Meditation

IDI051 : Sannyasa Darshan A Treatise on Traditional and Contemporary Sannyasa

IHL497 : Vigyan Bhairava Tantra 112 Meditations for Self Realization

IDG020 : Yogasiddhantacandrika Of Narayanatirtha

NAQ494 : B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Life (The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom)

NAQ495 : The Practice of the Yoga Sutra

NAQ481 : Exploring Yoga and Cancer

NAQ472 : The Six Healing Sounds Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi (With C D)

IDG352 : Sadhana The Spiritual Way

NAQ630 : The Practice of Nada Yoga (Meditation on The Inner Sacred Sound)

IHL681 : The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar (Volume 2)

NAK043 : An Illustrated Guide to Asanas and Pranayama

IDJ274 : Hatha Yoga

IDF664 : ART OF CONTEMPLATION In Six Exercises (Abhyas Vidhi i.e. Way To Do)

NAO986 : Brahmacharya Yoga

IDJ434 : Selected Papers of 3rd International Conference on 'Yoga Research and Tradition'

HAA804 : दिव्य ज्योति विज्ञान Science of Divine Light

NAQ416 : Breathing Through The Whole Body (The Buddha's Instructions on Integrating Mind, Body, and Breath)

NAQ411 : Sri Aurobindo (His Life and Yoga)

NAQ410 : Tantra The Yoga of Love (A Personal Guide to the Traditions, Philosophy and Practice of Tantra)

NAO528 : Indian Mysticism Cosmic Vision (Mystic Experience of The Unknown)

NAN470 : Liberating Isolation (The Yogasutra of Patanjali)

HAA801 : प्राण विज्ञान Science of Vital Force

HAA593 : व्याख्यान माला Beads of Sermons (Set of 7 Volumes)

IDE489 : Speaking of Yoga and Nature-Cure Therapy

NAP826 : The Practice of Tibetan Meditation (With CD)

IDK840 : Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Kriyas)

NZG311 : अमनस्क योग Amanska Yoga

IHF062 : Moola Bandha The Master Key

NAF807 : The Legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta

IDF181 : The Practices of Yoga for the Digestive System

IDJ758 : Aspects of Tantra Yoga

IDF111 : Yoga for Pregnancy

HAA962 : हिमालय का योगी The Yogi of Himalaya (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAO091 : Mudra Vigyan - Philosophy and Practice of Yogic Gestures

NAI452 : 195 Yoga Sutra from Astanga Yoga

IDE202 : Dharana Darshan A Panoramic View of Yogic, Tantric and Upanishadic Practices of Concentration and Visualization

NAD867 : Diagnose, Cure and Empower Yourself By Currents of Breath

IDE216 : Four Chapters on Freedom Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sanskrit text, transliteration, English translation and extensive commentary)

NAD746 : Married Life A Perfect Yoga

IDE258 : Nawa Yogini Tantra Yoga for Women

IDK725 : Sanskrit Glossary of Yogic Terms (With Transliteration)

NAO364 : Suryanamaskar Sun Salutations

IDF109 : Taming the Kundalini

NAG268 : Yoga & Psychotherapy (The Evolution of Consciousness)

IDE892 : Yogic Management of Common Diseases

NAJ383 : This Light in Oneself (True Meditation)

IDK213 : Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers

NAM096 : Yoga Wisdom of the Upanishads Kena... Mundaka... Prashna... Ishavasya (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL086 : Advayatarakopanisat

NAC019 : Yoga Stories and Parables

NZF767 : आसन प्राणायाम मुद्रा और बन्ध Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha

NZC310 : योग साधन Yoga Sadhan

NAG244 : Mere Aradhya My Beloved Guru

NAP346 : Yoga Philosophy to Realization

NAK680 : Kundalini Yoga A Natural Scientific Approach to Peak of Eight Fold Yoga (An Old and Rare Book)

NAN044 : Easy Yoga for The Beginners

NAE025 : Seven Steps For Simple Samadhi (An Old and Rare Book)

NAP997 : Yoga is Life with Ayurveda & Nature Cure

IDC374 : Living the Science of Harmonious Union (Principles and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sastra)

IDH450 : Practical Yoga Psychology

NAP492 : Scientific Insights in Yoga

NAF230 : The Yoga of Sri Krishna

IDE238 : Yoga Nidra

NZA781 : दमा, मधुमेह और योग Asthma, Diabetes and Yoga

IDE240 : Dynamics of Yoga The Foundations of Bihar Yoga

NAP989 : The Philosophy of Classical Yoga

NAP668 : Advanced Hatha Yoga (Classic Methods of Physical Education and Concentration)

NAP970 : Japa Meditation (The Easiest way to Calm the Mind)

NAD345 : Yoga for Children A Complete Illustrated Guide to Yoga (Including a Manual for Parents and Teachers)

NAL365 : Mudras & Health Perspectives (An Indian Approach)

NAP502 : Learn To Meditate (With CD)

NAJ794 : Yoga Sadhana (An Old and Rare Book)

NZA910 : योग प्रदीप-1 Practical Yoga Education by Swami Satyanand Saraswati

NAP663 : Handbook of Health & Fitnes

NAO999 : Yoga Traditions (An Indepth Study of Less Known Yoga Concept)

NAF471 : Yoga From Confusion to Clarity (Set of Five Volumes)

NAO987 : Grihastha Yoga

IDH272 : Paths Of Meditation (A collection of essays on different techniques of Meditation according to different faiths)

NAO985 : Vaanprastha Yoga

NAK732 : Letters on Yoga (Set of 4 Volumes)

NAO772 : Illuminating Indian Classical Dances Through Yoga


IDF898 : Yoga Asanas Simplified

IDH065 : Yoga Hygiene Simplified

NAO976 : Yogi in the Lab (Future Directions of Scientific Research in Meditation)

NAP910 : Handbook of Yoga

IDE949 : Kundalini Path to Higher Consciousness

NAF991 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Insight from the Traditional Commentaries

NAH383 : Studies in Origin and Development of Yoga (From Vedic Times, in India and Abroad, with Texts and Translation of Patanjala Yogasutra and Hathayoga-Pradipika) (Transliteration and English Translation) - An Old and Rare Book

NAO585 : Yoga - A Gem for Women

NZD260 : स्वर विज्ञान Swar Vijnana (Jyotish, Tantra and Yoga)

IDF046 : Meditation Its Process, Practice, and Culmination

IDD831 : The Alchemical Body (Siddha Traditions in Medieval India)

IDF207 : The Magic of Massage

NAO255 : The Yoga of Kirtan - Conversation on The Sacred Art of Chanting

IDJ961 : The Disclosure of Being (A Study of Yogic and Tantric Methods of Enstasy)

NAN261 : Let Meditation Happen

NZB354 : सचित्र योगासन दर्शिका (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Illustrated Guide to Yoga

IDC981 : Meditation and the art of Dying

NAO259 : Prana Science(Decoding Yoga Breathing)

NZF311 : योग एवं प्राणायाम चिकित्सा रहस्य Secrets of Healing Through Yoga and Pranayama

NAI969 : अच्छी नींद कैसे सोयें How To Get Sound Sleep

NZA258 : योगिराज विशुद्धनन्द प्रसंग तथा तत्त्व कथा Reminiscences of Yogiraj Vishuddhananda


NZB683 : मानसिक शक्ति Mental Power

IDG219 : CYCLOPAEDIA YOGA Volume One All About Asanas and 100 More Topics of Yoga

NAD906 : The Voice of Babaji A Trilogy On Kriya Yoga

IHL663 : The Yoga of Siddha Tirumular Essays On the Tirumandiram

IHL682 : The Yoga of the 18 Siddhas (An Anthology)

IDE239 : Yoga Darshan Vision of the Yoga Upanishads

IHL660 : Kriya Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas

IDG175 : The Yoga of Caring

NAN638 : The Yoga of Siddha Avvai

NAE292 : Yoga For Back And Joint Disorders

IDF859 : Yogirajadhiraj Swami Vishuddhanand Paramahansadeva Life and Philosophy

IDG218 : CYCLOPAEDIA YOGA Volume Three Stress and Mental Health

IDF975 : Insights Through Yoga

IDE001 : Ayurvedic Massage (For Health and Healing)


NAO523 : The Hidden Teachings Beyond Yoga

NAO743 : Health Hygiene and Yoga

NAO744 : The Yoga Philosophy - Traditions and Reflections

NAO742 : Yoga - The Indian Way

HAA885 : घेरण्ड संहिता योगतत्त्वम् - Gheranda Samhita (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)

IDJ037 : Meditation with Mandalas


HAA886 : हठयोगप्रदीपिका Hatha Yoga Pradipika (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)

NAP426 : Medical Understanding of Yoga

NAL536 : The Path of The Master (The Science of Surat Shabd Yoga The Yoga of the Audible Life Stream)

NAO950 : The Vedic Basis of Gita Yoga

IDJ584 : Towards Yog Why Should We Eat? (This Book Deals with Fasting, Sleep, Evacuation of Bowels in a Very Explicit Way)

HAA802 : योगेश्वरानन्द योगामृत Yogeshwarananda Yoga Amrita

NAL215 : Yoga in Kashmir Saivism

NAG497 : Gheranda Samhita (Commentary on The Yoga Teachings of Maharshi Gheranda) Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation

NAC973 : Mind, Mind Management and Raja Yoga

NAN819 : The Golden Collection - A Collection of Original Publications from the Bihar Yoga Tradition (Set of 8 Volumes)

NAH812 : The Yoga of T Krishnamacharya

NAC472 : The Yoga of Tibet The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra – 2 and 3 by Tsong Khapa

HAA272 : ईश्वर दर्शन Ishwar Darshana

NZA665 : उच्च रक्तचाप पर योग का प्रभाव The Effects of Yoga on High Blood Pressure

NZB806 : योग और आरोग्य (साधना और सिध्दि) - Yoga and Health

NZC076 : स्वर योग (मस्तिष्क श्वसन का तांत्रिक विज्ञान) Swara Yoga (The Tantric Science of Brain Breathing)

NZB728 : योगसिध्दान्तचन्द्रिका Yoga Siddhant Chandrika (A Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

IDD290 : Meditation Science and Practice

IDF100 : Therapeutic Yoga (In Easy-to-Follow Colour Illustrations Based on the Teachings of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar)

IDE540 : Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Other Essays

IDF131 : YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI with the Exposition of Vyasa, Volume II - Sadhana-Pada

HAA136 : घेरण्ड संहिता (महर्षि की योग शिक्षा पर भाष्य) - Gherand Samhita

HAA250 : योग साधना Yoga Sadhana

IDF140 : PATANJALA YOGA SUTRAS with Detailed Commentary (with Transliteration, Translation & Commentary)

NAH027 : Teaching Methods for Yogic Practices

NAC198 : Kriya Yoga for Beginners

NAH041 : The Five Great Elements Rediscovered

NAJ421 : A Practical Guide to Kundalini Yoga Through Shakthi Path (Rediscover Your Inner Strength)

NAF563 : Maha Yoga The Upanishadic Lore in The Light of The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana

NAK219 : Yoga and Mental Health and Beyond (A Guide to Self Management)

NAH026 : Yoga Karika (With Yoga Sutras, Transliteration, English Translation and Special Notes)

IDF700 : YOGA KOSA Yoga Terms Explained with Reference to Context

NZH495 : योग दर्शन में प्रत्याहार द्वारा मनोचिकित्सा Mental Treatment by Pratyahara in Yoga Darshan

IHD026 : Body Mind Spirit Integrative Medicine in Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature Cure

NZF934 : पातञ्जल योगसूत्राणि Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAF018 : On The Wings of The Swan (Set of 8 Volumes)

NAM143 : The Heart of Yoga (Yoga The Science of the Soul)

IHD93 : Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu Vol 4. Kaivalyapada

IHL592 : The New Alchemy to Turn You On The Innermost Secrets of Consciousness

NAP392 : Yoga Karnika of Nath Aghorananda - An Ancient Treatise on Yoga

NAP559 : Yoga Mala The Original Teachings of Ashtanga Yoga Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

NAP368 : Life Poetry Yoga - Personal Letters (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAG576 : Let Us Learn Yoga (A Textbook for Yoga Education for Students of Class IV)

NAE145 : Meditation The First And Last Freedom (A Practical Guide To Meditation)

NAK063 : Patanjali Caritam (The Legend of Sage Patanjali)

NAK300 : Yoga a New Direction - Yoga The Science of the Soul (Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)


NZA992 : आओ सीखें योग (कक्षा 3 के विद्यार्थियों हेतु योगशिक्षा की पाठ्यपुस्तक) Let's Learn Yoga (Textbook Yoga for Class 3)

NZA993 : आओ सीखें योग (कक्षा 4 के विद्यार्थियों हेतु योगशिक्षा की पाठ्यपुस्तक Let's Learn Yoga (Text book of Yoga for Class 4 )

NZA994 : आओ सीखें योग (कक्षा 5 के विद्यार्थियों हेतु योगशिक्षा की पाठ्यपुस्तक) Let's Learn Yoga (Textbook of Yoga for Class 5)

NAD218 : Paatanjali Yoga Sutras Commentary by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

NAP542 : Yoga for All (Discovering The True Essence of Yoga)

NZC178 : योगदर्शन Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAM560 : Meditation Concept and Process

NZH467 : योग Yoga (Asanas, Pranayam, Mudra and Kriya)

IHG099 : History of Yoga

IDD291 : Meditation Science and Practice

NAD597 : Pranayama Rahasya (With Scientific Factual Evidence)

NAH018 : Yoga Manual (For Parents and Yoga Teachers)

IDG135 : The Secret of Jnanayoga

NAI771 : अपना कद बढ़ाइए Increase Your Height

NAK883 : Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

IHD005 : The Foundations of Contemporary Yoga and Yoga Therapy

NAD220 : Yoga Education for Children (Volume One)

NAP530 : Yoga for Life A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom

IDK424 : Pilgrims of the Stars (Autobiography of Two Yogis)

IDH054 : THE SIVA (Shiva) SAMHITA (With Transliteration and Translation)

NZA420 : योग एवम् यौगिक चिकित्सा Yoga and Yogic Healing

NAP356 : The Path of Modern Yoga - The History of an Embodied Spiritual Practice

NAE954 : A Handbook of Yoga - Nidra (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

IDJ771 : Eighty-four Asanas in Yoga A Survey of Traditions (Superbly Illustrated in Full Color with Miniature Paintings)

IDI056 : Samkhya-Yoga Epistemology

NAC903 : Seven Quartets of Becoming A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo


NZB007 : षडदर्शनसूत्रसंग्रह Sutras of All the Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

NAO926 : It Takes Two to Yoga (Asanas for Couples & Partners)

IDG398 : Hamsa Yoga The Elixir of Self Realization (Soham Sadhana)

IHL807 : Synthesis of Yoga

NAO843 : Guru - His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (With CD Inside)

NAO850 : Meditation

IHL550 : What is Meditation…

IDF211 : Essence of Maharishi Patanjali's Ashtang Yoga

IDG623 : Meditation Mind and Patanjali's Yoga

NAD961 : The Back Pain Book (A Self Help Guide For Daily Relief of Neck And Back Pain)

IDE744 : A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya

NAO919 : The Head That Won't Stand (A Woman's Journey of Letting Go with Yoga)

IDH403 : Vairagya-Satakam of Bhartrhari (The Hundred Verses on Renunciation)

IDJ448 : Science of Divine Sound (A Latest Research on Self and God Realization with the Medium of Sound)

NAG816 : Dhyanasvarupam (The Principles and Practice of Meditation) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAM515 : Veda of The Body

NAK061 : Passing on a Tradition of Teaching (A Naturalistic Study of Yoga Therapy)

NAJ973 : The Heart of Yoga Developing A Personal Practice

NAN334 : Dynamic Meditation (An Old and Rare Book)

NAK070 : Yoganjalisaram (With Revised Translation and Commentary)

NAP323 : Treat of Tweets @ Sri Sri (Tweets that Make Life a Celebration)

NAP326 : Log off to Log in (Yoga at Your Desktop)

NAP320 : Sri Sri Yoga (A Basic Practice Manual)

NAC752 : The Art and Science of Raja Yoga (Philosophy, Meditation, Postures, Diet, Breathing, Routines and Health)

NAO631 : Yoga Sutra Patanjali

IDH081 : The Gheranda Samhita (Original Text, Transliteration, English Translation)

IHD89 : The Yoga of the Saints Analysis of Spiritual Life

IHE093 : Yoga Vijnana or The Ancient Science of Yoga (A Color Photograph on Each Page)

IHD91 : Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu Vol 2. Sadhanapada

IDD958 : Ancient Indian Massage (Traditional Massage Techniques Based on the Ayurveda)

IDF158 : Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha (One of the Most Systematic Yoga Manuals)

NAH702 : Classical Hatha Yoga

IDE882 : Swara Yoga The Tantric Science of Brain Breathing

HAA880 : शिव संहिता योगशास्त्रम् - Shiva Samhita (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)

IDF626 : Yoga for all Simple Yogic Exercises for All Age Groups

NAK835 : Dattatreya Yoga Sastram

NAO393 : Patanjali's Yogasutra (A Psychological Study)

NZB163 : गोरक्षपद्धति (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Goraksha Paddhati of Gorakhnath

NAL957 : Yoga and Diet for Ailments

IHJ047 : Patanjali Yoga Sutra (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, English Commentary Alongwith Glossary of Technical Terms etc.)

NAN661 : The Destiny of the Body (The Vision and the Realisation in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga)

IDI015 : Meditation Techniques from Aparoksanubhuti (Fifteen Portals to the Supreme)

NZC863 : उत्तरषट्कम् Uttarasatkam with the Commentary Kuladipika

NAO164 : Life (A Mysterious Journey)

IHL051 : Yoga– The Path of Will–Power (Raja Yoga)

NZA785 : सनातन-साधना की गुप्तधारा The Secret Flow of Eternal Sadhana

HAA196 : हठयोग मंजरी Hatha Yoga Manjari

NAO298 : Yoga for Good Health

IDK401 : Yogas In Astrology

IDC111 : Meditation as Spiritual Culmination Yoga Aphorism of Patanjali (Two Big Volumes)

IHL188 : Prana and Pranayama

NZE318 : प्राणायाम कुण्डलिनी और हठयोग Pranayama - Kundalini and Hatha Yoga

IDK194 : Ladder of Abhyasa (Practical Guide to Meditation)

NAC735 : Paramhansa Yogananda A Biography (With Personal Reflections and Reminiscences)

IDE792 : Yoga Psychology

NAD018 : Yogic Cure for Common Diseases

NAH776 : दर्शनोपनिषत् - Darsanopanisat

NAK068 : Astanga Yoga Nirupanam and Nadanusandhana Pancakam

IDF115 : Yoga and Cancer

IDJ885 : How to be a Yogi

NAG708 : Meditation For Everybody

IDL130 : Meditation Translate Spiritual Ideals into Daily Life

HAA132 : योगासन Yogasan

NAO355 : Samkhya Karikas (The Foundation of Yoga Philosophy)

IDF829 : Tantra Yoga, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga

NAN984 : Yoga Nidra (Beyond Wakefulness, Dreams and Deep Sleep)

NAG854 : Anatomy of Hatha Yoga (A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners)

NAO348 : Samkhya - A Prologue to Yoga (A Study of Its Development Through Ancient Text)

NZG075 : पातञ्जल योगदर्शन Patanjal Yoga Darshana

NAC535 : Shiva Sutras

NZB524 : प्राणमयंजगत The Jagat is Prana

IDJ383 : Descriptive Catalogue of Yoga Manuscripts (Updated)

IHL331 : Miracles of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

NAO365 : The Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws of Success

NAO340 : Kundalini - An Untold Story

NZA857 : योग दर्शन Yoga Darshan

NAO237 : Meditation and Its Methods

IDJ526 : Yoga Yogasana and Pranayama for Health

NAO172 : Healing the Future (The Journey Within)

NAO192 : Meditation - A Practical Guidebook (Based On The Teachings of Vedanta Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras)

NAG590 : Astadala Yogamala The Collected Works of B.K.S. Iyengar (Set of 8 Volumes)

NAN361 : Maaran Paatra (Stories based on real life incidents of Yoga & Tantra)

NAE298 : Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali With The Exposition of Vyasa (Volume I - Samadhi Pada)

IDF641 : Pranic Energisation Technique (PET)

NAO166 : Prescription for Stress

IDE434 : The Secret of Bhaktiyoga

IDE433 : The Secret of Premayoga

IDF112 : Yoga for Back Pain

NAH796 : Kundalini and Self-Realization (The Journey Back to Our True Home Through Spiritual Energy)

NAF074 : In Days of Great Peace (The Highest Yoga As Lived)

NAC002 : Meditation in Sikh Religion (Eight Spiritual Lesson on Finding the Truth)

IHG009 : A Complete Guide to Managing Stress

NAD060 : Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition

NAH034 : Meditation and Its Techniques

IDF117 : YOGA - Breathing Practices. Asana and Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriya, Meditation

NAH751 : Wonders of Prana Healing

IDK859 : Lectures on Raja Yoga


NAD025 : Fourteen Lessons on Raja Yoga

IDK812 : Karma Yoga

NAI648 : धारणा और ध्यान Dharana and Dhyana

NAK264 : Concentration A Practical Course with a Supplement on Meditation

NAH708 : Gyan Yoga

NAH868 : Karma Yoga

IDC984 : Living with the Himalayan Masters

IDJ413 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Supreme Awakening (Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo)

IDF652 : Yoga and The Teaching of Krishna Essays on the Indian Spiritual Traditions

NAN802 : Meditation Thru Parables

NZA419 : योग सिध्दान्त एवम् साधना - Yoga (Principles and Practice)

NAH727 : Yoga Shakti - Awaken Your Own Power

NAL798 : Yoga Can Change Your Life (An Old and Rare Book)

NZF778 : धारणा और ध्यान Concentration and Meditation (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE428 : Purana Purusha - Yogiraj Sri Shama Churn Lahiree

NAE051 : Siva Samhita

NZE975 : मुद्रा विज्ञान Science of Mudra

NAH701 : Stress Management Through Yoga - The Binding of the Soul (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAM896 : Record of Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDF294 : The Miracle of Music Therapy

HAA792 : ध्यान और ज्ञान Dhyana and Jnana

NAE882 : Some Responses to Classical Yoga in The Modern Period

NAE847 : The Zen Yoga Mystic Faith, Tao Wisdom, and Sufi Loving Devotion (An Integral Approach to Spirituality)

NZA650 : ध्यानयोग प्रथम और अंतिम मुक्ति - (Dhyanyoga Partham aur Antim Mukti)


IDF623 : PRANAYAMA The Art and Science

IDF119 : YOGA for Bronchial Asthma

NAK781 : Yoga For Cancer

NAK696 : Yoga For Common Ailments


IDF113 : Yoga Its basis and applications

IDE091 : Patanjali of Yogasutras - Makers of Indian Literature

NAN233 : The Glossary of Yoga Texts

IDD004 : Philosophy of Hatha Yoga

NAH030 : Shatkriyas, Asanas and Pranayama

NAF578 : Who is This Shama Churn?

IDK591 : The Perfect Way

NAN972 : 3 Stages of Progress in Sadhana

NAD644 : Mudra

IDC997 : Path of Fire and Light (Volume 2) - A Practice Companion to Volume 1

NZA114 : योग अंक - The Most Exhaustive Collection Ever of Articles on Yoga



IDH613 : Concentration

IDG277 : The Yoga of Dejection Self beyond Identity Crisis

IDJ095 : Autobiography of The Vagyogi The Life of Kundalini Experiences

IHL675 : Tantra Yoga For Beginners

NAM606 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (The Book of the Spiritual Man)

IDH224 : Problems and Solutions

NAC020 : The Yoga of Patanjali (With an Introduction, Sanskrit Text of the Yogasutras, English Translation and Notes)

NAD842 : Soul Searchers The Art of Breathing

NAF572 : The Technique of Maha Yoga (Self Enquiry)

IDH252 : Yogasanas And Sadhana

NAG456 : Secrets of Naturopathy & Yoga (A Whole New Approach to Natural Remedies and Treatments)

IDC980 : Seven Systems of Indian Philosophy

NAG110 : Tantra Its Therapeutic Aspect (A Old and Rare Book)

NAN651 : Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAN814 : Certification of Yoga Professionals Guidebook (For Level I Instructor)

IHL803 : Yoga And Meditation (The Time - Tested Method To Master Your Mind And Body)

NAH028 : Scientific Exposition on Pranayama - A Review

NAM851 : The Alchemy of Yoga (Yoga The Science of the Soul)

IDG347 : Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions A Series of talks given on Gurudev's Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions

NAC720 : Power Pranayama Discover the Healing Potential of Your Breath (With DVD)

IHL571 : The Path of Meditation A Step by Step Guide to Meditation

IDG349 : Voice of The Himalayas

NAE042 : Yogic Pranayama (Breathing For Long Life and Good Health)

NAD974 : Gheranda Samhita

NZA583 : प्राणायाम (कला और विज्ञान) - Pranayama (Art and Science)

NAL816 : Basic Education of The Body

NAN793 : Hypertension Management Through Yoga

IDF656 : Himalaya ka Yogi - Part I

IDF668 : Himalaya ka Yogi - Part II

NAN808 : Rikhiapeeth Satsangs (Set of 4 Volumes)

IDF089 : Yogini Unfolding the Goddess Within

IDI585 : Shiva Svarodaya (Text in Sanskrit and Roman along with English)

NAC221 : Yoga of Perfect Sight

NZA969 : प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा एवं योग (वैज्ञानिक प्रयोग) Natural Cures and Yoga

NAN723 : The Ageless Wisdom of Life

IDE893 : The Effects of Yoga on Hypertension

NAN725 : Sri Aurobindo - A Biography and a History

IDG199 : Life of Shri Yogendra THE HOUSEHOLDER YOGI

NAN950 : Prayers and Meditations

NAD058 : Apprenticed To A Himalayan Master A Yogi’s Autobiography

NAD042 : Yogis of India Timeless Stories of Their Lives and Wisdom

NAN653 : Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana

NAN133 : Roots of Yoga A Collection of Original Teachings on Yoga

NAM895 : A Primer on Yoga - Theory and Practice (With DVD Inside)

HAA438 : पातंजल योग दर्शन Patanjal Yoga Darshana

NZF036 : ध्यान योग प्रकाश Dhyana Yoga Prakash

IDF103 : Nine Principal Upanishads

IDE334 : Textbook of Yoga The Best-selling classic on the healing powers of yoga

IDE259 : Yoga Education for Children (Volume Two )

IDF170 : Yogic Management of Asthma and Diabetes



NAM597 : Victory of the Truth (Seven Mudras of the Mother's Hands)

NAN132 : Raja Yoga Yoga of Meditation - A Means for Freedom from Suffering

NAN315 : Yoga Sutras (The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali)

NAC210 : Basic Asanas

NAC226 : Daily Dozen For Men

IDI112 : Health Exercises for Women and Girls

NAI653 : जपयोग Japa Yoga

IHL654 : The Healing Power of Yoga and Kundalini Tantra (Path to Wellness and Enlightenment)

NAN614 : Structural Yoga Therapy - Adapting to the Individual

NAN218 : Awareness Through the Body (A Way to Enhance Concentration, Relaxation and Self-Knowledge in Children and Adults)

NAN219 : Bihar School of Yoga (The Vision of a Sage)

IDE063 : The Yoga Tradition Of The Mysore Palace

NAN601 : The Complete Book of Yoga

NZA967 : कमर दर्द से मुक्ति Freedom from Back Pain

NAL032 : Speaking of Ayurveda Yoga and Nature Cure

NAM790 : Ayurvedic Panchkarma and Yoga

IHE079 : Raja Yoga The Royal Road to Revelation

IDE757 : Secret Power Of Tantrik Breathing

IDE062 : The Bhagavadgita and Jivana Yoga

IDJ650 : Door Way to Yog (Book on quick relief from Joint Pains)

IDJ591 : Yoga for All (Yog Unites Us With Family, Society and Country. Yog is an Ideal Path of Life)

NAJ791 : Fundamentals of Music Therapy (With Chemistry of Music and Music Astrology)

NAN965 : Yogic Equality (The Foundation of Sadhana)

IDF183 : Teaching Methods For Yogic Practices

IDK906 : Relief of Tension, Depression and Anxiety Through Spiritual Living

NAN959 : Dhyana Meditation and Contemplation (Compilation from the Works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother)

NAN131 : Karma Yoga Yoga of Action - Based on the Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda

NAN971 : Basic Elements of Sadhana

NAN970 : The Four Aids to Yoga - Siddhi

IDD391 : In the Presence of the Masters

IDF686 : Meditation And Its Preparation

IHL094 : Yoga for Beginners

IDG035 : Dhyana Yoga

IHL608 : Ayurvedic Physiotherapy and Yoga

IDJ035 : Silent Meditation

NAE548 : Clinical Yoga and Ayurveda

IDE894 : Upanishad And Yoga An Empirical Approach to the Understanding

NAN106 : God, Reason, and Yoga (A Critical Edition and Translation of Commentary Ascribed to Sankara on Patanjalayogasastra)

NAM591 : Meditation on Savitri (Book One - The Book of Beginnings)

NAM860 : Morality, Idealism, Religion and Yoga (The Meaning of Spirituality)

NAM797 : Yoga (The Divine Solution)

IDI810 : Kriya Yoga The Science of Self-Realization

IDI688 : P'Howa Commentary (Instructions for The Practice of Consciousness Transference As Revealed By Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo)

NAM200 : Adiyogi (The Source of Yoga)

NAM208 : Yoga for Healthy Life

NAL818 : Living Meditation (A Journey Beyond Body and Mind)

IDJ918 : Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art

NZC657 : ३० दिन में मोटापा घटाइए Reduce Fat in 30 Days

NAD728 : The Natha Philosophy and Ashtanga-Yoga

NAD317 : Yogic Secrets of the Vedas (Exploring The Roots of Yoga and Ayurveda)

IDI610 : The Yoga And Its Objects

NAK636 : Our Many Selves (Practical Yogic Psychology)

NZC343 : सरल योगासन और उसकी विधियाँ Easy Yoga Asanas (With Pictures)

NAG566 : Let Us Learn Yoga (A Textbook for Yoga Education for Students of Class III)

NAG561 : Let Us Learn Yoga (A Textbook for Yoga Education for Students of Class V)

NAG564 : Yoga-Play and Learn (A Textbook for Yoga Education for Students of Class I and II)

IDH194 : A Short Guide To Meditation

NAE647 : Light on Yoga and Sufism

IDI921 : Yogasara - Prabhrta (Gift of the Essence of Yoga)

HAA858 : पंतजलि Patanjali

NAE023 : The Mystery Beyond Mind (Yoga The Science of The Soul)

IDJ363 : Selected Papers Presented at the Ist International Conference 'Yoga and Research'

IDF023 : Yog Its Philosophy and Practice


NAL492 : Open Eyed Meditations (Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life)

IDK749 : Meditation and Spiritual Life

NAD814 : Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Deepening Your Practice

IDG909 : The Universal Yoga Tradition

IHE038 : Raja Yoga (Conquering the Internal Nature)

IDJ585 : Solitude

IDJ367 : Yoga Vedanta Sutras

NZF652 : Yogasan (Chart Book - Cut and Paste)

IDH353 : Living At The Source Yoga Teachings of Vivekananda

NAH038 : Living with Stress without Distress Through Yoga (Stress Management Modern and Yogic Perspective)


IDJ275 : All You Wanted to Know About Walking

IDF640 : Science, Yoga and Theosophy

IDE682 : All You Wanted to Know About Yoga for Health and Happiness

IDG478 : Meditation and Life (The Self-Discovery Series)

IHD90 : Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu Vol 1. Samadhipada

IDK571 : Sanatan Kriya Basic Essence of Yoga (With CD)

IHF080 : The Mahabharata Stories of the Great Epic with Spiritual Commentaries in the Light of Kriya Pranayam

IDK032 : Raja-Yoga and it's Practice

NAG378 : The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

NAL648 : Yoga Doctrines in Mahapurana-s


NAF208 : Demystifying Patanjali The Yoga Sutras Aphorisms (The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda)

NAM382 : Meditations (Yogas, Gods, Religions)

NAI676 : योग सन्दर्शिका Guide to Yoga

NAK760 : Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

NAG377 : Yoga Philosophy (An Introduction)

NAJ459 : Om Shantih Shantih Shantih (Meditation on Peace)

NAM484 : All You Wanted to Know About Meditation

NAM482 : All You Wanted to Know About Relaxation

NAF141 : Pranayama with Postures (For Specific Benefits)

IDF297 : Healing Power of Meditation

NZD861 : गर्भावस्था एवं प्रसवज्ञान Pregnancy and Childbirth

HAA135 : हठप्रदीपिका ज्योत्सना (आलोचनात्मक संस्करण) - Huthapradipika Jyotsana

IDI856 : Mind and Vision (A Handbook For The Cure of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses)

NAL694 : Commentaries on Elements of Yoga

IDI944 : The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams The Night-School of Sadhana

NZC392 : उन्नत जीवन के लिए २१ दिवसीय पाठ्यक्रम 21 Day Course for a Higher Life

NAF690 : Yoga in Daily Life

NZC428 : जीवेम शरद शतम् (सौ वर्ष जीने के उपाय ) - How to Live a Hundred Years

IDD190 : Jnana-Yoga - The Way of Knowledge (An Analytical Interpretation)

HAA434 : ध्यान योग साधना Dhyana Yoga Sadhana

HAA432 : योग और साधना Eight Fold Path and Its Practice

IDL205 : 101 Tales of Wisdom as Told by Yogiji Maharaj

IDJ343 : Applied Yoga

IDJ251 : The Four Yogas of Swami Vivekananda

IDJ350 : Yoga and Modern Psychology

NAC504 : Quest For Sankhya-Yoga (Gita For Beginners)

IDE993 : All You Wanted to Know About Jnana Yoga

NAL791 : Beauty and Health Through Yoga Relaxation

IDJ121 : Bhakti Marga and Yoga Marga (In Bhagavan's Own Words)

NAH235 : Yogabhyasa

GPA089 : पांतजलयोगप्रदीप (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद सहित) - A Most Comprehensive Explanation on the Yoga Sutras

NAL800 : Yoga Guide

NZB002 : गोपीनाथ कविराज और योग-तन्त्र-साधना Gopinath Kaviraj and Yoga-Tantra-Sadhana

ISL88 : The Siva (Shiva) Samhita

NAD153 : Stress in Women (Manage with Ayurveda and Yoga)

NAI646 : चैतन्य ज्योति Light of Consciousnes

IDJ092 : Yoga Its Theory and Practice

IDJ381 : Living With Stress Without Distress Through Yoga

IDJ036 : Buddhist Practice of Concentration

NAL821 : Four Steps to Health & Enlightenment (With Simple Meditation Techniques and Guidance)

IDJ352 : Glossary of The Sankhyakarika

IDJ349 : Yoga Applied to Physical Education

IDJ560 : Our Eyes 'Relax and See'

IDJ063 : Buddhist Meditation In The Southern School

IDJ390 : Souvenir (Vth International Conference on Advances in Yoga Research, Education and Therapy 28-31 December 2006)

IDJ768 : Let us learn Meditation

NAD538 : The Yogasara Upanishad

IDH324 : In The Hours of Meditation

NAD817 : Kriya Yoga Insights Along The Path

IDD437 : LIFE SURRENDERED IN GOD (THE KRIYA YOGA WAY OF SOUL LIBERATION)(Essential teachings, lifestyle routines, and spiritual practices. With comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by a direct, personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.)

NAM127 : Cognitive Anomalies Consciousness and Yoga

IDJ402 : Kaivalyadhama Souvenir (4th International Conference Yoga Research and Value Education 28-31 Dec 2002)

IDH292 : Swami Vivekananda and Human Excellence Harvard University Lecture

NAG835 : Yoga Research and Cultural Synthesis (Souvenir of the 6th International Conference)

NAK064 : Dimensions of Yoga

NZC846 : ज्ञानस्वरोदय Jnana Svarodaya

IDE665 : All You Wanted To Know About Fitness

NAG426 : The Art of Stress-Free Living

NAF259 : The Yoga of Sage Vasishtha

IDK900 : Yoga of Patanjali (A Brief Survey)

IDD246 : Hatha Yoga for All

NAG556 : Yoga for Young India (Text Material on Yoga for Beginners)

NAF253 : Yoga in The Workplace

IDI094 : Learn Rajayoga from Vivekananda

NAF431 : Pragya Yoga for Healthy and Happy Life

NAG266 : Inner Quest (Yoga's answers to life's questions)

NAF359 : Meditative Yoga (Integrating Body, Breath and Mind)

NAG433 : Moving Inward (The Journey to Meditation)

NAG201 : Spirit On The Move (Personal Essays on Yoga in Daily Life)

NAG375 : The Gheranda Samhita

NAG376 : The Siva Samhita

NAD325 : Synthesis of Yoga

IDI847 : Thoughts on Yoga, Upanishad And Gita (Tirtharenu) (The Class-Lecturers of Swami Abhedananda)

IDD248 : Office Yoga Tackling Tension with Simple Stretches you can do at your desk

NAF245 : Philosophy of Yoga

NAL485 : Human Consciousness and Yogic Science

NAL940 : Yoga and Zen (A Monograph)

IDI820 : New Horizons of Yoga and Tantra

IHG039 : Downward Dogs and Warriors Wisdom Tales for Modern Yogis

IDJ292 : Yoga and Realisation

IDG355 : Yoga As A Universal Science

IDD361 : Living in God 366 Themes for Daily Meditative Contemplation and Spiritual Enrichment Through the Year with life-enhancing affirmations and inspirational quotations 

NAH040 : Bronchial Asthma and Respiratory Disorders and its Management Through Yoga

IDJ631 : Obesity and Old Age (Keep away obesity and old age with the help of Yog)

NAC952 : Yogataaraavali of Adisankaracharya

NAC781 : Health, Vigour and Beauty By Yoga

NAF288 : The Yoga of The Yogi (The Legacy of T. Krishnamacharya)

NZF449 : यौगिक षट्कर्म Yogic Shatakarm

NAL674 : Live Healthy Live Long

NAC603 : Nama-Japa in the Yoga of Transformation

IDI795 : Yoga For Peace

IDK848 : Existence and Yoga

IDF108 : Pranayama

NAE905 : Yoga for Beginners

IDK582 : Nine Sutras

NAH031 : Yoga for Seniors

NAE922 : Yoga The Way of Life Based on The Vision of Oneness

NAL725 : Gen Next Yoga

NAL095 : A Conceptual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Yoga Philosophy

IDK584 : The Diamond Sword Rediscovering Meditation The Forgotten Treasure of India

NAE951 : The Theory and Practice of Meditation (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded)

IDF405 : Kashmir Saivaism (Shaivism)

IDE573 : NATURE CURE A way of Life

IDF667 : Yoga Exercise for Health and Happiness

NAE852 : Yoga Practices

NAL074 : Lights on Yoga

IDI689 : Red Tara Commentary (Instructions For The Concise Practice Known As Red Tara An Open Door To Bliss And Ultimate Awareness)

IDE285 : The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony

NAC609 : Bhakti Yoga for Beginners

IHL659 : Hatha Yoga for Beginners

NAC523 : Karma Yoga For Beginners



NAL214 : Encyclopaedia of Yoga for Common Diseases (Set of 6 Volumes)

NAF531 : Yoga Its Theory and Practice

NAD967 : Arthritis? Try Yogasanas

NAK069 : Collected Papers on Yoga and Sanskrit (Proceedings of a KYM Seminar)

NAD526 : Pranayam Kundalini Hathayoga

NAK857 : Speaking of Yoga (Set of 5 Volumes)

NZG517 : ध्यान योग Dhyana Yoga (Hindi)

IDH540 : Secret of Concentration

IDF208 : Yoga for Health

IDH306 : Jap-Tap-Dhyan The Tripple Path of Sadhana

NAC908 : Seven Quartets of Becoming A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo

NAK665 : Yoga (Bharat's Invaluable Gift to The World)

NAK481 : Yoga (An Easy Approach)

IDG873 : Astanga Yoga

NAC929 : Dhyana and Zen

IDG563 : Glories of Yog

IDF927 : How To Reverse Heart Disease The Yogic Way (Research, Facts and Program)

IDH432 : In The Light Of Wisdom The Psychology, Philosophy And Practice of Yoga

IDG325 : Life Problems


IDI605 : Meditation

IDJ553 : Meditation Inc. (144 Techniques to Transform the Quality of your Work and Life)

IDK474 : Meditation Know How

IDG326 : Patanjali's Yoga Sutras


IDF752 : Research Contributions of Vyasa (Vol - I Therapeutic Applications of Yoga)

IDF753 : Research Contributions of Vyasa (Vol - II Psycho Physiology of Yoga and Rehabilitation)



NAC211 : Significance of Meditation

IDK041 : Super Science of Yoga

IDI540 : The Path of Yoga Discovering the Essence and origin of Yoga (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)


IDF897 : WHY YOGA A Yogic thesis to a life well-lived

IDJ911 : Yog In Synergy with Medical Science

IDF179 : Yoga and Cardiovascular Management



IDD615 : Yoga for Young Mothers

IDF976 : Yoga for Youngsters

IDG518 : YOGA Physical Education for Women

IDI511 : Yoga The Science of The Soul (Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

NAG707 : Yogasana For Everybody

IDG190 : YOGIC LIFE A Cure for Asthma and Bronchitis

NZB921 : विज्ञान की कसोटी पर योग Yoga as a Science

NZF367 : विज्ञान योग Vijnana Yoga

NZD694 : हठ - योग Hatha Yoga

NAK734 : Essays Divine and Human

NZH496 : योग और स्वास्थ्य Yoga and Health

NAK606 : The Synthesis of Yoga

IDG438 : Yoga A Synthesis of Psychology and Metaphysics

NZF403 : योग और आयुर्वेद - Yoga and Ayurveda

IDD613 : Yoga for Weight Loss

NAE499 : Yoga Sadhana Panorama (Volume Five)

IDI905 : More Lights on Yoga

IDI612 : Yoga For The Modern Man

IDK342 : Mind Training Like The Rays Of The Sun

NAD422 : Raja Yoga

NAB741 : Sri Sachchidananda Tripura Yoga

IDK370 : Basic Transformational Yoga

IDI050 : Light on the Guru and Disciple Relationship

IDI761 : Sundhya The Daily Prayers Of The Brahmins

IDE322 : Meditation (Simran)

NZG289 : योगदीपिका Yoga Dipika

NZA421 : वैदिक योगसूत्र An Abstract of Yoga Philosophy or Metaphysics as in the Vedic Literature

NAC195 : Meditation For Beginners

IDG054 : Yoga in Daily Life

NZG265 : योग (एक सहज प्रयास) Yoga with Simple and Safe Activities (With Video CD)

IDE151 : Treat Your Back Pain without Drugs

NZG177 : योगसूत्रम् Yoga Sutram (An Old and Rare Book)

NZG242 : योगसूत्रम् Yoga Sutram by Maharsipatanjali

IDE992 : All You Wanted To Know About Bhakti Yoga

NAJ433 : Meditation- An Ecstasy

IDE318 : The Healing Breath Breathing Techniques for Better Health

NAC336 : Fitness Simplified Smart Mantras to Staying Fit

NZG119 : योग विश्राम से स्वास्थ्य और सौन्दर्य Health and Beauty Through Yoga Relaxation

NAJ737 : Yoga A Social Imperative

NAD430 : I’M Not Stressed (Secrets For a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body)

NAH408 : Exercises for Joints & Glands

NAI121 : Yoga For A Pain-Free Back

IDF892 : Yogic Life For Control Of Diabetes A Practical guide to a fuller life

NAJ290 : Meditations on The Path and its Qualitications

NAJ374 : Yogic Manager (A Business Novel Inspired By The Mahabharata)

IDH513 : The Story Behind the Story

IHL679 : The Wisdom of Jesus and The Yoga Siddhas

IHL470 : Timeless Wisdom (Passages for Meditation from the World’s Saints and Sages)

IDK691 : Kundalini Yoga and Sakti (Seven Bio Energy Fields) (First Part)

NZE899 : योग (एक सामाजिक अनिवार्यता) - Yoga A Social Neccessity

NZE706 : योग एवं वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा द्वारा रोग निवारण Curing Diseases Through Yoga and Alternative Medicine

IDH301 : Mental Tension and its Cure

IDF827 : An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Yoga

IDF919 : Growing With Yoga

IDF893 : Yoga At Home

IDE006 : Healing Touch Ayurvedic Massage

IDD954 : YOGA (To Banish Backache)

NAE781 : The Practice of Meditation

NAH043 : Self-Restraint V. Self-Indulgence


NZD353 : मन को नियंत्रित कर तनावमुक्त कैसे रहें! - How to Control Mind and be Stress Free

NAI690 : योगासन और स्वास्थ्य Health and Yoga Asanas

NAI994 : बीमारियों की जड़ आपका पेट Your Stomach-Source of Diseases

IDC979 : Science of Breath A Practical Guide

IDC991 : Spirituality - Transformation Within and Without

IDG922 : Master Strokes

NAC806 : Secrets of Meditation (A Small Book with Beautiful Color Illustrations)

NAH409 : The Muscle Book

IDH100 : Trust God (Early Morning Meditation Talks)

NZD243 : हृदय की सँभाल (दैनिक योगिक दिनचर्या ) Looking After The Heart Through Yoga

IDF643 : Sri Krishna Yoga

NZD509 : ॐ पातञ्जल योगदर्शनम् Patanjali Yoga Darshan (Sutras Only)

NZC594 : योग युवाओ के लिए Yoga for Youth

NZC575 : पूर्ण योग (योग पञ्चदशी) - The Complete Yoga

NZA991 : खेल-खेल में योग (कक्षा 1-2 के विद्यार्थियों हेतु योग शिक्षा की पाठ्यपुस्तक) Yoga While Playing (Textbook of Yoga for Classes 1 and 2)

NZC345 : तन्दुरुस्त रहने के उपाय Tips to Maintain Health

NAG646 : Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

NZC186 : एरोबिक्स टुडे Aerobics Todey

NZA962 : कैंसर की योग एवं प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा Cancer Cure Through Yoga and Natural Healing

IDH481 : Practical Yoga For Everyone

NZA960 : योग साधना आधुनिक परिप्रेक्ष्य में Yoga Sadhana in The Modern Context

IDF463 : The Yoga Science For Everyone

NZC013 : महिलाओ के लिए योग Yoga for Women

NZB049 : आश्चर्ययोगमाला (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Aashcharya Yoga Mala

IDH080 : The Hathayogapradipika ((Original Text, Transliteration, English Translation))

NAF871 : Health Healing and Beyond (Yoga and The Living Tradition)

NAF689 : Mind Body and Spirit A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You

NAG202 : Choosing a Path (Intellect, Action, Devotion, Meditation, Fusion, Primal, Force, Tantra)

IDI604 : Illness And Perfect Health


IDK420 : Surya Namaskar

IDI913 : Pilgrim of Love The Life and Teachings of Swami Kripalu

IDE970 : The Complete Book of Yoga Harmony of Body and Mind

IDE137 : The Holistic Yoga

NAE953 : Yoga Psychology (A Handbook of Yogic Psychotherapy) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

HAA433 : हठयोग विद्या Hatha Yoga Vidya

NAF346 : Yoga Psychology (A Practical Guide to Meditation)

NAB901 : Patanjali’s Yoga Philosophy (Based on The Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda)

NZA628 : समाधि के सप्त द्वार The Seven Gates of Meditation

NZA534 : योग्य संदर्शिका A Manual for Parents and Yoga Teachers

IHF032 : Yoga Course For All

IHF033 : Vyayama Yoga (The Art of Dynamic Breathing)

IDI606 : Pitfalls In Sadhana (Three Sat-sang Talks, February 1987)

NAB995 : Yoga and Ayurveda (Their Alliedness and Scope as Posilive Health Sciences)

NAD960 : Yoga For Health and Personality (Discover The Physical Mental Emotional And Spiritual Benefits of Asanas, Pranayama, Shat Karma and Meditation)

IDE245 : Yoga to Preserve Youth and Beauty

NAB517 : Six Lesson on Raja Yoga

IDF828 : The Essence of Bhakti Yoga

IDF550 : THE FLOWER OF YOGA Introductory Notes For The Study Of The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

IHE029 : The Origin of Meditation

NAC502 : Notes on Karma Yoga

IHL286 : Sadhguru Yogi, Mystic and Visionary Pebbles of Wisdom

NAE340 : Conquering The Mind (Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Reshape Your Life Through Medition)

HAA185 : योग द्वारा सौन्दर्य Beauty Through Yoga

IHD08 : An Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy


IDJ433 : Vision and Wisdom (Letters of Swami Kuvalayananda)

IDF638 : Yogic Practice Yama and Niyama

NAB900 : Yoga Darsana (Sutras of Patanjali With Bhasya of Vyasa)

IHL312 : Yoga for Cancer ? Esoteric, Yogic and Dietary Remedies

NAB941 : The Science of Self- Realization A Guide to Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Traditon (Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutras

NAE960 : A Handbook of Yoga - Nidra (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAD367 : Pran Oorja Raho Positive Hamesha (30 Minutes of Definitive Result-Oriented Yoga) With DVD

IHK030 : Meditation The Art and Science

NAE634 : Path of Deliberate Rigour Hathayoga

IDI855 : Health and Healing in Yoga

NAD965 : Introduction To Karmayoga

NAE433 : Mind and Meditation The Art And Science Of Awakening


NAD752 : Simple Meditation and Relaxation (A Simple Wisdom Book)

IDJ283 : The Yoga System

NAE357 : Balanced Yoga The Twelve-Week Programme

NAE269 : Inspiration Meditation and Personal Wellbeing A Practical Guide to Balanced Living

IDI052 : Steps to Yoga and Yoga Initiation Papers (Letters to Vishwaprem and Satyabrat)

NAE029 : Yoga For You (Tips and Techniques For Everyone)

NAD412 : From XL to XS (A Fitness Guru’s Guide to Changing Your Body)

NAD950 : Pink Yoga (Power Intensity Naturally Kindled)

NAD959 : Yoga For Women

IDI752 : Yoga For Busy People

IDH283 : The Intelligent Way to Yoga

IDK349 : The Stages of A-Khrid Meditation (Dzogchen Practice of the Bon Tradition)

IDC942 : Yoga Sutras

IDG360 : 40 Stress Busters for a Housewife Tips to Overcome Stress Anxiety and Tension of Everyday Life

IDH212 : Krsna (Krishna) Consciousness The Topmost Yoga System

NAD057 : Yoga in Daily Life

NAC713 : Yoga for Healing

NAC318 : The Book on Raja-Yoga

NAC769 : On Being Mindless Buddhist Meditation and the Mind-Body Problem

NAC204 : Dhyana

NAC350 : Yoga and Stress Management (The Art of Gracious Living)

IDG295 : Meditation A Vision

IDE065 : The Integrity of the Yoga Darsana - A Reconsideration of Classical Yoga

IDD337 : The Yoga-System of Patanjali

IHF053 : Yoga for Schoolchildren

IHE007 : Changing Minds (Mind, Consciousness and Identity in Patanjali’s Yoga-sutra and Cognitive Neuroscience)

IDK351 : Foundation of Buddhist Meditation

IDI515 : Yoga Therapy

IHL445 : Yoga Body The Origins of Modern Posture Practice

IHE072 : Love Your Eyes Enjoy Better Vision by Yoga and Alternative Natural Treatment

IHL005 : The Science of Meditation

IDF060 : Yoga for Beginners

IDE943 : YOGA For Easier Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth

IHL122 : Meditation Compassion and Lovingkindness (An Approach To Vipassana Practice)

IDE247 : The Science of Yoga

IDD993 : Yoga (For the Family) - A Holistic Approach

IDE246 : Yoga and Meditation for all ages

IDF081 : Beauty Yoga For Girls

IDI510 : The Alchemy of Yoga (Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

IHH021 : Imagenes Del Espiritu Shinto, Budismo, Yoga (Frithjof Schuon)

IDI717 : Desktop Yoga

IDG080 : How to Get SOUND SLEEP

IDG919 : Great Mystic Saints of the World

IDI716 : Yoga For Strength and Stamina

IDF083 : Yoga For Women After Forty

IDK738 : Meditate

IDD257 : Divine Light Yoga Systems with Their Secret Techniques

IDG314 : Guide to a Fuller Life

IDG354 : The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Yoga

IDF847 : Pregnancy Parenthood and Yoga


IDI718 : Kalachakra Meditations Based On The Discussion Between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm In The Ending Of Time

IDH495 : Learn Meditation

IDD336 : The Yogasutras of Patanjali on Concentration of Mind

IDI788 : Bases Of Yoga

IDH213 : Better Humans


IHD011 : Forest Academy Lectures On Yoga


IDK786 : Lectures on Yoga and Vedanta

IDG351 : Light on The Yoga Way of Life


IDF944 : Psychotherapy, Yoga and Traditional Therapies of East and West

IDF977 : Rangi And An Unknown Man

IDG344 : Renunciation A Life of Surrender and Trust

IDJ403 : Swami Kuvalayananda Birth Centenary 1984

IDF630 : The Art of Mediation (A talk delivered at 'Olcott', Wheaton, Illinois, in the summer of 1935)

IDJ435 : The Art of Sadhana in the Stories of Sri Ramakrishna

IDE681 : The Little Book of Yoga

IDK383 : The Mind and its Education

IDH211 : The Perfection of Yoga

IDG946 : Yog Rashmi

IDI611 : Yoga

IDK819 : Yoga (The Science of Holistic Living)

IDF082 : Yoga For Flat Abs

IDI541 : Yoga For Health And Relaxation


IDF775 : Yoga Its Various Aspects (A Symposium on Various Paths of Yoga)

IDL047 : GenNext Yoga

IDL018 : Back to Health Through Yoga

IDJ506 : Meditation

IDF220 : Sadhu Beware! (A New Approach to Renunciation)

IDK517 : Yoga for a Healthy Heart

IDC985 : Mantra and Meditation

IDF423 : Yoga and Ayurveda Their Alliedness and Scope as Positive Health Sciences

IDD350 : The Science of Meditation 

IDJ407 : Swami Kriyananda As We Have Known Him

IDH264 : Effective Life Management (Part I)

IDD338 : The Yoga-System of Patanjali

IDE470 : Yoga For Body, Breath, and Mind A Guide to Personal Reintegration


IDF958 : Fitness For Life

IDF908 : Fit and Fine in Body and Mind (Endeavours to unravel the mysteries behind the mind-body connection and shows the path to the ultimate fitness of both body and mind)

IDF293 : Meditation The Gateway to Enhance your Health, Mental Abilities as well as Emotional and Spiritual Well Being

IDF093 : Bedroom Exercises for Busy People

IDF096 : Yoga For Backache Relief

IDE565 : Yoga in Pregnancy and Childbirth

IDE471 : Enchanting Scents The Secrets of Aroma Therapy Fragrant essences that stimulate, activate and inspire body, mind and spirit.

IDE467 : The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

IDE472 : YOGA - A Study of the Mystical Philosophy Of the Brahmins and Buddhists

IDD614 : Yoga for Stress Relief

IDD365 : Yoga and Western Psychology

IDD362 : Living in God 366 Themes for Daily Meditative Contemplation and Spiritual Enrichment Through the Year with life-enhancing affirmations and inspirational quotations