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NAS219 : Aesthetic Rapture - The Rasadhyaya of The Natyasastra in Two Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS559 : Indian Temple Sculpture

NAS563 : The Vaastu Workbook (Using The Subtle Energies of The Indian Art of Placement to Enhance Health, Prosperity and Happiness in Your Home)

NAS403 : Art and Craft Workshops Under the Mughals (A Study of Jaipur Karkhanas)

NAS231 : Ocean of Love (Detachable Posters Ready For Framing)

NAS074 : Sari - Traditional Wear of Indian Women

NAS064 : Understanding Rock Art of India China

NAR511 : Mahiravanacaritam in Indian Paintings (An Old and Rare Book)

NAI924 : भारतीय कला को बिहार की देन Contribution of Bihar to Indian Art (A Rare Book)

NAL623 : Cave-Temples in The Regions of The Pandya Muttaraiya, Atiyaman and Ay dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (Set of 3 Volumes)

IDD747 : Hampi

NAL668 : Punch-Marked Coins from Taxila

NAL671 : The Jain Stupa and Other Antiquities of Mathura

IDD745 : World Heritage Series Fatehpur Sikri

NAH854 : Barabudur (Sketch of a History of Buddhism Based on Archaeological Criticism of the Texts)

NAR986 : Rock Art in India In Felicitation of Prof. V.H. Sonawane (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAL624 : Six Sculptures from Mahoba

IDJ374 : The Buddhist Antiquities of Nagarjunakonda

NZH409 : उत्तर प्रदेश - आधुनिक चित्रकला एवं बंगाल शैली Uttar Pradesh - Modern Painting and Bengal Style

NAH373 : History or Sri Kapaleeshvarar Temple

NAO326 : Let's Explore Humayun's Tomb

IDJ482 : The Origin and Cult of Tara (An Old & Rare Book)

NAJ208 : 108 Vishnu Temples (Architectural Splendour, Spiritual Bliss)

IDD160 : Ardhanarisvara (Ardhanarishvara) in Art and Literature

NZP388 : Drapham Dzong

NAF547 : Rajavallabhavastusastram of Sutradharamandana

NZA552 : दक्षिण भारत के मंदिर Temples of South India

IHG021 : Residential Architecture in Bhoja's Samaranganasutradhara

NZE053 : कटाई सिलाई (प्रैक्टिकल) - Practical Cutting and Stitching

NAR823 : Art of Calligraphy and Beyond (Arabic and Persian Inscriptions on Objects of Decorative Art, National Museum)

NAN365 : An Introduction to Indian Art (Textbook in Fine Arts for Class XI)

HAA105 : दानवराजमय रचित मयमतम (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Mayamatam Set of Two Volumes

NAR651 : Muslin -Our Story

IDC612 : Shiva An Introduction

NZE052 : थ्योरी एण्ड ड्राप्टिंग कोर्स ऑफ़ कटिंग टेलरिंग विद फैशन डिजाइनिंग Theory and Drafting Course of Cutting Tailoring with Fashion Designing

NAR740 : Baluchars -The Woven Narrative Silks of Bengal

NAR750 : Buddhist Art- Sanchi to Early Mathura (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAR756 : Excavations at Rajim

NAR757 : Further Excavations at Mansar

NAR759 : Of Fibre and Loom (The Indian Tradition)

NAR753 : Socio Economic and Gender Contexts of Patta Painting (A Study in Development Perspective)

NAR710 : Chhattisgarh Megaliths


NAR709 : Cultural Heritage of Andhra Pradesh (From the Earliest Time to 1070 A.D.)

NAR686 : Design Movement in Tagors's Santiniketan (Alpana - An Experiment in Aestheticism)

NAR715 : Prehistory and Protohistory of Jharkhand

NAR712 : Sacred Complex of Srisailam and Saivism in South India

NAR716 : Sculpturala Art of Sirpur

NAR714 : Terracotta of Middle Ganga Plain - Bihar (Early Period to 600 A.D.)

NAR681 : Textile Traditions of Northeast India (Intangible Cultural Heritage of India-9)

NAF484 : The Power of The Female Devangana Sculptures on Indian Temple Architecture

NZC748 : शिल्पशास्त्रम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Shilpa Shastram


IDE690 : India's Craft Tradition


NAR602 : Textile Designs of The Boros of Northeast India

NAR560 : Vaastu (Golden Ways to Goodluck)

NAR545 : Ganga to Mekong (A Cultural Voyage Through Textiles)

NAR578 : Living in India (Lives In Style)

IDK102 : Moving Focus (Essays on Indian Art)

NAL452 : Old Mahe (1721-1817) According to Eighteenth Century French Plans

IDH453 : Ambika In Jaina Art And Literature

NAL842 : Antiquities of Indian Tibet (Set of 2 Volumes)

IHL023 : Iconographic Dictionary of The Indian Religions (Hinduism – Buddhism – Jainism)

NAO266 : Kaivalyam- Jain Manuscript Paintings in the National Museum

NAM248 : The Haihayas of Tripuri and Their Monuments

NZF895 : कला में नवनारी कुञ्जर क्रीड़ा Nava Nari Kunjar in Art

IDE187 : Sanchi (Monumental Legacy)

NAR484 : Alice Boner - Artist and Scholar (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR412 : Catherine the Great

NAG648 : Interpreting Mughal Painting

NAC244 : The Iconography and Ritual of Siva at Elephanta

NAR410 : The Siege of Troy

IHG028 : Thiksey Monastery of Ladakh Himalaya

NAR350 : Amaravati and The Beginnings of Stucco Modelling in India (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR334 : Colours of Sanganer

NZC936 : उद्दान कला Art of Gardening

IHK097 : Bundi Painting

NAR309 : Woven Wonders of the Deccan

NAR256 : Terracotta Art In Northern India

IDJ184 : Ajanta (World Heritage Series)

NAL099 : Bharhut Inscriptions (Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum)

NAC293 : Chola Murals Documentation and Study of the Chola Murals of Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur

NAG714 : Kolams (Set of 4 Volumes)

NAC320 : Monuments and Sites in Haryana

IDD744 : World Heritage Series Qutb Minar and Adjoining Monuments

IHG043 : World Heritage Series- The Great Chola Temples

NAF994 : Kangra Paintings of The Gita Govinda

NAF056 : The Temples of Himachal

IHL333 : Unique Art of Warli Paintings

NAH825 : Origin of The South Indian Temple

NAR158 : Principles of Architecture

NAR159 : Talking Architecture (Revised Edition)

NAR132 : Vastu Shastra (For A Healthy, Prosperous and Happy Life)

NAR102 : Panorama of Indian Indigenous Architecture

IDE718 : The Great Tantra of Ajita 5 Volumes

NAF846 : Underground Shrine (Queen's Step-Well At Patan)

NAL967 : Erotic Sculptures of Hindu Temples (A Fresh Appraisal)

NAE243 : Art Education Teachers’ Handbook For Classes VII-VIII

IDF365 : Tantrayana Art An Album

NAK197 : Mehandi Designs (Self Practice)

NAP824 : An Introduction to the Indus Valley Civilization

NAP316 : Ecstasy of Classical Art Indian Bronze (National Museum Collection)

NAP685 : Temple Design in Six Early Saiva Scriptures

NZK048 : Le Temple Selon Marici (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL968 : Art and Aesthetics of Abanindranath Tagore

IDH015 : Culture and Religious Traditions in Temple of Goa

NAQ874 : Folklore (Identify of Culture)

IDJ969 : The Forgotten Monuments of Orissa (In Three Volumes)

NAB117 : Guler Painting

IDJ088 : Himalayan Pantheon A Guide to the Gods and Goddesses of Nepal

NAL886 : Indo-Islamic Architecture (An Old and Rare Book)

NAD492 : Lamps of India

NAK824 : Palatial Houses in The South of India (Maisons-palais du Sud de I' Inde)

IDK326 : The Gita Govinda of Sri Jayadev An Illustrated Palm Leaf Manuscript

NAB102 : Treasures of The National Museum

IDK112 : Studies in Jaina Art and Iconography and Allied Subjects (A Rare Book)

IAB31 : Horse in Early Indian Art

NZB430 : विश्वकर्मविद्या प्रकाश (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Vishwakarma Vidya Prakash

NAQ821 : Ritual Bronzes of Maharashtra and Karnataka (Including The Bhuta Region)

NAN664 : Architectural and Sculptural Imagery of Lauriya- Nandangarh (An Old and Rare Book)

IDK715 : Batik for the Beginners

IDG621 : Temple And Legends of Bihar

NAQ804 : Vastu Shastra in Modern Context

IDD394 : Vastusutra Upanisad The Essence of Form in Sacred Art.

NAE769 : All About Hindu Temples

IHL169 : Choice of Bridal Mehandi Designs with Designs of Tattoos and Bindees

NAJ257 : Cutting and Tailoring Theory

IDD326 : The Hindu Temple (Set of 2 Volumes) The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Published on the Subject

NZB893 : भारतीय वास्तुकला का इतिहास History of Indian Architecture

IDH105 : Creative Drama And Puppetry In Education

NZA556 : भारत की समकालीन कला एक परिप्रेक्ष्य Contemporary Art in India

NAI811 : होम टेलरिंग कोर्स Rapidex Home Tailoring Course

IDC611 : Hanuman An Introduction

NAH341 : New Light of the Sun Temple of Konarka (An old and Rare Book)

NAJ663 : Ragachitra Deccani Ragamala Paintings

NAQ729 : Raja Ravi Varma Oleographs Catalogue

IDG841 : CHAURAPANCHASIKA A Sanskrit Love Lyric

IHL168 : Gorgeous Mehandi Designs

IDE286 : Iconography of Sadasiva (Sadashiva)

IDC853 : The Buddhist Art of Gandhara (The story of the early school Its birth, growth and decline)

NAB070 : The Dance of Shiva

IHJ003 : The Eight Nayikas

NAM672 : Buddhist Iconography of Northern Bactria

IHD010 : Thanka Painting of the TSANGA-PA Tradition of Tibet

NAQ672 : Indian Temple Architecture-Analysis of Plans, Elevations and Roof Forms (Set of 3 Volumes)

IDD022 : Numbers Their Iconographic Consideration in Buddhist and Hindu Practices

NZA090 : Atreya-Tilakam An Indian Treatise on the Principles of Image Making

NAH413 : My Name is Amrita. . .born to be an artist (Looking at Art - Amrita Sher-Gil)

NAQ399 : Ganga in Legend and History

IDJ908 : Masks and Performance With Everyday Materials

NAQ551 : Stories of Storeys Art, Architecture and the City

IDI055 : Elements of Indian Art Including Temple Architecture, Iconography and Iconometry

NAQ519 : Karnataka's Rich Heritage Art and Architecture (From Prehistoric Times to the Hoysala Period)

NAK761 : Basohli Painting

NAO577 : Cosmology and Nataraja

NAG593 : Mathura Sculptures (A Catalogue of Sculptures of Mathura School in the Indian Museum, Kolkata)

NAG558 : The Measure of Form (A New Approach for the Study of Indian Sculpture) - A Rare Book

IDK021 : Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Bhimbetka (An Old and Rare Book)



NAQ574 : Vaastu - The Indian Art of Placement (Design and Decorate Homes to Reflect Eternal Spiritual Principles)

NAL413 : Kerala Murals

NAE099 : Amaravati

NAL769 : Chalukyan Architecture (Including Examples From the Ballari District, Madras Presidency.)

NAL927 : Pallava Architecture (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAL979 : The Song of The Loom (Weaver Folk Traditions in South India)

NAL920 : Antiquities of Chamba State - An Old and Rare Book (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDD011 : Hindu Symbols (Including emblems and sacred objects)

IDE409 : The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts

NAP822 : Forts and Palaces of India

NAP823 : Royal Palaces of India

NAP428 : Devaprasadasa as in Visvakarma Vastusastra (Study on Temple Architecture)

NZC171 : भारतीय चित्रकला एवं मूर्तिकला का इतिहास History of Indian Painting and Sculpture

NZC223 : समराङ्गणधार अपर्नामधेयं वास्तुशास्त्रम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Samrangana Sutradhara Treatise of Housing Architecture, Machines, Inconography and Dance) - Set of Two Volumes

NAC597 : Embroidery Designs Blouses

IDD808 : Varieties of the Vishnu Image

IDI560 : Aesthetic Philosophy of Abhinavagupta

NAP151 : Art of Sindhu Saraswati Civilization (Sindhu Saraswati Art of Stone, Copper and Miniature Figurines)

NAI529 : प्राचीन भारतीय मूर्तिविज्ञान Ancient Science of Indian Sculpture

IHL677 : Where Gods Come Alive A Monograph on the Bronze Icons of South India

IDG856 : Textiles in Ancient India (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE579 : Abhinavagupta An Historical and Philosophical Study (The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Published on Abhinavagupta)

NAP985 : Burhanpur - Unexplored History, Monuments and society

NAP986 : Museum Dialogue in India

NAP987 : The Udayesvara Temple - Art, Architecture and Philosophy of the Saiva Siddhanta

IDE699 : Indian Miniature Painting

NAP983 : Stone Beads of South and Southeast Asia (Archaeology, Ethnography and Global Connections)

NAP972 : Art, Icon and Architecture in South Asia (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAP462 : A Treasury of Drawings of Buddhas, Deities and Lamas of Tibet (The Nyingma Icons)

NAP646 : Nepal - A Guide to The Art & Architecture of The Kathmandu Valley

NAP961 : Raj Rewal Memory, Metaphor and Meaning in his Constructed Landscape

NAP955 : Amrita Sher-Gil (The Passionate Quest)

IHG007 : Sacred Animals of India

NAP634 : Rajasthani Miniatures - The Magic of Strokes and Colours

NAO998 : Jain Archaeological Sites Outside India

NAO775 : Indian Miniature Paintings (Huntings Scenes of The Mughal Period)

NAO781 : Palm-Leaf Miniatures - The Art of Raghunath Prusti of Orissa

NAO783 : Puri Paintings - The Chitrakara and His Work

NAP936 : The Art of Exile (Paintings by Tibetan Children in India)

NAP935 : The Silk Road Fabrics (The Stein Collection in the National Museum of India)

NAP930 : Indian Art and Culture (A Valuable Creation for UPSC and State PCS Exams)

IDC935 : The Ganges in Myth and History

IDI723 : Vastu Astrology and Architecture (Papers presented at the First All India Symposium on Vastu, Bangalore, held on June 3-4, 1995)

NZE064 : कटाई सिलाई थ्योरी Cutting and Sewing Theory

IAB67 : The Development of Hindu Iconography

IDD743 : World Heritage Series Konarak

IDI081 : Mandalas and Yantras in the Hindu Traditions

NAL526 : Prakrti - The Integral Vision (Set of 5 Volumes)

IDJ966 : Vijayanagara Paintings (A Rare Book)

NAP915 : Kastha Kala - The Art of Nepalese Woodcarving


NAO599 : Harappan Civilization and Vedic Culture

NAO582 : The Vertical Woman - Reminiscences of B.C. Sanyal from 1902 to the Present (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAO584 : उपेन्द्र महारथी Upendra Maharathi

NAO697 : An Introduction to Traditional Architecture of Bhutan

NAO579 : Central Indian Paintings in The Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art


NAO700 : Revisiting Gandhi The Art of Shelly Jyoti 2009-2018 (Swaraj, Khadi, Salt, Indigo Symbols of Nations and Identity in Textile Art)

NAH159 : Aesthetics and Preparation of Early Indian Murals (A Rare Book)

NAO699 : Saga of Hornbill Milada Ganguli Collection of Art

IDD901 : Visvakarma (Examples of Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Handicraft)

IHG083 : Embroidery Designs

NAO696 : Jewellery (A Scientific Study of Social Traditions)

NAB100 : Indian Painting

IDK678 : Introduction to Indian Art

IAC17 : Jaina Art

IDF746 : Manasara on Architecture and Sculpture Sanskrit text with Critical Notes (Manasara Series Vol. III)

IDG310 : Nandalal Bose The Doyen of Indian Art

NAB089 : Tibetan Religious Art

HAA699 : मंदिर स्थापत्य का इतिहास History of Temple Architecture

NAO757 : Glory of The Kushans - Recent Discoveries and Interpretations

IDD604 : LAKSHMI The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune (An Introduction)

IDE291 : The Aesthetic Experience According to Abhinavagupta Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. LXII


NAO758 : Rock Cut Temples of South India (Architectural Dimensions)

IDG864 : Mosques of India

NZH426 : चित्रकला और संस्कृत साहित्य Painting and Sanskrit Literature

NAJ898 : Embroidery Designs (Punjabi Dress)

NAO755 : Outlines Of Indian Arts Architecture, Painting , Sculpture, Dance and Drama


NAO756 : The Costume of Hindostan

NAO678 : Buddhist Art and Architecture Collected Papers of Shri M.C. Joshi

NAO677 : Glimpses of India (Some 5000 Years Ago) A Story of Rich Culture

NAP612 : A Brush with Indian Art

NAC341 : Angkor Vat India’s Contribution Conservation (1986-1993) - A Rare Book

IDD749 : Bamiyan Challenge to World Heritage

IDD740 : Cave Temples of The Deccan

NAL662 : Mediaeval Temples of the Dakhan

NAC296 : Ratnagiri (1958-61) Two Volumes (An Old Rare Book)

IDJ485 : Somanatha and Other Mediaeval Temples in Kathiawad

NAL779 : The Sharqi Architecture of Jaunpur

NAC324 : Champaner Pavagadh World Heritage Series

NAM081 : Rani-Ki-Vav, Patan

NAO578 : Sacred Love - Erotic Art in the Temples of Nepal

IDJ280 : Sanchi

IHG040 : Sarnath- Archaeology, Art and Architecture (World Heritage Series)

NAC013 : World Heritage Series – Old Goa

NAO747 : Tibet History Art & Culture

NAO569 : Indian Art & Connoisseurship

NZE798 : टेलरिंग कटिंग एण्ड फैशन डिज़ाइनिंग Tailoring Cutting and Fashion Designing

IDD151 : Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art

NAN072 : The Arts of Hinduism Buddhism and Zen (Its Religious Belief's and Philosophy)

NZC316 : प्राचीन भारतीय मूर्ति विज्ञान Science of Ancient Indian Sculpture - An Old Book

IDJ899 : Indian Embroidery

NAO567 : The Legend of Krishna in Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan

NAO562 : Jaina - Temple Architecture in India (The Developmentof a Distinct Language in Space and Ritual)

IDI117 : Bhagavana Sri Ramana Maharshi The Restored Photographs Volume One

NAO247 : Impressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art

NAP174 : Ramkinkar - The Man and The Artist

NAO726 : From Ajanta to Ellora (Travel Guide)

NZE988 : 40 Ready Paper Cutting's of Blouses (With 8 Language)

IDC977 : Balaji - Venkateshwara Lord of Tirumala - Tirupati An Introduction

NAB055 : Devi The Mother-Goddess An Introduction

IDD722 : LINES AND COLOURS (Discovering Indian Art)

IDG497 : Late Mediaeval Temples of Bengal (Origins and Classifications)

NAO872 : Handlooms and Handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh

NAB354 : Kalikapurane Murtivinirdesah - Description of Images of Gods and Goddesses in the Kalika Purana

IDJ888 : Mayamatam (Vol. I and II)

IDE363 : Unfolding the Veil of Mystery VAASTU (The Art of Science of Living)

NAI609 : काश्यपशिल्पम् Kashyap Shilpa

NZF785 : मिथिला लोकचित्र Folk Painting of Mithila

IAC25 : The Origin of the Buddha Image

NAG664 : The Tirumala Temple

IDE188 : Mudras in Buddhist and Hindu Practices An Iconographic Consideration

NAN292 : N. C. Mehta's Collection of Paintings (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAG035 : Santarasa and Abhinavagupta’s Philosophy of Aesthetics (A Rare Book)

NAP373 : Mona Lisa Does Not Smile Anymore - The Story of Fake Humanism of 'Renaissance' Europe in Relation to Arts of India

IDG936 : Indian Folk Arts and Crafts

NAP371 : Ornamentation in Indian Architecture - Oriental Motifs and Designs

NAE885 : Sons of Siva (A Study in The Religious Cults of Ganesa and Karttikeya)

NAP372 : Temples of India (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAP369 : The Timeless Art of Ajanta

NZD035 : दक्षिण भारत के मंदिर Temples of South India

NAG054 : Ganga and Yamuna (River Goddesses and Their Symbolism in Indian Temples)

IDD142 : An Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints and Demons With Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes (2 Volumes)

NAD523 : The Stupa and Vihara of Kanishka I

NAD877 : A Study of Hindu Art and Architecture With Especial Reference to Terminology (An Old Book)

NAP164 : An Archaeological Tour in Upper Swat and Adjacent Hill Tracts

NAO510 : Geoscientific Studies for The Conservation of Ajanta Caves

NAP167 : Picturing Time - The Greatest Photographs of Raghu Rai (50 Years of Exceptional Images and The Stories Behind Them)

NAP175 : Rabindranath Tagore (Collection of Essays)

IDK823 : Tantric Forms of Ganesa


NAC525 : Visnu Temples of Kanchipuram

NAH719 : Alamkara - The Beauty of Ornament

NAH716 : Divyambara - Masterpieces of Costume from The Collection of The National Museum

NAF430 : Jaur Gita Govinda

NAB130 : Manuscript Painting of Assam

NAK686 : Raghogarh Paintings (National Museum Collection)

IHK027 : Thanjavur Paintings Materials, Technique and Conservation

NAP364 : Ascetics, Piety and Power - Saiva Siddhanta Monastic Art in The Woodlands of Central India

NAP531 : Testing Ancient Indian Traditions (On The Touchstone of Archaeology)

NAP363 : The Kanaganahalli Stupa - An Analysis of the 60 Massive Slabs Covering the Dome

NAP529 : The Phallus (Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power)

NAP361 : The Tradition of Mask in Indian Culture - An Anthropological Study of Majuli, Assam

NZC584 : प्रमाणमञ्जरी- वास्तु - शिल्प कार्यार्थ काष्ठ द्वार, स्तम्भ, छद्यदि रचना विधि (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Pramana Manjari

NAJ939 : Cult of The Goddess

NAC818 : Fudo Myo-O (Acalanatha Vidyaraja) in Art and Iconography of Japan

NAJ927 : In The Absence of Jagannatha (The Anasara Paintings Replacing The Jagannatha Icon In Puri and South Orissa)

NAL739 : Mahabharata (Indian Art Series)

NAK474 : Metallurgy in Indian Archaeology

NAJ980 : The Ramayana Love and Valour in India’s Great Epic (The Mewar Ramayana Manuscript)

IDC183 : Tibetan Art

IHK022 : Zarapkar System of Cutting

NAD103 : A Study of The Hindu Science of Architecture and its Practice with Special Reference to Rajavallabha

IDD216 : Amulets and Pendants in Ancient Maharashtra (3rd c. BC to 3rd c. CE)

IDD163 : An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Deities, Demi-Gods, Godlings, Demons and Heroes With Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes (3 Volumes)

IDJ771 : Eighty-four Asanas in Yoga A Survey of Traditions (Superbly Illustrated in Full Color with Miniature Paintings)

NAF360 : Kama in The Land of Kamakala (Uddiyana-Pitha and Erotic Art)

IDD173 : Rasa in Aesthetics - An Application of Rasa Theory to Modern Western Literature

NAP512 : Reshaping Art

NAO932 : Samapti-Suprabhatam (Reflections on South Indian Bhakti Tradition in Literature and Art)

IDD116 : Sapta Matrka Worship and Sculptures

IDI596 : Siva-Parvati and Allied Images (Their Iconography and Body Language in Two Big Volumes) Volume I Text, Volume II Plates

NAB053 : The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Foundations -an iconographic consideration-

NAJ938 : Voice of The Void (Aesthetics of The Buddhist Mandala on The Basis of The Doctrine of Vak in Trika Saivism)

NAL596 : Vibrant Rock (A Catalogue of Stone Sculptures in the State Archaeological Museum, West Bengal)

IDD752 : Images of Nepal An Old & Rare Book

IDJ479 : Samarangana Sutradhara of Bhojadeva An Ancient Treatise on Architecture (In Two Volumes)

NAP315 : List of Architectural and Archaeologial Remains in Coorg (An Old Book)

NAB041 : Nataraja in Art, Thought And Literature

IDD764 : Indian Art and Aesthetics (Endeavours in Interpretation)

IDJ400 : Walking With The Gurus (Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab)

NAJ747 : Heritage (Folk Mehandi Designs )

IDI942 : History of Gopachala (14 Black & White Plates)

NAK041 : Art of Osian Temples (Socio -Economic and Religious Life in India)

NAJ934 : Krsna Steals The Parijata

NAJ935 : Love Songs of Narsinh Mehta

NAJ484 : Remembering Amrita Sher Gill (A Portfolio of Framable Prints)

NAK038 : Wit and Wisdom (Pickings from The Parsee Punch)

NAG550 : Indian Anthropometric Dimensions (For Ergonomic Design Practice)

NAP304 : Rhythms of India - The Art of Nandalal Bose

NAP034 : Amrita Sher-Gil Rebel with a Paintbrush

IAB52 : Art and Swadeshi

NAP146 : Corporate Vaastu (Applied Indian Architecture for Righteous Earning)

IAB80 : Erotic Sculpture of India A Socio Cultural Study


NAM040 : Kumbhalgarh

NAC772 : Sakti Iconography in Tantric Mahavidyas

IAC38 : The Rgvedic Deities and Their Iconic Forms

IDD846 : The Transformation of Nature in Art

NAP119 : Hebbar - An Artist's Quest

NAE981 : The Sri Krsna Temple at Udupi (The Historical and Spiritual Center of The Madhvite Sect of Hinduism)

IDD008 : Hindu Iconography A Short Treatise

NAP126 : Satish Gujral (Selected Works 1947 - 2000)

NAP123 : The Art of Awakening (A User's Guide to Tibetan Buddhist Art and Practice)

NAM617 : The Chalukyas of Badami

NAG105 : Ajanta- Handbook of The Paintings Narrative Wall- Paintings (Set of 3 Volumes)

IHG002 : Apsaras in Hoysala Art A New Dimension

NAD635 : Art and Icon (Essays on Early Indian Art)

IHK074 : Brhadisvara Temple Form and Meaning

NAJ988 : Cosmology and Cosmic Manifestations Shaiva Thought and Art of Kashmir

NAF755 : Legacy of Indian Art (Continuity in Change)

NAJ994 : Naga In Indian Iconography and Art

NAM461 : Temple Architecture and Imagery of South and Southeast Asia

IDK398 : The Heritage of Nalanda

NAD636 : The Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia (Their Role in Social Economic and Political Formations)

IDK390 : The Lingaraja Temple of Bhubaneswar Art and Cultural Legacy

IDK189 : The Saga of Indian Cannons

IDK006 : Vishvarupa (Paintings on the Cosmic Form of Krishna-Vasudeva)

NAL919 : Antiquities of Bhimbar and Rajauri

NAL768 : Bijapur and its Architectural Remains (With an Historical Outline of The 'Adil Shahi Dynasty)

NAM082 : Bishnupur

IDE498 : Crafts Map of India

IDJ484 : Eastern Indian School of Mediaeval Sculpture

NAG169 : Mahabalipuram

NAD685 : Mythical Animals In Indian Art


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NZD844 : कटिंग टेलरिंग ड्रेस डिजाइनिंग बुटीक कोर्स Cutting, Tailoring, Dress Designing and Boutique Course

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IDE449 : Comparative Aesthetics Western Aesthetics - Volume II

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IDK026 : Indian Puppets


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NAC323 : Red Fort World Heritage Series

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IDF478 : Benares Seen from Within


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NAI177 : Ronak Lady Fashion - Collection of Latest Designs of Salwar Kameez

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IDE616 : VAASTU For You and Your Family (Free Magnetic Compass with this book)

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NAL375 : Beauty in Money (Numismatic Art and Technology of Early South India)

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IDK826 : The Mosques of The Indian Subcontinent (Their Development and Iconography)

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NAE267 : A to Z One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Krishna

NAE214 : Love One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings Of Lord Krishna

NZB357 : शिल्पदीपक (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - An Ancient Treatise on Architecture

IDH441 : Sri Ramakrishna Darshanam Lavishly Illustrated in Color

NAE261 : The Theory And Practice of The Mandala With Special Reference To The Modern Psychology Of The Unconscious


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NZB542 : राग जिज्ञासा Raga Jijnasa

NAG181 : Special Exhibition to Honour the 1400th Anniversary Celebrations of the Hijra Era

IDJ153 : Sri Aurobindo Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art

IDI981 : A Guide To Sarnath

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IDJ053 : Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters and Bowls

NAJ921 : The Quest for Paradise (Gardens, Past, Present and Future)

IDJ490 : Kalatattvakosa Vol.I (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Pervasive Terms Vyapti)

NAJ253 : Blouse and Punjabi Dresses

IDJ749 : Glory of Jaina Tirthankaras

NAG177 : Kalighat Pata Painting (In the Collection of Indian Museum)

IDJ412 : Money and Microenterprises in Bhutan The Land of Zorig Chug Sum Thirteen Arts and Crafts

IDD171 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 4 The Nature of Matter)

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NAG567 : Design Education Tradition and Modernity (Scholastic Papers from the International Conference, DETM 05)

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NAM037 : Mughal Architecture (An Outline of its History and Development 1526-1858)

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NAF541 : A Guide to The Heritage of Hyderabad The Natural and the Built

NAG384 : Build Your Own Taj Mahal

NAJ886 : Gardens

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NAG551 : Design and Environment (A Primer)

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NAJ660 : Handloom and Handicrafts of Gujarat

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IDK743 : Buddhist Art and Thought

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NAG401 : Young Designers 90-91

NAL975 : The Making of The Awadh Culture

NAG559 : Timmapura Agrahara (A Cultural Study of Vijayanagara- Hampi Temple Complex)

NAF454 : A Festival of Krishna Under The Kadamba Tree Painting a Divine Love (With DVD)

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NAJ899 : Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (German)

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NZD828 : गाउन्स Ladies Gowns

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IDF328 : Diamond Eternal Fire - The Indian Diamond Tradition

IDF240 : Vaastu A Path to Harmonious Living

NAH075 : Indian Monoliths

NZC997 : ग्राफ़िक्स डिज़ाइनर्स के लिए फिगर ड्रॉइंग Figure Drawing for Graphic Designers

NZD761 : गुप्तकालीन मुद्राएं Coins of The Gupta Age (An Old and Rare Book)


NAG402 : Young Designers 91-92

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NAH419 : A Trail of Paint (Looking at Art - Jamini Roy)

NAH420 : Stitching Stories (The Art of Embroidery in Gujarat)

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NAH411 : The Veena Player (Looking at Art - Raja Ravi Varma)

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NAG989 : Arts & Crafts of Tamil Nadu (Art Plates of Thanjavur & Metal Icons of Swamimalai)

NAG977 : Design Concerns Student Colloquium Papers (Volume 1)

NAH161 : I Can Paint Landscapes of The Different Regions of India (Spring)

NAH162 : I Can Paint Landscapes of The Different Regions of India (Summer)

NZE011 : गजेन्द्र पीठ Story of Gajendra as Depicted in The Akshardham Temple, Delhi

NZD094 : हमारा हस्तशिल्प Our Handicrafts

NAG868 : Sports and Games (A Portfolio of Framable Miniature Painting Prints)

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NAG178 : Rama-Katha (The story of Rama in Indian Miniatures)

IDE526 : Churches in India

NAF166 : The Alternate Nation of Abanindranath Tagore

NAG571 : Live Like A Maharaja (How to Turn Home into a Palace)

NAG548 : Designed Showcasing Indian Design and Ideas to a Global Audience

NAG555 : Ganadevata Hundred Ganesha Icons from Vasant Chowdhury (In The Collection of Indian Museum)

NZB571 : कलास्वाद का मर्म (कला पर केंद्रित लेख) - Relishing the Arts Essays by Ajneya

NZB136 : निज़ाम के आभूषण Nizam's Jewelery

NAG428 : Laurie Baker (Life, Work, Writings)

NAG421 : An Introduction to Indian Art (Set of 2 Books)

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NAF983 : Rock Art Studies (Concept, Methodology, Context, Documentation and Conservation) (Set of Two Volumes)

NAF982 : The Making of The Indian Landscape (Set of Two Volumes)

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IHF076 : The Torana in Indian and Southeast Asian Architecture

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NAG057 : A Textbook of Household Arts

NAC096 : Mandalas For Affirmation (Coloring Book)

IDH159 : Benares Illustrated


NAF766 : Faridkot Architectural Heritage of a Sikh State

IDC822 : Buddhist Divinities

IHL676 : Make-Up Album

IDE956 : INDIAN ARMOURS in the National Museum Collection - A Catalogue

IDG845 : Mewari Gita-Govinda

NAF954 : Bridal Durries of India

NAF951 : Resurgence Revival of Indian Embroideries (A Classic Collection of Ornate Textiles)

NAF751 : Buddhist Heritage of Odisha

NAC095 : Mandalas for The Whole Year (Coloring Book)

NAF653 : Monuments, Objects, Histories (Institutions of Art in Colonial and Postcolonial India)

HAA311 : ऐस्थैटिक्स (कला और सौन्दर्य का दार्शनिक विवेचन) Aesthetics (Philosophical Intrepretation of Art and Beauty)

NAF583 : Pahari Paintings of an Ancient Romance (The Love Story of Usha-Aniruddha) A Visual Treat

IHF078 : Indian Saris Traditions - Perspectives - Design

NAE149 : Remains of Bharhut Stupa In The Indian Museum

IHF073 : 7 Secrets from Hindu Calendar Art

IHG078 : Monuments of India

NAF765 : India Del Sur (Cuspide De La Herencia Culural) - Spanish Book

IDI127 : Far away from Home Tibetan Refugee Children Write and Paint Their Stories

IDK491 : Myth, Reality and Beyond in the art of Sakti Burman (Contemporary Indian Art Series)


IHL519 : Bead Craft (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

NAF305 : Elements of Buddhist Iconography


IHL522 : Patua Painting Folk Art of West Bengal (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

IHL521 : Santhal Painting Folk Art of Orissa (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

IHL515 : Shell Craft (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

NAC030 : Ajanta - Monumental Legacy

NAC368 : Mask- The Other Face

IHL034 : Timeless Traditions, Contemporary Forms (Arts And Crafts of Madhya Pradesh)

NAF171 : Satish Gujral An Artography

NAF169 : The Iconography of Water (Well and Tank Forms of The Indian Subcontinent)

IDJ491 : Kalatattvakosa Vol. II (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Space and Time Desa-Kala)

IDJ494 : Kalatattvakosa Vol. V (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Form/Shape Akara/Akrti)

IHE024 : Kalatattvakosa A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts (Vol. VI) Appearance/Symbolic Form Abhasa

IAB91 : The Golden Germ An Introduction to Indian Symbolism

NAD702 : Glimpses of Ancient Indian Architecture

NAF121 : Wah Re Wah Warli (A Traditional and Popular art from, Now Tailor-Made for a Child, Includes Comprehensive Book on Warli Art)

IDH545 : Taj Mahal and Agra

IDE500 : Crafts Map of Kerala

IDH244 : Nanak An Introduction

IDC023 : Vajrayana Images of the Bao-xiang Lou (Pao-hsiang Lou) (In Three Volumes)

NAE810 : Indian Silver

IDD878 : Rock Art in Kerala

NAE716 : Ram Gopal Vijaiwargiya

NAE727 : The Iconography of The Brhadisvara Temple

IAB73 : Early Indian Sculpture

IAC24 : North Indian Temple Sculpture

NAE506 : Flowing Heritage (An Artist’s Journey Into Life Of The Tribes)

NAE421 : Handicrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery

NAE383 : Indigenous Characeristics Of Mughal Architecture

NAE323 : Hanumat Kosha Part II "Iconography" (A Rare Book)

IDK499 : J. Swaminathan (Contemporary Indian Art Series)

IDI713 : Kalamkari and Traditional Design Heritage of India

IDK493 : Nicholas Roerich (Contemporary Indian Art Series)

NAE314 : Abanindranath Tagore His Early Work

NAE369 : Gods, Men and Women Gender And Sexuality In Early Indian Art

NAE339 : Kumbhalgarh The Pride of Maharanas of Mewar

NAE290 : Anekantavada Through Painting

NAE265 : Family One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Ganesha

NAE266 : Friendship One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Ganesha

NAE264 : Life One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Krishna

NAE313 : The Spirit of Indian Architecture Vedantic Wisdom of Architecture for Building Harmonious Spaces and Life

NAE164 : Indian Design Edge (Strategic Insights For Success In The Creative Economy)

NAE166 : Shringara The Faces Of Indian Beauty

NAE036 : South India Heritage (An Introduction)

NAD982 : Defining The Image (Measurement In Image-Making)

IDF383 : Delhi A City of Museums

IDF188 : Silpa Prakasa

NAD897 : Mask In Collection Of The Indian Museum (A Catalogue Of The Mask Gallery)

IHK089 : Temples of South India

NAD200 : The Forts of Bundelkhand

NAD799 : Witness to Life and Freedom (Margaret Bourke White in India and Pakistan)

NAD630 : Haryana (Culture Heritage Guide)

NAD610 : The Religion of An Artist

NAD545 : Indian Jewellery (The VandA Collection)

NAD477 : History of Indian and Eastern Architecture (Two Volumes)

NAD435 : Explore Rural India

IHL698 : The Painted Towns of Shekhawati

NAD379 : Manu Parekh (The Dialogues Series)

IDK199 : Cultural Interface of India with Asia Religion, Art and Architecture

IDK913 : Stylistics of Early Khmer Art ( In Two Volumes)

NAD039 : Appreciation of Indian Art Ideals and Images

IDF406 : Arts and Crafts of Indus Civilization

IDK949 : Tanjavur Brhadisvara (An Architectural Study)

IDK857 : Buddhism Art and Values

NAC936 : Tradition and Modernity In Indian Arts During the Twentieth Century

NAC875 : Painted Words Kangra Paintings of Matiram’s Rasraj

NAC854 : Art, Myths and Visual Culture of South Asia

NAC855 : Aspects of Sanskrit Architectural Texts

IDE265 : Signposts of the Times The Golden Trail(1954-2004) (Portfolio of Ten Prints Published on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Modern Art)

IDE266 : Signposts of the Times The Golden Trail(1954-2004) (Portfolio of Ten Prints Published on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Modern Art)

IDE267 : Signposts of the Times The Golden Trail(1954-2004) (Portfolio of Ten Prints Published on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Modern Art)

NAC079 : Studies in Indian Sculpture (Two Volumes)

NAC330 : Devata-Rupa Mala (Part 1)

NAC651 : Devata-Rupa-Mala (Part – IV)

IDK160 : Dr. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

NAC811 : Philosophy of Indian Art

IDL013 : The Diverse World of Indian Painting (Essays In Honour of Dr. Vishwa Chander Ohri)

IDI749 : The Book of Gems

NAB832 : Devata-Dhyana-Malika of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III of Mysore (Profusely Illustrated)

NAC485 : Devata-Rupa-Mala (Part – III)

NAC708 : Invisible City – The Hidden Monuments of Delhi

NAC701 : Nainsukh of Guler – A Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill-State

NAC342 : Devata Rupa Mala (Part II)

NAC745 : Kalamukha Temples of Karnataka ? Art and Cultural Legacy

IHF077 : Gods, Goddesses and Demons

NAC562 : Circle of Art The Three Tagores (Commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941) A Portfolio of Framable Prints

NAC543 : Thanjavur – A Cultural History

NAC519 : Early and Buddhist Stone Sculpture of Japan

IDI644 : Proceeding of The 7th Session of Indian Art History Congress (Kanyakumari November 1998)

IDH475 : Sacred Buddhist Painting

NAC424 : Sculpture at Vijayanagara Iconography and Style

NAC370 : A Phulkari From Bhatinda (A Rare Book)

NAC344 : A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries and Temples in Tibet and the Himalaya

NAC358 : Bollywood in Posters

NAC357 : The Art of Bollywood

NAC302 : Nicholas Roerich An Eternal Quest

NAC306 : The Vertical Woman Reminiscences of B.C. Sanyal, Volume I (1902-1947)

NAC305 : The Vertical Woman Reminiscences of B.C. Sanyal, Volume II (From 1947 to the Present) Volume Two

NAC270 : The National Value of Art

NAC131 : Textiles and Dress of Gujarat

NAC178 : The 9 Emotions of Indian Cinema Hoardings

NAC124 : The Bhilsa Topes – Buddhist Monuments of Central India Alexander Cunningham

NAC094 : Mandalas for Relaxation (Coloring Book)

IDD281 : Gompas in Traditional Tibetan Society

NAB865 : Indian Textiles

NAB866 : Temples of Tamil Nadu - Thoothukkudi District A Rare Book

IHL691 : Embroidery In Asia - Sui Dhaga- Crossing Boundaries Through Needle and Thread

IHL690 : Ramachandran A Retrospective (Volume I and II)

IHL701 : South India Pinnacle of Cultural Heritage

NAB762 : Biblical Themes in Mughal Painting – Crossing Cultural Frontiers

NAB763 : Royal Messages by the Wayside – Historical Geography of the Asokan Edicts

IHL518 : Chittara Painting Folk Art of Karnataka + Sand Painting (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

IHL517 : Gond Painting Folk Art of Madhya Pradesh (Do it Yourself Educational Activity Kit)

IDK083 : The Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya

NAB718 : Chitra-Pothi Illustrated Palm-Leaf Manuscripts from Orissa

NAB712 : The Word is Sacred Sacred is the Word The Indian Manuscript Tradition

IDL203 : Islamic Art The Past and Modern


IDD472 : Imaging Wisdom (Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Indian Buddhism)

IDE924 : Mahatma Gandhi and Art

IHL204 : Diamonds – The Quest from Solid Rock to the Magic of Diamonds

IHL172 : Artistic Mehandi Designs

IHL167 : Black - Brown Shaded Golden Mehandi Creations (with Designs of Tattoos and Bindees)

IHL174 : Gala's Nirali Mehandi Designs

IHL170 : Gala's Saniya Arabic Heena Designs

IHL173 : Golden Mehandi Creations (Special Bridal Mehandi)

IHL171 : Kohinoor Arabic Heena Designs

IHL166 : Ultramodern Mehandi Designs

IDL184 : Building Beyond Borders (Story of Contemporary Indian Architecture)

IDE268 : Gaganendranath Tagore (Portfolio of 5 Prints)

IDE004 : Masterpieces of Traditional Indian Architecture

IDE417 : My Pictures A Collection of Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore

IDE809 : Prasada Mandana Of Sutradhara Mandana

IDE269 : Ramkinker Vaij (Portfolio of 5 Prints)

IDE273 : Revealing India's Past Recent Trends in Art and Archaeology (Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri Commemoration Volume) - 2 Volumes

IDE393 : Time's Harvest A Cycle of Poems and Drawings

IHL060 : Sthapatya Ved – Vastu Sastra (Ideal Homes, Colony and Town Planning)

IHL021 : Delhi Then and Now

IHL027 : Mosques (Sacred Sites)

IHL044 : Studies in Indian Coins

IHL030 : Tamil Nadu

IHL033 : The Heartland of Divinity (Fairs and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh).

IHL001 : Old Delhi New York – Personal Views

IDL156 : Kanha Priya (Romantic Moments in Poetry and Painting)

IHK065 : Temples In India (Origin And Development Stages)

IDK020 : Eminent Indians Ten Great Artists

IHK026 : Monuments around Santiniketan

IHJ074 : Ajmer Sharif (Khwaja Gharib Nawaz and Ajmer)

IHJ099 : Foundations of Indian Aesthetics

IHJ072 : Havelis - A Living Tradition of Rajasthan

IHJ057 : Mysteries and Marvels of Mughal Architecture

IHJ097 : Vanishing Temple Arts (Temples of Kerala and Kanyaakumaari District)

IHG085 : Embroidery Designs For Children's Garments

IHH027 : El Alpona O Las Decoraciones Rituales De Bengala (Spanish)

IDE494 : Crafts Map of Maharashtra

IDI152 : The Vastuvidya Sastra ascribed to Manjusri

IDI730 : India Sutra On The Magic Trail Of Textiles

IHF084 : Tibet Fifty Years After by Siddharth Srivastava

IDD036 : Himalaya with a first hand account of Maj. H.P.S. Ahluwalia's ascent to Mt. Everest

IDK096 : Numismatic Art of India Historical and Aesthetic Perspectives and An Album of the Masterpieces of Indian Coins) - Two Volume Set

IDJ929 : The Indian Temple Traceries

IDL014 : Indian Miniatures (The Library of A Chester Beatty)

IDK183 : Gemstones Properties, Identification and Use

IDD288 : Elements of Indian Art Including Temple Architecture, Iconography and Iconometry 

IDE883 : Indian Temple Architecture Form and Transformation (The Karnata Dravida Tradition 7th to 13th Centuries)

IHE076 : Kaladarpana - The Mirror of Indian Art Essays in Memory of Shri Krishna Deva

IDI587 : Little Toys

IDK975 : Aesthetic Theories and Forms in Indian Tradition

IDK997 : Ajanta Frescoes

IDE667 : BANARAS Painting The Sacred City

IDK130 : Bharat Mata India's Freedom Movement in Popular Art

IDK329 : Contemporary Indian Architecture

IDJ720 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-2 (Amoghavikramin -

IDJ721 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-3 (Cayan Acala - Dhupa)

IDJ722 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-4 (Dhyana-paramita - Gzuns.las.byun.bahi

IDJ723 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-5 (Haakushu - Jyotisprabha ? Buddha)

IDK005 : Eighteen Fifty Seven Revolt and Contemporary Visuals


IDK523 : Hindu and Buddhist Monuments and Remains In South-East Asia

IDK251 : In Adoration of Krishna {Pichhwais of Shrinathji Tapi Collection}

IDI739 : India

IDJ939 : Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art

IDH172 : Islam and Television

IDK230 : Jaisalmer Art, Architecture and Tourism

IDK932 : Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom (Contemporary Art of Orissa)

IDI655 : Memory, Metaphor, Mutations Contemporary Art of India And Pakistan

IDG264 : Monuments of India (Vol. 1) Delhi, Agra, Khajuraho, Jaipur (The Golden Ring)

IDD837 : Mughal Painting (An Interplay of Indigenous and Foreign Traditions)

IDI992 : Ocean To Sky India From The Air

IDK253 : Ragamala Painting A Journey from Music to Art

IDK023 : Rasa- Bhaava Darshan (Based on Bharata Muni's Natyasastra) A Rare Book

IDD879 : Recent Perspectives on Prehistoric Art in India and Allied Subjects

IDJ927 : The Buddhist Art of Kausambi

IDE103 : The Temples of Bikkavolu

IDF603 : When was Modernism Essays on Contemporary Cultural Practice in India

IDK497 : Amarnath Sehgal (Contemporary Indian Art Series)

IDE271 : Binode Behari Mukherjee (Portfolio of 5 Prints)

NAB114 : Compassion and Reincarnation in Tibetan Art

IDG434 : Concept of 'Truth' in Art Samvatsar Lecture XI

IDJ534 : Exclusive Arabic Mehandi Designs Nazrana (Henna)

IDH523 : Hindu Shrines of Chotanagpur Case Study of Tanginath

NAB133 : Miniature Paintings of Rajasthan

IAC02 : The Blue God

IDF368 : The Golden Temple Past and Present

IDD040 : Tibet

IDE270 : Upendra Maharathi (Portfolio of 5 Prints)

IDJ483 : Nagarjunakonda (Memoirs of Archaeological Survey of India)

IDC385 : Invisible City The Hidden Monuments of Delhi

IDK703 : Mariyamman-Mariyamman Catholic Practices and Image of Virgin in Velankanni (Tamil Nadu)

NAB123 : Lord Ganesha (Portfolio)

NAB126 : Veer Hanuman (Portfolio)

NAB132 : Sculptural Heritage of Assam

IDK589 : Arpana Fine Art Miniature Museum The Magic of Indian Miniatures

IDD775 : BUDDHIST ART IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA (The Indian Influence on the Art of Thailand)

IDJ731 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography (Ubai-shin-Vajrakulodbhava) Volume-13

IDJ732 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography (Vajrakumara-Vasumitra) Volume-14

IDJ733 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography (Vasundhara-Zyokukai (finis)) Volume-15

IDJ728 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-10 (RA - Sakyamitra)

IDJ729 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-11 (Sakyamuni - Sparsavajra)

IDJ730 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-12 (Spar.smehi.hkhor.lo - Tzu-tsai-yuan-mu)

IDJ724 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-6 (Kabira-jin - Bde.mchog)

IDJ725 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-7 (Ma.bdud - Manjushiri)

IDJ726 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-8 (Manjusri - Nyoze-en)

IDJ727 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-9 (Ober-e ober-e dayayci eke - Quricaqui ugei kobegun)

IDD145 : Mandala and Landscape

IDD168 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 1 Primal Elements The Oral Tradition)

IDD169 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 2 Vedic, Buddhist and Jain Traditions)

IDD170 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 3 The Agamic Tradition and the Arts)

IDD172 : Prakrti The Integral Vision Man in Nature (Volume 5)

IDK417 : The Indian Buddhist Iconography

IDD957 : MATHURA VRINDAVAN (Classic India)

IDK309 : Historical Sikh Shrines

IDK252 : The Ten Masters (The Gurus of Sikh Dharma)

IDK231 : Sublime Delight Through Works of Art From Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art

IDK101 : Artists Directory

IDK100 : Memory as History (The Legacy of Alexander in Asia)

IDK004 : Jeypore Enamels

IDJ938 : Despair and Modernity (Reflections from Modern Indian Painting)

IDJ849 : Women Obscenity

IDJ719 : Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Volume-1 (Abarokiteishubara - Amoghavajra)

IDJ116 : Tejas Eternal Energy 1500 Years of Indian Art

IDI972 : Culture India (Philosophy, Religion, Arts, Literature, Society)

NAB090 : Woman / Goddess

IDI797 : Incredible India Life and Landscapes

IDI054 : Monuments of India and the Indianized States The Plans of major and Notable Temples, Tombs, Palace and Pavilions

IDH376 : Adi Granth Paintings Raga-Ragamala and Barah-Maha

IDH378 : Jaina Shrines in India

IDG203 : Bagh paintings Identification and Interpretation

IDD289 : Elements of Indian Art Including Temple Architecture, Iconography and Iconometry 

IDE256 : Ellora Monumental Legacy

IDC203 : Evolution of Stupas in Burma

IDF543 : FREEDOM AND DESTINY Gender, Family and Popular Culture in India

IDH238 : God and King The Devaraja Cult In South Asian Art and Architecture

NAB129 : Guru Nanak


IDF133 : Indian Heritage Hotels Legacy of Splendour

IAC15 : Introduction to Indian Art

IDF257 : Madras Rediscovered A Historical Guide to Looking Around, Supplemented with Tales of 'Once Upon a City'

IDC950 : Manjit Bawa … in his own words

IDE150 : My Brush with Art An Anthology of contemporary Indian Art

IDG903 : Power in Print Popular Publishing and the Politics of Language and Culture in a Colonial Society

IDF340 : Qutb Minar and its Monuments

NAB137 : Rabindranath Tagore Collection of Essays

IDF938 : Representing Rebellion Visual Aspects of Counter-insurgency in Colonial India

NAB110 : Ritual Art Of India

IDF141 : Royal Palaces, Residences and Pavilions Of India An Iconographic Consideration

IDD468 : Saundarya (The Perception and Practice of Beauty in India)

IDE115 : Sultanate Architecture of Pre-Mughal India



IDC951 : The art of G. R. Santosh

NAB057 : The Arts of India Virgina Museum Of Fine Arts

IDG651 : The Great Artists of Punjab

IDD778 : The Heritage of BUDDHIST PALA ART

NAB119 : The Sensuous in Art Reflection on Indian Aesthetics

IDH206 : The Study of Indian Art

IDD153 : The Tibetan Iconography of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other Deities A Unique Pantheon

IDF256 : Towards Ananda Rethinking Indian Art and Aesthetics

NAB033 : Treasures of Indian Art Germany's Tribute to India's Cultural Heritage

IDD942 : Ardhanarishvara the androgyne (Probing the Gender within)

IDD876 : Conservation of Rock Art

IDE492 : Crafts Map of Orissa

IDD945 : Golden Temple (Classic India)

IDG842 : Himadri Temples (A.D. 700-1300)

IAB02 : HOYSALA ARCHITECTURE (Medieval temples of Southern Karnataka built during Hoysala rule)(2 Vols)

IDF761 : In Black and White The Authorized Biography Of Manjit Bawa

IDG834 : Interactions in Indian Art {Part I-1850 onwards}




IDD060 : Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra

IAC47 : Study in Early BUDDHIST ARCHITECTURE of India


IDD165 : The Iconography of Architectural Plans

IDD074 : Tilonia where Tradition and Vision meet

IDE497 : Crafts Map of Goa

IDE495 : Crafts Map of Rajasthan

IDE499 : Crafts Map of West Bengal

IDD029 : Delhi Agra Jaipur The Golden Triangle

IDE501 : Crafts Map of Andhra Pradesh

IDE493 : Crafts Map of Jammu and Kashmir



NAB106 : Basohli Painting

IHK066 : Temples in India (Origin And Development Stages)