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MZK590 : All The Songs of all Eighteen Siddhars (Tamil)

MZK575 : Benefits of Yagnas (Yagam) - Tamil

MZK607 : Bown of Thoughts (Tamil)

MZK574 : Devara Strtrams for Eradicating All Problems (Tamil)

MZK592 : Even Man Can Become God (Tamil)

MZK598 : Greatness of Mantra Herbs (Tamil)

MZK606 : Important Temples (Tamil)

MZK585 : Let The Light Spread (Tamil)

MZK568 : Levandi, Melkonandi (Set of 10 Volumes in Telugu)

MZK577 : List of Temples, Mantras and Rituals for Removal of Hindrance in Marriage (Tamil)

MZK587 : Living Is An Art (Tamil)

MZK576 : Meaningful Life (Tamil)

MZK595 : Moral Books-Seven In One (Tamil)

MZK594 : Natural Cure for Asthma (Tamil)

MZK579 : Natural Medicines for Cure of Diabetes (Tamil)

MZK583 : Natural Medicines for Cure of Piles (Tamil)

MZK581 : Natural Medicines for Cure of Ulcer and Arthritis (Tamil)

MZK599 : Neumerological Astrology (Tamil)

MZK578 : Remedial Measures Toward of Evil Eye (Tamil)

MZK602 : Rishi Sukracharya's Sukra Needhi (Tamil)

MZK597 : Siddha Treatment- Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZK609 : Siva Pictures in Tamil Literatures (Tamil)

MZK601 : The Invisible Man (Tamil)

MZK591 : Thenkachiyar's Thoughts (Tamil)

MZK537 : Thiruvachagam (Tamil)

MZK604 : This is The History of Dravidian Political Parties (Tamil)

MZK600 : Treasures of Sanga Period Humorous Introduction to Sanga Periods Songs - Set of Two Volumes (Tamil)

MZK589 : Viveka Chinthanmani With Explanation- Part 2 (Tamil)

MZK596 : We Think of Something But Something Else Happens (Tamil)

MZK593 : What is Dharam? (Tamil)

MZK570 : Yoga- Laughter Therapy (Tamil)

MZK506 : About Karttikeya/ Murugan (Tamil)

MZK474 : Adi Sankara (Tamil)

MZK553 : Alwars and Vaishnavite Literatures (Tamil)

MZK470 : Amritha Kavirayar's Oruthurai Kovai - Feeling of Shyness (Tamil)

MZK078 : Annamalai Venba Of Guru Namasivayar (Tamil)

MZK087 : Arunmozhith Thoguppu (Tamil)

MZK151 : Ashtavakra Gita (Tamil)

MZK538 : At Bharathipuram (Tamil)

MZK455 : Atma Vikasam (Telugu)

MZK511 : Bird Astrology and Predictions (Tamil)

MZK398 : Changes in Cinema Field (Tamil)

MZK481 : Devi Karumari Amman's History (Tamil)

MZK462 : Dheeravani (Telugu)

MZK541 : Disappeared World Original Story (Tamil)

MZK400 : Don't Take Bribe, But Give (Tamil)

MZK405 : Even If is Just A Tooth, He is The Husband - Stories of Kaviyogi (Tamil)

MZK471 : Everyday Traditional Cooking Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian (Tamil)

MZK558 : Explanation of Naladiyar- Four Liners (Tamil)

MZK503 : Explanation of Practical Astrology (Tamil)

MZK556 : Fifty Five Yogic Asanas for a Healthy Life (Tamil)

MZK491 : Flower of Knowledge (Tamil)

MZK545 : Four Hundred Proverbs (Tamil)

MZK487 : Garden Jungle - Stories based on Malaysian Background (Tamil)

MZK507 : Great Thoughts of Swami Chinmayananda (Tamil)

MZK535 : Hari Leela (Tamil)

MZK498 : How to Worship Lord Shiva (Tamil)

MZK486 : Interesting Information in Ettuthogai Pathupattu- Ancient Sangam Period Collections (Tamil)

MZK539 : Journey and View Points of A Journalist (Tamil)

MZK552 : Kamba Ramayana Ayodhya Kandam Detailed Version (Tamil)

MZK544 : Kamban and Sivan (Tamil)

MZK485 : Kavithas Born in Dream (Tamil)

MZK536 : Kena Upanishad (Assamese)

MZK469 : Let us Live Gracefully (Tamil)

MZK540 : Madura Kavi Stories Based on Stone Inscriptions (Tamil)

MZK155 : Maha Yogam (Tamil)

MZK527 : Mahavishu Tatvam Bheeshma Bodha (Kannada)

MZK454 : Manas Shanti Kavalante (Telugu)

MZK494 : Mantras Which Increase Our Life Span (Tamil)

MZK531 : Mooka Panchashathi- Anusarana Andhrageyakruthi (Kannada)

MZK460 : Naa Atmakatha (Telugu)

MZK517 : Nanool - Tamil Grammar Book

MZK458 : Narada Bhakti Sutramulu (Telugu)

MZK504 : Naradar's Leelas Which Ended in Good (Tamil)

MZK508 : Noble Thoughts About The World (Tamil)

MZK483 : Noble Thoughts of Islam and Christianity (Tamil)

MZK520 : One Hundred Simple Exercises for All Ages (Tamil)

MZK529 : Our Protector - God (Tamil)

MZK457 : Pancha Sooktalu (Telugu)

MZK461 : Paramarthika Parijatalu (Telugu)

MZK496 : Participation of Saivite Kavis in Traditional Saivite Education (Tamil)

MZK463 : Parvati Devi - Durga Devi (Telugu)

MZK505 : Planets and Diseases (Tamil)

MZK555 : Pranayamam (Tamil)

MZK512 : Preachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi (Tamil)

MZK500 : Principles of LIfe As Per Thiruvasagam (Tamil)

MZK557 : Pulipani Siddhar's Astrology Original With Explanation (Tamil)

MZK489 : Punarnava (Oriya)

MZK484 : Ramayanam Small Version (Tamil)

MZK467 : Saivite Saint Sibdarar (Tamil)

MZK468 : Saivite Saint Thirunavkkuarasar (Tamil)

MZK518 : Saneeswara Bhagwan- Benefits and Remedial Measures (Tamil)

MZK559 : Saotha Rishi Mandalam Valley of Shambhala Secrets Tobe Discovered in Himalayas (Tamil)

MZK528 : Sarvadarsana Sangraham (Kannada)

MZK532 : Sastras Are The Foundation for Temple Poojas (Tamil)

MZK456 : Saswara Vedamantralu- Tikatatparyam (Telugu)

MZK488 : Sathya Darshan of Saibaba (Tamil)

MZK492 : Short Stories Based on Gita (Tamil)

MZK459 : Shri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram (Telugu)

MZK515 : Shridi Saibaba His Teaching and Miracles (Tamil)

MZK501 : Siddhar's Medicines for Women (Tamil)

MZK561 : Siddhar's Ssecrets of Rasavada Vidya Changing Things into Gold (Tamil)

MZK548 : Simple Explanation of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZK543 : Singapore Kannan's Pillai Pillai (Tamil)

MZK473 : Sivaprakasa Swami's Nalvar Nanmani Kovai - About Four Great Saivite Saints (Tamil)

MZK475 : Sky House - Science Fiction for Children (Tamil)

MZK502 : Sliappadikaram and Divya Prabhandam - A Research (Tamil)

MZK480 : Soundarya Lahiri and Kanakadhara Stotram in Tamil (An Old Book)

MZK493 : Sri Andal and Srivilliputhur (Tamil)

MZK525 : Sri Devi Bhagavatamu (Kannada)

MZK522 : Sri Gurucharitra (Kannada)

MZK472 : Sri Krishna Chaitanyar (Tamil)

MZK547 : Sri Mahabhagavatam in Kannada (Set of 5 Volumes)

MZK074 : Sri Ramana Gitai (Tamil)

MZK153 : Sri Ramana Sannidhimurai (Tami)

MZK152 : Sri Ramana Ucchistam (Tamil)

MZK523 : Sri Sadguru Raghavendra Swamy- Jeevitha Charitra (Kannada)

MZK524 : Sri Sadguru Sai Baba- Jeevitha Charitra (Kannada)

MZK521 : Sri Vishnu Puranam (Kannada)

MZK497 : Star Astrology (Tamil)

MZK479 : Stories about Sri Hanuman (Tamil)

MZK546 : Stories Based on Incidents in the Life of Bharathi (Tamil)

MZK406 : Stories By Madivannan (Tamil)

MZK513 : Surya Namaskar (Tamil)

MZK534 : Sweet Music of Tamil (Tamil)

MZK549 : Temple Festivals (Tamil)

MZK526 : Temples As Shown By Saint Sambandar (Tamil)

MZK516 : Thenkachiyar's Thoughts (Tamil)

MZK514 : These Kavithas are for You (Tamil)

MZK482 : Thirst Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK510 : Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZK554 : Thirumandiram Meaning of Words, Explanation and Observation in Tamil (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZK490 : Thirupathiyar's Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZK551 : Thiruvachagam (Tamil)

MZK542 : Thiry Stone Inscriptions with Details (Tamil)

MZK550 : Valmiki Ramayana (Tamil)

MZK402 : Vedas Are Roots of Saiva Siddhantha Sastras (Tamil)

MZK150 : Vichara Sangraham (Tamil)

MZK495 : Ways to Increase Our Life Span (Tamil)

MZK407 : What Heard and Saw in Japan (Tamil)

MZK509 : What We Know and Don't Know in Bhagawat Gita (Tamil)

MZK478 : Will the Sparrow Walk - Science Fiction 9 (Tamil)

MZK519 : Yogabhyasam Nrchukundam (Kannada)

MZK563 : Yogasanam (Tamil)

MZK499 : You are Welcome to Velanthalam Selected Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK394 : Articles on How to Use Proper Words (Tamil)

MZK443 : Bala Bhaktulu (Kannada)

MZK430 : Balagangadhar Tilak (Kannada)

MZK447 : Balala Mahabharatam- Part-II (Kannada)

MZK448 : Balala Mahabharatam- Part-III (Kannada)

MZK449 : Balala Mahabharatam- Part-IV (Kannada)

MZK451 : Balala Mahabharatam- Part-V (Kannada)

MZK445 : Balala Mahabharatam- Vol-I (Kannada)

MZK433 : Balala Sri Ramakrishna (Kannada)

MZK436 : Balalaku Sri Ramakrishnuni Katha (Kannada)

MZK122 : Best Medicine Discovered by Siddhars (Tamil)

MZK130 : Easy Methods to Reduce the Pain of Arthritis and Paralysis (Tamil)

MZK432 : Fascinating Examples of Thirumandiram (Tamil)

MZK392 : Greatness is Accepting With Full Heart (Tamil)

MZK004 : Happy Life (Tamil)

MZK079 : Hindi- Tamil Dictionary

MZK397 : History of Tamil Literatures Multiple Point of Views (Tamil)

MZK435 : History of Thula Cauvery- River's Origin Point (Tamil)

MZK320 : Love Matters in Literatures - Set of Two Volumes (Tamil)

MZK431 : Mahatma Gandhi (Kannada)

MZK381 : Malayala Samskaram - Kazhchayum Kazhchappadum (Malayalam)

MZK128 : Mantras Which Bestow Everything (Tamil)

MZK127 : Margadarshakulu- Maharshulu in Kannada (Part-I)

MZK384 : Marunna Samoohathinu Anivaryamaya Saswata Moolyangal - Malayalam (Part - III)

MZK388 : Moral Stories Based on Thirukkural - Part 2 (Tamil)

MZK382 : Moral Stories Based on Thirukkural - Set of Two Volumes (Tamil)

MZK401 : Muthollayiram 900 Verses - A Research (Tamil)

MZK003 : No Life Without Trees - TN Government's Prize Winning Book (Tamil)

MZK420 : Ombhatthaneya Thirumurai - Thirumurai the Ninth (Kannada)

MZK067 : Only Valluvam is Way of Life- Drama Book For Students (Tamil)

MZK390 : Oru Prathibha Vismayam (Malayalam)

MZK279 : Padarthaguna Chinthamani (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZK385 : Philosophy of Truth (Tamil)

MZK403 : Puranas - A Treasure House (Tamil)

MZK015 : Qui Suis-Je?- Les Enseignements De Sri Ramana Maharshi (French)

MZK017 : Quien Soy Yo?- Las Ensenanzas De Sri Ramana Maharshi (Spanish)

MZK389 : Relationship Mixed With Soul (Tamil)

MZK099 : Sandesha Tarangini- Colombo and Almora Speeches (Telugu)

MZK422 : Satguru Satsang in Tamil (Part - I)

MZK423 : Satguru Satsang in Tamil (Part - II)

MZK424 : Satguru Satsang in Tamil (Part - III)

MZK425 : Satguru Satsang in Tamil (Part - IV)

MZK426 : Satguru Satsang in Tamil (Part - V)

MZK380 : Seven Dramas (Tamil)

MZK391 : Shakespeare's Thirty Three Stories Together (Tamil)

MZK383 : Short Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZK421 : Sinhalese Soldiers (Tamil)

MZK132 : Siva Yoga Pradeepika (Kannada)

MZK428 : Sodari Nivedita (Kannada)

MZK404 : Sollayil- Collection of Kavithas (Tamil)

MZK427 : Sri Aurobindo (Kannada)

MZK453 : Sri Bhagavad Gita (Kannada)

MZK434 : Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Cheppina Kathalu (Kannada)

MZK075 : Sri Ramana Mahanirvanam (Tamil)

MZK276 : Story of an Indian (Tamil)

MZK429 : Subhash Chandra Bose (Kannada)

MZK048 : Thandiasiriyar's Thandialandaram- Tamil Grammar Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ999 : The Taste of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZK005 : To Laugh and To Think- Tenali Raman Stories (Tamil)

MZK117 : To Live for 100 Years Without Diseases (Tamil)

MZK399 : Upanishad Lalitha Vyakhyanam Isavasyopanishad Kenopanishad Mandukyopanishad in Malayalam (Part - I)

MZK395 : Upanishad Lalitha Vyakhyanam Kadopanishad in Malayalam (Part - II)

MZK396 : Upanishad Lalitha Vyakhyanam Ltherayopanishad Mundakopanishad in Malayalam (Part - III)

MZK393 : Upanishad Lalitha Vyakhyanam Thythiriyopanishad Prasnopanishad in Malayalam (Part - IV)

MZK440 : Vivekananda Cheppina Kathalu (Kannada)

MZK019 : Watashi Wa Dare Ka?- Who Am I? The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi (Japanese)

MZK013 : Wer Bin Ich?- Die Lehren Von Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (German)

MZJ581 : ब्रह्मासूत्रभाष्यम् Brahmasutra Bhashyam (Set of 4 Volumes)

MZK277 : 2 Discipline (Tamil)

MZK294 : Aacharakivai Nanmanikadigai Poem with Four Different Ideas - Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZK361 : Adhyatma Ramayana Vinjanakoshanighandu (Malayalam)

MZK337 : Adhyatma Ramayanam (Malayalam)

MZK332 : An Introduction to Sanga Period Songs-3 - In A Humorous Manner (Tamil)

MZK285 : Annamma's Property (Tamil)

MZK319 : Anubhudhi Venba (Tamil)

MZK329 : Appodhi Adikalar's Kadai - History of Appodhi Adikalar (Tamil)

MZK288 : Art of Yoga and Natural Medicines (Tamil)

MZK355 : Bhadrakali Mahatmyam Athava Darukavadham (Malayalam)

MZK317 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's Ulladu Narpadu -Anubhandattudan (Tamil)

MZK338 : Bharathi As A Human Being (Tamil)

MZK360 : Brahma Soothram - Vedantha Darsanam (Malayalam)

MZK251 : Children of God Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK286 : Contributory Articles in Tamil (An Old Book)

MZK305 : Dream Land (Tamil)

MZK300 : Everything is You (Tamil)

MZK307 : Expert in Mathematics (Tamil)

MZK306 : Garuda Puran with Details of Pava and Punya Effects (Tamil)

MZK340 : Geethamrutha Rasayanam (Malayalam)

MZK321 : General Songs for Daily Worshipping of All Gods (Tamil)

MZK315 : History is Revolutionary Freedom Fighters (Tamil)

MZK311 : Hithopadesa Stories Short and Educational Stories in Sankrit (Tamil)

MZK278 : Intellectual Father of Students - Dr. Abdul Kalam (Tamil)

MZK325 : Interesting Experiences of An Yogi (Tamil)

MZK274 : Journalism Ethics As Practiced By A.N. Sivaraman (Tamil)

MZK352 : Kanakadha Rasahasranama Sthothram (Malayalam)

MZJ876 : Kulandai Ulaviyalum Kulandai Valarppu Muraikalum (Tamil)

MZK359 : Kuzhikkattu Pacha -Keraleeya Thanthra Sasthram Padanavum Visakalanavum (Malayalam)

MZK293 : Language Tamil As Given By Kalaignar Karunanidhi (Tamil)

MZK287 : Lullabies of Tamilians (Tamil)

MZK284 : Manal - Sand Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK312 : Method of Worshipping and Pleasing Sri Sarabeswarar with Slokas (Tamil)

MZK324 : Momentos De Silencio Con Sri Ramana Maharshi (Spanish)

MZK281 : Moons Which Sang To Drive Away Sleep (Tamil)

MZK343 : Moral Stories Based on Thirukkural - Part 1 (Tamil)

MZK354 : Mundakopanishad (Malayalam)

MZK347 : Prabodha Sudhakaram (Malayalam)

MZK275 : Principles od Dharmic Life As Preached By Mahans (Tamil)

MZK334 : R.V. - The Victorious Man (Tamil)

MZK323 : Research Articles On 'Bharati Literatures' (Tamil)

MZK349 : Sakthimahimna Sthothram (Malayalam)

MZK302 : Sembula Peyal Neer - Like Rain Water (Tamil)

MZK282 : Simple Medicines For A Healthy Life (Tamil)

MZK327 : Sita Rama Sundara Kandam (Tamil)

MZK326 : Sivasuri Kavimari - Kavithas (Tamil)

MZK289 : Sky Lotus Collection of Sindu Songs in Kavitha Form (Tamil)

MZK357 : Sree Lalitha Sahasranaha Sthothram (Malayalam)

MZK366 : Sreemad Bhagavadgeetha - The Divine Geetha (Malayalam)

MZK309 : Sri Bhagavat Gita with Simple Explanation (Tamil)

MZK351 : Sri Lalitathrisathya Sthothram (Malayalam)

MZK362 : Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram Lalitha Vyakhyanam (Malayalam)

MZK292 : Sri Ramana Maharishi's Treatise -Lectures Advices Instructions Etc -Part -1,2,3 In Tamil (Set Of Two Book)

MZK314 : Sri Ramanasrama Tamil Parayana Tirattu

MZK322 : Sri Ramanasrama Vazhvum Ninaivum (Tamil)

MZK364 : Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Lalitha Vyakhyanam (Malayalam)

MZK298 : Surya Namaskar Mantras (Tamil)

MZK356 : Swami Vivekanandan Kaviyum Gayakanum (Malayalam)

MZK283 : Tamil Community in Mythological Stories/ Puranas (Tamil)

MZK295 : Tamil Independence Struggles Collection (Tamil)

MZK271 : The Land Seen By Valluvar and its Love (Tamil)

MZK336 : The Sacred Saint of Shirdi (Tamil)

MZK318 : The Secret of River Cauvery - Add in Vedas (Tamil)

MZK346 : Thulasidasa Ramayanam (Malayalam)

MZK303 : To Beget Child (Tamil)

MZK316 : Twilight Sky Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK301 : Victory on Darshan of Garuda Bird (Tamil)

MZK342 : Vivekananda Sahitya Sarvasvam - Malayalam (Part - IV)

MZK291 : Way of Life of Tamilians (Tamil)

MZK310 : What I Saw and Heard in Soviet Union (Tamil)

MZK341 : What is the Principle of Worship of First Guru of Perur Veera Saiva Aadhinam (Tamil)

MZK290 : Who Knows Hora Is A Hero (Tamil)

MZK296 : Women Horscopes and Benefits (Tamil)

MZJ786 : Yoga, Enligtenment and Perfection (Tamil)

MZK299 : Your Birth Star and Predictions (Tamil)

MZK297 : ईशावस्योपनिषत् Ishavasyopnishad

MZK308 : कठोपनिषत् Kathopnishad

MZK304 : विरुदावली श्रीब्रह्माविदाशीर्वादपद्धति Virudavali Sri Brahma Vidashirvaad Paddhti

MZK268 : Achu Vellam Jagger in Cube Shape (Tamil)

MZK269 : Adi Shankara's Vivekacudamni (Tamil)

MZK252 : Arulvizhi Nangai Novel on Chola King - Ilanchetchenni (Tamil)

MZK256 : Fountain of Tamil

MZK263 : Guru Ramana Thiruvadi Vazhvu (Tamil)

MZK259 : In Search of Truth (Tamil)

MZK254 : Literatures and Nature of Surroundings (Tamil)

MZK264 : Ninaivil Niraindavai (Tamil)

MZK258 : On A Rainy Day Short Stories (Tamil)

MZJ818 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 7)

MZK250 : Sembula Peyal Neer-Like Rain Water Social Drama (Tamil)

MZK265 : Sivabhoga Chintamani Yenum Sri Ramananubuthi (Tamil)

MZK270 : Sri Ramana Maharshi (Tamil)

MZK266 : Sri Ramana Nool Thirattu (Tamil)

MZK273 : Sri Ramana Vijayam (Tamil)

MZK267 : Sri Ramanasrama Samskrta Parayana (Tamil)

MZK255 : Tamil Literatures From Multiple View Points Research Articles (Tamil)

MZK272 : The Golden Hand (Tamil)

MZK257 : Wet Wings - English Literature 2nd Year, Hindustan Arts and Science College (Tamil)

MZK237 : 108 Mantras for a Healthy, Wealthy Life (Tamil)

MZJ794 : Acharyalin Ponmozhigal (Tamil)

MZK247 : Astavakra Geeta (Telugu)

MZJ813 : Chatussuthri Tatparya Sangraham (Tamil)

MZK249 : Devi Bhagavatam (Telugu)

MZK209 : Devotion, Wisdom and Liberation (Tamil)

MZK207 : Explanation for Thirukkural's Introduction (Tamil)

MZJ810 : Gnalam Pottrum Gnana Guru (Tamil)

MZK246 : Harivamsam (Telugu)

MZJ792 : Jagadguru Badilalikkirar (Tamil)

MZK245 : Krishnam Vandea Jagadgurum (Telugu)

MZK235 : Mantras Which Eradicate Diseases (Tamil)

MZJ815 : Meyjnana Vilakka-Uraigal (Tamil)

MZK185 : Nala Venpa/Nala's Story in lyrical Form (Tamil)

MZK236 : Natural Medicines for Depression (Tamil)

MZJ814 : Neethi Manjari (Tamil)

MZJ816 : Personification of Perfection (Tamil)

MZK242 : Prachina Vagmayamlo Manavatvapu Velluvallu (Telugu)

MZK239 : Remedial measures for Peace (Tamil)

MZK248 : Sangeeta Rajyam (Telugu)

MZJ820 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 11)

MZJ819 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 14)

MZJ821 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 15)

MZJ279 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 1)

MZJ280 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 13)

MZJ278 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 18)

MZJ281 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 5)

MZJ277 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 8)

MZJ789 : Short Enlightened Stories (Tamil)

MZK243 : Siddhar's Universal Psychology (Tamil)

MZK238 : Siva Kavithallu

MZK204 : Spiritual, Literary and Travel Articles (Tamil)

MZK240 : Sreeramaneeyam (Telugu)

MZK210 : Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrutam in Telugu (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK211 : Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrutam in Telugu (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZJ817 : Sringeri Thiruthalamum Shri Sharada Peethamum (Tamil)

MZK241 : To Pacify Sani Bhagavan (Tamil)

MZJ811 : Uyarvikkum Uraiyadalgal (Tamil)

MZJ795 : Vasishta Saram (Tamil)

MZK244 : Your Sky My Window (Tamil)

MZJ796 : श्रीरामनक्षत्रमाला स्तुति Sri Rama Nakshatra Mala Stuti (Tamil)

MZJ797 : सन्ध्यावन्दनम् Sandhya Vandnam (Tamil)

MZK163 : Alles Ist Eins (German)

MZK044 : Ancient Language (Tamil)

MZK168 : Anuseelan Samithi - Beginning of Independence Struggle (Tamil)

MZK164 : Badragiritar's Spiritual Feelings - Part 2-With Explanation (Tamil)

MZK157 : Bhagavan Ramanar (Tamil)

MZK172 : Bhagwat Gita - An Introductory and Guide (Tamil)

MZK140 : Collection of Literatures for Children (Tamil)

MZK199 : Daughter of Naga (Tamil)

MZK135 : Duty, Honesty and Love-Social Novel (Tamil)

MZK134 : Education Through Moral Education (Tamil)

MZK145 : Eighth Methods to Cure Stomach Pain and Ulcer (Tamil)

MZK138 : Esop Stories (Tamil)

MZK189 : Explanation of Naladiyar - Four Liners (Tamil)

MZK188 : Foods Without Rice, Oil, Sugar and Salt (Tamil)

MZK166 : Frozen in Memory (Tamil)

MZK032 : Geetha Prasangamulu- Part-I (Kannada)

MZK034 : Geetha Prasangamulu- Part-II (Kannada)

MZK133 : Hindu Married Life (Telugu)

MZK170 : Hindu Religion and Indian Philosophy - A Bird's Eyeview (Tamil)

MZK142 : History of Tamil Literatures - Multiple View Points (Tamil)

MZK184 : In the Shadow of Grass (Tamil)

MZK169 : Independence Revolutionary - Mahanayak Rash Bihari Bose (Tamil)

MZK088 : Ingurunooru in Tamil (Set of 3 Volumes )

MZK171 : Is Belief in God Foolishness (Tamil)

MZK149 : Is White Coloured Foods Healthy? (Tamil)

MZK105 : Jayakanthan Kavithas (Tamil)

MZK201 : Kandirpavai Tamil Sangam Literature (Tamil)

MZK162 : La Esencia De La Instruccion Las Ensenanzas de Sri Ramana Maharshi (Spanish)

MZK182 : Let us Cook (Tamil)

MZK177 : Magnetic Treatment With Siddha and Ayurvedic Fruits (Tamil)

MZK139 : Mahatma Gandhi Book for the Welfare of Students (Tamil)

MZK183 : Manickavachagar Saivite Saint (Tamil)

MZK125 : Margadarshakulu- Maharshulu in Kannada (Part-IV)

MZK192 : Muthollayiram 300 Verses Each Sung in Praise of Chera, Chola, Pandiya Kings (Tamil)

MZK076 : Nan Yar (Tamil)

MZK160 : Nan Yar (Tamil)

MZK200 : Nappoodanar's Mullai Song Simple Explanation (Tamil)

MZK085 : Natrinai in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK180 : Natural and Herbal Treatments for Cancer (Tamil)

MZK158 : Natural Medical Treatments Why, For What and How? (Tamil)

MZK181 : Natural Medicinal Treatments for Heart Aliments (Tamil)

MZK179 : Natural Medicinal Treatments for Skin Ailments (Tamil)

MZK186 : Natural Medicinal Treatments for Thyroid Problems (Tamil)

MZK196 : Natural Medicines for Kidney Problems (Tamil)

MZK176 : Nutritious Fruits (Tamil)

MZK156 : Nutural Leafy Vegetables and Qualities of Milk (Tamil)

MZK089 : P.T. Srinivasan Lyengar's History of Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK205 : Paintamil Poompozhil (Tamil)

MZK026 : Pandiyar Varalaru (Tamil)

MZK042 : Pillala Bommala Ganapathi Leelalu (Kannada)

MZK049 : Pillala Bommala Mahabharatha (Kannada)

MZK050 : Pillala Bommala Ramayanam (Kannada)

MZK043 : Pillala Bommala Sri Krishna Leelau (Kannada)

MZK198 : Poigai - Small Pond (Tamil)

MZK167 : Relative of the Sun - Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK072 : Research Books on Tamil Literatures Upto 2010 (Tamil)

MZK206 : Sacred Hymns of Thayumanavar (Tamil)

MZK063 : Saivopanishad (Kannada)

MZK202 : Science Fiction Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZK141 : Sculptures from Social or Societal View Point (Tamil)

MZK193 : Shrines Tobes Visited by 27 Star People for Remedial Measures (Tamil)

MZK191 : Shrines Tobs Seen and Worshipped (Tamil)

MZK174 : Siddha Medicines Thirikadugam, Eladi Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZK093 : Silappadikara Surukkam (Tamil)

MZK178 : Sivagnana Bodham - Detailed Explanation of Saiva Principles (Tamil)

MZK187 : Six Ways to Prevent Constipation (Tamil)

MZK161 : Sri Govinda Nadeeyam and Other Sankara Yatras (Tamil)

MZK159 : Sri Maharshi Voimozhi (Tamil)

MZK154 : Sri Ramana Nultirattu Urai (Part -2) -Anuvada Nunmalai (Tamil)

MZK165 : Sri Ramana Upadesa Ratnamalai (Tamil)

MZK190 : Sri Santoshimata Puja Instructions and Slokams (Tamil)

MZK061 : Sri Siva Hrudayam (Kannada)

MZK012 : Tamizh Mooligai Kalangiyam (Tamil)

MZK173 : The Younger One (Tamil)

MZK203 : Thirumandiram Principles (Tamil)

MZK194 : Thirumoolar's Samadhi Yoga One of Eight Yogas (Tamil)

MZK144 : Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram in Tamil (Vol-2)

MZK195 : Thiruvalluvar and Appar Swamigal a View Point (Tamil)

MZK148 : To Live Without Medicines (Tamil)

MZK143 : Tourism - An Introduction (Tamil)

MZK175 : Treattment with Milk and Tubers Kizhangu Varieties (Tamil)

MZK146 : Uncooked Nutritious Food (Tamil)

MZK037 : Upanishad Prasangamulu- Prashnopanishad (Kannada)

MZK137 : Valluvam and Daily Life (Tamil)

MZK197 : Valluvar's Appreciation of Women's Rights (Tamil)

MZK136 : Who is Gunangkudiyar (Tamil)

MZK147 : Yoga Tantras of Siddhars (Tamil)

MZJ934 : A Woman's Voice (Tamil)

MZK104 : Abhayapradata Sri Ramakrishna (Telugu)

MZJ985 : Abhirami Andhadhi in Praise of Ammai Abhirami (Tamil)

MZJ979 : Asylum Difficulties and Experiences (Tamil)

MZK082 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana's Swarna Hastakshari (Telugu)

MZK096 : Bharata Yuvajanulara (Telugu)

MZK118 : Bharateeyata- Part-I (Kannada)

MZK116 : Bharateeyata- Part-IV (Kannada)

MZK119 : Bharatheeyataa- Part-II (Kannada)

MZK065 : Bunch of General Knowledge (Tamil)

MZK100 : Cholar Varalaru (Tamil)

MZK123 : Diary of Siddhars (Tamil)

MZK108 : Divya Janani Sri Saradadevi (Telugu)

MZJ941 : Enlightening Thirumandiram (Tamil)

MZK068 : Flames of Independence (Tamil)

MZK092 : Gurupadesamulu (Telugu)

MZK124 : Healthy Sprouts, Vegetables and Fruits (Tamil)

MZJ989 : Hindu Dharam's Guidelines for Daily Life (Tamil)

MZK083 : History of India in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK066 : Importance of Herbs (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ986 : In Search of Mother Land (Tamil)

MZK064 : Independent Koels (Tamil)

MZJ942 : Kambar's Excellence (Tamil)

MZK115 : Karaikal Ammayar who Propagated Saivism (Tamil)

MZK120 : Katayogam (Telugu)

MZK070 : Literatures and Sculptures (Tamil)

MZJ938 : Mahans Never Disappear (Tamil)

MZK131 : Margadarshakulu- Maharshulu in Kannada (Part-II)

MZK126 : Margadarshakulu- Maharshulu in Kannada (Part-III)

MZK107 : Naa Gurudevulu (Telugu)

MZK121 : One Thousand Healthy Golden Proverbs (Tamil)

MZK069 : Our Democracy History of Indian Parliament System (Tamil)

MZK098 : Pathitrupathu (Tamil)

MZK095 : Pirkala Cholar Sarithram (Tamil)

MZK071 : Politics (Tamil)

MZK097 : Priya Mitrulaku (Telugu)

MZK084 : Ramanulu Cheppina Kathalu (Telugu)

MZJ980 : Sivan in Brammapuram (Tamil)

MZJ975 : Spiritual Science Underlying Familial Religious and Social Acts (Tamil)

MZJ933 : Spirituality Temples and Miracles (Tamil)

MZK077 : Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam & Sri Ramana Stuti Panchakam (Tamil)

MZK086 : Sri Bhagavat Vachanamrutam (Tamil)

MZJ988 : Sri Periavaaccaan Pillai's- Divya Prabandha Ramayanam

MZK094 : Sri Ramakrishna Bodhamritam (Telugu)

MZK106 : Sri Ramakrishna Divyavani (Telugu)

MZK112 : Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in Telugu (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK114 : Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in Telugu (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZK103 : Sri Ramakrishna Puja Vidhanam (Telugu)

MZK110 : Sri Ramakrishna Upadeshasaram (Telugu)

MZK080 : Sri Sivabhakta Vilasam (Telugu)

MZJ801 : Sri Valmiki Hrudhayam (Tamil)

MZK101 : Sri Vivekananda Jeevita Charitra (Telugu)

MZJ940 : Tamil and Society (Tamil)

MZJ936 : Tamil Folk Stories- 200 Stories with Pictures (Tamil)

MZK091 : Tamil Idhazhiyal Varalaaru (Tamil)

MZK090 : Tamil Nadu 1800 Years Back in Tamil

MZK109 : Thavam Short Stories (Tamil)

MZK113 : Thirugnana Sambandar who Propagated Saivism (Tamil)

NAW705 : Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZK081 : Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZK102 : Thirukkural with Paintings (Tamil)

MZK111 : Thirumurugatrupadai (Tamil)

MZJ984 : Thiruvadhikai Saivite Shrine (Tamil)

NAW703 : Thrukkural with Couplets

NAW692 : Tiruvadavur Adigal Puranam (A Biography Of The Tamil Poet- Sage Manickavasagar)

MZJ932 : To be Victorious in Life (Tamil)

MZJ978 : Ulaka padam -Ulakenkum Thamizharin Varalaatru Payanankal (Tamil)

MZK129 : Worship of Tulsi Matam (Tamil)

MZJ806 : श्रीजगद्गुरुचरितामृतम् Sri Jagadguru Charita Maritam (Sri Chandra Shekhara Bharati Vijayah)

MZJ862 : 100 Chutney Varieties (Kannada)

MZK052 : Along Kongu Region (Tamil)

MZK041 : Amutha Sagarar's Yapparungkala Karigai - Grammar (Tamil)

MZK054 : Ancient Tamil

MZK008 : Arabian Nights 1001 Moral Stories (Tamil)

MZK051 : Bhagavat Gita (Tamil)

MZK006 : Birds of Bharat (Tamil)

MZJ863 : Biriyani, Fried Rice Bagaigalu (Kannada)

MZK060 : Borders of Tamil Ezham (Tamil)

MZJ866 : Chakkuli Vagu Mixturrgalu (Kannada)

MZK016 : Chera Mannar Varalaru (Tamil)

MZK002 : Church in The Morning Mangadu Temple in the Evening (Tamil)

MZK020 : Cuarenta Versos Sobre La Realidad (Spanish)

MZJ847 : Darshan in a Temple- Methods and the underlying Science (Tamil)

MZK059 : Evolution and Extinction of Demicracy in Thailand (tamil)

MZK001 : Experiences as Medicine (Tamil)

MZK036 : Geographical Index of Sri Lanka (Tamil)

MZK030 : Gurutatva Prasangamulu (Kannada)

MZK056 : Human Life as Shown in Manimekalai (Tamil)

MZK058 : Ilakkiya Ulakam - A Poet's Inquiry into Literary Traditions (Tamil)

MZJ898 : Importance of a Sattvik Diet (Tamil)

MZK024 : Kaalathai Venra Kalaivaaar (Tamil)

MZK014 : Kurunthogai (Tamil)

MZK007 : Live As Per Your Learning for Students (Tamil)

MZJ846 : Love Jihad (Tamil)

MZK038 : Love Life (Tamil)

MZK023 : Mahatma Sri Trilinga Swamy (Kannada)

MZK039 : Manapunya Kshetralu (Kannada)

MZK031 : Manicka Vachagar's Thruvachagam 8th Thirumurai (Tamil)

MZK033 : Manicka Vachagar's Thruvachagam 8th Thirumurai (Tamil)

MZK045 : Marble Mahal (Tamil)

MZK022 : Maveerar Lenin Vzhalkkai Varalaru (Tamil)

MZJ844 : Methods of Chanting a Deity's Name (Tamil)

MZK028 : Oka Uri Kadha (Kannada)

MZK046 : Pillala Bommala Dasavatha Ralu (Kannada)

MZK047 : Pillala Bommala Maha Bhagavatham (Kannada)

MZK011 : Sankilikuravan (Tamil)

MZK027 : Sivanandayogam (Kannada)

MZK025 : Sri Lalladevi Vakkulu (Kannada)

MZK055 : Tamil Commanders

MZK018 : Tamilaga Varalaru (Tamil)

MZK029 : Tamizhar Valartha Azaghu Kalaigal (Tamil)

MZK010 : Thirukkural (Eliya Thelivurai) Tamizh Vetpan in Tamil

MZK035 : Tholkappiyam (Tamil)

MZK040 : V.N. Madhi Azhagan (Tamil)

MZK009 : Valluvar and Others (Tamil)

MZJ845 : Which Deity's Name Should We Chant? (Tamil)

MZK053 : Wimalin Pakkankal -Wimal's Pages (Tamil)

MZK057 : World of Literature (Tamil)

MZK021 : Yoganithirai Alladhu Ariduyil (Tamil)

MZJ856 : 100 South Indian Microwave Recipes (Kannada)

MZJ855 : 200 South Indian Vegetarian Classical Lunch Recipes (Kannada)

MZJ922 : A Gift From the Fairy (Children's Stories in Tamil)

MZJ993 : Aaditya Hrudayam Sooryaaradhana (Kannada)

MZJ830 : About People of Sangam/Ancient Tamil Region Agananuru Part - 2 (Tamil)

MZJ983 : Actor V.V. Vairamuthu (Tamil)

MZJ858 : Adi Shankaracharya- His Life History and His Contributions to Society- With His Golden Advices (Tamil)

MZJ981 : Agasthiyar's Collection of Devaram (tamil)

MZJ973 : Anantha Kalachakram (Kannada)

MZJ957 : Bhagavannuthi Dhandakamala (Kannada)

MZJ947 : Chatrapathini Nadipinchina Samarthatha (Kannada)

MZJ987 : Controversial Tamil Research Conference (Tamil)

MZJ857 : Delicious Microwave Recipes (Vegetarian) Microwave, Combination, Grill and Convection Cooking (Kannada)

MZJ959 : Deshadharmaalaku SriramaRaksha- Nithya Paaraayanaku Srirama Hanuman Mahimaasthuti (Kannada)

MZJ945 : Dharma Karma Geetha Bodha (Kannada)

MZJ960 : Durga Chandrakala Sthuthi (Kannada)

MZJ991 : Eesha Dharmaha Sanathanaha (Kannada)

MZJ972 : For Life and Health Care- Ayurveda Saaram (Kannada)

MZJ937 : I am a Slave for Love (Tamil)

MZJ990 : Idu Nam Sanathana Dharman (Kannada)

MZJ769 : International World Tamil Conference 2010- Special Edition (Tamil)

MZJ920 : Kambar Thanippadalkal in Tamil (An Old Book)

MZJ949 : Kashi Sthothra Kadambam (Kannada)

MZJ943 : Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram Other Sthothramulu (Kannada)

MZJ928 : Mahan Mahavir- His Life History and His Contributions (Tamil)

MZJ963 : Manidweepa Varnana (Kannada)

MZJ829 : Murugan Or Beauty (Tamil)

MZJ950 : Neelakanteswara (Kannada)

MZJ939 : Pongal Festival Delights (Tamil)

MZJ967 : Pranamaami Chidambareshwaram (Kannada)

MZJ954 : Prashnothara Maalika- Pravachna Paatam (Kannada)

MZJ878 : Prayer Songs (Tamil)

MZJ962 : Purushothama Kshetram- Sri Jagannadha Vaibhavam Sthothra Maalika (Kannada)

MZJ971 : Puthra Kameshti (Kannada)

MZJ683 : Rainbow Science, Cosmetics, Social, Political (Tamil)

MZJ951 : Rama Chandra Prabhu (Kannada)

MZJ924 : Revolutionary Saint Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZJ994 : Samaadhaanam- Part-I (Kannada)

MZJ995 : Samaadhaanam- Part-I (Kannada)

MZJ935 : Sangam/Ancient Paripadal (Tamil)

MZJ982 : Sethu Kalvai Water Way (Tamil)

MZJ956 : Shiva Archana- Shiva Sthothra Rathnalu (Kannada)

MZJ952 : Shiva Tandava Sthothram (Kannada)

MZJ946 : Shivajnanam (Kannada)

MZJ965 : Shree Ganeshaabhyudayam (Kannada)

MZJ852 : Shri Saraswati Devi (Tamil)

MZJ997 : Sivapadam (Kannada)

MZJ968 : Soundarya Lahari- Shloka Thatparya Sahitham (Kannada)

MZJ897 : Spiritual Science Underlying Dhoti Being More Superior to a Mundu -A Lungi Like Attire (Tamil)

MZJ998 : Sree Vishnuvidya- Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Baashyamu (Kannada)

MZJ854 : Sri Hanuman - Spiritual Knowledge (Tamil)

MZJ992 : Sri Lalithopaakyanam- Pravachana Paatam (Kannada)

MZJ944 : Sri Madappayya Deekshitha Virachitha- Mahaa Mahimanvitha Adithya Sthothra Ratnam (Kannada)

MZJ872 : Sri Ramakrishna- His Life History and His Contributions (Tamil)

MZJ961 : Sri Ramana Bhashanamulu (Telugu)

MZJ964 : Sri Ramanasrama Lekhalu & Smrutulu (Telugu)

MZJ996 : Sri Rudra Namaka Vaibhavam- Pravachana Paatam (Kannada)

MZJ953 : Sri Shankara Bhagavathpaada Krutha (Kannada)

MZJ948 : Sri Sooktham-Paramaartham in Kannada (Pravachana Paatam)

MZJ969 : Sri Vishnu Purana (Tamil)

MZJ970 : Swami Vivekananda (Kannada)

MZJ877 : Tamil and Parallel English Proverbs (Tamil)

MZJ977 : Thirunelveli Nilavarai (Tamil)

MZJ976 : To the Brother Jayam (Tamil)

MZJ826 : Urdu - Tamil Dictionary Contains more than 20,000 Urdu Words(Tamil)

MZJ966 : Varadaraja Sthavam (Kannada)

MZJ770 : Varieties of Dishes (Tamil)

MZJ955 : Vividha Devathala- Poojaa Vidhaanam (Kannada)

MZJ706 : 100 Suvaimigu Thuvayal (Tamil)

MZJ726 : 25 Tasty Noodles Dishes (Tamil)

MZJ931 : Aer Ezhupadhu (Tamil)

MZJ741 : Always Kannadasan (Tamil)

MZJ747 : Anmeega Pettagam- 1000 Question & Answers (Tamil)

MZJ927 : Arignar Anna's Short Stories (Tamil)

MZJ761 : Arivoottum Arputha Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZJ930 : Art of Reviewing Details of Ethics (Tamil)

MZJ699 : Arumaiyana Pudding (Tamil)

MZJ714 : Arupatthu Moovar- Naayanmaarkalin Sivathondum Paniyum (Tamil)

MZJ729 : Asathal Oats Samayal (Tamil)

MZJ733 : Asia's Engineering Marvel Parambikulam- Aazhiyaru Irrigation Project (Tamil)

MZJ702 : Bhagvaan Sri Saibaba (Tamil)

MZJ711 : Bharatha Panhattu Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZJ879 : Book About Akalya Thoughts of 19 Intellectuals with Different View Points (Tamil)

MZJ882 : Chinese Woman (Tamil Novel)

MZJ918 : Dutt Spiritual Knowledge (Tamil)

MZJ755 : Everything Flourishes- On Touching (Tamil)

MZJ926 : Fire of Independence (Tamil)

NAW683 : Gojri Grammar (An Old and Rare Book)

MZJ902 : How Should The Clothes be Spiritual Perspective? (Tamil)

MZJ917 : How to do Aarti? (Tamil)

MZJ900 : How to Sleep Peacefully? (Tamil)

MZJ701 : Hundred Varieties of Chutney (Tamil)

MZJ703 : Hundred Varieties of Millet DishesThinai, Samai, Horsetail, Pani Varagu and Corn-Part 2 (Tamil)

MZJ908 : Importance and Benefits of Chanting (Tamil)

MZJ899 : Introduction to Spirituality (Tamil)

MZJ746 : Jawaharlal Nehru- An Autobiography (Tamil)

MZJ722 : Kadaisi Namaskaram (Tamil Novel)

MZJ886 : Kalki's Pooniyin Selvan in Drama form (Tamil)

MZJ743 : Karal Marx- A Biography (Tamil)

MZJ923 : Kavithas of Parinaman (Tamil)

MZJ759 : Kutty Thiruvasagam (Tamil)

MZJ736 : Let Us Start Business Venture (Tamil)

MZJ884 : Lord Murugan Contains His History, Songs on Him with Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ887 : M.G.R. In History (Tamil)

MZJ880 : M.S. Udayamurthy's Ten Letters to Mullai Muthiah (Tamil)

MZJ907 : Meignana Kazhangiam (Tamil)

MZJ717 : Muruku Mixture (Tamil)

MZJ708 : Na Voorum Vurugayigal (Tamil)

MZJ903 : Nabigal Naayagam (Tamil)

MZJ881 : Pancha Tantra Stories (Tamil)

MZJ739 : Pioneers of Industries (Tamil)

MZJ737 : Politics on River Cauveri Water Sharing (Tamil)

MZJ689 : Psychology of Montessori System (Tamil)

MZJ906 : Religious Conversions and Purifying the Converted (tamil)

MZJ901 : Religious Education Phalaka (Tamil)

MZJ896 : Ribhu Gita -Sri Siva Rahasyam (Telugu)

MZJ921 : Rusi Mikk Saiva-Asaiva Samaiyal (Tamil)

MZJ720 : Saiva Masala Curry (Tamil)

MZJ697 : Sakkarai Noyiketra Vunavu Kurippugal (Tamil)

MZJ919 : Sattvik Rangoli (Tamil)

MZJ914 : Science underlying Post Death Rites (Tamil)

MZJ911 : Science Underlying Worship of the Goddess (Tamil)

MZJ915 : Sciene Underlying Women Wearing Ornaments (Tamil)

MZG685 : Secrets of Previous Births of 63 Famous Personalities (Tamil)

MZJ885 : Secrets of Shri Ramachandra Bagawan (Tamil)

MZJ910 : Shri Ganapati (Tamil)

MZJ883 : Shri Naraya Bhatatri's Narayaneeyam (Tamil)

MZJ724 : Soup and Cold Beverages (Tamil)

MZJ730 : South Indian Vegetarian Classic Lunch Recipes (Telugu)

MZJ913 : Spiritual Practice According to Path of Guru's Grace- Guru krupayoga (Tamil)

MZJ929 : Sri Ramana Maharishi (Tamil)

MZJ756 : Sri Vedantha Desikar- 1268-1369 (Tamil)

MZJ721 : Sugamana Samayal (Tamil)

MZJ718 : Suvaiyana Sirundigal (Tamil)

MZJ704 : Sweet Corn Recipes (Tamil)

MZJ909 : Temple at Home and Implements used in the Worship of God (Tamil)

MZJ750 : The Buddha Said Stories (Tamil)

MZJ690 : The Child in a Family by Maria Montessori (Tamil)

MZJ738 : The Smell of Time (Tamil)

MZJ916 : Thodu Karikal 100 Pakkuvangal (Tamil)

MZJ740 : We Fall- Only to Get Up Again (Tamil)

MZJ904 : What is the Need for a Hindu Nation? (Tamil)

MZJ912 : Which Name to chant and Why? (Tamil)

MZJ925 : Will be Available Always Mahakavi Bharathiyar Drama (Tamil)

MZJ734 : Working Class of India- History of Emergence and Movement 1830-1990 (Tamil)

MZJ695 : Zen Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZJ864 : 100 Delicious Vegetatian Curries (Kannada)

MZJ853 : 100 Vegetarian Gravies (Kannada)

MZJ848 : 300 Vegetarian Recipes for Diabetics (Kannada)

MZJ828 : Book on Nobel Prize Winner Siddhartha By German Writer Herman Hessley (Tamil)

MZJ823 : Compilation of Speeches On Different Subjects (Tamil)

MZJ571 : Death is an Art (Compilation of Articles from Tamil Hindu Issues in Tamil)

MZJ871 : Equator (Tamil)

MZJ825 : Five Short Novels (Tamil)

MZJ676 : Half Justice and Justice Half/ Half Judge (Tamil)

MZJ831 : Instant Decision (Tamil)

MZJ875 : Kalathai Velvom Kanavai Nigazhvakkuvom (Tamil)

MZJ784 : Kamba Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZJ822 : Last Tamil Letter Aayuda Ezhuthu (Tamil)

MZJ869 : Life History of Mahan Buddha (Tamil)

MZJ859 : Looking Back (Tamil)

MZJ860 : Narayana Guru- His life History and Speeches (Tamil)

MZJ827 : On The Moonlit Light (Tamil)

MZJ865 : Pattinathu Siddhar- His Life History and Speeches (Tamil)

MZJ849 : Prayer Importance and Examples (Tamil)

MZJ868 : Ramodantham with Short Version of Srimad Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZJ861 : Secrets of Palmistry (Tamil)

MZJ850 : Sri Ram (Tamil)

MZJ873 : Sri Ranga Magatuvam (Tamil)

MZJ870 : Tanjore Vegetarian Dishes (Tamil)

MZJ851 : The Correct Methods of Paying Obeisance (Tamil)

MZJ867 : Upaharagalu (Kannada)

MZJ874 : Vanna Sarabam Dhandapani Swamigal Irrttriya Thirucchandur Ciladai Venba (Tamil)

MZJ824 : Vitharakalli's Voice/Movement For The Upliftment of Women(Tamil)

MZJ768 : 100 Vegearian Rice Delights (Telugu)

MZJ767 : 200 Traditional Sweets (Telugu)

MZJ773 : Amrutha Mozhigal (Tamil)

MZJ675 : An Introduction to Fighter Planes (Tamil)

MZJ780 : Arignar Anna Ennum Makkal Thalaivar (Tamil)

MZJ785 : Athisaya Vignani G.D. Naidu (Tamil)

MZJ625 : Bharatiyar's Cats (Tamil)

MZJ673 : Book on Soul (Tamil)

MZJ639 : Boy Child is Good, Girl is Sweet (Tamil)

MZJ762 : Edho! Vettriyadaiyum Vitthaigal (Tamil)

MZJ677 : Education Alone not to be Glorified (Tamil)

MZJ774 : Electric Rice Cooker Cooking (Tamil)

MZJ679 : General Knowledge Questions and Answers (Tamil)

MZJ670 : History of Therikattu Zamins (Tamil)

MZJ668 : I am, Sea Speaking (Tamil)

MZJ778 : Ice Creamkal, Inippukal Puddingukal (Tamil)

MZJ757 : Ki.Vaa.Ja. Sirukathaigal (Tamil)

MZJ678 : Life Enriching Thirumandiram (Tamil)

MZJ775 : Mahakavi Bharathiar Kavithaigal (Tamil)

MZJ765 : Masala Kurma (Telugu)

MZJ753 : Mathinutpa Manthira Kanakkugal (Tamil)

MZJ624 : Medicines and its Importance (Tamil)

MZJ760 : Pennin Perumai (Tamil)

MZJ764 : Ruchi Gala Masala Kooralu (Telugu)

MZJ671 : Sabash Chanakya (Tamil)

MZJ788 : Saivamum Vainavamum (Tamil)

MZJ777 : Sri Ramanujar Vaazhvum Thondum (Tamil)

MZJ622 : Surya Namaskar for Students- How and Why? (Tamil)

MZJ763 : Tamilaga Pudaiyal (Tamil)

MZJ776 : Tamizhar Thalaivar (Tamil)

MZJ758 : Thalai Sirantha Thalai Nagarangal (Tamil)

MZJ674 : The Famous Three Letters M.G.R. (Tamil)

MZJ672 : This is Me (Tamil)

MZJ787 : Thomas Alwa Edison (Tamil)

MZJ620 : Thoughts that Don't Go with the Wind (Tamil)

MZJ627 : Tirukkural is Sweet (Tamil)

MZJ666 : Where are We Going? An Eyeview into Today's Life (Tamil)

MZJ715 : 200 South Indian Vegetarian Classical Lunch Recipes (Tamil)

MZJ597 : About Bharathi (Tamil)

MZJ421 : Albert Einstein Physicist (Tamil)

MZJ713 : Amaippumaiyavadham, Pin Amaippiyal Matrum Keezhai Kaaviya Iyal (Tamil)

MZJ653 : Anna, Where is Anna? (Tamil)

MZJ547 : Arrival of Elephants (Tamil)

MZJ598 : Biography of Rajaji (Tamil)

MZJ573 : Book on Tamil Shrines (Tamil)

MZJ687 : Child Education of Maria Montessori (Tamil)

MZJ566 : Chinese Big Wall in a Small Heart (Tamil)

MZJ749 : Class Caste Land (Tamil)

MZJ744 : Congress Magasabai Saritthiram (Tamil)

MZJ056 : Cooperation of Social Systems (Tamil)

MZJ621 : Country Where We Live (Tamil)

MZJ564 : Digital Addiction (Tamil)

MZJ417 : Divine Tamil

MZJ682 : Education For New World By Maria Montessori (Tamil)

MZJ629 : Eggless Simple Cake Varieties (Tamil)

MZJ539 : Famous Quotations (Tamil)

MZJ537 : Feelings Above Languages (Tamil)

MZJ649 : Fifty Varieties of Infant Food- Upto 12 Months age (Tamil)

MZJ716 : Gandharvan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZJ731 : Glimpses of World History (Tamil)

MZJ725 : Gora (Tamil Novel)

MZJ602 : Herbs as Medicine (Tamil)

MZJ658 : Hundred Varieties of Briyani and Mixed Rice (Tamil)

MZJ667 : Hundred Varieties of Millet Ragi and Bajra Dishes Part-1 (Tamil)

MZJ669 : Hundred Varieties of Refreshing Veggies, Fruits and Beverages (Tamil)

MZJ663 : Hundred Varieties of South Indian Vegetarian Microwave Dishes (Tamil)

MZJ563 : Important Dream Man (Tamil)

MZJ525 : Isaiyamudhu (Tamil)

MZJ698 : Kaariya Sithikkana Manthirangalum Valipattu (Tamil)

MZJ727 : Kalachuvadugal in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZJ752 : karl Marx Manifiesto Comunista (Tamil)

MZJ574 : Katchi Kalambagam (Tamil)

MZJ694 : Kavi Kaalamegap Pulavarin Kavinayam (Tamil)

MZJ416 : Kongu Tradition at The End of Sangam Period (Tamil)

MZI880 : Kudanthai P. Sundaresanar's Part in The Development of Tamil Music (Tamil)

MZJ693 : Kudumba Vilakku (Tamil)

MZJ583 : Love Route (Compilations of Articles from Magazine Ilamai Pudumai in Tamil)

MZJ684 : M.G.R Novel Based on His Unpublished Speeches (Tamil)

MZJ685 : M.G.R Writings and Speeches (Set of 2 Volumes In Tamil)

MZJ723 : Malayala Ilakkiya Varalaru (Tamil)

MZJ420 : Marie Curie Physicist (Tamil)

MZJ631 : Masala Kurma Vagaigal (Tamil)

MZJ692 : Naattupura Magabharatha Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZJ686 : Nannilam Tandavaraya Swamigal's Kaivalya Navaneetham Original With Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ748 : Netaji's Heroic History (Tamil)

MZJ601 : Next Abdul Kalam- How to Become a Scientist (Tamil)

MZJ418 : Nicholas and Copernicus Mathematician and Astronomer (Tamil)

MZJ603 : Our Bodies are Real (Compilations of Articles from Magazine Nalam in Tamil)

MZJ569 : Our Body- A Machine (Compilation of Articles from Magazine Mayabazar in Tamil)

MZJ691 : Pandian Parisu (Tamil)

MZJ707 : Pandurangan Baktha Leelai (Tamil)

MZJ681 : Parallel Proverbs Tamil - English and English -Tamil

MZJ419 : Patriot Muthuramalinga Thevar(Tamil)

MZJ705 : Pattukkottai Kalyanasundram Padalkal (Tamli)

MZJ719 : Paul Zachariavin Malayala Chirukathaikal (Tamil)

MZJ414 : Ramayana (Set of 3 Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ735 : Red Star Over China (Tamil)

MZJ605 : Rocket Launchers and Mosquito Bites (Tamil)

MZJ540 : Sabash Chanakya (Tamil)

MZJ696 : Saiva Vina Vidai in Tamil (Part 1-2)

MZJ567 : Science Teasers 1000 (Tamil)

MZJ599 : Seen, We Have Seen God (Tamil)

MZJ742 : Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci (Tamil)

MZJ700 : Siddhar Aruliya Sirusti Ragasyam (Tamil)

MZJ732 : Sigmund Freud Ulappaguppaaivu Arivial (Tamil)

MZJ604 : Sky, Earth, Women- Stories of Women Preservers of Nature (Tamil)

MZJ751 : Suvaiyana Mutton- Chicken- Meen Samayal (Tamil)

MZJ524 : Tamizhachiyin Katthi (Tamil)

MZJ575 : Testing Oneself- What Are We (Tamil)

MZJ745 : The Discovery of India (Tamil)

MZJ712 : The Efficacy Of Natural Foods (Tamil)

MZJ550 : The Sky and The Earth (Tamil)

MZJ710 : The Stories Of Birbal (Tamil)

MZJ709 : Thirukkural - Simple Explanation In Tamil

MZJ415 : Thiruvalluvar's State (Tamil)

MZJ616 : Treasure of Chembai- Reputed Carnatic Vocalist (Tamil)

MZJ688 : Unknown Important Letters 100 (Tamil)

MZJ600 : Victorious Youngsters (Compilations of Articles from Ilamai Pudumai in Tamil)

MZJ584 : Ways for Better Agricultural Practices (Compilations of Articles from Nilamum Valamum in Tamil)

MZJ565 : We are fine, Hope You Are Also (Tamil)

MZJ582 : World of Sweets (Compilation of Articles from Weekly Magazine Nalam in Tamil)

MZJ646 : 100 Healthy Soya Dishes (Tamil)

MZJ680 : Achudan Pugal Paadum Arunakirinathar Matrum Thirupugal Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZJ645 : Ammanai Songs on Vaikund from Mahabharat (Tamil)

MZJ592 : Articles on Independence (Tamil)

MZJ608 : Cultural Treasure (Tamil)

MZJ617 : Divine Raga- Bhagavat Gita (Tamil Drama)

MZJ609 : Importance of Thirumandiram (Tamil)

MZJ648 : Jagadguru Viswakarma Who Created the World (Tamil)

MZJ613 : Life History of Eighteen Siddhars (Tamil)

MZJ614 : Life History of Subramania Bharati (Tamil)

MZJ655 : Materia Medica -Mineral Animal Kindgom (Tamil)

MZJ652 : Medical Practices for Learners Also (Tamil)

MZJ641 : Nadi Sastram (Tamil)

MZJ615 : One Thousand Riddles (Tamil)

MZJ656 : Palaiselvi (Tamil)

MZJ651 : Pearls of Music (Tamil)

MZJ660 : Principles of Languages (Tamil)

MZJ619 : Queen of Music- M.S. Subbulakshmi (Tamil)

MZJ659 : Renowned Artist (Tamil)

MZJ626 : River Cauvery and Kannagi (Tamil)

MZJ606 : Saivite Saints (Tamil)

MZJ643 : Saptha Rishi's Secrets About Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZJ611 : Secret of Childhood By Maria Montessori (Tamil)

MZJ654 : Siddha Medicines in Practice (Tamil)

MZJ664 : Story of Kumanan- In Picture Form (Tamil)

MZJ650 : Story of Madanakamarajan (Tamil)

MZJ647 : Story of Nala Maharaja (Tamil)

MZJ661 : Story of Thirugnana Sambandar- In Picture Form Serial No. 1 (Tamil)

MZJ662 : Story of Thirunavvukkarasar- In Picture Form (Tamil)

MZJ642 : Sukar Nadi - Planet Movement in One's Horscope (Tamil)

MZJ612 : Tamil Translation of Urdu Stories (Tamil)

MZJ623 : Thiruvachagam- Which Prevents Rebirth (Tamil)

MZJ657 : Tholkappium in Anklets (Tamil)

MZJ593 : Three Generations (Tamil)

MZJ644 : Vanvas of Pandavas (Tamil)

MZJ610 : What One Should Know About One's Child By Maria Montessori (Tamil)

MZJ607 : Women In Epics New Viewpoint (Tamil)

MZJ596 : About Arumugam Pillai- Expert in Ten Arts (Tamil)

MZJ544 : Alagin Sirippu (Tamil)

MZJ486 : Astrological- Veemesura Ullamudayan (Tamil)

MZJ570 : Bhagavat Geethai Vilakkam (Tamil)

MZJ578 : Bharathiyarin Vinayagar Vazhipaadu (Tamil)

MZJ527 : Chikkun Kuniya Paravai Kaichal Therindhu Kollungal (Tamil)

MZJ521 : Galileo Galilei Astronomer (Tamil)

MZJ568 : Handbook For First Aid (Tamil)

MZJ554 : Imayathukku Appal (Tamil)

MZJ548 : Intricate Methods of Analysis of Horscopes (Tamil)

MZJ530 : Koovatha Kuilkal (Tamil)

MZJ589 : Kumari's Nose Pin- Short Stories (Tamil)

MZJ541 : Lakshans of Man and Women (Tamil)

MZJ587 : Latest Tamil Dictionary

MZJ561 : Maathar- Mahakavi Bharathiyar (Tamil)

MZJ579 : Manavarkaluku Maniyana Pazha Mozhikal (Tamil)

MZJ526 : Mazhilchi Tharum Thinasari Poojai (Tamil)

MZJ534 : Medical Book - For Learners Also Based on Ayurveda and Sastras (Tamil)

MZJ535 : Medical Practices of Saraboji Maharaja (Tamil)

MZJ508 : Miracle Mirror (Tamil)

MZJ577 : Murugan Alladu Azhagu (Tamil)

MZJ591 : Murugan- A Grand Name (Tamil)

MZJ572 : Muthollarium (Tamil)

MZJ558 : Neram Vaazhkkaiyin Vetrikku Saram (Tamil)

MZJ590 : New Shine (Tamil)

MZJ595 : New Vision in Old Tamil Literatures (Tamil)

MZJ528 : Panikodai Sattam (Tamil)

MZJ520 : Prafulla Chandra Roy - Eminent Bengali Chemist (Tamil)

MZJ545 : Pulipani Siddhars Treatment Methods 500 (Tamil)

MZJ518 : Ramalinga Devar's Thiruvarutpa (Set of 6 Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ171 : Saga Agasthiyar's Treatment Methods (Tamil)

MZJ538 : Sage Agasthiyar Paripooranam 400 (Tamil)

MZJ576 : Sanga Kaala Pen Pulavargalum Avarkaladhu Padalgalum (Tamil)

MZJ531 : Siddhargal Aruliya Siranjeevi Maruthuvam (Tamil)

MZJ499 : Sir Humphrey Davy (Tamil)

MZJ483 : Sir Issac Newton (Tamil)

MZJ529 : Siruvar Kathai Kothu (Tamil)

NAW630 : South Indian Inscriptions (Vol XXVII) (An Old Book)

MZJ479 : Speeches That Changed The World (Tamil)

MZJ549 : Sri Garuda Puranam (Tamil)

MZJ553 : Sri Jagathguru Granthamala in Tamil (Set of 10 Volumes)

MZJ469 : Thakkayakka Parani - A Kind of Literature Praising the King who Kills 1000 Elephants in a War (Tamil)

MZJ489 : Thirukkural- Spiritual Psychological Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ533 : Thirumal Perumai Koorum Koodarpuranam (Tamil)

MZJ594 : Thiruvempavai (Tamil)

MZJ519 : Vallalar's Thiruvarutpa in Prose (Tamil)

MZJ580 : Vazhiviyal Nokkil Samayamum Samudhayamum (Tamil)

MZJ556 : Vedarishikalin Kavithai (Tamil)

MZJ506 : Veera Vanniya Drama- Courageous Vanniyars (Tamil)

MZJ588 : Victory of Tamil (Tamil)

MZJ532 : Village and Tribal People Medicinal Practices (Tamil)

MZJ543 : Was Mahal Drama (Tamil)

MZJ522 : William Thomas Alias Kelvin Prabu Physicist (Tamil)

MZJ523 : Yosikkum Velayil (Tamil)

MZJ507 : A Key to Siddha Medicine (Tamil)

MZJ492 : Alfred Nobel (Tamil)

MZJ481 : Benjamin Franklin (Tamil)

MZJ501 : How to Analyse Horoscope Chillaraikovai (Tamil)

MZJ471 : Kalingathu Parani (Tamil)

MZJ504 : Karna's Moksham or Mukthi Mahabharat (tamil)

MZJ494 : King Of Kavithas (Tamil)

MZJ487 : Louis Pasteur (Tamil)

MZJ497 : My Independent Thoughts (Tamil)

MZJ502 : Patriot Subramania Siva (Tamil)

MZJ503 : Pulipani Siddhar's Astrology (Tamil)

MZJ495 : Secrets of Moligai (Tamil)

NAW629 : South Indian Inscriptions

MZJ498 : Tantric Methods 2000 (Tamil)

MZJ490 : Think Everything Will Stay (Tamil)

MZJ484 : Thiruvalluva Nayanar's Gnana Vettiyan (Tamil)

MZJ665 : Tiffin Vagaigal (Tamil)

MZJ510 : Twenty Slokas (Tamil)

MZJ480 : Vamalaramayanam Alias Gnanavasittam -Vashistar to Sri Ram (Tamil)

MZJ459 : Aaradhanai (Tamil)

MZJ405 : Chanakya and Chandragupta (Tamil)

MZJ461 : Experiences of Municipality Head (Tamil)

MZJ465 : Leader Rajiv Gandhi (Tamil)

MZJ462 : Let Us Mend Ourselves For A Greater World (Tamil)

MZJ464 : Patriot Babu Jagajivan Ram (Tamil)

MZJ463 : Patriot Kakkan (Tamil)

MZJ460 : Pearl Inside The Shell - Indian Edition (Tamil)

MZJ458 : Siddhar (Tamil)

MZJ452 : Wandering and Understanding (Tamil)

MZJ457 : Wealth of Tamil

MZJ466 : Who is Bharathi (Tamil)

MZJ375 : Abhimanyu Wedding (Tamil)

MZJ383 : Agasthiyar's Sastras of Five Birds - Original with Remedial Measures and Advice of Shiviji to Parvathi with Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ453 : Amritha- Historic Novel About Kulothunga (Tamil)

MZJ410 : Arul Kamazhum Ariya Nigazhvugal (Tamil)

MZJ408 : Arulamuda Tzhuligal (Tamil)

MZJ435 : Astrological Annual (Tamil)

MZJ437 : Astrological Book -Sirpa Chinthamani for Everyone (Tamil)

MZJ446 : Cow Tending from Virata Parvam of Mahabharat (Tamil)

MZJ436 : Divine Stories of Elder Vikramadityan (Tamil)

MZJ381 : Drama on Birth of Devi Karumariamman and Destruction of Kapala Rakshas (Tamil)

MZJ439 : Eleven Rules for Disease Free Life (Tamil)

MZJ442 : Finding Waterwasy Through Spiritual Ways (Tamil)

MZJ450 : Food For All, Always (Tamil)

MZJ354 : Fort of Chera Dynasty- Set of 2 Volume (Tamil)

MZJ449 : Ghost- Historical Novel (Tamil)

MZJ444 : Himalayan- Historic Novel Based on Himalayas and Indo-China War (Tamil)

MZJ451 : India's Festivals and Vrats (Tamil)

MZJ447 : Kadavucheetu- Novel on Malaysian Background (Tamil)

MZJ433 : Kannusamy's Traditional Treatment (Tamil)

MZJ440 : Learners of Ayurvedic Medicine (Tamil)

MZJ412 : Naishkarmya Siddhi Saaram (Tamil)

MZJ443 : Oh, Malaysia (Tamil)

MZJ456 : Raja Kesari- Vanara King (Tamil)

MZJ343 : Right Brothers (Tamil)

MZJ438 : Sandror Dharmamum Agilathirattu Ammanaiyum (Tamil)

MZJ455 : Secret (Tamil)

MZJ445 : Story of Chitra Putra Nayanar (Tamil)

MZJ378 : Teachings of Jayamuni (Tamil)

MZJ454 : Thirumalikai- Divine Building (Tamil)

MZJ441 : Travel Book- Where All I Went (Tamil)

MZJ448 : Vichitra Chintan- Novel (Tamil)

MZJ394 : 108 Vaishnavite Navagraha Shrines for Remedial Measures (Tamil)

MZJ217 : 133 Stories for 133 Topics of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ397 : A Research on Palmistry (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ369 : Aravan Kadabali Drama Transgender Drama or Koothu (Tamil)

MZJ353 : Distinguished Pulavar Keeran- Music Artist (Tamil)

MZJ395 : Divine Five Elements Philosophical Numerology (Tamil)

MZJ372 : Drama on 18th Day War (Tamil)

MZJ370 : Drama on Gangaiamman as Happens at Tirupati (Tamil)

MZJ186 : How to Analyse Five Birds Sastram (Tamil)

MZJ236 : How to Predict without Horoscope (Tamil)

MZJ365 : Idaya Veenai- Tamil Novel

MZJ390 : Kuralamudhu Arathupal (Tamil)

MZJ237 : Learn Clarinet (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ272 : Learn Thavil (Tamil)

MZJ396 : Let us Follow Thirukkural and Achieve Greatness (Tamil)

MZJ335 : Navagrahas Malefic Effects and Their Remedies (Tamil)

MZJ393 : New Explanation for Thirukkural's Arathupal (Tamil)

MZJ371 : New Long Drama (Tamil)

MZJ389 : Numerological Astrology (Tamil)

MZJ398 : Ramana Maharishi's Simplified Version of Bhagavat Gita (Tamil)

MZJ399 : Ready Reckoner For Horoscope Matching (Tamil)

MZJ195 : Secrets of Women's Horoscope (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ388 : Silappadikaram in Musical Form (Tamil)

MZJ400 : Similarities of Confucious and Thiruvalluar's Thoughts (Tamil)

MZJ401 : Simple Explanation for Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ213 : Some Parts of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ404 : Sri Jagadguru Sri Nrishimha Bharati Mahaswamigal Charithram (Tamil)

MZJ407 : Sri Sankara Bhagavatpadacharya and Sri Suresvaracharya (Tamil)

MZJ212 : Sri Sathya Sai Baba is Our Parents (Tamil)

MZJ391 : Stories For Thirukkural (Set of Three Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ402 : Swastik and Other New Things in Neumerology (Tamil)

MZJ403 : Thirukkural As Kavithas (Tamil)

MZJ336 : Thirukkural in Mahabharata- Short Stories in Tamil

MZJ338 : Thirukurral in Everyday Life- Moral Stories in Tamil

MZJ350 : Three Famous Lyricists (Tamil)

MZJ349 : Traces of Non-Violence in Lyrics (Tamil)

MZJ214 : Twentieth Century's Moral Book Thirukkural (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ392 : World Famous Thirukkural- Inbathupal (Tamil)

MZJ384 : Worthwhile or Distinguished Thoughts of Thiruvalluar (Tamil)

MZJ379 : About Horoscopes (TAmil)

MZJ357 : Amma! Amma! (Tamil)

MZJ333 : Beauty of Thirukkural in Lyrics Form (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ377 : Bhujandar Nadi Related to Astrology - Contains Details of Dwadasa Birth and Death (Tamil)

MZJ276 : Dictionary of Technical Terms (English - Tamil)

MZJ285 : Dr. Zakir Hussain Who Worked For The Country's Welfare (Tamil)

MZJ373 : Drama of Abhimanyu's War 13th Day (Tamil)

MZJ380 : Drama on Arjun and Subatra's Wedding (Tamil)

MZJ319 : Examples Shown by Valluar (Tamil)

MZJ341 : Famous Mathematician Ramanujan (Tamil)

MZJ374 : First Day War of Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZJ368 : Funeral Folk Song Sung By Women (Tamil)

MZJ360 : History of India- From 1206 to 1526 in Tamil (Part-II)

MZJ334 : Horoscopic Explanation for Hurdles and Separation in Marriage (Tamil)

MZJ352 : Kashi- Rameshwaram (Tamil)

MZJ310 : Korea's Prosperity and Tamilians Relations (Tamil)

MZJ382 : Kuravanchi Drama - Tribes of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZJ315 : Learnt the Inner Truth (Tamil)

MZJ359 : Life History of Mahatma Gandhi (Tamil)

MZJ356 : Love Birds (Tamil)

MZJ337 : Me, As Astrologer in Alaska (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ363 : Mountain Thief (Tamil)

MZJ351 : My Story (Tamil)

MZJ313 : Nsmmazhwar is Living With Us (Tamil)

MZJ287 : Oomai Durai Brother of Veerapandiya Kattabomman (Tamil)

MZJ367 : Opportunities Waiting for Opportunities (Tamil)

MZJ322 : Review Wizard (Tamil)

MZJ362 : S.M.S. Empton- German Ship (Tamil Novel)

MZJ340 : Scientist - Thomas Alva Edison (Tamil)

MZJ290 : Scientist Gregor Johan Mandel Founder of Science of Genetics (Tamil)

MZJ294 : Scientist James Watt (Tamil)

MZJ292 : Scientist Ruther Ford (Tamil)

MZJ293 : Scientist Sir Watson Watt (Tamil)

MZJ283 : Short Stories Based on Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ339 : Silamboliyar Aninthuraigal Articles or Compositions of Chilamboli K. Chellappan (Set of 6 Volumes in Tamil )

MZJ342 : Sir. C.V. Raman - Scientist (Tamil)

MZJ309 : Sivan (Tamil)

MZJ366 : Smile of Thousand Years (Tamil)

MZJ347 : Songs of Pattinathar- Inclusive of Batragiriyar Songs (Tamil)

MZJ361 : South East Asia- 1800-1966 (Tamil)

MZJ332 : Spiritual Life is Natural Life (Tamil)

MZJ348 : Story of Nayanmars- Saivite Saints (Tamil)

MZJ387 : Techniques Quoted By Thirukkural for Industrial Development with Explanation in English (Old Book in Tamil)

MZJ355 : Tell Only the Truth (Tamil)

MZJ331 : Temples in Malaysia (Tamil)

MZH608 : The Greenary Which Broe The Earth

MZJ327 : Thirivachagam Research View (Tamil)

MZJ386 : Thirukkural in Simple Lyrics Form (Tamil)

MZJ358 : Uneducated Mind- Dramas (Tamil)

MZJ385 : World Proverbs and Thirukkural (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ282 : Yoga for Women (Tamil)

MZJ307 : About Hanumanji (Tamil)

MZJ306 : About Thirunavukkarasar in Many Perspectives (Tamil)

MZJ308 : Achievers of the World- 101 (Tamil)

MZJ318 : Ananda Vinayagar- Ganeshji (Tamil)

MZJ314 : Big Fish in a Small Bait (Tamil)

MZJ312 : Bird in the Prison (Tamil)

MZJ325 : Different Colours of Life (Tamil)

MZJ289 : Famous Scientist Archimedes (Tamil)

MZJ311 : George Bernard Shaw (Tamil)

MZJ305 : Good Governance as in Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ328 : Honey of Devaram (Tamil)

MZJ329 : In the World of Poetry (Tamil)

MZJ255 : Indian's Women (Tamil)

MZJ326 : Interesting Women (Tamil)

MZJ187 : Kundalini Yoga (Tamil)

MZJ288 : Rani Chennamma Queen of Keladi Kingdom in Karnataka (Tamil)

MZJ299 : Rebellion Woman (Tamil)

MZJ316 : Science as in Vedas (Tamil)

MZJ259 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 16)

MZJ291 : Scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose Early Writer of Science Fiction (Tamil)

MZJ323 : Sea, Ship (Tamil)

MZJ324 : Secrets of Matching Horoscopes for Marriages (Tamil)

MZJ218 : Short Stories Conveyed By Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ300 : Songs of Shri Ranganathar (Tamil)

MZJ317 : South India's Saivite Shrines- Part-II (Tamil)

MZJ286 : Srinivasa Sastriyar Who Worked For The Country's Welfare (Tamil)

MZI881 : Tamil Dictionary Researched Word Upto 1992 (Tamil)

MZJ321 : Temples of Kongu State (Tamil)

MZJ304 : Thiruvanaikka- History of the Temple and Temple Music (Tamil)

MZJ330 : Traditions of Kongu Velirs- Small Kings (Tamil)

MZJ320 : Valluar's Principles Applicable Always (Tamil)

MZJ177 : Astrological the Birth and Death (Tamil)

MZJ269 : Horoscope and Life Prediction Based on Maturity for Girls (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ271 : Learn Yoga (Tamil)

MZJ270 : Love Analysis in Thirukkural with English Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ260 : Neelakesi Jain Epic With Explanation By Samayadiwakara Muni (Tamil)

MZJ267 : Properly Learning Carnatic Music (Tamil)

MZJ268 : Raga Alapana for 100 Ragas (Tamil)

MZJ254 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 10)

MZJ256 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 17)

MZJ257 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 6)

MZJ266 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 19)

MZJ263 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 2)

MZJ265 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 3)

MZJ264 : Scientific Book Collection in Tamil (Volume 4)

MZJ261 : Tamil Manuscripts Details Part 5 From Index no. 2001 to 2500 (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ176 : Thyagaraka Sekaram (Tamil)

MZJ238 : Learn to Play Keyboard (Tamil)

MZJ240 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From 2000 Vikrama to 2010 Virodhi (Tamil)

MZJ241 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From 2010 Vikruthi to 2020 Sarvari (Tamil)

MZJ239 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From 2021 Plava to 2030 Sadarana (Tamil)

MZJ245 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From Akshaya 1986 to Pramathi 2000 (Tamil)

MZJ246 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From Akshya 1926 to Parthiba 1945 (Tamil)

MZJ247 : Manimekalai Sacred Ganith Panchang From Vya 1946 to Viswasa 1965 (Tamil)

MZJ242 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 1946 to 1965 (Tamil)

MZJ251 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 1966 to 1985 (Tamil)

MZJ243 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 1986 to 2000 (Tamil)

MZJ244 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 1986 to 2000 (Tamil)

MZJ250 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 2000 Vikrama to 2010 Virodhi (Tamil)

MZJ248 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 2010 Vikruthi to 2020 Sarvari (Tamil)

MZJ249 : Manimekalai Vakya Panchang From 2021 Plava to 2030 Sadarana (Tamil)

MZJ253 : Scientific Book Collection (Volume 9)

MZJ235 : Valluar and Science (Tamil)

MZJ234 : Sangam - Ancient Tamil Literatures (Set of 6 Volumes)

MZJ228 : Ancient/Sanga Literatures's Dictionary Tamil to English (Tamil)

MZJ208 : Best Examples Given in Thiruvasagam (Tamil)

MZJ068 : Bharathi as a Story Teller (Tamil)

MZJ222 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 3 (Koberra to Korava in Tamil)

MZJ223 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 5 (Marakkayar to Palle in Tamil)

MZJ183 : Children Stories- Prize Winning Stories of Valliappa Short Story Competition (Tamil)

MZJ178 : Come, Let Us Win the World (Tamil)

MZJ044 : Construction Technology (Tamil)

MZJ215 : Dance Thirukkural Gummi Songs (Tamil)

MZJ201 : Dharmic Ways for a Healthy Life and Healthy Nation (Tamil)

MZJ229 : Dictionary For Legal Terminology From English to Tamil

MZJ173 : Edward Jenner- English Physician (Tamil)

MZJ200 : Important 133 Thirukkural's for Student (Tamil)

MZJ224 : Index of Tamil Palm Leaves - Part 8 (Tamil)

MZJ064 : Introduction of Tamil Poetry And Its Development- First Part-Fart Section (Tamil)

MZJ060 : Kavithas in Bharathiyar's Stories (Tamil)

MZJ058 : Keerthana and The Green Parrot (Tamil)

MZJ199 : Known Thirukkural and Unkown New Meanings (Tamil)

MZJ042 : Kuravanji Dance Song (Tamil)

MZJ205 : Learn Flute (Tamil)

MZJ204 : Learn Jaladarangam (Tamil)

MZJ198 : Learn Violin (Tamil)

MZJ211 : Let the Voice of Thirukkural Be Heard (Tamil)

MZJ210 : Let the Voice of Thirukkural Be Heard- Tamil (Part 2)

MZJ180 : Let Us Sing and Be Happy (Children Songs in Tamil)

MZJ192 : Maharishi's Deep Meditation and its Benefits (Tamil)

MZJ221 : Manimekalai Panchang- Thirukanitham from 1966 to 1985 (Tamil)

MZJ039 : Mountaneous Tamil (An Old and Rare Book)

MZJ220 : Numerology (Tamil)

MZJ216 : Our Civilization Shown by Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ053 : Research Units Articles- Women's Day Conference (Tamil)

MZJ202 : Riddles of Ithihasas and Their Understanding (Tamil)

MZJ209 : Sastras Bestowing Good Life (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ172 : Scientist Ronald Ross- British Medical Doctor (Tamil)

MZJ206 : Secrets if Astrology- 1008 (Tamil)

MZJ063 : Tamil Literature's Beginning and Growth (Tamil)

MZJ219 : Thirukkural is Our Scripture (Tamil)

MZJ207 : Thiruppavai Original With Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ227 : Tholkappium Cholladikaram Explanation Nature of Names and Verbs (Set of 3 Volumes inTamil)

MZJ225 : Tholkappium Cholladikaram Grammar Explanation(Tamil)

MZJ226 : Tholkappium Cholladikaram Grammar Explanation(Tamil)

MZJ203 : Understanding Planets Benefits (Tamil)

MZJ126 : Aarogana Avarogana Swaras for 1500 Ragas (Tamil)

MZJ164 : Ainkurunuru - Poems On Land Name - Netyal

MZJ159 : Ainkurunuru - Poems On Land Name Marutham (Tamil)

MZJ137 : Ambikai- Devi Maa

MZJ133 : Art of Music- Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZJ179 : Astrology Sunderarasekaram (Tamil)

MZJ144 : Beautiful Tamil Songs to Sing with Music (Tamil)

MZJ150 : Branches of Vedas (Tamil)

MZJ123 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 1 (Abhiseka to Bayagara in Tamil)

MZJ121 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 2 (Canji to Jungu in Tamil)

MZJ120 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 6 (Palli or Vanniyar to Syrian Christians in Tamil)

MZJ119 : Castes and Tribes of South Indian Volume - 7 (Tabelue to Zonnaia in Tamil)

MZJ161 : Collective Planets Benefits (Tamil)

MZJ166 : Complete Plamistry (Tamil)

MZJ190 : Different Interpretations of Valluar (Tamil)

MZJ175 : Divine Mantrika Sakthi (Tamil)

MZJ163 : Divine Weddings- Dance and Drama (Tamil)

MZJ168 : Drama on Arjun's Marriage to Alli Rani (Tamil)

MZJ162 : Five Sabhas- Temples Dedicated to Shiva Where He Performed Cosmuc Dance (Tamil)

MZJ165 : Galil Gibran's Philosophical Thoughts (Tamil)

MZJ145 : History of Swami Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZJ124 : History of Tamil Nadu Pallavas to Pandiyas First Part (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ146 : How to Live Life- As Shown by Tholkappium (Tamil)

MZJ152 : Irayanar Kalaviyal (Tamil)

MZJ142 : Journey of the Soul (Tamil)

MZJ139 : Kalabairavar (Tamil)

MZJ116 : Kalaignar's Creations - Writings (Tmail)

MZJ154 : Kamban- Before and Always Articles on Kamba Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZJ131 : Learn Guitar (Tamil)

MZJ130 : Learn Mridangam and Ganjira (Tamil)

MZJ132 : Learn Tabla (Tamil)

MZJ197 : Learn to Play Harmonium (Tamil)

MZJ151 : Lemuria-Kumari kandam- Lost Ancient Mythical Continent in Indian Ocean (Tamil)

MZJ129 : Life and Predictions of Siddhars (Tamil)

MZJ117 : Literatures in International Languages Part - 1 (Greek Literature From Ancient Age to Present Day in Tmail)

MZJ155 : National Water Index and Joining of Rivers (Tamil)

MZJ169 : Negative Thinking - How to Steal (Tamil)

MZJ158 : Nine Tiny Temples (Tamil)

MZJ170 : On Touch Sastram of Sakadevar (Tamil)

MZJ189 : Palmistry (Tamil)

MZJ185 : Planets Talking (Tamil)

MZJ135 : Ramanar Aayiram (Tamil)

MZJ196 : Religion and Mental Peace- Compilation of Articles Appeared in Kalkandu Weekly in 1973 (Tamil)

MZJ143 : Research of Thirukkural in Prison (Tamil)

MZJ122 : Research Volume About Photography (Tamil)

MZJ174 : Saguna Sastram for Travel (Tamil)

MZJ182 : Sahadevar's Chandra Nadi One of Nine Nadis

MZJ138 : Saivite Shrines in North India (Tamil)

MZJ118 : Sculptures and Paintings of Famous Historical Personalities of Chola Kingdom (Tamil)

MZJ184 : Secrets of Horoscopes by Pulipani Saints (Tamil)

MZJ141 : Simplified Explanation of Arathu Pal of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ156 : Sindh Civilization and Ancient Tamil Literature (Tamil)

MZJ127 : Songs for Daily Worship (Tamil)

MZJ160 : South India's Saivite Shrines Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala in Tamil (Part-I)

MZI782 : Sowrastra Mahanin Tamil Keethanaigal (Tamil)

MZJ149 : Spiritual Path Shown by Thiruvalluar (Tamil)

MZJ167 : Sri Tirupati Venkatesa Perumal (Tamil)

MZJ128 : Srimad Bhagawatam (Tamil)

MZJ188 : Stories from Thirukkural Inbathupal- 1251 to 1330 (Tamil)

MZJ140 : Story of Nine Planets (Tamil)

MZJ157 : Success Guaranteed (Tamil)

MZJ194 : Thirukkanchi Muthal Thiruvannamalai Varai(Tamil)

MZJ088 : Thirukkural Verses and its Research Arathu Pal (Tamil)

MZI904 : Thiruppankal Tharum Thirukkoilkal- Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZJ136 : Thiruvalluvar's View on Medical Doctors and His Praising of Agriculture (Tamil)

MZJ147 : Trade Through Sea Route (Tamil)

MZJ097 : Treasure of Vaishnavism (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ134 : Vaazhvaangu Vazhzlam Vaa- Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZJ148 : Visit to Temple (Tamil)

MZJ153 : Written As Is What Happened (Tamil)

MZJ193 : Zamin Kovil (Tamil)

MZJ106 : Akatavikata Samsari (Tamil)

MZJ085 : Angore- Largest Monument in the World (Tamil)

MZJ115 : Cow Diseases and Treatment (Tamil)

MZI977 : Crorepati (Tamil)

MZJ093 : Definition of Yoga By Siddhars (Tamil)

MZJ102 : Diving Into Sea For Treasure Hunting in English (Tamil)

MZJ080 : Eighty Stories from Arathupal of Thirukkural From- 301 to 380 (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI849 : Fascinating Japan (Tamil)

MZJ090 : From Catamaran to Boat- Ancient Shipping Methods of South Coromandel Areas (Tamil)

MZJ017 : Galil Gibran's Sacred Words (Tamil)

MZJ018 : Galil Gibran's Tears and Smiles (Tamil)

MZJ020 : Hidden Treasures of Spirituality (Tamil)

MZJ046 : Historically Famous Divine Musicians (Tamil)

MZJ103 : History of Seasonal Magazines (Tamil)

MZJ109 : Horoscope of Girls Based on their Maturity (Tamil)

MZJ032 : How to Match Horoscopes for Marriage? (Tamil)

MZJ095 : International Languages, Part 2 Chinese Language Ancient to Present Day (Tamil)

MZJ054 : Learn Astrology (Tamil)

MZJ052 : Malayalam - English Dictionary

MZJ041 : Malefic Effects of Mars and its Remedies for Marriage (Tamil)

MZJ033 : Meaningful Traditions (Tamil)

MZJ114 : Miracles of Mooligai Treatment Original and Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ110 : Navagraha Maha Maha Mantras

MZJ096 : Pesentation of Mind Set Up in Tamil Novels

MZJ075 : Philosopher Robert Green Ingersoll- American Writer (Tamil)

MZJ089 : Philosopher- Aristotle (Tamil)

MZJ105 : Planets Movement and Its Effect Jothida Chinthamani (Tamil)

MZJ107 : Predictions About Navagrahas Placement and Movement (Tamil)

MZI835 : Principles for Tamil Literatures (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZJ101 : Research on Periyapuran (Tamil)

MZJ098 : Santhadi Aswamaham (Tamil)

MZJ071 : Simplified Explanation Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ108 : Siva Maha Mantras (Tamil)

MZJ038 : Songs Bestowing Divine Blessings (Tamil)

MZJ021 : Spirituality and Good Life (Tamil)

MZJ100 : Tamil Literatures Developed by Marati Rulers of Tanore Part-3 (Tamil)

MZJ099 : Tamilians and Their Problems in Kerala (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ048 : Telugu - English Dictionary

MZJ113 : Thirunetra Chinthamani Eye Treatment Methods (Tamil)

MZJ049 : Thought Process Comparison of Valluvar and Kambar (Tamil)

MZJ062 : Thoughts of Valluvar (Tamil)

MZJ112 : Vadakovai - Eighteen Siddhars Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ076 : Valluvar's Economic Teachings (Tamil)

MZI585 : Vamsathara By Dhivakar (Telugu)

MZJ111 : Viveka Chinthamanai (Tamil)

MZJ094 : Women Self - Help Group's Activities and Development (Tamil)

MZJ065 : Your Health in Your Hands (Tamil)

MZI917 : Aavathum Pengazhaley Azhivathum (Tamil)

MZJ012 : Acknowledged Relations in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZI918 : Araneri (Tamil)

MZJ008 : Ashta Verratta Shrines- Shiva Temples (Tamil)

MZJ086 : Balaji's Easy Way to Speak English (Tamil)

MZJ070 : Behind Success (Tamil)

MZI882 : Capacity to Write by Students Under Arivoli System in Pudukottai (Adult Learning Scheme in Tamil)

MZJ016 : Climbing the Chariot of Love (Tamil)

MZJ029 : Comedy in Literature (Tamil)

MZI919 : Deiva Thirumanangal (Tamil)

MZI973 : Don't Go Far Off (Tamil Novel)

MZJ034 : Everyday Prayer Songs (Tamil)

MZJ019 : Famous Musicians for Centuries (Tamil)

MZJ005 : Fascinating Chile- Travel History

MZJ072 : Father of Scout- Baden Powell (Tamil)

MZJ043 : Happenings in One's Life According to Horoscope (Tamil)

MZJ031 : Hindu Religious Traditions and Rituals (Tamil)

MZJ035 : How to Analyse Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZJ002 : Idaya Surangam (Tamil Novel)

MZJ003 : If Asked to Sing (Tamil)

MZJ025 : Inculcate Helping/Donating Tendency (Tamil)

MZI967 : Index of Tamil Palm Leaves- Part 7

MZJ092 : Industrial Development in Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZJ059 : International Languages' Literatures First Part (Tamil)

MZJ022 : Is Thirukkural a Saivite Book (Tamil)

MZJ027 : It is Good (Tamil)

MZJ077 : Law For Layman (Telugu)

MZJ087 : Let Us Drink the Nectar (Tamil)

MZJ013 : Love Jail (Tamil)

MZJ045 : Lucky Numbers For Women (Telugu)

MZJ079 : Manovasiyam (Tamil)

MZJ037 : Meditation For Everybody (Tamil)

MZJ001 : Method of Sending E-mails (Tamil)

MZJ073 : Modern Tailoring for Gents (Telugu)

MZJ083 : Modern Tailoring For Women (Telugu)

MZI964 : Nalandiyar - Four Liner Poems (Tamil)

MZJ011 : Navagraha Shrines (Tamil)

MZJ004 : Non-Bendable Rainbow (Tamil)

MZI976 : Not Pain, But Strength (Radio Dramas in Tamil)

MZI974 : Oh Moon, Oh Thoughts, Don't Come Near (Tamil)

MZI925 : Pattinathar (Tamil)

MZI772 : Porulnilai Kadantha Parimanam (Tamil)

MZJ040 : Reaping the Benefit of Our Birth (Tamil)

MZI963 : Research Book on Tamil Culture in Mauritius (Tamil)

MZI961 : Research on Syllabus of Class 6th to 10th of Tamil Schools (Tamil)

MZJ014 : Respectable Student- Short Stories (Tamil)

MZJ028 : Right or Wrong? (Tamil)

MZJ074 : Sacred People Who Taught Saivism (Tamil)

MZJ006 : Sangu Pushpangal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZJ084 : Shirdi Sai Baba (Tamil)

MZJ010 : Shrines of Five Elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Sky and Wind (Tamil)

MZJ047 : Skanda Shashti Kavacham (Tamil)

MZJ026 : Songs on Pillayar (Tamil)

MZJ081 : Story of Sacred Mahans in Tamil (Part-I)

MZJ082 : Story of Sacred Mahans in Tamil (Part-II)

MZJ066 : Story of Sacred Mahans in Tamil (Part-III)

MZJ023 : Sundara Kandam- Bestowing Wealth (Tamil)

MZJ061 : Tamil - Hindi Dictionary

MZI907 : Techniques of Children Songs (Tamil)

MZI771 : The Embodiment of Knowledge

MZJ007 : Thirteen Shrines to Visit to Attain Mukthi (Tamil)

MZI914 : Thirukkural Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZJ057 : Thirukkural with English Explanation (Tamil)

MZJ051 : Thirukkural- Best Teacher for the World (Tamil)

MZJ036 : This is Hindu Religion (Tamil)

MZJ050 : Tholkappium Cholladikaram Explanations (Tamil)

MZJ015 : Unexplainable Gift (Tamil)

MZJ091 : We Will Live (Tamil)

MZJ024 : Why Do We Celelebrate Diwali (Tamil)

MZI909 : Why the Temple? (Tamil)

MZI915 : Worship of the Festival (Tamil)

MZJ078 : Yogasanam (Telugu)

MZJ069 : Your Business Lucky Numbers (Telugu)

MZI984 : About Lord Kartikeya With CD (Tamil)

MZI958 : Agasthiyar's Treatment Methods (Tamil)

MZI959 : Agasthiyar's Treatment- 300 (Tamil)

MZI975 : Amalgamation in Ganges (Tamil)

MZI994 : Blessings for Wedding (Tamil)

MZI965 : Changes and Development in Tamil Dictionary (Tamil)

MZI992 : God Conducts for a Good Life (Tamil)

MZI985 : Golden Words (Tamil)

MZI988 : Golden Words (Tamil)

MZI996 : Grandfather's Medicine (Tamil)

MZI986 : Importance of Pradosham (Tamil)

MZI990 : Kind Person Can Become God (Tamil)

MZI978 : Learning Computer in Tamil (DOS-Linux-Windows)

MZI979 : Love Story of Killi- Drama With Jokes and Philosophy (Tamil)

MZI983 : Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZI970 : Meikanda Devar's Sivagnana Bodham Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZI997 : Pravachan During Margazhi (Tamil)

MZI998 : Protective Slokas (Tamil)

MZI962 : Significance of South Kallaga Nadu (Tamil)

MZI971 : Skanda Puran (Tamil)

MZI969 : Skanda Shasti Kavacham (Tamil)

MZI960 : Social and Political Life of Maratha Rulers of Thanjavur (Tamil)

MZI991 : Songs for Attaining Mukthi (Tamil)

MZI987 : Songs of Pamban Swamigal (Tamil)

MZI982 : Sri Mahabharata Adi Parv- In Poetic Form (Volume - 2)

MZI989 : The Famous Thiruchndur (Tamil)

MZI968 : Thirupugal Collection (Tamil)

MZI972 : Thoughts on Governance (Tamil)

MZI957 : Treatment of Sage Agasthiyar-205 (Tamil)

MZI995 : Valli Consort of Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI993 : Who is a Human Being (Tamil)

MZI980 : World is Drama- Full Jovial Drama (Tamil)

MZI908 : 64 Nayanaar Thirumuruga Kirubanandha Variyar Swamygal (Tamil)

MZI944 : Anyone Can Become Ram (Tamil)

MZI905 : Be Yourself (Tamil)

MZI910 : Collection of Twelve (Tamil)

MZI900 : Diamond Estate (Novel for Children in Tamil)

MZI885 : Dictionary of Words For Adult Education (Tamil)

MZI906 : Flying Elephant and Speaking Flowers (Tamil)

MZI952 : Ganesha (Tamil)

MZI924 : Glorious Glory (Tamil)

MZI935 : Good Deeds (Tamil)

MZI950 : Great for Murugan (Tamil)

MZI946 : History of Sundar (Tamil)

MZI920 : Illaram Inikka (Tamil)

MZI921 : Kandar Thiruvilaiyadal (Tamil)

MZI916 : Kandarunabhuti Lecture (Tamil)

MZI922 : Kanvin Palangal (Tamil)

MZI953 : Karaikkal Ammaiyar (Tamil)

MZI923 : Kripananda Variyar Vazhkai Varalattu Surukkam (Tamil)

MZI886 : Language of The Land - Local Colloquial (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI893 : Let Us Study and Let Us Act (Tamil)

MZI948 : Manavarkalukku (Tamil)

MZI940 : Manikkavasagar (Tamil)

MZI873 : Modern Stitching Children's Dress (Tamil)

MZI874 : Modern Stitching Children's Dress (Telugu)

MZI913 : Murugan (Tamil)

MZI951 : Nakaiccuvaikal (Tamil)

MZI955 : Nandana (Tamil)

MZI949 : Nayanar (Tamil)

MZI896 : Nest of Sparrow (Tamil)

MZI954 : Pamban Srimath Kumaragurudasa (Tamil)

MZI911 : Periyapuranam (Tamil)

MZI947 : Place Name Description (Tamil)

MZI898 : Rangan's Golden Field (Short Stories in Tamil)

MZI884 : Research On Devaram Music Tuning (Tamil)

MZI887 : Science and Tamil (Tamil)

MZI891 : Scientist Alexander Graham Bell (Tamil)

MZI895 : Scientist G.D. Naidu (Tamil)

MZI892 : Scientist Henry Ford (Tamil)

MZI894 : Scientist Joseph Lister (Tamil)

MZI897 : Scientist Michael Faraday (Tamil)

MZI943 : Shiva Puranam (Tamil)

MZI345 : Shivji's Dharma Sastram

MZI902 : Sikkalkal Theerkka Sitharkal Vazhikaattum Aalayangal (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZI819 : Songs on Struggle of Independence (Tamil)

MZI860 : Story of Grown Tail (Tamil)

MZI941 : Sundharar Varalaru (Tamil)

MZI937 : Thaththaa Sonna Kutti Kadhaigal (Tamil)

MZI927 : Thayumanavar (Tamil)

MZI926 : The Epic of Rama (Tamil)

MZI912 : The Goddess of Tyranny (Tamil)

MZI929 : The Way of Living (Tamil)

MZI939 : Thirunavukkaraar (Tamil)

MZI928 : Thiruthondar Puranam (Tamil)

MZI945 : Thiruvasagam Thirumurai (Tamil)

MZI903 : Valam Tharum Virathangal (Tamil)

MZI956 : Vallalar (Tamil)

MZI930 : Variyar Amutham (Tamil)

MZI942 : Variyar Pakkankal (Tamil)

MZI938 : Variyar Podhikkum Purana Kadhaigal (Tamil)

MZI934 : Variyar Swamigal Rasithu Thogutha Pazhmozhhal (Tamil)

MZI932 : Variyarin Oru Vari Pathil (Tamil)

MZI936 : Variyarin Sirukadhaigal (Tamil)

MZI933 : Vina Vidai (Tamil)

MZI931 : Warrior's Khasi Pilgrimage (Tamil)

MZI899 : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Songs for Children in Tamil)

MZI883 : Ancient Names in Tamil

MZI831 : Best Language - Tamil

MZI834 : Bharathi Within Bharathidasan(Tamil)

MZI863 : Dramas from Natrinai (Tamil)

MZI889 : Engineering Words in 5 Types of Lands (Tamil)

MZI864 : Folk Stories of Japan (Tamil)

MZI853 : History of South India- First Part (Tamil)

MZI867 : History of South India- Part-II (Tamil)

MZI845 : India's Independence Struggles- From 1857 to 1947 in Tamil (Part-IV)

MZI872 : Kungfu - Defence Art (Tamil)

MZI866 : Learn About Yourself (Tamil)

MZI620 : Let Us Learn English - Set of Three Volumes (Tamil)

MZI879 : Local Language Dictionary (Tamil)

MZI855 : Long Fishes (Children Songs in Tamil)

MZI611 : Maha Amritham About Kanchi Periyava (Tamil)

MZI837 : My Teacher - Bharathiyar (Tamil)

MZI832 : Nalayira Divya Prabhandam- Research Publication Part-1(Tamil)

MZI878 : Origin and Growth of World Calendars (Tamil)

MZI877 : Sewing Machine Mechanism

MZI854 : Stone Garland (Tamil)

MZI852 : Sweet Language of Kids (Tamil)

MZI839 : Tamil Christian Seeganpalgu's Thanmavazhi Original Explanation of Plant Leaves (Tamil)

MZI844 : The Swing (Tamil)

MZI865 : Thirukkural for Children (Tamil)

MZI857 : Young Generation (Tamil)

MZI875 : Your Astrology (Tamil)

MZI876 : Your Business and Lucky Numbers (Tamil)

MZI775 : A Guru Always Takes You For a Ride (Tamil)

MZF686 : A Practical Guide to Perform the Rites For Maha Chandi Yajna Ritual (Tamil)

MZI751 : An Index of Tolkappiyam With Grammatical Indications and Meanings (Tamil)

MZI796 : Approach to Alternate Grammar (Tamil)

MZI827 : Astrology (Telugu)

MZI843 : Be Happy (Tamil)

MZI776 : Beauty of Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZI805 : Children's Magazines and Literatures (Tamil)

MZI790 : Collection of Dramas (Set of 3 Volumes in Tamil)

MZI670 : Come, Let Us Visit the Temples (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI671 : Comparison of Tamil and Vivilyam (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI770 : Complete Search (Tamil)

MZI818 : Consciousness of the Human Society (Compilations of Articles in Tamil)

MZI777 : Dhyanalinga- The Science of Consonance (Tamil)

MZI599 : Divya Prabhanda Saram (Tamil)

MZI802 : Dream of an Ant (Children's Songs in Tamil)

MZI773 : Encourage the Child Encourage the World (Tamil)

MZI817 : Explanation About Yoga (Tamil)

MZI716 : Explanation on Anubhuti (Tamil)

MZI791 : Eye Diseases and New Medicines (Tamil)

MZI856 : Fakes and Truths About Excercise, Food Habits and Health (Tamil)

MZI742 : Golden Words from the Cross of Jesus (Tamil)

MZI816 : Great Personalities I met (Tamil)

MZI846 : Higher Education in India- Difficulties and Remedies (Tamil)

MZI842 : History of India- Vol-III (Tamil)

MZI841 : History of India- Vol-V (Tamil)

MZI858 : History of Mughals in Tamil (1526 to 1857)

MZI801 : Horse with Horns (Tamil)

MZI752 : How To Send Tamil Documents Safely Through Computing Networks- Research Article of Tamil Nadu Govt.(Tamil)

MZI869 : Human Development in Higher Education System (Tamil)

MZI638 : Indestructible Beauty (Tamil)

MZI859 : Indian History in Tamil- Upto 1206 AD (Vol-I)

MZI797 : Inventory of Agasthiyar 150 (Tamil)

MZI848 : Journey to US- Travel History (Tamil)

MZI820 : Karate (Telugu)

MZI824 : Karate - The Defence Art (Tamil)

MZI822 : Laughing Palm Tree (Children Songs in Tamil)

MZI871 : Life Story of Sri Aurobindo (Tamil)

MZI838 : List of Temples in Kanchipuram, Chengai and M. G. R District (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI754 : List, Index or Record for Ancient Tamil Literature Part-4 (Tamil)

MZI781 : Live Happily Spirituality (Tamil)

MZI815 : Lucky Numbers for Women (Tamil)

MZI462 : Manubhooti and Anubhooti Arunagirinathar- Explanation of Kandar Anubhooti (Tamil)

MZI741 : Meaning of Dreams (Tamil)

MZI862 : Medicine for Good Health (Tamil)

MZI780 : Meditation the Threshold of Happiness (Tamil)

MZI870 : Memories of Combodia (Tamil)

MZI806 : Migrating Tamilians and Tamil (Tamil)

MZI807 : Modern Tailoring Cutting Techniques (Tamil)

MZI829 : Modern Tailoring Cuttting - Gents (Telugu)

MZI812 : Modern Tailoring for Men (Tamil)

MZI803 : Modern Tailoring- Women's Clothes (Tamil)

MZI732 : Modern Views on Upanishads (Tamil)

MZI804 : Pictorial Stories of Children Writers (Tamil)

MZI755 : Rama - The Faultless King (Tamil)

MZI861 : Ray of Hope (Tamil)

MZI774 : Relationships (Tamil)

MZI836 : Religious Unity in Worship (Tamil)

MZI833 : Research Articles on Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZI826 : Sewing Machine Mechanism - Telugu (An Old and Rare Book)

MZI761 : Sexuality and The Divine (Tamil)

MZI868 : Some Advice to Pregnant Women (Tamil)

MZI769 : Songs to Worship God (Tamil)

NAV753 : Spirituality for Soul's Solace- Principles of Hinduism (Tamil)

MZF522 : Srimath Kamba Ramayanam Rendered into Easy- Prose (Tamil)

MZI719 : Story of Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI821 : Tamil in International Language (Tamil)

MZI750 : Tamil Mentality of Kumaragurubarar Speech in Memory of Kumaragurubarar Charities at Kasi (Tamil)

MZI814 : Taste of Literature (Tamil)

MZI783 : The Wave of Happiness (Tamil)

MZF682 : Thiruppavai and Thiruvempaavai- Explanatory Notes in Simple Tamil

MZI808 : Tholakappia Truths in Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZI779 : Velliangiri the Divine Realization (Tamil)

MZI850 : We Can Become Rich (Tamil)

MZI851 : We Can Do It (Tamil)

MZI847 : When I Fell on Your Eyes (Tamil)

MZI766 : Why Suffering? (Tamil)

MZI825 : ABC Practical Electronics (Telugu)

MZI794 : Agasthiyar's Treatment of Diseases 108 (Tamil)

MZI795 : Anna and Pavendar (Tamil)

MZI788 : Best Language Tamil (A Set of 14 Volumes)

MZI792 : Chola Kings Evidences (May be of Stone Inscriptions, Plam Leaf Inscriptions of Their History in Tamil)

MZI809 : Constitution of India (Telugu)

MZI793 : Dictionary for Tough Words Part-I (Tamil)

MZI810 : Horoscope Matching for Marriages with Explanations (Tamil)

MZI800 : Kungfu (Telugu)

MZI799 : Meditation For Everybody (Telugu)

MZI813 : Numerology (Telugu)

MZI830 : Palmistry (Telugu)

MZI823 : Palmistry - Study of Lines in the Palm (Tamil)

MZI798 : Philosophy of Society (Tamil)

MZI828 : Vaseekaranamu (Telugu)

MZI660 : A Message by Tamil

MZI746 : About Sri Ramanuja (Tamil)

MZI762 : Amaithi Kalacharam (Tamil)

MZI608 : Anandathin Pragadanam (Tamil)

MZI745 : Anger of Father (Tamil)

MZI744 : Anthony's Sheep (Tamil)

MZI595 : Chivaka Chintamani - A Tamil Novel (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZI674 : Clarified (Tamil)

MZI707 : Dissolving Your Personality (Tamil)

MZI680 : Encounter the Enlightened- Sadhguru, A Profound Mystic of Our Times (Tamil)

MZI679 : Flowers In The Path (Tamil)

MZI786 : Get the Load Down (Tamil)

MZI628 : Girivalam (Tamil)

MZI757 : Good Thoughts Taught By Religions (Tamil)

MZI713 : Guruvin Parvaiyil (Tamil)

MZI767 : Hindu Religious Vrats and Their Benefits (Tamil)

MZI778 : How to Get Rid of Problems of Casting of Evil Eye (Tamil)

MZI748 : In the Life of Learned People (Tamil)

MZI580 : Kavadi Sindhu (Tamil)

MZI747 : Leadership Qualities of Mahatma Gandhi (Tamil)

MZI749 : Life History of Ramanuja (Tamil)

MZI644 : Malaipadukadam - Tamil Poems

MZI768 : Mind Divided Understanding (Tamil)

MZI648 : Nala's History (Tamil)

MZI643 : Nedunalvadai - Tamil Poems

MZI743 : Oh, No Grandfather (Tamil)

MZI763 : Padaippil Irundhu Padaithavanukku (Tamil)

MZI605 : Peace is Your Birthright (Tamil)

MZI588 : Perumpanatrupadai- Tamil Poem

MZI764 : Philosophical Stories of Bodhignana (Tamil)

MZI614 : Porunanutrupadai - Ancient Tamil Poem (Tamil)

MZI650 : Pura Nanuru- Collection of 400 Poems (Tamil)

MZI629 : Rasi Kovilgal (Tamil)

MZI672 : Science Through Games (Tamil)

MZI765 : Simple Explanation for Hindu Religions (Tamil)

MZI784 : Some Secrets of Enlightenment (Tamil)

MZI583 : Songs on Muthukumaraswamy (Tamil)

MZI753 : Surgery of Digestive Tract (Tamil)

MZI787 : The Gospel of Sadhguru Gnanath Living With Us (Tamil)

MZI760 : The Pain of Ignorance (Tamil)

MZI586 : Thirumurugattrupadai- About Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI789 : Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI593 : Thiruvilayal Purana - About Lord Shiva (Tamil)

MZI756 : Two Communities and Two Eyes (Tamil)

MZI678 : Understanding And Not Understanding (Tamil)

MZI709 : Uyirenum Poo Malaum (Tamil)

MZI715 : Vaazhkkai Varama? Saabama? (Tamil)

MZI712 : Valvai Mamatra Oru Vaippu (Tamil)

MZI610 : What About Relationship? (Tamil)

MZI619 : Yogi Ramsurathkumar (Tamil)

MZI708 : A Good Military Chief (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI606 : A Thousand Answers (Tamil)

MZI739 : Benefits from Daily Rituals (Tamil)

MZI734 : Breath Astrology (Tamil)

MZI616 : Comparative Tamil (Tamil)

MZI706 : Diseases and Solutions (Tamil)

MZI667 : Elephant with Wings (Songs for Children in Tamil)

MZI714 : Explanation of "Thirumurugattrupadai" (Tamil)

MZI717 : Fountain from The Mountains (Tamil)

MZI622 : From Valluar (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI725 : Gifted Women Artistes in Music World (Tamil)

MZI736 : Happiness from Tamil Literature Songs (Tamil)

MZI738 : Hindu Religion by Gurujis (Tamil)

MZI729 : Hindu Religion in Germany (Tamil)

MZI740 : How to Get Relief from Diseases (Tamil)

MZI718 : Karaikal Ammaiar's "Thiruvandadhi" (Tamil)

MZI733 : Moles and Their Benefits (Tamil)

MZI677 : My Teacher- A Continuation of U.V. Swaminatha Iyer's Autobiography (Tamil)

MZI618 : New Diary (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI731 : One Individual One Organization Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi - 1924 to 2018 (Tamil)

MZI735 : Philosophical Truths of Life (Tamil)

MZI637 : Principles and Guidelines of Literature (Tamil)

MZI724 : Religion and Humanity (Tamil)

MZI675 : Research on Principles of Literature (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI655 : Take Care of Wealth- Insight into Economics

MZI728 : Ten Great Things About The 365 Achievers - Set of Two Volumes (Tamil)

MZI609 : Thiruppavai- A Guide for a Serene Life (Tamil)

MZI687 : Thorns Will Also Bloom (Tamil)

MZI737 : Truths Beyond Caste and Creed (Tamil)

NZT830 : கம்பராமாயணம் Kamba Ramayana in Tamil (Set of 7 Volumes)

MZI668 : Beginning and Continuation of Tamil Dramas (Tamil)

MZI577 : Changing the Destiny Science (Tamil)

MZI548 : Dhyanalingam Guru Tanda Guru (Tamil)

MZI676 : Far From Normal Cataranattirku (Tamil)

MZI479 : Forgive Me (Tamil)

MZI704 : Gnanothayam (Tamil)

MZI681 : Grammmar of Poetry (Tamil)

MZI574 : Guruvai Thedi (Tamil)

MZI656 : History of Countries - Part-2 (Tamil)

MZI720 : Introduction to Tamil Books (Tamil)

MZI710 : Isha Yoga -The Science That Knows You (Tamil)

MZI542 : Jana Sara (Tamil)

MZI711 : Kandar Kalivenpa- Songs on Lord Karthikeya (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI673 : Life of Tamil (Tamil)

MZI657 : M G R 100 - Outstanding Hero (Tamil)

MZI547 : Maranam Appuram (Tamil)

MZI669 : Miracle Woman (Tamil)

MZI705 : Nirvagam -Inner Management (Tamil)

MZI730 : Origin of Hindu Religion Only From Astrology (Tamil)

MZI700 : Proverb Dictionary Compiled (Tamil)

MZI654 : Sad Story of Wiping/Cutting The Root of A River - Destroying the River (Tamil)

MZI658 : Secrets of Experiments (Tamil)

MZI723 : Students Who Made My Life (Tamil)

MZI425 : Tamil Epic Poems A Research (Tamil)

MZI703 : Temple Bell (Short Stories in Tamil)

MZI722 : Tobe Successful in Cinema Facts and Truths About Filmy World (Tamil)

MZI575 : Vazhvin Puthirhalum Ganiyinthiravukolum (Tamil)

MZI721 : Water, Land, Sky and Ocean (Tamil)

MZI726 : Women in Politics

MZI727 : Worshipping God Through Songs (Tamil)

MZI697 : Writer of Ancient Tamil (Tamil)

MZI662 : A Jungle (Tamil)

MZI653 : Adi Parvam of Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZI663 : Alli Vattam, Pulli Vattam (Tamil)

MZI665 : Bharathiyar- For Tamil (Tamil)

MZI652 : Divine Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI649 : Expanded Sky Songs for Children (Tamil)

MZI640 : One Story, One Message (Tamil)

MZI651 : Parrot Singing Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZI625 : Ramayana for Children (Tamil)

MZI666 : Sky Known to Sparrow (Tamil)

MZI659 : Sri Mahabharata Adi Parv- In Poetic Form (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZI661 : Stories Told by Grandparents (Tamil)

MZI641 : Stories Written by Children in Memory of S.M. Palaniappa Chettiar (Tamil)

MZI664 : Will Meet and Will Think (Tamil)

MZI528 : A Guide to Daily Life For 12 Zodic Signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, (Set of 12 Volumes in Tamil)

MZI552 : Bestower of Good Luck Sundarakandam (Tamil)

MZI624 : Children Stories (Tamil)

MZI615 : Children Writer's Society (Tamil)

MZI561 : Explanation of Dharma (Tamil)

MZI636 : Fragrance of Mullai- The Smell of Jasmine Flower (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI564 : From Gargi to Kamsudev (Tamil)

MZI556 : Hurricane (Tamil)

MZI533 : Kamba Ramayana in Prose Order (Tamil)

MZI553 : Kanchipuram A Guide For Darshan (Tamil)

MZI645 : kundalakesi - Tamil Novel

MZI642 : Madurai Kanchi (Tamil)

MZI646 : Manimekalai - Tamil Novel

MZI647 : Nalavenpa - History of Nala and Damayanti (Tamil)

MZI551 : Philosophy of Vaishnavisam and Their Traditions (Tamil)

MZI550 : Replies From Vidaiyavan (Tamil)

MZI562 : Samayadeedam- Explanation of 6 Religions (Tamil)

MZI626 : Songs for Children (Tamil)

MZI617 : Sons of Cholan Kings (Children's Historic Novel in Tamil)

MZI537 : Sri Rama Avatara (Tamil)

MZI555 : Story of Black Slavers (Tamil)

MZI532 : Thirikadugam- Three Herbal Medicines (Tamil)

MZI571 : Where is God? (Tamil)

MZI554 : Wrong Judgement Case of Venmathi- Recordings and Judgements (Tamil)

MZI631 : Aandror Uthirtha Aanmiga Muthukal (Tamil)

MZI612 : Alwatharkku Thevaya (Tamil)

MZI621 : Chiranjeevi (Tamil)

MZI587 : Curing Diseases without Medicines (Tamil)

MZI613 : Garden of Tamil (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI630 : Kalai Selvi- Short Stories (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI601 : Manitha Sakthi Magathaana Sakthi (Tamil)

MZI527 : Medicines of Good Origin

MZI582 : Miraculous Sakthi Mudras (Tamil)

MZI598 : Nattrinai Poems (Tamil)

MZI600 : Pen Eraymaien Marupakkam (Tamil)

MZI597 : Research on Capability (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI589 : Research on Tamil as A Classical Challenge (Tamil)

MZI639 : Saivite Saints (Tamil)

MZI594 : Silappadhikaram - A Novel (Tamil)

MZI591 : Sirupanatrupadai - Ancient Tamil Poem

MZI584 : Songs on Kurinji - One of Land Names in Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZI590 : Songs on Mullai - One of Land Names of Tamil Nadu

MZI581 : Songs on Thiruchendur Murugan (Tamil)

MZI632 : Sri Aurobinda Annai (Tamil)

MZI627 : Srimath Bhagavadham (Tamil)

MZI568 : Srimath Pamban Swamigal Punitha Saridham (Tamil)

MZI603 : The Herb is Wonderful (Tamil)

MZI623 : Thelivu Peruvom (Tamil)

MZI596 : Tholkappium- Easy way to Learn (Old Book in Tamil)

MZI634 : Thulasidhasar Mudhal Meerabhai Varai (Tamil)

MZI607 : To the Fetus Petamillai (Tamil)

MZI604 : Trees Come (Tamil)

MZI592 : Valayapathi - A Novel (Tamil)

MZI635 : Vithiyasa Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZI602 : You Nallavara Fenton (Tamil)

MZI633 : Young Tamil (Tamil)

MZI514 : 400 Kilometres from Chennai (Tamil)

MZI570 : Arasargal Valartha Aanmigam (Tamil)

MZI559 : Dharmic Illustrations (Tamil)

MZI578 : Dinam Dinam Aananthamey (Tamil)

MZI566 : Drama of Kuravanchi (Tamil)

MZI579 : Edu Punitha Thalam (Tamil)

MZI573 : Himalayan Secrets (Tamil)

MZI515 : How to Recite Stories to Children (Tamil)

MZI572 : Isha Ruchi (Tamil)

MZI576 : Jennal (Tamil)

MZI563 : Loud Voice of Blacks (Tamil)

MZI422 : Madurai- Explanation of Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI567 : Meenakshi Ammai Kuram (Tamil)

MZI560 : Needhi Venpa (Tamil)

MZI569 : Palan Tharum Slogangal in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZI558 : Pattina Palai (Tamil)

MZI565 : Songs of Tirupati Balaji (Tamil)

MZI557 : Tagore's Thoughts on Livelihood (Tamil)

MZI516 : The Telephone Talked (Tamil)

MZI497 : 108 Dhivyadesa Ula - Tamil (Set of 4 Volumes)

MZI493 : Aishvaryam Alikkum Ambigaiyar (Tamil)

MZI523 : Amudha Kovai (Set of 5 Volumes in Tamil)

MZI522 : Ancient Tamil Books Vol- 1 (An Old Book In Tamil)

MZI488 : Bakthith Thamizh (Tamil)

MZI494 : Bhuddharpiran (Tamil)

MZI529 : Choolamani - One of Five Small Literature in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZI538 : Dictionary of Vaishnavism (Tamil)

MZI525 : Feelings of Self (Individual Song Collections in Tamil)

MZI502 : Indian Nationals Religion, Habits and Organisations (Tamil)

MZI500 : Indian's War (Tamil)

MZI530 : Kainilai (Tamil)

MZI492 : Kasi Yathirai (Tamil)

MZI534 : Madurai Kalambakam (Tamil)

MZI498 : Magathana Vazhvarulum Maha Sakthi Peedangal (Tamil)

MZI517 : Mahabharata for Children (Tamil)

MZI507 : Maharani's Chambers of Rajasthan (Tamil)

NAW503 : Medieval History of Chola Kings Part-1 (Tamil)

MZI536 : Nagakumara Kaviyam (Tamil)

MZI539 : Nandi Kalambakam (Tamil)

MZI508 : Nature's Way of Productions (Tamil)

MZI549 : Oru Vinadi Budhar (Tamil)

MZI544 : Periya Purana - Original Text with Explanation in Tamil (Set of 4 Volumes)

MZI491 : Prachanai Theerkkum Thiruthalangal (Tamil)

MZI499 : Religion, People and Revolution Interview Between Fidel Castro and Brazil's Priest Frey Betto (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI495 : Sadhuragiri Yaththirai (Tamil)

MZI489 : Sai - Shirdi Baba Punitha Saritham (Tamil)

MZI496 : Shakthi Vazhipadu (Tamil)

MZI526 : Tamil Proverbs

MZI543 : Tapovanaanjali (Tamil)

MZI541 : Tattvabodha (Tamil)

MZI531 : Today's Situation (Tamil)

MZI545 : Unakku Edu Vendum (Tamil)

MZI503 : World and Indian Terrrorism (Tamil)

MZI535 : Yashodhara Kaviyam (Tamil)

MZI519 : A Prize Given by Pavalam (Tamil)

MZI447 : Ancient india (Tamil)

MZI490 : Arunagiri Ula (Tamil)

MZI521 : Book on Ancient Tamilians Warfare (Tamil)

MZI454 : Book on Austerity (Tamil)

MZI439 : Book on Untouchability (Tamil)

MZI429 : Creativity Papers (An Old Book in Tamil)

MZI463 : Explanation About Porunanutrupadai (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI466 : Explanation on Abhirami Andhadhi (Set of Two Volumes in Tamil)

MZI505 : Feminity in Tamil Sculptures (Tamil)

MZI509 : Four Hundred Proverbs (Tamil)

MZI440 : Freedom At Midnight (Tamil)

MZI448 : Good Pillayar (An Old Book in Tamil)

MZI487 : Gragangal Tharum Yogangal (Tamil)

MZI501 : History of Netaji Part 1 (Tamil)

MZI459 : Honey Mixture (Stories for Children in Tamil)

MZI506 : Industrial Evolution of Chenani City (Tamil)

MZI486 : Kaana Mudiyathathil Unarappadubavarey Kadavul (Tamil)

MZI511 : Kar Narpadhu - Tamil Poetic Work

MZI461 : Karikal Valavan (An Old Book and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI451 : Light Sequences (An Old Book in Tamil)

MZI504 : Maple Revolution and Its Evolution (Tamil)

MZH499 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Thiru V Kalyana Sundaranar (Tamil)

MZI513 : Nanmani Kadigal (Tamil)

MZI377 : Papers on Manuscript Editing (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI485 : Sabarimalai Yathirai - Oru Vazhikatti (Tamil)

MZI464 : Sacrifices of an Artist (Tamil)

MZI465 : Sakalakala Valli - Master of All Arts (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI518 : Songs for Children (Tamil)

MZI520 : Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZI512 : Sweet Forty Iniyavai Napadhu - Tamil Verses

MZI445 : Tamilian's Village Stangs in The Eyes of Freud (Tamil)

MZI449 : Thinaimalai Collection of 150 Poems (Tamil)

MZI510 : Thinaimizhi Fifty (Tamil)

MZI524 : Thiru Ammanai (Tamil)

MZI453 : Valai Chetty (Short Stories in Tamil)

MZI480 : Viveka Choodamani in Tamil (Volume - II)

MZI446 : White Murders- Articles on History, Art and Literatrure (Tamil)

MZI401 : A Guide to Darshan to Navagraha Temples (Tamil)

MZI416 : An Introduction to Hindu Culture in Tamil)

MZI482 : Boogie Woogie Ganesha (Tamil)

MZI458 : Common Dictums for the World - Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZI404 : Dream of Pudumaipithan and Research in Psychology (Tamil)

MZI452 : Ealathi (Tamil)

MZI450 : Four Liners by Naladiyar (Tamil)

MZI473 : Hasten Slowly (Tamil)

MZI477 : I Love You (Tamil)

MZI456 : Inthinai Fifty (Tamil)

MZI455 : Inthinai Seventy (Tamil)

MZI457 : Kalavazhi Forty (Tamil)

MZI476 : Kamban (Tamil)

MZI483 : Krishna Photocopies Himself (Tamil)

MZI481 : Krishna Rocks (Tamil)

MZI478 : Maneesha Panchakam (Tamil)

MZI475 : Marriage a Melody (Tamil)

MZI467 : Mudumozhi Kanci (Tamil)

MZI471 : Namani Kadigal - Poetic Work (Tamil)

MZI469 : Neelakshi - One of the Famous Short Literature (Tamil)

MZI438 : Rainbow (Tamil)

MZI441 : Refusal for The Scientific Revolution (Tamil)

MZI472 : Secret of Action (Tamil)

MZI470 : Sirupanchamoolam (Tamil)

MZI468 : Story of Udayan Kumar (Tamil)

MZI484 : Tamil's Penance (Set of 10 Volumes)

MZI410 : Tarangini (Tamil)

MZI403 : Ten Days Which Transformed The World (Tamil)

MZI443 : The Long March (Tamil)

MZI444 : The Songs of Youth (Tamil)

MZI474 : Tune in the Mind (Tamil)

MZI405 : Women, Men and Castes in Tamil Literatures (Tamil)

MZI399 : A Guide To Darshan To Nava Thirupati (Tamil)

MZI424 : About Clouds (Short Poems in Tamil)

MZI360 : Anusasana Purana from Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZI374 : Art of God Symbolism (Tamil)

MZI391 : Arutperumjothi (Tamil)

MZI393 : Athisayam Anehamutra Pazhani (Tamil)

MZI395 : Athrimalai Yaathirai (Tamil)

MZI402 : Deficit in Philosophy- An Answer to the Book of Poverty of Philosophy by Pruthone (Tamil)

MZI436 : Factory Sugarcane (Tamil)

MZI435 : Festival of Three Waters (Tamil)

MZI339 : Hanuman Chalisa (Tamil)

MZI390 : Ilaiyorukku Etram Tharum Iniya Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZI394 : Kalvettu Sollum Koil Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZI431 : Kamban at Twenty (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI388 : Kovilgal, Dheivangal, Poojaigal Twenty 20 (Tamil)

MZI427 : Literature on Nomads (An Old Book in Tamil)

MZI365 : Majestic Malaysia and Scenery of Kashmir and Amarnath (Tamil)

MZI396 : Miniature Mahabharatham (Tamil)

MZI397 : Naa Manakkum Nalayiram (Tamil)

MZI354 : Nalayini (Tamil)

MZI434 : Nature of Tamil (An Old Book)

MZI357 : Nepal and Pandharpur (Tamil)

MZI437 : Pavala Malligai (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZI430 : People Who Corrected the World (Tamil)

MZI389 : Perumal Koilgalil Perumaimigu Vizhakkal (Tamil)

MZI392 : Piranthanaal Kovilgal (Tamil)

MZI353 : Questions of Etchan- Small Story in Mahabharata

MZI432 : Researched Area of Tamil

MZI356 : Savithri (Tamil)

MZI406 : Seek the Eternal (Tamil)

MZI362 : Shanthi Parv from Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZI398 : Shirdi Sai Baba History and Nine Week Vrat Guidelines (Tamil)

MZI351 : Sivananda Lahiri (Tamil)

MZI359 : Skanda Purana Lyrics Form (Tamil)

MZI385 : Society in Contemporary Poetry (Tamil)

MZI364 : Songs on Sri Subramanyar (Tamil)

MZI433 : Tamil Grammar (Articles)

MZI426 : Tamil Literatures- A Research from the Noise Anklets to Ilango Adikal (An Old Book)

MZI409 : Tat Tvam Asi- Notes on Chandogya Upanishad in Tamil (Chapter- 6)

MZI376 : Tell Me A Story - 1 (Tamil)

MZI400 : Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Darshan Guide (Tamil)

MZI384 : World of Brave People (Tamil)

MZI386 : Ayya Vaigundar (Tamil)

MZI408 : Bikshu Geeta (Tamil)

MZI420 : Dharma (Tamil)

MZI423 : Dictionary for Difficult Tamil Words (Tamil)

MZI419 : Gita Dhyanam (Tamil)

MZI417 : Great Wealth (Tamil)

MZI414 : Hanuman Chalisa in Tamil

MZI370 : History of Thirukkederswaram (Vol-II)

MZI387 : Kaaval Theivam Sudalaimadan (Tamil)

MZI413 : Kripananda's Variyar Poetic Literacy (Tamil)

MZI407 : Madurai- Explanation of Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI418 : Manah Sodhanam (Tamil)

MZI412 : Mundakopanisad (Tamil)

MZI428 : Pilgrimage to Kadirgamam (Tamil)

MZI421 : Planet in Crisis (Tamil)

MZI411 : Sadhana Panchakam (Tamil)

MZI415 : Thiruchengot's Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI368 : A Doll's House

MZI315 : About Sri Arunagiri Nathar (Tamil)

MZI375 : Aitareya Upanishad (Tamil)

MZI329 : An Introduction to Gerentology (Tamil)

MZI373 : Bhaja Govindam (Tamil)

MZI349 : Drama Experiences

MZI320 : Explanation for Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI352 : Famous Personality from Sekkizhar's Writings

MZI372 : Ganapati Atharvasirsa Upanisad (Tamil)

MZI340 : Guide to Shirdi Baba Darshan For Parayanam (Tamil)

MZI380 : Hamsa Geeta (Tamil)

MZI038 : How to Pray at Temple (Tamil)

MZI355 : Incomparable Saivite Saints- Story of Siruthondar, Kannappar and Thiruneelakandar

MZI382 : Kovur Kizhar (Tamil)

MZI343 : Mother Tongue Tamil

MZI366 : Phonetic Transcription

MZI318 : Powerful God Bhiravar During King Adiyaman's Period (Tamil)

MZI383 : Ramayana Soundaryam (Tamil)

MZI348 : Scientific Maths

MZI369 : Sing, Oh Mind

MZI350 : Speeches and Articles

MZI381 : Srimad Bhagavadam (Tamil)

MZI379 : The Game of Life (Tamil)

MZI371 : Thirukkedeswaram Temple (Vol-III)

MZI378 : Tips for Happy Living- Jeevana Sutrani (Tamil)

MZI363 : Will be Victorious

MZI361 : Will Reach the Peak

MZI299 : A Guide to Pilgrimage to Pancha Dwaraka (Tamil)

MZI298 : A Guide to Sabarimala Yatra (Tamil)

MZI313 : Acharya Guruji (Tamil)

MZI327 : Anasuya (Tamil)

MZI326 : Birth Place of the Acharyan (Tamil)

MZI319 : Chandrahasan (Tamil)

MZI336 : Chinmaya Balavihar Thunaivan (Tamil)

MZI322 : Expanded Version of Thirupugal- Thiruvanaiya (Tamil)

MZI328 : General Divine Songs (Tamil)

MZI333 : Kailash Yatra (Tamil)

MZI334 : Kapila Geeta (Tamil)

MZI331 : Kathopanisad- A Dialogue with Death (Tamil)

MZI330 : Narada Bhakti Sutra (Tamil)

MZH104 : Neruppil pootha Nerunji Malar in Tamil (Draupadi)

MZI338 : Parenting (Tamil)

MZI321 : Portraits of Poems (Tamil)

MZI324 : Songs on Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI325 : Stotrams on Lord Subrahmanyan (Tamil)

MZI337 : Thava Pudalvar Swami Chinmayananda (Tamil)

MZI335 : Upadesa Sara (Tamil)

MZI323 : Vayalur Thirupugal Explanation (Tamil)

MZI332 : We Must (Tamil)

MZI294 : A Book About The Wonderful Experiences of Disciples of Kanchi Maha Periyava (Tamil)

MZI311 : Book of Good Words (Tamil)

MZI290 : Delight of Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI316 : Explanation on Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZI312 : Heroines of Literature (Tamil)

MZI272 : Hindu Dharam Our Doubts Answers By Maha Periyava (Tamil)

MZI308 : Kandar Alankaram (Tamil)

MZI314 : Markandeyar- Devotee of Shivji (Tamil)

MZI309 : Murugammaiyar (Tamil)

MZI291 : Philosophy of Skanda Puran (Tamil)

MZI310 : Sri Aarumugar Andhadhi (Tamil)

MZI317 : Sri Arunagiri Nathar's Songs on Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI292 : Abhirami (Novel in Tamil)

MZI283 : Detailed History of Maha Periyana With Rare Happenings (Tamil)

MZI280 : Nalayira Divya Prabhandam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZI295 : Pilgrimage to Himalayas- Badrinath and Kedarnath (Tamil)

MZI296 : Prominence and Importance of Arrow and Peacock of Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI289 : Resembling Like That (Tamil)

MZI288 : Songs on Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZI293 : Thirupugal- Expanded Version of Thiruvanamalai and Thirukalathi (Tamil)

MZI281 : Tirupathy Sri Venkatachalapathy Picturesque Darshan (Tamil)

MZI287 : Two Poles (Horizons/Views in Tamil)

MZI284 : A Guide to Ahobila Yatra (Tamil)

MZI282 : Puja Methods To Remain Suhagan (Tamil)

MZI279 : Vraths Bestowing Boons (Tamil)

MZI285 : ഋഗ്വേദം ഗുരുദക്ഷിണ ഭാഷ്യം Rigvedam - Gurudakshina Bhashyam in Malayalam (Set of 8 Volumes)

MZI286 : തിരുമന്ത്രം മഹാഭാഷ്യം Thirumanthram Mahabhashyam (Malayalam)

MZI277 : A Guide To Mahabalipuram (Tamil)

MZI278 : Vrat Poojas

MZI252 : Dance of Happiness Past, Present and Future (Tamil)

MZI267 : Paranjoth Rishi's Thiruvilayadal (Tamil)

MZI273 : Shri Krishna's Leelas (Tamil)

MZI271 : Shrimad Narayaneeyam - Original Melputhur Narayana Pattathri (Tamil)

MZI258 : Sivamanjari 5th Part - From Page no.641 to 800 (Tamil)

MZI260 : Sivamanjari 9th Part - From Page 1280 to 1440 (Tamil)

MZI256 : Sri Lanka - Heart of Tamilnadu (Tamil)

MZI540 : Taittiriya Upanishad (Tamil)

MZI253 : The Absorbment Mind (Tamil)

MZI274 : Thiruppaval For Marriage (Tamil)

MZI275 : Wonderful Poojas to Get rid of Problems (Tamil)

MZI265 : Articles of Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZI264 : Moral Instructions for Leading Dharmic Life (Tamil)

MZI270 : Naladiyar Famous Four Line Poems - Original With Explanation (Tamil)

MZI266 : Narana Duraikannan's Jeeva - Life and Service (Tamil)

MZI269 : Sekizhar's Stories of 63 Nayanmars (Saivite Saints in Tamil)

MZI268 : Thoughts of K. Vaidhyanathan Dinamani (Tamil)

MZI262 : Three Eminent Publishers of Tamil Books

MZI263 : Two Small Dramas of Bharathidasan (Tamil)

MZI261 : Works of Bharathidasan in Mullai Issue (Tamil)

MZI254 : Amma (Tamil)

MZI259 : Live Like Birds - 34 Varieties of Birds Part - 1 (Tamil)

MZI255 : Two Different Worlds (Tamil Novel)

MZI257 : You Can Also Wear The Mukut (Tamil)

MZF697 : A Practical Guide to Conduct Ganapathy Homam (Tamil)

MZI198 : दासबोध- समर्थ वाग्वैजयंती - Dasabodha- Samarth Vagvaijayanti (Set of 10 Volumes in Marathi)

MZI114 : Arunagiri Nathar's Kandar Anuboothi (Tamil)

MZI117 : How to Reverse Heart Problems (Tamil)

MZI118 : Nammalwar's Tiruvaymoli (Tamil)

MZI116 : On the Edge of Heart - Short Poems (Tamil)

MZI115 : Sirumanavai Munusamy's Nataraja Pathu Prose and Poetry (Tamil)

MZI113 : Adi Sankarar's Shivananda Lahari (Tamil)

MZI103 : Comparison of Kulasekara Alwar's Mukandamalai and Perumal Thirimozhi (Tamil)

MZI102 : Expanded Dictionary of Siddars's Herbal Medicines (Tamil)

MZI107 : For Whom All Bharat is Leader (Tamil)

MZI110 : History of Tamil Brahmins (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZI083 : Individual Songs of Ottakoothar (Tamil)

MZH062 : Intuition Powers of Precognition and Telepathy of the Mind (Tamil)

MZI106 : Krishan Yajurveda Mantras Research Article (Tamil)

MZI109 : Nakkerrar's Thirumurugattrupadai (Tamil)

MZI112 : Narayaneeyam - Bestower of Good Life (Tamil)

MZI082 : Old Literatures in Film Songs (Tamil)

MZI108 : Periya Purana - Which Exemplifies Women (Tamil)

MZI111 : Puranas Are a Treasure (Tamil)

MZI105 : Sri Lalita Trishat (Tamil)

MZI051 : Sri Mahalakshmi Mantra (Tamil)

MZI076 : Sri Markandeya Purana (Tamil)

MZI085 : Sri Ramanujar's Explanation of Vedas (Tamil)

MZI087 : Sri Skanda Puran (Tamil)

MZI058 : Thiruisaipa Thirupallandu in Tamil (Ninth Part of Thirumurai)

MZI100 : Treasure of Pooja Room (Tamil)

MZI060 : About Karaikal Ammayar (Tamil)

MZI086 : Aikurungnooru (Tamil)

MZI054 : Divine Lovers Kamba Ramayanam, Villi Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZI061 : Divine Thiruvandadhi (Tamil)

MZI059 : Half Kashi and Half Kalahasti (Tamil)

MZI057 : History of Arrow, Peacock and Cock All Related to Lord Karttikeya (Tamil)

MZI084 : Life and Preachings of Sri Ramanujar (Tamil)

MZI081 : Ramanujar Nootrandadhi (Tamil

MZI009 : Saranagathi Gadhyam (Tamil)

MZI010 : Slokas on Sri Hayagriva (Tamil)

MZI052 : Sri Brahma Vaivarta Purana (Tamil)

MZI004 : Sri Brahmanda Puran (Tamil)

MZI080 : Sri Garuda Puran (Tamil)

MZI077 : Sri Godha Stuthi (Tamil)

MZI079 : Sri Vamana Puran (Tamil)

MZI074 : Sri Vayu Puran (Tamil)

MZI078 : Swami Vedantha Desikar (Tamil)

MZI055 : Thirugnana Sambandar's Devaram First Thirumurai in Tamil (Part 2)

MZI053 : Thirumandiram (Tamil)

MZI006 : Thought of Shakespeare (Tamil)

MZI032 : Abhrami Andhadhi (Tamil)

MZI047 : Aditya Hrdyam (Tamil)

MZH982 : Brigu Rishi's Theory in Tamil

MZI048 : Destinity - Secrets of Success (Tamil)

MZI050 : Do's and Don't in Everyday Life in Tamil (Set of 7 Volumes)

MZH935 : Everyday Moral Codes (Tamil)

MZI031 : Everyday Sleep Pattern (Tamil)

MZI036 : Famous Saivite Stotras (Tamil)

MZI045 : Guide to saivite Shrines (Tamil)

MZI029 : Hanumana Chalisa (Tamil)

MZH891 : Health Tips For Mental and Physical Well Being in Tamil

MZH916 : Healthy Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body (Tamil)

MZI049 : Horoscope of Sri Ram (Tamil)

MZH894 : How to live Peacefully in Present Times (Tamil)

MZI027 : How to Pray Lord Kubera (Tamil)

MZI042 : How to Reduce Blood Pressure (Tamil)

MZI022 : Mantras (Tamil)

MZI030 : Mantras for Everyday Life (Tamil)

MZI041 : Meditation Improve Your Mental Strength (Tamil)

MZH931 : Method and Mantra For How Not to Have Debts (Tamil)

MZI035 : Method to Improve Our Mental Strength (Tamil)

MZI034 : Methods to Prevent Diseases (Tamil)

MZI028 : Natural Herbs (Tamil)

MZI024 : Navagrahas-Ways to Receive Grace (Tamil)

MZH933 : Obtaining Mental Peace (Tamil)

MZI023 : Period of Auspicious Time Ttamil)

MZH937 : Resasons for Diseases and Ways of Precautions (Tamil)

MZI026 : Shiva Purana 108 Ashtotra (Tamil)

MZI046 : Shri Adi Shankaracharya (Tamil)

MZI039 : Shri Vishnu Sahasranama (Tamil)

MZH975 : Shri Yoga Hayagrivar Stotrams (Tamil)

MZI043 : Skandha Shashti Kavacham (Tamil)

MZI033 : Think, It will Happen and Ask You will be Given (Tamil)

MZI037 : To Have Healthy Life - What to Eat and What Not (Tamil)

MZI021 : Tobe Wealthy (Tamil)

MZH929 : Views of Hindu Dharma (Tamil)

MZI040 : Ways to Earn Money to Improve the Strength of One's House and Shop (Tamil)

MZH895 : Women - Things Should Know (Tamil)

MZI025 : Womens Do's and Don't (Tamil)

MZI044 : Worship for Shri Bhairava (Tamil)

MZH966 : About Sri Kailash (Tamil)

MZH983 : Anybody Can Write Story For A Movie (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZH889 : Arunagiri Nathar's Kandar Alankaram (Tamil)

MZI011 : Bhatragiriyar's Thoughts on Philosophy (Tamil)

MZH977 : Book on Planet Saturn - About Malefic Effects and Remedies (Tamil)

MZH995 : Desikar's Prayers to Thirukovilur Bhagavan (Tamil)

MZI012 : Every Religion Thought on Living Conditions (Tamil)

MZI002 : Individual Songs of Kavi. Kalamegam (Tamil)

MZI013 : Kambar's Unique Songs (Tamil)

MZH984 : Life Is A Highway

MZH970 : Omarkayam and Galil Gibran's Poems (Tamil)

MZH993 : Ottakuthar's Arrow 70 (Tamil)

MZH979 : Outcome of Dreams (Tamil)

MZH980 : Power of Subconscious Mind Relief from Suicidal Thoughts (Tamil)

MZI001 : Russian Literature Bird's Eyeview (Tamil)

MZI003 : Saint Ramanujar's Saranagathi Gadhyam (Tamil)

MZH981 : Siddha's Treatment With Three Fruits (Tamil)

MZH976 : Side Dishes (Tamil)

MZH998 : Sri Brahma Puran (Tamil)

MZH973 : Swami Desikar's Daya Sathagam (Tamil)

MZH994 : Thandalayar Sadagam Explanation for Riddles (Tamil)

MZI005 : Thayumanavar's Parapara Kanni (Tamil)

MZH954 : Varadaraja Panchasath Slokams on Sri Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal (Tamil)

MZH978 : Vruddha Paracharyam Book on Astrology (Tamil)

MZH902 : 108 Vaishnava Ashtottara Namavali (Tamil)

MZH906 : 108 Vaishnava Shrines (Tamil)

MZH927 : Always be Positive in Your Thoughts (Tamil)

MZH950 : Amanda Shasti Kavacham, Shri Shanmuga Kavacham and Devotional Songs on Lord Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZH959 : Anbu Ullam in Tamil Novel (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH936 : Anger in Everyday Life, Leave Anger for Long Life (Tamil)

MZH898 : Basic Routine of Life (Tamil)

MZH971 : Bhaja Govindam (Tamil)

MZH955 : Biography of Alwars (Tamil)

MZH957 : Biography of Sri Naradar (Tamil)

MZH949 : Book on Navagrahas, Shri Siva Purana and Devi's Praise Etc (Tamil)

MZH890 : Book On Trade Between Tamil Nadu and South East Asian Countries

MZH938 : Breathing Techniques to increase Life Span (Tamil)

MZH909 : Good Habbits to have Healthy Body (Tamil)

MZH911 : Good Habits for Healthy Living (Tamil)

MZH923 : Grandma's Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZH892 : Grandma's Simple Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZH919 : History of Siddhas (Tamil)

MZH925 : How to Increase Our Strength (Tamil)

MZH888 : Kandar Anubuthi On Lord Karttikeya (Tamil)

MZH907 : Kumarasa Satakam (Tamil)

MZH964 : Leo Tolstoy is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tami)

MZH958 : Lyrics of Pattinathar (Tamil)

MZH896 : Methods to Get More Marks For Students (Tamil)

MZH962 : Naattukku Uzhaitha Nallavar Rajaram Mohanroy (Tamil)

MZH974 : Request of Those Passed Away (Tamil)

MZH913 : Sai Baba Coming Back (Tamil)

MZH969 : Sankalpa Suryodayam Drama Part 2 (Tamil)

MZH901 : Shiva Purana (Tamil)

MZH930 : Six Shrines of Shri Karttikeya's (Tamil)

MZH904 : Skanda Shashti Kavacham (Tamil)

MZH893 : Skandha Kavacham (Tamil)

MZH953 : Sri Bhavishya Puran (Tamil)

MZH951 : Sri Kurma Puran (Tamil)

MZH899 : Sri Lalita Sahasranama (Tamil)

MZH952 : Sri Macha Puran (Tamil)

MZH934 : Sri Skandha Shasti Kavacham (Tamil)

MZH908 : Strengthen - The Power of Ones House (Tamil)

MZH968 : Thayumanavar's On Which Day (Tamil)

MZH921 : Things for Healthy Living (Tamil)

MZH920 : Things Harmful to One's Health (Tamil)

MZH967 : Thiruvempavai Thirupalliyezichi (Tamil)

MZH965 : Vaishnavism and Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZH835 : Villi Bharatam in Tamil (Short Version)

MZH972 : Viveka Chintamani (Tamil)

MZH903 : What to Do and What Not - For Students (Tamil)

MZH865 : Alibaba (Tamil)

MZH860 : Annadurai is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH789 : Arppanam- Dedicated to God (Tamil)

MZH887 : Bharathi Dasan's Love Portraits (Tamil)

MZH884 : Collection of Individual Songs (Tamil)

MZH728 : Creations are Different and Each One Different (Tamil)

MZH867 : How to Increase Our Brain Power (Tamil)

MZH873 : How to Live Peacefully in Present Times (Tamil)

MZH864 : Kasturba Gandhi was a good Woman Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH862 : Mahadeva Govind Ranade is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH872 : Mantras for Daily Life (Tamil)

MZH807 : Money..Money Your are getting it and Going to Retain It (Tamil)

MZH861 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Aravindar (Tamil)

MZH857 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Vibin Chandra Balar (Tamil)

MZH830 : Pari Padal in Tamil (Eight Verses)

MZH859 : Rajendra Prasad is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH843 : Sankalpa Suryodayam Drama Part 1 (Tamil)

MZH870 : Seven Ways For a Victorious Life (Tamil)

MZH885 : Sri Linga Purana (Tamil)

MZH886 : Sri Padma Purana (Tamil)

MZH834 : The Two Great Lyricists (Tamil)

MZH882 : The Varaha Purana (Tamil)

MZH883 : Thirugnana Sambandar's Devaram First Thirumurai in Tamil (First Part)

MZH858 : Visvesvaraya- The Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH779 : Who is He? (Tamil)

MZH778 : World Renowned Proverbial Stories (Tamil)

MZH849 : Yoga Treatment to Control Blood Pressure (Tamil)

MZH848 : Aachariyam Ennum Gragam- Children Book (Tamil)

MZH842 : Akilan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH846 : Alilaiyum Nelkathirum- Selected malayalam Poems (Tamil)

MZH838 : Battlefields in Puranas (Tamil)

MZH839 : Chozhavandan Arasanchshanmuganar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH840 : Gandharvan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH844 : Gopalakrishna Bharati- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH827 : Hindu Festivals and Temple Traditions (Tamil)

MZH845 : Jnanadevar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH742 : Kunthogai Kolangal (Tamil)

MZH829 : Lyrics on Saraswati (Tamil)

MZH700 : Malai Mel Neruppu (Tamil Novel)

MZH688 : Medicines to Increase Sperm Count (Tamil)

MZH847 : Mouniyin Kathaigal- Anthology of Mouni's Short Stories (Tamil)

MZH841 : Naa Parthasarathi- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH710 : Origin and Growth of New Age Kavithas (Sahitya Akademi Award Winning Tamil Novel in Tamil)

MZH707 : Philosophies of Hinduism and Its Rituals (Tamil)

MZH770 : Pon Vilangu in Tamil (Novel)

MZH837 : Raja Rammohan Roy- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH691 : Ramayana and Mahabharata iin One Book (Tamil)

MZH769 : Ripened Jack Fruit From The Roots (Tamil)

MZH824 : Seven Shrines (Tamil)

MZH793 : Sindanai Vagutha Vazhi (Tamil)

MZH816 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam (Tamil)

MZH836 : Sri Padukasahasram (Tamil)

MZH785 : Tamil in Elaboration

MZH781 : Tamil Selvam- Part 2

MZH810 : The Hill of Sacred Eagles (Tamil)

MZH698 : Thernthedutha Sanga Ilakkiya Padalgal in Tamil (Poetry)

MZH806 : Thiruvachagam (Tamil)

MZH764 : Thiruvasagam in Tamil (On Lord Shiva)

MZH784 : Udaybanu Black Clouds (Tamil)

MZH782 : Vallur Times Domination (Tamil)

MZH777 : Veer Savarkar- The Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH667 : गीत रामायण Geet Ramayana (Marathi)

MZH696 : கும்பகோணம் மகாமகம் Kumbakonam Mahamaham Festival 2016 (Tamil)

MZH694 : பட்டினத்தார் வரலாறும் பாடல் கரும் History and Speech of Pattinathar (Tamil)

MZH695 : புண்ணியம் தேடிக்கொள்ளுங்கள் Earn Goodwill from God (Tamil)

MZH699 : ஸ்ரீ ஆஞ்சநேயர் வழிபாடு Worship of Shri Anjaneya (Tamil)

MZH683 : Ahobilam (Tamil)

MZH679 : Amlimalika - An Old and Rare Book (Oriya)

MZH749 : Arunagiri Nathar's Thirupugal (Tamil)

MZH681 : Atharasaha Satabanara Swadhinata Sangram (Oriya)

MZH709 : Best Yogic Postures and Siddha Medicines to Control Diseases of Private Parts (Tamil)

MZH692 : City Becomes a Hell (Tamil)

MZH701 : Engal Thaathaavukku Oru Yaanai Irundhadhu (Tamil Novel)

MZH720 : Hercules (Tamil)

MZH674 : Hogi Jeet Hamari (Oriya)

MZH712 : Horoscope and Family Life (Tamil)

MZH632 : Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt's Acharya's Ancentory(Tamil)

MZH705 : Kavingar Murugu Sundaram Kavithaigal (Tamil Poetry)

MZH690 : Knots Made By Stones / Stone Knots (Tamil)

MZH703 : Mahakavi Bharathiyar Katturaigal- An Anthology of Essays of Mahakavi Bharathiyar (Tamil)

MZH685 : Matching Horoscopes For Marriages (Tamil)

MZH726 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Marudhu Sakotharargal (Tamil)

MZH725 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Rajaji (Tamil)

MZH722 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Veerama Munivar (Tamil)

MZH704 : Oru Pudhu Ulagam (Tamil Novel)

NAW479 : Pals Dictionary English - English - Tamil

MZH760 : Pathitru Pathu (Tamil)

MZH715 : Pattu Chiragu (Tamil)

MZH717 : Payamkollalahathu Pappa (Tamil)

MZH736 : Periya Purana in Tamil (A New Outlook)

MZH706 : Periyasamy Thooran Karutharanga Katturaigal- Seminar Papers on Periyasamy Thooran (Tamil)

MZH718 : Prakasam Who Dedicated His Life in the country (Tamil)

MZH680 : Rani Lakshmibai (Oriya)

MZH677 : Razia Sultan (Oriya)

MZH666 : Siruvar Kathaippaadalgal (Tamil)

MZH682 : Sovereign Divine Flowers (Tamil)

MZH763 : Sri Agni Purana (Tamil)

MZH759 : Sri Bhagavata Purana (Tamil)

MZH723 : Sri Krishna - Srimad Bhagvad Gita (Tamil)

MZH767 : Sri Venkatesa Purana (Tamil)

MZH693 : Standing By (Tamil)

MZH686 : Stars According to Science (Tamil)

MZH687 : Stories of Paramartha Guru (Tamil)

MZH631 : Sundaram Ramayanam (Tamil)

MZH675 : Swaraj Ke Mantradata Tilak (Malayalam)

MZH689 : Uthara Kalamrutham (Tamil)

MZH633 : Varieties of Soup (Tamil)

MZH684 : Veda of Siddhars Tamilians' Veda (Tamil)

MZH635 : Women Admired by India (Tamil)

MZH678 : भारताची स्त्री रत्ने Bharat Ke Naari Ratna (Marathi)

MZH673 : विजय आमचाच होईल Hogi Jeet Hamari (Marathi)

MZH676 : स्वराज्याचे मंत्रदाता टिळक Swaraj Ke Mantradata Tilak (Marathi)

MZH671 : நவக்கிரக வழிபாட்டு முறை Navagraha Pujan

MZH702 : ஸ்ரீ ஷீரடி சாயிபாபா Shri Shirdi Sai Baba (Tamil)

MZH669 : Annan Alla Appa in Tamil (Novel)

MZH569 : Eminent Broadcasters (Telugu)

MZH641 : Interesting Rapid Round Questions and Answers (Tamil)

MZH670 : Journey with Indelible Footsteps (Tamil)

MZH655 : Kalachuvadugal in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZH663 : Kalki The Writer Talks of 5 Eminent Personnel Malai University (Tamil)

MZH649 : Life as Per Thoughts Treasure of Life (Tamil)

MZH668 : Milagaipala Samiyarum Valaipala Samiyarum (Tamil)

MZH661 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Lal Bahadur Sastri (Tamil)

MZH654 : Oru Pinanthookkyin Varalaatru Kurippugal in Tamil (Novel)

MZH658 : Parakkum Kambalam in Tamil (Novel)

MZH630 : Parasara Hora Sastram Original (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZH573 : Ramanujan's Revolutionary Thoughts (Tamil)

MZH639 : Secret and Highly Secret (Tamil)

MZH601 : Shri Lalita Sahasranama (Tamil)

MZH640 : Skanda Puran Explanation (Tamil)

MZH634 : Stereo Amplifer and Home Theatre Sound System (Tamil)

MZH645 : Stories of Mulla (Tamil)

MZH636 : Swami Dayanand Saraswathi- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH638 : The Godliness of Saints (Tamil)

MZH656 : Tiran Chinnamalai is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH563 : आधुनिक भारत के निर्माता- काकासाहेब कालेलकर Builders of Modern India- Kakasaheb Kalelkar (Marathi)

MZH565 : आधुनिक भारताचे निर्माता- पंडित दीनदयाल उपाधयाय Builders of Modern India- Pandit Deendayal Upadhayay (Marathi)

MZH567 : आधुनिक भारताचे शिल्पकार- मु. रा. जयकर Builders of Modern India- M.R. Jaykar -An Old and Rare Book (Marathi)

MZH578 : एकताक बाजौत चित्र Ekta Ki Bolti Tasveeren Maithili

MZH558 : तेलुगु वेळुगु Telugu Velugu (An Old and Rare Book in Telugu)

MZH562 : An Intermediate Course in Kashmiri (Urdu)

MZH480 : Andrews was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH575 : Bharathiyar Kavithaikal (Tamil)

MZH598 : Chakkarai Noikku Bye! Bye! (Tamil)

MZH484 : Chetak aur Pratap- An Old and Rare Book (Telugu)

MZH579 : Cultural Leaders of India- Devotional Poets and Mystics - Telugu (Set of 2 Parts)

MZH550 : Darshan of God Bhairava (Tamil)

MZH559 : Eighteen Fifty Seven (Telugu)

MZH474 : Glory of Vijayanagara (Telugu)

MZH547 : God - Tamilians' Veda (Tamil)

MZH570 : Guru Nanak is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH599 : Hindu Religious Repository (Tamil)

MZH591 : How to go on a Pilgrimage to Kashi (Tamil)

MZH572 : India in World Sports- An Old and Rare Book (Telugu)

MZH564 : Jayaprakash Narayan is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH495 : Kamaraj was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH535 : Life History of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Tamil)

MZH476 : Mahamanya Madan Mohan Malaviya (Telugu)

MZH530 : Metro Tailoring Art Womens' Outfit (Tamil)

MZH478 : Motilal Nehru was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH568 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallarvar Annie Besant (Tamil)

MZH597 : North Arcot Traditions (Tamil)

MZH472 : Our National Flag (Telugu)

MZH594 : Pamban Swamigal Aruliya Kumarasthavam (Tamil)

MZH485 : Raani Durgavati (Telugu)

MZH486 : Razia Sultan (Telugu)

MZH490 : Satyamurthy was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH587 : Senior Talks (Tamil)

MZH583 : Shiva Purana (Tamil)

MZH482 : Shivaji was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH586 : Shri Suktam (Tamil)

MZH589 : Sri Rudram (Tamil)

MZH491 : Swaraj Ke Mantradata Tilak (Telugu)

MZH536 : Sweet Dishes/Kheers and Namkeens (Tamil)

MZH522 : Tailoring - Men's Outfit (Tamil)

MZH560 : The Victory of an Arrow (Tamil)

MZH404 : Thiraikadhai in Tamil (Expanded Edition)

MZH497 : Tirupur Kumaran was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH503 : Umasahasramu (Telugu)

MZH467 : Vavecuaiyar was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH595 : Vellaikkaran Veedu (Tamil)

MZH494 : आईची माया Mother's Love (Marathi)

MZH561 : आधुनिक भारत के निर्माता डॉ केशव बलिराम हेडगेवार Builders of Modern India- Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar (Telugu)

MZH469 : आधुनिक-भारतस्य निर्मातार डॉ. एन. एस. हर्डीकर Builders of Modern India Dr. N.S. Hardikar- An Old and Rare Book (Marathi)

MZH576 : रझिया सुल्तान Razia Sultan (Marathi)

MZH498 : सरदार पटेल Illustrated Biography of Sardar Patel (Telugu)

MZG928 : All IN One (Telugu)

MZH500 : Ananda Ranga Pillai V-Natkurippu Srimuga Andu 1753-1754 (Tamil)

MZH508 : Annamacharya- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH506 : Appar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH510 : Arignar Anna- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH505 : Arunachala Stuti Panchakamu and Upadesasaramu (Telugu)

MZH511 : Bala Deepigai (Tamil)

MZH509 : Bhagawat Sankalita Prasadamu (Telugu)

MZH479 : Bharatiya Harinam (Telugu)

MZH475 : Chittaranjan Das Was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH515 : Chittukkuruviyaip Pole (Tamil Modern Poetry)

MZH487 : Dr. Ambedkar- The Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH546 : Freedom Fighters' Life History (Tamil)

MZH507 : Guru-Giri-Gudi A Guide to Sri Ramanasramam, The Hill, Sri Arunachaleswara Temple and Giri Pradakshina (Telugu)

MZH471 : Haadi Raani (Telugu)

MZH538 : Hindu Festivals And Vrats (Tamil)

MZH520 : Ka. Ayothidasa Pandithar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH533 : Lifestory Of Shri Ramanujar and Other Vaishnavite Religious Leaders (Tamil)

MZH435 : Marthanda Varma (Tamil Novel)

MZH527 : Medicinal Garden At Home (Tamil)

MZH517 : Na. Vaanamaamalai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH493 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Periyar E.V. Ramasamy (Tamil)

MZH466 : Nehru Thoughts on National Topics - An Old and Rare Book (Telugu)

MZG936 : Nenevadanu (Telugu)

MZH504 : Pallu Llakkiya Thirattu in Tamil (Poetry)

MZH523 : Panmuka Nokkil Ayothidasa Pandithar (Tamil)

MZH470 : Panna Daadi (Telugu)

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MZH513 : Peraasiriyar Na. Subbureddyarin Panmugham (Tamil)

MZH529 : Pinai Kaidhi (Tamil Novel)

MZH532 : Puthiya Tamizh Sirukathaigal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZH483 : Pyagambarula Gaadhalu (Telugu)

MZH488 : Sahasavanitha Durgabai Deshmukh (Telugu)

MZH477 : Science Nature's Copycat (Telugu)

MZG926 : Sri Arunachala Paancharatnam (Telugu)

MZH514 : Sri Ramana Granthamala (Telugu)

MZH516 : Sri Ramana Para Vidyopanishath (Telugu)

MZH502 : Sri Ramana Sahasranama Bhashyamu (Telugu)

MZH501 : Sri Ramana Smaranamruthamu (Telugu)

MZG933 : Sri Vasishtha Ramaneeyamu (Telugu)

MZH534 : Then Kamaroopathin Kathai in Tamil (Novel)

MZH519 : Thiru Muruga Andadhi (Tamil)

MZG931 : Upadesasaramu (Telugu)

MZH481 : Videshi Yaatriyon Ki Nazar Mein Bharat- An Old and Rare Book (Telugu)

MZH240 : आधुनिक भारतचे निर्माता डा. केशव बलिराम हेडगेवार Builders of Modern India- Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar The Founder of RSS (Marathi)

MZH242 : आधुनिक भारताचे शिल्पकार -गंगाधरराव देशपांडे Builders of Modern India-Gangadhar Rao Deshpandey (Marathi)

MZF919 : A Cluster of Ancient Mantras (Tamil)

MZH416 : A. K. Chettiar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH419 : A. Sa. Gnanasambanthan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH246 : About Shri Guru Raghavendrar (Tamil)

MZH402 : Adayalangal in Tamil (Novel)

MZH390 : Advaita Bodha Deepika (Telugu)

MZH445 : Anudinamu Ramanulatho (Telugu)

MZH430 : Aranmanai (Tamil Novel)

MZH267 : Bahruchopanishad (Tamil)

MZH441 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshula Divya Jeevitha Makarandamu (Telugu)

MZH424 : Bharathidhasan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH428 : Bharathiyar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH413 : Caldwellin Tamizh Kodal- Seminar Papers (Tamil)

MZH393 : Calling the Honey Bees in Tamil (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH399 : Deviyar Thirumanam (Tamil)

MZH265 : Divine Songs, Glories of Religious Scriptures and Their History of Village Goddesses (Tamil)

MZH387 : Flying Human (Tamil)

MZH251 : Gayathri Mantram The Bestower of Wealth Thoughts and Compilations (Tamil)

MZH391 : Good Friends (Tamil)

MZH358 : Hindu Vazhviyal Sadangugal (Tamil)

MZH389 : Horse Riding (Tamil)

MZH423 : Inaindha Manam in Tamil (Novel)

MZH415 : Indiya Chirukathaigal in Tamil (1900-2000)

MZH412 : Jayakanthan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH407 : Jiddu Krishnamurthy- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH405 : Ka. Naa. Subramanyam- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH418 : Karmalin in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZH421 : Kathai Illathavanin Kathai in Tamil (Award Winning Autobiography)

MZH433 : Kavimani Desigavinayagam Pillaiyin Kavithaigal (Tamil)

MZH436 : Kavingnar Kannadasan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH403 : Konguvelir- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH400 : Maarum Ulagil Maraiyaa Oligal- A Collection of Toda oral Literature (Tamil)

MZG934 : Madhavan Madhavan (Tamil)

MZH394 : Madras Alias Chennai Queen of Chola Regime (Tamil)

MZH380 : Mahadev Desai is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH440 : Mahayogamu (Telugu)

MZH383 : Makkalatchi Kamaraj (Tamil)

MZH379 : Mother Teresa is a Good Woman Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH376 : Naattukku Vuzhaitha Nallavar Jansi Rani (Tamil)

MZH384 : Nenevadanu (Telugu)

MZH398 : On the Sea Shores of Thiruchendur (Tamil)

MZH386 : Paluke Bangaram (Telugu)

MZH422 : Pammal Sambanda Mudaliar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH397 : Pattina Thuppillaiyaar Thiruppadal Thirattu (Tamil)

MZH410 : Puthumaippithan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH377 : Ramakrishna Paramahamsar is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH232 : Ramalinga Swamigal is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH350 : Ramana Yoga Sutralu (Telugu)

MZH255 : Remedial Shrines (Tamil)

MZH250 : Shiva's and Parvathi's Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZH431 : Shri Suktam (Tamil)

MZH285 : Shukla Yajurveda Kanva Bhashya Bhumika (Tamil)

MZH396 : Silk Saree of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZH360 : Sirakadika Aasai (Tamil)

MZH266 : Sirupanmai Samuga Kathaigal- Anthology of Minority Short Stories of Islam (Tamil)

MZH102 : Somale- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH395 : Some Issues and Explanations of the Ramayana (Tamil)

MZH388 : Sri Ramana Amritavani (Telugu)

MZH320 : Sri Ramana Leela (Telugu)

MZH378 : Swami Vivekananda is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH438 : Tamizhaga Pazhankudigalin Vaaimozhi (Tamil)

MZH429 : Tharkaala Indiya Sirukathaigal- Indian Short Stories in Tamil (Vol-I)

MZH426 : Tharkaala Indiya Sirukathaigal- Indian Short Stories in Tamil (Vol-III)

MZH382 : The Feast of Maha Periava- Kanchi Mahan (Tamil)

MZH223 : The Good Man Who Worked for the Country- Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Tamil)

MZH222 : The Good Man Who Worked for the Country- Chidambaram Pillai (Tamil)

MZH254 : The Malefic Effect of Planet Mars (Tamil)

MZH385 : Toy from Japan (Tamil)

MZH392 : Vaideega Saivam Valartha Thirugnanasambandar (Tamil)

MZH381 : Vichara Sangrhamu (Telugu)

MZH401 : Yeyar Kulakkodiyum Aayar Kula Vilakkum (Tamil)

MZH226 : अजीची वाणी स्वच्छ जंगलाची कहाणी Aagichi Wani- Swachh Jungalachi Kahani (Set of 4 Volumes in Marathi)

MZH239 : अजेय क्रन्तिकारी राजगुरु Invincible Revolutionary Rajguru (Marathi)

MZH245 : आधुनिक भारताचे शिल्पकार सरदार वल्लभभाई पटेल Builders of Modern India- Sardar Wallabh Bhai Patel (Marathi)

MZH248 : प्राचीन भारतातील प्रेक्षागृहे Ancient Indian Auditoriums (Marathi)

MZH233 : प्रेरणादायी जीवनगाथा Lives That Inspire - Marathi (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZH258 : 100 Shrines Outside Chennai (Tamil)

MZH249 : 1008 Astrological Secrets of Siddhars (Tamil)

MZH347 : Aananda Vazhvukku Aacharakkovai (Tamil)

MZH165 : Agni, Ammi, Arundhati (Tamil)

MZH313 : Andal- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH116 : Arogya Niketanam (Tamil Novel)

MZH074 : Arunachala Pancharatna Vaartikamu (Telugu)

MZH278 : Atma Sakshatkaramu Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Jeevitamu, Bodhanalu (Telugu)

MZH288 : Avadeshwari in Tamil (Novel)

MZH296 : Bhagavan Buddha (Tamil)

MZH273 : Bhoomi in Tamil (Novel)

MZH235 : Dadabhai Naoroji is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH337 : Danushkodi Ramasami- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH132 : Deivapppulavarin Deiva Darisanam (Tamil)

MZH331 : Devaithin Kannu in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZH244 : Dhanvantri Slokams (Tamil)

MZH127 : Dhuruvan Mahan (Tamil Novel)

MZH238 : Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH058 : Finding Out Longevity - How Many Years Months And Days A Person Will Live According To Maharishis (Tamil)

MZH299 : G. Nagarajan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH262 : Ganesh Atharva Seershobanishad Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZH224 : Gopalakrishna Gokhale is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH097 : Guru Bhakti (Tamil)

MZH260 : Happy Darshan Kailash And Manasarovar (Tamil)

MZH194 : Hrudayame Nee Naamamu, Oh Arunachaleswara (Telugu)

MZH314 : Kaditha Ilakiyam (Tamil)

MZH341 : Kaliyugathil Kai Kodukkum Kadavul Thirunaamam (Tamil)

MZH274 : Kalki- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH279 : Kambadasan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH276 : kamban- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH306 : Kanavum Vidiyum in Tamil (Poems)

MZH292 : Krishna Yajurveda Explanations (Tamil)

MZH228 : Lala Lajpat Rai Was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH290 : Mouni- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH289 : Mu. Va. Vasakam (Tamil)

MZH236 : Naattukku Uzhaitha Nallavar Indira Gandhi (Tamil)

MZH221 : Naattukku Uzhaitha Nallavar Veerapandiya Kattaboman (Tamil)

MZH295 : Namakkal Ramalingam Pillai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH332 : Narano Jeyaraman Poems (Tamil)

MZH054 : Natural Goods To Cure Diseases (Tamil)

NAW464 : Pals Dictionary Tamil - Tamil- English

MZH271 : Peddibhotla Subbaramaiah in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZH252 : Pithru Pooja (Tamil)

MZH334 : Puducherry Marabu Kavingnarkalin Kavithai Thokupu- An Anthology of 20th Century Traditional Poems of Pondicherry (Tamil)

MZH141 : Rabindranath Tagore- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH247 : Some Sweat Drops on White Ice (Tamil)

MZH321 : Sri Kamakshi Stotrams Wedding Bhajans (Tamil)

MZH325 : Sri Maharshi Vaibhavam (Telugu)

MZH300 : Sri Ramana Gita (Telugu)

MZH261 : Sri Ramana Granthamala (Telugu)

MZH312 : Sri Vidyaranyar's Explanation of Samaveda (Tamil)

MZH225 : Subramania Bharathi is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH120 : Sundara Ramasamyin Thernthedutha Katturaigal- Anthology of Essays (Tamil)

MZH311 : Tamila Parayana Grandhamu (Telugu)

MZH326 : Tamizh Sirukathaigal- An Anthology of Tamil Short Stories (Vol-II)

MZH283 : Tamizhil Suyasarithirangal- An Anthology of Autobiographies (Tamil)

MZH037 : Temples and Their Celebrations (Tamil)

MZH304 : Thamizhaga Yappu Marabup Pavalargalin Paththog uppu- An Anthology of 20th Century Traditional Poems of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZH256 : The Holy Land Of India (Tamil)

MZH113 : Theendamaikku Theervuthaan Enna? (Tamil)

MZH220 : Theran Veluthambi - The Good Man Who Worked for the Country

MZH339 : Tripura Rahasya Jnanakhanda Saramu (Telugu)

MZH068 : Urban People Yesterday ,Today and Forever (Tamil)

MZH259 : Vazhikatti in Tamil (Novel)

MZH301 : Yugattin Mudivil (Tamil)

MZH173 : विवेकचूडामणि - Viveka Chudamani (Tamil)

MZH008 : Appar Devarathil Vedangal (Tamil)

MZH108 : Arunachala Mahathmyamu (Telugu)

MZH084 : Avalathu Paathai in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZH110 : Avvaiyar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH157 : Bhaja Govindam (Tamil)

MZG876 : Bhisham Sahni- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG948 : Can Fulfill Our Desires (Tamil)

MZG942 : Chellammal Bharathi- The Fire Which Touched the Fire (Tamil)

MZG944 : Conscience Or The Heart- 18 Short Stories Based On Bhagavat Gita (Tamil)

MZG924 : Dearest Friend (Children's Novel in Tamil)

MZG932 : Divine Wealth 500 (Tamil)

MZH040 : Flowering Buds Songs Children from 3 to 8 Years (Tamil)

MZG937 : Forgotten Games and Blooming Memories (Tamil)

MZH036 : God in Ananda Nilayam (Tamil)

MZH049 : He and She (Tamil)

MZH055 : Honey of Bliss (Tamil)

MZH147 : Ilakkiya Oppaivu in Tamil (Symposium Papers)

MZH060 : Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH140 : Jeevanandam- Biography in Tamil

MZG975 : Karana, The Great (Tamil)

MZH111 : Kethu Viswanatha Reddy Kathaigal in Tamil (Collection of Award Winning Short Stories)

MZG860 : Kiravuncha Patchigal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZH158 : Konar's Simplified Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZG935 : Lead The World With The Power of Kundalini (Tamil)

MZH044 : Living Righteously Dharma Sastram (Tamil)

MZH129 : Ma.Po. Sivagnanam- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH137 : Maanicka Vaasaga Nayanaar Puraanam (Tamil)

MZH185 : Madhura Kshanalu (Telugu)

MZH089 : Manonmaneeyam Sundaram Pillai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH092 : Naa Ramanasrama Jeevitam (Telugu)

MZH161 : Nagore Gulam Kadhiru Navalar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH134 : Nakulan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH176 : Nayana- Sree Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni Charitra (Telugu)

MZH183 : Paripaadal (Tamil)

MZH086 : Pavalareru Perunchithiranar-A Monograph in Tamil

MZH064 : Rabindranath Tagore was a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH136 : Rajam Krishnan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH069 : Ramana Maharshi is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH166 : S. Radhakrishnan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH072 : Sarojini Naidu - Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH051 : Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Tamil)

MZG929 : Shrines of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZH041 : Simplified Horscoping Shadpanchasika Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZH012 : Smiling Flowers- Children's Songs From 5 to 12 Years (Tamil)

MZH035 : Snow Lingam and Soldiers Short Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZH124 : Sri Ramanasrama Parayana Grantham (Telugu)

MZH168 : Su. Samuthiram- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH075 : Subhash Chandra Bose is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH079 : Surendra Nath Banerjee is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH150 : Swami Vivekananda- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH122 : Tamizh Illakiya Varalaaru (Tamil)

MZH154 : Tamizh Kathai Padalgal in Tamil

MZG946 : The Flourishing Farming Organic Farming (Tamil)

MZG956 : The Occult Science 500 Notes (Tamil)

MZG954 : The Unequivocal Hinduism (Tamil)

MZH162 : Thiru. Vi. Ka- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH160 : Thirugnana Sambanthar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH155 : Thiruloga Seetharam- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG927 : Thiruvalluvar the Women Watchman (Tamil)

MZH046 : Thoughts with Closed Eyes (Tamil)

MZH149 : Ullatthai Chethukkum Uligal (Tamil)

MZH095 : Umaru Pulavar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZH078 : Upadesa Saramu (Telugu)

MZH077 : Vallabhbhai Patel is a Good Man Who Worked for the Country (Tamil)

MZH047 : Vastu Sastram (Tamil)

MZG984 : Who can be an Archagar or Pujari in a Temple (Tamil)

MZH170 : You Also Can Become A Film Director (Tamil)

MZG879 : A Bunch of Grass (Short Stories in Tamil)

MZG852 : About Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZH014 : Badri Narayana Saranagathi Stotram or Shatapati Stotram (Tamil)

MZH020 : Being Spiritual in Everyday Life (Tamil)

MZG959 : Called Well Eyre Correct (Tamil)

MZG930 : Dots in Search of Lines (Tamil)

MZG906 : Flowers of Sandal (Tamil)

MZG938 : Half-Finished Competition Short Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZG981 : Kavignar Kannadasan Kavithaigal- Anthology of Kannadasan's Poems (Tamil)

MZG963 : Kizhakku-Merku in Tamil (Part-2)

MZG983 : Ku.Pa. Rajagopalanin Thernthedutha Sirukathaikal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG834 : Lake (Tamil)

MZG939 : Magaleswaryam (Tamil)

MZG978 : Penn Maiya Sirukathaigal- Anthology of Feminist Short Stories (Tamil)

MZG952 : Pilgrimage to 108 Vaishnavism Stories (Tamil)

MZG919 : Punjabi Ilakkiya Varalaru (Tamil)

MZG989 : Rajaji- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG987 : Ramakrishna Paramahamsar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG941 : Relationships and Frictions (Tamil)

MZG985 : S.D.S. Yogiar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG965 : Slokams On Karthikeya For Daily Recital (Tamil)

MZH016 : Space Research (Tamil)

MZG995 : Thanikasala Anuboothi (Tamil)

MZG824 : The Best Nomadic Stories in the World (Tamil)

MZG955 : The Great Ganesh (Tamil)

MZG897 : Thirukkoil Amaippum Aalaya Vazhipattu Muraikalum (Tamil)

MZG917 : Tistha Nadhi Karaiyin Kathai in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZG992 : Tradition of Tamil Siddhar

MZG966 : Tyagarasar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG969 : Va. Su. Pa. Manikkam- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG972 : Va. Ve. Su. Iyer- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG974 : Vaikom Mohamed Basheer- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG925 : Vazhi Vazhi Valluvar (Tamil)

MZG894 : Vedas- A Research (Tamil)

MZG957 : Whale and Bow (Tamil)

MZH001 : आत्मबोध - Atmabodha (Tamil)

MZG845 : Abhirami Andhati (Tamil)

MZG875 : About Sri Karttikeya (Tamil)

MZG856 : Arunagirinathar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG867 : Ayalaga Tamizh Ilakkiyam- Anthology of Tamil Short Stories and Poems

MZG878 : Babasaheb Ambedkar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG823 : Beauty Peacock Rain Songs (Tamil)

MZG776 : Bharathatthil Rajadarmam Andrum Indrum (Tamil)

MZG738 : Bharathiyar is this Pondicherry- An Old and Rare Book (Tamil)

MZG912 : Brahmarshi Sree Narayana Guru- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG880 : C. Su. Chellappa- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG871 : Cidhaindha Koodu Mudaliya Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZG729 : Come Running Poopsi- Short Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZG862 : Dalit Chirukathai Thogupu in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG682 : Draupadi (Tamil Novel)

MZG825 : Gangai Karaiyinilay (Tamil)

MZG735 : Growing Flowers Songs for Children from 9 to 11 Years (Tamil)

MZG866 : Hindukkale Naam Enghe Pokirom (Tamil)

MZG889 : In Praise of Sri Ganesh by Avvayar Original With Explanation (Tamil)

MZG828 : Indian Philosophy (Tamil)

MZG766 : Is Iyya's Way A Separate Religion (Tamil)

MZG907 : Ku. Pa. Rajagopalan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG851 : Kugnyali in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZG909 : Kulasekara Alwar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG911 : Kumara Guruparar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG915 : Kundrakkudi Adigalar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG256 : Lady of Ponnipunal (Historical Novel in Tamil)

MZG756 : Life in Sri Vaikundam- A Religious Book on Vaishnavites (Tamil)

MZG858 : Lni Naan Urangattum in Tamil (Novel)

MZG831 : Mahakavi Bharathiyar (Tamil)

MZG873 : Mathurakavi Bhaskardass- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG847 : My Father is Bharati (Tamil)

MZG853 : Nammaipol Panakkara in Tamil (Novel)

MZG870 : Path Shown by Sri Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZG768 : Prostration To Guru's Feet (Tamil)

MZG835 : Purushottama Ramana A Pictorial Presentation with Anecdotes from the Life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (Telugu)

MZG864 : Ramana Hridayam (Telugu)

MZG838 : Saddarsanam- Sadvidya (Telugu)

MZG763 : Save Hindu Save Hinduism (Tamil)

MZG901 : Slokas- Which Bestows Good (Tamil)

MZG868 : Sri Bhagavad Gita Saramu (Telugu)

MZG832 : Sri Bhagavan Sevalo (Telugu)

MZG830 : Sri Muruganar (Telugu)

MZG827 : Sri Ramana Dhyana Sloka Panchakam (Telugu)

MZG841 : Sri Ramana Maharshi Vari Upadesamu (Telugu_

MZG854 : Sri Ramanasramada Pahragalu (Kannada)

MZG904 : Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam (Tamil)

MZG264 : Story of Kallars Thief (Tamil)

MZG840 : Tamil Hero

MZG839 : Tamil Inbam

MZG843 : Tamilnattin Thala Varalarukalum Panpattu Chinnagkalum (Tamil)

MZG882 : Thamizhavel Umamaheswaranar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG865 : Thanthai Goriot in Tamil (Novel)

MZG857 : The Eighth House In A Horoscope (Tamil)

MZG859 : The Sixth House In A Horoscope Don't be Scared (Tamil)

MZG861 : The Third House in A Horoscope A Jyotishst View (Tamil)

MZG863 : The Twelth House in a Horoscope Where is the Journey of Life (Tamil)

MZG733 : The Unbeaten Truth- Compilation of Stage and Radio Dramas (Tamil)

MZG752 : Thinking of Her (Tamil)

MZG826 : Thirukkural Parimelazhagar Urai (Tamil)

MZG914 : Tholkappiyar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG855 : Tripathi Bhattacharya Swamiji's Sripathi Patthadhi About Horoscopes (Tamil)

MZG869 : Tukaram- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG771 : Who are Tamils /Tamilians (Tamil)

MZG697 : Agni Sakshi in Tamil (Novel)

MZG775 : Akbar Birbal Stories (Tamil)

MZG783 : Arthamulla Hindhu Darmam (Tamil)

MZG745 : Blood is The Root of Life Force (Tamil)

MZG743 : Diamonds from Shri Ramanuja (Tamil)

MZG751 : Emmum Periya Hoomum in Tamil (Novel)

MZG749 : Esop's Moral Stories (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZG720 : Flowers Dying (Tamil)

MZG748 : Geographical Chariot (Tamil)

MZG692 : Gilgamesh Kaviyam (Tamil)

MZG740 : Happiness from Literature- An old and Rare Book (Tamil)

MZG726 : Honeycomb Short Stories- From Valliappa Children's Literature Fest of 2005 (Tamil)

MZG780 : Jagadguru Sri Aadi Sankarar (Tamil)

MZG731 : K.V.J.S Literature for Children (Tamil)

MZG755 : Kabilar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG811 : Kaivalya Navaneethamu (Telugu)

MZG757 : Kangaluku Appal Idayathirku Arugil in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG762 : Kattil Urimal in Tamil (Novel)

MZG664 : Laughter Will Bring Happiness (Tamil)

MZG674 : Let Us Be Healthy With Our Own Food (Tamil)

MZG677 : Living With The Help of Tongue Part 2 (Tamil)

MZG765 : Mother of Jyotish Art 'Easel' Treasure of Pulipani Jyotish Vidya (Tamil)

MZG772 : Na Pichamurthy- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG764 : Nooru Vada Mozhi Kathaikal (tamil)

MZG705 : Pictorial Glossary in Manipuri

MZG773 : Proverbs For Self Realization (Tamil)

MZG724 : RV's Kannan Novels in Children's Literature (Tamil)

MZG802 : Sannidhi Mahima (Telugu)

MZG813 : Selected Short Stories of Premchand in Tamil (Part-I)

MZG754 : Siddhars' Sivayoga Secrets Yogasikopa Nishad Original with Explanation (Tamil)

MZG746 : Sirippoottum Seythikal (Tamil)

MZG815 : Smaranam Madhuram (Telugu)

MZG722 : Smile is My Address (Tamil)

MZG796 : Sri Ramana Stuti Panchakam (Telugu)

MZG803 : Sri Ramanusar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG642 : Sri Subramanya Bhujangam - श्री सुब्रमण्य भुजंगम (Tamil)

MZG793 : Tamil Illakiya Thiranaivu Kotpadugal- Marabum pudumaiyum

MZG750 : Tamil Nadu's Dark Era Under Muslim Rule in Tamil (14th Century History)

MZG801 : Tamizh Nadan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG784 : Tamizhil Thiranaayvu Panuvalgal- Thoguppu (Tamil)

MZG753 : Te. Po. Meenakshi Sundaranar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG797 : Telugu Novelgal, Chirukathaigal (Tamil)

MZG791 : Thaipal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG774 : Thamas in Tamil (Novel)

MZG807 : Thamizh Thatha- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG800 : Tharkala Indiya Angila Kavithaigal (Tamil)

MZG795 : Thavathiru Kundrakudi Adigalar Noolthiratu- An Anthology of Thavathiru Kundrakudi Adigalar Essays (Tamil)

MZG770 : The Art of Construction of Sculptures (Tamil)

MZG671 : The First Kanchi Mutt Established By Shri Adi Sankarar (Tamil)

MZG761 : The War of Independence Known Names and Unknown Informations (Tamil)

MZG789 : Therinthedutha Bharathidasan Kavithaigal- Anthology of Bharathidasan Poems (Tamil)

MZG758 : Thirukkural is A Hindu Religious Book (Tamil)

MZG805 : Thirusampigai (Tamil)

MZG778 : Vanavasi in Tamil (Novel)

MZG786 : Vande Matharam Our Varalatru Kannottam (Tamil)

MZG747 : Vangali Kathaigal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG767 : Viduthalai in Tamil (Novel)

MZG759 : Western Music In Keyboard Based on Carnatic Music Major, Minor Scales and Chords (Tamil)

MZG681 : Why Worry When There Is a Way Out (Tamil)

MZG760 : Yavarum Sodara (Tamil)

MZG769 : Yeriyum Poonthottam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG596 : Aatrankaraiyinilea (Tamil)

MZG702 : Anudinavu Bhagavanara Sannidhiyalli (Kannada)

MZG593 : Arunagurinsthar's Stotrams on Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZG704 : Atmasakshatkaram (Malayalam)

MZG602 : Dogri Pictorial Glossary

MZG696 : En Thalaimattil Oru Sarakkonrai Maram in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG609 : Garasiya Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG604 : I am Haridasan- Historical Novel on How Krishna Devaraya Became a King (Tamil)

MZG695 : Kalidasa (Tamil)

MZG668 : Kamarajar (Tamil)

MZG683 : Kannada Dalit Llakkiyam (Tamil)

MZG644 : Ladakkilirundu Kavizhum Nizhal (Tamil)

MZG678 : Mahangal Kooriya Marabhuvazhik Kathaigal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG690 : Maharshi Bodha (Telugu)

MZG680 : Narapatchini in Tamil (Novel)

MZG698 : Nattuppura Kathai Kalanjiam- Folk Tales in Tamil

MZG639 : Naveena Tamil Chirukathaikal- Modern Tamil Short Stories

MZG700 : Nichayathartham in Tamil (Novel)

MZG684 : Ramana Darsanam (Tamil)

MZG611 : Rathwi Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG630 : Santali Pictorial Glossary

MZG694 : Seen The Mahadev- Kailainadhan (Tamil)

MZG691 : Shri Stuthi, Shri Soundarya Lahiri (Tamil)

MZG699 : Sri Bhagavan Visishtata (Telugu)

MZG679 : Sri Maharshi (Telugu)

MZG708 : Sri Ramanasrama Tamil Parayana Thirattu (Malayalam)

MZG687 : Srimadramana Pooja Kalpam (Telugu)

MZG647 : Story of Shyamantaka Mani- Who Has Seen Fourth Waxing Moon of Shivji Reliever of Everyone's Dosha (Tamil)

MZG595 : Tamil Nadu- The State and its Name (Tamil)

MZG633 : Therinthedutha Suratha Kavithaigal in Tamil (Poems)

MZG689 : Va. Vu. Si.- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG599 : Vadavurar and Vallalar (Tamil)

MZG598 : Vallar is living (Tamil)

MZG688 : Valmigi- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG686 : Ve. Swaminatha Sharma- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG693 : नेपाली भाषिक खेल Nepali Language Games

MZG617 : Adbhut Slokas On Karttikeya (Tamil)

MZG600 : Arunachala Mahatmya (Kannada)

MZG539 : Certain Religious Practices- Why and For What (Tamil)

MZG589 : Creepy Looking Night (Tamil)

MZG620 : Dehwali Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG607 : Dungri Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG601 : Fountain of Sweet Tamil Lectures

MZG612 : Golden Words of Kalki (Tamil)

MZG606 : Kambar - 100 (Tamil)

MZG535 : Kasivelu Suprabath In Sweet Tamil

MZG623 : Kolaru Padigam of Thirugnana Sambandhar (Tamil)

MZG585 : Konar Tamil Dictionary

MZG651 : Maanida- Neri Thamizh- Marai Thiruvaaymozhi (Tamil)

MZG646 : Mogana Ooh Mogana Matrum Sila Kavithaikal in Tamil (Poems)

MZG625 : Na. Pichamurthyin Thernthedutha Kavithaigal in Tamil (Poems)

MZG610 : Nenjankavarum Vangali Kathaikal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG616 : Noval Hakiya Pokugal (Tamil)

MZG643 : Odai in Tamil (Novel)

MZG641 : Oriya Pictorial Glossary (An Old Book)

MZG638 : Panchamahali Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG634 : Pavri Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG626 : Purusha Sooktham Narayana Sooktham Vishnu Sooktham (Tamil)

MZG622 : Puvi Engum Tamizh Kavithai in Tamil (Poems)

MZG649 : Rajendra Cholan Emperor of the World (Tamil)

MZG613 : Siruvar Kathaikalanjiyam in Tamil (Children's Stories)

MZG608 : Sivabhakta Puranam- Part 2 (Malayalam)

MZG648 : Songs On Madurai Meenakshi Amman (Tamil)

MZG650 : Sri Ramanasramada Pathragalu (Malayalam)

MZG597 : Tamil Nadu Culture and Arts (Tamil)

MZG594 : Tamil Virunthu (Tamil)

MZG619 : Tatvamasi (Tamil)

MZG636 : Thani Nayaga Adigalarin Thamizhial Pangalipu- Seminar Papers (Tamil)

MZG533 : The Moon and the River (Tamil)

MZG591 : Time for Flowering of Flowers (Tamil)

MZG628 : Ullam Negizhum Oriya Kathaikal in Tamil (Stories)

MZG603 : Vanoli Thamizh Nataka Ilakkiyam (Tamil)

MZG631 : Vel Maral Maha Mantram Which Bestows all the Divine Blessings (Tamil)

MZG605 : Vidiyal Mukam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG480 : Alwar's Ramayana and Arunagiri's Ramayana (Tamil)

MZG529 : Araneri Thavaratha Arichandranin Kathai (Tamil)

MZG538 : Astrology Past One Mathematics Collection (Tamil)

MZG550 : Avvaryar's Stotra mala On Sri Ganesha With Explanation (Tamil)

MZG362 : Beautiful or Famous Arts in Tamil Literature

MZG547 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshigalavara Ulladu Narpadu (Kannada)

MZG516 : Caitanyar Monograph in Tamil

MZG525 : Christianity and Its Contractions (Tamil)

MZG400 : Clair Voyance (Latent Powers of Precognition and Telepathy of the Mind in Tamil)

MZG363 : Darshan of 8 Shrines of Siva in One Straight Line (Tamil)

MZG521 : Elathi Thirikkadugam- Ancient Biography (Tamil)

MZG376 : Ericcan (Tamil)

MZG534 : Hidden and Changed History of Christianity and Its Implications On War (Tamil)

MZG444 : History of Tamilians and Their Culture (Tamil)

MZG457 : Jeeva Samadhi- Burial Ground of Siddhar and Their Secrets (Tamil)

MZG551 : Kavi Ka. Mu. Sherifin Padaippalumai (Tamil)

MZG553 : Kavingar Bala- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG555 : Ki. Va. Jagannathan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG544 : Ku. Azhagirisami Kathaigal in Tamil (Stories)

MZG573 : Mira- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG569 : Mirabai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG429 : Miri Shikla (A Boro Novel Translated by Bhupen Narzary)

MZG380 : Moral Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZG537 : N. Parthasarathy Golden Words (Tamil)

MZG571 : Naa Parthasarathi- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG515 : Nammalvar- Monograph in Tamil

MZG564 : Parithimar Kalaignar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG566 : Paruvam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG545 : Patthuppattu Araichi (Tamil)

MZG542 : Payyan Kathaikal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG558 : Premchand- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG448 : Procession of Feelings (Tamil)

MZG559 : Purandaradasar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG488 : Queen of Chithor- Rani Padmavati (Tamil)

MZG561 : R. P. Sethupillai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG528 : Robert Caldwell Wrong and Untrue Analysis and Dravidian Caste Politics (Tamil)

MZG526 : Samayam Valartha Periyarkal (Tamil)

MZG549 : Sarasvadha Kanavu in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZG473 : Short Thought Provoking Articles On Politics, Religion, Literature in Tamil (An Old Book)

MZG556 : Sivapu Chinnangal (Tamil)

MZG469 : Songs of Bogur, The Siddhar With Explanation- Part 1 (Tamil)

MZG467 : Songs of Bogur, The Siddhar With Explanation- Part 2 (Tamil)

MZG557 : Sri Bhagavanodottu- Kunju Swamiyude Orma Kurippukal (Malayalam)

MZG541 : Sri Ramanasrama Jeevithavum Smarankalum (Malayalam)

MZG382 : Sri Ramodhantam- Gist of Ramayana (Tamil)

MZG439 : Stories for Thriukkural in Tamil (Part-2)

MZG375 : Stories form Tirukkural in Tamil (Part- 3)

MZG562 : Sundaramoorthy Swamigal- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG565 : Suratha- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG552 : Swatmasukhi (Malayalam)

MZG523 : Tamil Culture and History

MZG517 : Tamil Ilakkiya Varalaaru

MZG520 : Tamil Literatures Which Glorify Hindu Vedas

MZG461 : Taste of Grief in Kambar's Literature- A Research (Tamil)

MZG531 : Thai Mann (Tamil)

MZG372 : The Desire to See God (Tamil)

MZG546 : Thirignana Sambandar's Thiruneetru Padhigam With Explanation (Tamil)

MZG536 : Uyarvukku Vazhi Kaattum Aesop Kathaigal 100 (Tamil)

MZG518 : Vetri Muzhakkam (Tamil)

MZG502 : A Treasure Trove of Horoscope in Tamil

MZG474 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshigala Vachanamruta (Kannada)

NAW343 : Bhantu Pictorial Glossary

NAW345 : Chamti Pictorial Glossary

NAW348 : Chaudhari Pictorial Glossary

MZG477 : Chemmeen in Tamil (Novel)

MZG500 : Cultural Relations of Tamil Savagas

MZG440 : Darshan at Shridi (Tamil)

MZG472 : Darshan of 17 Karthikeyans' Temples In The Shape of Om (Tamil)

MZG490 : Draupadiyin Kathal in Tamil (Novel)

MZG217 : Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi (Tamil)

MZG355 : Flowers from a Single Creeper Wedding of Traditions and New Values (Tamil)

MZG445 : Ganapathy Agraharam in the History (Tamil)

MZG481 : Hampiyin Paaraigal in Tamil (Poetry)

MZG354 : Hilarious Wedding (Short Stories About Doctors in Tamil)

MZG266 : Hindu Dharma- Slokas Explanations and Divine Words for Everyday Prayer (Tamil)

MZG187 : Historical Novel in Tamil

MZG479 : Irandu Padi in Tamil (Novel)

MZG496 : Kalaam in Tamil (Award Winning Novel)

MZG308 : Kannadasan's Poetic Talent Research Article (Tamil)

NAW346 : Kunkna Bhili Pictorial Glossary

MZG293 : Let Us Learn Kashmiri Primer and Reader (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAW347 : Madari Pictorial Glossary

MZG223 : Maha Avatar - Babaji (Tamil)

MZG489 : Maha Brahmanan (Tamil)

MZG487 : Manithanukku Oru Munnurai (Tamil)

MZG486 : Mannum Manitharum in Tamil (Novel)

MZG491 : Maraimalai Adigal- A Monograph in Tamil

NZX539 : Mayamatham ( Malayalam )

MZG485 : Mayilai Seeni Venkatasami- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG297 : Mira Bai - Life History and Songs (Tamil)

NAW344 : Nayki Pictorial Glossary

MZG476 : Ninth Part of Thirumurai as Appreciated by Orthodox Saivites (Tamil)

MZG465 : Pattinappalai Research and Explanation (Tamil)

MZG307 : Plato Vin Kudiyarasu (Tamil)

MZG497 : Pranimitra Bhagavan Ramanaru (Kannada)

MZG492 : R. Chudamani- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG494 : Raavi Nadhiyil in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG501 : Ramana Samhita (Malayalam)

MZG475 : Relief From Meseries- Simplified Version of Veda, Upanishad Mantras (Tamil)

MZG495 : Sarojini Naidu- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG482 : Savarayalu Nayagar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG498 : Secrets of Married Life (Tamil)

MZG442 : See, See, See the Animals (Tamil)

MZG289 : Short Version of Chulamani Compiled (Tamil)

MZG471 : Siddhars' Symbol Language and Thirumoolar's Messages (Tamil)

MZG441 : Siruvargalukkana Panbana Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZG509 : Sivabhakta Puranam (Malayalam)

MZG463 : Slokas on Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati (Tamil)

MZG178 : South African Warrior (Tamil Novel)

MZG470 : Sri Ramana Maharshi Mattu Atmajnanada Marga (Kannada)

MZG438 : Stories for Children for Good in Tamil (Part- 3)

MZG468 : Sutru Chulal Kalviyum Namadhu Kadamaigalum (Tamil)

MZG450 : Tamil Dictionary of Other Languages

MZG493 : Tamizh Ilakkiya Varalaru- History of Tamil Literature (Tamil)

MZG484 : Tamizh Katturai Kalanjiyam- Anthology of Tamil Essays (Tamil)

MZG288 : Telugu Velugu (Telugu)

MZG449 : The Famous 63 Nayanmars - History and Information About Them (Tamil)

MZG254 : Thirupugal Everyday (Tamil)

NAW349 : Vanzari Pictorial Glossary

MZG272 : Who is Kambar (Tamil)

MZG458 : Why Stop Religious Practices- Shun the Company of Hippocrate Astikas and Nastiks (Tamil)

MZG452 : Women in Tamil Poetry

MZG273 : महामोग्गल्लान Mahamoggallan (The Great Disciple of Lord Buddha)

MZG391 : A Compilation of Selected Hymns from the Twelve Sacred Texts of Saivism for Everyday Recitation (Tamil)

MZG390 : An Exposition on Brahma Sutra (Tamil)

MZG356 : Appa's Filmy Journey (Tamil)

MZG373 : Arunagiri Nathar’s Kander Alankaram Songs and Explanation (Tamil)

MZG366 : British Leaders Who Changed the Lives of India (Tamil)

MZG414 : Chidambara Ragasiyam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG364 : Feast of Tamil

MZG431 : General Frame of Reference (Urdu)

MZG361 : Kalingattu Parani (Tamil)

MZG406 : Kamarajar

MZG433 : Kashir Kitab- Part 2 (Kashmiri)

MZG409 : Manikkavasagar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG428 : Naanu Yaaru (Kannada)

MZG368 : Nationalistic Thoughts Embedded in Tamil Literature "Purananuru"

MZG405 : Pakistan Chirukathaigal in Tamil Short Stories

MZG401 : Pattaraiyil Malarntha Malayala Chirukathaigal in Tamil

MZG392 : Periyalwar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG394 : Periyar E. Ve. Ra.- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG388 : Prachnothra Rathnamaaliga- A Compilation of Dissertations (Tamil)

MZG383 : Samakala Indiya Chirukathaigal in Tamil Short Stories (Vol-IV)

MZG389 : Sathavathani Sheikh Thambi Pavalar-A Monograph in Tamil

MZG386 : Singaravelar (Tamil)

MZG385 : Singaravelarin Sinthanai Katturaigal (Tamil)

MZG387 : Sivagnana Muniver- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG396 : Sivaprakasar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG399 : Sri Ramakeerthi Mahakavyam in Tamil

MZG412 : Sri Ramana Samskrutha Kruthimala (Kannada)

MZG397 : Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam- A Faithful Abridged Version (Tamil)

MZG379 : Stories for Children's Good Living (Tamil)

MZG408 : Sufi Meignani Gunangudi Masthan Sahib- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG410 : Sundararamaswamy- Kalathodu Uraiyadiya Kalaign (A Monograph in Tamil)

MZG384 : Tagore - The Uninterrupted Rain of Happiness (Tamil)

MZG381 : Tamilians and other Religions Culture and Traditions as in Thirukkural (Tamil)

MZG404 : Tamizh Oli- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG413 : Tests of Language Proficiency Assamese For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG415 : Tests of Language Proficiency Bengali For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG422 : Tests of Language Proficiency Gujarati For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG420 : Tests of Language Proficiency Malayalam For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG424 : Tests of Language Proficiency Oriya For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG407 : Tests of Language Proficiency Punjabi For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG403 : Tests of Language Proficiency Sindhi For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG417 : Tests of Language Proficiency Tamil For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZG411 : Thaanaai Nirambum Kinatradi

MZG393 : The Folk Epic of Kongu Region of Tamilnadu (Tamil)

MZG377 : The Intelligent Judge Russian Short Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZG398 : The Mystical Poetry of Sivavaakkiyar (Tamil)

MZG395 : The Three Keys to Attain Salvation- A Treatise on the Same in the Form of Questions and Answers (Tamil)

MZG402 : Vallikkannan- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG369 : Viveka Chintamani- Songs and Explanations (Tamil)

MZG359 : What is Literature (Tamil)

MZG360 : तमिल संस्कृत कोश - Tamil Sanskrit Dictionary

MZG234 : A Compilation and a Guide to All The Shakthi Peethas (Tamil)

MZG291 : A Trip Inside The Dew- Kavithas (Tamil)

MZG252 : Aishwarya Lakshmi Songs (Tamil)

MZG324 : Amuthakkani in Tamil (Novel)

MZG233 : An Introduction to Evaluation Terminology (Kannada)

MZG305 : Arunachala Stuti Panchakam (Tamil)

MZG211 : Book on Lord Karthigeya - About The Lord and How to Pray to Him (Tamil)

MZG052 : Bramipoottum Pazhanthamizhargal (Tamil)

MZG096 : Buddhjivan Chittravali (Gujarati)

MZG319 : Cha. Sovin Therntheduththa Sirukathakal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG350 : Changing Humans and Animals which Never Change Film Director (Tamil)

MZG236 : Chirukathai Kalanjiyam- Anthology of Tamil Short Stories

NZS169 : Chovish Tirthankar (Gujarati)

NAW285 : Colon Classification (Kannada)

MZG260 : Divine Messages from Sambandar - Saivism (Tamil)

MZG268 : Ennai Illaa Samayal Pakkuvangal (Tamil)

MZG358 : Food as Natural Medicine (Tamil)

MZG357 : Food Itself Is Health (Tamil)

MZG280 : Glories of God (Tamil)

MZG078 : Hindu Vizhakkalum Viradangalum (Tamil)

MZG278 : History of Tamil Literature

MZG286 : History of Tamil Literature (Tamil)

MZG310 : Irandam Idam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG326 : Irupathoram Nootrandu Puducherry- Karaikkal Tamizh Sirukathaigal (Tamil)

MZG348 : Jasmine - Which Never Dries (Tamil)

MZG244 : Ka. Na. Su. Vin Thernthedutha Sirukathaigal- Anthology of Short Stories (Tamil)

MZG097 : Kandharanupoothi- An Exposition (Tamil)

MZG083 : Kavithai Iyatrik Kalakku (Tamil)

MZG262 : Life of Tamilians

MZG077 : Literature Reading and Writing (Tamil)

MZG292 : Little Laughing Stories (Tamil)

MZG320 : Malayala Chirukathaikal in Tamil (Short Stories)

MZG109 : Maxims of Hindu Religion (Tamil)

MZG331 : Mu. Va.- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG321 : Nakkeerar (A Monograph in Tamil)

MZG343 : Njan Ara? (Malayalam)

MZG094 : Odyssey of a Soul through Solemn Dale to Aadhi Kailash (Tamil)

MZG333 : Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG147 : Pen Ezhuththu Valiyum Oliyum (Tamil)

MZG084 : Phonemic and Morophophonemic Frequency Count in Oriya

MZG329 : Prapanchan Padaippulagam (Tamil)

MZG312 : Puratchikaalam in Tamil (Novel)

MZG073 : Saiva Noolgalil Vathiga Neri (Tamil)

MZG270 : Saminatha Venpa- Poems by Saminathan (Tamil)

MZG315 : Samskritha Chirukathai Thogupu (Tamil)

MZG283 : Short Stories for Children in Tamil (Part- 2)

MZG253 : Short Stories for Children Part- 1 (Tamil)

MZG323 : Si. Llakkuvanar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG258 : Slokas on Lord Muruga- Shanmuga Kavacham (Tamil)

MZG317 : Sri Bhagavanara Advitiyate (Kannada)

MZG313 : Sri Maharshi (Kannada)

MZG316 : Sri Maharshi (Malayalam)

MZG298 : Sri Ramanashram Attilirundu Kaditangal Part-1 and 2 (Tamil)

MZG303 : Sri Subramania Bhujangam - Slokas on Karthikeya (Tamil)

MZG202 : Sweet Times With The Beloved- Love Expressed by Kavitas (Tamil)

MZG108 : The Puranic History of Sri Hanuman (Tamil)

MZG222 : The Right Social Etiquettes for Successful Life in Tamil

MZG309 : Uma Sahasram (Tamil)

MZG302 : Unave Uiere Sarkarai Noyalikkalukkana Sathana Unavu Vakaikal (Tamil)

MZG352 : Unbelievable but True - Miracles and Science (Tamil)

MZG345 : Va.Su.Pa. Manikkanaar (Tamil)

MZG061 : Vel Murugan Andhadhi Venba Malai (Tamil)

MZG318 : Vinodini in Tamil (Novel)

MZG290 : आदर्श दंपती नकुलपिता व नकुलमाता Nakulpita and Nakulmata- Ideal Parents (Marathi)

MZG186 : काय बुद्ध दुखवादी होते? Was Buddha Pessimist? (Marathi)

MZG263 : प्रारंभिक पालिची कुंजी Key to Primary Pali (Marathi)

MZG261 : भगवान् बुद्धाची सांप्रदायिकता विहीन शिकवणुक The Teachings of Buddha Without Communalism (Marathi)

NZV604 : संपूर्ण चातुर्मास - The Entire Chaturmas (Marathi)

MZG224 : A Collection of Mantras and Pooja Methods (Tamil)

MZG247 : A Sadhu's Reminiscences (Tamil)

MZG166 : Aesop Stories (Tamil)

MZG210 : Anandarangappillai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG205 : Anudinamum Sri Bhagavanudan (Tamil)

MZG221 : Bagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi (Tamil)

MZG220 : Bhadrachalam Ramadasar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG175 : Biography of Sri Muruganar (Tamil)

MZG162 : Buddhist Stories as Advice (Tamil)

MZG215 : Desika Vinayakam Pillai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG243 : Devaneya Paavaanar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG176 : Devotional Hymns On Shiva (Tamil)

MZG228 : Diabetes - Easy Cure (Tamil)

MZG154 : Guhai Namasivyar Venba Tirattu (Tamil)

MZG227 : Home Herbal Garden (Tamil)

MZG191 : How Can Humans Live Without Diseases (Tamil)

MZG219 : Iswara Githai From Kurma Puranam (Tamil)

MZG200 : Kamba Ramayana For Children (Tamil)

MZG239 : Kavithai Malarum Kalam in Tamil (Poetry)

MZG232 : Kaviyogi Shuddhananda Bharathi- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG199 : Kayiru in Tamil (Novel)

MZG235 : Ku. Azhagirisamy- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG225 : Lakshmi Sthtorams

MZG197 : Om Nama Shivaya Includes the Particulars On Pradosham and Divine Slokas of Thirumurai (Tamil)

MZG159 : Panjabi Samayal Seimuraigal (Tamil)

MZG206 : Periyasami Thooran Ninaivu Kurippugal (Tamil)

MZG192 : Philosophical Stories Told by a Lotus Flower (Tamil)

MZG157 : Russian Stories (Tamil)

MZG183 : Shri Chandrashekhara Saraswati (Tamil)

MZG212 : Shri Ramanashram Thiruvannamalai (Tamil)

MZG151 : Slokas On Sri Ganesha (Tamil)

MZG170 : Southern Battlefields (Tamil)

MZG171 : Sri Arunachala Mahatmiyam (Tamil)

MZG241 : Sri Aurobindo- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG203 : Sri Ramana Ninaivalaigal (Tamil)

MZG214 : Sri Ramanashram Thiruvannamlai (Tamil)

MZG172 : Srimad Narayaneeyam (Tamil)

MZG237 : Supa. Annamalai- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG213 : Tamil Sarva Muhurta Chintamanii in Tamil

MZG182 : Tamilaga Kalaigalum Kalvettugalum (Tamil)

MZG153 : The Feast of Animals (Tamil)

MZG209 : The Good Habit We Have to Teach Our Children- A Success Guide for Children (Tamil)

MZG231 : The Life and Message of Saint Vallal Ramalingar (Tamil)

MZG184 : The Maharshi and His Message (Tamil)

MZG204 : Thirukkural Original and With Explanation (Tamil)

MZG238 : Thrinth Edukapatta Ananda Ranga Pillai Nattukuripu (Tamil)

MZG242 : Thulipa Noorandugal (Tamil)

MZG218 : To Realise The Being- A Soul Research in Tamil

MZG229 : V.S. Khandkar- A Monograph in Tamil

NAW274 : Value Education

MZG155 : Value Education (Tamil)

MZG245 : Vemanar- A Monograph in Tamil

MZG226 : Vinayaga- The Giver of Victories (Tamil)

MZG150 : World Moral Stories in Tamil

MZG189 : खेमा व उप्पलवण्णा Khema and Uppalvanna- The Great Disciples of Lord Buddha (Marathi)

MZG165 : धन्य बाबा! Dhanya Baba- A Self Assertion (Marathi)

MZG161 : प्रारंभिक पाली Prarambhik Pali (Marathi)

MZG169 : महाकस्सप Mahakassapa- The Great Disciple of Lord Buddha (Marathi)

MZG188 : राहुल आणि रट्ठपाल Rahul and Rathapala- The Great Disciples of Lord Buddha (Marathi)

MZG103 : 100 Natural Food Preparations With Vegetables and Fruits in Tamil

MZG092 : 1000 Baby Names as Per The Birth Stars in Tamil

MZG118 : 64 Gayatri Mantram (Tamil)

MZG034 : A Compilation on Saivite Organisations and Activities in Tamil

MZG100 : A Concise Treatise on Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy (Tamil)

MZG021 : A Dissertation in Tamil for The Yoga Maxims of Saint Pathanjali

MZG116 : A Guide in Tamil to Observe Sri Hanuman's Pooja Rituals and Mantras in Tamil

MZG099 : A Treatise on Saiva Siddhantha (Tamil)

MZG086 : Aanmaavin Viduthalai (Tamil)

MZG133 : An Astrological Guide With Reference to 108 Vaishnavite Temples (Tamil)

MZG059 : Asthma Will get Cured (Tamil)

MZG079 : Devara Thirumozhigal (Tamil)

MZG082 : Dravidian Character of Indian Civilization (Tamil)

MZG120 : Good Etiquettes Bring Good Results- A Self Improvement Book in Tamil

NAW252 : How to Pronounce English Words Correctly? (Tamil)

MZG101 : Kaivalya Navaneetham Mulamum Urai Churukkamum (Tamil)

MZF996 : Kamba Chithiram Sundara Kaandam (Tamil)

MZG066 : Kavya Kanta Ganapati Munivar (Tamil)

MZG093 : Known Puranas Unknown Stories in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZG080 : Life and Development of Ancient Tamils

MZG058 : Maha Periyava 100/100 (Tamil)

MZG064 : Mahakavi Bharathiyarin Aanmeeka Katturaigal (Tamil)

MZG115 : Mantras from Tamil Scriptures (Tamil)

MZG026 : Mental Exercises to Improve Memory Power (Tamil)

MZG053 : Nagaichchuvayaana Nalla Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZG057 : Nalamodu Vazhvatharkkana Nalla Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZG124 : Nature Cure for Blood Pressure in Tamil

MZG088 : Nenjakkadal (Tamil)

MZF984 : Nenjakkanal in Tamil (Historical Novel)

MZG067 : Painathamizh Noolgalil Bharatha Panpaadu (Tamil)

MZF994 : Peak Kanda Amarar Short Stories (Tamil)

MZG113 : Prani Mitra Bhagavan Ramanar Gomata-Pasu Lakshmi (Tamil)

MZG081 : Ramana Maamunivar (Tamil)

MZG087 : Saiva Siddhantha Sathiram (Tamil)

MZG090 : Sayangaala (Tamil)

MZG091 : Sri Arunachal Puranam (Tamil)

MZG085 : Sri Bhagavan Paniyil (Tamil)

MZG060 : Sri Ramana Charanap Pallandu (Tamil)

MZG119 : Sri Tripura Rahasyam (Tamil)

NAW268 : Sri Venkata Ramayana Keerthanas

MZG089 : Tasty Tiffin Varieties (Tamil)

MZG107 : Teach Your Child to Think- A Book for Child Rearing in Tamil

MZG069 : Thanneer Thanneer- An Excellent Treatise on Water Resources (Tamil)

MZG105 : The Crytic Numbers and the Five Sacred Syllables of Saivism (Tamil)

MZG095 : The Forty Four Important Hindu Temples in Tamilnadu (Tamil)

MZG114 : The Herbal Medicines Used in Traditional Siddha System (Tamil)

MZG131 : The Life and Message of Srimadh Pamban Swamigal (Tamil)

MZG112 : The Mantras for Everyday Prayer (Tamil)

MZG122 : The Self Improvement Message for Youth in Tamil

MZG098 : The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi in His Own Words (Tamil)

MZG121 : The Thirty Saints of Tamilnadu (Tamil)

MZG072 : Thungapathirai (Tamil)

MZG075 : Trisulapura Mahatmyam (Tamil)

MZG126 : Unknown Facts About Known Temples in Tamil

MZG111 : Vastu Remedies for Commercial Establishments in Tamil

MZG127 : Vyabhara Vridhi Sowbhagyaoradha Homa Vidhanam- A Guide to The Rituals (Tamil)

MZG010 : भारतीय दर्शनको रुपरेखा Outlines of Indian Philosophy (Nepali)

MZF462 : கல்வி என்னும் உபநயனம் Upanayan Sanskar Paddhati (Tamil)

MZF786 : மண்ணில் நல்ல வண்ணம் வாழலாம் We Can Lead a Good Life on This Earth (Tamil)

MZG009 : 108 Vaishnavite Temples in Tamil

MZG014 : A Book in Tamil to Worship The Ten Great Powers

MZG017 : A Book of Siddha Simple Medicine (Tamil)

MZG031 : A Guide for Pilgrims in Tamil

MZG023 : All the Stories of Thenali Rama (Tamil)

MZG045 : An Astrological Guide for Marriage Matching in Tamil

MZG049 : An Astrological Guide in Tamil

MZG004 : Andrada Samaiyal (Tamil)

MZG013 : Arunachala Aksharamanamalai- Virutti Uari (Tamil)

MZF924 : Azhagu Aadukiradu in Tamil (Novel)

MZF920 : Hindu Darmam Sandegam Thelivom (Tamil)

MZF999 : Imsai Arasan Isergaden (Tamil)

MZF998 : Inaivom (Tamil)

MZF975 : Jeeva Chintamani (Tamil)

MZF945 : Kadhal Thoongugiradu in Tamil (Novel)

MZF941 : Kaviyogi Kavithaigal (Tamil)

MZF901 : M. S. Subbulakshmi- A Musical Tribute (Tamil)

MZF981 : Meganatham (Tamil)

MZG029 : Modern Techniques to Improve Memory Power (Tamil)

MZG035 : Mullah Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZG020 : Narmadha Junior English-Tamil Dictionary

MZG038 : One Sentence One Story- Thought Provoking Miniature Stories (Tamil)

MZG002 : Podiyangal (Tamil Novel)

MZF932 : Pon Vilangu in Tamil (Novel)

MZF993 : Ramarajyam (Tamil)

MZG025 : Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana (Tamil)

MZG019 : Selected Hymns From Thiruppugazh by Saint Arunagirinathar in Praise of Lord Muruga (Tamil)

MZG001 : Sivane Endriru (Tamil)

MZF902 : Sollatha Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZG032 : Sri Ramana Reminiscence (Tamil)

MZG040 : Sri Ramanasramath Tamizhp Parayanath (Tamil)

MZF980 : Stories For Children- Stories On Presence of Mind in Tamil (Part- 2)

MZG041 : The 64 Divine Episodes of Lord Shiva as Narrated in Kandha Purana Sankara Sangidha in Tamil

MZG033 : The Art of Conversation (Tamil)

MZG027 : The Dissertation And Sanskrit Transcription for Recitation in Tamil

MZF939 : The History of 12 Vaishnavite Saints (Tamil)

MZG047 : The Life and Message of Saga Shirdi Saibaba in Tamil

MZF978 : The Light of Saivism (Tamil)

MZG007 : The Preparation of Herbal Medicines Under Siddha System (Tamil)

MZG022 : The Puranic History of Sri Sabharimalai Sastha and Related Bhajan Hymns (Tamil)

MZF982 : The Rich Stories that Tell the Birds (Tamil)

MZF922 : The Sacred Hand Signs Used for Deity Worshipping in Temples And During Homa Rituals in Tamil

MZG012 : The Secret of Longevity (Tamil)

MZF977 : The Story Comparison (Tamil)

MZG024 : The Twelve Sacred Lord Shiva's Temples Elucidation and Guide (Tamil)

MZG003 : Three Monks (Tamil)

MZF997 : To Wear a Thinking Cap Jennifer Stories (Tamil)

MZF976 : Ulagach Cheidigal 1000 (Tamil)

MZF995 : Vinayagar Magimaik Kathaikal (Tamil)

MZG039 : You Can, If You Think You Can!- A Motivational Book (Tamil)

MZG018 : डोगरी बाल गीत Dogri Child Songs

MZG015 : सिंधी बोलीअ ऐं अदब जी तारीख़ History of Sindhi Language and Literature (Devnagri Sindhi)

MZF933 : વિપશ્યના શા માટે? Why Vipassana? (Pamphlet in Gujarati)

MZF917 : A Treatise on Saiva Siddhantha (Tamil)

MZF950 : A Treatise on Saiva Siddhantha (Tamil)

MZF953 : A Version of Sri Ramayana Hailing the Virtues of Shri Sita (Tamil)

MZF926 : Artha Sasthiram- Dissertation on The Same in Tamil

MZF912 : Baalar Poongaa (Tamil)

MZF959 : Brief History And Message of Tamil Siddhars in Tamil

MZF943 : Chella Kuzhandaigalukkaana Sanga Thamizh Ilakkia Peyargal 1000- Baby Names From Sangam (Tamil)

MZF822 : Dharam- Adarsh Jivan Ka Adhar (Gujarati)

MZF918 : Dharisanam (Tamil)

MZF842 : Ettavathu Arivu (Tamil)

MZF825 : Jage Pawan Prerna (Gujarati)

MZF905 : Kalithogai Moolamum Uraiyum (Tamil)

MZF935 : Kavarimaan (Tamil)

MZF711 : Mantras of Goddess Mahalakshmi (Tamil)

MZF864 : Mukkannanum Mugil Vannanum (Tamil)

MZF904 : Neethik Kathikal 125 (Tamil)

MZF821 : Nirmal Dhara Dharmani (Gujarati Text on Dharma)

MZF955 : Nithilavalli in Tamil (Historical Novel)

MZF878 : Nursery Rhymes in Kashmiri

MZF915 : Short Stories of Indian Languages - Part 2 (Tamil)

MZF949 : Skanda Purana (Tamil)

MZF909 : Sri Agni Puranam (Tamil)

MZF930 : Sri Venkatesa Puranam (Tamil)

MZF910 : Srinaradha Puranam (Tamil)

MZF907 : Statue of Life (Tamil)

MZF913 : Suspense Stories as Told by Followers (Tamil)

MZF834 : Tamil Language History

MZF879 : Tamil Nursery Rhymes

MZF934 : The 108 Celebrated Shrines of Lord Shiva (Tamil)

MZF961 : The Efficacy of Prime Mantra Sri Gayatri (Tamil)

MZF946 : The Efficacy of The Holy Rudraksha (Tamil)

MZF694 : The Sacred Rituals to Be Performed for Shasthi Aptha Pooja And Homam in Tamil

MZF936 : The Temple Pooja Rituals As Per Agama Sastras (Tamil)

MZF908 : The Vamana Purana (Tamil)

MZF928 : Therintha Thagaval Theriyatha Deiveegam (Tamil)

MZF958 : Thiththikkum Thiruppugazh Thirattu (Tamil)

MZF815 : आनंदाच्या वाटेवर The Path of Joy (Marathi)

MZF887 : नयाँ पल्लव A Collection of Children's Poems in Nepali (An Old and Rare Book)

MZF668 : महामानव बुद्धाची महान विधा- विपशयन अगम आणि विकार Buddha's Great Lores Vipassana- Origin and Growth (Marathi)

MZF761 : Agappei Siddhar - Siddhar Who Lights Lamp (Tamil)

MZF826 : All About Dharma (Gujarati)

MZF606 : Alwars and Acharyas Divine Songs on 108 Vaishnava Divine Shrines (Tamil)

MZF846 : Arignar Annavin Kadithangal (Tamil)

MZF855 : Ayya Vaikundar (Tamil)

MZF853 : Bakthikkoru Pulavan Bharathi (Tamil)

MZF831 : Be Happy- A Life Story of Acarya S N Goenka (Marathi)

MZF744 : Buddha's Non-Sectarian Teachings (Gujarati)

MZF830 : Buddhism and Tamils

MZF745 : Collection of Devotional Speeches in Gujarati

MZF734 : Dharma The Basis of an Ideal Life (Punjabi)

MZF739 : Gujarati Translation of Hindi Book Samrat Ashok Ke Abhilekh

MZF847 : Idindha Gopuram (Tamil)

MZF848 : Iruopadham Nootrandil Tamil Urainadai Valarchi

MZF827 : Jage Antarbodha (Gujarati)

MZF844 : Kabaadapuram in Tamil (Historical Novel)

MZF838 : Kalapirar Atchiyil Thamizgan in Tamil

MZF835 : Keeraigalum Marutuva Payangalum (Tamil)

MZF737 : Mangal Jage Griha Jivan Mein (Punjabi)

MZF845 : Nagarigathin Ethirkalam (Tamil)

MZF782 : Navaraathi Pandigai Sirappum Vazhipattu Muraigalum- The Prominence of Celebrating Navarathri Festival and its Rituals (Tamil)

MZF840 : Osho Ponmozhigal (Tamil)

MZF828 : Pandai Tamil Civilization and Culture (Tamil)

MZF747 : Patanjal Yog (Gujarati)

MZF750 : Rajdharma (Gujarati)

MZF755 : Ramanarin Parvaiyil Naan Yaar- Who I am in Sri Ramana Maharishi's Vision (Tamil)

MZF823 : Role of Planet Mars in Domestic Life (Gujarati)

MZF800 : Saiva Ilakkiya Varalaru - The History of Saiva Literature (Tamil)

MZF850 : Science of Spirituality (Tamil)

MZF833 : Sethu Naattu Sellakili (Tamil)

MZF824 : Siddhar Marabu Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF766 : Siddhas Wonderful Strengths and Capabilities (Tamil)

MZF857 : South Indian Cuisine (Tamil)

MZF771 : Sri Srinivasan Padmavathy Devi Tirumana Vaibavam (Tamil)

MZF778 : Sri Thulasi Poojai- The Worship and Efficacy of Thulasi Pooja (Tamil)

MZF843 : Thenmozhi (Tamil)

MZF754 : Thirumandirathin Maraiporulum Vilakkamum - The Hidden Messages of Thirumanthiram's Hymns (Tamil)

MZF832 : Treasure of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZF852 : Uravai Thedi (Tamil)

MZF841 : Vaan Kuyil- Tamil Novel

MZF839 : Vanchimaa Nagaram (Tamil)

MZF788 : Varam Tharum Aalayangal 27- 27 Important Temples of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZF836 : Vilangukal Kooriya Vetrik Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZF819 : बुध्दजीवन-चित्रावली Buddha's Life with Pictures (Marathi)

MZF767 : मानसोल्लास Manasollas (Tamil)

MZF860 : लिस्नो An Intermediate Course Reader in Nepali

MZF797 : 64 Divine Plays of Sivan as Seen By Devotees (Tamil)

MZF685 : Adhisaya Marangalum Mooligaigalum- The Magical Power of Trees and Herbs

MZF783 : Agalyai (Tamil)

MZF772 : Anaivarum Padikka Aesop Kathaigal 100 (Tamil)

MZF784 : Arasiyalvaadiyin Aavi (Tamil)

MZF775 : Arivai Valarkkum Panjathandira Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF769 : Arivootum Aesop Kathaigal 100 (Tamil)

MZF758 : Arulmigu Mangattuth Thirukoilgal (Tamil)

MZF760 : Avathara Purushar Sri Ramakrishnarin Arul Vazhvu (Tamil)

MZF757 : Bharatha Rathinam Rajaji (Tamil)

MZF796 : Bible Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF743 : Buddha- The World Teacher (Gujarati)

MZF700 : Kaasi Mudhal Rameswaram Varai Anaithindhiya Punidha Payana Vazhikatti- A Guide for all India Pilgrimage Tour (Tamil)

MZF763 : Karl Marx (Tamil)

MZF792 : Kutty Thiruvasagam (Tamil)

MZF742 : Mahastipattan sutta (Gujarati)

MZF779 : Muthana Moonru Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF568 : Netrikkan (Tamil)

MZF733 : Nirmal Dhara Dharma ki (Punjabi)

MZF716 : Philosophical Saint - JJ (About a Saint in search of Truth)

MZF790 : Rama Geethai (Tamil)

MZF690 : Saiva Siddhantha- An Introduction in Tamil

MZF699 : Siddhar Yanthra Manthra Chintamani- The Graphical Shields of Super Natural Powers Created by Yogis (Tamil)

MZF793 : Silappathikaram (Tamil)

MZF688 : Sri Navagraha Devadha Homa Vidhanam- A Guide to Conduct Navagraha Homan Rituals (Tamil)

MZF801 : Srimad Bhagavat Puranam Kzhkovalavedu (Tamil)

MZF780 : Thalamum Nalamum (Tamil)

MZF736 : The Art of Living (Tamil)

MZF692 : Thiruvannamalai Thala Puranam Ennum Arunasala Puranam- The Divine History of Arunachalam (Tamil)

MZF667 : भगवान बुद्धांची अग्रउपासिका विसाखा मिगारमाता Great Disciple of Buddha- Visakha Migarmata (Marathi)

MZF672 : भगवान बुद्धांची अग्रश्राविका किसागोतमी Kisagotami- Great Disciple of Lord Buddha (Marathi)

MZF665 : भगवान बुद्धांचे अग्रउपासक चित्त गृहपति व हत्थक आळवक Hatthak Alavak and Great Disciple of Lord Buddha 'Chitta Grahapati' (Marathi)

MZF664 : भगवान बुद्धाचे महा श्रावक लकुण्डक भद्दिय Lokundak Bhaddiya- A Great Disciple of Buddha (Marathi)

MZF670 : मगधराज सेनिया बिम्बिसार Seniya Bimbisara The King of Magadh (Marathi)

MZF678 : A Compilation of facts And Dissertations on Religious Doctrines and Practice (Tamil)

MZF695 : A Dissertation on Saint Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram in Tamil

MZF706 : A Guide to Use Tantric Yanthras And Mantras of Ancient Era (Tamil)

MZF673 : A Treatise on Yoga Vasistham in Tamil

MZF680 : Aadhi Sankarar Vaazhvum Vaakkum - The Life and Message of Saint Aadhi Sankarar

MZF246 : An Introduction to Evaluation Terminology (Urdu)

MZF676 : Anubhava Siddha Vaidiya Sinthamani (Tamil)

MZF691 : Eshta Sidthi Tharum Upasana Mandhirangal- The Sacred Manthras for Specific Worship (Tamil)

MZF679 : Hindi Through Tamil

MZF677 : Lucky Numbers For Success in Life (Tamil)

MZF689 : Pudhumuai Vediyalar Lavosier (Tamil)

MZF718 : Revolutionary Leader Ernesto S.Kuvera

MZF683 : Siddhas Who Are Life Givers (Tamil)

MZF704 : Siruvar Kadai Poonga -1 Puthir Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF698 : Siruvar Kadaipoonga Arasa Parambarai Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF701 : Siruvar Kadaipoonga Devathaik Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF705 : Siruvargalukkana Arivootum Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF714 : Some Postures to Overcome Death

MZF684 : Suvayana Chettynattu Saiva Asaiva Samayal (Tamil)

MZF687 : The Poetry of 18 Siddhars And The Dissertation (Tamil)

MZF671 : The Pooja And Manthras to Avoid Untimely Death- As Per Sacred Rituals in Tamil

MZF708 : The Rustic Ballad of Annanmar Swami From Kongu Region (Tamil)

MZF703 : The Sacred Rituals to be Performed for House Warming Pooja And Homam (Tamil)

MZF675 : Thirumoolar Vaazhvum Vaakkum - The Life and Message of Saint Thirumoolar (Tamil)

MZF693 : Thiruvilaiyadar Puranam Vasanam (Tamil)

MZF696 : Uyarvukku Vazhi Kattum Esab Kadaigal (Tamil)

MZF652 : Vellai Maaligaiyil Oru Kruppu Sooriyan Barak Obama

MZF627 : अग्रपाल राजवैद्य जीवक Agrapal Rajvaidya Jeevak (Marathi)

MZF669 : धम्मपद Dhammapada (Marathi)

MZF666 : भगवान बुद्धांचे अग्रउपासक अनाथपिण्डिक Anath Pindik- A Great Disciple of Lord Buddha (Marathi)

MZF608 : A Psychological Guide for a Happy Life (Tamil)

MZF560 : Annam Vazhangu Aandavanai Vanangu (Tamil)

MZF643 : Avvaiyar Athichudi Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZF580 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's Upadesa Manjari (Tamil)

MZF647 : Bhoomi Akkalum Azhiththalum

MZF650 : Cheena Thathuvagnani Confucias

MZF515 : Cinema - Is it True (Tamil)

MZF602 : Come, Let Us Learn About Nature (Tamil)

MZF634 : Doctor Puratchi Thalaivi Sonna Kutti Kathaikal - 100 (Tamil)

MZF648 : Easy English Grammar

NAW183 : Easy to Learn Dictionary - G.K. Grammar

MZF558 : Ellam Ondre (Tamil)

MZF548 : Forty Hindu Temple- A Guide in Tamil

MZF604 : Gnana Oli Veesum Thiruvannamalai (Tamil)

MZF592 : How to Prevent Mental Stress (Tamil)

MZF644 : Jagatha Kurunovelka (Tamil)

MZF637 : Kar Narpadhu, Kalavazhi Narpadhu Mudhumozhi Kanchi (Tamil)

MZF656 : Karumbu Thesathin Irumbu Manithar Fidel Castro

MZF578 : Let The Heart Open a Little- A Psycho Analytic Guide in Tamil

MZF512 : Low Fat Dishes (Tamil)

MZF541 : Mozhiyiyal Vilaiyattugal (Tamil)

MZF633 : Nanmanikadiga, Sirupanchamoolam (Tamil)

MZF653 : Payantharum Maranga-1 Ulaithu Karutha Manithargalum Sezhitha Pachai Marangalum

MZF632 : Pazhankala Tamilar Vanigam (Tamil)

MZF092 : Perunththalavivar Kamarajar Vazhagai Varalrau (Tamil)

MZF570 : Philosophy of Science in the Eyes of Siddhas (Tamil)

MZF639 : Sethu Nattu Siddhargal (Tamil)

MZF493 : Siruvar Kadaipoonga - Ayalnattuk Kadaigal (Tamil)

NAW148 : Tamil - English - Tamil Dictionary

MZF631 : Tamil Mozhiyil Sitridalgal (Tamil)

MZF546 : Thavamaagum Thaayanbu (Tamil)

MZF646 : Thriukkural Kathiagal (Tamil)

MZF638 : Tolstoy Kadhaigal (Tamil)

MZF649 : Uyirinangalin Varalaru Kanda

MZF603 : Veerapandian Kattapomman Vazhkaisaritthiram (Tamil)

MZF444 : जगण्याची कला विपश्यना साधन Jaganyachi Kala Vipassana Sadhana

MZF446 : जागे अंतर्बोध Awakened Intuition (Marathi)

MZF443 : जागे पावन प्रेरणा Awakened Holy Inspiration (Marathi)

MZF459 : धर्म आदर्श जीवनाचा आधार Religion Ideal Biographical Basis

MZF453 : निर्मळ धारा धर्माची Nirmal Dhara Dharmachi (A Text on Dharma in Marathi)

MZF635 : प्रमुख विपश्यनाचार्य श्री सत्यनारायण जी गोयंका यांची संक्षिप्त जीवन-परिचय Principal Vipassana Teacher Acharya S.N. Goenka- An Introduction (Marathi)

MZF456 : प्रवचन-सारांश Collection of Divine Speeches in Marathi

MZF448 : मंगलमय गृहस्थ जीवन Happy Household Life (Marathi)

MZF450 : महासतिपट्ठानसुत्त Mahastipattan sutta (Marathi)

MZF629 : लोक गुरु बुद्ध Buddha- The World Teacher (Marathi)

MZF535 : A Book on Medicinal Values of All Fruits (Tamil)

MZF534 : A Personality Development Guide (Tamil)

MZF543 : A Pilgrim's Guide to karnataka State Temple (Tamil)

MZF613 : A Self Improvement Guide (Tamil)

MZF501 : A Treasury of Short Fables for Children (Tamil)

MZF596 : Amudhan Vazhangiya Srirama Paadugai (Tamil)

MZF554 : Arignargalin Ponmozhigal (Tamil)

MZF577 : Ashta Veeratta Thiruthalangal (Tamil)

MZF563 : Beautiful Tamil Names for Our Darling Kids

MZF571 : Bhagavata Gita by Mahakavi Bharathiyar (Tamil)

MZF551 : Deiveekat Tendral (Tamil)

MZF547 : Health is Wealth- Achieve it By Naturopathy (Tamil)

MZF552 : Indian Short Stories (Tamil)

MZF545 : Indiavil Kumpeniyaar Kaalam (Tamil)

MZF612 : Iyakkiyamman Kathaiyam - Vazhipadum (Tamil)

MZF513 : Kanavu Nanavakum Karpanai Nijamagum (Tamil)

MZF555 : Known Names Unknown Stories (Tamil)

MZF576 : Learn Telugu Through Tamil

MZF540 : M.G.R. The Mass Leader (Tamil)

MZF595 : Ma-se-Tung Childhood and Adulthood Original by Emi Seo (Tamil)

MZF615 : Manam Vasapadum (Tamil)

MZF562 : Meysilirkka Vaikkum Seithigal (Tamil)

MZF590 : Ramayana (Bengali)

MZF586 : Sadhakarkkuriya Sattana Nerigal (Tamil)

MZF600 : Samudhaya Veedhi (Tamil)

MZF573 : Sathiya Vellam (Tamil)

MZF476 : Self Psychotherapy (Tamil)

MZF607 : Shri Ramanuja Vaibhavam - Sudhur Vedhi Dwaraga Prasad Sarma (Tamil)

MZF589 : Shri Vishnu Puranam (Tamil)

MZF584 : Siddhar Mooligai Maruthuva Kaiyaedu (Tamil)

MZF556 : Siddhargal Arulia Unavu Muraigal (Tamil)

MZF549 : Siddhargal Kanda Pesum Mooligaigal (Tamil)

MZF601 : Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam (Tamil)

MZF565 : Sri Bhagavad Gita Saram (Tamil)

MZF585 : Sri Kandha Puranam- The Puranic History of Lord Muruga (Tamil)

MZF598 : Sri Ramana Paadamaalai (Tamil)

MZF579 : Suvaiyana Inippu Sitrundikalum Kara Sitrundikalum (Tamil)

MZF528 : Sweet Stories for the Children (Tamil)

MZF566 : The Arabian Nights Translated in to Tamil

MZF610 : The Art of Child Rearing (Tamil)

MZF539 : The Celebrated Tamil Hymns on The Deity Muruga

MZF553 : The Hymns and Rituals to Worship Maha Kaala Bhairava (Tamil)

MZF557 : The Legacy From the Ages Redeeming Temples (Tamil)

MZF483 : The Natural Food For All Homes - A Guide to Naturopathy (Tamil)

MZF599 : The Power of Constructive Thinking (Tamil)

NAW141 : Thirukkural- The Moral Epic of Tamil

MZF614 : Thirumurai Thiruthalangal- 3 (Holi Scriptures in Praise of Lord Shiva in Tamil)

MZF583 : Thoughts on Thiruarutpa (Divine Songs in Tamil)

MZF587 : Thulasi Maadam (Tamil)

MZF544 : Traditional Vaasthu Saasthira (Vastu Shastra) in Tamil

MZF591 : Upadesa Undhiyar (Tamil)

MZF505 : Vaanaprastham (Tamil)

MZF523 : Vetri Muzhakkam (Tamil)

MZF588 : Vikkiramaathithan Kathaigal in Tamil

MZF516 : Way to happiness (Gujarati)

MZF442 : महासतिपट्ठानसुत Maha Satipatthana Sutta (Marathi)

MZF533 : A Guide for Better Living (Tamil)

MZF521 : Aathmaavin Raghangal (Tamil)

MZF496 : Bharathiar Aathichoodi Vilakkak Kathaigal (Tamil)

MZF466 : Cintaiyil Ayiram Katturaigal (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZF479 : Deceitful Cases Which Changed History (Tamil)

NAW143 : English Through Tamil

NAW144 : English Through Tamil

MZF517 : Ezhuvar Poonda Egai Chennugam (Tamil)

MZF507 : Four Liners Original Version With Explanation (Tamil)

MZF461 : Important Vaishnavite 108 Shrines (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZF509 : Kathai Sollu Paatti (Tamil)

MZF489 : Kuttikalude Nivedita (Malayalam)

MZF478 : Malarum Ariviyal (Tamil)

MZF472 : Musolini - Ezhuchiyum Veezhchiyum (Tamil)

MZF504 : Nava Indhiya Rathinangal (Tamil)

MZF499 : Pathirruppattu (Tamil)

MZF525 : Planned Nutritious Diet for Children (Tamil)

MZF485 : Prachodanam (Malayalam)

MZF492 : Shakti Pooja (Malayalam)

MZF463 : Shrimad Kamba Ramayanam Story of Shri Ram - Prose along with Poems Intermittently Along with Utthara Kandam (Tamil)

MZF510 : Tamil Grammar

MZF536 : The Art of Face Reading (Tamil)

MZF531 : The Hidden Power in the Mind (Tamil)

MZF529 : The Magic Power of Positive Thinking- A Self Improvenment Guide (Tamil)

MZF514 : The Panchatantra Stories (Tamil)

MZF519 : The Story of Indian Freedom Struggle for Youngsters (Tamil)

MZF484 : The Unknown Cultural Revolution- Academic Reforms and their Impact on Chinese Rural Development (Tamil)

MZF487 : They Lived Dangerously (Tamil)

MZF527 : Thirumandiramum Thiruvadi Perinbamum (Tamil)

MZF497 : Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram- Sankara Bhashyam (Malayalam)

MZF297 : A Guide For the Hypnotism (Tamil)

MZF381 : A Self Improvement Guide (Tamil)

MZF409 : Aalum Vargamaaga Arivugeevigal (Tamil)

MZF396 : Biography of Frederick Engels (Tamil)

MZF404 : Christ and Krishna Imaginary Characters (Tamil)

MZF424 : Endangered Culture A Study (Tamil)

MZF398 : Great Mao Zedong Ideas (Tamil)

MZF336 : History of Sindhi Language and Literature (Arabic Sindhi)

MZF405 : Ilakiyathil Ulladakkamum Uruvamum (Tamil)

MZF401 : Is it Imagined, Religious Groups - Ancient History and Finding Identification (Tamil)

MZF373 : Kisagotmi- The Great Disciple of Lord Buddha (Punjabi)

MZF295 : Learn to Enjoy the Life- An All Improvement Book (Tamil)

MZF413 : Mahatma Phule Selective Writings (Tamil)

MZF355 : My Self on Your Footsteps (Tamil)

MZF394 : Myths and Reality Research on the Evolution of Indian Tradition (Tamil)

MZF418 : Science, Philosophy, Society (Tamil)

MZF343 : Socialistic Principles of Marxism (Tamil)

MZF356 : Tamil Nadu in 1930 s- Great Depression (Tamil)

MZF389 : The Pioneers of the Co-Operative Movement- Their Life and Services in Tamil (Part -2)aa

MZF392 : The Pioneers of the Co-Operative Movement- Their Life and Services in Tamil (Part -3)

MZF383 : The Power of Subconscious Mind an Introduction (Tamil)

MZF291 : The Yoga of Breathing and Prevention of Diseases (Tamil)

MZF332 : जागो लोगां जगत रा Jaago Loga Jagat Ra (Rajasthani Dohe)

MZF348 : Birth of Marx (Tamil)

MZF334 : Desiamum Marxiamum (Tamil)

MZF340 : History and Contaminated Thoughts (Tamil)

MZF351 : Indian Philosophy and Marxism (Tamil)

MZF330 : Indiavin Desiya Inachikkalum Aalum Varkangalum (Tamil)

MZF346 : Scientific Evolution of Marxist (Tamil)

MZF358 : Tamil Samoogaviyal Aivugal

MZF353 : Tests of Language Proficiency Kannada For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF352 : Tests of Language Proficiency Kashmiri For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF339 : Tests of Language Proficiency Marathi For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF347 : Tests of Language Proficiency Sindhi For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF350 : Tests of Language Proficiency Telugu For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF342 : Tests of Language Proficiency Urdu For Secondary (Standard X) Level

MZF338 : Tolkappium and Freuidism - Neutrality of Beauty (Tamil)

MZF180 : A Guide For New Interior Designer (Tamil)

MZF285 : A Medical Guide With Latest Useful Information (Tamil)

MZF189 : A Study The Cosmic Force- Man- Spirits- God (Tamil)

MZF286 : A Treatise On Kundalini Yoga (Tamil)

MZF181 : Biochemistry (Tamil)

MZF292 : Enhance the Memory Power in Fifteen Days (Tamil)

MZF241 : Fundamentals of Sociology (Tamil)

MZF288 : Pranic Healing Through Bio-Magnetic Power (Tamil)

MZF250 : Sangam Literature Learning, Teaching and Evaluation (Tamil)

MZF293 : The Power of Biomagnetism (Tamil)

MZF282 : The Wonder Foods Those Enhance Longevity (Tamil)

MZF276 : Thoughts For Enlightening the Mind and Life (Tamil)

MZF183 : A Book By a Good Beautician For Progressive People (Tamil)

MZF237 : An Intermediate Course in Malayalam

MZF248 : An Introduction to Evaluation Terminology- Conceptual Explanation (Tamil)

MZF220 : Gouthama Neelambaran Sarithira Novalgal Part-4 ( Historical Novel in Tamil)

NAV972 : Malayalam-English-Kannada Trilingual Dictionary (With CD)

MZF222 : Short History on Tamil Cinema

MZF227 : Shri Garuda Puranam (Tamil)

MZF229 : Thirumurai Thiruthalangal -Part IV (Holi Scriptures in Praise of Lord Shiva in Tamil)

MZF225 : Viyasar Arulla Mahabharatham (Tamil)

MZF218 : புரிந்ததும் புரியாததும் Understanding and Not Understanding (Tamil)

MZF190 : 275 Herbs and Their Uses (Tamil)

MZF110 : A Guide to The Curative Effects of Pyramids (Tamil)

MZF182 : A Matron's Life and Medical Message (Tamil)

MZF185 : An Exposition On Brahma Sutra (Tamil)

MZF184 : Guide For Home Beauty Parlour (Tamil)

MZF179 : Integrated Medicines For Geriatric Diseases (Tamil)

MZF223 : Maberum Sindhanaiyalar Sacratis (Tamil)

MZF145 : Motivating Essays (Tamil)

MZF186 : Motivational Essays (Tamil)

MZF161 : Nithilavalli (Tamil)

MZF228 : Pavishya Puraanam (Tamil)

MZF188 : Power of Gem Stones (Tamil)

MZF187 : Secret of Happiness (Tamil)

MZF226 : Shri Ramanuja's Gathyatrayam Three Important Sacred Words of Surrender to God

MZF167 : The Elixir of Life- An Informative Health Guide Revealing the Importance of Drinking Right Quantity of Water (Tamil)

MZF160 : The Korean Martial Art (Tamil)

MZF217 : Tirupugzal - Text and Explanation (Set of 3 Volumes in Tamil)

MZF224 : Vazhum Tamil (Tamil)

MZF154 : Vedhartha Snakraham (Tamil)

MZF125 : Yoga Secrets as Told by Sacred Scriptures (Tamil)

MZF202 : அண்ட பிண்ட தத்துவம் The Cosmic Phenomenon (Tamil)

NZN495 : ஆன்மீக இரகசியங்கள் - கேள்வி பதில் Aanmeega Rahasiyangal (Set of 4 Volumes)

MZF191 : ஞானத்தின் குரல் Gnanathin Kural (Tamil)

MZF195 : வியாழன்-′குரு′ சாதகமும்-பாதகமும் பாதகம் எனில் தவிர்ப்பது எப்படி?- How to Avoid the Pros and Cons of Jupiter? (Tamil)

MZF116 : 21 Maxima For Self Development (Tamil)

MZF140 : A Character Shaping Guide (Tamil)

MZF010 : A Dissertation in Tamil for Sivagnana Yogi's Sivagnana Paadiyam (A Treatise on Saivite Philosophy)

MZF172 : A Guide for Young Couple (Tamil)

MZF156 : A Guide to the Ways of Meditation (Tamil)

MZF126 : America Bayangaravatham Varalatru Thadangal (Tamil)

MZF107 : Aroma Therapy (Tamil)

MZF118 : Beauty of Marxism (Tamil)

MZF129 : Beyond Venkatam (Tirupati in Tamil)

MZF014 : Bharathamum Palli Sirarkalum (Tamil)

MZF146 : Biography of Dr. Abdul Kalam, The Genius (Tamil)

MZF113 : Cootturavu Iyakka Munnodigal Vaazhvum Thondum (Tamil)

MZF134 : Extra Sensory Perception Powers (Tamil)

MZF091 : Gouthama Neelambaran Charithira Kathigal (Tamil)

MZF085 : History of Nandanar - Saivite Saint - Songs and Explanation (Tamil)

MZF052 : History of Vedic Education in Tamil

MZF133 : Indiya Viduthalaipporil Pen Poraligal (Tamil)

MZF149 : Islamum Indiavum (Tamil)

MZF135 : Kazhisadai in Tamil (A Novel)

MZE980 : Leninukku Maranamillai Mariya Preleazahayeva (Tamil)

MZF130 : Life Can Be Changed by Spiritual Power (Tamil)

MZF137 : Mangaleswariyam (Tamil)

MZF123 : Marina Revolution and Cattle Non Vegetarian Food (Tamil)

MZF055 : Marx Engels Marxiyam (Tamil)

MZF151 : Mother (Tamil)

MZF080 : Mountain Snake Man (Tamil)

MZE999 : Na.Va. Ayivugalil Naattar Kalai Ilakkiyam (Tamil)

MZF173 : Nature Cure for Skin Diseases (Tamil)

MZF175 : One Sentence One Story- Miniature Stories (Tamil)

MZF106 : Ovvoru Naalum Anandam (Tamil)

MZF021 : Parasara Bhattars Ashya Explanation Tamil Explanation

MZF008 : Penniyamum Bharathiuym (Tamil)

MZF158 : Periya Purana Aaraichi (Tamil)

MZF122 : Poetry - In My Times (Tamil)

MZF054 : Pulverized Ready to Use Food Powders For Fast Food Preparation (Tamil)

MZF164 : Rani Mangammal Sarithira Novel (Tamil)

MZF074 : Right to Information Act (Tamil)

MZF147 : Saavo Kadarkkaraiyin Elanangai (Tamil)

MZF142 : Sacred Places of Thirumurai (Part 6 in Tamil)

MZF114 : Self Improving Motivational Essays (Tamil)

MZF012 : Sivagami's Vow - Two Novels in One (Historic Novel in 4 Part in Tamil)

MZE929 : Srimad Bhagavath Geethai (Tamil)

MZF108 : Tamizh Naattil Saadhi Samatthuva Poraatta Karutthukal (Tamil)

MZF038 : The Enlightening Verses From The Siddhars- A Short Dissertation (Tamil)

MZF112 : The Mind Power and Its Secrets (Tamil)

MZF024 : Thirumurai Thiruthalangal (Holi Scriptures in Praise of Lord Shiva in Tamil)

MZF139 : Thookkumara Nezhalil (Tamil)

MZF115 : Tiniest Drop of Drop (Tamil)

MZF015 : Traditional Fables And Moral Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZF071 : Victorious Tipusultan (Tamil)

MZF109 : Vingana Thozhil Nutpa Puratchi (Tamil)

MZF144 : Voice of Dharma (Tamil)

MZF119 : Yoga Meditation Methods Based on Sanmarga System (Tamil)

MZF068 : Youngminds Tri-Lingual Dictionary Hindi - Tamil - English

MZF090 : Aadi Parasakthiyin Arpuda Katchigal (Tamil)

MZF040 : An Abridged Version of Maha Bharatham (Tamil)

MZF089 : Arul Vazhangum Anjaneya Puranam (Tamil)

MZF058 : Bagavath Geethai Oru Aivu (Tamil)

MZF060 : Better Health Through Millet Food Diet (Tamil)

MZF081 : China Unending War About Chinese Revolution and its Political Consequor aftermath (Tamil)

MZE927 : Compiled and Disserted Ancestral Maxims For the Young (Tamil)

MZF063 : Galileo Galilei (Tamil)

MZF045 : Gautam Buddha (Tamil)

MZE949 : Grooming the Daughter- A Guide For the Parents (Tamil)

MZF042 : Kanthnalur War of Raja Raja Cholan (Tamil)

MZF077 : King Sethupathy Historic Novel (Tamil)

MZF082 : Sacred Words of Alwars- Vaishnavite Saints (Tamil)

MZF083 : Samanamum Thamizhum (Tamil)

MZF093 : Tamil Inbam (Tamil)

MZF051 : The Body Language and It's Interpretations (Tamil)

MZF047 : The Brief History and Deeds of Vaishnavite Saint Sri Ramanuja (Tamil)

MZF043 : The Story of King Nalan (Tamil)

MZF069 : Vaa. Vu. C. Murppokku Iyakkangalin Munnodi (Tamil)

MZF086 : Valmiki Munivarin Ramayanam Uthrakandam (Tamil)

MZF037 : Varalaatru Nokil Joseph Stalin Vazhvum Kaalamum (Tamil)

MZF073 : What is the Stumbling of Humans (Tamil)

MZE903 : 100 Varieties of Sweets- A Cookery Guide in Tamil

MZE966 : A Collection of Moral Stories for Children (Tamil)

MZE939 : A Cookery Guide (Tamil)

MZE968 : A Guide for Traditional Vastu Shastra (Tamil)

MZE899 : A Guide to Conduct Marriage Ceremony (Tamil)

MZE934 : A Selection of Hymns From Naalayira Divya Prabandham For Daily Recitation

MZE982 : A Self Improvement Guide For Mental Health & Wealth (Tamil)

MZE931 : A Self Improvement Guide For the Young (Tamil)

MZE996 : A Self Motivational Guide in Tamil

MZE856 : A Soul Searching Expedition For Inner Happiness (Tamil)

MZE998 : A Thought a Day- A Self Improvement Book (Tamil)

MZF003 : Aesop's Fables Transcreated (Tamil)

MZF017 : All The Stories of Tenali Rama (Tamil)

MZF013 : Americavin Obamakkalum Indhiavin Dalitthukalum (Tamil)

MZE950 : An Ancient and Reliable Astrological Treatise (Tamil)

MZE971 : Balanced Power Diet Without Fat (Tamil)

MZE853 : Brain Power Booster for Progress (Tamil)

NAV868 : English-English-Tamil Dictionary (With CD Inside)

MZE985 : Flower Remedies of England (Tamil)

MZE865 : Hindu Dharma Sasthiram- Maxims From Hindu Scriptures (Tamil)

MZF023 : History of Pradosham and Devotional Songs (Contains Songs on Shri Vinayaga in Tamil)

MZE749 : History of Tamilians- Some Questions and Findings (Tamil)

MZE890 : Indhia Naathigamum Marxiya Thatthuvamum (Tamil)

MZF009 : Inquilab Story of Indian Independence (Tamil)

MZE784 : Is it Hindu Civilization or Cunningness (Tamil)

MZE868 : Latest Diet and Fitness Programmes For Healthy Life (Tamil)

MZE958 : Maha Bharatha- The Great Epic of India (Tamil)

MZE995 : Pandai Thamizhar Varalaarum Ilakkiamum (Tamil)

MZE972 : Paramartha Guru Stories For Children (Tamil)

MZE961 : Power Diet For the Family (Tamil)

MZE791 : Ramayana Sundara Kaandam (Tamil)

MZE878 : Research in Dravidian Languages (Tamil)

MZF020 : Siddhargalin Tamil Agara Mudali (Maraiporul Vilakkathudan)

MZE857 : Sindhubathin Sagasa Kadar Payanangal- Sindbad Stories from Arabian Nights (Tamil)

MZE866 : Sugathaiyum Thujjathaiyum Nirnayippadhu Manama Soozhala?- Is it the Mind or the Matter that Determine the Pain or the Pleasure? A Psychoanalytical dissertation for the Self (Tamil)

MZE997 : Suvaiyana Keeraigalin Maruthuva Payanum Samayal Pakkuvamum (Tamil)

MZE736 : Tamil Nadu as Governed by Kalapirars (Tamil)

MZE945 : The 64 Divine Manifestations of Lord Shiva and Their Significance (Tamil)

MZE979 : The Art of Realising The Soul- A Collection of Dissertations From The Indian Intellect (Tamil)

MZE887 : The Astrological Effects During The Transit of Planets (Tamil)

MZE973 : The Curative Diet for Diabetes and Blood Pressure Patients (Tamil)

MZE943 : The Indian Epic Vedhal- Vikram Stories (Tamil)

MZE936 : The Life and Message of 60 Mystic Saints- A Short Sketch in Tamil

MZF006 : The Life Shaping Alpha Meditation (Tamil)

MZE957 : The Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Vegetables as Described in Siddha System (Tamil)

MZE987 : The Medicinal Value of Greens From the Garden (Tamil)

MZE896 : The Miracles of Mystics- An Encyclopedic Explanation on Siddhas (Tamil)

MZE932 : The Saiva Siddhantha Doctrines (Tamil)

MZE990 : The Secrets of Indian Yoga (Tamil)

MZF007 : The Social Philosophy of Buddhism and The Problem of Inequality

MZE908 : The Tamil Translation of Gujarati Devotional Epic Chandrakaanth (Tamil)

MZE977 : The Use of Magneto Therapy For Health (Tamil)

MZE861 : Thiruvilakku Poojai- A Guide in Tamil to Worship Deepa Mahalakshmi

MZF022 : மந்திர தந்திர யந்திர மாந்திரீகக் கலை The Magic of the Siddhas (Tamil)

MZE921 : ருபேர யோகவாஸ்து Kubera Yoga Vastu (Tamil)

MZE870 : 100 Varieties of Tiffin (Tamil)

MZE885 : 1008 Hymns on the Paadhugas of Sri Lord Ranganatha (Tamil)

MZE893 : A Collection of Self Confidence Boosting Articles (Tamil)

MZE877 : A Commentary on the Brahma Sutras of Sri Vyasa (Tamil)

MZE851 : A Counselling For Women to Beget Children (Tamil)

MZE848 : A Guide to Successful Sex Life (Tamil)

MZE886 : A Self Improvement Guide (Tamil)

MZE891 : A Treatise on Saiva Siddhantha (Tamil)

MZE867 : Alladin and the Magic Lamp (Tamil)

MZE860 : An Astrological Guide for Matchmaking (Tamil)

MZE863 : Aryas of Rigved (Tamil)

MZE852 : Brahmin Castes - Evolution and Progression (Tamil)

MZE720 : Dissertation on (Goddess) Abirami Anthadhi (Tamil)

MZE881 : Feminism in the Mahabharata (Tamil)

MZE910 : Fengshui- Eliya Vastu Pariharangal (Tamil)

MZE679 : Health Tips For Longevity (Tamil)

MZE751 : How to Prevent / Cure Diabetes (Tamil)

MZE780 : Know About You- Lagna and Rashi Prediction (Tamil)

MZE757 : Kudumba Nala Sigichaikku Homeopathy (Tamil)

MZE717 : Life and the Message of Sri Ramana Maharishi (Tamil)

MZE869 : Naattar Puzhangusaar Marutthuvak Kalai (Tamil)

MZE872 : Naturopathy to Enrich Martial Bliss (Tamil)

MZE753 : Necessities for a Good Life- Explanation on Knowing Self, Birth Secrets and Knowing About God for a Peaceful Life (Tamil)

MZE680 : Personality Development (Tamil)

MZE874 : Postmodernism Mats Alvesson (Tamil)

MZE849 : Self Motivational Essays (Tamil)

MZE854 : Shiva Puranam- The Inception and Deeds of Lord Shiva (Tamil)

MZE879 : Simple Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZE906 : Sri Lalitha Sahasra Naamam- The Celebrated Tamil Hymns on The Goddess Ambigai

MZE737 : Tamil English Dictionary

MZE763 : Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar- Life and Message (Tamil)

MZE909 : The Biography of Saintess Aandaal and Her Devotional Poetry- Narrated in Tamil

MZE743 : The Character of Flowers and Their Spiritual Powers as Defined by the Mother (Tamil)

MZE871 : The Four Vedas and Ten Upanishads in Abridged Form (Tamil)

MZE876 : The History of Celebrated Lord Venkatachalapathy (Tamil)

MZE819 : The Life and Message of Sri Ramakrishna- Told in Easy Tamil

MZE864 : The Life Eternal- The Art of Immortal Living Taught by Siddhas (Tamil)

MZE745 : The Maxims and Relevant Traditions of Hindu Religion (Tamil)

MZE693 : The Power of the Mind and Art of Cultivating the Right Thinking (Tamil)

MZE714 : The Puranic History of Lord Ganesa in Tamil

MZE845 : The Spiritual Salvation (Tamil)

MZE850 : The Tamil Transcription and Exposition (Tamil)

MZE895 : The Traditional Methods of House Construction of Tamils

MZE773 : The Twelve Sacred Texts of Saivism- An Introduction in Tamil

MZE905 : The Wonder Power of Crystals- Semi Precious Stones (Tamil)

MZE882 : Thirukkural- The Moral Epic of Tamil

MZE862 : Time Management and Self Development (Tamil)

MZE858 : Vedas - A Research (Tamil)

MZE884 : Walking For Health (Tamil)

MZE777 : Yogasana For Spiritual Life (Tamil)

MZE738 : 100 Curries- 100 Tasteful South Indian Curry Preparations (Tamil)

MZE760 : A Book On Psychosymbology to Get Rich (Tamil)

MZE742 : A Collection of Short Stories For Children (Tamil)

MZE590 : A Counselling For Males to Beget Children (Tamil)

MZE803 : A Guide For Making Cakes at Home (Tamil)

MZE604 : A Guide to Face Interviews For Youngsters- Self Confidence Booster (Tamil)

MZE605 : A Treasury of Moral Stories For Children (Tamil)

MZE759 : A Treatise on Krishnamurthi's Astrological Postulations (Tamil)

MZE766 : An Ancient Treatise on Indian Astrological System- Dissertation in Tamil

MZE765 : Autobiography of an Exiled Person (Tamil)

MZE621 : Better Health Through Millet Food Diet (Tamil)

MZE747 : Cookery Guide for Making Varieties of Savouries and Tiffin (Tamil)

MZE779 : Dalit Institution After Ambedkar (Tamil)

MZE772 : Dissertation on Religious Conventions in Hinduism (Tamil)

MZE573 : Drive Away Mental Tension! (Tamil)

MZE758 : Forward Tamilians Thought Against Manu Dharma (Tamil)

MZE797 : God Religious Superstitions and Money Laundering Sanyasis (Tamil)

MZE577 : Historical Novels - Pallava Mohini - Fort of Mohini - Kalinga Mohini (Set of 3 Volumes in Tamil)

MZE731 : How to Use Cosmic Power For Personal Development (Tamil)

MZE812 : Kadavul Yenpathu Yenna (Tamil)

MZE674 : Kavimaniyin Kavithaigal (A Complete Poetry Collection in Tamil)

MZE775 : Life History of Dr. Ambedkar and the Problems Faced by Downtrodden People (Tamil)

MZE617 : Man and His Hidden Spiritual Power (Tamil)

MZE497 : Manipallavam (A Novel in Tamil)

MZE596 : Nerunji is the Mask of Kurinji (Dramas in Tamil )

MZE587 : Political in Kavithas (Tamil)

MZE732 : Prarthanai Kalanjiyam- A Collection of Devotional Hymns (Tamil)

MZE744 : Principles and Philosophy of Tamilians (Tamil)

MZE698 : Psychological Series Part 1- Human Behaviour (Tamil)

MZE754 : Ramayana Kaaviyam- The Great Epic of Bharath (Tamil)

MZE579 : Swearing of Shiva kami (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZE802 : Tamizh Panpattil Paalvetrumai Pathivugal (Tamil)

MZE783 : The Life and Message of Swami Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZE809 : The Maxims of Gowdilya (Tamil)

MZE785 : The Medicinal Preparations (Tamil)

MZE769 : The Medicinal Qualities of the Foods (Tamil)

MZE735 : The Mystical Secret of 'Savitri' (The Epic by Shri Aurobindo) Exposition in Tamil

MZE816 : The Secret of Happiness- A Dissertation for Mental Health (Tamil)

MZE764 : The Secrets of Human Body (Tamil)

MZE610 : The Spiritual Encounter With Self (Tamil)

MZE729 : The Tantric Powers of Gem Stones (Tamil)

MZE755 : Trade Unions in the Words of Karl Marx

MZE813 : Tree Planting as Per The Individual Horoscope and Its Virtues- Explained in Easy Tamil

MZE578 : Useful Health Guide For the Aged (Tamil)

MZE272 : Youngminds Hindi-Tamil Dictionary

MZE589 : Youngminds School Dictionary English-English-Tamil-Dictionary

MZE683 : A Biography Study of 63 Hindu Saivite Saints (Tamil)

MZE682 : A Book On Child Rearing (Tamil)

MZE697 : A Compilation From Various Yoga Systems (Tamil)

MZE681 : A Health Guide on Vitamins and Minerals and Their Use (Tamil)

MZE710 : A Lady - Like A Flower (Tamil)

MZE678 : A Self Improvement Guide (Tamil)

MZE689 : A Self Improvement Guide (Tamil)

MZE711 : A Treatise on Astrological Predictions (Tamil)

MZE696 : A Treatise on Spirituality And Human Salvation

MZE686 : An Astrological Research Guide (Tamil)

MZE694 : Andarandappatchi (Tamil)

MZE692 : Glossary of Administrative Terms English - Tamil - Hindi Dictionary

MZE700 : God Who Went Out (Tamil)

MZE704 : Love Stories of Galil Gibran (Tamil)

MZE716 : Maxims of Hindu Religion (Tamil)

MZG006 : Ohm Veda Madha Shree Gayathri (Tamil)

MZE690 : Sacred Words of Tirumoolar - Siddhar - First Thousand - Original Poems and Explanation(Set of 3 Volumes in Tamil )

MZE687 : Samuthaya Veethi (Tamil)

MZE703 : Small Novels and Short Stories (Tamil)

MZE708 : Sri Maha Baktha Vijayam (Tamil)

MZE705 : Srimad Bhagavadha Puranam Ennum Sevvai Sooduvar Bhagavadham- Narrated in Lucid Tamil

MZE055 : Sukarnadi - Jyotish Vidwan (Tamil)

MZE676 : Super Quiz Box (Tamil)

MZE719 : The Importance of Hindu Festivals and Guidance to Celebrate Them (Tamil)

MZE712 : The Life And Message of Gautam Buddha- Told in Easy Tamil

MZE718 : The Life And Message of Saint Pattinathar (Tamil)

MZE701 : The Magic of Motivation (Tamil)

MZE688 : The Medicinal Properties of Herbs and Plants (Tamil)

MZE677 : The Uses of Five Hundred Medicinal Herbs (Tamil)

MZE667 : ক্রিয়াযোগে প্রাণায়াম Kriyayoga Pranayama (Bengali)

MZE669 : পথহারার পথ ও দ্বাদশ বাণী Pathharar Path O Dwadash Bani (Bengali)

MZE668 : হিন্দু পূজা রহস্যের - তাত্ত্বিক ও যোগিক ব্যাখ্যা Secrets of Hindu Pooja (Theoretical and Yogic Interpretation)

MZD877 : நீரிழிவு நோய் முதல் புற்று நோய் வரை உணவு மருத்துவம் Treatment of Diabetes and Cancer Through Food (Tamil)

MZE580 : A Dissertation On the Efficacy of Agnihothram and Vasthu Pyramid (Tamil)

MZE576 : A Guide For Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZE584 : A Guide On Hair Care (Tamil)

MZE594 : A Self Improvement Book (Tamil)

MZE601 : About Religion (Tamil)

MZE618 : Ancient History of Tamilians and Research on Their Traditions (Tamil)

MZE615 : Archaeological Research About Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZE511 : Bauddha Darsan (Bengali)

MZE638 : Bodhicharyavatara (Bengali)

MZE609 : Caste and Gotras in Relation to Religion (Tamil)

MZE622 : Caste and Religion Complied (Tamil)

MZE480 : Compiled Wise Sayings For Meaningful Life (Tamil)

MZE495 : English- Tamil Dictionary For Students

MZE586 : Faith Healing (Tamil)

MZE520 : Katipay Durlabh Bouddha Grantha (Bengali)

MZE493 : Kundalini Yoga For Spiritual Realization (Tamil)

MZE626 : Land of Tamilians 2000 Years Back (Tamil)

MZE635 : Milind Prasna (Bengali)

MZE575 : Poetry of Kambar (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil )

MZE599 : Rituals, Astrology and Bogus Hinduism (Tamil)

MZE632 : Russian Revolution as Witnessed (Tamil)

MZE583 : The Adversaries of Capitalism Research on Present Day Ideology (Tamil)

MZE531 : The Six Secrets For a Noble Life- A Complete Guide for Human Salvation (Tamil)

MZE633 : Udana- The Solemn Inspirations (Bengali)

MZE595 : Varalaaru Yentral Yenna? (Tamil)

MZE630 : Vellore Revolution (Tamil)

MZE507 : Vijnaptimatratasiddi (Bengali)

MZE196 : 100 Efficacies of Holy Tulsi (Tamil)

MZE512 : A Book For Happy Married Life (Tamil)

MZE486 : A Guide For Pregnant Women (Tamil)

MZE525 : A Guide to the Yogic Breathing For Healthy Life (Tamil)

MZE518 : A Siddha Medical Book of Simple Herbs Roots (Tamil)

MZE475 : Aarokkiyam Tharum Soup - Recipes for 100 Varieties of Soups (Tamil)

MZE502 : Adi- Buddha (Bengali)

MZE517 : Bhartrharidarsane Kaler Dharana (Bengali)

MZE494 : Buddha (Bengali)

MZE485 : Compilation of Ten Songs- Text and Explanation (Tamil)

MZE533 : Continuing Kashmir Warfare and Hindutva Politics (Tamil)

MZE468 : Cula Vamsa - Bengali (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE514 : Dasaslokimahavidyasutra of Kularka Pandita (Bengali)

MZE540 : Fading Traditions - Research on Capitalist View (Tamil)

MZE526 : Gautama Buddha (Bengali)

MZE481 : Home Remedies For Nervous Debility (Tamil)

MZE522 : Khyatriveder Digdarshan (Bengali)

MZE488 : Learn First Aid A Guide For All (Tamil)

MZE527 : Lenin and Russian Revolution (Tamil)

MZE431 : Lifestory of Pulithevan - One Who Refused to be the Slave (Tamil)

MZE509 : Mahaparinibbana Suttang (Bengali)

MZE521 : Manu's Script on Dharma (Tamil)

MZE500 : Manusyatva Vikase Dharma (Bengali)

MZE501 : Nalayira Divya Prabandam in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE538 : Nuclear Politics (Tamil)

MZE465 : Samyukta Nikaya -Bengali (Set of 4 Volumes in 3 Books)

MZE482 : Secrets of Siddha Medicines (Tamil)

MZE537 : Socialism and Its War (Tamil)

MZE530 : Tamil Renowned Stories - In Relation to Tamil Literature

MZE466 : Tarkabhasa of Srikesava Mishra (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE442 : The Art of Unconquered Film Production (Tamil)

MZE506 : The Golden Sayings For Better Life (Tamil)

MZE487 : Thiruvasakam (Tamil)

MZE483 : Treatment Without Medicine (Tamil)

MZE266 : Vaishnavism and Azhwars (Set of 2 Volumes in Tamil)

MZE479 : Yogasana Maruthuvam (Tamil)

MZE348 : A Guide in Tamil for Spiritual Elevation

MZE389 : Anagata Buddha - Maitreya (Bengali)

MZE474 : Ananda (Bengali)

MZE243 : Ariviyal Tholilnutpam Partri Aariyalam Vaanga (Tamil)

MZE461 : Buddha Gitika (Bengali)

MZE365 : Buddha Sahitya (Bengali)

MZE463 : English Language (Bengali)

MZE434 : Fire from the Heart (Tamil)

MZE392 : First Pali Primer (Bengali)

MZE384 : Goutam Buddher Shrestha Jiban- The Biography of Buddha (Bengali)

MZE393 : Hinduism Buddhism and Marxism (Bengali)

MZE436 : Kodai Theevu - Historical Novel (Tamil)

MZE472 : Ladak (Bengali)

MZE428 : Land of Birth (Tamil)

MZE471 : Mahasanti Mahaprem (Bengali)

MZE425 : Meeting (Tamil)

MZE362 : Natural Cures For Body Slimming (Tamil)

MZE462 : Paticca-Samuppada (Bengali)

MZE419 : Ponniyin Selvan (Set of 5 Volumes in Tamil)

MZE444 : Sacred Thread of Aryans (Tamil)

MZE260 : Sounds of the Mind (Tamil)

MZE391 : Theravad O Mahayan Bauddhadharama (Bengali)

MZE270 : Vilayattugal Patri Ariyalaam Vaanga (Tamil)

MZE404 : மானிட உடலும் பிரம்ம இரகசியங்களும்-தெய்வ வழிபாட்டுத் தத்துவ இரகசியங்கள் Human Body and Brahma Rahasiya - Secrets Behind Divine Worship in tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE406 : வாஸ்து சாஸ்திரம் Vastu Shastra (Tamil)

MZE390 : வாஸ்து பொற்குடம் Vastu Porkudam (Tamil)

NZO176 : ಯಂತ್ರ ಚಿಂತಾಮಣಿ Yantra Chintamani (Kannada)

MZE380 : A Brief Dissertation On Acupuncture Treatment (Tamil)

MZE387 : A Simple Siddha Medical Book on Flowers and Their Medicinal Qualities (Tamil)

MZE378 : Abhidharmmartha-Sangraha (Bengali)

MZE368 : An Introspective Guide For Inner Happiness (Tamil)

MZE178 : Bharathi Time and Opinions in Tamil (Sahitya Academy Award Winning Novel)

MZE382 : Bouddhader Deb-Debi (Bengali)

MZE245 : Come, Let Us Save the Environment (Tamil)

MZE240 : Dhammapada Atthakatha in Bengali (Set of 9 Volumes)

MZE355 : Dhanvantari (Tamil)

MZE358 : Digha Nikaya (Bengali)

MZE375 : Grandma's Home Remedies (Tamil)

MZE322 : Karma Nirvana (Bengali)

MZE072 : Life and Services of Mother Theresa (Tamil)

MZE083 : Life History of Sigmund Freud (Tamil)

MZE040 : Lifestory of the Son of Pasumpon Thevar (Tamil)

MZE259 : Love of a Thief in Tamil (Novel)

MZE258 : Love of Sethupathy in Tamil (Novel)

MZE077 : New Age Poet - Walt Whitman (Tamil)

MZE298 : Nyaya- Vaisesika Sammata Visesa Padartha Ekti Samiksa (Bengali)

MZE361 : Nyayakusumanjali (Bengali)

MZE065 : Plant of Thulasi (Tamil)

MZE323 : Prettu Bastu (Bengali)

MZE325 : Saddharma Niti Ratnamala (Bengali)

MZE059 : Saivism and Vaishnavism (Tamil)

MZE386 : Sutta Nipata (Bengali)

MZE372 : The Efficacy of Pyramid Powers (Tamil)

MZE276 : Vada Malli - Majenda Ross in Tamil (Novel)

MZE363 : Vinayapitake Parajika Pali (Bengali)

MZE269 : Water Table and Details of Ground Water of Tamil Nadu (Tamil)

MZE309 : இரமாயண - தத்துவ விளக்கங்கள் Ramayana - Philosophical Explanations in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE339 : பெரிய புராணம் (எளிய நடையில்) - Periya Puranam (Tamil)

MZE330 : மனுதர்ம சாஸ்திரம் Manutharma Sashthiram (Tamil)

MZE299 : ரஜயோக வாஸ்து Rajayoga Vastu (Tamil)

MZE159 : A Collection of Insightful Personality Development Articles (Tamil)

MZE166 : A Self Improvement Guide For the Youth (Tamil)

MZE179 : An Inspirational Self Development Guide (Tamil)

MZE242 : Anuboga's Vaithiya Bramha Ragasiyam Vaithiya Rathna (Tamil)

MZE271 : Bharathi's Narrative on Panchali (Tamil)

MZD905 : Come, Let Us know About Our Health (Tamil)

MZE267 : Cotton and Hunger (Tamil)

MZE247 : Darwin Aivum Vizhaivum (Tamil)

MZE148 : Food As Medicine to Get Rid of Diseases - Based on International Research Articles (Tamil)

MZE278 : Honey From Kurinji in Tamil (Novel)

MZE273 : Horoscope Matching for Marriages (Tamil)

MZE185 : Hydro Therapy (Tamil)

MZE281 : Importance of Going to Temple - Details of 309 Shiv Temples (Tamil)

MZD911 : Kathai Malar - Part- 24 (Tamil)

MZE045 : Leader of Tamilians - Lifestory of E.V.Ramaswamy Periyar (Tamil)

MZE176 : Madhyamaka Darsaner (Bengali)

MZE249 : Manithan (Tamil)

MZE184 : Maruthiruvar (Tamil)

MZE235 : Prachin Bharate Chikitsa-Vidhyar Byapti O Baichitra (Bengali)

MZE283 : Question and Answers for State and Private Competitive Exams (Tamil)

MZE236 : Sariputra (Bengali)

MZE019 : Shri Shivayogi Shivacharya in Kannada (A Set of 2 Volumes)

MZE062 : Shri Siddhanta Shikhamani (Telugu)

MZE128 : Siddhas Subconscious Wonderful Capabilities (Tamil)

MZE254 : Songs of Thaumana Swamigal - Excerpts and Explanation (Tamil)

MZE251 : Sounds of the Waves (Tamil)

MZE280 : The Empire of Vijayanagar (Tamil)

MZE300 : Theri Gatha (Bengali)

MZE282 : Vaishnavism and Vaishnavite Temples (Tamil)

MZE048 : जन्म हा अखेरचा - Janma Ha Akheracha (Marathi)

MZE114 : सिध्दान्तशिखामणी अभंगगाथा - Siddhanta Sikhamani Abhang Gatha (Marathi)

MZE265 : ஆரோக்கிய வாழ்வுக்கு அக்குபஞ்சர் Accupuncture For Health (Tamil)

MZE241 : திருமணத் தடை களும் பரிகாரங்களும் Marriage - Prohibitions and Remedies (Tamil

MZE144 : A Collection of Golden Sayings From Various Languages (Tamil)

MZE139 : A Guide For the Young Couple (Tamil)

MZE152 : A Modern Sexology Guide (Tamil)

MZE232 : Asokalipi (Bengali)

MZE218 : Bauddavidya (Bengali)

MZE214 : Bauddha Dharmer Itihas (Bengali)

MZE219 : Bhasa Pariccheda (Bengali)

MZE228 : Buddher Abhiyan (Bengali)

MZE154 : Cricket Game of Million Crores (Tamil)

MZE230 : Dhammapada (Bengali)

MZE127 : Hanuman Chalisa Vannam Theettuvom - Part 4 (Tamil)

MZE193 : Kashmir Snow Clad Mountains with Blood Wrenched Flowers (Tamil)

MZE123 : Kathai Malar - Part 21 (Tamil)

MZE124 : Kathai Malar - Part 23 (Tamil)

MZE211 : Ki Shikhi Keno Shikhi (Bengali)

MZE168 : Lady of Konagar (Tamil)

MZE217 : Lust is the Chemistry of Love (Tamil)

MZE222 : Mahamanav Gautam Buddha (Bengali)

MZE225 : Mahayana Bouddha Dharma-Darsan (Bengali)

MZE145 : Narrative on Siddhas (Tamil)

MZE126 : Panduranga Bhaktargal Kathai Malar - Part 26 (Tamil)

MZE172 : Pantha Mahayana (Bengali)

MZE216 : Sabdartha-Sambandha-Samiksa (Bengali)

MZE187 : Sacred Words in Tamil

MZE149 : Salvation Without Meditation (Tamil)

MZE208 : Sathiya Vellam (Tamil)

MZE161 : Secrets of Olympic Victories (Tamil)

MZE173 : Self Motivational Essays (Tamil)

MZE130 : Sermons to Win Over the Life (Tamil)

MZE125 : Shiva Purana Mahatmyam (Tamil)

MZE129 : Siddha Medicine (Tamil)

MZE140 : Siddha Medicine - Diseases and It's Medicines (Tamil)

MZE156 : Simple Home Remedies For Head to Toe (Tamil)

MZD783 : Sri Ramakrishna and His Deciples (Tamil)

MZE189 : The Secrets of Plants in Tamil (An Old Book)

MZE231 : Therigathay Narijivan (Bengali)

MZE200 : Venkaiyin Sabatham (Tamil)

MZE223 : Victorious Nobleman (Tamil)

MZE227 : Vidarshan Bhabana Anushilan (Bengali)

MZE191 : ஜோதிடக் கலைக் களஞ்ஞ்சியம் Collection of Astrology (Tamil)

MZE234 : திருக்குறள் உரைக் களஞ்சியம் Thirukkural Urai Kalanjiyam (Tamil)

MZD904 : A to Z of Networks and Internet (Tamil)

MZE084 : Abhidharnartha-Samgraha (Bengali Translation of Narada Mahathera's)

MZD998 : Achinpurer Pothey- A Collection of Short Stories (Bengali)

MZE108 : Ajata-Satru (Bengali)

MZE078 : Bauddha Dharma (Bengali)

MZE110 : Bauddha Ramani (Bengalil)

MZD995 : Bauddhadharma O Rabindranath (Bengali)

MZE118 : Bauddhadharma O Sahitya (Bengali)

MZE057 : Bodhisattva Avadana Kalpalata (Bengali)

MZE086 : Buddher Dharma O Darshan (Bengali)

MZD907 : Contended Life In Words of Saint Thirumoolar (Tamil)

MZE117 : Datha Vamsa (Bengali)

MZE053 : Dreams of Parthiban (Tamil)

MZE047 : Fire (Tamil)

MZD993 : Gautam Buddher Bharma O Darshan (Bengali)

MZD994 : Kaccayan Byakaran or Katayan Byakaran (Bengali)

MZE008 : Kathai Malar Part 16 (Tamil)

MZE068 : Magic with Logic (Tamil)

MZE005 : Mahabharatam Part - 4 (Tamil)

MZE122 : Mahabharater Pathe Pathe Panchapandava (Bengali)

MZE098 : Mahakashyap (Bengali)

MZE080 : Mountain Thief (Tamil)

MZE105 : Nagarjuner Deshe (Bengali)

MZE060 : Nyayadarsane Nigrahasthana (Bengali)

MZE112 : Pali Prakash (Bengali)

MZE115 : Rabindranath O Sisur Mahamela (Bengali)

MZE095 : Sakti Sadhanar Uttaradhika O Bauddha Sahaja Sadhana- The Book Based on Buddhist Religion (Benagli)

MZE010 : Shri Siddhanta Shikhamani (Tamil)

MZE113 : Soundarananda Kabya (Bengali)

MZD920 : Sri Madhavacharya (Tamil)

MZD908 : Students of Elite Tamil (General Articles)

MZD910 : The Unburnt Flower- Life story of Nelson Mandela (Tamil)

MZE071 : Vyakticaritra Ebong Naitikata (Bengali)

MZE067 : Vyaptipancakam (Benagli)

MZD912 : World Renowned Christian Leaders (Tamil)

MZD922 : Adi Sankara - Padha Kadhai (Tamil)

MZD851 : Kathai Malar - Part- 15 (Tamil)

MZD925 : Kathai Malar - Part- 17 (Tamil)

MZD917 : Kathai Malar - Part- 18 (Tamil)

MZD913 : Kathai Malar - Part- 19

MZD909 : Kathai Malar - Part- 20 (Tamil)

MZD923 : Kathai Malar - Part- 22 (Tamil)

MZD915 : Kathai Malar - Part- 25 (Tamil)

MZD906 : Second Name of Tamil - Kalaignar (Tamil)

MZD863 : Srimati Sharada Devi - Savistara (Kannada)

MZD846 : Way to Good Life- Part 3 (Tamil)

MZD845 : اجر ای رسالت -Ajr e Resalat (Urdu)

MZD850 : نقادین۔ ای انیس - Naqideen - e - Anees (Urdu)

MZD852 : श्रीसिद्धान्त शिखामणि - Siddhanta Shikhamani (Nepali)

MZD900 : Bangla Sahitya O Bangalir Jatiya Jivane Ramayana (Bengali)

MZD795 : Bauddba Tirtba Paryatan (Bengali)

MZD898 : Bauddha Darshane Satya-Darshan (Bengali)

MZD824 : Bouddha Bharat (Bengali)

MZD894 : Buddbabant (Bengali)

MZD895 : Char Punyasthan (Bengali)

MZD844 : Dhatukatha (Bengali)

MZD899 : Hastamalaka (Bengali)

MZD738 : Hinduism - In the Eyes of Sri Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZD830 : Jnana O Jnana-Samvitti (Bengali)

MZD827 : Life Story of Those Who Lived with God - About the Deciples of Sri Ramakrishna Set of 2 Volumes (Tamil)

MZD828 : Madhyam Nikaya (Bengali)

MZD790 : Mahasatipattana Suttam (Bengali)

MZD837 : Oh, Citizens, Will Tell You All Good Things (Tamil)

MZD840 : Rastra Darsan Tractatus (Bengali)

MZD857 : Sharada Devi Vachana Veda (Kannada)

MZD794 : Subodhalankar (Bengali)

MZD791 : The Sabdas Aktiprakasika Sabdapramany Anirupanam of Sri Jagadisa Tarkalankara (Bengali)

MZD825 : Vimanavatthu (Bengali)

MZD798 : परमेशवरागामा - Paramesvaragamah (Kannada)

MZD797 : श्रीसिद्धान्त शिखामणि - Siddhanta Shikhamani (An Old and Rare Book in Oriya Language)

MZD809 : இதய நோய் முதல் செரிமான நோய் வரை உணவு மருத்துவம் Treatment of Heart Patients Through Food (Tamil)

MZD796 : எங்கே போகிறோம் நாம்?- Where are We Going? (Tamil)

MZD822 : అమృతస్య పుత్రః - Amrutaya Putraha (Telugu)

MZC827 : ಶ್ರೀ ಮಾರ್ಕಂ ಡೇಯಪುರಾಣ Shri Markandeya Purana in Kannada (Set of 4 Volumes)

MZD731 : Always Protecting - Sri Ramakrishna (Tamil)

MZD726 : Cariya Pitaka (Bengali)

MZD752 : Children's Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZD763 : Daily One Wise Word Teachings of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna (Tamil)

MZD788 : Shrimad Bhagavat Gita (Tamil)

MZD724 : Significant Mantras from Upanishads (Tamil)

MZD786 : Swami Vivekananda In the Eyes of Sister Kristin (Tamil)

MZD756 : Wise Words of Swami Vivekananda (Tamil)

MZD776 : श्रीसिद्धान्तशिखामणी - Sri Siddhant Shikhamani (An Old Book)

MZD746 : சித்தர் பாடல்கள் - மூலமும் உரையும் Sithar Padalgal - Moolamum Uraiyum (Tamil)

MZD661 : Chandrajnanagama Vichara Rashmi (Telugu)

MZD674 : Veershaiva Dharma (Kannada)

MZD660 : Virasaiva Siddhanta Sikhamani

GPB518 : সুন্দরকান্ড Sundarkanda (Bengali)

NAV662 : स्पेनिश अंग्रेज़ी हिंदी शब्दकोश - Spanish English Hindi Dictionary

MZC249 : अग्निस्थापन विधि - Agnisthapna Vidhi(Nepali)

MZC259 : श्री दुर्गा सप्तशती चण्डी - Sri Durga Saptashati (Nepali)

MZC597 : શ્રીમદ્ ભાગવતમ્ The Srimad Bhagavatam Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Gujarati Translation and Detailed Explanation (Set of 18 Volumes)

MZC609 : জ্ঞানযোগ সিদ্ধিলাভ Gyanyoga Siddhilabh (Bengali)

MZI442 : Psychological Advice (Tamil)

MZC544 : Tyaga Raja Sarvasvam (Malayalam)

MZC594 : ক্রিয়াযোগের গুরুপ্রবাহ Guru- The Flow of Karma (Bengali)

NZK716 : திருக்குறள் The Thirukkural (Pocket Edition with Translation)

MZC582 : பாவக பலன் Pavaga Palan (Tamil)

MZC546 : അഷ്ടാവക്ര ഗീത Ashtavakra Gita (Malayalam)

MZC457 : Muthuswami Dikshitar Sampoorna Krithikar (Malayalam)

MZC459 : श्रीमद्देवी भागवत महापुराण - Srimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapurana in Nepali (Set of 2 Volumes)

MOB018 : ஹிப்னாடிசம் மெஸ்மரிஸம் என்னும் மனோவசியக் கலை Hypnotism Mesmarism is the Art of Psychoanalysis (Tamil)

MZC202 : Iqbal A Bengali Translation of English Poetry 'Iqbal-Patriot of India'

MZC239 : Nepali Kavita Sankalan - A Collection of Nepali Poems in Bengali Translation

MZB940 : ज्योति सार - Jyoti Sara (Nepali)

MZC381 : ठूलो स्वप्नाध्यायः - Thulo Swapnadhyay (Nepali)

MZC388 : बालबोधिनी रुद्राभिषेकपद्धति - Balabodhini Rudrabhishek Method (Nepali)

MZC351 : बृहद् श्रीशुक्लयजुर्वेद संहिता - Brihad Shukla Yajurveda Samhita (Nepali)

MZC372 : महाकाल शनि मृत्युञ्जय स्तोत्रम् - Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotram (Nepali)

MZB431 : महाकाल शनिमृत्युञ्जय स्तोत्रम् - Mahakal Shanimrityunjaya Stotram (Nepali)

MZC386 : माघ महात्म्यम् - Magha Mahatmya (Nepali)

MZC390 : वार्षिकव्रतरत्नावली - Varshik Vrat Ratnavali (Nepali)

MZC377 : वासिष्ठी व्रतबन्ध विधि - Vashisthi Vratabandh Vidhi (Nepali)

MZC374 : विष्णुसहस्रनामस्तोत्रम् - Vishnu Sahsrnama Stotram (Nepali)

MZC367 : श्री दुर्गा सप्तशती (चण्डी) - Sri Durga Saptashati - Chandi (Nepali)

MZC382 : सप्तवार व्रतकथा - Saptavar Vrat Katha (Nepali)

MZC370 : सिद्धगणेशस्तोत्रम् - Siddha Ganesh Stotram (Nepali)

MZC379 : ক্রিয়াগুরু শিষ্যসংবাদ Discourses Between Guru and His Pupil (Bengali)

MZC354 : ଶ୍ରୀମଦ ଭାଗବାଦ The Srimad Bhagavatam, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Oriya Translation and Detailed Explanation (Set of 18 Volumes)

MZC279 : Akashbhara Pakhi Bengali Translation of Award-Winning Urdu Poetry Collection (Parindon Bhara Asman)

MZC287 : Amar Tomar Tar Katha Bengali Translation of Award-Winning Hindi Novel (Meri Teri Uski Baat)

MZC281 : Anya Ekjan Bengali Translation of Award-Winning Assamese Poetry Collection (Aan Ekjan)

MZC284 : Baghi Charer Rat O Ananya Kahini Bengali Translation of Award-Winning Assamese Short Story Collection (Baghe Tapur Rati Aru Ananya Galpa)

MZC125 : Barshar Jharna - Bengali Translation of Khaharay (Short Story Collection)

MZC339 : Bharatathinte Nivedita (Malayalam)

MZC120 : Bhite - Bengali Translation of Odia Novel Gharadiha

MZC116 : Karmelin - Bengali Translation of Konkani Novel

MZC101 : Need - Bengali Translation of Marathi Novel Kosla

MZC136 : Nepali Sahitya Itihas - Bengali Translation of A History of Nepal Literature (An Old Book)

MZC122 : Niralamba - Bengali Translation of Assamese Novel Aghari Atmar Kahini

MZC107 : Nirvachita Kavita - Bengali Translation of Selected Poems of Assamese

MZC336 : Nishkama karma (Malayalam)

MZC141 : Prithibir Asukh - Bengali Translation of Assamese Short Story Collection

MZC110 : Rahul Sankrityayan - Bengali Translation of an English Monograph

MZC127 : Ratha Saptaka - Bengali Translation of Oriya (An Old and Rare Book)

MZC129 : Rod Bristi Jhad - Bengali Translation of Marathi Autobiographical Novel Zombi

MZC178 : Aamader Gachpal Dehrate Ekhomo Janmay Bengali Translation of Ruskin Bond's 'Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra'

MZC072 : Abbu Khanr Chhagal Bengali Translation of Zakir Hussain's Juvenile Story-Collection in Urdu

MZC260 : Abhijatri - Bengali Translation of Assamese Novel

MZC186 : Annada Sandar Ray - A Monograph in Bengali

MZC074 : Antarikshe Bisphoran Bengali Translation of Marathi Sci-Fi Antaralated Sphot

MZC248 : Aparadh O Shasti - Bengali Translation of Prestuplenie I Nakazanie

MZC179 : Ardhanarishwar - Bengali Translation of Award Winning Hindi Novel

MZC115 : Asamiya Sahityer Itihas Bengali Translation of History of Assamese Literature

MZC172 : Bhagawan Buddha - Bengali Translation of Marathi Classic

MZC169 : Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay - A Monograph in Bengali

MZC192 : Brahmananda Keshabchandra Sen - A Monograph in Bengali

MZC223 : Ekaler Asamiya Golpasankalan - A Collection of Assamese Short Stories Translated into Bengali

MZC068 : Galpa Shono Bengali Translation of 'Suno Kahani From Katha Sarit Sagar'

MZC046 : Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta Bengali Translation of Gulliver's Travels

MZC264 : Hemanter Kanna - Bengali Translation of Patjhar Ki Awaz

MZC119 : Jivanlila (Bengali Translation of a Gujrati Travelogue)

MZC151 : Kak O Kalapani - Bengali Translation of Short Stories 'Kavve aur Kala Pani'

MZC251 : Kavitacharya - Poetry Reading and Discussions of Young Bengali Poets

MZC037 : Lepcha Lokasahitya Bengali Translation of a Collection of Lepcha Flklore, Folktales, Folksongs, Rhymes and Proverbs

MZC145 : Manimahesh - Bengali Travelogue

MZC064 : Mirza Ghalib O Tnar Samay Bengali Translation of 'The Man' The Times'

MZC228 : Mithya Satya - Bengali Translation of Jhuta Sach

MZC014 : Mrityunjaya Bengali Translation of Assamese Novel

MZC006 : New Yorke Kabi Bengali Translation of Poeta En Nueva York

MZC198 : Paramartha Prasangam (Malayalam)

MZC154 : Parichaypatra (Bengali Translation of Urdu Novel Identity Card)

MZC217 : Path - Bengali Translation of 'The Road'

MZC048 : Podo Jami O Choutal Bengali Translation of The Waste Land and Four Quartets

MZI785 : Purindathum (Tamil)

MZC055 : Sheerna Toran - Bengali Translation of La Porte Etroite

MZC003 : Sikarai Beral Bengali Translation of A Cat on the Houseboat

MZC111 : Smad O Kinnar Bengali Translation of Selected Poems by Deviprasad Bandyopadhyay

MZC159 : Syed Mujtaba Ali - A Monograph in Bengali

MZC242 : Tamil Galpa Sanchayan - An Anthology of Tamil Short Stories Translated into Bengali

MZC200 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad in Malayalam (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZC117 : Vaishakha (Bengali Novel)

MZC277 : Viveka Chudamani (Malayalam)

MZC276 : Vivekananda Swami Kalude Kathukal (Malayalam)

MZC245 : उपदेश मञ्जरी - Upadesha Manjari (Nepali)

MZC256 : एकादशी व्रत माहात्म्यम् - Ekadashi Vrat Mahatmayam (Nepali)

MZC224 : एकोदिष्ट पार्वण एक पार्वण श्राद्ध विधि - Shraddha Methods for Amavasya (Ekodisht- Pitra paksh) - Nepali

MZC161 : कालसर्प योग (कारण व निवारण) - Kalsarpa Yoga- Causes and Prevention (Nepali)

MZC012 : घरेलू औषधि - Home Remedies Part - 3 (Nepali)

MZC147 : चतुर्विशति गायत्री - Chatuvishti Gayatri (Nepali)

MZC010 : छोरीलाई अर्ति - Chhori Lai Aarti (Nepali)

MZC266 : निर्णयसिन्धु - Nirnaya Sindhu (Nepali)

MZC084 : नेपाली हिंदी शिक्षक - Nepali Hindi Teacher (With Grammar, Composition and Translation)

MZC233 : पूजा पाठ पद्धति - Worship Rituals (Nepali)

MZC175 : महाभारत- Mahabharata (Nepali)

MZC254 : वासिष्ठी विवाह विधि - Vashisthi Marriage Law (Nepali)

MZC227 : शान्तिकाध्याय - Shantikadhyay (Nepali)

MZC272 : श्री कृष्णचरित्र - Shri Krishna's Conducts (Nepali)

MZC238 : श्री सत्यनारायण व्रतकथा - Satyanarayana Vrata Kath (Nepali)

MZC219 : श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Vishnu Sahastranama Sahit) - Nepali

MZC235 : सप्रयोग महाविघा स्तोत्रम् - Saprayog Mahavigha Stotra (Nepali)

MZC229 : सोमवार व्रतकथा - Somvar Vrata Katha (Nepali)

MZC191 : Abhinava Gupta (Bengali Translation of G.T Deshpande's English Book)

MZC113 : Achintyakumar Sengupta - A Monograph on Bengali

MZC134 : Banikanta Chayanika A Selection From the Assamese Prose (Bengali)

MZC085 : Bara Mahar Tera Git (Selected Folk Songs of Assam in Bengali)

MZC082 : Chingri (Bengali Translation of Award Winning Malayalam Novel Chemmeen)

MZC194 : Dadibhuda (Bengali)

MZC118 : Deshkaalpatra - A Collection of Papers and Lectures (Bengali)

MZC180 : Divyabhisar- Bengali Translation of Italian Classic 'Divina Commedia'

MZC167 : Ei Samay O Jibanananda A Collection of Literary Essays in Bengali

MZC063 : Jagadish Gupta (A Monograph in Bengali)

MZC105 : Kumari Harinir Chokh - Bengali Translation of Punjabi Short Story Collection Moon Di Akh

MZC183 : Lakshminath Bezbaroa (Bengali)

MZC143 : Lun-yu (Bengali)

MZC164 : Michael Madhusudan Datta - Nirbachita Rachana (Bengali)

MZC199 : Oru Sadhakante Sancharam - The Way of A Pilgrim & The Pilgrim Continues His Way (Malayalam)

MZC140 : Padmanath Gohain Barua - A Monograph On the Assamese (Bengali)

MZC184 : Parva (Bengali Novel)

MZC185 : Rabindra Chayanika (101 Selected Bengali Poems of Rabindranath Tagore)

MZC131 : Raja Rammohun Ray (Bengali)

MZC162 : Satyendranath Datta (A Monograph in Bengali)

MZC168 : आरती संग्रह - Arati Sangrah (Nepali)

MZC171 : गरुड पुराणम् - Garuda Puranam (Nepali)

MZC152 : घरेलू औषधि - Home Remedies Part - 1 (Nepali)

MZC135 : पद्म विरोचन - Padma Virochan (Nepali)

MZC139 : मंगल चतुर्थी - Mangal Chaturthi (Nepali)

MZC132 : मडगलवासरीय गणेश पूजा विधि व्रत कथा - Madgalvasriya Ganesha Puja Method and Vrata Katha (Nepali)

MZC155 : मध्यमषोड्शी श्राद्ध विधि - Madhyam Shodashi Shraddh Vidhi (Nepali)

MZC157 : लग्न चन्द्रिका Lagna Chandrika (Nepali)

MZC142 : सरल औषधी ज्ञान - Study of Simple Medicines (Nepali)

MZC053 : Haimavatha Bhoovil (Malayalam)

MZB983 : Prashnottore Gandhi Ji (Bengali)

MZC059 : Ramprasadi A Selection of Hundred Poems (Bengali)

MZC078 : Sri Radha (Bengali)

MZC052 : असली आठ काण्ड रामायण - Eight Canto Ramayana (Nepali)

MZC004 : कृष्णाष्टमी व्रतकथा - Krishna Ashtami Vrata Katha (Nepali)

MZC027 : गोदान पद्धति तथा तुलादान पद्धति - Donation of a Cow and Weighing Systems (Nepali)

MZC021 : चूडोपनयन पद्धति - Chudo Panayan Method

MZC035 : जूठो सूतक निर्णय - Jutho Sutak Nirnaya (Nepali)

MZC024 : देउसे भैली - Deus Bhali (Nepali)

MZC049 : शिवमहापुराण - Shiv Mahapuran (Nepali)

MZC044 : संस्कृत शिक्षाको रामबाण - Sanskrit Shiksako Ramban (Nepali)

MZB928 : सत्य हरिशचन्द्रको कथा - Satya Harishchandra Katha (Nepali)

MZC015 : स्वप्नाध्यायः - Swapna Adhyay (Nepali)

MZC031 : हरितालिका व्रतकथा - Haritalika Vrata katha (Nepali)

MZB987 : মৃত্যের পরপারে Life After Death (Bengali)

MZB920 : Banabhatter Atmakatha Bengali Translation of Banabhatta Ki Atmakatha (Bengali)

NZW439 : Bhule Na Bhulaye (Oriya)

MZB917 : Hazar Saras Bengali Translation of Sembazuru (Bengali)

MZB950 : Jipsy Nadir Dhara Bengali Translation of Khana Badosh (Bengali)

MZB962 : Jnaneswari Bengali Translation of Bhagavat Gita (Bengali)

MZB934 : Kuzhikkattu Maheswaran Bhattathiripad (Malayalam)

MZB927 : Maila Chadar Bengali Translation of Rajendarsingh Bedi (Bengali)

MZB958 : Mohitlal Mazumdar A Monograph in Bengali (Bengali)

MZB941 : Narayaneeyam (Malayalam)

MZB954 : Ratan Munda O Kaekti Galpa Short Stories (Bengali)

MZB966 : Satinath Bhaduri A Monograph on Bengali (Bengali)

NZP189 : Shraddha Vishwash Aur Prem (Gujarati)

MZB945 : Unish Bigha Dui Katha Bengali Translation of Chha Man Atha Guntha (Bengali)

MZB982 : Yajurveda Sameeksha (Malayalam)

MZB921 : पिनासको कथा - Pinasco Story (Nepali)

MZB944 : पुरुषोत्तममास माहात्म्यम् - Purushottam Mas Mahatmyam (Nepali)

MZB938 : बुद्धिचानक - Buddhichaanak (Nepali)

MZB923 : रागमालश्री - Ragmalashree (Nepali)

MZB919 : श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता - Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Nepali)

MZB959 : श्रीमद् भागवत महापुराण - Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana in Nepali (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZB933 : सिद्ध तंत्र मंत्रावली - Siddha Tantra Mantravali (Nepali)

MZB936 : सुन्दरकाण्ड - Sunderkanda (Nepali)

MZB926 : सोमबारे औंसी - Sombare Onsi (Nepali)

MZB947 : জ্ঞানাবতার যোগী শ্রীক্তেশ্বর গিরি Yogi Shri Yukteshwar Giri (Bengali)

MZB965 : পরলোক Paraloka (Bengali)

MZB972 : মুক্তিলাভের উপায় বা মুক্তিলাভের বিশ্বকোষ Ways to Liberation or Encyclopedia of Liberation (Bengali)

MZB979 : মুখোমুখে Mukhomukhi (Bengali)

MZB914 : মৃত্যুর ও পারে Death & Moksha (Bengali)

MZF641 : Thamilil Puthumurai Akarathi (Tamil)

MZB879 : Manthra Prayogangal (Malayalam)

NZO970 : Shri Krishna Sambandhi Puravasheshoni Shodhma Ek Bhraman Katha (Gujarati)

MZB826 : Srimad Bhagavatham in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZO940 : Styani Aaradhana (Gujarati)

NZP132 : શ્રી ભદ્રકાળી (સાધના ઉપાસના રહસ્ય) - Shri Bhadrakali Sadhana (Gujarati)

NZO804 : Prembhakta Kavi Raskhan (Gujarati)

MZB763 : Rigveda Bhoomika (Malayalam)

NZO809 : Shiv Sutra (Gujarati)

MZB767 : Srimad Bhagavatham- Ekadasa Skandham in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZB656 : अथ मुहूर्त भास्कर - Ath Muhurta Bhaskar (Nepali)

MZB653 : असली पुरानो ठूलो शिखरनाथ थरगोत्रप्रवरावली - Asli Purano Thoolo Shikharnath Thargotra Pravaravali (Nepali)

MZB661 : सचित्र सकुनौती - Sachitra Sakunauti

MZB704 : Chikitsa Kauthukam (Malayalam)

MZB692 : असली श्रीमद् देवी भागवत महापुराण - Srimad Devi Bhagawat Mahapuran (Nepali)

MZB664 : कुल देवता पूजा पद्धति र तिथि निर्णय संग्रह - Pooja Methods and Date Decisions of Various Gods (Nepali)

MZB672 : खाँडो जगाउने - Khaando Jagaune (Nepali)

MZB669 : ज्ञानमाला - Jnana Mala (Nepali)

MZB687 : ठूलो श्री स्वस्थानी व्रत कथा - Thoolo Shree Swasthani Vrata Katha (Nepali)

MZB627 : पंचरत्न कोमल गीता - Pancharatna Komal Gita

MZB612 : पाञ्चायन स्तोत्राञ्जलि - Panchayan Stotranjali

MZB659 : प्रहलाद भक्ति कथा - Prahlada Bhakti Katha (Nepali)

MZB610 : भगवती स्तोत्र - Bhagawati Stotra

MZB674 : मुक्ताभरण सप्तमी - Muktabharan Saptami (Nepali)

MZB688 : श्रीमदभगवद् गीता - Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Nepali)

MZB680 : सजिलो बेला पञ्चाङ्ग - Sajilo Bella Panchang (Nepali)

MZJ262 : Tamil Manuscripts Details Part 6 From Index no. 2501 to 3000 (An Old and Rare Book in Tamil)

MZJ181 : Thyagaraja Astrology Third Part to Sundarasekarm (Tamil)

MZB620 : अर्जुन गीता - Arjun Gita (Nepali)

MZB628 : आध्यात्मिक प्रश्नोत्तर माला - Aadhyatmik Prashnottar Mala

MZB626 : कार्तिक माहात्म्यम् - Kartik Mahatmya (Nepali)

MZB616 : गुण रत्नमाला - Guna Ratnamala

MZB613 : ज्योतिष दर्पण - Astrology Mirror

MZB617 : दुर्गा कवच - Durga Kavach

MZB630 : बृहत् स्वस्थानी व्रत कथा - Brihat Swasthani Vrata Katha (Nepali)

MZB622 : भजन माला - Bhajan Mala (Nepali)

MZB624 : राम गीता - Ram Gita (Nepali)

MZB618 : सुनकेसरा रानीको कथा - The Story of the Sunkesara Queen (Nepali)

MZB382 : কুলকুণ্ডলেনী তত্ত্ব ও সাধনা Kulakundalini Tattva and Sadhana (Bengali)

MZB607 : তমরকণ্টকের বরফানী দাদাজী মহারাজ Amarkantak Barfani Dadaji Maharaj (Bengali)

MZB608 : পরলোক কথা Parlok Katha (Bengali)

MZB601 : Sri Ramakrishan Vachanamritha Sangraham (Malayalam)

MZB548 : तोता मैना को कथा - Tota Maina ko Katha

MZB561 : पञ्चाङ्ग परिचय - An Introduction to Astrology

MZB536 : मोहिनी मन्त्र - Mohini Mantra

MZB540 : राशिमाला - Horoscope

MZB442 : विरत्तक पुष्पाञ्जलि - Virattak Pushpanjali (Nepali)

MZB553 : विवाह पद्धति - Marriage Rituals

MZB556 : वीर सिक्का - Veer Sikka

MZB570 : वैशाख माहात्म्यम् - Vaisakha Mahatmya

MZB565 : श्री दुर्गा सप्तशती स्तोत्र - Sri Durga Saptashati Stotra

MZB542 : सय पत्रिको थुँगो - Saya Patrico Thungo

MZB434 : स्तोत्र पुष्पाञ्जलि - Stotra Pushpanjali (A Compilation of Nepali, Sanskrit and other Stotras)

NZW991 : Aakaasathile Athbhuthakkaazhchakal (Malayalam)

NZW979 : Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar (Malayalam)

NZY939 : Guruvarul - Translation of the Words of Natraja Guru (Malayalam)

NZW994 : Kakkanadan (Malayalam)

NZT271 : Malayala Samskaram - Kazhchayum Kazhchappadum (Malayalam)

MZB402 : Pre-Modern Kutchi Navigation Techniques and Voyages

MZB397 : Shri Ramakrishnan Paranja Kathakal (Malayalam)

MZB394 : Sri Ramakrishna Devan (Malayalam Pictorial)

MZB391 : Swami Vivekanandan (Malayalam Chitrakatha)

NZU258 : The Rebel (Malayalam)

MZB496 : Uthishtha Bharata (Malayalam)

MZB407 : अन्त्य पद्धति - Antyah Paddhati (Nepali)

MZB454 : कोक शास्त्र - Koka Shastra

NZU496 : गुप्त, दुर्मिळ अद्भुत शाबरी मंत्राचे मोठे बाड - Big Fence Of Secret, Rare Marvelous Shabari Mantra (Marathi)

MZB468 : चाणक्य नीति - Chanakya Neeti

MZB461 : ज्योतिष र रत्न - Astrology and Gemstones

MZB415 : बुद्धि विनोद - Buddhi Vinod (Nepali)

MZB472 : मनुस्मृति - Manusmrti

MZB426 : लक्षवर्तिका दीपदानविधि - Laxvartika Deepdaan Vidhi

MZB286 : वास्तु शान्ति विधि - Vastu Shanti Methods (Nepali)

MZB301 : विदुर नीति एवं जीवन चरित्र - Vidur Neeti and Characteristic Life (Nepali)

MZB385 : श्रीमद् भागवत The Srimad Bhagavatam Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Marathi Translation and Detailed Explanation (Set of 18 Volumes)

MZB294 : स्वयं ज्योतिषी - Self Astrologer (Nepali)

MZB346 : Bhajanavali- A Book of Hymns and Songs (Malayalam)

MZB337 : Brahmacharyam Nalkunna Sakti- Translation of Yuvashaktiya Rahasya (Malayalam)

NZY989 : Jhanapana Harinama Keerthanam (Malayalam)

NZX992 : Panchatantrer Galpa (Bengali)

MZB340 : Sri Lalithopakhyanavum Tantra Darsanavum (Malayalam)

MZB344 : Swami Vivekanandante Rashtrathotulla Aahwanam (Malayalam)

MZB287 : ठूला इन्द्रजाल - Thula Indrajal (Nepali)

NZW198 : प्राकृत स्तोत्रे व फलप्राप्ती Easy Enviormental Source and Positive Response (Marathi)

MZB298 : शुक्र नीति - Shukra Neeti (Nepali)

NZX935 : श्री नारद - भक्तिसूत्रें - Shri Narada-Bhakti Sutras (Marathi)

MZB213 : Bhagwat Gitayiloote in Malayalam (A Collection of Articles on Bhagwat Gita)

MZB253 : Manassum Atinte Niyathranavum (Malayalam)

MZB251 : Panchadalam (Malayalam)

MZB217 : Samkhya Karika (Malayalam)

MZB210 : Shrimad Bhagwat Stuti (Malayalam)

MZB207 : Vivekananda Manava Darsanam (Malayalam)

MZB186 : শ্রীমদ্ভাগবত The Srimad Bhagavata Purana Sanskrit Text, Word-to-Word Meaning, Bengali Translation and Detailed Explanation (Set of 18 Volumes)

MOB089 : சகலமும் அருள்வாய் தாயே! All the Blessing Mother (Tamil)

MZB014 : Adhunikalokathinte Acharya (Malayalam)

MZB134 : Adwaitha Deepika by Shri Narayana Guru- With the commentary Hamsa (Malayalam)

MZB091 : Aitareyopanishad (Malayalam)

MZB153 : Balabodha Samgraham (Malayalam)

MZB102 : Bhagavanum Bhaktarum (Malayalam)

MZB119 : Chandogyopanishad (Malayalam)

MZB093 : Ente Samaraparipadi (Malayalam)

MZB113 : Folklorum Janasamskara Padanavum (Malayalam)

MZB127 : Harinama Keerthanam- Vyakhyanam (Malayalam)

MZB157 : Isavasyopanishad (Malayalam)

MZB107 : Iswara Sakshatkaram Yukti Chintayiloote (Malayalam)

MZB110 : Jeevikkan Patikkoo (Malayalam)

MOB098 : K.P. முறையின் அதிசயங்களும் அற்புதங்களும் K.P Method's Wonders and Miracles (Tamil)

MZB108 : Nara Rishi (Malayalam)

MZB095 : Njanaru? (Malayalam)

MZB124 : Ramakrishna Nathavum (Malayalam)

MZB148 : Saundarya Lahari of Sri Sankaracharya- A Hymn of Goddess Tripurasundari (Malayalam)

MZB115 : Shri Ramakrishna Charitam (Poem in Malayalam)

MZB129 : Sisukkalute Vivekanandan (Malayalam)

MZB098 : Sri Buddhan (Malayalam)

MZB088 : Sri Rama Kathamritam (Malayalam)

MZB133 : Sri Ramakrishna Devan (Malayalam)

MZB094 : Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

MZB159 : Srimad Ayyappa Geetha (Malayalam)

MZB145 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZB138 : Srimad Bhagavata Darsanam (Malayalam)

MZB101 : Srimad Narayaneeyam Moolam (Malayalam)

MZB105 : Svetasvataropanishad (Malayalam)

MZB100 : Swami Vivekanandan Bharatathinte Sandesavahakan (Malayalam)

MZB114 : Swamijiyute Jeevitathil (Malayalam)

MZB109 : Taittiriyopanishad (Malayalam)

MZB090 : Yuvakkalodu (Malayalam)

MOB107 : அலாஸ்காவில் ஜோதிடராக நான்- I am an Astrologer in Alaska (Tamil)

MOB093 : ஆன்மிக ஜோதிட பரிகார திருத்தலங்கள் Spiritual Astrology Atonement Shrine (Tamil)

MOB111 : உடனடி ஜாதகம் கணிக்க ஒரு வழிகாட்டி- A Guide to Predict Instant Horoscope (Tamil)

MOB114 : உடுதசா பலநிர்ணயம்- Ududasa Multifixing (Tamil)

MOB105 : உலகப் புகழ் பெ(ற்)ற குருஜி பதில்கள் - 1 World Famous Guruji Replies - 1 (Tamil)

MOB074 : உலகப் புகழ் பெ(ற்)ற குருஜி பதில்கள் - 2 World Famous Guruji Replies - 2 (Tamil)

MOB076 : ஒரு யோகியின் ஜோதிட சிந்தனைகள் பாகம் 2 Astrological Ideas of a Yogi Part 2 (Tamil)

MOB096 : ஒரு யோகியின் ஜோதிட சிந்தனைகள் A Yogi's Astrological Thoughts (Tamil)

MOB116 : காதலும் காதல் திருமணமும்- Love and Love Marriage (Tamil)

MOB091 : கால புருஷத் தத்துவமும் ராசி மண்டலமும் - 2 Term Purusat Theory and Zodiac Zone - 2 (Tamil)

MOB115 : கிரகச் சேர்க்கையும் கோட்சார பலனும்- Planetary Combination and Planetary Benefits (Tamil)

MOB048 : கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி பத்ததியின் அடிப்படைக் கொள்கைகள் The Basic Principles of the Krishnamurthi Pathathi (Tamil)

MOB108 : கிரேக்க ஜோதிடமும் அணுகு முறைகளும்- Greek Astrology and Approaches (Tamil)

MOB104 : குபேர ஜோதிட கலசம்- Kubera Astrological Casket (Tamil)

MOB100 : சண்டியின் கதை Story of Sandy (Tamil)

MOB095 : சர்வார்த்த சிந்தாமணி Sarvartha Chintamani (Tamil)

MOB101 : சித்தராஜ ஜோதிடம் Siddharaja Astrology (Tamil)

MOB097 : ஜனன கால நிர்ணயம் Janana Term Fixing (Tamil)

MOB109 : ஜாதக சந்திரிகை- Horoscope Santhirigai (Tamil)

MOB088 : ஜோதிட சக்கரங்களும் பலன் காணும் முறைகளும் Astrological Wheels and Methods of Benefits (Tamil)

MOB102 : ஜோதிட சிவபிரபாகரம் Astrological Sivaprabhagaram (Tamil)

MOB092 : ஜோதிடத்தில் திருமணப் பொருத்தமும் வாழ்க்கை ரகசியங்களும் Marital Fit and Life Secrets in Astrology (Tamil)

MOB106 : ஜோதிடருக்கான தயார்கணக்கு அட்டவணை- Ready Account Schedule for Astrologer (Tamil)

MOB090 : டாரட் ஆருடம் Tarat Breakthroughs (Tamil)

MOB113 : தசாபுத்தி கணிதமும் பலன்களும்- Dasaputhi Mathematics and Benefits (Tamil)

MOB103 : திருமண யோக திருமண பொருத்த திறவுகோல் Wedding Luckiness Wedding Matching Key (Tamil)

MOB099 : தெய்வீகக் கனவுகளும் பூர்வஜென்ம நினைவுகளும் Divine Dreams and Prehistoric Memories (Tamil)

MOB094 : நாடியில் கிரக சேர்க்கையும் கோட்சார பலன்களும் Planetary Combination and Planetary Benefits (Tamil)

MOB087 : பராசர ஸம்ஹிதை Parasara Shamhithai (Tamil)

MOB075 : வசந்தனின் வ(எ)ண்ண ஜாலங்கள் Colorful Effects and Intention from Vasanthan (Tamil)

MOB110 : வராகமிகிரரின் பிருகத் ஜாதகக் சாரம்- The Essence of the Brigat Horoscope of Varakamikirar (Tamil)

MOB112 : வாஸ்து அமுதம்- Vastu Elixir (Tamil)

MOB049 : "ரெய்க்கி" எனும் ஜப்பானிய பிராண சிகிச்சை முறை Reiki is a Japanese Treatment System (Tamil)

MOB050 : 12 பாவ பலன்கள் 12 Sinful Benefits (Tamil)

MZB036 : Advaitam Tarunna Anandam (Malayalam)

MZB033 : Bhagavata Paryatanam (Malayalam)

MZA949 : Bhartru Hari Darsanam (Malayalam)

MZB025 : Bhuvaneswari Devi- Vivekananda Swami Kalute Amma (Malayalam)

MZB022 : Brahmasutram (Malayalam)

MZB006 : Gita Hridayam (Malayalam)

MZB010 : Gita Madhuri (Malayalam)

MZB028 : Haindaua Sasthra Chintha in Malayalam (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZB038 : Jeevan Mukti Vivekam (Malayalam)

MZB017 : Patanjali Maharshiyute Yoga Sutrangal (Malayalam)

MZB001 : Srimad Bhagavatam (Malayalam)

MOB060 : அங்க ஆரூடம் Anga Aaroodam (Tamil)

MOB065 : அதிர்ஷ்ட திறவுகோல் டாரட் The Lucky Key Tarat (Tamil)

MOB081 : ஆதிபத்திய சிறப்பு- The Dominant Specialty (Tamil)

MOB084 : ஆன்மிக ஜோதிட ஆலய பரிகார இரகசியங்கள்- The Mystery of Spiritual Astrological Remedies (Tamil)

MOB080 : உத்திரகாலாம்ருதம்- Uttarakalamritam (Tamil)

MOB083 : உலகப் புகழ் பெ(ற்)ற குருஜி பதில்கள் - 3; World Famous Guruji Replies - 3 (Tamil)

MOB073 : காலச்சக்கர முறையில் திருமணப் பொருத்தமும் திருமண வாழ்க்கையும் Marital Matches and Marital Life Methods in Kalachakra (Tamil)

MOB086 : குழந்தை பேறு ஒரு ஜோதிட ஆய்வு- An Astrological Study in Childbirth (Tamil)

MOB077 : சப்த கரைகண்ட தலங்களும் சப்த கைலாசங்களும் Sapta Bearings and Sapta Kailas (Tamil)

MOB067 : சர்வார்த்த சிந்தாமணி இரண்டாம் பாகம் Sarvartha Chintamani in Tamil (Part II)

MOB079 : செந்தில் ஜோதிடம்- Senthil Astrology (Tamil)

MOB055 : செவ்வாய் தோஷமும் நிவர்த்தி பரிகாரமும் Mars Dosha and Relief Remedy (Tamil)

MOB069 : ஜாதக தத்துவம் Horoscope Philosophy (Tamil)

MOB053 : ஜாதக பலதீபிகை Horoscopes Palatheebigai (Tamil)

MOB061 : ஜோதிட அனுபவ ஆராய்ச்சிகள் Astrological Empirical Research (Tamil)

MOB082 : ஜோதிட ஞான புதையல்- Astrological Treasure of Wisdom (Tamil)

MOB052 : ஜோதிடக் கலைக் களஞ்சியம் Astrological Encyclopedia (Tamil)

MOB064 : ஜோதிடத்தில் கர்ம வினையும் காரியசித்தி பரிகாரங்களும் Remedies to Success from Karma Reaction in Astrology (Tamil)

MOB056 : தன்வந்திரி ஜோதிடம் Tanvantiri Astrology (Tamil)

MOB063 : திருமணபொருத்தமும் தாரா பலன்களும் Wedding Matchings and Thara Benefits (Tamil)

MOB078 : திருமணம் கடவுள் அமைத்து வைத்த மேடை- Wedding is the Platform Set by God (Tamil)

MOB051 : திருமூலர் திருமந்திரத்தில் மந்திர யந்திர ஞான யோகங்கள் Mantra Yantra Wisdom Luckiness in Thirumalar Thirumantra (Tamil)

MOB054 : நன்மை தரும் நவ கோள்கள் Benefits of Neo Planets (Tamil)

MOB072 : நர்மதா அனுபவ கைரேகைக் களஞ்சியம் Fingerprint Repository from the Experience of Narmada (Tamil)

MOB070 : நலம் தரும் நவரத்தினங்கள் Good Luck Navaratnas (Tamil)

MOB066 : பாவக பலன் அறியும் முறைகள் Methods to Know Benefits of Bhavaga (Tamil)

MOB085 : பிருகு முனிவரின் பிருகு சம்ஹிதா- Piruku Samhita from Piruku Sage (Tamil)

MOB057 : மலையாள மாந்திரீக சாஸ்திரம் Malayala Witchcraft Astronomy (Tamil)

MOB058 : வறுமை கடன் நோய் விலக மந்திரங்கள் Mantras to Relief Poverty Debt Disease (Tamil)

MOB068 : வறுமை-கடன் நீக்கிடும் மந்திரங்கள் Poverty-Debt Relief Mantras (Tamil)

MOB059 : விஞ்ஞான ஜோதிடம் புதிய அணுகுமுறையில் New Approaches of Scientific Astrology (Tamil)

MOB071 : ஸகல ஸௌபாக்யம் தரும் தெய்வீக மஹா யந்திர ராஜம் The Divine Maha Yantra Raja of Sakala Saubhagya (Tamil)

MOB062 : ஸ்ரீ நாராயண சித்தரின் ஜோதிட உபதேசங்கள் Astrological Teachings of Sri Narayana Siddhar (Tamil)

MZA895 : Adikaviyute Adarsha Purush (Malayalam)

MZA962 : Gheranda Samhita (Malayalam)

MZA930 : Gitaprantangalil (Malayalam)

MZA960 : Goraksha Samhitha (Malayalam)

MZA955 : Harivamsam - Mahabharatathinte Anubandham (Malayalam)

MZA817 : Kunti- Oru Patanam (Malayalam)

MZA948 : Laghu Yoga Vasistha Samgraham (An Old and Rare Book)

MZA971 : Mandukya Karika (Malayalam)

MZA939 : Maranananthara Jeevithavum Punarjenmmavum (Malayalam)

MZA953 : Samskarika Punaruthanam (Malayalam)

MZA927 : Sata Rudreeyam (Malayalam)

MZA936 : Shri Kaveri Mahatmyam (Malayalam)

MZA919 : Shri Krishnan (Malayalam)

MZA902 : Shri Narada (Malayalam)

MZA974 : Snehamayi Sumitra (Malayalam)

MZA910 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita With the Commentary 'Sadhanabodhini' in Malayalam

MZA923 : Upanishathukal (Malayalam)

MZA958 : Upanishathukalute Sandesam (Malayalam)

MZA937 : Vedanta Pribhasha (Malayalam)

MZA944 : Vidura niti (Malayalam)

MZA932 : Vivekachudamani of Sankara Bhagavatpada (Malayalam)

MZA914 : Yudhishtiran Aswamedham (Malayalam)

MOB043 : ஆதலால் வாஸ்து பார்ப்பீர் So You See Vastu (Tamil)

MOB042 : கால புருஷத் தத்துவமும் ராசி மண்டலமும் Term Purusat Theory and Zodiac Zone (Tamil)

MOB037 : கேட்ட வரம் கிடைக்கும் மந்திரங்கள் Mantras to Receive Boon (Tamil)

MOB039 : ஜாதகம் பார்ப்பது எப்படி? How to See Horoscope? (Tamil)

MOB038 : ஜோதிட அமிர்தம் The Elixir Astrology (Tamil)

MOB046 : ஜோதிட இன்பம் Astrological Pleasure (Tamil)

MOB041 : ஜோதிட பரிகார சிந்தாமணி Astrological Atonement Chintamani (Tamil)

MOB045 : தொழில்முறை ஜோதிட ரகசியங்கள் Professional Astrological Secrets (Tamil)

MOB040 : நீங்கள் பிறந்த மாத அதிர்ஷ்ட ஜோதிடம் Your Birth Month Lucky Astrology (Tamil)

MOB044 : மகோன்னத பலன்தரும் மாந்தீரிக முறைகள் Brilliant Effectiveness of Witchcraft Methods (Tamil)

MOB047 : மனக் குழப்பத்தைப் போக்க எண்கள் ஆருடம் The Numbers are Great to Overcome the Confusion (Tamil)

MZA857 : Ashtavakra Samhita (Malayalam)

MZA838 : Devi Mahatmyam - Vyakhyanam (Malayalam)

MZA825 : Ekadasopanishathukal (Malayalam)

MZA821 : Hindu Dharma Parichayam (Malayalam)

MZA852 : Hindumatam Oru Laghuveekshanam (Malayalam)

MZA810 : Kathopanishad (Malayalam)

MZA725 : Life Sketch of Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj (Gujarati)

MZA828 : Manisha Panchakam (Malayalam)

MZA830 : Manusmriti (Malayalam)

MZA815 : Narada Bhakti Sutrangal (Malayalam)

MZA853 : Shivananda Lahari (Malayalam)

MZA836 : Shri Mahabharatam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZA847 : Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram of Sri Sankaracharya (Malayalam)

MZA842 : Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

MZA706 : Stotra Sindhu (A Compilation of Sanskrit Hymns of the Swaminarayan Sect, with Gujarati Translation)

MZA740 : Adhyatma Ramayanam- Kilipattu (Malayalam)

MZA748 : Aitareya Upanishad- Sankara Bhashyam (Malayalam)

MZA715 : Brief Life Story of Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami (Gujarati)

MZA719 : Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (Malayalam)

MZA718 : Dasapushpam (Malayalam)

MZA684 : Devi Mahatmyam Moolam (Malayalam)

MZA733 : Gitamrita Bodhini (Malayalam)

MZA756 : Kena Upanishad (Malayalam)

MZA689 : Kishore Satsang Parichay (Gujarati)

MZA701 : Kishore Satsang Prarambh (Gujarati)

MZA682 : Kishore Satsang Pravesh (Gujarati)

MZA676 : Kishore Satsang Pravin (Gujarati)

MZA752 : Kuttikalude Divya Jeevanam (Malayalam)

MZA755 : Kuttikalude Nithyanushtanangal (Malayalam)

MZA730 : Mahanarayan Upanishad (Malayalam)

MZA750 : Mandukya Upanishad (Malayalam)

MZA680 : Parivrajakan (Malayalam)

MZA696 : Pragji Bhakta (Gujarati)

MZA723 : Shri Chaitanya Charitavali (Malayalam)

MZA761 : Sri Sankaracharya (Malayalam)

MZA758 : Sri Trailanga Swamikal (Malayalam)

MZA726 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Malayalam)

MZA744 : Srimad Bhagavad Gitayum Vishnu Sahasranamam (Malayalam)

MZA749 : The Philosophy of Akshar Purushottam as Propounded by Bhagwan Swaminarayan (Gujarati)

MZA751 : Upnishad Kathakal (Malayalam)

MZA735 : Yugvibhuti Pramukh Swami Maharaj (Gujarati)

MZA546 : Chicago Vilikkunnu (Malayalam)

MZA549 : Prashnopanishad (Malayalam)

NZX703 : ஜகத்குரு Jagad Guru (Tamil)

MZA478 : Ananda Ramayanam- Malayalam Prose Rendering by Swami Gnanananda Saraswathi (Malayalam)

MZA514 : Hatha Yoga Pradipika (Malayalam)

MZA523 : Japa Yogam (Malayalam)

MZA527 : Jnanarashmikal (Malayalam)

MZA533 : Netticharthu (Malayalam)

MZA535 : Ramayana Tatvam (Malayalam)

MZA462 : Sampoorna Bhagavatha Rahasyam by Swami Gnanananda Saraswathi (Malayalam)

MZA534 : Sankhya Darshanam (Malayalam)

MZA505 : Shri Shiva Mahapuranam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZA532 : Sisu Gita (Malayalam)

MZA520 : Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram With Namavali (Malayalam)

MZA529 : Sri Vishnu Purana Samgraham (Malayalam)

MZA510 : Srimad Bhagavatham in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZA454 : Vedanta Vignanam by Swami Gnanananda Saraswathi (Malayalam)

MZA445 : Vivekananda Sahitya Samgraham- Translation of Selections from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA486 : Vivekananda Sahitya Samgraham- Translation of Selections from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA430 : ஸ்ரீமத் பாகவதம் The Srimad Bhagavata Purana Sanskrit Text, Word-to-Word Meaning, Tamil Translation and Detailed Explanation (Set of 18 Volumes)

MZA391 : Bhajana Manjari (Malayalam)

MZA409 : Bhakta Charitra Amrutham (Malayalam)

NZZ237 : Devi Manasa Pooja Stotram And Dakshinamurti stotram (Malayalam)

MZA372 : Patanjala Yoga Darshanam (Malayalam)

MZA379 : Patanjala Yoga Sutram (Malayalam)

MZA417 : Sarada Devi Vachanangal (Malayalam)

MZA362 : Sarva Vedantha Siddhantha Sara Sangraham (Malayalam)

MZA399 : Shri Krishnan (Malayalam)

MZA415 : Shri Narada Bhakthi Suthram (Malayalam)

MZA365 : Sivananda Atma Katha (Malayalam)

MZA354 : Sri Ramakrishna Vachana Amritam in Malayalam (Set of 3 Volumes)

MZA395 : Srimad Vivekananda Swamikal (Malayaam)

MZA353 : Sthree Dharman (Malayalam)

MZA357 : Uddhavopadesam (Malayalam)

MZA387 : Yogasanangal (Malayalam)

MZA233 : Amma Sri Sarada Devi- Biography (Malayalam)

MZA309 : Bhakti Yogam- Bhaktiyoga of Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA302 : Bharatiya Mahilakal (Malayalam)

MZA282 : Bouddha Bharatam- A Lecture Delivered at Padadena, California on 2nd February 1900 by Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA252 : Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda in Malayalam (Set of 7 Volumes)

MZA288 : Jagadamba Sri Sarada Devi- Samkshipta Jeeva Charitram (Malayalam)

MZA294 : Karma Yogam (Malayalam)

MZA228 : Kathayulla Kathakal- Stories Told by Sri Ramakrishna (Malayalam)

MZA290 : Kattikalude Vivekanandan (Malayalam)

MZA239 : Kizhakkum Pandinjarum (Malayalam)

MZA274 : Oru Yugappiraviyute Katha (Malayalam)

MZA283 : Raja Yogam (Malayalam)

MZA255 : Satharoopini Sarada (Malayalam)

MZA249 : Sri Mathrudevi Sambashnangal (Malayalam)

MZA232 : Sri Ramakrishna Charitam (Malayalam)

MZA299 : Sri Ramakrishnante Manasaputran (Malayalam)

MZA261 : Sri Sarada Devi (Malayalam)

MZA236 : Sri Vivekananda Swamikal- A Short Life History (Malayalam)

NZX295 : Susthiravikasanam (Malyalam)

MZA225 : Swami Vivekanandan- Jeevitavum Upadesangalum (Malayalam)

MZA241 : Vivekananda Swamikal Jeevacharithravum Paitrukavum (Malayalam)

MZA207 : क्षात्रधर्म व राजधर्म Kshatradharma and Rajdharma (Marathi)

MZA265 : नामाची महती आणि शिकवण्याच्या विविध पद्धति The Importance of Naming and Various Teaching Methods (Marathi)

MZA206 : राष्ट्रभाषा हिंदी (दु स्थिति आणि ती रोखण्यासाठीचे उपाय) - National Language Hindi (Marathi)

MZA250 : ਆਸ਼ਾ ਕਿ ਵਾਰ Aasa ki Vaar (Punjabi)

MZA224 : ஸ்ரீ நாரதர் புராணம் Shri Narada Purana (Tamil)

MZA119 : ಅದೃಷ್ಟಾ ಕನ್ನಡಿ Adrushtaa Kannadi -Numerology, Gemology, Pronology, Graphology, Palmistry (Kannada)

MZA210 : കൃഷ്ണഗാഥ Krishna Gatha (Malayalam)

MZA184 : Adhyatma Jeevitam (Malayalam)

MZA197 : Bhagini Nivedita (Malayalam)

MZA204 : Iswara Darsanam Jeevita Lakshyam (Malayalam)

MZA181 : Jnana Yogam (Malayalam)

MZA193 : Naga Mahasayan (Malayalam)

MZA179 : Paschatya Paryatanam by Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA188 : Prayogika Vedantham by Swami Vivekananda (Malayalam)

MZA175 : Sri Adbhutananda Swamikalute Smriti Katha (Malayalam)

MZA158 : Sri Ramakrishna Leela Amritam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

MZA190 : Sri Ramakrishna Upadesam (Malayalam)

MZA195 : Vidyabhyasam (Malayalam)

MZA165 : Vivekananda Swamikalute Bharateeya Prasangangal (Malayalam)

MZA201 : Vivekavani (Malayalam)

GPA567 : શ્રીમદવાલ્મીકીય રામાયણ Srimad Valmiki Ramayana - Set of 2 Volumes (Gujarati)

MZA153 : தென்னாட்டு கம-கம உணவு வகைகள் Thennattu Gama Gama Unavu Vagaigal (Tamil)

MZA100 : దేవి నవరాత్రులు Devi Navarath (Telugu)

MZA111 : ಒಂದೇ ಕ್ಷಣದಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ನಕ್ಷತ್ರಕ್ಕೆ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಭವಿಷ್ಯ ತಿಳಿಯಿರಿ Know Your Future from Your Stars (Kannada)

NZW470 : Brahmaswarup Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Part - 1 Biography of Brahmaswarup Pramukh Maharaj (Gujarati)

NZW772 : Dhumrapan Arthat Apghat (Marathi)

NZW554 : Vachnamrut Rahasya, Part - 3 An in depth Analysis of Lord Swaminarayan's Philosophy in the Vachanamrut (Gujarati)

NZZ527 : साधना Sadhana (Marathi)

NZZ420 : Soundarya Lahari, Shivananda Lahari, Tripurasundari Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ469 : सिद्धसिद्धान्तसङ्ग्रह - Siddha Siddhanta Sangraha (Marathi)

NZZ414 : ಆಭರಣಗಳ ಮಹತ್ವ Importance of Ornaments (Kannada)

NZZ490 : Krsna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Oriya)

NZZ507 : ವ್ಯಷ್ಟಿ ಸಾಧನೆಗೆ ಆವಶ್ಯಕ ಗುಣಗಳು Qualities Essential for Vyasthi-Sadhana -Individual Spiritual Practice (Kannada)

NZZ407 : Adrusta Tandavam (Telugu)

NZT181 : Bhasha koudileeyam Padavum Patanavum (Malayalam)

NZZ352 : Itheehyamala (Malayalam)

NZZ476 : Jotisha Pata Mala Vol-2 (Malayalam)

NZZ402 : Jyothisha Vijnana Kosham (Malayalam)

NZZ444 : Kshethrangalum Anubandha Kathakalum (Malayalam)

NZZ415 : Mahalakshmi Sanasranam Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ412 : Olaichuvadi (Tamil)

NZZ344 : Prasnamargam in Malayalam (Set of 4 Volumes)

NZZ347 : Rgveda Samhita in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZZ424 : Sree Shiva Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ464 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Malayalam)

NZZ399 : Thalapatra (Telugu)

NZZ405 : Thaliyola (Malayalam)

NZZ390 : ಅಗ್ನಿಶಮನ ತರಬೇತಿ Practical Training in Fire Fighting (Kannada)

NZZ391 : ಅಗ್ನಿಹೋತ್ರ Agnihotra (Kannada)

NZZ438 : ಅಡುಗೆ ಮಾಡುವ ಯೋಗ್ಯ ಪದ್ಧತಿ The Correct Method of Cooking (Kannada)

NZZ392 : ಅಡುಗೆಗೆ ಬೇಕಾಗುವ ಘಟಕಗಳು Components Required for Cooking a Meal (Kannada)

NZZ393 : ಅಧ್ಯಯನವನ್ನು ಹೇಗೆ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ? How to Study? Includes Remedies to Overcome Failure (Kannada)

NZZ419 : ಅಸಾತ್ತ್ವಿಕ ಆಹಾರದ ದುಷ್ಪರಿಣಾಮಗಳು Harmful Effects of a Non-Sattvik Diet (Kannada)

NZZ468 : ಆಚಾರಧರ್ಮದ ಪ್ರಾಸ್ತಾವಿಕ Deficiencies in Modern Diet (Kannada)

NZZ403 : ಆಚಾರಧರ್ಮದ ಪ್ರಾಸ್ತಾವಿಕ Introduction to Achardharma (Kannada)

NZZ457 : ಆಹಾರದ ನಿಯಮಗಳು ಮತ್ತು ಅವುಗಳ ಹಿಂದಿನ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ Dietary Norms and the Underlying Spiritual Science (Kannada)

NZZ409 : ಭೋಜನದ ಮೊದಲಿನ ಆಚಾರಗಳು Appropriate Conducts Before a Meal (Kannada)

NZY842 : Darsanamala By Narayana Guru (Malayalam)

NZZ052 : Himnos A La Diosa (Spanish)

NZY805 : Maha Manushyalaya Chandrika (Malayalam)

NZZ354 : Srimad Bhagavatham in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ241 : குடும்ப, தார்மீக காரியங்கள் மற்றும் சமூக காரியங்கள் சாஸ்திரம் Spiritual Science Underlying Familial Religious and Social Acts (Tamil)

NZZ378 : ಆಧುನಿಕ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಅಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮ ಶ್ರೇಷ್ಠ ! (ಅಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ತಪ್ಪು ತಿಳುವಳಿಕೆಗಳ ನಿವಾರಣೆ ಸಹಿತ) Spirituality is Superior to Modern Science (Kannada)

NZZ367 : ಆನಂದಪ್ರಾಪ್ತಿಗಾಗಿ ಅಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮ (ಸುಖ, ದುಃಖ ಮತ್ತು ಆನಂದ ಇವುಗಳ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರೀಯ ವಿಶ್ಲೇಷಣೆ) Spirituality for Obtaining Bliss (Kannada)

NZZ380 : ಬಾಲಕಭಾವದ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳು (ಭಾಗ 1) Pictures Depicting Balakbhav (Kannada)

NZZ259 : വൈദിക പാങ്മയം Vedic Chant (Malayalam)

NZZ249 : 21 സഹസ്രനാമസ്തോത്രങ്ങൾ 21 Sahasra Nama Stotra (Malayalam)

NZZ267 : Aiswarya Rahasyam (Malayalam)

NZZ276 : An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker (Malayalam)

NZZ287 : Atmopadesa Sathakam (Malayalam)

NZZ257 : Atukal Dharsanam (Malayalam)

NZZ269 : Ayurveda Arogya Vignana Kosham (Malayalam)

NZZ184 : Bhagavad Gita As It is (Tamil)

NZZ203 : Darsanamala by Shri Narayana Gurudevan (Malayalam)

NZZ258 : Kodungallur Kshethrethihasam (Malayalam)

NZZ110 : Krsna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Bengali)

NZZ317 : Krsna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Gujrati)

NZZ112 : Krsna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Kannada)

NZZ109 : Krsna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Tamil)

NZZ108 : Krsna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead (Telugu)

NZZ138 : Love is Not An Emotion in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ272 : Mruthasanjeevani (Malayalam)

NZZ253 : Rigveda (Malayalam)

NZZ201 : Rikvedamandrangalum Sookthangalum (Malayalam)

NZZ252 : Sampooran Sandhya Keerthanangal (Malayalam)

NZZ304 : Samskritha- Malayala Nikandu (Malayalam)

NZZ300 : Saya Neeyam (Malayalam)

NZY886 : Shri Ganesha Sahasra Nama Strotram with Durvadhalam Commentary (Malayalam)

NZZ185 : Shri Isopanisad (Punjabi)

NZZ122 : Shri Lalita Trishati (Malayalam)

NZY878 : Shri Maha Bhaagavatham (Malayalam)

NZY888 : Shri Shiva Sahasranama Srotrah with Baleindu Vyakhyan (Malayalam)

NZZ160 : Sri Dharma Shastra Charitam (Malayalam)

NZZ255 : Sri Ramacharitha Manasam (Malayalam)

NZZ275 : Srimad Thripura Rahasyam (Malayalam)

NZZ263 : Thaleyolei (Kannada)

NZZ265 : Thinavum Yoga - Daily Yoga (Tamil)

NZZ134 : श्रीपरमार्थसार - Parmartha Sara (Marathi)

NZZ245 : সঙ্গীত সংগ্রহ Sangeet Sangraha (Bengali)

NZY923 : ஆன்மிக கண்ணோட்டப்படி ஆடைகள் எவ்வாறு இருக்க வேண்டும்? How Should the Clothes be from a Spiritual Perspective (Tamil)

NZZ243 : ಸ್ವಯಂಸೂಚನೆಗಳ ಮೂಲಕ ಸ್ವಭಾವದೋಷ ನಿರ್ಮೂಲನೆ (ಭಾಗ ೨) Personality Defects Removal Process (Kannada)

NZZ194 : Adyathma Ramayanam - With CD Inside (Malayalam)

NZZ121 : Bhagavad - Gita As It Is - Pocket Edition (Tamil)

NZZ206 : Bhagavad Gita As It Is (Bengali)

NZZ199 : Bhagavad Gita As It Is (Malayalam)

NZZ166 : Bhagavad Gita As It Is (Oriya)

NZZ191 : Bhagavad Gita As It Is (Punjabi)

NZZ187 : Bhagavad Gita As It Is (Telugu)

NZZ224 : Brahma Sutra Sankara Bhashya (Malayalam)

NZZ200 : Brahma Sutra Sankara Bhashya in Malayalam (Vol - 1)

NZZ207 : Celebrating Silence in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ238 : Katopanishad (Malayalam)

NZZ197 : Keralathinte Lasyaperuma (Malayalam)

NZZ192 : Mohiniyattam - Attaprakaravum Mudrakalum (Malayalam)

NZZ211 : Ningalethanne Sweekarikkuka (Malayalam)

NZZ214 : Nishabdathayude Nadam (Malayalam)

NZZ219 : Oushadha Sasyangalude Albudha Lokam (Malayalam)

NZZ236 : Shri Narayana Dharmam (Malayalam)

NZZ220 : Shri Narayana Guru - Ariyendathum Anushtikkendathum (Malayalam)

NZZ229 : Shri Skanda purana (Malayalam)

NZZ227 : Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Malayalam)

NZZ223 : Shrimad Halasya Mahatmyan (Malayalam)

NZZ142 : Source of Life in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ231 : Swanubhavageethi Shri Narayana Gurudevan (Malayalam)

NZZ233 : Unnikalkku 108 Gurudeva Kathakal Shippi Pallippuram - Drawing (Malayalam)

NZZ128 : श्रीदिवाणमहाराजचरित्र - Character Sketch of Shri Diwan Maharaj (Marathi)

NZY372 : सर्वदर्शनसंग्रह Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha

NZZ167 : ஸாத்வீகமில்லாத உணவின் தீய விளைவுகள் Harmful Effects of Non-Sattvik Diet (Tamil)

NZZ171 : ಕೂದಲುಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಜಟೆಯಾಗುವ ಕಾರಣ ಮತ್ತು ಉಪಾಯ Cause for Matted Hair and Related Remedies (Kannada)

NZZ202 : ರಾಸಲೀಲೆ Rasleela (Kannada)

NZZ173 : ಹದಿನಾರು ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರಗಳು Sixteen Sanskaras (Kannada)

NZZ188 : ಹಿಂದೂ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರ ಏಕೆ ಬೇಕು? What is the Need for a Hindu Nation? (Kannada)

NZZ181 : ಹಿಂದೂ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರದ ಸ್ಥಾಪನೆಯ ದಿಶೆ Direction of Establishing the Hindu Nation (Kannada)

NZZ225 : ശ്രീനാരായണ ഗുരുഭഗവതം Shri Narayan Bhagavat (Malayalam)

NZZ117 : Adbhuta Ramayana (Malayalam)

NZZ115 : Bhagavad Gita - As It is (Kannada)

NZZ155 : God Loves Fun (Malayalam)

NZZ083 : Gurudeva Prarthanavali (Malayalam)

NZZ140 : Gyana Anveshan Thillukku Urjaswathaloyede in Malyalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ152 : Ishavasya Upanishad (Malayalam)

NZY937 : Kannassa Bhagawat (Malayalam)

NZZ164 : Know Your Child - The Art of Raising Children (Malayalam)

NZZ127 : Mantra Pushpam (Malayalam)

NZZ145 : Mishiha (Malayalam)

NZZ158 : More Light on Less Known Vol-I (Malayalam)

NZZ147 : Narada Bhajtu Sutra in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ130 : Pranavathinte Mantra Chaithanyam (Malayalam)

NZZ129 : Pranayamam (Malayalam)

NZZ149 : Punarnava in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ113 : Shri Lalita Sahastranam Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ135 : Sivasathakam (Malayalam)

NZZ126 : Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ123 : Sree Subramania Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ131 : Vidyabhyasam- Oru margarekha (Malayalam)

NZZ125 : गोष्टीरुप वेदान्त - Gostirupa Vedanta (Marathi)

NZZ132 : श्री योगानंदसरस्वती स्वामीमहाराज उर्फ श्रीगांडा महाराज यांचे चरित्र - Shri Yoganand Saraswati Swami Maharaj and Shri Ganda Maharaj Yanche Charitra (Marathi)

NZZ051 : Adwaitadeepika Shri Narayana Gurudevan (Malayalam)

NZZ056 : Adwaithathe Sasthramakkiya Maharshi (Malayalam)

NZZ048 : Arnuaud Desardin- Zen I Vedanta (Spanish)

NZZ065 : Bang on the Door (Malayalam)

NZZ059 : Bhasha Shilpa Ratnam (Malayalam)

NZZ060 : Daivikamaya Shabdam (Malayalam)

NZZ067 : Halasyamahathmyam (Malayalam)

NZZ035 : Himnes A La Dessa (Spanish)

NZZ070 : Madhavanidanam- Ayurvedam (Malayalam)

NZZ066 : Manasine Ariyan in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ086 : Oru Maha Guru (Malayalam)

NZZ053 : Ottamoolikayiloode Swayam Vaidhyam (Malayalam)

NZZ063 : Satsang in Malayalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ069 : Shri Narayana Paramahamsadevan - Biography (Malayalam)

NZZ062 : Sivante Sathavatharangal (Malayalam)

NZY883 : Soorya Sahasranama Strotah with Aarkhyam Vyakhyanam (Malayalam)

NZZ058 : Srestha Jeevithathinu 25 Margangal in Malyalam (With CD Inside)

NZZ057 : Sri Ganesha Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZZ055 : Sri Ramakrishna_ Dichos Y Sentencias (Spanish)

NZZ061 : Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra (Malayalam)

NZY884 : Thachusaasthram Baasha (Malayalam)

NZZ054 : Thamarappovile Rathnam (Malayalam)

NZZ094 : सार्थ अपराधक्षमापन स्तुतिस्तोत्र - Aparadha Kshmapan Stuti Stotra With Meaning (Marathi)

NZZ092 : सार्थ ज्वरनाशाकस्तोत्र - Jvaranasaka Stotra With Meaning (Marathi)

NZZ040 : सार्थ मंत्रात्मक श्लोक - Mantratmaka Sloka With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY930 : Aattakkolangal- History of Kerala Performances (Malayalam)

NZZ018 : Adhyathma Ramayanam (Kilippattu) (Malayalam)

NZY947 : Astavakra Gita- Commentary (Malayalam)

NZY940 : Atharvaveda (Malayalam)

NZY984 : Atmopadesa Satakam (Malayalam)

NZY953 : Atmopadesasatakam (Malayalam)

NZY783 : Auathara Katha Malika (Malayalam)

NZY978 : Batuka Natha Kshetram (Malayalam)

NZY802 : Bhagavatham- Irupathinaluvrutham (Malayalam)

NZY957 : Bharathathile Irunutonnu Punyasthanangal (Malayalam)

NZY969 : Brahmavidya Sarvavidya Prathishtha- Part 3 (Malayalam)

NZY931 : Dasopanishath - Spiritual Research (Malayalam)

NZY926 : Dhammagiri Pali Ganthamala in Set of 9 Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

NZY925 : Grahaiswaryan (Malayalam)

NZY992 : Gurukula Dhyanamanjusha- With Commentary on the Homa Mantra An Anthology Upanishads (Malayalam)

NZY941 : Iramayanattiruppukazh Balabharathi (Tamil)

NZY651 : Jeevitha Paryatanam Geetayiluten- A Commentry on the Bhagavad Gita (Malayalam)

NZY950 : Jnanavasishtham (Malayalam)

NZZ027 : Jyothisha Brahma Rahasyam (Malayalam)

NZZ010 : Keralathile Nadansangeetam (Malayalam)

NZY951 : Keralathile sangeethopakaranangal (Malayalam)

NZY944 : Keralathile Thalamelangal (Malayalam)

NZY436 : Krishneeyam (Malayalam)

NZY963 : Laghu Purana Katha Samaharanam (Malayalam)

NZZ016 : Nagaradhana Keralathil (Malayalam)

NZY864 : Nataraja Guruvinte Atmakatha- The Autobiography of an Absolutist Set of 4 Volumes (Malayalam)

NZY972 : Nijanandavilasam Kodakanalloor Sundara Swamikal (Malayalam)

NZY955 : Poonthanam (Malayalam)

NZY974 : Prasna Reethi (Malayalam)

NZY995 : Ramayana Quiz (Malayalam)

NZY938 : Samaveda (Malayalam)

NZY988 : Sampoorna Kritikal (Malayalam)

NZY966 : Saraswathi Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY952 : Sarvarogachikil Saratnam- Ayurvedam (Malayalam)

NZY934 : Shri Gayatri Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY960 : Shri Satyanarayan Vrata Katha (Malayalam)

NZY943 : Shrimad Narashimha Puranam (Malayalam)

NZY928 : Shrimad Virat Vishwakarma Puranam (Malayalam)

NZZ014 : Sneha Poorvam Nitya- Letters of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati Set of 3 Volumes (Malayalam)

NZY990 : Sree Bhadrakale Charitham (Malayalam)

NZZ022 : Sree Bhootha Natha Sarvaswam (Malayalam)

NZY968 : Sree Soorya Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY945 : Sree Veda Sara Shiva Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY798 : Sri Bodhi Satwapadana Kalpalatha (Malayalam)

NZY977 : Sri Devi Mahathmyam- Pocket Book (Malayalam)

NZZ026 : Sri Dharma Sastha Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY965 : Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama Stotram With Raktholpalam Vyakhyan- Pocket Book (Malayalam)

NZY983 : Sri Maha Bhadra kali Sahasranama Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY922 : Sri Valmiki Ramayanam (Malayalam)

NZY971 : Srimad Bhagavat Gita- Pocket Book (Malayalam)

NZY784 : Sthothra Ratnaakaram (Malayalam)

NZZ012 : Theyyavum Thirayum - Folklore Study (Malayalam)

NZY979 : Vedanta Sutram (Malayalam)

NZY997 : Vedantham Narayana Guru Vare (Malayalam)

NZY794 : Vyaasante Virunnu (Malayalam)

NZY935 : Yajurveda (Malayalam)

NZY949 : Yogaparichayam in Malayalam (Part-1)

NZY998 : ऋग्वेद सूक्तानि- Rigveda Sukta in Malayalam (An Old Book)

NZZ019 : शत्रुनाशकर श्रीदत्तात्रेयस्तोत्र - Satru Nasakara Shri Dattatreya Stotra (Marathi)

NZZ025 : श्रीदत्तात्रेयकवच - Shri Dattatreya Armor (Marathi)

NZY921 : श्रीमद् अध्यात्मरामायणान्तर्गत सार्थ श्रीरामगीता - Shrimad Adhyatma Ramayana Shri Ram Gita With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY322 : श्रीमहायोगबोध - Shri Mahayogabodh in Marathi (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY924 : श्रीवेदपादस्तुती - Shri Veda Pada Stuti (Marathi)

NZY920 : श्रीसद्गुरुप्रार्थना - Prayer to Shri Sadguru (Marath)

NZY927 : षट्पंचाशिकास्तोत्र - Shat Panchasika Stotra (Marathi)

NZY781 : स्पंदशास्त्र अर्थात सिद्धयोग साधन पद्धती - Spanda Shastra Arthata Siddhayoga Sadhana Paddhati (Marathi)

NZY929 : தர்ம போதனை பலகைகள் Religion Teaching Books (Tamil)

NZY936 : ಕೈ-ಕಾಲುಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಧರಿಸುವ ಆಭರಣಗಳು Ornaments on the Hands and the Feet (Kannada)

NZY933 : ಶಕ್ತಿ Shakti (Kannada)

NZY786 : Atmopadesa Satakam One Hundred verses of Self-Instruction (Malayalam)

NZY818 : Atmopadesa Satakatile Darsanathanima (Malayalam)

NZY824 : Brahmavidya Sarvavidya Prathishta (Malayalam)

NZY716 : Chanakya Suthram (Malayalam)

NZY809 : Devi Mahatmyam (Malayalam)

NZY816 : Garuda Puranam (Malayalam)

NZY799 : Homeo Chikilsapadhathi (Malayalam)

NZY897 : Irangipokku (Malayalam)

NZY804 : Janmanaamaakshara Sankhyajyothisham (Malayalam)

NZY806 : Keralathinte Kshethraparambaryavum Samskaaravum (Malayalam)

NZY797 : Kodaagi Saasthram (Malayalam)

NZY866 : Kuttikalute Narayana Guru (Malayalam)

NZY904 : Laghu Kritikal I (Malayalam)

NZY814 : Lavanya Nubhavavum Saundarya Nubhutiyum (Malayalam)

NZY862 : Malayalam- Tamil Dictionary (Malayalam)

NZY787 : Nakhu Kritikal II (Malayalam)

NZY856 : Nalacharitham Manipravalam (Malayalam)

NZY845 : Nanmayilekku Oru Vazhi (Malayalam)

NZY796 : Narayana Guruvinte Advaita Darsanam (Malayalam)

NZY821 : Narmangal Marmangal (Malayalam)

NZY788 : Nooru Dhyanagal (Malayalam)

NZY792 : Oru Guruvinte Satya Darsanam (Malayalam)

NZY858 : Panchatantram Bhashavyakhyanam (Malayalam)

NZY815 : Panchathanthram Kadhakal (Malayalam)

NZY836 : Purana Katha Kuttikalkku (Malayalam)

NZY790 : Rigvedam (Malayalam)

NZY896 : Saravali Sarvaswah in Malayalam Part-6

NZY835 : Satyattinte Mukhangal (Malayalam)

NZY902 : Shanmukha Stotram (Malayalam)

NZY851 : Shilpa Ratnam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY820 : Shiva Purana (Malayalam)

NZY843 : Shrimad Bhagwat (Malayalam)

NZY791 : Siva Satakam (Malayalam)

NZY832 : Sreemad Bhagavatha Sarasamgraham (Malayalam)

NZY900 : Sreenarayana Guruvinte Sampoorna Krithikal (Malayalam)

NZY838 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam (Malayalam)

NZY872 : Sri Mahadevi Bhagawat (Malayalam)

NZY860 : Sri Narayana Smrithi- Jeevanamrutha Sandesam (Malayalam)

NZY800 : Sri Vatmeeki (Malayalam)

NZY867 : Sriman Narayaneeyam (Malayalam)

NZY801 : Sthree Purusha Lakshhana Sasthram (Malayalam)

NZY849 : Swapnam (Malayalam)

NZY825 : Swathandrym Thanne Amrutham (Malayalam)

NZY847 : Vastuvidya Samsodhithasamskaranavum Vyakhyanavum (Malayalam)

NZY830 : Vedantam- Oru Punareekshnam (Malayalam)

NZY828 : Vidyayum Vinayavum (Malayalam)

NZY826 : Vishachikitsa (Malayalam)

NZY808 : Vishnu Sahasranamam (Malayalam)

NZY917 : Vivekanandan Sannyasiyum Manushyanum (Malayalam)

NZY817 : Yoga Arogtam Youvanam Soundaryam - A Complete Yoga Guide (Malayalam)

NZY782 : गोष्टीरुप वेदान्त - Gostirupa Vedanta in Marathi (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY812 : देवर्षी श्रीनारद विरचित सार्थ नारद- भक्तिसूत्रे - Devarsi Shri Narada Virachit Narada - Bhaktisutra With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY834 : परार्थ सिद्धयोग ज्ञानेश्र्वरी - Parartha Siddha Yoga Jnaneshwari(Marathi)

NZV860 : प्रमुख देवता-Chief God (KANNADA)

NZV982 : श्री काशीखंड कथासार Shri Kashikhand Kathasar (Marathi)

NZY905 : श्री सरस्वती स्तोत्र - Shri Saraswati Stotra (Marathi)

NZY899 : श्रीकुण्डलिनीस्तुतिस्तोत्र - Shri Kundalini Stuti Stotra (Marathi)

NZY807 : श्रीदत्तमाहात्म्य - Shri Datta Mahatmya (Marathi)

NZY813 : श्रीदत्तस्तवस्तोत्र - Shri Datta Stava Stotra (Marathi)

NZY793 : श्रीमहार्थमञ्जरी - Shri Maharthamanjari (Marathi)

NZY811 : श्रीशिवसूत्रे - Shri Shivsutra (Marathi)

NZY822 : सार्थ श्रीतंत्रालोक - Shri Tantralok With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY875 : లవ్ జీహాద్ Love Jihad (Telugu)

NZY819 : వెంట్రుకలు కత్తిరిచుకొనుట గురించి ఆధ్యాత్మిక దృష్టికోణము A Spiritual Perspective on Hair Cutting (Telugu)

NZY810 : సంపూర్ణ ధర్మశిక్షణనిచ్చే గ్రంథం A Book of Absolute Virtue (Telugu)

NZY895 : ಕೂದಲುಗಳಿಗೆ ತೆಗೆದುಕೊಳ್ಳುವ ಕಾಳಜಿ Hair Care (Kannada)

NZY881 : ಟಿ.ವಿ., ಮೊಬೈಲ್ ಮತ್ತು ಇಂಟರನೆಟ್ ಇವುಗಳ ಹಾನಿ ತಡೆಗಟ್ಟಿ ಲಾಭ ಪಡೆಯಿರಿ! Keep Away from the Harmful Effects of TV, Mobile & Internet and Benefit from them (Kannada)

NZY785 : ನಮ್ಮಲ್ಲಿರುವ ಸ್ವಭಾವದೋಷಗಳನ್ನು ಹೇಗೆ ಹುಡುಕಬೇಕು? (ಭಾಗ ೧) Personality Defects Removal Process (Kannada)

NZY887 : ಶ್ರಾದ್ಧದ ಮಹತ್ವ ಮತ್ತು ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರೀಯ ವಿವೇಚನೆ Importance of Shraddha and Its Scientific Analysis (Kannada)

NZY803 : ಸ್ವಭಾವದೋಷ ನಿರ್ಮೂಲನೆಗಾಗಿ ಬೌದ್ಧಿಕ ಮತ್ತು ಕೃತಿಯ ಸ್ತರಗಳಲ್ಲಿನ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನ Intellectual and Action Level Efforts Required for Personality Defect Removal (Kannada)

NZY859 : ಸ್ವಯಂಸೂಚನೆಗಳ ಮೂಲಕ ಸ್ವಭಾವದೋಷ ನಿರ್ಮೂಲನೆ (ಭಾಗ ೨) Personality Defects Removal Process (Kannada)

NZY562 : A Commentary on the Daivadasakam of Narayana Guru (Malayalam)

NZW813 : Adhunik Asamiya Galpa-Sangraha (Assamese)

NZY706 : Arivinte Adyapathangal (Malayalam)

NZY699 : Arivinte Kalimuttam (Malayalam)

NZY688 : Astrology Dictionary (Malayalam)

NZY684 : Bhagavad Geethayum Atmopadesasatakavum Oru Tharathamya Padhanam (Malayalam)

NZY703 : Bhagavad Gita - Original Text with Meaning (Malayalam)

NZY713 : Brahma Sutra Bhashyavum Jathiyum

NZY719 : Guruvum Sishyanum- A Causerie of Travel and Dialogue (Malayalam)

NZY672 : Guruvum Vachanavum (Malayalam)

NZW821 : Haulir Bhitar Chara in Assamese (Novel)

NZY675 : Hrudayathile Aaraadhanaa Saubhagam (Malayalam)

NZW830 : Jibanleela (Oriya)

NZY736 : Jyothishavijnanakosham (Malayalam)

NZY671 : Karmavum Punar Janamvum- Karma and Reincarnation (Malayalam)

NZY765 : Keralathinte Gothravarga Paithrikam (Malayalam)

NZY689 : Kochu Valyakaaryangal (Malayalam)

NZY664 : Kunalinipattu Mananatitam (Malayalam)

NZY714 : Manas Enna Prathibhasam (Malayalam)

NZY575 : Mandukya Upanishad (Malayalam)

NZY668 : Meemamsa Darsanangal (Malayalam)

NZY722 : Narayana Guru Gadya Kritikal- Lalitha Vistharam (Malayalam)

NZY708 : Nataraja Guruvum Njanum (Malayalam)

NZY678 : Nee Sathyam Njanam Anandam Narayana Guru (Malayalam)

NZY665 : Nervazhi (Malayalam)

NZY715 : Nyaya Darsanam (Malayalam)

NZY744 : Parayipetta Panthirukulam (Malayalam)

NZY711 : Poorna Jananam (Malayalam)

NZW617 : Pragji Bhakta (Marathi)

NZY673 : Prasnotharangal (Malayalam)

NZX338 : Saara Vali (Malayalam)

NZX413 : Saara Vali of Kalyanavarma (Malayalam)

NZY686 : Samyag Darsanam- By Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati (Malayalam)

NZY694 : Satyanuesanam- An Introduction to Metaphysics of Henri Bergson (Malayalam)

NZW615 : Shastriji Maharaj (Marathi)

NZY770 : Shyamasundaran (Malayalam Poems)

NZY674 : Snehasparsham (Malayalam)

NZY726 : Sree Maha Ganapathipuranam (Malayalam)

NZY776 : Sri Krishna Karnamritham (Malayalam)

NZY755 : Srimath Kalkipuranam (Malayalam)

NZY702 : Subhashithangal (Malayalam)

NZY670 : Swanubhava Giti (Malayalam)

NZY667 : Tevarapattikangal (Malayalam)

NZY639 : Thantrasamuchayam in Malayalam (Set of 3 Books)

NZY774 : Uddhavopadesam (Malayalam)

NZY691 : Vedanta Paribhasa- Dharmaraja Adhwareendra (Malayalam)

NZY704 : Visakha Shashti (Malayalam)

NZY692 : Yogayukthi (Malayalam)

NZW389 : Yugatit Yugpurush Pramukh Swami Maharaj (Gujarati)

NZY764 : घोरसंकटनिवारणपूर्वक श्रीदत्तप्रीतिकारकस्तोत्रम् - Ghorasankatanivaranapurvaka Shri Datta Pritikaraka Stotram (Marathi)

NZY738 : शक्तिपातयोगरहस्य अर्थात सिद्धमहायोगशास्त्र - Shakti Pat Yoga Rahasya Arthat Siddha Mahayoga Shastra (Marathi)

NZY768 : शरणागति- Sharanagati (Assamese)

NZY720 : श्रीथोरलेस्वामीमहाराज - Shri Thoraleswamy Maharaj in Marathi (Set of 9 Volumes)

NZY759 : श्रीदत्तात्रेयस्तोत्र - Shri Dattatre Stotra (Marathi)

NZY735 : श्रीनृसिंहसरस्वतीदीक्षितस्वामीमहाराज - Shri Narsingh Saraswati Dixit Swami Maharaj (Marathi)

NZY752 : श्रीशक्तिसूत्रे - Shri Shakti Sutre (Marathi)

NZY590 : श्रीश्रीसद्गुरुसंग - Shri Shri Sadguru Sang in Marathi (Set of 12 Volumes)

NZY746 : सद्गगुरु श्रीसीताराममहाराज जीवानचरित्र - Sadhguru Shri Sitaram Maharaj Biography (Marathi)

NZY681 : আনন্দবাজর পত্রিকা Anandbazar Patrika (Bengali)

NZY677 : প্রাচীন সাধুদের কথা Pracheen Sadhu Katha in Bengali (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY683 : ఆధునిక అహార వద్ధతుల వలన జలగే హాని Harmful Effects of Modern Diet (Telugu)

NZY749 : నామజవ ప్రాముఖ్యత మరియు లాఛములు Importance and Benefits of Chanting (Telugu)

NZY698 : మతమార్పిఙి Conversions and Purification of the Converted (Telugu))

NZY709 : స్నానానికి ముందు చేయవలసిన కృతుల శాస్త్రం The science of Bathing

NZY679 : ಶ್ರೀ ಗಣಪತಿ Shri Ganapati (Kannada)

NZY346 : ಸ್ನಾನದಿಂದ ಮುಸ್ಸಂಜಿಯವರೆಗಿನ ಅಚಾರಗಳ ಹಿಂದಿನ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ Science Underlying Conducts to be followed from Bathing to Sunset (Kannada)

NZY680 : ഒരു ഗുരുശിഷ്യ ബന്ധം Relationship of A Teacher (Malayalam)

NZY563 : Advaitadeepika ( Malayalam )

NZY658 : Bhagavad Gita Svadhyayam (Malayalam)

NZY646 : Daivadasakam (Malayalam)

NZY619 : Daivadasakam By Narayana Guru (Malayalam)

NZY571 : Daivam Satyamo Midhyayo? ( Malayalam )

NZY641 : Devistavam Bhadrakali Astakam (Malayalam)

NZY608 : Indriya Vairagyam Pindanandi (Malayalam)

NZY621 : Isavasyopanishad ( Malayalam )

NZY604 : Isavasyopanishad (Malayalam)

NZY596 : Ithirikaryam- By Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati (Malayalam)

NZY650 : Janani Navaratna Manjari (Malayalam)

NZY615 : Jeevana Kalayile Lavanyam (Malayalam)

NZY603 : Jyotish Pramana Manjari (Malayalam)

NZY655 : Kalinatakam (Malayalam)

NZW810 : Keunthi Nahin Seithi (Oriya)

NAU695 : Management Science ( Taught by Thiruvalluvar )

NZY611 : Narayana Guru Brahmavidya Panchakam (Malayalam)

NZY567 : Narayana Guru's Darsana Mala ( Malayalam )

NZY561 : Narayana Smrti (Malayalam)

NZY618 : Prashna Margam Poorvardham in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY622 : Rogatheyum Maranatheyum Suhrthukkalakkam

NZY616 : Sadasiva Darsanam Ardhanarisvara Stavam (Malayalam)

NZY593 : Siva Prasada Panchakam Bhalueya Ashtakam (Malayalam)

NZY613 : Subrah Manya Keertanam (Malayalam)

NZY530 : Vaidika Sampath in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY581 : Vinayaka Ashtakam Chidamabara Ashtakam (Malayalam)

NZY586 : Vishnu Stotr Angal (Malayalam)

NZY565 : Yogam Enna Sahajavasta ( Malayalam )

NZY640 : अद्वयतारकोपनिषद् - Advayatarako Upanishad (Marathi)

NZY600 : चंचलचित स्थिर करणारे श्रीदत्तस्तोत्र - Chanchal Chitta Sithir Karanare Shridatta Stotra (Marathi)

NZY568 : श्री रामकृष्ण कथा अमर्यथ Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita (Kashmiri)

NZY643 : श्रीनित्यउपासनाक्रम - Shri Nitya Upasanakarm (Marathi)

NZY489 : श्रीश्रीसद्गुरुसंग - Shri Shri Sadguru Sang (Marathi)

NZY609 : सार्थ बालाशिष स्तोत्र - Balashish Stora With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY605 : सार्थ श्रीदत्तभावसुधारस्तोत्र - Shri Dattabhav Sudharas Stotra With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY631 : স্বামী অভেদানন্দ জন্মসার্ধশতবর্ষের শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলি Swami Abhedananda Janma shardhoshotoborsher Shradhanjali (Bengali)

NZY553 : ಶಿವ Shiva in Tamil (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY382 : ಸಾತ್ತ್ದಿಕ ಮದರಂಗಿಗಳು Sattvik Heena - Harmful Effects of Non-Sattvik Heena (Kannada)

NAU673 : Guruvayurappan Gananjali - Krithis of Sundara Narayana (An Old and Rare Book)

NZY488 : Jathaka Desam (Malayalam)

NZY532 : Kiratharjuneeyam (Bhashavyakhyanam) (Malayalam)

NZY506 : Prasana Margam (Malayalam)

NZY494 : Saparivaram (Malayalam)

NZY514 : Soundaryalahari (Malayalam)

NZY513 : Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam Sundrakandam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY537 : Vedakiranangal (Lessons Based on Rgvedamantras) (Malayalam)

NZY522 : Vivekachoodamani (Malayalam)

NZY511 : अमृतबिन्दूपनिषद् अथवा ब्रह्मबिन्दूपनिषद् - Amrutbindupanishad Athava Brahmabindupanishad (Marathi)

NZY544 : एकवीस समासी अर्थात जुना दासबोध - Twenty-One Samasi, The Old Dasabodha (Marathi)

NZY493 : तंत्रवटधानिका - Tantravata Dhanika (Marathi)

NZY473 : परार्थ श्रीअनुभवामृत - Pararth Shri Anubhavamrut (Marathi)

NZY471 : परार्थ सिद्ध योग श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता - Pararth Siddha Yoga Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Marathi)

NZY548 : बोधपञ्चदशिका आणि परमार्थ चर्चा - Bodha Panchadasika and Paramartha Charcha (Marathi)

NZY497 : भक्त्तिसूत्रे - Bhakti Sutre (Marathi)

NZY535 : महात्मा श्रीतैलंगस्वामीमहाराज जीवन चरित्र - Mahatma Shri Telang Swami Maharaj Jeevan Charitra (Marathi)

NZY486 : मूळस्तंभ - The Original Column (Marathi)

NZY501 : शक्तिपातयोगाने दिव्याचक्षूंचे उन्मीलन आणि श्रीसंतनामदेवमहाराज - Shaktipat Yogane Divya Chakshunehe Unmilan ani Shri Sant Namdev Maharaj (Marathi)

NZY538 : श्री सप्तशती गुरु चरित्र सार - Shri Saptashati Guru Character Abstract (Marathi)

NZY482 : श्रीएकनाथमहाराजकृत भावार्थरामायण - Bhavartharamayan of Shri Eknath Maharaj in Marathi (Set of 2 Volume)

NZY505 : श्रीकेशवकहाणी - Srikeshvakhani (Marathi)

NZY476 : श्रीज्ञानेश्र्वरी सिद्धयोग दर्शन - Shri Jnaneshwari Siddha Yoga Philosophy (Marathi)

NZY541 : श्रीदत्तलीलामृताब्धिसार - Shri Dattalilamrutabdhisar (Marathi)

NZY520 : श्रीललितासहस्त्रनामस्तोत्र - Shri LaIitasahastra Naamstotra (Marathi)

NZY527 : श्रीललितासहस्त्रनामस्तोत्र व श्रीललितासहस्त्रनामावली - Shri LaIitasahastra Namastotra and Shri Lalitasahastranavali (Marathi)

NZY448 : श्रीशिवसूत्रे - Shri Shiva Sutra (Marathi)

NZY461 : श्रीसत्यदत्तव्रतपूजाकथा - Shri Satya Datta Vrata Puja Katha in Marathi (Story of Sri Satya Datt Vrata)

NZY517 : सिद्धमहायोगी श्री गोरक्षनाथ चरित्र - Siddhamahayogi Shri Gorakshnath Character (Marathi)

NZY432 : Bhagavatham Dhasamam (Malayalam)

NZY427 : Dhyana Slokangal (Malayalam)

NZY417 : Dhyanathile Aahladam (Malayalam)

NZY440 : Manthrika Thanthram (Malayalam)

NZY418 : Niruktha Menna Vedangam (Malayalam)

NZY428 : Pancha Bodha Bhasha (Malayalam)

NZW769 : Sri Narayan Guru (Oriya)

NZY414 : Sri Rama Pancha Sathi (Malayalam)

NZY423 : Vruthavum Alamkaravum in Sanskrit (Malayalam)

NZY380 : ಬಾಲಕಭಾವದ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳು Pictures Depicting Balakbhav (Kannada)

NZY381 : ಯಾವ ನಾಮಜಪ ಮಾಡಚೇಕು Which Deity's Name should we Chant ? (Kannada)

NZW817 : Aranyar Adhikar (Assamese)

NZY280 : Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic (Malayalam)

NZY344 : Horasastram (Malayalam)

NZY282 : Jeevitham Laingik or jamakunnu (Malayalam)

NZY357 : Koudileey Arthasasthram Prameyavum Vivakshayum (Malayalam)

NZY348 : Kriya Rathnamala (Malayalam)

NZY365 : Narasimha Puraanam (Kannad)

NZY352 : Pranayavum Dhyanavum in Malayalam (Discourses)

NZY353 : Pudayoor Bhasha (Malayalam)

NZY354 : Smrithi Grandhangal (Malayalam)

NZY367 : Sree Krishna Kathamritham (Malayalam)

NZY284 : The God Conspiracy (Malayalam)

NZY349 : अमरौघप्रबोध - Amaraugha Prabodha (Marathhi)

NZY292 : अमरौघशासन - Amaraughshasan (Marathi)

NZY331 : ज्ञानसंकलिनीतंत्र - Jnanasankalini Tantra (Marathi)

NZY336 : भावनोपनिषद् - Bhavnopnishad (Marathi)

NZY341 : योगबीज - Yogabij (Marathi)

NZY311 : योगशिखोपनिषद् - Yogshikhopnishad (Marathi)

NZY315 : योगसंहिता - Yoga Samhita (Marathi)

NZY318 : शतश्र्लोकी - Shatashloki (Marathi)

NZY328 : श्रीज्ञानदिपबोध - Shri Jnana Dip Bodh (Marathi)

NZY303 : श्रीदुर्गास्तोत्र - Shridurgasotra (Marathi)

NZY298 : श्रीललितापञ्चरत्नस्तोत्र - Shri Lalita Pancharatna Stotram (Marathi)

NZY294 : श्रीश्रीसद्गुरुचरणसेवा - Shri Shri Sadguru Charan Seva (Marathi)

NZY307 : सार्थ श्रीगुरुचरित्रत्रिशतीदत्तकाव्य - Shri Guru Charitra Trishati Datta Kavya With Meaning in Marathi (An Old and Rare Book)

NZY338 : सार्थ श्रीदत्तात्रेयवज्रकवचस्तोत्र - Shri Dattatreywajra Kavach with Meaning (Marathi)

NZY265 : ਸ਼ਮਸ ਤਬ੍ਰੀਜ਼ੀ Shams-e-Tabrizi (Punjabi)

NZY277 : ஸ்ரீ சிவ சஹஸ்ர நாமம் Shri Shiva Sahasranama (Tamil)

NZY271 : పాతంజల యగసూత్రాలు Patanjal Yoga Sutras (Telugu)

NZY290 : ಗುರುಗಳ ಮಹತ್ವ ವಿಧ ಮತ್ತು ಗುರುಮಂತ್ರ Importance of the Guru and Gurumantra (Kannada)

NZY301 : ದೃಷ್ಟಿಸಾಧನೆಗೆ ಆವಶೈಕ ಗುಣಗಳು Virtues Essential for Vyashti Sadhana (Kannada)

NZY324 : ಭಾವದ ಬಿಧಗಳು ಮತ್ತು ಜಾಗೃತಿ Spiritual Emotions and Awareness (Kannada)

NZY196 : Agnisamanamaya Vachanagal (Malayalam)

NZY233 : Amara Bharathi (Bharathiyavijnanadharakal) (Malayalam)

NZY241 : Bhagavatha Samgraham (Malayalam)

NZY230 : Bharatha Sthree (Malayalam)

NZY223 : Dhanurvedam Purathanabharathathinte Ayodhanasastharam (Malayalam)

NZY243 : Griha Nirmana Padhudi (Malayalam)

NZY188 : Ithu Dharmmam Sanathanam (Malayalam)

NZY168 : Jathi Mala - A Selection of Jathis in Adi Talam (With CD)

NZY248 : Kousheethakam Chandangu (Malayalam)

NZY193 : Meditation The First and Last Freedom (Malayalam)

NZY260 : Mudra Chikilsa (Malayalam)

NZY227 : Muhoorthapadavi (Malayalam)

NZY199 : Njan Ningalode Parayunnathu Enthennal (Malayalam)

NZY252 : Pakazhiyam Chadange (Malayalam)

NZY245 : Pooja Vidhikal (Malayalam)

NZY224 : Poonthana Sarvaswom (Malayalam)

NZY237 : Sama Veda Darpanam (Malayalam)

NZY212 : Sreemad Bhagavad Gita with the Bhashya of 'Shankaracharya' (Malayalam)

NZY238 : Sri Ramodendam (Malayalam)

NZY219 : Vyakaranamenna Vedangam (Malayalam)

NZY242 : Yanthravidhikal (Malayalam)

NZY257 : बिछड़े सभी बारी-बारी Everybody Lost Turn by Turn

NZW362 : পদ্যগীতা Gita Translated in Bengali Vers (Bengali)

NZY253 : ஸ்ரீமத் பகவத் கிதை Shrimad Bhagavad Gita (Tamil)

NZY172 : ಶ್ರಾದ್ಧದಲ್ಲಿನ ಕೃತಿಗಳ ಹಿಂದಿನ ಅಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ Spiritual Science Underlying Various Acts in Shraddha (Kannada)

NZY201 : ശ്രിമ നാരായണീയം Shri Narayaneeyam (Malayalam)

NZY135 : Adharvavedalokam (Malayalam)

NZY148 : Amnayamadhanam (Malayalam)

NZY093 : Aswalayanagrihya Mantra (Malayalam)

NZY141 : Kalpam Oru Samagravedangam (Malayalam)

NZX057 : Kannadadalli Vaidyasahitya Mattu Vijnana Sahityadallina Savaalugalu Mattu Samasyegalu (Kannada)

NZY155 : Kikkanakkum Adangal Pattikayum (Malayalam)

NZY109 : Leela Kalpa Drumam Adhava Bhagavathadhyaya Samgraham (Malayalam)

NZY152 : Manushyalayachandrika (Malayalam)

NZY136 : Samskritha Bhasha in Malayalam (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZY144 : Sarvanja Sankaram (Nadakam) (Malayalam)

NZY101 : Srauthakarma Vivekam (Malayalam)

NZY104 : Sruti Saura Bham (Malayalam)

NZX902 : Upanishathukalude Lokam in Malayalam (Set of 2 Parts)

NZY094 : Veda Veechikal (Malayalam)

NZY139 : Vedapadasamrakshanam (Malayalam)

NZY125 : Yogarnavam (Malayalam)

NZY161 : अमनस्कयोग - Amanaskyoga (Marathi)

NZY112 : बिहारीचे शंभर दोहे - Bihariche Shambhar Dohe (Marathi)

NZY154 : योगतारावली - Yoga Tarawali (Marathi)

NZY156 : श्री गुरुगीता - Shri Gurugita (Marathi)

NZY150 : श्रीनर्मदालहरी - Shri Narmada Lahari in Marathi (An Old and Rare Book)

NZY103 : श्रीब्रह्मचैतन्य गोंदवलेकर महाराज यांच्या ह्लध आठवणी - Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Yanchaya Haldh Athavani (Marathi)

NZY124 : श्रीमद्भगवद् गीता भाष्यपंचक - Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Bhashyapanchak in Marathi (Set of 3 Volumes)

NZY133 : श्रीलक्ष्मणशत्ती अर्थात श्री हनुमान विजय - Sri Laxmi Shashti That mean Shri Hanuman Vijay (Marathi)

NZY105 : सर्व सौरव्यदायी २४ गायत्री मंत्र - Universal Solar System 24 Gayatri Mantra (Marathi)

NZY111 : सार्थ छांदोग्य उपनिषद - Chandogya Upanishad With Meaning (Marathi)

NZY107 : सार्थ निर्गुणी भजने - Nirguni Hymns with Meaning (Marathi)

NZY127 : सार्थ श्रीदत्तात्रेयसहस्त्रनाम स्तोत्रम् - Shri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram with Meaning (Marathi)

NZY129 : सार्थ श्रीविष्णुसहस्त्रनाम स्तोत्रम् - Shri Vishnushastranam Stotram (Marathi)

NZY086 : জ্ঞানগঞ্জ Gyan Ganj (Bengali)

NZY088 : যোগীর আত্মকথা পটভুমি দণ্ডাকারণ্য ও হিমালয় - Autobiography of Yogi in Bengali (Part-I)

NZX762 : ರನ್ನ ವಿರಚಿತ ಸಾಹಸಭೀಮಎಜಯಂ Sahasabhima Vijayam (Kannada)

NZY119 : ಶ್ರೀದತ್ತ ಮಹಾತ್ಮೆ Shri Datta Mahatme (Kannada)

NZY025 : Ahanthayillaymayude Manashasthram (Malayalam)

NZY081 : Aranyakangalkku Oru Amukam (Malayalam)

NZY046 : Avan Thurana Rahasyamakunnu (Kadukumani 2)

NZY059 : Bodhidharman - Budhathwathilekkula Munnettam (Malayalam)

NZY019 : Bodhidharman Mahanaya Zen Guru (Malayalam)

NZY079 : Ekahaheenasathrangal (Malayalam)

NZY021 : Enlightenment - The Only Revolution (Malayalam)

NZX989 : Guruvayoor Panchangam 1195 (Malayalam)

NZY005 : Jeeb Jagat (Bengali)

NZY080 : Kriyasamgraham (Malayalam)

NZY068 : Pampa Bharatham (Malayalam)

NZY064 : Prasana Kauthukam (Malayalam)

NZX990 : Puraner Galpa (Bengali)

NZY006 : Saap (Bengali)

NZY066 : Saparivaram Siva Pooja (Malayalam)

NZY077 : Sree Rudradhi (Malayalam)

NZY071 : Thantra Samuchayam (Silpa Bhagam) (Malayalam)

NZY016 : The Hidden Harmony (Malayalam)

NZY070 : Vagbhatanandante Sampoorna Krithikal (Malayalam)

NZX531 : Viayamvarikkan Ezhu Hindu Adhyatmaniyamangal (Malayalam)

NZY039 : अमृत तुषार - Amrit Tushar (Marathi)

NZY051 : आत्मजिज्ञासा - Self Curiosity (Marathi)