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Find intricate Indian Earrings at ExoticIndia. Our extensive collection includes Pearl, Turquoise & other Earrings for occasions like Weddings, Parties, etc.

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GT68 : Lapis Lazuli Bunch Earrings

LCF31 : Multi-Gemstone Bunch Earrings

JQO93 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

JNH74 : Black Onyx Bunch Earrings

JCK32 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JDL22 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

LCF29 : Green Onyx Bunch Earrings

JBS23 : Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

JEH32 : Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

JCX53 : Tiger Eye Bunch Earrings

LCF26 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Earrings

JXP26 : Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

LCE68 : Blue Sapphire Floral Earrings

LCE70 : Ruby and Sapphire Flower Earrings

LCE71 : Spring Green Emerald Studs

LCE25 : Spherical Citrine Dangling Earrings

LBU28 : Gemstone Chandelier Earrings

LBT44 : Gemstone Tops

LBF04 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers with Gems

LBE86 : Sterling Tops with Gems

LCD47 : Goddess Lakshmi Tops (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LCD07 : OM (AUM) Earrings

LCD02 : Lord Ganesha Shower Earrings

LCB19 : Peacock Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LCB21 : Pear Tops (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

JPE49 : Carved Citrine Leaves Bunch Earrings

JYS93 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Post Earrings

LCA18 : Faceted Ruby Post Earrings

LBK84 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Oval Tops

JOB42 : Hoops with Citrine Dangles

JQN45 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

LAC18 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LBR15 : Designer Earrings

LBP68 : Faceted Leaves Earrings with Gems

LAV78 : Faceted Peridot with Amethyst Earrings

LBW11 : Faceted Triple Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBW04 : Flower Coral Earrings

LAC03 : Sterling Silver Earrings with Faceted Gems

LBR93 : Superfine Handcrafted Post Earrings

LBN63 : Faceted Green Onyx Post Earrings

LBR54 : Inlay Sparrow Earrings with Gems

LAH47 : Sterling Chakra Earrings with Faceted Gems

JZG17 : Sterling Kundalini Earrings

JRA93 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings

LBL85 : Earrings Shaped Like Ears

LBW27 : Rainbow-Moonstone Dangling Bunch Earrings

LBU66 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LBU64 : Evil Eye Earrings

LBU60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBU52 : Twin Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LBU31 : Evil Eye Earrings

LBU37 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LBU34 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBU35 : Twin Faceted Garnet Earrings

LBT53 : Amethyst Flower Tops

LBT54 : Faceted Gemstone Tops

LBT48 : Flower Post Earrings

LBT46 : Flower Tops with Faceted Gems

LBT55 : Flower Tops with Faceted Gems

LBS61 : Flower Tops with Gems

LBT03 : Twin Peacock Earrings with Dangles

LBS88 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LBT02 : Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBS56 : Gemstone Flower Tops

JPW56 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Earrings

LBR78 : Earrings with Pairs of Swans

LBR61 : Gemstone Tops

LBR62 : Lord Surya Earrings with Black Spinel

LBR31 : Cubic Zirconia Tops

LBQ97 : Flower Inlay Tops

LBQ34 : Larimar Oval Earrings

LBQ21 : Larimar Oval Earrings with Filigree

LBC89 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

LBN81 : Ethnic Jhumki Earrings

LBN87 : Granulated Shield Tops

LBN72 : Granulated Tops

LBN77 : Spiral Post Earrings

LBN21 : Heart-Shape Earrings with Gems

LBM34 : Large Post Earrings

JXI31 : Sterling Earrings with Dangling Peridot Drop

JXI35 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JQA83 : Mini Skirt Shape Inlay Earrings

LBO03 : OM (AUM) and Surya Umbrella Chandeliers

JXI19 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Peridot Drop

JXU67 : Coral Earrings

JWN75 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JXL10 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JXJ36 : Faceted Citrine Dangling Earrings

JXJ43 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JXL17 : Iolite Earrings with Filigree

JXL75 : Amethyst Earrings

JXI37 : Faceted Smoky Quartz with Gold Plated Earrings

JYN41 : Redstone Earrings

JXI11 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JQA80 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZW27 : Black Spinel Earrings

JXJ42 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Shower Earrings

JZX90 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

LBH65 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

JXI12 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Hoop Earrings

LBJ46 : Citrine Spiral Earrings

JXJ89 : Labradorite Earrings with Garnet

LBJ47 : Iolite Earring

JXI15 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXI28 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LBC82 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAZ52 : Garnet Tops

LAZ26 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAW31 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAW43 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

LAY15 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAX83 : Faceted Three Gems Earrings (Garnet, Iolite and Peridot)

LAT29 : Lord Ganesha Gold Plated Earrings with Ruby

JWV89 : Peridot Hoop Earrings

LAS48 : Arrow-Head Earrings

LBU70 : Evil Eye Earrings

LAH64 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAH71 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAH70 : Sterling Tops with Faceted Gems

LAC29 : Sterling Lattice Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB51 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB11 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB33 : Agate Earrings

JZP34 : Smoky Quartz Tops

JZN14 : Garnet Earrings

JZN12 : Green Onyx Earrings

LAZ74 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JZJ18 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZF70 : Labradorite Hoop Chandeliers

JZF02 : Sterling Crescent Earrings

JKX56 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

LAL73 : Kundalini Chakra Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JXS03 : Faceted Citrine Chandeliers

JXS09 : Rose Quartz Chandeliers

JXZ39 : Coral Earrings

JXI23 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRZ91 : Lot of Five Sterling Earrings

JTN26 : Kalachakra Earrings

JWN72 : Hematite Beaded Shower Earrings

JXI57 : Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXJ34 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXE04 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Chandeliers

JXB44 : Iolite Hoop Chandeliers

JWV88 : Citrine Hoop Earrings

JWV56 : CZ Earrings

JWU05 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JWU03 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JWT72 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JWT74 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JWJ20 : Faceted CZ Post Earrings

JYV18 : Kundalini Chakra Earrings

JVX38 : CZ Tops

JIR78 : Inlay Spiral Earrings

JVR84 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JVM65 : Sterling Gold Plated Filigree Earrings

JVM36 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JVJ05 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JVC50 : Marcasite Valentine Earrings

JUJ91 : Carnelian Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JMJ62 : Faceted Australian Crystal Hoop Earrings

JUK65 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JRV91 : Sterling Earrings

JOB74 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JTM50 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTM57 : Nepalese Multi-color Inlay Earrings

JTM24 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC15 : Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTC24 : Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTB16 : Inlay Nepalese Earrings with Coral

JTB13 : Twirling Earrings

JOA96 : Enamel Hoops

QO79 : Four Strand Garnet Showers

JNP99 : Hoop Chandeliers of Australian Crystal

JOC46 : Hoop Chandeliers with Black Drops

JKT51 : Starfish Earrings

JRW01 : Sterling Earrings

JNL77 : Sterling Shower Post Earrings

JSM99 : Black Onyx Earrings

JNA45 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JRV73 : Sterling Earrings

JNI95 : Sterling Hoops

JOC58 : Enamel Hoop Earrings

JOC47 : Peridot Hoop Chandeliers

JKX28 : Sterling Earrings

JRG39 : Hoop Earrings

JRG36 : Sterling Hoop Post Earrings

JRG40 : Valentine Earrings

JRB22 : Garnet Designer Earrings

JKX57 : Sterling Designer Hoops

JPK02 : Faceted Carnelian Dangling Hoops Earrings

JKT55 : Sterling Earrings

JKX62 : Sterling Hoops

JKQ30 : Twin Black Onyx Hinged Earrings

JMK87 : Cubic Zirconia Tops

JNJ58 : Sterling Earrings

JNI94 : Sterling Hoops

JME52 : Fine Carnelian Earrings

JPP47 : Fine Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JNK23 : Charms

JKX27 : Sterling Hoops

JJC82 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Tops

JJD61 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Tops

JMJ41 : Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings

JOL60 : Faceted Iolite Dangling Bunch Earrings

JOB62 : Amethyst Hoops

JPI27 : Faceted Amethyst Dangling Hoops

JME53 : Gemstone Earrings

JNJ83 : Designer Sterling Earrings

JMK86 : Cubic Zirconia Tops

JNK38 : Iolite Shower

JNJ38 : Sterling Triangular Earrings

JJC84 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Valentine Tops

JMC12 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Earrings