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Get breathtaking and intricate Indian Oil Canvas Paintings depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Indian Women and more. Buy oil paintings online at Exotic India.

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OQ33 : Ganesha Spreading Love

OU84 : Dancing Ganesha

OR35 : Goddess Chinnamasta - One of The Ten Mahavidyas

OW25 : Longing Brown Eyes

OS62 : Omar Khayyam (Woman, Wine and Song)

OR08 : Purusha and Prakriti (Shiva Linga)

OW27 : Riverbank Solitude

OW21 : Against The Mirror Of Scarlet

OW23 : Dancing Ganesha

OW20 : The Hunt of a Lion

OW22 : The Soothing Waterfall

OW16 : Indian Royalty (Set Of Two Paintings)

OT93 : The Placid Devi Durga (Framed)

OT53 : In Two Minds About The Pearl Necklace

OW15 : Guru Gobind Singh - The Warrior Guru (Framed)

OV07 : Goddess Saraswati

OS37 : Goddess Gayatri

OV78 : Shringara of the Princess

OS47 : Romantic in Tone, Suffused with Feelings

OW11 : Shirdi Sai Baba

OS64 : The Eldest Bahuraani With Her Hookah

OP03 : A Young Woman Making Garland of Flowers

OW04 : Man and Woman in Modern Idiom (Old Painting)

OW05 : Regal Procession Afore The Lal Qila (Old Painting)

OS33 : The Iconographic Perfection Of Devi Saraswati

OW02 : The Princess Confides In Her Lady-In-Waiting

OW03 : The Warrior's Lover In The Throes Of Passion

OS51 : Two Royal Damsels Playing Chaupara

OR92 : Women Comforting her Pain

OT36 : Just from the Lotus Pond (Framed)

OV99 : The Sun, The Clouds and Two Eternal Lovers

OV97 : Blessing Lord Ganesha

OV47 : Royal Pair

OU03 : Goddess Gayatri

OU60 : Krishna-The Most Beautiful Musician

OQ68 : Innocent as a Child

OU49 : The Gorgeous Shivabhakta Lights The Lamp Of Worship

OV92 : In The Midst Of Laya And Tandava (Made In Nepal)

OS45 : The Lady with the Lamp

OV89 : The Indian Kathakali Dancer (Framed)

OV87 : Bharatnatyam, The Dance Of Devotion

OV91 : The Gaze Of Mother Kali

OV86 : Krishna Made of Musical Instruments (Framed)

OV90 : The Serene Buddha (Framed)

OV85 : Dancing Ganesha

OV82 : Ramana Maharshi in Brushstrokes

OV84 : The Humble Yet Powerful Kamandalu

OW07 : Buddha and His Two Disciples

OV81 : The Wealthy Smoker

OV76 : Adi Guru Shankaracharya

OV79 : Radha Shies Away From Her Krishna

OV80 : Shrinathji

OV75 : Tantric Meditation

OV04 : Devi Annapoorna Bestows Nourishment

OV74 : Royal Seduction

OV72 : Draped In Elegance

OV65 : Regal Procession Afore The Hawa Mahal

OV67 : The Lover's Companions

OV68 : Young Maiden Paints Her Soles

OS99 : The Most Important Moment in a Woman's Life (Hamsa Damayanti

OT99 : The Inspired Veenadhari Mahadeva

OV64 : Gaze Of Womanly Devotion

OV60 : The Khajuraho Nymph

OV61 : The Pensive Lady

OP79 : Pulling at Heart Strings

OV52 : A Purple Krishna Worshipped with Rose Petals

OV54 : Storm Outside a Bottle

OV44 : Shri Ganesha Puja

OV46 : Tantric Diagram

OV43 : Writing a Love Letter

OV37 : Lord Buddha Face Series (One)

OV39 : Lord Buddha Face Series (Three)

OV38 : Lord Buddha Face Series (Two)

OV35 : Lord Ganesha’s Unstructured Halo (Framed)

OV42 : Padma, Symbol Of Beauty And Compassion

OV34 : Bridal Disarray (Raja Ravi Verma Reproduction, Framed)

OV40 : Lord Buddha Face Series (Four)

OV36 : Lady with Sword (Framed)

OV31 : Two Horses

OP31 : Beauty with Flowers & Fruits (Framed)

OV28 : Horse in Modern Idiom

OV29 : Medieval Scene

OV32 : Rangrez (The Dyer)

OV25 : Jama Masjid

OV27 : Memory Of A Woman

OV21 : Friend Showing a Letter of Dushyanta to Shakuntala

OV17 : Shakuntala Patralekhan

OV26 : The Temptress

OV16 : Veer Hanuman

OV33 : At The Potter's Workmanship, A Moment Of Pure Wonder (Framed)

OV10 : Blessing Lord Ganesha

OV09 : Lord Ganesha - The Musician

OV11 : The Cosmic Form of Lord Vishnu

OP43 : Vishwamitra and Menaka

OV03 : At The Sound Of His Footsteps

OU99 : Devi Kali, The Very Picture Of Bloodlust

OV01 : Rustic Woman Tending To Her Home

OQ43 : A Color Symbolic Episode from the Ramayana

OQ23 : The Innocent Prankster

OU69 : Dancer Caught In The Ecstasy of Her Art

OU51 : Royal Damsels Playing Chaupara

OU94 : Five Sisters Making Music By The Riverbank

OU89 : Goddess Kali

OU92 : The Regal Courtesan

OU88 : Young Indian Woman Dressed In Blue And Gold

OT98 : Mirabai and Krishna

OS87 : Mother Yashoda Bedecks Krishna

OU81 : The Legendary Beauty Damayanti

OU67 : Banjaras A Nomadic Tribe of Rajasthan

OR61 : Radha Krishna Bless Chaitanya and Nityananda Mahaprabhu

OU01 : Lady Feeding Fruits to Her Pet Peacocks

OU61 : Lady At The Well

OU62 : Two Young Bedia Women – A Tribe Earning Its Bread by Dancing

OU52 : Retail Therapy At Godhuli

OU55 : Royal Lady Gets a Bath

OU50 : The Bridal Shringara

OU41 : The Furtive Princess

OU38 : Large-Eyed Woman With Pooja Thali

OU32 : Lady with Her Messenger

OU40 : The Pensive Elder Daughter-In-Law

OU39 : The Sisters

OU25 : Surya Bhagawan

OU27 : The Radiant Ganesha

OQ47 : Mehandi of the Bride

OU19 : Trying on New Bangles....

OS06 : Tulsi Worship

OU18 : Beauteous Woman Kept Waiting By Her Lover On A Full-Moon Night

OU11 : Goddess Gayatri

OU10 : Lord Shiva on Kailash

OT80 : Lady with Butterfly

OT79 : Shakuntala Showing a Letter of Dushyanta to Her Friend

OT75 : Lady with Her Parrot and Cage

OT69 : Lady Swinging

OT60 : Lost in the Thoughts

OT56 : Lady Dressing Herself

OT49 : Lady with Hookah

OT46 : Lord Shiva, In The Company Of Nandi

OT48 : Shiva Family

OQ42 : Woman in Despair

OT41 : The Solemn Banjara Sisters (Framed)

OT37 : The Bride's Unhappiness

OT30 : Potters Sisters

OS78 : The Great Fish and the Deluge

OT14 : A Village Belle with Water Pots

OT10 : At the Jharoka with Peacock

OT11 : Lady with a Bunch of Sapling Plants

OT12 : Midnight at the Lotus Pond

OT15 : Virahini Radha Rani on the Banks of Yamuna with Peacock

OT09 : Baby Krishna in the Lap of Mother Yashoda

OS04 : Academic and Divine Knowledge A Floral Offering

OR57 : Self Portrait in a Straw Hat

OS75 : A Bewildering Landscape

OT02 : The Blues of Love

OT03 : The Life Journey of Love

OT04 : The Modern Man

OS94 : Ambition

OS93 : Landscape

OS92 : Rose(s)

OS95 : The Dark Dream

OS83 : Licking Her Feet

OS86 : Shakuntala Writes a Letter

OS85 : Strokes

OS82 : The Labyrinth

OS80 : Beauty and the Beast

OS79 : The City

OS73 : Lady Playing with a Ball

OS72 : A Mother Consoling Her Newly Wedded Daughter

OS59 : A Young Lady, Perhaps Menaka, Playing with Balls

OS61 : Rich Lady Playing a Tanapura

OS56 : The Portrait of a Young Prince

OR81 : Apologetic Brahma Seeks Pardon from Krishna (From the Shrimad Bhagavata Purana)

OP13 : Enchantress

OP27 : Majestic and Affluent Lady

OS32 : The Muse

OS12 : Islamic Lady

OR64 : A Solemn Moment In The Shiva-Parivar

OR71 : Shringara of the Princess

OR56 : Lady Dressing Herself

OR59 : Shringar of the Lady

OR20 : Kumara-Karttikeya, Of Eternal Adolescence

OR15 : The Prince

OQ27 : Checking For Himself The Sweetness of His Own Toe, Wondering What Makes People Drink the Water Touched by It (The Lord and His Maya)

OQ53 : The Veena Player

OQ40 : Raja Raja Varma

OQ07 : Lady with a Hookah

OP82 : A Sinless, Artful Way of Life

OP85 : Lost in Reverie

OP70 : Blissful Motherhood

OP56 : Venus

OP41 : Portrait of a Lady in Ivory Sari

OP40 : The Abduction

OP39 : Krishna in the Lap of Mother

OP25 : Celestial and Mortal Beauties

OP15 : Nawabi Style