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WB76 : Dancing Court Scene

WJ04 : Nayika

WL10 : Bani Thani with a Pair of Lotus Buds

WN23 : Royal Couple

PR42 : Krishna Lila

WK84 : Blessing Ganesha

WN09 : Eight Vaishnava Acharyas of Vallabha Sampradaya

WN21 : Mughal Procession

WL75 : Nayika with Lotus

TC53 : Panchabuddha Against A Complex Background Dominated By Red And Gold

WL62 : The Benevolent Bhagwan Shri Ganesha

ZE02 : Homages To The Twenty-One Taras, From Ancient Indian Tantric Texts

WE26 : Goddess Lakshmi

OW04 : Man and Woman in Modern Idiom (Old Painting)

OW05 : Regal Procession Afore The Lal Qila (Old Painting)

WC93 : Procession Afore The Taj Mahal

PU99 : Haloed Venugopala on his Cow Surabhi

PN02 : Large Size Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi

PE09 : Lakshmi-Ganesha-Sarasvati In All Their Finery

TO63 : Newari Dancing Ganesha - Large Size

TR76 : Superfine Museum Quality Thangka of Guru Padmasambhava's Lineage - Tibetan Buddhist

ZE34 : Superfine Vajradhara Refuge Tree - Large Size

TP82 : The Life Of The Buddha, Interspersed With Pristine Stoopas

TF64 : Paradise Of Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava (Superfine Thangka)

WN15 : (From Nepal) Padmasambhava - Tibetan Buddhist Deity

WN16 : Dancing Ganesha (Made in Nepal)

WM99 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

PR69 : Episodes from the Mahabharata and Life of Krishna (Super Large Painting)

PM30 : Life of Ganesha

PR49 : Lord Ganesha and His Lilas (A Masterpiece)

PR40 : Lord Krishna Paata -Scenes from His Life

WN10 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava

WN14 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava

WG53 : Krishna's Farewell in Vrindavana as He is Departing to Mathura (Border Showing Krishna Lilas)

WK69 : Goddess Lakshmi with Wealth Pot and Owl

WN02 : Mughal Nobleman, Lover Of Art And Pleasure

PR46 : Life of Lord Ganesha

WM92 : Goddess Lakshmi with Raining Coins

WM94 : Goddess Saraswati Adorned in Rich Silk

WM93 : Lord Ganesha with a Bowl of Modaks (Laddoos)

WF54 : The Handsome Yogi

WK46 : Purusha Prakriti

WJ58 : Radha Swings with Krishna on Terrace in Evening with the Companies of Gopis

WJ12 : The Indian Ideal of Beauty

WH57 : Krishna Stealing Clothes of Gopis and Other Episodes

WF51 : Lady with Attendant