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ZEM691 : Tibetan Buddhist Daka Incense Burner - Made in Nepal

ZEM684 : Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala Phurpa -Made in Nepal

ZEM681 : Butter Lamp With Hanging Leaves -Made in Nepal

ZAZ93 : Large Size Peacock Lamp with Hanging Bells and Ghungaroos

ZEM664 : Roof Hanging Peacock Lamp

ZAQ90 : Box from Kerala

ZEM662 : Endless Knot Gong On Dragon Stand

XT07 : Ritual Box from Trivandrum

RU49 : Votive Stupa with Cosmic Buddhas - Made in Nepal

ZEM649 : Conch and Chakra Puja Lamp

RL64 : Lalitasana Ganesha (Wall Hanging)

ZEM645 : Roof Hanging Vaishnava Lamp

ZEM641 : Large Ritual Brass Kunda

ZEM637 : Peacock Urli

ZEM643 : South Indian Lamp

ZEM634 : Superfine Ashtalakshmi Handmade Vase in Silver Hue

ZEM631 : Copper Container With Faucet

ZEM623 : Intricately Carved Superfine Puja Kalasha in Silver Hue

ZEM289 : The Royal Elephant Palki Chowki With Bells

ZEM613 : Large Peacock Lamp With Urli and Bells

ZEM610 : Large Ritual Sppon For Distribution Of Prasadam

ZEM602 : Puja Lamp

ZEM612 : Rice Measuring Glass

ZAC86 : Ritual Box from Trivandrum

ZEM601 : Fine Peacock Ceiling Lamp

ZEM594 : Four Heads Nandi Dripping Vase For Abhisheka of Shiva Parivar

ZEM597 : Large Drum (Kunda)

ZEM591 : Superfine Goddess Lakshmi Lamp of Prosperity

ZEM596 : Superfine Goddess Lakshmi Vase With densely Packed Work

ZEM581 : Fine Quality Annam Lamp (Peacock Lamp)

ZEM583 : Handheld Aarti

ZEM580 : Heavy Temple Bell With Pleasant Sound

ZEM582 : Peacock Lamp

ZEM577 : Seven Feet Tall South Indian Traditional Lamp

ZEM579 : Sixteen Parrots Puja Lamp

ZEM555 : The Exquisite Goddess Lakshmi Large Tree Lamp

ZEM576 : Havana Kunda

ZEM571 : Heavy Roof Hanging Lamp From South India

ZEM574 : Large Abhisheka Patra From South India

ZEM568 : Ashtalakshmi Urli From South India

ZEM567 : Havana Kunda

ZEM560 : Large Urli With High Kirtimukha Arched Seated Ganesha With Lakshmi,Saraswati,Peacocks and Dangling Lamps

ZEM563 : Lord Krishna Urli With Parrots Dangling Lamps,Peacocks and Kirtimukha

ZEM565 : Super Large Abhisheka Patra From South India

ZEM562 : Superfine Dancing Ganesha Urli With Lamps and Five Rotating Musical Ganeshas

ZEM566 : Tantric Yoni Havana Kunda

ZEM556 : Bronze Urli With Lord Ganesha On Swing

ZEM554 : Dazzling Lord Ganesha Large Tree Lamp

ZEM557 : Large Copper Gopur Kalasha From South India

ZEM559 : Peacock Urli With Chowki To Place Your Favourite Deity

ZEM551 : Bronze Ganesha Urli With Peacocks

ZEM552 : Lakshmi Ganesha Saraswati Urli

ZEM373 : Lord Shiva's Trident From South India - Large Size

ZEM505 : Ganesha Wall Hanging Mask With Hanging Lamp

ZEM336 : Large Deity Aureole

ZEM449 : Ashtalakshmi Puja Kalasha

ZEM335 : Large Abhisheka Patra

ZEM535 : Decorated Bottle Which Opens at Two Places

ZEM534 : Five Wicks Arti

ZEM342 : Large Brass Vessel For Cooking And Storage

ZEM528 : Lamp From South India

ZEM527 : Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM529 : Small Five Wick Lamp

ZEM508 : Five Wicks Lotus Lamp

ZEM510 : Long Braided Deepalakshmi

ZEM519 : Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM515 : Twenty Two Wicks Arti

ZEM503 : Abhisheka Patra

ZEM500 : Alluring Lotus Lamp

ZBS30 : Goddess Tara Mask (Tibetan Buddhist Wall Hanging)

ZCF94 : Lord Ganesha Lotus Lamp (Eleven Wicks)

ZR19 : Peacock Incense Burner

ZEM497 : Twenty Seven Wicks Large Lamp

ZEM499 : Very Large Peacock Lamp

ZBP87 : Shiva Linga

ZEM486 : Annam Lamp (Peacock Lamp)

ZEM485 : Gajalakshmi Puja Lamp

ZEM345 : Large Abhisheka Patra

ZEM487 : South Indian Puja Lamp

ZEM490 : Water Sprinkler

ZBQ49 : Ashtalakshmi Diya

ZBR35 : Baby Krishna Ritual Box with Lids

XG23 : Deeplakshmi

ZZ18 : Deity Throne

RP33 : Kirtimukha Wall Hanging Mask with Ganesha Atop

XR43 : Laughing Buddha Incense Burner

ZAM63 : Om (AUM) Wall Hanging

ZBA58 : Urli Bowl

ZEM480 : Magnificent Fully Carved Peacock (Annam) Lamp From South India - Very Large Size

ZEM380 : Tall, Resplendent Annam-Lamp With Gorgeous Etchings Along The Base Rim, Stem, And Branching Vines

ZEM466 : Alluring Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM463 : Dazzling Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM477 : Deepalakshmi

ZEM474 : Goddess Lakshmi Lamp

ZEM478 : Large Traditional South Indian Lamp

ZEM473 : Lord Ganesha Lamp

ZEM469 : Vessel For Distributing Prasadam

ZEM451 : Decorated Large Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM457 : Large Lotus Lamp

ZEM461 : Resplendent Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM459 : Traditional South Indian Lamp

ZEM446 : Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM443 : The Multitude of Auspiciousness - Large Ganesha Lamp With Twenty Two Ganeshas

ZEM437 : Awesome Twenty Seven Wicks South Indian Lamp

ZEM436 : Decorated Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM435 : Large vaishnava lamp with chakra and conch Symbols

ZEM426 : Dancing Peacock Lamp With Twenty Two Peacocks (Annam Lamp) - Large Size

XN58 : Goddess Lakshmi Wall Hanging Plate

ZEM430 : Large Carved Annam Lamp (Peacock Lamp)

ZEM433 : Large Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM429 : Lotus Lamp With Five Layers of Wicks - Large Size

ZEM431 : Super High South indian Lamp

ZEM428 : Superfine Engraved Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp) Large Size

ZEM424 : Superfine Goddess Lakshmi lamp

ZEM425 : Superfine Lord Ganesha Lamp

ZEM434 : Thirty One Wicks Large Peacock Lamp

ZEM26 : Vaishnava Symbols For Dashboard

ZEM418 : Auspicious Lamp of Goddess Lakshmi - With Twenty Two Lakshmi Statues

ZEM410 : Large Trishul With Tamil OM (AUM)

ZBA81 : Shri Krishna Lila Temple Hanging Bell

ZEM419 : Superfine Hanging Wick Parrot Lamp

ZDB88 : Urli with Lamps and Bells

ZEM402 : Five Wicks Goddess Lakshmi Lamp

ZEM397 : Superfine Super Large Lamp With Meenakari Work

ZEM377 : Five Wicks Ganesha Lamp

ZEM372 : Large Gajalakshmi Lamp

ZEM382 : Large Size Gopur Kalasha

ZY98 : Nandi Oil Lamp (Diya)

ZEM371 : South Indian Large Wick Lamp

ZEM368 : Very Large Size Kirtimukha Deity Aureole

ZEM369 : Lakshmi Ganesha Lamp

ZEM362 : Large Size Twenty Two Parrots Lamp

ZCO25 : Tara Ganesha Wall Hanging

RG82 : Tibetan Buddhist Elephant Incense Burner

ZEM348 : Auspicious Lotus Lamp - Large Size

ZCM98 : Five Wick Lakshmi Ceiling Puja Lamp

ZAI89 : Havana Kunda

ZBQ12 : Pair of Yali Brackets

ZEM214 : Thirty Two Wicks Handheld Aarti

ZDG75 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Endless Knot (Ashtamangala)

ZEM344 : Urli For Ritual Purposes

ZEM337 : Large Size Circular Abhisheka Patra

ZBS97 : Lakshmi Kubera Diya Set

ZBH33 : Om (Wall Hanging)

ZEM220 : Seven Wicks Lamp

ZBP13 : Ganesha Lamp with Triple Rats

ZAG55 : Garuda and Hanuman Handheld Bell (Double-Sided Statue)

RT17 : Incense Burner with Nandi and Shiva Linga

RD41 : Incense Burner with Nandi, Shiva Linga and Peacock Legs

ZDD44 : Peacock Hanging Wick Lamp

ZCJ74 : Rangoli Stencil Strainer

ZBR60 : Dripping Nandi Vase for Milk to Abhishek Shiva Linga

ZCO55 : Fine Quality Peacock Urli with Diyas and Hanging Bells

ZBZ96 : Shiva Linga

ZEM322 : Tamil Vastu Pyramid

ZBP91 : Pipal Leaf Puja Thali with the Figure of Ganesha

ZAL96 : Tibetan Buddhist Dorje Chopper

ZEM308 : Charan Paduka

ZEM302 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZEM304 : Large Size Trident From South India

ZEM299 : Ritual Urli

ZBN39 : Ashta-Vinayaka Temple Hanging Large Bell

ZCK04 : Conch on Tortoise

EU03 : Deepalakshmi

ZBS10 : Dripping Nandi Vase for Milk to Abhishek Shiva Linga

EY78 : Hanuman Lamp for Shri Rama Puja

ZEE06 : Ritual Chowki Engraved With Lotus flowers

ZEM282 : Tribal Treasure Box Decorated With Various Figures

ZEM278 : Kundalini

ZDP52 : Goddess Saraswati with Multiple Diyas

ZEM274 : Large Diya With Goddess Mask From South India

ZBW33 : Trishul (Trident) Ritual Bell

ZEM266 : Medium Size Havana Kunda

ZBJ59 : Enthroned Goddess Lakshmi with Puja Diya

ZBT36 : Five Wick Peacock Oil Lamp

XJ85 : Bhairava Wall Hanging Mask

ZED85 : The Ten Armed Auspicious Deepalakshmi With Each Hand Holding A Lamp

ZEM164 : Om With Gayatri Mantra Wall Hanging

ZCN10 : Lord Krishna Roof Hanging Wick Lamp with Bells

ZBQ69 : Big Om (Wall Hanging)

ZEM218 : Om Singing Bowl - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM129 : Ornate Peacock-And-Kirtimukha Urli With Temple-Roof And Dangling Dias

ZF15 : Shiva Linga with Shiva's Snakes Crowning It

ZDC14 : Handheld Aarti

ZDR21 : Airy Throne, Fit For A King

ZAS22 : Five-Wick Peacock Lamp with Stand

ZCZ25 : Peacock Lamp

ZEM152 : Small Shri Yantra

ZCP14 : Trident (Trishul)

ZBZ04 : Trishul (Trident) with Stand

ZEI24 : Bronze Thali (Thara Kinni) for Eating Food (According to the Shastras, One Should Eat in a Bronze Thali)

ZEM209 : Eleven Wicks Aarti

ZDQ53 : Lakshmi Wall-hanging, Rising Over The Tide

ZEM210 : Small Size Urli

ZDZ35 : Mayur Puja Lamp

ZED17 : Deepalakshmi

ZEM206 : Urli Bowl

ZBR88 : Vastu Yantra Tortoise

ZEC17 : Deepalakshmi with Parrot on Her Shoulder

ZEM200 : Shiva Linga Carved in Stone

ZEM193 : Urli

ZW09 : Vedika Makeshift Altar

ZBR79 : Charan Paduka with Auspicious Figure

ZEM184 : Solar Plexus Chakra Singing Bowl - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDB61 : Wall Mounted Parrot Wick Lamp

XW53 : Lord Vishnu Handheld Bell

ZEM181 : Ritual Urli

ZEM098 : Tamil Wall Hanging OM (AUM)

ZEM183 : Third Eye Chakra Singing Bowl - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM182 : Throat Chakra Singing Bowl - Singing Bowl

ZEM177 : Root/Support Chakra Singing Bowl - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM175 : The Crown Chakra - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM174 : Tibetan Buddhist OM Singing Bowl

ZDS12 : Buddha Bust - Tibetan Buddhist Deity

ZEM162 : Shiva Linga Abhisheka Set

XO93 : Kundalini

ZX73 : Ganesha on a Swing (Altar Piece)

ZDN63 : Tibetan Buddhist Wall Hanging Tara Mask

EB60 : Bhairava Wall Hanging Mask

ZEC76 : Shri Yantra on Tortoise For Vastu

ZEJ40 : Small Urli

ZEM143 : Auspicious Mantras Prayer Wheel From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM130 : Large Temple With Bells

ZDU02 : Nandi for Abhisheka with Shiva Linga

ZDZ13 : Two Layer Wicks Ritual Lamp

ZR65 : 84 Divat Arti Lamp

XC08 : Peacock Lamp

RJ90 : Shiva Linga (Small Statue)

ZEM135 : Shri Yantra Carved in Green Aventurine

ZCO95 : Urli Bowl

ZEM124 : Inlay Ritul Urli

ZEM114 : Five Progned Dorje On Stand From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM116 : Ganesha Puja Thali

ZDC80 : Radha Krishna Puja Chowki

ZDJ99 : Handmade Puja Kalash with Kirtimukhas

ZBQ35 : Peacock Lamp

ZDK68 : Traditional South Indian Puja Lamp

ZEM100 : OM MANI PADME HUM Prayer Wheel From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM101 : Tibetan Buddhist Small Handlheld Prayer Wheel -Made in Nepal

ZEM092 : Feng Shui Figure

ZDJ97 : Small Puja Kalash

ZBV38 : Set of Four Rice Measuring Glasses

ZEM063 : Ganesha Puja Thali

ZEM067 : Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Gong

ZEM074 : Vastu Surya Wall Hanging

ZEM060 : Decorated Ritual Chowki

ZEM057 : Seventeen Vastu Pyramids Swastik Wall Hanging

ZDI55 : Urli

ZEM13 : Deepalakshmi with Parrot on Her Shoulders

ZBK89 : Peacock Puja Lamp with Bells

XV92 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Tara Wall Hanging Mask

ZEM04 : Trishakti Trident

ZDD32 : Twin Fishes Tibetan Buddhist Hanging Bell with Leaf

ZEM10 : Griffin Candle Stand

ZEM15 : Puja Lamp

ZEM14 : Urli

ZDP95 : Garuda Lamp, Of The Pointed Beak

ZEL98 : Peacock Lamp

ZEL82 : Ritual Bronze Urli

ZEL95 : Temple Elephant Pair with Bells and Upraised Trunks (Supremely Auspicious According to Vastu)

ZEL74 : Tibetan Buddhist Incense Stick-holder - Made In Nepal

ZDJ86 : Copper Ritual Pot

ZDZ18 : Peacock Wick Puja Lamp

ZEL66 : Dancing Ganesha Roof Hanging Lamp

ZEL67 : Shiva Linga Abhisheka Set

ZEL78 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel - Made in Nepal

ZEL81 : Urli

ZEL36 : Nepalese Tantric Yajna Puja Set

ZEL62 : Peacock Ritual Puja Chowki

ZEH12 : Twenty Two Wicks Peacock Puja Lamp With Bells

ZDW28 : Elephant Lifting Lotus Lamp

ZEL45 : Roof Hanging Seven Wick Lamp

ZEL43 : Tibetan Biuddhist Singing Bowl with Image of White Tara

ZEL44 : Traditional South Indian Lamp

ZEL25 : Large Ritual Urli Bowl

XG81 : Lord Ganesha Lamp

ZEL33 : Set of Five For Shodasa Upachara

ZEL32 : Set of Tantric Ritual Pooja Items (Shamanism)

ZEL28 : Shiva Linga Abhisheka Set

ZEL14 : Ganesha Urli with Peacocks

ZDK66 : Lord Ganesha Urli with Peacocks and Elephants

ZEJ88 : Heavy Black Stone Shiva Linga

ZEJ92 : Inlay Urli

ZEL09 : Ritual Vessel For Storing Rice

ZEJ93 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel (Made in Nepal)

ZEJ41 : Ritual Bronze Lota (Pot) from South India

ZDI28 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZEJ44 : Deity Throne With Prabha

ZEJ22 : Gajalakshmi Lamp

ZEI72 : Multi Wick Aarti Lamp

ZEI71 : Puja Lota (Pot)

ZCI18 : Tibetan Buddhist Superfine Hand Hammered Singing Bowl Inside The Figure of Buddha

ZCW55 : Large Size Puja Thali

ZAS02 : Five-Wick Parrot Hanging Lamp with Stand

ZEH78 : Lord Ganesha Roof Hanging Lamp

ZDE80 : Mahakala Phurpa in Iron (Made in Nepal)

ZBV10 : Four Small Ritual Bowls

ZEI93 : Pipal Leaf Buddha Candle Holder - Tibetan Buddhist

ZBQ14 : Set of Four Ritual Bowls

ZEI74 : Superfine OM Singing Bowl From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEI67 : Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Vishwa-Vajra Singing Bowl From Nepal

ZEB08 : Hindu Goddess Durga Brass Statue

ZCW52 : Homa Spoon Set for Vedic Sacrifices (Yajna)

ZDH69 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel (Made in Nepal)

ZBS89 : Puja Thali for Worship of Shiva Linga

ZEI05 : Shubh Labh Yantra For Prosperity

ZEI33 : Shiva Linga with Shiva Family and Shiva Heads on Linga

ZEI23 : Havana Kunda

ZEI02 : Hindu Swastika Wall Hanging

ZM79 : Varaha - Avatara of Vishnu

ZDF54 : Mahakala Iron Tantric Phurpa from Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZBS51 : Lord Ganesha Ritual Box with Lids

ZEG69 : Kamandalu with Lid and fit in Tumbler

ZEH91 : Engraved Ritual Chowki with Ghungroos and Elephant Head Legs

ZEH98 : Griffin Candle Stand

ZEH80 : Dancing Ganesha Roof Hanging Lamp

ZEH85 : Om Mani Padme Hum Singing Bowl

ZEH10 : Tibetan Buddhist Ashtamangala Singing bowl

ZEI01 : Tulsi Planter

ZEH72 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZEH75 : Superbly Decorated Superfine Urli with Elephant Heads

ZBP79 : Auspicious Diya

ZEH31 : Ashtalakshmi Puja Kalasha

ZDC20 : Wall Hanging Parrot Lamp

ZEH64 : Om (Wall Hanging)

ZBF60 : A Wick Puja Lamp with Stand

ZAD72 : Deity Throne

ZCE41 : Vedic Yajna Set

ZEH43 : Fully Carved Elephant with Upraised Trunk (for Vastu)

ZBW70 : Five-Wick Yali Lamps

ZEH39 : Mayur Puja Lamp

ZDG44 : (Tibetan Buddhist) Dragon Wall Hanging from Nepal with Tibetan Zodiac Signs

ZAQ11 : Homa Spoon for Vedic Sacrifices (Yajna)

ZDM33 : Lord Krishna Devotional Lamp

ZEH41 : Puja Kalash

ZEH37 : Tibetan Buddhist Superfine Singing Bowl - Made in Nepal

ZEH33 : Shri Yantra (Parad)

ZAP87 : Black Mukha Lingam

ZEH25 : The Worship of Shiva Linga

ZAG56 : Lord Hanuman Ceiling Bell

ZCW77 : Tibetan Buddhist Superfine Mandala Singing Bowl (Made in Nepal)

ZCG73 : Tibetan Buddhist Superfine Singing Hand Hammered Bowl with the Image of the Green Tara Inside

ZDG12 : Bronze Thali

ZCE63 : Tibetan Buddhist Nine Pronge Dorje (Made in Nepal)

ZEH19 : Vastu Puja Diya on Tortoise

ZBP76 : Diya Placed in Welcoming Hand

ZCU97 : Fifty Four Wicks Hand-Held Aarti

ZBW46 : Ganga Deep with Stand

ZCY49 : Large Size Hand-Held Bell

XU38 : Pipal Leaf Shaped Tri-Puja Diya

ZCF07 : Shri Sainath Siddha Bisa Yantra

ZDE84 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Kettle Embossed With Four Harmonious Brothers (Made In Nepal)

ZBJ34 : Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Chopper

ZAE70 : Vajra-Chopper Phurpa

ZDQ08 : Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZEH16 : Puja Thali

ZDA32 : Saubhagya Navagraha Mandal

ZBH19 : Six Wicks Shiva Puja Lamp with Bells (Wall Hanging)

RR45 : Candle Stand

ZEH03 : Sheath for Shiva Linga

ZDX57 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Kurukulla Gau Box (Portable Shrine) - Made in Nepal

ZEG94 : Urli Bowl

ZEM115 : Bell With Leaf - Tibetan Buddhist

ZCA22 : Puja Diya

ZEG80 : Five Wicks Puja Lamp

ZEG84 : Gajalakshmi Lamp

ZEG62 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZBZ92 : Seven Wick Yali Lamp with Stand

ZDB54 : Goddess Lakshmi Puja Basket

ZEG19 : Superfine Superlarge South Indian Tortoise Lamp

ZDG72 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Umbrella (Ashtamangala)

XY71 : Incense Sticks Stand on Tortoise

RK50 : Deepalakshmi with Decorated Prabhawali

XG40 : Peacock Lamp (Price Per Pair)

ZEE76 : Big Vessel For Distributing Charnamrit

ZEE78 : Gada (Mace)

ZEE65 : Special Brass Puja Kalash With Kalai Inside

ZEE39 : Deepalakshmis Stand In Welcome, Infectious Calm On Their Faces

ZED65 : Tirupati Balaji Urli With Ten Incarnations Of Lord Vishnu

ZBV32 : Flower Wick Lamp

ZDC13 : Mayur Hanging Wick Lamp

ZDX68 : Ritual Bowl From Nepal Engraved With Auspicious Mantras - Tibetan Buddhist

ZBM30 : Tibetan Buddhist Phurpa

ZCO29 : Traditional Yali Temple Pillars

ZEE19 : Deepalakshmi with Parrot on Her Shoulder

ZBV31 : Large Aarti Handheld Diya

ZBV07 : Large Handheld Aarti

ZEE12 : Seven Wicks Peacock Lamp with Bells

ZBU06 : Shankha Puja Set

ZED98 : Superbly Decorated Superfine Urli Bowl with Elephant Heads

ZBV94 : Vastu Puja Diya on Tortoise

ZCS48 : Vedic Yajna Spoon

ZED95 : Engraved Ritual Chowki with Ghungroos and Elephant Head Legs

ZED94 : Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl With Images of Ashtamangala and Vishwa Vajra

ZBV12 : Banana Leaf Puja Thali

ZED67 : Large Size Temple

ZED79 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZAJ21 : Pancha Aarati Deepam

ZBJ29 : Tibetan Buddhist Double Dorje on Stand (Vishva-Vajra)

XA27 : Tibetan Buddhist Nine-pronged Dorje

ZDZ05 : Ten Wicks Ritual Lamp

ZED64 : Fine Quality Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala Phurpa On Skull Stand - Made in Nepal

ZAY34 : Handheld Prayer Wheel from Nepal (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZBI04 : Bronze Puja Bell

ZCX70 : Elephant with Upraised Trunk (for Vastu)

ZDO77 : Nine Wick Yali Lamp On A Stand

ZBJ35 : Tibetan Buddhist Phurpa

ZBB27 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Lotus (Ashtamangala)

ZCL61 : Vastu Surya Wall Hanging

ZBE56 : Lord Shiva Enshrined as Linga

ZBF57 : Puja Diya

ZBJ31 : Tibetan Buddhist Chopper

ZDG41 : Tibetan Buddhist Phurpa with Dorje Handle - Made in Nepal

ZBJ30 : Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Ankush (Goad)

ZBG88 : Tortoise on Plate

ZDJ62 : Special Puja Kalash

ZBQ31 : Conch Shaped Big Puja Diya

ZCE57 : Gopur Kalash

ZCF75 : Tibetan Buddhist Triple Prayer Wheels from Nepal

ZCE88 : Set of Seven Tibetan Buddhist Deities

ZBI90 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Bowl with Lid

ZCF54 : Kamandalu with Lid

XD17 : Lord Ganesha Box

ZED14 : Roof Hanging Peacock Lamp

EE96 : Shri Yantra Carved in Crystal

ZDM38 : Large Size Fluting Krishna Lamp

ZDM36 : Set of Implements for Performing Agnihotra

ZBQ07 : Bronze Thali for Eating Food (According to the Shastras, One Should Eat in a Bronze Thali)

ZBM21 : Chowki with ghungroos

ZDC05 : Gajalakshmi Puja Diya

ZBE38 : Peacock Hanging Bells

ZBQ06 : Peacock Lamp

ZBF46 : Pedestal (Chowki)

ZBQ18 : Pipal Leaf Diya with Stand

ZBS96 : Puja Diya

ZBQ23 : Small Ritual Diya

ZBN59 : Tibetan Buddhist Folding Temple of Buddha

ZDM15 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Kettle with Heavy Filigree Work (Made in Nepal)

ZBQ33 : Tri-Mukha Ganesha Diya

ZCU19 : Urli Bowl

ZCW78 : Urli Bowl

ZDB65 : Urli with Lakshmi, Ganesha and Saraswati

ZBE51 : Big Sacred Water Pot

ZBN22 : Shiva Parvati Linga

ZBF25 : Shiva Parvati on Nandi Puja Diya

ZQ15 : Feng Shui Frog Incense Burner

ZBE33 : Finely Carved Ritual Box

ZBH99 : Five Wicks Hand Held Puja Lamp

ZBR87 : Ganesha's Rat Diya

ZDA56 : Large Size Hindu Temple

ZCV75 : Large Vastu Tortoise with Yantra Underneath

ZM70 : Lord Ganesha Wall Hanging Mask with Bell

ZBP47 : Nandimukha for Abhisheka of Shiva Linga

ZCU05 : One Sixty Wicks Lamp on Stand from South India

ZBR40 : Peacock Lamp with Lotus Petals

ZBQ01 : Ritual Bowl with Shaivite Figures

ZDB78 : Vaishnava Chakra Wick Lamp

ZDA57 : Wooden Temple with Doors

ZCW02 : Lakshmi Ganesha Puja Lamp

ZBL02 : Multiple Layers Peacock Lamp

ZCY56 : Ritual Lamp

ZCW79 : Large Size Mayur Lamp

ZCS83 : Large Size Havana Kunda

ZDU24 : Tibetan Buddhist Seven Pronged Dorje

ZCW64 : Gada (Mace)

ZBZ77 : Ritual Kettle

ZCO42 : Large Size Temple

ZAL98 : Incense Burner for Ten Sticks on the Serpent's Hoods

RR05 : Conch with Goddess Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Ganesha (Wall Hanging)

EY04 : Auspicious Ganesha Lamp

ZDZ12 : Auspicious Ritual Lamp

ZDZ04 : Five Wicks Peacock Lamp

ZDZ17 : Puja Lamp with Peacock Atop

ZDZ06 : Three Layer Wicks Auspicious Puja Lamp

ZCE45 : Set of Four Buddhist Monastery Boxes

XR23 : Lamp with Elephant Head

ZCI11 : Tibetan Buddhist Nine Pronged Dorje

ZDZ37 : Auspicious Puja Lamp

ZDZ36 : Puja Lamp with a Large Peacock Atop

ZDU22 : Twin Nandi Bells

ZCU94 : Large Size Nandi Hand-Held Bell

ZCE21 : Pair of Tibetan Buddhist Butter Lamps - Made in Nepal

ZG56 : Peacock Incense Burner

ZAI71 : Lord Krishna Handheld Bell

XY91 : Shri Krishna Puja Bell

ZDZ08 : Auspicious Puja Lamp

ZDZ16 : Goddess Lakshmi Twenty Three Wicks Puja Lamp

ZDZ19 : Lord Ganesha Twenty Three Wicks Puja Lamp

ZDZ09 : Mayur Puja Lamp

XO22 : Naga Throne

ZBS11 : Shiva Linga Protected by Serpent, Marked with Om (Aum) and Decorated with Garland

ZDZ10 : Peacock Puja Lamp

XA50 : Conch with Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Ji

ZBY46 : Egyptian Vase

ZZ01 : Ganesha Comb with Embracing Radha Krishna in Reverse

ZBT79 : Pipal Leaf Ganesha with Trishul on Forehead (Wall Hanging)

RZ84 : Amorous Couple Nutcracker

ZAG46 : Murali Krishna Handheld Bell

ZBP96 : Gajalakshmi Lamp

ZDX97 : Set of Seven Tibetan Buddhist Butter Lamps with Auspicious Symbols - Made in Nepal

ZCO15 : Urli Bowl

ZCP23 : Urli Bowl

ZCD28 : Set of Four Bowls

ZDU26 : Ganesha Lamp With Mouse (Diya)

ZDX79 : Tibetan Buddhist Gau Box from Nepal (Portable Shrine)

ZBU40 : Puja Flower Wick Lamp

ET66 : Large Size Dwara-Devi (The Celestial Doorkeeper Flanking Temple Doors)

ZDT97 : Tibetan Buddhist Double Dorje (Vishva-Vajra)

ZDX58 : Kubera Gau Box - The Tibetan Buddhist Deity (Made in Nepal)

ZDX67 : Om Mani Padme Hum Engraved Ritual Bowl From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDX70 : Small Prayer Wheel on Vishwa-Vajra Stand From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDX60 : Tibetan Buddhist - Monestary Trumpet (Made in Nepal)

ZDX59 : Tibetan Buddhist Ten Syllables of Kalachakra Mandala Gau Box (Made in Nepal Portable Shrine)

ZDX55 : Shri Yantra on Tortoise (Auspicious According To Vastu)

ZBV36 : Garuda Lamp

ZDK19 : Pot for Distributing Charnamrit

ZAD78 : Incense Burner Shiva Linga and Nandi

ES04 : Agni - The Sacred Fire

ZDU21 : Deity Throne

ZDX18 : Urli Bowl For Ritual Purposes

ZCU74 : Khadau (Paduka)

ZCD35 : Tibetan Buddhist Enshrined Prayer Wheel from Nepal

ZDX09 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDT92 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDT74 : Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl Carved with Auspicious Symbols with Cushion Seat and Stick

ZCF60 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Throne

ZBU66 : Large Size Deeplakshmi

ZDT55 : Super Large and Accurate Shri Yantra (Maha Meru)

ZDJ69 : Bronze Puja Kalash

ZDT25 : Decorated Puja Chowki

ZDT30 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi Lamp

ZAQ22 : Five-Wick Large Peacock Lamp with Stand

ZDT18 : Exquisitely Adorned Deepalakshmi

ZDS01 : Vishvarupa Vishnu Conch, A Wall-hanging

ZDQ74 : The Welcoming Deepalakshmi

ZDQ64 : Lord Ganesha Box

ZDQ71 : Varaha - Avatara of Vishnu Wall Hanging Mask

ZDQ29 : The Welcoming Deeplakshmi

ZDO50 : Five Wicks Roof Hanging Peacock Lamp

ZDM28 : Large Size Mayura Lamp

ZDM73 : Highly Decorated Large Size Hindu Temple

ZDP63 : Goddess Kali Countenance Wall-hanging

ZDO02 : Large Size Mayur Lamp

ZCV67 : Large Size Parrot Lamp with Bell

ZDM78 : Peacock Lamp

ZDJ63 : Bronze Heavy Puja Kalash

ZDJ64 : Deity Throne

ZDJ60 : Heavy Bronze Puja Kalash

ZDK40 : Urli with Elephants

ZDM59 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDZ14 : Ten-Wicks Mayur Lamp with Stand

ZBQ15 : Ritual Diya with Tortoise Backside

ZCM11 : Temple Shikhara of Shakti

ZDF92 : Large Ritual Kalash

ZDJ96 : Large Size Trishul with Devi Face and Tamil OM (AUM)

ZCL28 : Surya Bhagawan Conch -Wall Hanging

ZDK30 : Super Large Three Lamps

ZDK22 : Sword of Goddess

ZDK14 : Shri Yantra on Gajalakshmi Chowki with Umbrella

ZDK51 : Auspicious South Indian Puja Kalash

ZDJ84 : Multi Wick Aarti Lamp

ZDK56 : Shiva Linga Abhisheka Set

ZDJ59 : Superfine Peacock Hanging Wick Lamp

ZDK86 : Torch For Temples

ZDJ57 : Vastu Yantra Tortoise

ZDJ49 : Linga Stand

ZDJ72 : Lord Ganesha Urli

ZDJ52 : Big Hand Held Aarti

ZDK20 : Brass Glass

ZDJ50 : Bowl for Distributing Prasadam

ZDK03 : Pancha Patra For Distributing Charnamrit

ZDK45 : Five Wicks Roof Hanging Peacock Lamp

ZDI77 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDK43 : Seven Wicks Roof Hanging Lamp

ZCW09 : Wooden Ritual Chokwi

ZDK41 : Small Size Ritual Chowki

ZBP68 : Puja Thali

ZDK91 : Ganesha Under a Tree Wick Lamp

ZDK04 : Havana Kunda

ZDJ54 : Peetham For Deity

ZDJ45 : Brass Glass

ZDJ68 : Puja Thali with attached Diya and Bowls

ZCV55 : Temple for Your Favourite Deity

ZBU17 : Om Table Stand

ZBV14 : Eleven Lamps with Yali Stand

ZBX25 : Changal Vettam Lamp from Kerala

ZCY90 : Decorative Hanger with Auspicious Kalash

ZDI63 : Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala Phurpa (Wearing a Skull Head Crown) Made in Nepal

ZDH64 : Prayer Wheel From Nepal with Auspicious Symbols and Syllable Mantras - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDH68 : Ganesha Urli with Peacocks

ZDH93 : Peacock (Mayur) Lamp

ZDI14 : Large Size Urli

ZDH12 : Conch and Chakra for Abhisheka

RR09 : A Fish Form Conceived as a Conch

ZDC75 : Wick Puja Lamp

ZAY13 : (Made in Nepal) Prayer Wheel with Auspicious Mantras - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDG79 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Auspicious Mantras and Ashtamangala - Made in Nepal

ZZ25 : Incense Burner with Snow Lions

ZBE45 : Lord Hanuman Carrying Lotus Flower and Krishna on the Top (Wall Hanging)

ZDG03 : Ganesha Phurpa - Made in Nepal

RU62 : Tibetan Buddhist Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel (Made in Nepal)

ZDF64 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Pedestal with Double Dorje

ZDF56 : Tibetan Buddhist Skull Heads Iron Tantric Chopper

ZDF41 : Mahakala Phurpa on Stand - Made in Nepal (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZDF45 : Prayer Wheel on Stand

ZDF52 : Tantric Iron Dorje from Npal (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZDF46 : Tibetan Buddhist Gau Box from Nepal

ZDF40 : Tibetan Buddhist Puja Set

ZDF99 : Made in Nepal Prayer Wheel - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDF78 : Made in Nepal Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel

ZDG32 : Made in Neapl Yamantaka Candle Stand (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZDF12 : Wick Lamp on Stand with Vaishnava Symbols

ZDD84 : Iron Tantric Dorje from Nepal

ZDG33 : Made in Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Om Mani Padme Hum

ZDE88 : Enshrined Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel (Made in Nepal)

ZAY42 : Made in Nepal Five Monastery Prayer Wheels in One Stand (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZAR41 : Super Large Size Homa Spoon Set for Vedic Sacrifices

RV71 : Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Prayer Wheel From Nepal

ZDF62 : Prayer Wheel from Nepal with Triple Layer of Auspicious Mantras (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZCV58 : Temple

ZDG78 : Made in Nepal Prayer Wheel (Tibetan Buddhist)

ZDD74 : Rangoli Diya

ZDD67 : Toran for the Doorstep of Temple (with the image of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Venkateshvara)

ZDH45 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel with Auspicious Mantras (Made in Nepal)

ZDA93 : Ganesha Treasure Chest

ZDB38 : Dancing Ganesha Chest

ZDA72 : Large Size Butter Lamp from South India (Vlakku)

ZDD36 : Rose Wick Lamp with Stand

ZCY93 : Superfine Dragon Prayer Wheel

ZCY45 : Decorated Wooden Temple

ZCQ77 : Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl with Auspicious Symbols

XI56 : Large OM (AUM) Wall Hanging

ZCW85 : Peacock Hanging Lamp

ZCA87 : Ritual Kettle

ZCV96 : Ritual Lamp (Larg Size)

ZCV74 : Shiva Linga in Hard Granite

ZCO50 : Large Size Ritual Kettle with Dragon Handle (Tibetan Buddhist)

VZD182 : Lord Shiva Wall Hanging Mask

ZCV78 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZCE61 : Temple Trumpet

ZCS99 : Deepalakshmi on an Elephant with Wheels

ZCV10 : Hayagriva Phurpa (Made in Nepal)

ZAD20 : Annam Lamp

ZCV53 : Large Size Superbly Decorated Temple

ZCS85 : Peetham for Covering Base

ZCU03 : The Four Harmonious Friends Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Kettle (Made in Nepal)

ZCV26 : Lakshmi,Ganesha and Shiva Temple Hanging Bell

ZCV52 : Temple with Shikhra

ZDA58 : Decorated Temple

ZBX06 : Puja Thali

ZBJ89 : Tibetan Buddhist Small Prayer Wheel - Made in Nepal

XL96 : Nandi for Abhisheka

ZCR47 : Serpant Aarti Lamp

EL12 : Tibetan Buddhist Large Size Enshrined Prayer Wheel

EL11 : Large Size Temple

ZCP99 : Decorated Ritual Chowkis (Set of Three)

ER73 : Tibetan Buddhist Ashtamangala Prayer Wheel on Vishva-Vajra Stand (Made in Nepal)

ZCV57 : Temple with Doors

XF17 : Shiva Linga

ZCO61 : Auspicious Lotus Feet

ZCO68 : Marble Puja Plate with Two Attached Bowls

ZCO43 : Designer Puja Chowki

ZCO99 : Elephant Candle Stand

ZCU07 : Ritual Bowl with Lamp

ZCL45 : Urli Bowl

ZCK56 : Mukuta (Crown) for Krishna

ZCP95 : Temple with Shikhra

ZCK35 : Amman Face with Kasu Mala

ZCL51 : Ganesha-Lakshmi Wick Lamps (Set of Two Statues)

ZBS98 : Lotus Incense Stick Burner

ZAH97 : Deeplakshmi Pair

ZBN78 : Lord Hanuman Temple Hanging Bell

ZCD33 : Ten Armed Ganesha with Shakti and Five Diyas

ZAP89 : White Mukha Lingam

ZCJ57 : Ritual Puja Chowki Supported by Lion Heads

ZAK76 : Vase with Pedestal

ZCK38 : For Putting Moon Shape Tilak

ZCK36 : Amman Face

ZCP93 : Large Size Decorated Temple with Doors

ZCK19 : Padmanabha Pratima for Worship

ZCK16 : Uma Maheshwara Pratima for Worship

ZDA54 : Large Size Temple with Doors

ZCE92 : Tibetan Buddhist Monestary Ritual Box

ZBD13 : Tibetan Buddhist Portable Altar

ZCE44 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Box For Monastery

ZBD11 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Box with Auspicious Ashtamangala Symbols

ZCE25 : A Pair of Vases

ZBZ76 : Superfine Large Size Ganesha Wall Hanging Plate with Ashtamangala Symbols

ZCD32 : Tibetan Buddhist Super Large Prayer Wheel with Auspicious Symbols and Syllable Mantra

ZBZ97 : Begging Bowl

ZBZ81 : Large Size Ritual Bowl with Ashtamangala Symbols and Vishva Vajra Figure

ZCA63 : Big Incense Sticks Holder

ZBZ67 : Pair of Elegant Floral Butter Lamp

ZBZ75 : Tibetan Buddhist Double Dorje on Stand (Vishva-Vajra)

ZAU99 : Pair of Lions

EJ75 : Lord Shiva (Wall Hanging)

ZBW42 : Om (AUM) (Wall Hanging)

ZBV98 : Ritual Chowki Supported by Parrots

ZCA45 : Small Puja Chowki

ZBV91 : Aarti Handheld Diya with Ornamental Base

ZBV78 : OM Container

ZBV80 : Shiva Linga with Five-Hooded Snake Crowning It

ZBE52 : Havan Kund

ZBT66 : Lord Ayyappan Lamp with Bells and Lion Head Legs

ZAE50 : Superfine Filigree Kettle with Lid and Gemstones (Museum Quality)

ZBS69 : Larg Size Wick Lamp from South India

ZBU41 : Peacock Lamp with Ghungroos and Bells

ZBS70 : Yashoda Ji Swinging Baby Krishna

ZBT17 : Peacock Oil Lamp

ZAC51 : Vaishnava Lamp

ZBH20 : Devi Lakshmi Puja Diya with Plate

ZAQ04 : Lord Ganesha Lamp with Peacock Pair

ZBQ56 : Large Ganesha Urli

ZAD94 : Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Kettle

ZBQ22 : Puja Diya

ZCI58 : Rangoli Stencil Strainer

ZAI95 : Mukha Lingam

ZBG57 : Lotus Wick Puja Lamp

ZAW04 : Large Size Pair of Lions

ZAC36 : Large Size Deeplakshmi with Parrot on Shoulders

ZAZ98 : Tibetan Buddhist Mount Meru Box

ZAY70 : Tibetan Ritual Buddhist Vase

ZAY46 : Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel

ZAY12 : Mayura Lamp

ZAY11 : Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Kettle with Dorje

ZAV77 : Vaishnava Symbols - Shankha and Chakra

ZAW53 : Tibetan Buddhist Vishva-Vajra (Double Dorje) Seal

ZAK40 : Alligator Candle Stand

ZAJ41 : Shri Hanuman Mandir

ZAJ78 : Superfine Peacock Lamp with Bells and Lion Legs

ZAK50 : Tibetan Buddhist Chopper

ZAC71 : Ashtadhatu Shri Yantra (Top View)

ZAR39 : Peacock Wick Puja Lamp

XT08 : Brown Wooden Box from Trivandrum

XA02 : Wall Hanging Plate with Garuda

RX21 : Palanquin for Your Beloved Deity

ZAS24 : Five-Wick Peacock Lamp with Stand

ET76 : Tibetan Buddhist Pair of Temple Lions

ET69 : Filigree Gau Portable Shrine