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DVDs and CDs Not in Any Other Categories

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ICR384 : Enchanting Illusions (Traditional Magic of India Vol.1) (DVD)

ICR048 : History of The Golden Temple – Amritsar (DVD)

ICR084 : Kalidasa’s Abhijnanashakuntalam The Recognition of Shakuntala (Audio CD with Book) Audiobook

ICK078 : Santoor Viraasat (Volume 1) (Audio CD)

ICK079 : Santoor Viraasat (Volume 2) (Audio CD)

ICH038 : Krishna Raskhan (Melodious Expression Of Raskhan’s Poetry) (Audio CD)

ICD062 : Percussion of India (Audio CD)

ICI046 : Viraha… The Symphony Of Separation (Flute Recital Kundamaloor Janardanan) (Audio CD)

ICY048 : Sanskrit Vinodah Fun with Sanskrit - An Interactive Multimedia Sanskrit Learning Package (CD Rom)

ICE046 : World Music Friends Across Boundaries (Audio CD)

ICT049 : The Konyak of Nagaland (The Story of An Ancient Indian Tribe) (DVD)

ICE066 : Vishnu Sahastranaam (A Thousand Names, A Thousand Blessings) (Audio CD)

ICH018 : Music Therapy for Diabetes (Audio CD)

ICK096 : Treasures A Collection of Cherished Songs Ghulam Ali (Collector's Set of 5 Audio CDs)

ICM024 : Their Finest Ever Greatest Hits Bhupinder & Mitalee (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICR575 : Learn the Art of Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (DVD)

ICN099 : The Great Big Punjabi Wedding (The Biggest Ever Collection of Punjabi
Wedding Songs Exclusive Karaoke DVD for Wedding Sangeet & Lyrics Book Inside)
(Set of Seven Audio CDs with 1 DVD Pack)

ICH072 : The Royal Collection of Mewar Heritage Recordings from the Private Archives of the Royal Family of Mewar Bageshree Dhrupad (Audio CD)

ICH073 : The Royal Collection of Mewar Heritage Recordings from the Private Archives of the Royal Family of Mewar Puriya, Pilu Thumri Dhrupad (Audio CD)

ICA099 : A Complete Marriage Album Traditional Jago, Suhag & Ghori Ladies Sangeet Bhangra at Mehndi ki Raat
(Two CDs in Punjabi)

ICQ092 : Marriage Songs (Audio CD)

ICR583 : Perfect Harmony Through Ayurveda (For Skin, Body and Mind) (DVD)

ICD089 : Mohabbat Classic Tunes From Hindi Cinema (Mood Instrumentals) (Audio CD)

ICR085 : The Story of My Experiments with Truth Autobiography - M K Gandhi (Audio CD with Book) An Audiobook

IDB062 : Best In Lounge Mantra Lounge -Featuring Soul Ful Mantras In the Subline Voice of Deva Premal (Audio CD)

ICE090 : Tunes of the Dunes Haunting Folk Melodies Instrumental
Kamaycha Sakar Khan
Pyaledar Sarangi Lakha Khan
Musicians from the Deserts of Rajasthan Volume 1 (Audio CD)

ICH015 : Tansen 14 Original Compositions of the Legend (Audio CD Volume 1 & 2)

ICK052 : ‘Chinmaya’ The Music of The Eternal Self (Audio CD)

IZZ012 : Punjabi in The Club (Audio CD)

IDB067 : The Deva Premal Experience Spiritual New Age Music in the Magical Voice of Deva Premal (Audio CD)

IDB066 : Wedding Songs of Punjab (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

ICY018 : Sanskrit For Children Sanskrit Made Easy for Beginners (CD Rom)

ICG045 : Folk Songs of Punjab (Audio CD)

IDB009 : The Paintings of India (With Book) (Set of 6 DVDs)

IDB018 : Being Stars Special Catch Bollywood Stars in Conversation With Anuradha Sengupta (Set of 3 DVDs)

IDB022 : Events That Left an Everlasting Impact On India 10 Defining Moments (DVD)

IDB037 : Golden Generation of Indian Cricket (Set of 2 DVDs)

IDB019 : Makers of India (DVD)

ICR496 : Celtic Ragas (Audio CD)

ICH012 : Folk Melodies of India Amazing India (Audio CD)

ICQ006 : Indian Paintings (CD ROM)

ICH019 : Music Therapy for Depression (Audio CD)

ICH007 : Music Therapy for Insomnia (Audio CD)

ICF097 : Sri Pratyangira Sahasranamam (Rare)
Secret Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)

ICX097 : Plants in Caraka Samhita (CD Rom)

ICJ043 : Stressless Music Deeper Zone (Fusion of Vocals and Electronic Synthesizer) (Audio CD)

ICE028 : Hazrat Amir Khusrau (The creator and his creations) (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICH052 : Rajasthan Folk (The Wandering Musicians of Indian Desert Langas & Manganiars) (Set Of Four Audio CD’s)

ICE078 : Amrita Pritam Recited by Gulzar (Audio CD) Includes a Collector's Booklet with Poems in English, Hindi and Gurumukhi

ICF048 : Folk Songs of Rajasthan (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICR587 : Learn The Art of Ayurvedic Head Massage (DVD)

ICR584 : Learn The Art of Ayurvedic Massage (Facials And Face Packs) (DVD)

ICY010 : Plants of Ayurveda Materia Medica Dravyaguna For Student of Ayurveda (CD Rom)

ICX044 : Kamasutra Music (Audio CD)

ICC091 : Dhol Dhamaka (Audio CD) Instrumental

ICN018 : Talking Drums (Audio CD)

ICT044 : Great Leaders On The Path of Non-Violence (2 DVD Value Pack)

ICT047 : The Path of Non-Violence With Mahathma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela (DVD)

ICR480 : Hamsafar (Audio CD)

ICR489 : Lotus Path (Audio CD)

ICF049 : Wedding Songs of Rajasthan (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICR366 : Colours of Earth Traditional Music of India that has Never been Heard or Seen Before (DVD)

ICF007 : Music Therapy Life (Music For Heart Save Your Heart Through True Music) (Audio CD)

ICR252 : Eye of The Wolf (Audio CD)

ICR260 : Land of The Inca (Audio CD)

ICR225 : Lifespring Happiness (Audio CD)

ICR198 : Amitabh Bachchan Recites Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan (Audio CD)

ICJ011 : Best of Buddha Lounge (Audio CD)

ICG080 : Buddha Lounge - III (Summer Chill) (Audio CD)

ICO082 : Secret of the Wind - Prem Joshua Music from the World of Osho (Audio CD)

ICO070 : Vivah - The Ultimate Celebration! Shubha Mudgal Popular Wedding Songs of Uttar Pradesh (Audio CD)

ICO025 : Shameem Azad Nagma E Firdous (Audio CD)

ICN066 : Chairman’s Choice Great Memories (Audio CD)

ICN084 : Vande Mataram Awaaz Do (Audio CD)

ICH036 : Sangeet Sartaj Kishori Amonkar (Audio CD Volume 1 & 2)

ICH016 : Symphonies of Taj Amazing India (Audio CD)

ICN006 : Talat Mahmood (Audio CD)

ICF022 : Jana Gana Mana (Audio CD) Exclusive Renderings of the National Anthem by the Musical Maestros of India

ICL069 : Mudra Prem Joshua (Audio CD)

ICM012 : Daagh Dehlabi Ki Shayari (Audio CD)

ICB044 : Adi Shankaracharyas Bilvarchana Sthothram (Sanskrit)
(Audio CD)

ICL010 : Sleep Sound (Audio CD)

ICL003 : Stillness (Audio CD)

ICG097 : Himalayan Blues… The Funky Homosapiens with Vajra (Audio CD)

ICG086 : The Musical Tradition of Rajasthan (The Langas) (Audio CD)

ICJ020 : Ethernal Music (Audio CD)

ICJ013 : Odyssey of Love…A Tranquil Flame of Soothing, Instrumental Tracks… (Audio CD)

ICJ012 : Transcend the Musical Tarannum (Audio CD)

ICI054 : Ashtapadi (Audio CD)

ICI094 : Music To Enhance Intellect & Creativity (Audio CD)

ICI015 : Rehras Sahib (Audio CD)

ICI028 : Resonance Of The Himalayas (Amazing India) (Audio CD)

ICI055 : Swatipadam… Rare Composition Of Swati Tirunal In Their Original Tune (Audio CD)

ICI008 : Tribal 2 House (Contemporary Native African Tribal) (Audio Cd)

ICI089 : Zodiac Signs…Thula Rasi - Libra (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)

ICH074 : Ali Akbar Khan Then and Now The Music of the Great Master Continues (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICH041 : Ishq Hi Maula (The Ecstatic Expression Of Love) (Audio CD)

ICH062 : Music Therapy For Anxiety (Audio CD)

ICH010 : Music Therapy for Arthritis & Rheumatism (Audio CD)

ICH022 : Pulsating Drums (Audio CD)

ICH024 : Tribal House Contemporary Native African Tribal (Audio CD)

ICH009 : Tribal Nation (Audio CD)

ICG089 : Buddha Lounge (Audio CD)

ICG096 : Resonance... Zikr & Drums of Turkey (Yarkin...Turkish Percussion & Rhythm Group) (Audio CD)

ICG015 : Swar Shodh (A Showcase of the Unique and Rare Repertoire of
India’s Greatest Scholar – Musicians)
(Vimla Devi Foundation Nyas)
(Gangubai Hangal Live in Ayodhya 2002) (Audio CD)

ICF035 : Lata Mangeshkar Sings Om Sai Ram (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICE096 : Brian Silas Recollections Haunting Indian Melodies On Piano (Audio CD)

ICE085 : Immortal Series An All India Radio Release Waves of Ecstasy V.G. Jog (Violin Vol. 3) (Audio CD)

ICF024 : Monsoon Melodies (Audio CD)

ICE067 : Pure Joy (Positive Energy Music) (Volume I Audio CD)

ICE053 : Sing Along with Jagjit Singh Non Stop Karaoke (Audio CD)

ICE048 : Vibrations Volume 1 Instrumental Music Mouth Organ (Harmonica) (Audio CD)

ICD092 : Ni Mai Kamli Yaar Di Pride of Performance Bushra Sadiq
(Best Selling Album) (Audio CD)

ICD068 : Sangeet Sartaj Rajan and Sajan Mishra (Set of Two Audio CDs)

ICC006 : Sound of Desert (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)

ICB043 : Shri Aaditya Hrudayam Sanskrit Devotional Songs
(Audio CD)

ICB042 : Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham (Sanskrit)
(Audio CD)

ICA045 : The Paninian Grammar through its Examples (Volume I) (CD) The Book of Examples 40,000 Entries for a Text

ICA044 : Vacaspatyam (An Encyclopedic Lexicon of Sanskrit) (CD)