Traditional Oils for All-Round Health - Listing of all sold items

Traditional Oils for All-Round Health

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AML93 : Maharajaprasarani Tailam

AMA51 : Khadi Trifalla Oil

AMS48 : Navratna Oil

ANB02 : Patchouli - Natural Essential Oil

AME88 : Mahanarayan Tail - Effective Remedy for Joint Pain & Backache (Oil)

ANB67 : Karpuraditailam

AMK24 : Arth Oil - Effective in Joint Pains (Safe, Natural & Effective)

AMQ08 : Bakuchi Tail (Oil) Eczema Fungal & Skin Infection

AMN04 : Bilva Tail (Oil) - Excellent Remedy for Ear-Ache

AMG08 : Ksheerabala Thailam (Ref Ashtamgahrudayam)

AMP93 : Bala Tail (Oil)

AMK70 : Apricot Body & Hair Oil (Natural Body Care)

AMK88 : Gandharvahastadierandatailam

AMK84 : Panchavalkadi Tailam

AMK89 : Vatamardanam Kuzhampu

AME71 : Mahabhringaraj Oil (Pure Maka's Ayurvedic Medicine)

AMQ02 : Mahanarayan Tel (Oil) The Renowned Oil for Joints And Muscular Pains

AME70 : Nirgundi Tail (Oil)

AMG84 : Badam (Almond) Tail (100% Pure Oil)

AMG91 : Badam (Almond) Tail (100% Pure Oil)

AMG92 : Badam (Almond) Tail (100% Pure Oil)

AMG06 : Balaahadaadi Thailam (Ref Sarvarogachikitsaratnam)

AMG18 : Balaaswagandhaadi Thailam (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMF98 : Bringaanalakaadi Thailam (Ref. Sahasrayogam)

AMG56 : Dhanvantara Tail (Oil for Vatarog, Paralysis & Muscle Wasting)

AMG07 : Dhurdhoorapathraadi Thailam (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMF96 : Eranda Sukuaaram (Ref. Ashtamgahrudayan)

AMF95 : Gandharvahasthaadi Thailam (Gandharvahasthaad Earandam) (Ref. Ashtamgasamgruham)

AMG13 : Himasaagara Thailam (Ref Bhaishajyaratnavaly)

AMG58 : Jatyadi Tail (Oil for Non Healing Ulcers and Burn Injuries)

AMG21 : Kaarpasaasthyaadi Thailam (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMG59 : Mahalakshadi Tail (Oil for Muscular Weakness in Children)

AMF06 : Mahamash Tail (Niramish) (Oil)

AMG14 : Naaraayana Thailam (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMF07 : Neem Tail (Oil)

AMG09 : Nirgundyaadi Thailam (Base Coconut Oil) (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMF97 : Prabhanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu (Ref. Sahasrayogam)

AMF05 : Saindhavadi Tail Vri. (Oil)

AMF76 : Shadbindu Tail (Oil)

AMF75 : Shadbindu Tail (Oil)

AMG55 : Shankhapushpi Tail (Oil for Muscle Tone, Development, Strength in Muscles in Children)

AMG02 : Thriphalaadi Thailam (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMB10 : Ayurvedic Medicine Khadi Amla Hair Oil Ayurvedic

AML06 : Kottamchukkadi Tailam

AMK93 : Mahamashatailam

AMQ09 : Kumkumadi Tailam (AFI) (Oil)

AMF62 : Arth Oil – Effective In Joint Pains

AMA68 : Paawan Sandhivat-Har Tel (Oil For Joint Pain)

ANA91 : Geranium - Natural Essential Oil

AML91 : Anutailam

ANB59 : Aswagandhadi Yamakam

ANB66 : Dhanvantaram Tailam (Text Ashtangahridayam)

ANA98 : Jasmine (In Sweet Almond Oil) - Natural Essential Oil

AMA92 : Khadi Apricot Oil

AMA53 : Khadi Vedic Herbs Herbal Bath & Body Oil

AME68 : Narayan Tail - Joint Pain

AMD69 : Rumalaya Liniment

ANA93 : Ylang Ylang - Natural Essential Oil

AMG83 : Clove Oil (Remedy for Toothache)

AMD85 : 777 Oil (Coconut Oil Extracts of Wrightia Tinctoria)

AMI68 : Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil Intensive Hair Growth Treatment (Biotique Botanicals 100% Botanical Extracts)

AMS44 : Stress Guard Massage Oil

AMB44 : Khadi Brahmi Amla Hair Oil (Ayurvedic Medicine)

AME83 : Mall Tail - For Men Only (Oil)

AMF31 : Shrigopal Tail (Enriched with Kesar & Ashwagandha) (Oil)

AME94 : Mahabhringraj Tail (Oil)

AMD36 : Meghdoot Bhringraj Oil

AMG04 : Dhanwantharam Thailam (Ref Ashtamgahrudayam)

AMI86 : Mahanarayan Tail - Effective Remedy for Joint Pain & Backache (Oil)

AMK04 : Bajaj Almond Drops- Non Sticky Hair Oil (With Vitamin- E)

AMG60 : Irimedadi Tail (Oil for Toothache, Dental Caries, Bleeding Gums and Foul Smell from Mouth)

AMA52 : Khadi Amla & Brahmi Hair Oil

AMW13 : Kottakkal Migrakot Oil

AME57 : Mahamarichadi Tail (Pruritis and Other forms of Scabies, Dermatitis)

AML69 : Bajaj Brahmi Amla - Hair Oil (Enriched with Ayurvedic Brahmi)

AMF15 : Neelibringadi Coconut Oil - Sahasrayogam (For Healthy Hair)

AMP41 : Pure Castor Oil (Laxative From Nature)

AME60 : Guruchi Tail (Pain in Small Joints of Fingers and Toes)

AMJ54 : Jasmine Hair Oil

AMF03 : Mahabhringaraj Oil (Pure Maka's Ayurvedic Medicine)

ANB64 : Nilibhringadi Tailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

AME52 : Vishagarbh Tail (Pain and Swelling in Joints)

AMK14 : Pure Castor Oil - Laxative From Nature

AMW32 : Fabindia Rejuvenating Hair Oil

AMJ28 : Neem Oil - Authentic Ayurveda 100% Pure

AMT79 : A Wide Range of Natural Essential Oils

AMS52 : Bhringraj Oil

AMC22 : Khadi Herbal Bath Oil With Invigorating Essential Oils

AME76 : Mahamarichyadi Tail (Oil)

AMK87 : Nalpamaradi Keratailam

ANA78 : Natural Eight Essential Oils (Gift Pack)

AMH10 : New Rheumatil Oil (Quick Relief from Joint Pain)

AML02 : Pindatailam (Trivritasneham)

AME55 : Tuvarak (Chaulmogra) Tail - Skin Diseases

AMC31 : Urvashi Herbal Hair Oil (Ayurvedic Medicine)

ANB58 : Asaneladi Tailam

AME99 : Somraji Tail (Oil)

AMO08 : Eladi Tailam (Oil)

AMS32 : Kshar Tail (Oil)

AMU68 : Divya Kesh Taila (Oil)

AMS75 : Navratna Coconut Cool Oil

AMG03 : Sahacharaadi Thailam (Ref Ashtamgahrudayam)

AME98 : Jatyadi Tail (Oil)

ANB69 : Yuvatyadi Tailam

AMB02 : Bust Oil for Fuller, Firmer & Alluring Breast

ANB60 : Balaswagandhadi Kuzhampu (Text Sahasrayogam)

ANB68 : Nalpamaraditailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

AML92 : Balatailam

AMF74 : Bilva Tail (Oil)

AMS28 : Kashisadi Tail (Oil)

ANA96 : Lavender - Natural Essential Oil

AMA13 : Khadi Body Massage Oil with Kesar, Almond Oil & Olive Oil

AMT99 : Kunkumadi Tailam

AME73 : Irimedadi Tail (Oil for Toothache, Dental Caries, Bleeding Gums and Foul Smell from Mouth)

AMQ04 : Malkangani Tail (Oil) Debility of Concentration

AMK90 : Murivenna

ANB70 : Triphaladi Tailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

ANB71 : Valiya Prasarinitailam (Text Bhaishajyarathanavali)

AMU03 : Cooling Oil Parachute Advanced

AMT90 : Saffron (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMK83 : Mahabalatailam

AMA23 : Khadi Mauri Body Massage Oil

AME81 : Shri Gopal Tail (With Keshar) Oil

AMK67 : Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser - Pure Vegetable Cleanser (A Transparent Cleanser For Dry Skin)

AMT50 : Aroma Hair Strengthening Oil

AMT55 : Skin Tightening Vitalift Oil

AMS97 : Original Brahmi Taila (Oil)

AMS53 : Triphaladi Oil

AMS27 : Mahavishgarbha Tail (Oil)

AMR79 : Kala Tel for Use In Arthiritis & Joint Pains (Goratna Vat Vednashak)

AMD67 : Pain Relief Oil

AMQ89 : Amla Hair Oil

AMT81 : Frangipani (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT87 : Gardenia (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT88 : Jasmine Sambac (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT85 : Narcissus (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT82 : Osmanthus (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT83 : Pink Lotus (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT84 : Rose (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMT86 : Tuberose (Natural Absolute’s Compound Free From Alcohol)

AMQ46 : Sarson Amla Hair Oil

AMP83 : Bhringraj Oil

AMQ18 : Gandhatailam (Oil)

AMQ12 : Puma Madan Vigour & Vitality Oil

AMP52 : Bacfo Hairbac Hair Oil

AMP56 : Stress Guard Anti-Stress Massage Oil

ANA89 : Basil - Natural Essential Oil

ANA94 : Bergamot - Natural Essential Oil

AMM48 : Himani Navratna Oil - Lite

ANA95 : Lemongrass - Natural Essential Oil

ANA86 : Orange - Natural Essential Oil

ANA88 : Tea Tree - Natural Essential Oil

AMO56 : Bhringraj Oil

AMO53 : Citronella Oil Refreshing Body Oil Bio Cit

AMN98 : Murivenna (Base Coconut Oil)

AMN79 : Organic Coconut Oil

AMN13 : Lakshadi Kuzhampu

AMN12 : Prapaundarikadi Tailam

ANB61 : Karpasasthyadi Tailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

ANB63 : Kshirabala Tailam (Text Bhavaprakasam)

ANB72 : Nilibhringadi Keratailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

ANB75 : Valiya Chandanaditailam (Text Sahasrayogam)

ANB74 : Valiya Sahacharaditailam (Text Ashtangahridayam)

AMJ63 : Navratna Oil

AMD68 : Nourishing Baby Oil

AMM39 : Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam

AML94 : Kunkumadi Tailam

AML95 : Nimbamritadi Panchatiktam Kashayam

AML40 : Anti Hair Fall Oil (Musk Root, Indian Pennywort)

AML04 : Brahmitailam

AML01 : Khajita Pindatailam

AML05 : Nasarstailam

AML03 : Pamantakatailam

AMK92 : Jivantyadi Yamakam

AMK86 : Parinatakerikshiradi Tailam

AMK91 : Yashtimadhukadi Keratailam

AMK69 : Rejuvenating - Apricot Body Oil - With Clove & Lemon Essential Oil (Natural Body Care)

AMK68 : Relaxing - Apricot Body Oil - With Chamomile Essential Oil (Natural Body Care)

AMK21 : Slimcal - Sliming Oil

AMK06 : Shape Up - Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Oil

AMJ69 : Coconut Hair Oil

AMA29 : Khadi Mauri Herbal Shikakai Hair Oil (Scalp Therapy)

AMI75 : Naturally Almond Oil Cleanser Pure Vegetable Cleanser A Transparent Cleanser For Dry Skin Fruits of The Himalayas

AME56 : Erand Tail (Castor Oil)

AMH08 : Mahachandanadi Tail (Oil for Fatigue Burning Sensation all over the Body)

AMG57 : Saindhavadi Tail (Vrihat) (Oil for Joint Pain)

AMG01 : Naalpaamaraadi Keram (Ref Sahasrayogam)

AMC28 : Antiseptic and Antibacterial Neem Oil (Ayurvedic Medicine)

AME77 : Chandanvala Lakshadi Tail (Oil)

AME78 : Mahabhringraj Tail (Oil)

AME53 : Lal Tail Ayurvedic Medicine (Dabur Baby Ayurvedic Range)

AMD38 : Santosh Maha Bhringraj Kesh Tel (Hair Oil)

AMD37 : Swati Triphaladi Oil

AMC72 : Maharishi Ayurveda Calming Vata Massage Oil Normal To Dry Skin

AMB08 : Ayurvedic Medicine Khadi Bringraj Tail Ayurvedic

AMA89 : Khadi Ayurvedic Massage Oil With Almond Oil & Vit E Gel

AMA17 : Khadi Hair Oil Kesh Kalp

AMB04 : Manav Herbal Natural Almond Cleansing Lotion with Almond Oil & Honey

AMC05 : Morarka Organic Down To Earth Coconut Oil (Improving the Quality of Life, By Improving the Quality of Food.)

AMA76 : Paawan Sandhivat-Har Tel (Oil For Joint Pain)

AMA19 : Shanti’s Badam Rogan Almond Oil