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NAU005 : Maha Yoga (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU081 : Arogyasharanam Workshop on Back- Care Through Yoga (Including Cervical Spondylosis and Lower Backache)

NAU075 : Superconscious Meditation

NAU085 : प्राणायाम साधना शिबिर Pranayama Sadhana Shibir

IDF380 : Kundalini An Occult Experience

NAS553 : Janani (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAD537 : Matsyendra Samhita (Ascribed To Matsyendranatha Part-I) An Old and Rare Book

IDF653 : Science of Vital Force A New Research on Self - and God-Realisation by the Medium of Prana

HAA429 : योग विज्ञान Science of Yoga

NAJ885 : Hatharatnavali (A Treatise on Hata Yogas and Tantra)

IHL411 : Settle for More The Why, How and When of Mediation

IDJ866 : Yoga Bija by Siddha Guru Goraknath - An Old and Rare Book

NZB162 : बिन्दुयोग (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Bindu Yoga

IHJ014 : The Yoga Upanisads (On the Basis of the Commentary of Sri Upanisad Brahmayogin) - An Old Book

NAF263 : Karmayoga Number Special Issue of Magazine Kalyana-Kalpataru

IDK841 : Krida Yoga


NAO928 : Yoga Chakra - The Wheel of Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAJ972 : The Yoga of The Yogi The Legacy of T Krishnamacharya


NAN854 : Nathamuni's Yoga Rahasya

NAK067 : Patanjali's Yogasutra (Text with Notations in Samskrt & Roman Transliteration)

NZE474 : हठयोग स्वरुप एवं साधना Hatha Yoga Form and Practice

NAN529 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - The Sri Gopala Sad-Gati Bhasya Commentary (Part One Samadhi-Pada)

NAN264 : Guided Meditation (For Seekers of Truth)

NAL259 : A Medical Understanding of Yoga

IDG199 : Life of Shri Yogendra THE HOUSEHOLDER YOGI

IDF899 : Hatha Yoga Simplified

NZA575 : योग सचित्र Illustrated Yoga

NAG856 : Maharshi Patanjali’s Yog-Darshan (Yogic Interpretation Based on Self-Realisation) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAM977 : The Path of Surrender

NZB680 : कुण्डलिनी योग Kundalini Yoga

NAK065 : Yoga Taravali

HAA051 : योगिराज श्रीश्यामाचरण लाहिडी (पुराण पुरुष) (Yogiraj Shri Shama Charan Lahiri)

IDI115 : Yoga of the Rishis The Upanishadic Approach to Death and Immortality - An Old and Rare Book

NAH042 : Yoga and Modern Psychology (An Application Oriented Comparative Study)

NAG049 : Yogadarsana Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Ramdev

IDJ351 : Yoga and Mental Health

NAK845 : Devatma Shakti (Kundalini) - Divine Power

IDE395 : Yoga and a House Holder Yogi Life History of Yogiraj Satya Charan Lahiri

IHE015 : Healing Hands (Science of Yoga Mudras)

IHL424 : Yoga Perceived and Practised by Sages of India

NAE821 : Holistic Meditation The Straight Path

IDK180 : The Study and Practice of Yoga An Exposition of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Volume II – Sadhana Pada Kaivalya Pada)

NAF580 : The Yoga-System of Patanjali (With Commentary 'Yoga Bhasya' of Veda Vyasa and 'Tattva Vaisaradi' of Vacaspatimisra)

IDJ268 : Yoga Explained

NAB748 : Datta Kriya Yoga

NAL053 : A Commentary on Patanjala Yogasutra Named The Ambrosia of Yoga by Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati

NAK852 : Siddha Mahayoga (The Path to Self Realisation)

IHL537 : The Shiva-Sutra Vimarsini of Ksemaraja

NAI651 : स्वर योग Swara Yoga

NAK071 : Dhayanamalika

IDD894 : Nitya Yoga (The Yoga of Constant Communion)
Essays on the Sreemad Bhagavad Gita

NAD748 : Asana Why and How?

IDF822 : KUNDALINI YOGA [Illustrated]

IDG521 : Recipes For HappinessYogic lifestyle diet

IDK176 : The Secret Benefits of Yoga and Naturopathy for Women

NZA097 : Quotations from Sankhya and Yoga Texts (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) - Arranged Subjectwise

NAK724 : Eighty-four Asanas in Yoga A Survey of Traditions (With Illustrations)


IDD983 : BREATH OF LIFE (Breathing for Health, Vitality and Meditation)

NZA582 : योग (योग का आधार और उसके प्रयोग) - Foundations of Yoga and Its Uses

NAK062 : The Yoga Story

NAK042 : Learning Through Yoga

NAJ469 : Adhyatma Yoga (An Old and Rare Book)

NAC436 : Shiva Sutras Divine Techniques for Enhancing Effectiveness

NAC758 : A Journey within the Self – A Saga of Spiritual Experiences

NAD099 : Sri Babaji Immortal Yogi of The Himalayas

IDD401 : The Yogacara Idealism



NZB813 : योग एवं एक गृहस्थ योगी Yoga and Householder Yogi

IDI748 : Tantra, Mantra, Yoga and Spiritual Bliss (The Holistic Yoga Posture, Pranayama, Tattva-Shuddhi, Chakra-Dhyana, Kundalini Awakening, Mantrajapa, Svarayoga)

NZA789 : योग एवं मानसिक स्वास्थ्य- स्वस्थ जीवन की एक मार्ग दर्शिका Yoga and Psychic Health

HAA323 : प्राणायाम Pranayama

NAF395 : Yoga Aphorisms Yoga - Sutras of Pathanjali (Based on Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra's Commentary) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation )

NAF300 : Chidakasa Darsanam An Encounter With Mind (A Study on Patanjali Yogasutram)

IDC327 : The Two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India

IDF381 : Die O Yogi Die (Talks on The Great Tantra Master, Gorakh)

NAE831 : Let Us Learn Yoga (A Textbook for Yoga Education for Students of Class IV)

IDJ113 : Elements Of Yoga

NAE417 : Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung for Better Health, Good Sex and Long Life "A Guide To Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung"

IDF019 : Yogic Pranayama Breathing For Long Life and Good Health

IDG917 : Guide to Yoga Meditation

IDE991 : All You Wanted to Know About Tantra Yoga

NAD134 : Finding the Hidden Self A Study of the Siva Sutras

IDD310 : Pranayama A Conscious Way of Breathing 

IDJ946 : Solar Yoga (An Illustrated Guide to Yoga Practice)


IDG825 : Meditation and Spiritual Life

IDD944 : Patanjali's path to Yoga

IDK397 : Karma Yoga The Art of Working (The Most Authoritative Treatise on Karma Yoga)

IDE316 : Pranic Living and Healing

IDI987 : The Secret Path

IDC326 : The Two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India

IDK767 : Sivananda Health and Hatha Yoga

IDJ869 : Amanaska Yoga (Rare Book)

IDD349 : The Science of Meditation 

IHF056 : The Song of Truth- An Essence of the Yogasutras of Patanjali

IDE742 : Yoga and Your Heart

IHK088 : A Matter of Health (Integration of Yoga and Western Medicine for Prevention and Cure)

IHL396 : The Life and Times of Baba Ramdev

IDE994 : All You Wanted To Know About Hatha Yoga

IDF200 : Understanding the Kundalini A Guide for Beginners

IDJ087 : Shakti Shiva and Yoga

IDD359 : Hatha-Yoga Its Context, Theory and Practice

IDE614 : Pranayama Its Philosophy and Practice

IDG421 : Yoga for Students

IDH476 : Pranayama For Better Life

IDD371 : Triadic Mysticism

IDJ755 : Yoga as Philosophy and Religion

IDK179 : The Study and Practice of Yoga An Exposition of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Volume I – Samadhi Pada)

IDF447 : Awake Kundalini

IDE679 : All You Wanted To Know About Kundalini

IDF086 : Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic Practices

IDJ112 : Commentaries on 'Elements Of Yoga'

IDI039 : Early Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati

IDF088 : Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Lecture Notes)

IDE506 : Shadkarma of Yoga Vis-à-vis Panchakarma of Ayurveda

IDH222 : The Creative Silence

IDI882 : Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation (Spiritual Experiences of Meditators)

IDD976 : What you would like to know about Karma

IDD328 : Yogasutra of Patanjali With the Commentary of Vyasa

IDJ541 : Hindu Tantra Yoga

IDK188 : The Yoga of the Malinivijayottaratantra Critical Text, Translation and Notes


IDJ978 : Surya Namaskars An Ancient Indian Exercise

IDE990 : Driving Holidays in the Himalayas Uttarakhand

IDF825 : Psychotherapy, Yoga and Spirituality

IDF481 : Yoga In Daily Life The System

IDK116 : Ancient Yoga And Modern Science

IDK084 : Yoga Philosophy (In Relation to other Systems of Indian Thought)

IDK031 : Paramahansa Yogananda As I Knew Him Experiences and Reflections of a Disciple

IDJ988 : Hatha Yoga The Hidden Language

IDJ917 : Total Presence of Mind (A Textbook of Temporal Linguistic Meditation)

IDC338 : Yogacara Idealism

IDJ426 : Hidden Treasures of Yoga (Revealing Certain Ancient and Secret Methods of Practical Mysticism)

IDJ181 : Ramanuja on the Yoga

IDD358 : Stress and its Management by Yoga

IDI834 : Atha Vairagyashatakam (Sanskrit Shlokas on asceticism, peace of mind, discovery of self, importance of meditation and on renunciation

IDG945 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali A Scientific Exposition

IDH251 : Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

IDE490 : Sri Aurobindo, Jung and Vedic Yoga

IDG849 : Yoga for the Cure of Common Diseases


IDF786 : Nervous System In Yoga And Tantra (Implication in Ayurveda)

IDF379 : Cognitive Samadhi in the Yoga-Sutra-s

IDF107 : The Yoga of Love 11 Principles for Bringing Love Into Your Relationship

IDF106 : The Yoga of Wealth 5 Spiritual Keys to Creating Unlimited Wealth

IDE996 : Yogic Cure for Common Diseases

IDE715 : YOGA Meaning, Values and Practice

IDE561 : Yoga and Depth Psychology

IDE290 : Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Massage

IDD417 : Enlightenment Beyond Traditions (The Complete Inner Map of Spiritual Awakening)

IDD375 : The Human Buddha Enlightenment for the New Millennium

IDD364 : Yoga and Western Psychology

IDD330 : Yoga As Philosophy and Religion

IDD329 : Yogasutra of Patanjali With the Commentary of Vyasa

IDD325 : Sankara (Shankaracharya) on the Yoga Sutras

IDC989 : A Call to Humanity - Revolutionary Thoughts on the Direction for Spiritual and Social Reform in Our Time

IDD001 : Inner Quest - the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment

IDC987 : Japji Meditation in Sikhism

IDC999 : Marriage, Parenthood and Enlightenment

IDC988 : Nitnem Spiritual Practices of Sikhism

IDC996 : Path of Fire and Light (Volume 1) - Advanced Practice of Yoga

ISL35 : The Hatha Yoga Pradipika Sanskrit text with English trans.

IDC992 : The Power of Mantra and The Mystery of Initiation

IDD002 : The Theory and Practice of Meditation

IDD003 : The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters

IDD249 : Why Meditation?

IDD260 : Yoga for all

NAB494 : The Yoga-Vasistha of Valmiki (4 Vols.)

IDC082 : Brahma Yoga of the Gita

IRP12 : Concept of Personality in sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga Psychology and A. Maslow's Humanistic/ Transpersonal Psychology

ISL70 : Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with the commentary of Vyasa and the gloss of Vachadpati Misra, and an intro. by Srisa Chandra Vasu

IHD67 : The Study of Self Concept of Sankhya Yoga

ISL116 : The Yogavasistha of Valmiki with commentary Vasisthamaharamayana-tatparyaprakashakhya,part 1,containing Vairagya, Mumukshu,Utpatti, Sthiti,and Upashama; part2,containing Nirvana-Purvardha and Uttarardha

IDC279 : Rebirth and Causation in the Yogacara Abhidharma

IDC318 : Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines or Seven Books of wisdom of the Great Path (according to the Late Lama Kazi Dawa-Somdup's English Rendering)