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Find intricate Indian Earrings at ExoticIndia. Our extensive collection includes Pearl, Turquoise & other Earrings for occasions like Weddings, Parties, etc.

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JME53 : Gemstone Earrings

JMG89 : Faceted Gemstone Dangle Earrings

JUX60 : Labradorite Earrings

JUG45 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JTB80 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTO12 : Lot of Five Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Swayambhunath Eyes

JTM29 : Nepalese Inlay Flower Earrings

JTM81 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

NI42 : Faceted Peridot Earrings with Amethyst

JML33 : Cubic Zirconia Half Hoop Earrings

JMJ41 : Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings

JMK88 : Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Earrings

JKX56 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JZG17 : Sterling Kundalini Earrings

LAL73 : Chakra Earrings with Faceted Garnet

LH90 : Lord Ganesha Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

GY41 : Stud Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

JWK59 : Goddess Lakshmi and Peacocks Stud Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

JWF63 : Goddess Lakshmi Dangle and Drop Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

JC62 : Faceted Labradorite Studded Cord Bracelet

LCA04 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Filigree Design

JXC66 : Black Onyx Earrings

JOB62 : Amethyst Hoops

JLY61 : Black & Green Double-Sided Earrings

JVY13 : CZ Tops

JVJ05 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JWJ20 : Faceted CZ Post Earrings

JOL60 : Faceted Iolite Dangling Bunch Earrings

JVR84 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JPP47 : Fine Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JLY84 : Garnet Earrings

LAZ52 : Garnet Tops

JQN81 : Hoop Earrings with Faceted Amber

JNK38 : Iolite Shower

JTN26 : Kalachakra Earrings

JWE50 : Melon Inlay Earrings

JZP34 : Smoky Quartz Tops

JQN45 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JNJ41 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JZS12 : Sterling Post Earrings

JZS14 : Sterling Post Earrings

JMK89 : Swarovski Post Earrings

JRG40 : Valentine Earrings

LCF30 : Garnet Gemstone Bunch Earrings

GT68 : Lapis Lazuli Bunch Earrings

LCF31 : Multi-Gemstone Bunch Earrings

JNH74 : Black Onyx Bunch Earrings

JEH32 : Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

LCE68 : Blue Sapphire Floral Earrings

LCE69 : Blue Sapphire Sunflower Earrings

LCE66 : Bold Sapphire Studs

LCE72 : Classic White-gem Studs

LCE65 : Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Earrings

LCE70 : Ruby and Sapphire Flower Earrings

LCE67 : Sapphire Flower Earrings

LCE71 : Spring Green Emerald Studs

LCE25 : Spherical Citrine Dangling Earrings

LCD07 : OM (AUM) Earrings

LCB21 : Pear Tops (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LCC51 : Garuda Earrings (Made in Nepal)

LBV75 : Faceted Citrine Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JYS93 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Post Earrings

LCA12 : Faceted Amethyst Dangle Earrings

LCA20 : Faceted Black Spinel Tops with Sapphire

LCA14 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings with Ruby

LCA27 : Faceted Blue Topaz with Sapphire Tops

LCA30 : Faceted Citrine Flower Tops

LCA32 : Faceted Emerald Flower Tops

LCA22 : Faceted Emerald Flower Tops

LCA25 : Faceted Emerald Tops

LCA17 : Faceted Emerald with Ruby Post Earrings

LCA24 : Faceted Emerald with Ruby Tops

LBZ39 : Faceted Ruby and Emerald Flower Tops

LCA37 : Faceted Ruby Flower Tops with Sapphire

LCA11 : Faceted Ruby Post Earrings

LCA28 : Faceted Ruby with Sapphire Post Earrings

LCA40 : Faceted Sapphire Flower Tops

LCA34 : Faceted Sapphire Flower Tops with Ruby

LCA33 : Faceted Sapphire Tops

LCA26 : Floral Tops with Faceted Ruby and Sapphire

LCA29 : Flower Tops with Faceted Black Spinel and Ruby

LCA23 : Flower Tops with Faceted Ruby and Emerald

LCA35 : Flower Tops with Faceted Ruby and Emerald

LCA08 : Moonstone Flower Earrings with Faceted Ruby

LCB02 : Faceted Ruby Flower Tops with Emerald

LAR95 : Fine Cut Citrine Post Earrings

LBM18 : Sterling Leaves Earrings with Gems

LBR15 : Designer Earrings

LAV78 : Faceted Peridot with Amethyst Earrings

LBV61 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Dangling Bunch Earrings

LBW04 : Flower Coral Earrings

LBS83 : Handcrafted Earrings

LBL57 : Kundalini Post Earrings

LBM31 : Lord Ganesha Playing on Veena (Post Earrings)

LAX77 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LBW09 : Turquoise Dangle Earrings

LAS14 : Twin Hued Inlay Flower Earrings

LBN63 : Faceted Onyx Danglers With Cascading Silver Bulbs

LAS96 : Karnaphul Rudraksha Earrings

LAT66 : Lord Ganesha Gold Plated Earrings with Ruby and Emerald

LBT13 : Paisleys Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

JRO81 : Faceted Gemstone Dangle Earrings

JRA93 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings

JRC94 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings

JKV63 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Earrings

JRC95 : Faceted Gemstone Post Earrings

JJK15 : Fine Cut Gemstone Flower Earrings

LBX89 : Granulated Gemstone Earrings

LBX48 : Amethyst Earrings with Spiral

LBX46 : Lapis Lazuli Dangle Earrings

LBX44 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBX42 : Twin Blue Chalcedony Earrings

LBX40 : Twin Gemstone Earrings

LBX23 : Floral Dangle Earrings

LBX14 : Lord Surya and Ganesha Spike Earrings

LBX28 : Peacock Chandelier Earrings

LBX20 : Peacock Spike Chandelier Earrings

LBX18 : Turquoise Inlay Flower Earrings

LBW98 : Goddess Lakshmi Earrings with Pearl and Garnet

LBX02 : Lord Ganesha Earrings with Pearl and Garnet

LBX07 : Spike Chandelier Flower Earrings

LBX09 : Turquoise and Coral Inlay Earrins

LBW96 : Peacock Earrings

LBR17 : Three-Tiered Jhumki Earrings

LBU46 : Pearl Hoop Chandelier Earrings

LBH75 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LBW43 : Rainbow Moonstone Dangle Bunch Earrings

LBW90 : Peacock Spike Earrings

LBW36 : Amethyst and Faceted Citrine Earrings with Sterling Bead

LBW13 : Faceted Iolite Star Earrings with CZ

LBW19 : Lapis-Lazuli Bunch Earrings

LBW38 : Lapis-Lazuli Hoop Bunch Earrings

LBW07 : Pearl Shower Earrings with Swarovski Butterfly

LBW27 : Rainbow-Moonstone Dangling Bunch Earrings

LBW16 : Tiger-Eye and Amethyst Earrings with Sterling Bead

LBW24 : Turquoise Dangle Earrings

LBV85 : Faceted Garnet Hoop Bunch Earrings

LBV95 : Faceted Green Amethyst Nose Ring

LBV90 : Faceted Iolite Hoop Bunch Earrings

LBV65 : Faceted Peridot Hoop Chandelier Earrings

LBV98 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Nose Pin

LBV55 : Faceted Multi-Gemstone Bunch Earrings

LBV53 : Swarovski Earrings

LBV26 : Turquoise Dangle Earrings

LBU79 : Evil Eye Earrings

LBU49 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBU60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBU74 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandelier Earrings

LBT64 : Turquoise Inlay Flower Earrings

LBU35 : Twin Faceted Garnet Earrings

LBU42 : Twin Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBV57 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Nose Ring

LBU96 : Swarovski Cone Earrings

LBV03 : Turquoise Dangle Earrings

LBT53 : Amethyst Flower Tops

LBT50 : Black Spinel Flower Tops

LBT57 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Star Tops

LBT54 : Faceted Gemstone Tops

LBT46 : Flower Tops with Faceted Gems

LBT55 : Flower Tops with Faceted Gems

LBT56 : Pearl Flower Tops

LBT52 : Star Tops with Faceted Gems

LBT42 : Star Tops with Gems

LBT40 : Twin Faceted Gemstone Earrings

LBT49 : Twin Faceted Gemstone Earrings

LBT51 : Vishva-Vajra (Double Dorje) Earrings

LBT58 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Flower Tops

LBS61 : Flower Tops with Gems

LBS79 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

LBT25 : Amethyst Flower Tops

LBT27 : Cone Chandelier Earrings

LBS92 : Earrings with Faceted Gemstone

LBT14 : Faceted Garnet and Carnelian Earrings

LBT59 : Faceted Ruby Star Tops

LBT28 : Floral Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBT09 : Flower Dangle Earrings

LBT20 : Flower Tops Earrings

LBT26 : Flower Tops with Dangles

LBT31 : Granulated Dangle Earrings

LBT16 : Handcrafted Chandelier Earrings

LBT19 : Handcrafted Earrings

LBT30 : Labradorite Flower Tops

LBT05 : Malachite Earrings

LBT07 : Melon Flower Post Earrings

LBT29 : Pear Shape Earrings with Spiral

LBT17 : Rainbow Moonstone Surya Tops

LBT24 : Spikes Earrings

LBT12 : Teardrop Dimple Earrings

LBT03 : Twin Peacock Earrings with Dangles

LBT23 : Umbrella Chandelier Earrings

LBT32 : Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings with Granulation

LBS94 : Crescent Moon Post Earrings with Ghungroos

LBS91 : Fish Earrings

LBR89 : Gold Plated Jhumka Post Earrings with Parrot Pair

LBS97 : Granulated Drum Earrings

LBS98 : Lapis Lazuli Flower Tops

LBR63 : Lord Ganesha Post Earrings with Marcasite and Gems

LBT21 : Peacock Pair Ethnic Earrings

LBS71 : Turquoise Inlay Earrings

LBS56 : Gemstone Flower Tops

JMA16 : Amethyst Earrings

LBS39 : Gemstone Surya Tops

JWJ80 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JMA58 : Garnet Earrings

LBS04 : Coral Earrings

LBR88 : Fine Fish Earrings with Granulation and Filigree

LBR96 : Gold Plated Jhumka Post Earrings with Pearl

LBR87 : Handcrafted Earrings with Knotted Rope

LBR86 : Sacred Fish Earrings

LBR90 : Spiral Earrings with Knotted Rope

LBR62 : Lord Surya Earrings with Black Spinel

LBR66 : Oval Earrings with Gemstones

LBR55 : Earrings with Gems

LBR51 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LBR53 : Sun and Moon Inlay Earrings

LBR49 : Lapis Lazuli and Coral Earrings with Turquoise

JPR14 : Handcrafted Earrings with Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline

LBR39 : Pearl Flower Tops

LBR35 : Handcrafted Earrings

LBR21 : Butterfly Earrings

LBR24 : Filigree Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBQ97 : Flower Inlay Tops

LBR04 : Handcrafted Leaves Earrings

LBR10 : Lord Ganesha Post Earrings with Carnelian and Marcasite

LBR07 : Triple Gemstone Post Earrings (Faceted Ruby, Emerald and Pearl)

LBR48 : Twin Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Turquoise

LBQ87 : Hoop Earrings with Gemstone

LBQ94 : Lapis Lazuli Inlay Sparrow Earrings

LBQ72 : Granulated Larimar Pear Earrings

LBQ74 : Kyanite Earrings with Granulation

LBQ70 : Kyanite Star Earrings

LBR50 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Turquoise

LBQ79 : Larimar Circular Earring

LBQ68 : Larimar Marquis Earrings

LBQ75 : Larimar Oval Earrings

LBQ64 : Kyanite Earrings

LBQ60 : Kyanite Rhombus Earrings

LBQ58 : Larimar Circular Earrings

LBQ63 : Larimar Spiral Earrings

LBQ52 : Kyanite Circular Earrings

LBQ54 : Kyanite Flower Earrings

LBQ48 : Kyanite Square Earrings with Granulation

LBQ40 : Larimar Earrings

LBD32 : Amethyst Earrings with Matching Finger Ring

LBR52 : Twin Turquoise Earrings with Lapis Lazuli

LBQ07 : Kyanite Circular Earrings

LBQ27 : Kyanite Earrings

LBQ14 : Larimar Circular Earrings

LBQ06 : Larimar Earrings

LBQ32 : Larimar Earrings

LBQ20 : Larimar Earrings with Filigree

LBQ30 : Larimar Earrings with Granulation

LBQ01 : Larimar Earrings with Spiral

LBQ17 : Larimar Marquise Earrings

LBQ09 : Larimar Oval Earrings

LBQ21 : Larimar Oval Earrings with Filigree

LBQ25 : Larimar Pear Earrings

LBQ11 : Larimar Star Earrings

LBP96 : Faceted Peridot Leaves Earrings with Citrine

LBC89 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

LBP83 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LBR71 : Coral Earrings

LBP75 : Turquoise Earrings

LBP49 : Faceted Citrine Shower Earrings

LBP65 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBP56 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Marcasite

LBP53 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LBP60 : Turquoise Earrings with Coral

LBP39 : Garnet Beaded Bracelet with Matching Earrings Set

LBP46 : Pearl Shower Earrings with Carnelian

LBP35 : Gemstone Earrings (Coral, Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli)

LBP31 : Rose Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBP41 : Ruby and Blue Topaz Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBP14 : Flowers Crescent-Shape Earrings with Turquoise (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LBN60 : Goddess Lakshmi Crescent-Moon Earrings with Pearl (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LBN54 : Knotted Rope Umbrella Chandelier (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LBO98 : Dancing Parvati Earrings (South Indian Temple Jewelry)

LBN44 : Umbrella Chandelier Earrings

LBP67 : Faceted Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings

LBR72 : Coral Earrings

LAX88 : Faceted Pink Toumaline Earrings

LAL93 : Citrine Tumble Earrings with Pearl

LAZ98 : Faceted Amethyst Chandelier Earrings

LBA01 : Faceted Amethyst Shower Earrings

LAZ99 : Faceted Carnelian Hoop Chandelier Earrings

LAZ96 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

LBA06 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

LBA04 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LBA03 : Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

LAK21 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings with Peridot

LAZ97 : Faceted Peridot Chandelier Earrings

LBA02 : Faceted Peridot Chandelier Earrings

LBB43 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAT23 : Crescent Moon Gold Plated Earrings

LBM67 : Sterling Marcasite OM (AUM) Earrings

JXG59 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXI24 : Faceted Citrine Hoop Earrings

JXI39 : Faceted Smoky Quartz and Citrine and Gold Plated Earrings

LBO07 : Dancing Ganesha Earrings

LBN25 : Gemstone Flower Post Earrings

LBN95 : OM (AUM) Earrings

LBN99 : OM (AUM) Swastika Conch Earrings

LBN97 : Tribal Goddess Kali Umbrella Chandeliers

LBN89 : Cone Shape Earrings with OM (AUM) Ganesha

LBN75 : Ethnic Tops

LBN74 : Gemstone Flower Post Earrings (Green Onyx, Pearl and Ruby)

LBN87 : Granulated Shield Tops

LBN72 : Granulated Tops

LBN79 : Rose Flower Post Earrings

LBN22 : Twin Gemstone Earrings

LBN70 : Chakra-Shape Post Earrings

LBN66 : Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers with Charms

LBN71 : Granulated Tops

LBN68 : Shield-Shape Post Earrings

LBN61 : Carnelian Umbrella Chandeliers

LBN65 : Garnet Hoop Earrings

LBM99 : Triple Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers (Green Onyx, Pearl and Ruby)

LBN69 : Tops with Granulation Work

LBL81 : Jhumkas with Peacocks

LBL71 : Marcasite Peacock Post Earrings with Ruby and Emerald

JXJ41 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Smoky Quartz

LBM48 : Faceted Chrysoprase Gold Plated Earrings

LBM54 : Faceted Green Onyx Gold Plated Earrings with Filigree

LBM50 : Gold Plated Melon Earrings of Sterling Silver

LBM55 : Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

LBM51 : Inlay Post Earrings

LBM52 : Jhumka Post Earrings

LBM53 : Sterling Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

LBM49 : Sterling Gold Plated Victorian Cross Earrings

LBM98 : Sun and Moon Inlay Turquoise Earrings

LBL96 : Carnelian Jhumkis with Spiral

LBM41 : Inlay Coral Post Earrings

LBM38 : Inlay Turquoise Post Earrings

LBL54 : Inlay Wheel Earrings with Amber and Coral

LBM34 : Large Post Earrings

LBM40 : Lord Ganesha Post Earrings

LBM85 : Lord Surya Post Earrings

LBM39 : Sterling Gold Plated Lattice Flower Earrings

LBM21 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

LBM92 : Citrine and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBM22 : Citrine Hoop Earrings

LBM95 : Garnet and Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Earrings

LBM20 : Peridot Hoop Earrings

LBM19 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBM90 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBM93 : Sterling Hoop Earrings with Gems

LBM65 : Dattatreya Earrings

JNI33 : Enamelled Floral Earrings with Charm

LBL98 : Faceted Peridot Hoop Earrings

LBM63 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

LBM66 : Lord Ganesha Large Post Earrings with Charms

LBM72 : Lord Ganesha Post Earrings

LBM79 : Sterling Earrings with Granulation

LBM70 : Sterling Flower Earrings

LBL99 : Sterling Ganesha Chandeliers with Peacock

LBM69 : Sunflower Gold Plated Post Earrings

LBM83 : Tribal Ganesha Earrings with Riddhi and Siddhi

JWS27 : Amber Earrings

LBL86 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

LBL90 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

LBL92 : Cascade with Pearls

LBL93 : Faceted Ruby and Emerald Earrings

LBL87 : Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

LBL94 : Pearl Umbrella Chandeliers

LBM75 : Sun and Moon Umbrella Chandelier Earrings

LBL89 : Triple Gems (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire) Fine Peacock Earrings with Marcasite

LBL76 : Blue Chalcedony Donut Earrings with Pearl

LBL75 : Faceted Carnelian Jhumka Earrings

LBL58 : Inlay Earrings from Afghanistan with Amber

LBL46 : Radha-Krishna Antiquated Jhumka Earrings

LBL53 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

LBO14 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

LBK97 : Malachite Earrings

LBL61 : Lord Ganesha Umbrella Chandeliers

LBK72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBK73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBK88 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Long Oval Earrings

LBK71 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Oval Earrings

LBK83 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Oval Earrings

LBK86 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Oval Earrings

LBK81 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Pear Shape Earrings

LBK80 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

LBK85 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

LBK87 : Faceted Rose Quartz Oval Earrings

LBK82 : Faceted Rose Quartz Oval Earrings

LBK70 : Faceted Triple Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBK68 : Agate Earrings

LBK52 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LBK43 : Faceted Peridot Flower Tops

LBK44 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Shower Earrings (Crystal, Smoky Quartz and Black Spinel)

LBK50 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Earrings

LBK69 : Peridot Umbrella Chandelier Earrings With Faceted Smoky Quartz

LBK51 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZZ47 : Faceted Amethyst Dimple Earrings

JXI90 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Garnet Earrings

JZZ54 : Faceted Triple Gems Earrings (Smoky Quartz, Garnet and Citrine)

LBK42 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXI25 : Sterling Earrings with Beer-Lemon Topaz

JXI82 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAO57 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAK16 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Smoky Quartz

JYJ20 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Tops

JXI31 : Sterling Earrings with Dangling Peridot Drop

LBK08 : CZ Flower Earrings

LBK09 : Faceted Iolite Shower Earrings with Pearl

JXC60 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZW16 : CZ Earrings

JXJ30 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXI34 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXI78 : Faceted Garnet and Green Amethyst Earrings

JXJ28 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXI88 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Carnelian Earrings

JXJ07 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Garnet Earrings

JXJ40 : Faceted Iolite and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JTN47 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JYA15 : Amethyst Earrings

JXW25 : Carnelian Earrings

JXI84 : Faceted Crystal Earrings with Garnet

LAJ48 : Faceted Crystal Shower Earrings

JXJ02 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings with Garnet

JXJ35 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXI21 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Smoky Quartz Drop

JZX91 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JXV23 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXU81 : Coral Earrings

JZZ32 : Faceted Garnet Dimple Earrings

JXI83 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Green Amethyst, Black Onyx and Garnet)

JXJ29 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUK02 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JMJ61 : Labradorite Hoop Earrings

JQA88 : Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite Earrings

LAL86 : Smoky Quartz and Citrine Earrings

LBJ48 : Carnelian Flower Earrings

JXJ18 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Peridot Earrings

JXI22 : Faceted Peridot Drop Earrings

LBJ80 : Arrow-Shaped Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBJ82 : Black Onyx Earrings

LBJ81 : Citrine Spiral Earrings

LBJ79 : Faceted Garnet Bunch Earrings

LBJ83 : Larimar Earrings

LBJ84 : Turquoise Earrings

JXC91 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWI74 : Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel Earrings

JXU82 : Coral Earrings

JXD04 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Drop Earrings

JXI93 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUJ92 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JXS19 : Carved Carnelian Umbrella Chandeliers

JXI42 : Faceted Black Onyx with Gold Plated Earrings

LAK17 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Peridot

JXV60 : Faceted Iolite Hoop Earrings

JXI17 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Drop Valentine Earrings

JXL61 : Green Onyx Earrings

LBJ74 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LBJ63 : Malachite Earrings with Peridot

LBJ68 : Sterling Earrings

LBJ62 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

LBI87 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Peridot Earrings

LBI79 : Amethyst Earrings

LBI78 : Carnelian Earrings

JXI30 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

LBI83 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings with Garnet

LBI82 : Pearl Earrings

LBI81 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBI84 : Sterling Gold Plated Blooming Flower Post Earrings

LBI86 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

LBI85 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JXQ71 : Black Spinel Bunch Earrings

JXI29 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JQA83 : Mini Skirt Shape Inlay Earrings

JNA65 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JMH25 : Australian Crystal Hoop Chandeliers

JZW28 : Black Spinel Earrings

JRQ76 : Carnelian Flower Earrings

JXU66 : Coral and Turquoise Earrings

JKZ81 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JRQ98 : Faux Turquoise Earrings

JWN77 : Israel Cut Amethyst Shower Earrings

JUJ69 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JNI47 : Meenakari Earrings

LBO10 : Musical Ganesha Earrings

JWO60 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JKQ73 : Shell and Black Onyx Double Sided Earrings

JMG45 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZZ57 : Turquoise and Green Onyx Earrings

JWO39 : Amethyst Shower Earrings

JXI19 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Peridot Drop

JYB43 : Amethyst Earrings

JXW09 : Amethyst Earrings

LBF79 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXI45 : Faceted Garnet with Gold Plated Earrings

LBF70 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

LBI64 : Faceted Ruby Karnaphul Earrings

LBF75 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZW65 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Garnet and Green Onyx)

JBY97 : Pearl Hoop Chandeliers

JQA82 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZZ78 : Faceted Rose Quartz Gold Plated Tops

JZV51 : Sterling Earrings with Garnet

JXU79 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXK97 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZZ35 : BT Earrings with Amethyst

LAP53 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAM01 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Garnet and Pearl

JXI33 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Sterling Leaf

JXJ06 : Faceted Carnelian and Rose Quartz Earrings

JXU90 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JXI76 : Faceted Garnet and Green Amethyst Earrings

LAP61 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXJ37 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXQ72 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Bunch Earrings

JZZ62 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Garnet

JZW30 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Green Onyx and Amethyst)

JXU57 : Garnet and Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JUL05 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Garnet

JZX92 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JQA85 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JYA85 : Triple Gemstone Bunch Earrings (Smoky Quartz, Peridot and Citrine)

LAL90 : Triple Gemstone Earrings (Peridot, Rainbow Moonstone and Citrine)

LBI49 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

LBI80 : Carnelian Earrings

LAP54 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXI32 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LBI40 : Black Onyx Earrings

LBI39 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LBI37 : Sterling Earrings

LBI38 : Sterling Grains Earrings

LBI41 : Victorian Cross Earrings with Faceted Citrine

JXK21 : BT Earrings

LAW64 : Pearl Gold Plated Spiral Earrings

JXL69 : Amethyst Earrings

JNA59 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JZY27 : Black Spinel Earrings

JZU88 : Earrings with Garnet and Malachite

JXJ15 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXG62 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JZZ50 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Garnet and Sterling Leaves

JXI52 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

LAK18 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Carnelian and Sterling Leaves

JXU53 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXI37 : Faceted Smoky Quartz with Gold Plated Earrings

LAO02 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald)

JYN41 : Redstone Earrings

JZX93 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JXD30 : Tiger Eye Earrings

LAN53 : Yogi Earrings

JXJ91 : Black Onyx and Citrine Earrings

JZZ51 : Black Spinel Earrings with Garnet

JXV99 : CZ Earrings

JXV63 : Faceted Amethyst Hoop Earrings

JXI11 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JZW66 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Amethyst and Green Onyx)

JZW63 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JYJ22 : Faceted Tourmaline Tops

JUH09 : Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers with Meenakari (Black Onyx, Garnet and Citrine)

LAL89 : Labradorite with Peridot Earrings

JXK04 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JXM45 : OM (AUM) Earrings

JXL16 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Showers Earrings

JUG42 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JZZ48 : BT Dimple Earrings

JXG68 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAK22 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings with Carnelian

LAP59 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXI91 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JZZ67 : Green Onyx Earrings with Peridot

JYA81 : Multi-Colour Pearl Bunch Earrings with Garnet, Citrine and Carnelian

JWN57 : OM (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JQA80 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZW25 : Triple Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Black Onyx and Green Onyx)

JXU55 : Faceted Amethyst and Gray Moonstone Earrings

JXL11 : Faceted Gannet Gold Plated Earrings

JZZ38 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings with Sterling Leaves (Garnet, Black Spinel and Citrine)

JZW18 : Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Green Onyx, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz)

JXU88 : Israel Cut Rose Quartz and Amethyst Shower Earrings

JZR98 : Sterling Inlay Star Earrings

JXV07 : Black Spinel Earrings

JZW55 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JYA90 : Pearl Earrings

JXV02 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings with Coral

JZX97 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JXU32 : Amethyst Earrings

JXW23 : Amethyst Earrings

JXW07 : Black Onyx Earrings

JXL40 : Bodhisattva Earrings

JXI56 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAP64 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZZ66 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Garnet and Sterling Leaves

JZW54 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

LAP56 : Faceted Lemon Tops Earrings

LAK19 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Garnet

JYN17 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JXK94 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXU78 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXL48 : Black Onyx Earrings

JYN21 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZZ34 : Black Spinel Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JVY79 : Butterfly Inlay Earrings

JYN39 : Carnelian Earrings

JXW13 : Carnelian Earrings

JZR90 : Coral Tops

JXJ13 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXI54 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JWN71 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

LAP65 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXI80 : Faceted Gemstone Shower Earrings (Amethyst, Carnelian, Lemon Topaz, Black Spinel and Green Amethyst)

JXV22 : Faceted Prehnite Earrings

LAP57 : Faceted Rainbow Earrings

JZZ36 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings with Sterling Leaves (Garnet, Carnelian and Green Onyx)

LBO12 : Ganesha Worshipping Shiva Linga Earrings

JIU76 : Gray Moonstone Earrings with White Marble

JXJ77 : Green Onyx Earrings

JUJ65 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JUH05 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Garnet

JXL39 : Prehnite Earrings with Faceted Peridot

JZX90 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JRZ33 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JWA04 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JYN18 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JUG44 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JXJ11 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Green Amethyst, Black Spinel and Carnelian)

LBH82 : Black Onyx Earrings with Garnet

LAP55 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LBH83 : Labradorite Semi-Circular Earrings

LBH65 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBH73 : Chaorite Earrings

LBH64 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAW69 : Carnelian Chandelier Earrings

LAW65 : Enamelled Earrings with Pink Tourmaline

LAW67 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JXJ17 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Garnet Earrings

JZW64 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

LAQ98 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZU66 : Sterling Ganesha Earrings

LBH84 : Chaorite Earrings

JXI77 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Rose Quartz

LBH74 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JXL60 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUG43 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

LAQ94 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZZ46 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAM02 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAR07 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

LAQ93 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JWA05 : Inlay Earrings

JXJ89 : Labradorite Earrings with Garnet

JXC99 : Prehnite Earrings

LBJ41 : Iolite Earring

JXI49 : Faceted Lenon Topaz Earrings

JZO73 : Labradorite Earrings

LBG68 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBG69 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBG57 : Amethyst Earrings

LBG55 : Black Onyx Earrings with Faceted Rainbow Moonstone

LBG56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBG60 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBJ55 : Enamelled Earrings

JXI92 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Earrings (Black Spinel, Carnelian and Green Amethyst)

JQA84 : Sterling Inlay Post Earrings

LBE76 : Elephant Meenakari Earrings with Faceted Garnet and Green Onyx Showers

LBF13 : Faceted Amethyst Showers Earrings

LBE99 : Faceted Garnet with Citrine Post Earrings

LBE82 : Faceted Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers

LBF12 : Rose Quartz with Faceted Gemstone Earrings with Showers (Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst and Peridot)

LBE98 : Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

LBF37 : Turquoise Post Earrings

JWL82 : Afghani Peridot Shower Earrings

JWL56 : Aquamarine Shower Earrings

LBE36 : Green Onyx Earrings

LBE38 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXI89 : Faceted Citrine and Green Amethyst Earrings

LBE35 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBE39 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBE32 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBE33 : Sterling Earrings

LBE03 : Faceted Peridot with Pearl Umbrella Chandeliers

LAP60 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LBE04 : Faceted Blue Topaz with Turquoise Umbrella Chandeliers

LBE08 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

LBD21 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LBE06 : Peridot Bunch Under Sterling Leaves Earrings

JZZ85 : Pink Tourmaline Gold Plated Tops

LBE22 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBE07 : Tourmaline Earrings

LBD94 : Turquoise Gold Plated Earrings

JXJ71 : CZ Earrings

LBD71 : Fluorite Earrings

LBD70 : Faceted Peridot and Green Amethyst Earrings

LBD68 : Faceted Citrine Hoop Earrings

LBD69 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

LBD67 : Peridot Hoop Chandeliers

LBD66 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBD46 : Green Mohave Turquoise Earrings with Ring Set

LBD33 : Labradorite Earrings with Ring Set

LBD31 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Ring Set

LBD39 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LBC82 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBD04 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBD02 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBC92 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBD12 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBC91 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBD10 : Rainbow Moonstone with Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LBC81 : Turquoise Earrings

LBC17 : Abalone Earrings

LBB37 : Evil Eye Earrings

LBB38 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LBB35 : Faceted Peridot Hoop Earrings

LBB36 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

LBB40 : Sterling Dimple Flower Earrings with CZ and Ruby

LBB39 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

LBA58 : Faceted Blue Topaz Umbrella Chandeliers

LBA43 : Garnet Showers with Spiral

LBA41 : Gemstone Gypsy Earrings (Peridot, Citrine, Moonstone and Garnet)

LBA42 : Iolite Chandeliers

LBA29 : Larimar Earrings

LBA25 : Larimar Earrings

LBA30 : Larimar Earrings

LBA33 : Larimar Earrings

LBA21 : Larimar Marquis Earrings

LBB29 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

LBB32 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

LAL06 : Larimar Earrings

JTN51 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JYN37 : Amethyst Earrings

LAZ39 : Amethyst Earrings

LAZ37 : Black Onyx Earrings

LAZ42 : Black Onyx Post Earrings

LAZ76 : Dragonfly Inlay Earrings

LAZ44 : Faceted Blue Topaz Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ57 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAZ75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ53 : Faceted Rose Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ83 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

LAZ38 : Labradorite Earrings

LAZ45 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAZ63 : Malachite Earrings

LAZ46 : Malachite Earrings

LAZ48 : Pearl Earrings

LAZ59 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAZ60 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAZ54 : Sterling Moon Earrings

LAZ71 : Sterling Tops

LAZ58 : Turquoise Earrings

LAZ27 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ34 : Faceted Black Spinel with Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ33 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ28 : Faceted Garnet with Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

LAZ29 : Labradorite Earrings

LAZ24 : Peru Chalcedony Earrings

LAW78 : Black Onyx Post Earrings

LAW83 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAW89 : Rose Quartz Earrings

LAW92 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAW86 : Turquoise Earrings

LAK23 : Faceted Citrine and Carnelian Earrings

LBC99 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBA22 : Larimar Oval Earrings

LBD03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAW25 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAW52 : Amethyst Earrings

LAW36 : Butterfly Pink Tourmaline Earrings

LAW39 : Faceted Black Spinel Gold Plated Earrings

LAW28 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAW49 : Faceted Green Onyx Gold Plated Earrings

LAW45 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

LAW56 : Faceted Peridot Post Earrings

LAW55 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Gold Plated Earrings

LAW24 : Faceted Ruby Gold Plated Earrings

LAW31 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAW30 : Navaratna Earrings

LAW32 : Pearl Earrings

LAW51 : Pearl with Faceted Green Onyx and Green Amethyst Earrings

LAW34 : Rose Quartz Tops

LAW46 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAW38 : Sterling Chandeliers Gold Plated Earrings

LAW47 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

LAW29 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

LAW43 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

LAW54 : Sterling Spiral Gold Plated Earrings

LAW42 : Tiger Eye Tops

LAW11 : Carnelian Earrings

LAW17 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAW19 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Tops

LAW04 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

LAW05 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAW20 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Plated Tops

LAW15 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Tops

LAW13 : Sterling Valentine Earrings

LAW10 : Turquoise Earrings

LAY12 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

LAY11 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAY09 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAY13 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAY14 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAY15 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAY08 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings (Mixed Color)

LAX90 : Faceted Amethyst with Citrine Earrings

LAX95 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAX94 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAX92 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAX89 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAX93 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAX99 : Pearl Earrings with Faceted Blue Topaz

LAW03 : Sterling Earrings

LAX86 : Chaorite Earrings

LAX80 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAX82 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

LAX81 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAX83 : Faceted Three Gems Earrings (Garnet, Iolite and Peridot)

LAX87 : Faceted Three Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, CZ and Peridot)

LAX85 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAX84 : Pearl Earrings

LAX78 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAX79 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAV93 : Amethyst Earrings

LAX19 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAX02 : Faceted Citrine Coir Earrings

LAX28 : Faceted Citrine Post Earrings

LAX29 : Faceted Iolite Butterfly Earrings

LAX05 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

LAX07 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAX22 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAX01 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAX03 : Faceted Three Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Citrine and Smoky Quartz)

LAX17 : Green Onyx Earrings

LAV90 : Rose Quartz Earrings

LAX24 : Rose Quartz Earrings

LAV71 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

LAV79 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

LAV68 : Faceted Blue Topaz Post Earrings

LAV74 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAV75 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAV66 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAX20 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAX21 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAU74 : Faux Ruby and Emerald Kundan Earwrap Earrings

LAT80 : Faceted Three Gemstone Earrings (Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire)

LAT64 : Flower Earrings

LAT60 : Gold Plated Jhumka Earrings

LAT82 : Gold Plated Peocock Earrings

LAT62 : Kundalini Earrings

LAT75 : Kundalini Earrings

LAT63 : Lakshmi Ganesha Earrings

LAT61 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

LAT86 : Sterling Earrings

LAT79 : Sterling Earrings

LAT59 : Tantric Goddess Gold Plated Earrings

LAV52 : Chaorite Earrings

LAI32 : Black Onyx Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone

LAI25 : Malachite Earrings

LAV32 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

LAV30 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

LAV36 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAV34 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAV29 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAV31 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

LAV35 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

LAV28 : Garnet Earrings

LAV33 : Rainbow Moonstone with Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JZO47 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAU98 : Amethyst Earrings

LAV07 : Faceted Amethyst and Peridot Earrings

LAV13 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAV15 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

LAV11 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAV23 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAV09 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Wirework

LAV21 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAV01 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAV14 : Faceted Iolite Flower Earrings

LAV03 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAV22 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

LAV04 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV02 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV10 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV12 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV08 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAU97 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV06 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAU99 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV05 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAV20 : Peru Chalcedony Earrings

LAV19 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV16 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV17 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAV18 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Earrings

JZU51 : Pearl Earrings with Garnet

JZV87 : Faceted Labradorite Umbrella Chandeliers

LAX91 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JYJ26 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Flower Post Earrings

LAR36 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXU45 : Faceted Green Onyx Half-Hoop Earrings

LAR10 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAQ62 : Hot-Pink Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

LAS42 : Inlay Earrings from Afghanistan

LAI34 : Lapis Lazuli Tops

JZO70 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Hoop Chandeliers

LAT21 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Gold Plated Butterfly Earrings

LAT25 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAT28 : Mystic Topaz with Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAT36 : Sterling Twirling Earrings

LAS08 : Sterling Crescent Earrings

LAS43 : Designer Inlay Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

LAQ77 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAQ99 : Faceted Amethyst Post Earrings

LAR37 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAR14 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAR11 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAR12 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAR33 : Nepalese Twin Hued Inlay Earrings

LAS48 : Arrow-Head Earrings

LAS11 : Earrings Inlaid With Real Turquoise

LAS47 : Earrings with Coral and Amber from Afghanistan

LAS12 : Inlay Earrings from Afghanistan

LAS15 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

LAS50 : Sterling Earrings

LAS44 : Sterling Flower Earrings

LAS49 : Sterling Peacock Earrings with Ghungroos

LAR93 : Garnet Post Earrings

LAS02 : Inlay Owl Tops

LAR92 : Kundalini Earrings

LAR89 : Labradorite Earrings

LAR96 : Labradorite Earrings

JXE82 : Crystal Earrings

JZS10 : Faceted Garnet and Green Onyx Earrings

LAR35 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXE55 : Faceted Carnelian, Black Onyx, Lemon Topaz and Amethyst Earrings

LAR08 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAR13 : Faceted Peridot Chakra Earrings

LAQ70 : Nepalese Inlay Flower Earrings

LAR34 : Twin-Hued Inlay Nepalese Flower Earrings

LAR09 : White CZ Post Earrings

JZS68 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

LAT76 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBJ88 : White Nose Ring

LAL92 : Black Onyx and Amethyst Shower Earrings

JZZ77 : Faceted Blue Topaz Gold Plated Tops

JZZ49 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings with Sterling Leaves

LAJ46 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

LAO24 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAP63 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAJ40 : Tourmalinated Quartz Gold plated Earrings

LAP75 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAP62 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

LAP67 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAE74 : Carnelian Earrings

LAF13 : Garnet Earrings

LAO23 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JZW07 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

LAO55 : Faceted Amethyst Post Earrings

LAO53 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAM57 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

LAO39 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZZ58 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Sterling Leaves

LAO52 : Faceted Garnet Tops

JZV89 : Faceted Labradorite Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

LAJ43 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAO56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZZ79 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Tops

JZV93 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAO25 : Faceted Citrine Post Earrings

JZW29 : Faceted Sunstone Earrings

JZV61 : Sterling Earrings with Garnet

JZZ63 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAK20 : Faceted Amethyst and Lemon Topaz Post Earrings

JZR69 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Tops

JZQ43 : Malachite Earrings

LAB28 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

JYN19 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

LAN01 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAM59 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAN03 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAM58 : Faceted Green Amethyst Post Earrings

JZZ27 : Blue Topaz Earrings with Pearl

JZZ28 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZZ33 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAJ45 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAO54 : Faceted Peridot Post Earrings

JZW31 : Green Mohave Turquoise Earrings

LAJ51 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZV63 : Lord Hanuman Earrings

LAN08 : Pink Tourmaline Star Earrings

LAK25 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAJ58 : Crystal Earrings

JZZ37 : Faceted Amethyst and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZW26 : Faceted Green Onxy Earrings

LAJ41 : Faceted Light Blue Chalcedony Gold Plated Earrings

JZZ31 : Navaratna Earrings

JZW21 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAK27 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

JZX95 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

LAK24 : Sterling Marquis Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAN09 : Faceted Tourmaline Post Earrings

LAN13 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAN07 : Faceted Green Amethyst Post Earrings

LAN10 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

LAN11 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

LAL99 : Citrine with Amber Earrings

LAL95 : Crystal with Citrine Earrings

LAL91 : Faceted Amethyst with Crystal Earrings

LAL98 : Faceted Amethyst with Pearl and Garnet Earrings

LAN02 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAL97 : Citrine with Pearl Earrings

LAL96 : Faceted Amethyst with Peridot Earrings

LAL43 : Amethyst Star Post Earrings

LAL77 : Faceted Amethyst with Citrine and Peridot

LAL37 : Kundalini Chakra Earrings with Faceted Peridot

LAL52 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAL66 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAL51 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Garnet

LAL71 : Navaratna Earrings

LAL59 : Sterling OM (AUM) Earrings

LAL04 : Larimar Earrings

LAL05 : Larimar Round-Shape Earrings

JZR63 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Gold Plated Post Earrings

JZY19 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZX96 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JZY09 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZX94 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

LAB45 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAB39 : Faceted Garnet Tops

LAB18 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAK03 : Labradorite Earrings

LAI60 : Blue Chalcedony Donut Earrings with Pearl

LAJ09 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAJ31 : Pearl and Amethyst Valentine Earrings

LAJ29 : Sterling Filigree Earrings with Faceted Citrine

LAJ21 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

LAI77 : Carnelian Tops

LAI91 : Carnelian Tops

LAI82 : Garnet Earrings

LAI74 : Labradorite Earrings

LAI86 : Malachite Post Earrings

LAI80 : Malachite Tops

LAI94 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAI69 : Rose Quartz Earrings

LAI95 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

LAI93 : Turquoise Earrings

LAH86 : Turquoise Endless Knot Nepalese Earrings

LAI63 : Amethyst Earrings

LAI45 : Black Onyx Tops

LAI65 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

LAI38 : Carnelian Earrings

LAI43 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAI50 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

LAI42 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

LAI40 : Garnet Earrings

LAI55 : Green Onyx Earrings

LAI46 : Lotus Earrings from Nepal with Amber, Coral and Turquoise

LAI52 : Malachite Earrings

LAI66 : Malachite Post Earrings

LAI57 : Malachite Tops

LAI56 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

LAD84 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAI44 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers with Lattice

LAI61 : Tiger Eye Earrings

LAI22 : Amethyst Designer Earrings

LAI28 : Black Onyx Earrings

LAI23 : Black Onyx Earrings

LAI36 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

LAI31 : Faceted Labradorite Gold Plated Earrings

LAI27 : Faceted Ruby Post Earrings

LAI37 : Fish Pair Earrings

LAI26 : Green Onyx Earrings

LAI33 : Labradorite Earrings

LAI24 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAI18 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAI30 : Sterling Heart-Shape Earrings

LAI21 : Sterling Large Hoop Earrings

LAI35 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

LAI20 : Sterling Sunflower Earrings

LAI11 : Turquoise Earrings

LAI05 : Black Onyx Tops

LAI04 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAI02 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

LAH99 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAI03 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAI01 : Turquoise Earrings

LAI06 : Turquoise Marquis Earrings

LAH75 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

LAH80 : Goddess White Tara Face Earrings (Carved in Stone with BT)

LAN12 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAH68 : Sponge Coral Earrings

LAH65 : Sponge Coral Earrings

LAH67 : Sponge Coral Earrings

LAH69 : Sponge Coral Earrings

LAH66 : Sponge Coral Post Earrings

JXW04 : Turquoise Earrings

LAG32 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAG20 : Peridot with Amethyst Earrings

LAG06 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAF74 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAG05 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAG10 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAG04 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAG07 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAE93 : Amethyst Earrings

LAE94 : Pearl Earrings

LAF24 : Black Onxy Earrings

LAF11 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

LAF14 : Carnelain Earrings

LAF20 : Carnelian Earrings

LAF01 : Carnelian Earrings

LAF09 : Carnelian Earrings

LAF28 : Carnelian Earrings

LAF25 : Garnet Earrings

LAF30 : Garnet Earrings

LAF27 : Garnet Earrings

LAF22 : Garnet Earrings

LAF31 : Garnet Earrings

LAF32 : Pearl Earrings

LAF29 : Pearl Earrings

LAF15 : Pearl Earrings

LAF26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAF19 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAF21 : Rose Quartz Earrings

LAF18 : Ruby Earrings

LAF17 : Ruby Marquis Earrings

LAF23 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

LAF12 : Rutilated Quartz Earrings

LAF02 : Rutilated Quartz Earrings

LAF10 : Sky Blue Chalcedony Earrings

LAF16 : Sunstone Earrings

LAE73 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE66 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE72 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE75 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE76 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE77 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE71 : Ruby Marquis Earrings

LAE65 : Ruby Ziosite Earrings

LAE58 : Black Onxy Earrings

LAE57 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE52 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE56 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE39 : Green Onyx Earrings

LAE51 : Pearl Earrings

LAE60 : Pearl Earrings

LAE50 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAE55 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAE54 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAE64 : Ruby Earrings

LAE61 : Ruby Ziosite

LAE59 : Ruby Ziosite Earrings

LAE44 : Blue Lace Agate Earrings

LAE46 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE42 : Carnelian Earrings

LAE37 : Carnelian Spiral Earrings

LAE45 : Garnet Earrings

LAE40 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAE43 : Pearl Earrings

LAE47 : Ruby Earrings

LAE41 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

LAI58 : Turquoise Earrings

LAD87 : Blue Topaz Gold Plated Post Earrings

LAD88 : Faceted Crystal Gold Plated Earrings

LAD96 : Navaratna Earrings

LAB26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAD90 : Sterling Citrine Rarrings

LAC60 : Sterling Earrings with Wood

LAD89 : Sterling Garnet Earrings

LAD91 : Tourmaline Earrings

LAD92 : Tourmaline Earrings

LAD94 : Tourmaline Earrings

LAD93 : Tourmaline Earrings (Mixed Color)

LAD57 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Earrings

LAC29 : Sterling Lattice Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAE24 : Fossil Earrings

LAE26 : Sterling Chakra Earrings

LAE25 : Sterling Shield Earrings with Granulation Work

LAE27 : Wood Earrings with Sterling Silver

LAD41 : Black Onxy Tops

LAD42 : Carnelian Tops

LAC64 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

LAD14 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAC74 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

LAC82 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAD13 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

LAC69 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAD40 : Lapis Lazuli Post Earrings

LAD43 : Malachite Tops

LAC72 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAC80 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

LAD12 : Navaratna Earrings

LAC68 : Navaratna Earrings

LAC73 : Navaratna Earrings

LAD05 : Navaratna Earrings

LAC70 : Navaratna Earrings

LAD11 : Navaratna Earrings

LAD04 : Navaratna Earrings With Emerald Border

LAC79 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Garnet

LAC81 : Sterling Victorian Cross Earrings with Faceted Blue Topaz

LAD44 : Turquoise Post Earrings

LAD39 : Turquoise Tops

LAC19 : Faceted Garnet Tops

LAB50 : Pearl Earrings

LAC30 : Pearl Earrings

LAC32 : Rainbow Moonstone Designer Earrings

LAC31 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAB48 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

LAB49 : Garnet Earrings

LAB47 : Garnet Earrings

LAB46 : Garnet Earrings

LAB51 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB20 : White Pearl Earrings

LAB15 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB10 : Sterling Earrings with Faceted Gems

LAB53 : Sterling Earrings With Gems

LAB52 : Sterling Silver Tops with Faceted Gems

LAB08 : Sterling Earrings with Gems

LAA49 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Earrings

JXI95 : Faceted Green and Black Onyx Earrings with Garnet

JXU85 : Faceted Prehnite Earrings with Amethyst

JYJ31 : Faceted Tourmaline Karnaphul (Flower Earrings)

JXM47 : Lord Ganesha Photo Earings

LAA52 : Sterling Earrings with Knotted Rope

JXL50 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXL44 : White CZ Earrings

LAB41 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAB33 : Agate Earrings

LAB09 : Carnelian Earrings

LAB07 : Garnet Earrings

LAB25 : Garnet Earrings

LAB40 : Garnet Earrings

LAB42 : Garnet Earrings

LAB44 : Garnet Earrings

LAB27 : Garnet Tops

LAB34 : Garnet Tops

LAB03 : Green Onxy Earrings

LAB35 : Green Onxy Earrings

LAB12 : Green Onxy Earrings

LAB29 : Pearl Earrings

LAB43 : Peridot Tops

LAB36 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAB32 : Ruby Zoisite

JXI51 : Carved Turquoise Shower Earrings with Pearl

JXD29 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXL41 : OM (AUM) Photo Earrings

JXJ90 : Tiger Eye and Faceted Citrine Earrings

LAA42 : Facetd Crystal Earrings

LAA84 : Faceted Tourmaline Pink Tops

LAA83 : Faceted Turquoise Pearl Earrings

LAA80 : Garnet Tops

LAA03 : Coral and Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAA12 : Faceted Iolite Tops

LAA09 : Faceted Peridot Bunch Earrings

LAA04 : Faceted Ruby Flower Earrings

JZZ97 : Fluorite Earrings

LAA05 : Lapis Lazuli Designer Earrings

JZZ95 : Rudraksha Earrings

LAD95 : Tormaline Earrings

JZU74 : CZ Meenakari Earrings

JZU98 : Faceted Blue Sunsitara Earrings

JZV68 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Crystal

LBE71 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZV92 : Sterling Earrings

JZV91 : Sterling Earrings

JZV94 : Sterling Earrings

JQQ11 : Endless Knot Earrings

JZW08 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JZT03 : Pink Tourmaline Star Earrings

JZV88 : Faceted Amethyst Gold plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JZU47 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZV69 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JZV82 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JZU73 : Navaratna Tops

LBE28 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LBE31 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZV19 : Light-Blue Designer Earrings

JZX02 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JZX03 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JZX04 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JZX01 : Sterling Filigree Vase-Shape Earrings

JZV47 : Kundan Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emerald

JZU48 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZU49 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZV86 : Moonstone Gold plated Hoop Earrings

JZU82 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZV70 : Sterling Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JZW03 : Tourmaline Drop Earrings

JZV95 : Labradorite Earrings

JZV55 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZU52 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZU58 : Pearl Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JXC95 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXN20 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JZT02 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JZT29 : Turquoise Earrings with Marcasite

JZT40 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZT66 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZT68 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZT55 : Faceted Amethyst Sunflower Earrings

JZT50 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JZT48 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZT37 : Faceted Citrine Marquis Earrings

JZT53 : Faceted Citrine Sunflower Earrings

JZT49 : Faceted Garnet Flower Earrings

JZT63 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZT56 : Faceted Peridot Flower Earrings

JZT71 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Garnet and Sterling Leaves

JZT47 : Garnet Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZT67 : Pearl Earrings with Faceted Garnet and Sterling Leaves

JZT46 : Pearl Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JZT43 : White Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings

JZS35 : Faceted Labradorite Umbrella Chandeliers with Pearl

JZS83 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JZT05 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZS69 : Sterling Ganesha Earrings

JZS98 : Ruby Zoisite Post Earrings

JZS19 : Carnelian Shower Earrings

JZS20 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings with Garnet

JZS11 : Faceted Labradorite Umbrella Chandeliers with Pearl

JZR97 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAP66 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JZR87 : Amethyst Tops

JZR71 : CZ Gold Plated Tops

JZR72 : Faceted Crystal Gold Plated Post Earrings

JZR70 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Gold Plated Post Earrings

JZR67 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Tops

JZR65 : Faceted Apatite Gold Plated Post Earrings

JZR64 : Faceted Black Spinel Gold Plated Tops

JZR66 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JZR77 : Faceted Garnet Tops

JZR76 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Tops

JZR68 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JZS13 : Sterling Earrings with Knotted Rope

JZS09 : Sterling Post Earrings

JZT01 : Faceted Tourmaline Leaves Earrings

JZR43 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

LAD83 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings With Faceted Gems

JZQ45 : Agate Earrings

JZQ49 : Amethyst Earrings

JZQ52 : Amethyst Earrings

JZQ54 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZQ44 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZQ48 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZQ51 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZQ53 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZQ38 : Sterling Ganesha Earrings

JZQ55 : Sugilite Earrings

JZQ56 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZQ47 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZP79 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZP37 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JZP12 : Labradorite Tops

JZP11 : Malachite Post Earrings

JZP10 : Rainbow Moonstone Tops

JZO90 : Faux Pearl Designer Meenakari Earrings with Golden Accent

JZO87 : Polki Pink Jhumka Earrings

JZO75 : Amethyst Tops

JZO77 : Carnelian Earrings

JZO64 : Garnet Earrings

JZO71 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZO76 : Labradorite Tops

JZO72 : Malachite Earrings

JZO74 : Malachite Earrings

JZO63 : Garnet Earrings

JZO55 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO57 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO59 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO61 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO56 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO54 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO58 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO60 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO62 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO44 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO29 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO34 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO36 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO40 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO42 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO46 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZO37 : Garnet Earrings

JZO45 : Garnet Earrings

JZO33 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZO41 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO31 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO35 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZO43 : Malachite Earrings

JZO48 : Malachite Earrings

JZO32 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZO30 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JZO49 : Turquoise Earrings

JZO24 : Amethyst Earrings

JZO23 : Carnelian Earrings

JZO69 : Faceted Amethyst Hoop Earrings

JZO68 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Hoop Earrings

JZO22 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZO67 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Hoop Earrings

JZO28 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZO25 : Malachite Earrings

JZO65 : Pearl Hoop Earrings

JZO66 : Peridot Hoop Earrings

JZO26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZO27 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZN75 : Crystal-Color Valentine Earrings with Golden Accent

JZN77 : Faux Pearl Designer Earrings with Golden Accent

JZN71 : Pink Cut Glass Flower Earrings with Golden Accent

JWZ81 : Ruby Earrings

LBA28 : Larimar Earrings

JZQ46 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZQ42 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZQ41 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZQ50 : Smoky Quartz Tops

JWK63 : Turquoise Earrings

JYN14 : Sterling Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

JXU60 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JZN09 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZN28 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Inlay Earrings

JZN14 : Garnet Earrings

JZN12 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZN10 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZN08 : Malachite Earrings

JZN11 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZN13 : Turquoise Earrings

JZM96 : Garnet Earrings

JZM95 : Malachite Earrings

JZM94 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZM71 : Gold Plated Flying Birds Earrings

JZM64 : Labradorite Earrings

JZM65 : Peridot Earrings

JZM72 : Peridot Earrings

JZM66 : Ruby Hoop Chandeliers

JZM68 : Sterling Chandeliers

JZM70 : Sterling Gold Plated Art Noveau Earrings

JZM69 : Sterling Gold Plated Spider's Web Earrings

JZM58 : Amethyst Earrings

JZM57 : Beer-Lemon Topaz Hoop Earrings

JZM56 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZM59 : Carnelian Earrings

JZM53 : Faceted Carnelian Hoop Earrings

JZM55 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZM51 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZM52 : Pearl Earrings

JZM60 : Pearl Earrings

JZM50 : Pearl Hoop Earrings

JZM54 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZM28 : Blue Chalcedony Post Earrings

JZM35 : Carnelian Tops

JZM30 : Faceted Emerald Post Earrings

JZM29 : Faceted Ruby Tops

JZM34 : Green Onyx Post Earrings

JZM36 : Prehnite Post Earrings

JZM33 : Rainbow Moonstone Tops

JZM31 : Rose Quartz Tops

JZM32 : Tiger Eye Post Earrings

JZL81 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JZL80 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZR73 : Coral Tops

JZR94 : CZ Earrings

JZR75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JZR78 : White CZ Tops

LAG30 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JZV90 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZW13 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZC06 : Kyanite Earrings

JZK93 : Labradorite Flower Earrings

JZL78 : Mystic Topaz Tops

JYI59 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JXQ70 : Fine Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYN08 : Garnet Earrings

JXI64 : Mridangam Earrings

JZL61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZL62 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZL63 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZL12 : Labradorite Earrings

JZL16 : Labradorite Earrings

JZL17 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZL21 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZL02 : Labradorite Earrings

JZK96 : Labradorite Earrings

JZK98 : Labradorite Earrings

JZL05 : Labradorite Earrings

JZL08 : Labradorite Earrings

JZL01 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZK95 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZK91 : Labradorite Earrings

JZK79 : Larimar Earrings

JYI69 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Tops

JYJ21 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYI67 : Faceted Tourmaline Tops

JYN11 : Malachite Earrings

LAX25 : Chaorite Earrings

JYN20 : Enameled Blooming Flower Earrings with Coral

JYI68 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Tops

JYK16 : Filigree Earrings with Faceted Garnet and Iolite

JYN24 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYN07 : Amethyst Earrings

JZK61 : Amethyst Earrings

JYF33 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZK71 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZK56 : Garnet Semi Circle Earrings

JZK57 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZK63 : Green Onyx Semi Circle Earrings

JZC72 : Kundan Flower Earrings with Faux Pearl

JZK72 : Pearl Semi Circle Earrings

JYN40 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZK59 : Turquoise and Coral Bee Earrings

JZK55 : Amethyst and Tourmaline Earrings

JZK54 : Bunch of Pearl Earrings

JYN15 : Enameled Flower Earrings with Turquoise

JYI74 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYJ18 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Tops

JYI75 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZK52 : Garnet Earrings

JZK51 : Larimar Earrings

JZK44 : Moonstone Earrings

JYK18 : Peridot Filigree Earrings

JYK33 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZK49 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JYN13 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JYK25 : Tiger Eye Tops

JZK37 : Goddess Kali Earrings

JZK28 : Labradorite Earrings

JZK35 : Navaratna Earrings

JZK29 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZJ56 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZJ60 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZJ57 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JZJ58 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JZK01 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Peridot

JZJ59 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Peridot and Garnet

JZI54 : Mystic Topaz Hinged Earrings

JZI19 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZR79 : Faceted Iolite Tops

JXO52 : Labradorite Earrings

JZD96 : Lord Ganesha Gold Plated Earrings

JZI53 : Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZI55 : Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JZJ19 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ13 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ15 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ14 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ18 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ20 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZJ16 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings (Mixed Color)

JZJ01 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZJ03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZJ02 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZI12 : Dragon Fly Earrings

JZI20 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JZI10 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZI70 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

JZI75 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Star Earrings

JZI17 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZI76 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZI13 : Faceted Tourmaline Leaves Earrings

JZI15 : Turquoise Earrings

JZI18 : Turquoise Earrings

JZH85 : Blue Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZH83 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZH84 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZH81 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZH80 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZH82 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZH86 : Labradorite Earrings

JZH87 : Sterling Duck Earrings

JZH64 : Carnelian Earrings

JZH63 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JZH58 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZH60 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Leaf Earrings

JZH68 : Malachite Earrings

JZH59 : Pearl Earrings

JZH70 : Pink Pearl Earrings

JZH61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZH49 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZH44 : Pearl Earrings

JZH46 : Rainbow Moonstone and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZH31 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JZH20 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Earrings with Blooming Flowers

JZH18 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

JZH25 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Earrings

JZH19 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Floral Earrings

JZH21 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Star Earrings

JZH17 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JZH28 : Garnet Earrings

JZH26 : Leaf Earrings with Turquoise

JZH27 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZH29 : Wood Earrings with Sterling Discs

JZH09 : Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JZH16 : Carved Green Onyx Earrings

JZH11 : Carved Turquoise Earrings with Pearl Bunch

JZH13 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZH12 : Hot-Pink Quartz Earrings

JZH10 : Triple Gemstone Gold Plated Hoop Chandeliers (Faceted Garnet, Amethyst and Carnelian)

JZE98 : Labradorite Earrings

JZF12 : Amethyst Earrings

JZG29 : Faceted Amethyst and Pearl Umbrella Chandeliers

JZG34 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZG24 : Faceted Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings

JZG32 : Faceted Carnelian and Rainbow Moonstone Umbrella Chandeliers

JZG36 : Faceted Garnet and Peridot Earrings

JZG27 : Faceted Iolite Gold Plated Earrings

JZG05 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JZG35 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZG28 : Faceted Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers

JZG25 : Faceted Ruby Gold Plated Earrings

JZG33 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Earrings with Filigree Sterling Leaves

JZG30 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JZG18 : Goddess Durga Earrings

JZG31 : Green Chalcedony Earrings

JZG23 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Sterling Filigree Leaves

JZG16 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JZG19 : Peacock Pair Earrings of Sterling Silver

JZG21 : Sterling Earrings

JZG20 : Sterling Earrings

JZG26 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JZG22 : Tiger Eye Flower Earrings

JZF13 : Blue Sunsitara Earrings

JZF98 : Carved Green Onyx Earrings with Faceted Beads

JZG02 : Crescent Inlay Earrings

JZF99 : Crescent Inlay Earrings

JZF80 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JZF75 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JZF96 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JZF78 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZF95 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZG04 : Faceted Green Chalcedony Earrings

JZF81 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JZF76 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JZF79 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZF10 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZF11 : Malachite Earrings

JZF84 : OM (AUM) Earrings

JZF77 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZG03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZF93 : Shower Earrings of Sterling Silver

JZF94 : Sterling Beaded Earrings

JZF87 : Sterling Beaded Earrings

JZF83 : Sterling Beaded Earrings with Paisley

JZF91 : Sterling Earrings

JZF97 : Sterling Earrings with Gold Plated Beads

JZF86 : Sterling Inverted Flowers Earrings

JZF88 : Sterling Melon Earrings

JZF85 : Sterling Shower Earrings

JZF90 : Sterling Shower Earrings

JZF92 : Sterling Shower Earrings

JZF82 : Sterling Shower Earrings

JZF89 : Sterling Vegetative Earrings

JZF73 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZF08 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JZF72 : Rainbow Moonstone Semi-Circular Earrings with Granulation Work

JZF71 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JZF04 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JZF06 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JZF02 : Sterling Crescent Earrings

JZF01 : Sterling Elephant Earrings

JZF07 : Sterling Jhumka Earrings

JZF05 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JZF03 : Turquoise V-Shaped Earrings

JZE41 : Designer Turquoise Earrings

JZE22 : Amethyst Gold Plated Chandeliers

JZE18 : Carnelian Donut Earrings

JZE13 : Faceted Amethyst Blooming Flower Post Earrings

JZE19 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JZE20 : Faceted Black Onyx Hoop Earrings

JZE16 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JZE14 : Mandala Inlay Earrings with Coral

JZE17 : Sterling Flower Earrings

JZE21 : Sterling Flower Earrings

JZE15 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JZE09 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZD94 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZD95 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZE07 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZD93 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Earrings

JZE12 : Pearl V-Shaped Earring

JWR12 : Faceted Iolite Chain Necklace

JYY50 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYY52 : Navaratna Earrings

JZD64 : Green Onyx and Peridot Earrings

JZD61 : Labradorite Earrings

JZD66 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZD58 : Amethyst Earrings

JZD56 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZD59 : Carnelian Earrings

JZD48 : Crystal Earrings

JZD60 : Garnet Earrings

JZD65 : Gemstones Bunch Earrings

JZD53 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZD52 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZD62 : Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JZD68 : Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JZD50 : Turquoise Earrings

JZD38 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JZD26 : Malachite Earrings

JZD40 : Pearl Earrings

JZD47 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZD37 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZD25 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD27 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD29 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD30 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD28 : Sterling Inlay Star Earrings

JZD15 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JYY24 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone and Black Onyx Earrings

JYY23 : Faceted Tourmaline and Carnelian Shower Earrings

JYY22 : Faceted Tourmaline Umbrella Chandeliers with Lemon Topaz

JZD12 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZD16 : Sterling Inlay Designer Earrings

JZD13 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD14 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD22 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JZD17 : Sterling Inlay Pear-Shape Earrings

JZD18 : Sterling Inlay Star Earrings

JYY89 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JYY91 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JYY87 : Labradorite Bunch Earrings

JYY90 : Peridot and Malachite Earrings

JYY88 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYY95 : Three Gemstone Meenakari Earrings (Garnet, Carnelian and Citrine)

JYY72 : Black Tourmaline Earrings

JYY68 : Coral Earrings

JYY77 : Coral Mandala Earrings with Coral

JYY71 : Emerald Earrings

JYY74 : Emerald Earrings

JYY76 : Emerald Earrings

JYY70 : Navaratna Earrings

JYY73 : Navaratna Earrings

JYY75 : Sapphire Earrings

JYY67 : Sterling Shower Earrings

JYY65 : Three Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Lemon Topaz)

JYY66 : Crescent and Star Earrings

JZB18 : Sunstone Earrings

JZC91 : Sterling Rose Earrings

JZC93 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JYY13 : Navaratna Earrings

JZC90 : Sterling Elephant Earrings

JZC92 : Sterling Earrings

JYY03 : Tourmaline Drop Earrings

JYY05 : Tourmaline Drop Earrings

JZB19 : Carnelian Earrings

JZB15 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZB17 : Garnet Earrings

JWW48 : Malachite Earrings

JZB12 : Turquoise Earrings

JZC32 : Navaratna Earrings

JZC31 : Amethyst Earrings

JZC34 : Black Onyx Gold Plated Earrings

JZC08 : Carnelian Wheel Earrings

JZC09 : Carved Amethyst Post Earrings

JZC12 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Pearl Border

JZC10 : Pearl Earrings

JZC11 : Pearl Earrings with CZ

JZC33 : Pink Opal Gold Plated Earrings

JZC35 : Sterling Filigree Flower Earrings

JZC07 : Sunstone Earrings

JXI36 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Shower Earrings

JXI40 : Faceted Garnet and Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JXI47 : Faceted Garnet and Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JXL12 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Shower Earrings

LBJ89 : Blue Nose Ring

LBJ87 : Pink Nose Stud

JZB90 : Amethyst Earrings

JXU84 : Citrine Beaded Earrings

JZB87 : Crescent Earrings with Pearl Flower

JXU33 : Crystal Umbrella and Carnelian Designer Earrings

JZB88 : Enameled Floral Earrings with Green Onyx

JXI44 : Faceted Black Onyx and Citrine with Gold Plated Earrings

JXY78 : Faceted Orange Quartz Shower Earrings

JYD92 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZB89 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JRZ26 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JZB86 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXP18 : Spiral Gold Plated Earrings

JZB69 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZB28 : Amber Earrings

JZB11 : Amethyst Earrings

JZB27 : Black Onyx Earrings

JZB13 : Green Onyx Earrings

JZB25 : Labradorite Earrings

JZB23 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZB16 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JZB22 : Pearl Earrings

JZB24 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JZB21 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JZB26 : Tibetan Turquoise Earrings

JZB10 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JZB61 : Faux Emerald Earrings

JYY04 : Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JZA04 : Faceted Black Spinel Earrings

JYZ97 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JZA03 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JZA05 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings with Amethyst

JZA02 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JYZ94 : Pearl Earrings

JYZ93 : Pearl Earrings

JYZ95 : Pearl Earrings

JYZ92 : Pearl Post Earrings

JYZ91 : Pearl Tops

JYZ96 : Pearl Tops

JZC71 : Kundan Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emerald

JZS16 : Crystal Post Earrings

JZR88 : Rose Quartz Tops

JWN76 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JYZ13 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYZ14 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JYA94 : Three Gemstone Earrings (Citrine, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli)

JXJ32 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXI94 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JXV16 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXJ14 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JQN47 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXW10 : Malachite Earrings

JXK06 : Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JXI81 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXK26 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXJ68 : Faceted Peridot Dragonfly Earrings

JXJ09 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXK96 : Garnet Earrings

JXI55 : Green Onyx Earrings

JXJ95 : Green Onyx Earrings with Peridot

JWI98 : Inlay Watermelon Earrings

JUH08 : Meenakari Earrings with Gemstones (Black Onyx, Garnet and Lapis Lazuli)

JYX87 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYX88 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXK30 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXK99 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JYX80 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JYX65 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JFL83 : Gemstone Earrings (Green Onyx, Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone, Black Onyx and Tiger Eye)

JYJ27 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYI60 : Faceted Tourmaline Tops

JYX51 : Tourmaline Drop Earrings

JYX40 : Faceted Amethyst Shower Earrings

JYX46 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JYX31 : Faceted Labradorite Hoop Earrings

JYX38 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYX36 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers with Gold Plated Beads

JYX32 : Tibetan Turquoise Earrings with Lattice

JYY06 : Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JYR77 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JYR78 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JYW82 : Tibetan Turquoise Pear-Shape Earrings

JBB15 : Coral Post Earrings

JDN22 : Green Onyx Bunch Earrings

JKV52 : Turquoise Dangling Earrings with Coral

JBC85 : Yellow Chalcedony Chunky Earrings

JYW80 : Navaratna Post Earrings

JYT09 : Turquoise Earrings

JYW66 : Carnelian Earrings

JYW67 : Green Onyx Earrings

JYW64 : Labradorite Earrings

JYW65 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JBB45 : Turquoise Earrings

JYW29 : CZ Gold Plated Twirling Earrings

JYW36 : Sterling Gold Plated Meenakari Flower Earrings

JYW18 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings with CZ

JYW12 : Faceted BT Earrings with Peridot

JYW19 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYW15 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYW20 : Faceted Turquoise Earrings

JYW17 : Faceted Turquoise Earrings

JYW13 : Faceted Turquoise Earrings with Sterling Filigree Leaves

JYW14 : Pearl Earrings

JYW16 : Rutilated Quartz Earrings

JYW10 : Blue Mystic Topaz Gold Plated Earrings

JYW06 : Coral Flower Earrings

JYV76 : Handcrafted Hoop Chandeliers

JYV63 : Amethyst Earrings

JYV67 : Black Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers

JYV70 : Labradorite Earrings

JYV69 : Navaratna Earrings

JYV66 : Peacock Meenakari Earrings with Faceted Green Onyx

JYV71 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JYV64 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYV65 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JYV68 : Turquoise Earrings with Lattice

JYV49 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

JYV46 : Smoky Quartz Chandeliers with Faceted Garnet

JYV56 : Sterling Inlay Earrings

JYV47 : Three Gemstones Earrings (Black Onyx, MOP and Pink Tourmaline)

JYV48 : Tourmaline Drops Earrings

JYV16 : Amethyst Earrings

JYV19 : Carnelian Donut Chandeliers with Green Onyx

JYV17 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JYV20 : Peacock Meenakari Earrings

JYV21 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYU64 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JYU65 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JYU61 : Labradorite Earrings

JYU66 : Labradorite Earrings

JYU62 : Peridot Art Nouveau Earrings

JYT94 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYU02 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYT79 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Post Earrings

JYT80 : Labradorite Earrings

JYT77 : Pearl Earrings

JYT78 : Sterling Gold Plated Hoops Earrings

JYT66 : Amber and Coral Arrowhead Afghani Earrings

JYT68 : Chakra Inlay Earrings

JYT70 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYT67 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYT73 : Faceted Sunstone Earrings

JYT71 : Green Mohave Turquoise Earrings

JYT65 : Turquoise Earrings

JYT72 : Turquoise Earrings

JYT74 : Turquoise Marquis Earrings

JYT37 : Amber Earrings

JYT45 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXP24 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Earrings

JYT04 : Chakra Earrings with Ghungroo

JYT03 : Sterling Earrings with Knotted Rope

JYT05 : Sterling Lattice Earrings (Mixed Design)

JYT06 : Sterling Small Earrings with Knotted Rope

JYT01 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYS91 : Black Onyx Tops

JYS92 : Coral Earrings

JYS99 : Coral Tops

JYS94 : CZ Tops

JYS90 : Faceted Amethyst Post Earrings

JYS97 : Faceted Amethyst Tops

JYS98 : Faceted Citrine Post Earrings

JYS96 : Faceted Peridot Tops

JYS95 : Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JYS89 : Rose Quartz Tops

JYS87 : Coral Post Earrings

JYS88 : Coral Tops

JYS86 : Faceted BT Tops

JYS36 : Blue Topaz Post Earrings

JYS35 : Faceted Garnet Tops

JYS18 : Faceted Peridot Tops

JYS34 : Green Onyx Post Earrings

JYS33 : Coral Post Earrings

JYR79 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Lattice

JYQ88 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JYR04 : Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst

JYQ84 : Faceted Gemstone Post Earrings

JYQ75 : Turquoise Umbrella Chandeliers

JYQ74 : Faceted Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers with Pearl

JYQ49 : Faceted Sunstone Earrings

LBE21 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYQ40 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings

JYQ43 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JYQ41 : Peacock Earrings

JYQ38 : Pearl Umbrella Chandeliers

JYQ39 : Turquoise Chandeliers

JYQ42 : Turquoise Earrings

JYP68 : Peridot Earrings

JYP73 : Peridot Earrings

JYP54 : Faceted Citrine Bunch Earrings

JYP52 : Faceted Labradorite Bunch Earrings

JYP55 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Earrings

JYO97 : Sterling Earrings with Charm

JYO89 : Sterling Earrings with Knotted Rope

JYO98 : Sterling Earrings with Knotted Rope

JYO99 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYO96 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYO01 : Faceted Labradorite Dangling Earrings

JYO06 : Faux-Garnet Earrings with Cut Glass

JYO04 : Sterling Ghungroo Chandelier Earrings

JYO07 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JYT76 : Turquoise Earrings

JXL49 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JXL66 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVC82 : Faceted Sapphire Earrings

JXO19 : Turquoise Earrings

JYF43 : Faceted Amethyst Hoops Earrings

JYF28 : Faceted Green Chalcedony Earrings

JYJ25 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYN09 : Green Onyx Earrings

JYK09 : Peridot Lattice Chandeliers

JYK29 : Sterling Antiquated Warrior Earrings

JYN23 : Amethyst Earrings

JZR86 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JYG42 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYK19 : Faceted Iolite Lattice Earrings

JYF38 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JZJ17 : Faceted Square-Shape Tourmaline Earrings

JYI72 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYI71 : Faceted Tourmaline Tops

JYN36 : Green Onyx Earrings

JYK13 : Peridot Spiral Chandeliers

JYN10 : Turquoise Earrings

JYY69 : Ruby Earrings

JYN12 : Carnelian Earrings

JYN26 : CZ Tops

JYN16 : Inlay Earrings

JYN38 : Malachite Earrings

JYN22 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYN25 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JYK10 : Art Nouveau Iolite Chandeliers

JYJ28 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JYK12 : Handcrafted Peridot and Gannet Chandeliers

JYJ19 : Tourmaline Flower Earrings

JLY58 : Double Rose Quartz Earrings

JYK03 : Antiquated Earrings Showing Goddess Kali in the Birth-Giving Posture

JXL91 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXI18 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXV18 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JUH07 : Garnet and Citrine Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers

JXW31 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JYM76 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

JXV20 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXQ74 : Faceted Garnet Drop Bunch Earrings

JXV05 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JYM75 : Garnet Earrings

JYM79 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXL90 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXW30 : Turquoise Earrings

JXL68 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JYM40 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JYM51 : Labradorite Earrings

JYM46 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYM47 : Pearl Earrings

JYM48 : Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JYM41 : Turquoise Earrings

JYF30 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JYK17 : Sterling Lattice Earrings

JYI77 : Faceted Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYG38 : Faceted Amethyst Hoops Earrings

JYD95 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with CZ

JYI64 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYK20 : Sterling Lattice Earrings

JYK15 : Sterling Lattice Flower Earrings

JNK59 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JYG36 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JYK11 : Sterling Lattice Earrings

JXS18 : Faceted Peridot Chandeliers

JYL40 : Sunstone Earrings

JYL27 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JYL26 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JYL31 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JYL29 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Tops

JYK23 : Blue Mystic Topaz Gold Plated Earrings

JYK14 : Faceted Aquamarine Filigree Chandeliers

JYK08 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings with Filigree

JYK05 : Peridot Bunch Earrings

JYK06 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYK02 : Tiger Eye Cross Earrings

JYJ99 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JYF41 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXE07 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JYI65 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Tops

JYF39 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Earrings

JYJ30 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYI63 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JYJ29 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYG40 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYF37 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Earrings

JYJ24 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYJ17 : Faceted Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYF32 : Gray Moonstone Earrings

JXY66 : Carnelian and Garnet Earrings

JRV90 : Sterling Filigree Earrings with Charms

JYI70 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JYI62 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JYI73 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Tops

JYI66 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Earrings

JYI61 : Faceted Tourmaline Leaves Earrings

JYF29 : Faceted BT Drop Earrings

JXI53 : Amethyst Earrings

JXU54 : Black Onyx and Blue Chalcedony half Hoop Earrings

JXC94 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXS70 : Carved Lemon Topaz Earrings

JYB45 : CZ Earrings

JXV19 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXI75 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Tourmaline

JXJ04 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXL09 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXL76 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXJ12 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXJ39 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXU42 : Faceted Gemstone Bunch Earrings

JXJ97 : Faceted Gemstone Dragonfly Earrings (Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst and Peridot)

JXJ19 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings with Garnet

JXK38 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JXI85 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JXC73 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXI74 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JUJ52 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JXV09 : Labradorite Earrings

JXK27 : Peridot and Amethyst Chandeliers

JXN63 : Peridot Shower Earrings

JUJ96 : Pink and Black Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK08 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JXL80 : Prehnite Earrings

JXL73 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXW01 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXJ92 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWH81 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JYB58 : Sterling Meenakari Earrings

JXW12 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JYH20 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYH21 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYH22 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Earrings

JYF42 : Faceted Crystal Hoops Earrings

JYF31 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JYF36 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JYH06 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYH07 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYH09 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JYH08 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings with Blooming Flowers

JYH05 : Faceted Tourmaline Star Earrings

JYG41 : Faceted BT Earrings

JYG39 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYF35 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JYG35 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JYF40 : Faceted Green Fluorite Earrings with CZ

JYF34 : Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JYD99 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Sterling Star

JYD93 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JYD97 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JYD98 : Faceted Monalisa Earrings

JYD85 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JYD84 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JYD88 : Faceted Turquoise Earrings

JYD94 : Turquoise Earrings

JXS67 : Amber Earrings

JXS66 : Dangling Fish Pair Earrings

JXV10 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXU11 : Krishna's Peacock Feather (Pendant)

JXT71 : Lotus Earrings

JXS65 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JXT70 : Tabla Earrings

JXU10 : Yantra Earrings

JYD28 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Gold Plated Earrings

JYD27 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Bunch Earrings

JPA10 : Amethyst Spiral Earrings (The Perpetual Motion of Life)

JXX82 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXX56 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings with Faceted Citrine

JXX57 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXX58 : Pearl Earrings with Charm

JYC91 : Faceted Amethyst Chandeliers with Garnet

JYC67 : Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JYC73 : Faceted Labradorite Chandeliers

JYC23 : Faceted Citrine Umbrella Chandeliers

JYB90 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYB91 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYC18 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JYC24 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers with Gold Plated Beads

JXU44 : Black Onyx Earrings

JXV08 : Carnelian Earrings

JXU87 : Citrine and Iolite Showers

JXU80 : Coral Earrings

JXU58 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Smi-Hopp Earrings

JXU86 : Garnet and Citrine Earrings

JXT95 : Garnet Dragonfly Earrings

JXT73 : OM Earrings

JXU61 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXU68 : Turquoise and Coral Tube Earrings

JYA36 : Amethyst Earrings

JYB42 : Black Onyx Earrings

JYA82 : Blue Chalcedony Shower Earrings

JYA76 : Citrine Shower Earrings

JYB29 : Citrine with Pearl Earrings

JYB53 : Faceted Amethyst with Black Pearl Hoops Earrings

JYB51 : Faceted Carnelian Hoops Earrings

JYB31 : Faceted Citrine and Peridot Earrings

JYB52 : Faceted Citrine with Black Pearl Shower Earrings

JXW27 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JYB61 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYB27 : Faceted Peridot and Amethyst Shower Earrings

JXW24 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JYB46 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JYB48 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JYB32 : Garnet Bunch Earrings with Faceted Labradorite

JYB37 : Garnet Earrings

JYB25 : Gemstone Beaded Earrings (Black Pearl, Citrine and Amethyst)

JYA91 : Gemstone Bunch Earrings (Peridot, Citrine and Lapis Lazuli)

JYB50 : Gemstone Chandeliers (Peridot, Prehnite and Black Onyx)

JYA96 : Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Peridot and Citrine)

JYB30 : Gemstone Earrings (Peridot, Pearl and Rose Quartz)

JYB49 : Gemstone Shower Earrings (Pearl, Garnet and Smoky Quartz)

JYB39 : Labradorite Earrings

JYB35 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JYB62 : Malachite Earrings

JYB26 : Multi-color Pearl Shower Earrings

JYB24 : Pearl Earrings

JYB41 : Pearl Earrings

JYA93 : Peridot Beaded Earrings with Garnet

JXW28 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYA22 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYB38 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JYB34 : Red Stone Earrings

JYA88 : Rose Quartz Dangling Bunch Earrings

JYB28 : Shower Earrings of Faceted Labradorite and Carnelian

JYB40 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JYB54 : Sterling Meenakari Earrings

JYB55 : Sterling Meenakari Flower Earrings

JYB60 : Sterling Meenakari Flower Earrings

JYB59 : Sterling Meenakari Post Earrings with Charms

JYB57 : Sterling Meenakari Tops

JYB44 : Turquoise Earrings

JXB46 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JYA79 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

JYA87 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYA98 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYA89 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JYA83 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JYA84 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JYA80 : Gemstone Bunch Earrings (Pearl, Carnelian and Citrine)

JYA97 : Gemstone Earrings (Peridot, Citrine and Lapis Lazuli)

JYA86 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXW03 : Pearl Earrings

JYA78 : Triple Gemstone Earrings (Carnelian, Black Onyx and Citrine)

JXW26 : Labradorite Earrings

JXW05 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXW14 : Pearl and Green Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers with Meenakari

JXW22 : Pearl Earrings

LBJ90 : Blue Nose Stud

JXW20 : Carved Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXV98 : CZ Earrings

JXW19 : Faceted Labradorite Bunch Earrings

JXW21 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXW02 : Labradorite Earrings

JXW06 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXW08 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXW15 : Turquoise and Pearl Umbrella Chandeliers with Meenakari

JYB36 : Amethyst Earrings

JXV36 : Abalone and Garnet Earrings

JXV56 : Amethyst and Blue Topaz Showers

JXV12 : Amethyst Earrings

JXV40 : Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JXV59 : Blue Topaz and Smoky Earrings

JXV57 : Carnelian and Garnet Shower Earrings

JYA95 : Citrine and Peridot Earrings

JYB33 : Citrine, Peridot & Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXV14 : CZ Earrings

JYA92 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYB47 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXV11 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXV17 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXV37 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JXV15 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXV48 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXV21 : Fine Cut Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXV13 : Fine Cut Triple Amethyst Earrings

JXV64 : Garnet Hoop Cascade Earrings

JYA77 : Gemstone Cascade Earrings

JYA75 : Gold Plated Amethyst Earrings

JXV61 : Moonstone Hoop Cascade Earrings

JXV55 : Natural Crystal Earrings

JXV53 : Natural Crystal Earrings

JXV47 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXV58 : Smoky, Amethyst Shower Earrings

JYB56 : Sterling Meenakari Earrings

JXV38 : Sunstone and Garnet Earrings

JXV54 : Valentine Earrings

JXU34 : Carved Carnelian Umbrella Chandeliers with Peridot

JXU56 : Faceted Citrine with Carnelian

JXT72 : Kundalini Earrings

JXU09 : Lotus Earrings

JXU31 : Monalisa Earrings

JXU89 : Multi-color Earrings with Carnelian

JXT66 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXU07 : Elephant Earrings

JXU69 : Emerald and Coral Earrings

JXV04 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXT87 : Rainbow Moonstone Dragonfly Earrings

JXT65 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXV06 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXV03 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JQU65 : Faceted Prehnite Chandeliers

JXS68 : Faceted Aquamarine Beaded Shower Earrings

JXS61 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JXS69 : Faceted Multi-color Gemstone Shower Earrings (Peridot, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Citrine)

JXS60 : Faceted Sapphire Earrings

JXS07 : Carnelian Earrings

JXS02 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Pearl

JXS13 : Faceted Black Onyx Chandeliers

JXS06 : Faceted BT Chandeliers with Black Onyx

JXR99 : Faceted Carnelian Chandeliers

JXS04 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Pearl

JXS20 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXS11 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Pearl

JXS08 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Pearl

JXS01 : Green Onyx Earrings

JXS14 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXS10 : Malachite Earrings

JXS05 : Pearl Earrings

JXS12 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXR63 : Garnet Earrings

JXR62 : MOP Earrings

JXL92 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXL38 : Carnelian Earrings

JXL54 : Dangling Pearl Spiral Earrings

JXY98 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JXJ93 : Amethyst Earrings

JXL24 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JXM44 : Chenrezig Face Earrings

JXQ73 : CZ Dangling Drop Earrings

JXI73 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXJ05 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXI43 : Faceted Black Onyx and Peridot with Gold Plated Earrings

JXI23 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXI46 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JXJ38 : Faceted Garnet and Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JXJ16 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXJ72 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXJ03 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JXL53 : Labradorite Earrings

JXL45 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXL71 : Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXK34 : Rainbow Moonstone and Carnelian Bunch Earrings

JXL70 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXJ94 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings with Smoky Quartz

JXI41 : Faceted Amethyst with Gold Plated Earrings

JXY68 : Coral and Turquoise Earrings

JXY87 : Faceted Hessonite Earrings

JXY73 : Amethyst and Garnet Earrings

JXY67 : Black Onyx and Garnet Earrings

JXY69 : Blue Sun Sitara Earrings

JXZ01 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXY92 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXY97 : Faceted Apatite Shower Earrings

JXY86 : Faceted Aquamarine and Iolite Shower Earrings

JXY84 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings

JXY85 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings

JXZ07 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings

JXY79 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings with Amethyst

JXY82 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings with Carnelian and Iolite

JXY90 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXY96 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JXZ04 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JXY72 : Faceted Emerald and Garnet Earrings

JXZ03 : Faceted Emerald Beaded Earrings

JXY76 : Faceted Garnet and Citrine Earrings

JXZ05 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Peridot and Carnelian)

JXZ06 : Faceted Gemstone Shower Earring (Carnelian, Garnet)

JXY80 : Faceted Gemstone Shower Earrings (Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite, Garnet and Orange Quartz)

JXY88 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JXY83 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Amethyst Earrings

JXY95 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Amethyst Shower Earrings

JXY99 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXY77 : Faceted Rose Quartz Shower Earrings

JXY70 : Faceted Ruby and Garnet Earrings

JXY81 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXY89 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXY93 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXY71 : Green Onyx and Garnet Earrings

JXY65 : Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Ring

JXY74 : Tiger Eye and Garnet Earrings

JXY91 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXY94 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXY75 : Turquoise and Garnet Earrings

JXQ76 : Gemstone Drop Earrings (Faceted Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JXZ02 : Rose Quartz and Green Onyx Earrings

JXC49 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXE03 : Faceted Black Onyx Gold Plated Earrings

JXG75 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXG58 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings with Garnet

JVY22 : Sterling Earrings

JRO64 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JUJ55 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUH02 : Gemstone Meenakari Earrings (Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz and Garnet)

JRZ23 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JRZ32 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JUJ99 : Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWG91 : Inlay Earrings

JWI26 : Inlay Earrings

JWA03 : Inlay Earrings from Nepal

JWI72 : Inlay Tibetan OM Earrings

JRP06 : Malachite Earrings

JUJ80 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK13 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK35 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ87 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWH80 : Sterling Earrings

JRW06 : Sterling Earrings

JRW15 : Sterling Earrings

JRW16 : Sterling Earrings

JRW19 : Sterling Earrings

JWH77 : Sterling Earrings

JWI86 : Tibetan OM Earrings

JML07 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVY77 : Butterfly Inlay Earrings

JXC86 : Carnelian Earrings

JXC84 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUJ62 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JXC69 : Pearl Earrings with Garnet

JXC85 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXF02 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Garnet

JKQ79 : Carnelian and Shell Double Sided Earrings

JVW76 : Turquoise Oval Earrings

JXP25 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXP19 : Amethyst Earrings

JXN60 : Amethyst Earrings

JXL74 : Carnelian Earrings

JXI09 : Dangling Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXP21 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXP31 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXP28 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXI50 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXL46 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXP30 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXL47 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXN61 : Iolite Earrings

JXL72 : Labradorite Earrings

JXL51 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXL35 : Prehnite Earrings

JWX56 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JWX57 : Sterling Hoops

JXO37 : Faceted Citrine and Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JXO42 : Faceted CZ Earrings

JXK22 : Faceted Black Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers

JXL52 : Malachite Earrings

JXL59 : Malachite Earrings

JXL58 : Turquoise Earrings

JXL36 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXO23 : Amethyst Earrings

JXO48 : Amethyst Earrings

JXO18 : Amethyst Earrings

JXO21 : Carnelian and Citrine Earrings

JXO08 : Carnelian Earrings

JXO20 : Carnelian Earrings

JXO25 : Coral and Turquoise Earrings

JXO03 : Coral Earrings

JXO09 : CZ Earrings

JXO27 : Emerald Umbrella Chandeliers

JXO14 : Faceted Amethyst and Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers

JXO07 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXO34 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXO61 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXO06 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXO59 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXO35 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Fine Work

JXO41 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXO36 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JXO04 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXO12 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXO24 : Faceted Peridot Earrings with Fine Wire Work

JXO58 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXO60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXO56 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXO50 : Garnet Earrings

JXO10 : Labradorite and Garnet Earrings

JXO32 : MOP Inlay Earrings

JXO05 : Peridot and Citrine Earrings

JXO17 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXO57 : Ruby Earrings

JXO11 : Ruby Shower Earrings

JXO47 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXO46 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JXO51 : Turquoise Earrings

JXN28 : Faceted Labradorite Hoop Chandeliers

JXN25 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JXN58 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JXG77 : Designer Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXG70 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Garnet

JXE05 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JXG63 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXC58 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXG73 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Garnet

JWF81 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JXG72 : Faceted Garnet Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXE65 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE93 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXC92 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXG74 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXG67 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Peridot

JUJ59 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUH04 : Gemstone Meenakari Earrings (Garnet Lapis Lazuli and Citrine)

JXE06 : Gold Plated Earrings

JWI69 : Inlay Earrings

JUG40 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JXC48 : Tiger Eye Earrings with Citrine

JMH26 : Faceted Australian Crystal Hoop Chandeliers

JVS20 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS09 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JVS10 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVR98 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JVR96 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JVS26 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JVS29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Peridot

JVR92 : Faceted Smoky Quartz with Peridot Earrings

JXL14 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Shower Earrings with Filigree

JXK95 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXK88 : Carnelian Earrings

JXK98 : Carnelian Earrings

JXL30 : Carnelian Earrings

JXL27 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

JXL28 : Carnelian Hoop Earrings

JXI26 : Faceted Amethyst Hoop Earrings

JXJ80 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Garnet and Rose Quartz)

JXL13 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXJ79 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXK93 : Green Onyx Earrings

JXL34 : Labradorite Earrings

JXJ96 : Lapis Lazuli with Amethyst Earrings

JXI63 : Lotus Earrings

JXL37 : Pearl Spiral Earrings

JXL33 : Rainbow Moonstone and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXJ78 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXK87 : Redstone Earrings

JXJ86 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers

JXL31 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVY78 : Butterfly Inlay Earrings

JXG69 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Carnelian, Amethyst, Garnet and Peridot)

JXD06 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXG10 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JKW98 : Lot of Eight Meenakari Post Earrings

JWF46 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JXC54 : Pearl Earrings with Peridot

JWM57 : Sterling and Wood Earrings

JRZ27 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JUJ74 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK05 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ53 : Peridot Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK23 : Pink and Black Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ75 : Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JRW20 : Sterling Earrings

JVY12 : Sterling Earrings

JVY23 : Sterling Earrings

JWH83 : Sterling Earrings

JWH78 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JXL15 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Shower Earrings with Filigree

JXI58 : Claw Shaped Carnelian Earrings with Black Onyx

JVZ77 : Cross Earrings

JXI10 : Faceted Amethyst Dangling Drop Valentine Earrings

JXJ67 : Faceted Citrine Dragonfly Earrings

JXJ01 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXI87 : Faceted Garnet Chandeliers

JXJ66 : Faceted Garnet Dragonfly Earrings

JXI14 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXI16 : Faceted Garnet Hoop Earrings

JXI86 : Faceted Green Amethyst

JXJ10 : Faceted Green Amethyst and Garnet Earrings

JXI13 : Faceted Peridot Drop Earrings

JXI38 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JXJ76 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUX26 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JXJ64 : Gemstone Shoulder Dusters (Lapis Lazuli, Green Onyx, Labradorite and Ruby

JXI57 : Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXI60 : Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JWJ42 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JWV90 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JXJ84 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers

JXJ85 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers

JVX40 : Tiger Eye Tops

JXJ31 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JXJ34 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXJ27 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXI48 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JXH54 : Lotus Earrings

JXJ88 : Sterling Earrings

JXH20 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXH32 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXH30 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Hessonite

JXH25 : Faceted Carnelian Chandeliers with Charms

JXH19 : Faceted Citrine Beaded Earrings with Garnet

JXH28 : Faceted Garnet Chandeliers

JXH27 : Faceted Green Amethyst Drop Earrings

JXH23 : Faceted Green Amethyst Drop Earrings with Black Onyx

JXH33 : Faceted Green Amethyst Drop Earrings with Black Onyx and Carnelian

JXH24 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Beaded Earrings

JXH21 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings with Charms

JXH34 : Faceted Rose Dangling Drop Earrings

JXH29 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JXH26 : Faceted Rose Quartz Dangling Drop Earrings with Garnet

JXH31 : Faceted Rose Quartz Drop Earrings with Carnelian

JXH22 : Faceted Rose Quartz Drop Earrings with Garnet

JXC65 : Black Onyx Earrings

JXC57 : Black Onyx Earrings

JXE86 : Carnelian Earrings

JXH17 : Faceted Amethyst and Lemon Topaz Chandeliers

JXC74 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXE98 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXC55 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings with Citrine

JXC64 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Garnet

JXH18 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Dangling Drop Earrings with Garnet

JXC90 : Green Onyx Earrings

JXC93 : Amethyst Earrings

JXC41 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXG71 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXG66 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXC83 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Citrine

JXC87 : Faceted Dangling Garnet Valentine Earrings

JXG60 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXE81 : Faceted Garnet Valentine Chandeliers

JXG76 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Black Onyx, Amethyst, Lemon Topaz and Carnelian)

JXE09 : Faceted Gemstone Gold Plated Earrings (Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot)

JXG64 : Faceted Gemstone Shower Earring (Black Onyx, Carnelian Amethyst and Citrine)

JXG65 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXE01 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JXC67 : Labradorite Earrings

JXD32 : Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JXE08 : Sterling Gold Plated Antiquated Earrings

JTW86 : Golden Earwrap Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JVY33 : Sterling Earrings

JAW07 : Iolite Chandeliers

JWO29 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JWN35 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings with Kyanite

JXC96 : Aquamarine Earrings

JXE63 : Carnelian Earrings

JXF79 : Faceted Black Onyx and Green Amethyst Earrings

JXF74 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings with Green Amethyst and Garnet

JXF75 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXE87 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JXF76 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXF73 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JXF80 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXF77 : Faceted Rose Quartz, Black Onyx and Carnelian Earrings

JXC33 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXF78 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXG05 : Garnet Earrings

JXF89 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXF93 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG01 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG03 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG06 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG08 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG14 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG15 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG16 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXG17 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXF91 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Blue Topaz

JXG11 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Pearl

JXE72 : Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JXD02 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXF24 : Bouquet of Sunflowers (Earrings)

JXC56 : Amethyst Earrings

JXE83 : Amethyst Earrings

JXE84 : Carnelian Earrings

JXD35 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JXE52 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Garnet

JXE11 : Faceted Aquamarine Gold Plated Earrings

JXE56 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXE50 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXE61 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXE80 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXE91 : Faceted Carnelian, Black Onyx, Green Amethyst and Citrine Earrings

JXE02 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JXE74 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JXE77 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JXE79 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JXE51 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXE53 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXE59 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXE58 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Black Onyx)

JXC61 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXF04 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXF05 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXF07 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXE75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE97 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE95 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXE88 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JXC77 : Faceted Sapphire Earrings

JXC72 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXE60 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Carnelian

JXE57 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Peridot

JXE54 : Garnet Earrings

JXE99 : Garnet Earrings

JXF03 : Garnet Earrings

JXD34 : Labradorite Earrings

JXE78 : Labradorite Earrings

JXD36 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXE66 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXC51 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Amethyst

JXF06 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Amethyst

JXC79 : Malachite Earrings

JXE70 : Prehnite Earrings

JXC62 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE68 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE92 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXE94 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Smoky Quartz

JXD03 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXE67 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXC38 : Turquoise Earrings

JXE64 : Turquoise Earrings

JXE69 : Turquoise Earrings

JXF01 : Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV35 : Amethyst Earrings

JWV37 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWV33 : Garnet Earrings

JWU29 : Handcrafted Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV34 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWV38 : Sterling Earrings

JWV36 : Turquoise Earrings

JWV22 : Amethyst Earrings

JWU40 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWV03 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWV01 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JWV02 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWV06 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWU27 : Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU31 : Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV04 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWV05 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWU28 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU38 : Garnet Earrings

JWV12 : Garnet Earrings

JWV17 : Garnet Earrings

JWV10 : Labradorite Earrings

JWS92 : Larimar Earrings

JWS91 : Larimar Earrings

JWS93 : Larimar Earrings

JWT55 : Redstone Earrings

JWV09 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JWV26 : Sterling Earrings

JWS94 : Sterling Wood Earrings

JWT59 : Sunstone Earrings

JWT57 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXC53 : Amethyst Earrings

JXC88 : Amethyst Earrings

JXC40 : Art Nouveau Ruby Earrings

JXC78 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JXC42 : CZ Earrings

JXC71 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXC80 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JXC68 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot and Garnet)

JXC59 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings with Citrine

JXC34 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXD33 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXC35 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JXC76 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXC97 : Garnet Earrings

JXC39 : Labradorite Earrings

JXD01 : Labradorite Earrings

JXC46 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXC52 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXC75 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JXC98 : Malachite Earrings

JXC70 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXC82 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JXC44 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXC50 : Turquoise Earrings

JXB38 : Antiquated Gold Plated Earrings

JXB57 : Black Onyx and Carnelian Gold Plated Earrings

JXB37 : Faceted Amethyst and Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JXB43 : Faceted Amethyst and Gold Plated Earrings

JXB35 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JXB40 : Faceted Black Onyx Gold Plated Earrings

JXB34 : Faceted Carnelian Gold Plated Earrings

JXB42 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JXB36 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JXB49 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JXB55 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JXB50 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JXB47 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JXB60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Gold Plated Earrings

JXA84 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXB45 : Faceted Rose Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JXB39 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JXB56 : Fish Gold Plated Earrings

JXB48 : Gold Plated Chandeliers (Aquamarine, Garnet, Smoky Quartz and Peridot)

JXB54 : Gold Plated Earrings

JXB53 : Gold Plated Earrings

JXB58 : Gold Plated Earrings

JXB59 : Gold Plated Earrings

JXB44 : Iolite Hoop Chandeliers

JXB20 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXB41 : Turquoise Gold Plated Earrings

JXB33 : Antiquated Gold Plated Earrings

JXB14 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Meenakari Earrings

JXB23 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JXB17 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JXB19 : Garnet and Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

JXB30 : Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JXB26 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JXB08 : Carved Turquoise Chandeliers

JXA70 : Crystal and Garnet Earrings

JXB06 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JXB11 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JXA71 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JXA60 : Faceted Carnelian Gold Plated Earrings

JXA82 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JXA77 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Black Onyx

JXA98 : Faceted Tourmaline Gold Plated Earrings

JXA89 : Gold Plated Earrings

JXA74 : Green Onyx Earrings with Peridot

JXB02 : Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Earrings

JXA81 : Lemon Topaz Earrings with Amethyst

JXA91 : Pearl Gold Plated Earrings with Iolite

JXB09 : Turquoise Gold Plated Earrings

JXA50 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JXA22 : Faceted Tourmaline Gold Plated Earrings

JXA18 : Amethyst Earrings

JXA17 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JXA14 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JPA11 : Faceted Citrine Spiral Earrings

JXA15 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Rose Quartz, Garnet and Amethyst)

JXA12 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JXA61 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JXA63 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JXA62 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JXA13 : Labradorite Earrings

JXA19 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JXA16 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWY35 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Garnet

JWY78 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JWY77 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JWY79 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JWY22 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JWZ82 : Coral Earrings

JWZ94 : Ruby Earrings

JWZ36 : Amber Earrings

JWZ37 : Amber Earrings

JWZ42 : Amber Earrings

JWZ47 : Amber Earrings

JWZ50 : Amber Earrings

JWZ52 : Amber Earrings

JWV18 : Garnet Earrings

JWZ35 : Turquoise Earrings

JWU34 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU36 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV14 : Garnet Earrings

JWV16 : Garnet Earrings

JWS88 : Larimar and Amethyst Earrings

JWS80 : Larimar Earrings

JWS83 : Larimar Earrings

JWX40 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JWX11 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JWX44 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JWX15 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Pearl Earrings

JWX45 : Pearl Earrings

JWX46 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSE63 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVY31 : Turquoise with Coral Earrings

JNC75 : Carnelian Bunch Earrings

JWW82 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JWV19 : Garnet Earrings

UQ41 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JWT88 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JWW22 : Citrine Earrings with Smoky Quartz

JWV48 : Faceted Carnelian Drop Earrings with Amethyst and Peridot

JWU53 : Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JWW25 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Pearl and Smoky Quartz

JWW38 : Agate Earrings with Garnet and Sunstone

JWW41 : Amethyst Earrings

JWW53 : Amethyst Earrings

JWW36 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWW47 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWW35 : Black Onyx Earrings with Agate, Garnet, Sunstone and Jasper

JWW33 : Carnelian Earrings

JWW39 : Carnelian Earrings

JWW42 : Citrine Earrings

JWW32 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JWW49 : Faceted Green Earrings

JWW37 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JWW43 : Faceted Green Onyx Shower Earrings

JWW55 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings with Black Pearl

JWW45 : Garnet and Agate Earrings

JWW28 : Garnet Beaded Earrings

JWW34 : Garnet Chandeliers

JWW29 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWW54 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWW50 : Labradorite Earrings

JWW40 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWW51 : Malachite Earrings

JWW26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWW52 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWW30 : Redstone Earrings

JWW44 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JWW27 : Sunstone Earrings

JWW31 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWW46 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWW02 : Amethyst Earrings

JWW11 : Amethyst Earrings

JWW12 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWW16 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWW23 : Black Onyx Earrings with Peridot and Smoky Quartz

JWV99 : Carnelian Earrings

JWW24 : Faceted Black Onyx Beaded Earrings

JWW18 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWV97 : Labradorite Earrings

JWW04 : Labradorite Earrings

JWW08 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWW09 : Malachite Earrings

JWW19 : Malachite Earrings

JWV95 : Pearl Earrings

JWW05 : Pearl Earrings

JWW13 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWV96 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JWW07 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWW15 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWW20 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWV94 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW01 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW03 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW06 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW10 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW14 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW17 : Turquoise Earrings

JWW21 : Turquoise Earrings

JWV98 : Turquoise Marquis Earrings

JWV78 : Citrine Beaded Earrings

JWV75 : CZ Earrings

JWV91 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JWV85 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JWV86 : Fine Faceted Green Amethyst Shower Earrings

JWV71 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWV87 : Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JWV81 : Pearl Earrings

JWV77 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JWV72 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV64 : Antiquated Garnet Earrings with Charms

JWV66 : Carnelian and Garnet Earrings

JWV61 : Carnelian Earrings with Garnet

JWV69 : Carnelian Earrings with Pearl

JWV58 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JWV67 : Citrine Earrings with Garnet

JWV53 : Dangling Drop Faceted Amethyst Hoop Earrings

JWU35 : Designer Umbrella Chandeliers of Faceted Smoky Quartz

JWV60 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Black Pearl

JWU33 : Faceted Black Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers

JWV63 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Garnet

JWV54 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JWV55 : Fine Faceted BT Earrings

JWV13 : Garnet Earrings

JWV68 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Black Pearl

JWV62 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Peridot and Smoky Quartz

JWV59 : Pearl Earrings with Agate

JWV57 : Peridot Earrings with Tiger Eye

JWV65 : Shower Earrings of Garnet and Black Onyx

JWV46 : Faceted Emerald Shower Earrings

JWV45 : Sterling Antiquated Earrings

JWV44 : Turquoise and Pearl Earrings with Spiral

JWU32 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU57 : Faceted Garnet Dragon Earrings

JWU37 : Faceted Labradorite Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU30 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers

JWU39 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWU42 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Earrings

JWU41 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWU52 : Lapis Lazuli Umbrella Chandeliers

JWS90 : Larimar Earrings

JWU43 : Malachite Earrings

JWU44 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWU45 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWU54 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWU69 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JWU58 : Sterling Elephant Earrings

JWU01 : Blue Sunstone Earrings

JWT89 : Carnelian Earrings

JWU06 : Citrine and Amethyst Antiquated Earrings

JWT93 : Citrine Earrings

JWU07 : Faceted Citrine and Peridot Earrings

JWU04 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWT94 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWU02 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWT92 : Green Onyx Earrings with Faceted Labradorite

JWT85 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWU08 : Malachite Chandeliers

JWU10 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWU03 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JWT98 : Rugged Turquoise Earrings

JWT91 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JWU09 : Sterling Earrings

JWT95 : Sunstone Earrings

JWT99 : Yellow Aventurine Earrings

JWT84 : Amethyst Earrings

JWT87 : Pearl Earrings

JWT90 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWT70 : Amethyst Chandelier Earrings

JWT80 : Black Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers

JWT73 : Blue Chalcedony Hoop Chandeliers

JWT69 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JWT81 : Faceted Citrine Umbrella Chandeliers

JWT82 : Faceted Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers

JWT79 : Garnet Chandelier Earrings

JWT78 : Garnet Chandeliers

JWT74 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JWT71 : Pearl Hoop Chandeliers

JWT62 : Garnet Earrings

JWT64 : Inlay Nepalese Earrings

JWT56 : Labradorite Earrings

JWT67 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWT68 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWT58 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JWT13 : Faceted Labradorite Umbrella Earrings

JWT14 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JWT17 : Larimar and Amethyst Earrings

JWT29 : Larimar and Blue Topaz Earrings

JWS44 : Agate Earrings with Garnet

JWS55 : Amethyst and Peridot Earrings

JWS43 : Amethyst Earrings

JWS54 : Black Onyx and Carnelian Earrings

JWS51 : Black Onyx and Garnet Earrings

JWS52 : Black Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JWS46 : Black Onyx Earrings with Agate, Garnet and Jasper

JWS53 : Carnelian and Garnet Earrings

JWS48 : Faceted Amethyst and Amber Earrings

JWS56 : Faceted Black Onyx and Blue Pearl Earrings

JWS42 : Faceted Carnelian and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWS47 : Faceted Citrine and Garnet Earrings

JWS49 : Faceted Smoky Quartz and Peridot Earrings

JWS45 : Lapis Lazuli and Citrine Earrings

JWS28 : Larimar Earrings

JWS29 : Larimar Earrings

JWS31 : Larimar Earrings

JWS32 : Larimar Earrings

JWS35 : Larimar Earrings

JWS30 : Larimar with Amethyst Earrings

JWS33 : Larimar with Amethyst Earrings

JWS34 : Larimar with Blue Topaz Earrings

JWS50 : Pearl and Garnet Earrings

JWS16 : Amber Earrings

JWS25 : Amber Earrings

JWS17 : Black Onyx Beaded Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JWS19 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS20 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS21 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS23 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS24 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS26 : Kyanite Earrings

JWS18 : Kyanite Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JWS22 : Kyanite Rhombus Earrings

JWS04 : Amber Earrings

JQK74 : Carnelian Beaded Earrings

JWS15 : Redstone Earrings

JWV15 : Garnet Earrings

JUH06 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Black Onyx

JUF77 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Peridot, Garnet and Citrine

JVN92 : Amethyst Earrings

JWI73 : Australian Crystal Earrings

JVO98 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVP05 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVQ50 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVN95 : Carnelian Earrings

JVQ21 : Carnelian Earrings

JVN93 : Chaorite with Pearl Earrings

JVO01 : Chaorite with Pearl Earrings

JVS18 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers with Tiger Eye

JVR95 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVQ13 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JVQ37 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVQ10 : Faceted Sunstone Earrings with Pearl

JVP23 : Labradorite Earrings

JVO94 : Malachite Earrings

JVP10 : Malachite Earrings

JVV99 : Pearl Earings

JVQ55 : Rainbow Moonstone with Smoky Quartz Earrings

JVP13 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVQ93 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JVD09 : The Symbol of God

JVQ58 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVW75 : Turquoise Earrings with Lattice

JVW77 : Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

JQE10 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

LBJ91 : Flambe Pink Nose Ring

JRO63 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWI37 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWH79 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JWH32 : Carnelian Earrings

JWI91 : Carnelian Earrings

JWI80 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JWI70 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JUK12 : Israel Cut Shower Earrings of Pink and Green Tourmaline

JWA06 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JWH49 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JRZ25 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JWR37 : Faux Sapphire Post Earrings

JWR39 : Kundan Earrings with Charms

JWR35 : Kundan Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emerald

JWR50 : Polki Earrings with Faux Ruby

JWS89 : Larimar Earrings

JUG46 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JBS26 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JWP61 : Sterling Earrings

JWO84 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JWO96 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JWO31 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWO35 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWO42 : Turquoise Earrings

JWO33 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JWL59 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JWN78 : Faceted Pyorite Shower Earrings

JWL94 : Garnet Earrings

JWN13 : Lotus Earrings

JWM22 : Sterling and Wood Earrings

JWL32 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JWL22 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings with Garnet

JWL23 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JWL11 : Garnet Hoop Earrings

JWL07 : Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings

JWL10 : Amethyst Earrings

JWK92 : Pink Chalcedony Earrings

JWL15 : Pink Chalcedony Hoop Earrings

JWL26 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JWK08 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JWK13 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JWK15 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JWK05 : Blue Chalcedony Hoop Chandeliers

JWK04 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JWK10 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JWK14 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JWK11 : Multi-color Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers

JWK03 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWK02 : Pink Chalcedony Hoop Chandeliers

JWK12 : Pink Chalcedony Hoop Chandeliers

JWK07 : Redstone Umbrella Chandeliers

JWK09 : Tiger Eye Hoop Chandeliers

JWK61 : Turquoise Earrings

JWK62 : Turquoise Earrings

JWK64 : Turquoise Earrings

JWK65 : Turquoise Earrings

JWK66 : Turquoise Earrings

JWK67 : Turquoise Earrings

JVS94 : The Sure Way To Success (OM (AUM) Earrings with Ruby Dangles)

JWH50 : Amethyst Earrings

JUF83 : Black Onyx and Peridot Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers

JWE20 : Carnelian Earrings

JWF53 : Citrine Earrings

JWJ83 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JWJ50 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Shower Earrings

JUJ63 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWI33 : Inlay Watermelon Earrings

JUJ78 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK18 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWE19 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JWH34 : Peridot and Pearl Gold Plated Earrings with

JUK24 : Pink and Black Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ84 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JWH44 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVX92 : Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JUG39 : Sterling Inlay Flower Earrings

JWI83 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JRO66 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JWH84 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JRO61 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUK69 : Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JWH82 : Sterling Filigree Earrings

JRZ19 : Sterling Gold Plated Silver Earrings

JWF83 : Carnelian Earrings

JRO60 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWH69 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Shower Earrings

JWI87 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JWJ93 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWJ81 : Faceted Iolite Shower Earrings

JWI71 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Spiral Earrings

JRZ16 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JRZ24 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JWJ51 : Labradorite Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone

JUK19 : Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JRW17 : Sterling Earrings with Charms

JUI89 : Turquoise Earrings

JRO56 : Faceted Garnet Flower Earrings with Charms

JWH74 : Gold Plated Earrings

JVZ39 : Pearl and Carnelian Sterling Gold Plated Chandeliers

JWI46 : Turquoise Earrings

JWI47 : Turquoise Earrings

JWJ94 : Faceted BT Earrings

JWJ84 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JWJ65 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JWJ62 : Garnet Earrings

JWJ53 : Labradorite Earrings

JWJ90 : Malachite Earrings

JWJ37 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWJ25 : Rose Quartz Chandeliers

JWJ54 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JWJ57 : Tourmalinated Quartz and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWJ66 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWJ85 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWJ75 : Faceted Black Onyx and Lemon Topaz Earrings

JWJ91 : Faceted Emerald and Ruby Earrings

JWJ89 : Faceted Emerald and Ruby Flower Earrings

JWJ96 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JWJ92 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JWJ98 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JWJ60 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JWJ82 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JWJ63 : Labradorite Earrings

JWJ71 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWJ31 : MOP Earrings

JWJ52 : Pearl Earrings

JWJ73 : Pearl Earrings

JWJ95 : Prehnite and Pearl Earrings

JWJ17 : Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst Earrings

JWJ15 : Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Earrings

JWJ70 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JWJ44 : Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JWJ99 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JWJ86 : Spiral Agate and Pearl Earrings

JWJ69 : Sterling Earrings

JWJ43 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JWJ07 : Sunstone and Pearl Earrings

JWJ61 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWJ67 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JWF58 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWF60 : Black Onyx Earrings

JWF54 : Black Onyx Earrings with Charms

JWF62 : Carnelian Earrings

JWF78 : Carnelian Shower Earrings

JWF77 : Carved Leaves Rose Quartz Shower Earrings

JWF74 : Citrine and Amber Shower Earrings

JWF55 : Citrine Earrings

JWF80 : Dangling Black Onyx Earrings

JWF57 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Beaded Earrings

JWF75 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JWF61 : Faceted Green Onyx Shower Earrings

JWF76 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JWF59 : Malachite and Green Onyx Earrings

JWF79 : Smoky Quartz Shower Earrings

JWC48 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JWE68 : Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JWE26 : Black Onyx with Garnet Earrings

JWE27 : Carnelian Earrings

JWE25 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWE32 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWE33 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWE35 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JWE28 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JWE29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWE24 : Green Onyx Earrings

JWE30 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JWE23 : Malachite Earrings with Peridot

JWE18 : Rugged Turquoise Earrings

JWE34 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JWD73 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JWA33 : Inlay Earrings

JVY18 : Sterling Earrings

JVY21 : Sterling Earrings

JWA49 : Turquoise Earrings

JDH49 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Earrings

JVZ79 : Banyan Tree Earrings

JVY30 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JVZ78 : Horse Earrings

JLF10 : Black Onyx Bunch Earrings

JIR77 : Inlay Spiral Tops

JIR70 : Inlay Spiral Earrings

JVX72 : Turquoise Dorje Large Earrings

JVX65 : Pearl Earrings

JVX39 : Amethyst Post Earrings

JVX41 : Faceted Black Onyx Tops

JVX43 : Malachite Tops

JVX42 : Rose Quartz Post Earrings

JDI56 : Carnelian Bunch Earrings

JVX26 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JVX21 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVX23 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVX20 : Ruby Zoisite Oval Earrings

JVX22 : Ruby Zoisite Oval Earrings

JVX31 : Shower Earrings of Sterling Silver

JVX28 : Spider's Web Inlay Earrings

JVX24 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JVX25 : Sterling Earrings

JVX29 : Sterling Earrings

JVX30 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JVX27 : Turquoise Earrings

JVW81 : Butterfly Inlay Earrings

JVW83 : Butterfly Inlay Earrings

JVW74 : Nepalese Inlay Butterfly Earrings

JVW73 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JVW82 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JVW79 : Turquoise Earrings

JVW80 : Turquoise Earrings with Blooming Flowers

JVW78 : Turquoise Earrings with Lattice

JLF09 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

JVV98 : Pearl Earrings

JVW01 : Twin Pearl Earrings

JVW02 : Twin Pearl Earrings

JTJ26 : Golden Twin-Design Kundan Earwrap Jhumka Earrings

JIG85 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings

JQA05 : Iolite Earrings

JVU33 : Large Kundan Earrings with Red and Green Glass Beads

JVU46 : Victorian Post-type Dangling Earrings with Cut Glass

JUN71 : Faceted Blue Sun Sitara Earrings

JOA84 : Fine Peridot Hoop Chandeliers

JNI27 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JNI28 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Valentine

JUB68 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

NI57 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JUD12 : Faceted Labradorite Shower Earrings

JVS93 : OM (AUM) Earrings with Green Onyx Dangles

JIR78 : Inlay Spiral Earrings

JTE23 : Nepalese Inlay Tops

JVR86 : Amethyst Earrings

JVR94 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS24 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS25 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS23 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS22 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVS19 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVR99 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JVS08 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVS04 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVS03 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVS11 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVS28 : Faceted Garnet with Prehnite Earrings

JVS06 : Faceted Lemon Topaz with Amethyst Earrings

JVS27 : Faceted Lemon Topaz with Amethyst Earrings

JVS05 : Faceted Lemon Topaz with Garnet Earrings

JVR91 : Faceted Lemon Topaz with Garnet Earrings

JVS21 : Faceted Peridot with Amethyst Earrings

JVS30 : Faceted Peridot with Garnet Earrings

JVS02 : Faceted Prehnite and Garnet Earrings

JVS31 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JVR97 : Lemon Topaz Earrings with Garnet

JVR88 : Pearl Earrings

JVR87 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVR89 : Rutilated Quartz Earrings

JVR93 : Tourmaline Drop Earrings

JSX87 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVR71 : Faceted Amethyst Shower Earrings

JVR73 : Faceted Aquamarine Shower Earrings

JVR75 : Faceted Black Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JVR83 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JVR82 : Faceted Green Onyx Shower Earrings

JVR74 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JVR72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Shower Earrings

JVR40 : Blue Aventurine Chandeliers

JVR34 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVR43 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVR39 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVR33 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JVR41 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JVR38 : Gemstone Balls Hoop Chandeliers

JVR35 : Labradorite Earrings

JVR36 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JVR44 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVR42 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JVR45 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JVR37 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JPP50 : Antiquated Pistol Earrings

JLZ45 : Black Onyx Earrings

JKX45 : Sterling Hoops

JVQ26 : Abalone Earrings

JVQ32 : Amethyst Earrings

JVQ52 : Amethyst Earrings

JVQ59 : Amethyst Earrings

JVQ65 : Amethyst Earrings

JVQ53 : Black Onyx with Crystal Earrings

JVQ63 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVQ18 : Chipped Pink Chalcedony Earrings

JVQ29 : Emerald with Pearl Earrings

JVQ12 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JVQ39 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JVQ08 : Faceted Labradorite and Carnelian Earrings

JVQ36 : Faceted Labradorite with Pearl Earrings

JVQ09 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Coral

JVQ28 : Faceted Prehnite with Pearl Earrings

JVQ31 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVQ20 : Faceted Ruby with Pearl Earrings

JVQ11 : Faceted Umbrella Chandeliers Earrings Garnet and Amethyst

JVQ48 : Garnet Earrings

JVQ15 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVQ25 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVQ67 : Labradorite Earrings

JVQ57 : Labradorite with Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVQ35 : Lapis Lazuli and Coral Earrings

JVQ24 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVQ23 : Malachite Earrings

JVQ17 : Pearl Earrings

JVQ33 : Pearl Earrings

JVQ51 : Prehnite Earrings

JVQ56 : Prehnite Earrings

JVQ66 : Prehnite with Peridot Earrings

JVQ30 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVQ61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVQ54 : Rainbow Moonstone with Smoky Quartz Earrings

JVQ22 : Redstone Earrings

JVQ62 : Rose Quartz with Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVQ14 : Sterling Earrings

JVQ38 : Sunstone Earrings

JVQ34 : Sunstone with Pearl Earrings

JVQ19 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVQ47 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVQ45 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVQ60 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVQ64 : Tourmalinated Quartz with Peridot Earrings

JVQ27 : Turquoise Earrings

JVQ07 : Faceted Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JVP99 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JVQ06 : Fossil Earrings with Carved Face

JVP98 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVP11 : Amethyst and Pearl Earrings

JVO97 : Amethyst Earrings

JVP15 : Amethyst Earrings

JVP25 : Amethyst Earrings

JVP35 : Amethyst Earrings

JVP30 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVP37 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVP40 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVP49 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVP04 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVP21 : Carnelian Earrings

JVP48 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVP44 : Grey Chalcedony Earrings

JVO95 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP08 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP09 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP16 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP33 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP38 : Labradorite Earrings

JVP43 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVP45 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVP50 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVO93 : Lapis Lazuli with Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVP03 : Malachite Earrings

JVP28 : Malachite Earrings

JVO83 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JVP01 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JVP12 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JVP02 : Prehnite Earrings

JVP27 : Prehnite Earrings

JVP17 : Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst Earrings

JVP24 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVP26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVP32 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVP47 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVO96 : Rainbow Moonstone with Garnet Earrings

JVP06 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVP07 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVP22 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVP31 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVP36 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVO92 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVO99 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVP18 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVP29 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVP41 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVO84 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVP34 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVP39 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVP46 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JVP51 : Tourmalinated Quartz with Smoky Quartz Earrings

JVP42 : Turquoise Earrings

JVN97 : Amethyst Earrings

JVN90 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVN98 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVO03 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVO08 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVN89 : Blue Chalcedony with Pearl Earrings

JVN91 : Carnelian Earrings

JVO06 : Carnelian Earrings

JVN74 : Faceted Amethyst and Citrine Earrings

JVN70 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVN76 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVN71 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Shower Earrings

JVN77 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVN67 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JVN73 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JVN69 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JVN78 : Faceted Lemon Topaz and Garnet Earrings

JVN72 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Earrings

JVN75 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JVO04 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVN96 : Labradorite Earrings

JVO02 : Labradorite Earrings

JVN87 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVO05 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVN99 : Redstone Earrings

JVO07 : Sapphire with Pearl Earrings

JVN88 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVN94 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVO64 : Amethyst Earrings

JVO80 : Amethyst Earrings

JVO63 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVO62 : Carnelian and Garnet Earrings

JVN64 : Gemstone Earrings (Malachite, Pearl and Peridot)

JVO61 : Gemstone Earrings (Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet and Smoky Quartz)

JVO79 : Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVO60 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVO76 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVO75 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JUI54 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI55 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI82 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI84 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI90 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI92 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI96 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUK34 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI75 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI76 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI42 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI43 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI48 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI53 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI74 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI86 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI79 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI97 : Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

JRW11 : Sterling Earrings

JRW14 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JVN68 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JVM58 : Faceted Carnelian with Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM66 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Sterling Gold Plated

JVM62 : Faceted Citrine with Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM54 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Chandeliers

JVM50 : Faceted Green Onyx Gold Plated Earrings

JVM59 : Faceted Iolite and Pearl with Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM55 : Faceted Ruby with Pearl Earrings

JVM87 : Ruby and Gold Plated Sterling Earrings

JVM78 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM81 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM90 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVM65 : Sterling Gold Plated Filigree Earrings

JVL94 : Emerald Earrings

JVL98 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JVM12 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JVM35 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JVM37 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JVM36 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JVL92 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVL96 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVM03 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVM02 : Labradorite Earrings

JVM22 : Sun and Moon Earrings

JVL88 : Butterfly Earrings

JVL27 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Earrings with Citrine

JVL69 : Lotus Earrings

JVL33 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVK39 : Gold Plated Earrings

JVK50 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVK59 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVL12 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVL18 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVK89 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JVK95 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JQK73 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Earrings

JVJ45 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVJ27 : Fine Cut Amethyst Earrings

JVJ26 : Fine Cut Amethyst Earrings with Charms

JVJ40 : Fine Cut BT Post Earrings

JVJ31 : Rainbow Moonstone Circular Earrings

JVJ25 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVJ28 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVJ30 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVJ32 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVJ33 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVJ29 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Earrings

JVJ21 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JVJ03 : Faceted Amethyst Shower Earrings

JVJ01 : Faceted Citrine Shower Earrings

JVI96 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JVJ04 : Faceted Labradorite Shower Earrings

JVJ02 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JVJ22 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JVJ24 : Orange Aventurine Chandeliers

JVJ23 : Pink Chalcedony Umbrella Chandeliers

JVI95 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JVI94 : Green Aventurine Chandeliers

JVI92 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JVI93 : Redstone Chandelier Earrings

JVI82 : Dangling Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVI88 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVI90 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVH20 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JVI89 : Faceted Garnet Marquis Tops

JVF44 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Emerald, Ruby and Pearl)

JVI87 : Faceted Peridot Tops

JVI80 : Faceted Rose Quartz Shower Earrings

JVC73 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVG86 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVI86 : Fine Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine, Iolite and Peridot)

JVG55 : Pearl and Garnet Earrings with Gold Plated

JVI81 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVI83 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVI85 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Charms

JVI84 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Earrings

JVI78 : Sterling Gold Plated Hoop Chandeliers

JVI77 : Sterling Gold Plated Kundalini Earrings

JVI76 : Sterling Gold Plated Leaves Earrings

JVH04 : Amethyst Earrings

JVG99 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVH03 : Carnelian Earrings

JVH01 : Garnet Earrings

JVH05 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVH06 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVH02 : Malachite Earrings

JVH07 : Prehnite Earrings

JVG47 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JVG62 : Gemstone Earrings (Pearl, Rainbow Moonstone and Smoky Quartz)

JVG43 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVG28 : Faceted Carnelian Gold Plated Shower Earrings

JVG18 : Sterling Earrings

JVG19 : Sterling Earrings

JVG20 : Sterling Earrings

JVG22 : Sterling Earrings

JVF51 : Amber Dust Earrings

JVF74 : Amber Dust Earrings

JVF80 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JVF14 : Black Onyx and Coral Earrings

JVF41 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JVF16 : Faceted Labradorite and Amethyst Earrings

JVF34 : Gemstone Earrings (Citrine, Pearl and Pink Tourmaline)

JVF08 : Gemstone Earrings (Turquoise, Coral and Lapis Lazuli)

JVF42 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUF88 : Faceted Citrine and Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

JHH01 : MOP Post Earrings

JQN05 : The Victory Banner Earrings (Skt. dhvaja; Tib. rgyal mtshan)

JVD46 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVD60 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JVD32 : Fruits

JVD08 : Inlay Claw Earrings

JVD03 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JVD07 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD10 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD13 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD16 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD18 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD21 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVD14 : The Symbol of God

JVD42 : Camel Earrings

JUQ73 : Faceted Amethyst Marquis Earrings

JUQ97 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JUT13 : Green Aventurine Earrings

JVD38 : Horse Earrings

JSR03 : Labradorite Earrings

JUR04 : Labradorite Earrings

JVD40 : Sparrow Earrings

JUQ96 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVC94 : Black Pearl Shower Earrings

JVC95 : Faceted Iolite Shower Earrings

JVC55 : Banyan Tree Earrings

JVC36 : Elephant Earrings

JVC53 : Goddess Kali Earrings

JVC48 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JVC64 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JVC50 : Marcasite Valentine Earrings

JVC44 : Om (AUM) Earrings

JVC66 : Om (AUM) Earrings

JVC61 : Sheran-wali Mata Earrings

JVC59 : Shri Yantra Earrings

JVC09 : Abalone Earrings

JVC31 : Robin's Egg Earrings

JUT71 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUO23 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVB51 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JVB55 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JVB47 : Aquamarine and Rutilated Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JVB46 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVB54 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JVB53 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JVB48 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JVB52 : Pink Chalcedony Hoop Chandeliers

JVB49 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JVB50 : Tiger Eye Hoop Chandeliers

JVB39 : Abalone Earrings with Pearl

JVB17 : Amethyst Earrings

JVB13 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVB18 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings with Pearl

JVA93 : Carnelian Earrings

JVB42 : Carnelian Earrings

JVB40 : Carnelian Earrings with Pearl

JVB10 : Chaorite Earrings with Pearl

JVB20 : Chaorite Earrings with Pearl

JVB29 : Faceted Amethyst and Pearl Earrings

JVB34 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JVB35 : Faceted Crystal Earrings with Pearl

JVB36 : Faceted Emerald and Pearl Earrings

JVB24 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JVB19 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Pearl

JVB11 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Pearl

JVB26 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings with Pearl

JVB21 : Faceted Prehnite and Pearl Earrings

JVB16 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Pearl

JVB25 : Faceted Smoky Quartz and Pearl Earrings

JVB31 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JVB22 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVB14 : Labradorite Earrings

JVB23 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVB30 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVB38 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVB44 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JVB15 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Pearl

JVB28 : Pearl Earrings

JVB43 : Pearl Earrings

JVB41 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVB37 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Pearl

JVB45 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JVB32 : Rutilated Quartz and Pearl Earrings

JVB27 : Sponge Coral and Pearl Earrings

JVB33 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVB12 : Turquoise Earrings

JVA07 : Amethyst Earrings

JVA36 : Amethyst Earrings

JVA44 : Amethyst Earrings

JVA13 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVA15 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVA28 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVA38 : Black Onyx Earrings

JVA33 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVA46 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JVA56 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JVA01 : Carnelian Earrings

JVA39 : Carnelian Earrings

JVA48 : Carnelian Earrings

JVA60 : Carnelian Earrings

JVA49 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVA50 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVA51 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVA52 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVA58 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JVA14 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JVA03 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JVA09 : Faceted Prehnite Earrings with Pearl

JVA02 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVA31 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JVA06 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings with Pearl

JVA16 : Garnet Earrings

JVA29 : Garnet Earrings

JVA34 : Garnet Earrings

JVA54 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JVA19 : Green Onyx Earrings

JVA12 : Green Onyx Earrings with Pearl

JVA40 : Labradorite Earrings

JVA41 : Labradorite Earrings

JVA10 : Malachite Earrings

JVA11 : Malachite Earrings

JVA05 : Malachite Earrings with Pearl

JVA32 : MOP (Shell) Earrings

JVA08 : Pearl Earrings

JVA37 : Prehnite Earrings

JVA18 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVA35 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JVA57 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JVA17 : Redstone Earrings

JVA30 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVA42 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JVA55 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JVA59 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JVA43 : Sunstone Earrings

JVA04 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JVA45 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JUZ62 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JUZ61 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Pearl

JUZ60 : Malachite Earrings

JUZ63 : Pearl Earrings

JUZ65 : Sunstone Earrings with Pearl

JUZ64 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUZ75 : Tiger Eye Earrings with Pearl

JKR92 : Twin Tiger Eye Dangling Earrings

JUZ05 : Amethyst Earrings

JUZ10 : Amethyst Earrings

JUZ21 : Amethyst Earrings

JUZ22 : Amethyst Earrings

JUZ25 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JUZ24 : Faceted Prehnite Drop Earrings with Peridot

JUZ19 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JUZ08 : Garnet Earrings

JUZ23 : Garnet Earrings

JUZ11 : Green Onyx Earrings

JUZ18 : Labradorite Earrings

JUZ14 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUZ16 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUZ09 : Malachite Earrings

JUZ12 : MOP Earrings

JUZ15 : Prehnite Earrings

JUZ06 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUZ13 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUZ17 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUZ04 : Sunstone Earrings

JUZ07 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUZ20 : Turquoise Earrings

JUY86 : Amethyst Earrings

JUY90 : Amethyst Earrings

JUY96 : Amethyst Earrings

JUY87 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUY91 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUY94 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUY85 : Carnelian Earrings

JUY84 : Garnet Earrings

JUY88 : Garnet Earrings

JUY92 : Garnet Earrings

JUY95 : Garnet Earrings

JUY98 : Green Aventurine Earrings

JUZ02 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUY82 : Pink Chalcedony Earrings

JUY99 : Pink Chalcedony Earrings

JUY97 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUZ03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUY83 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JUY89 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JUY93 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JUY81 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUZ01 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUX62 : Amethyst Earrings

JUX59 : Amethyst Earrings

JUX75 : Amethyst Earrings

JUX70 : Amethyst Earrings

JUX85 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUX73 : Chaorite Earrings with Pearl

JUX91 : Chaorite Earrings with Pearl

JUX77 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JUX76 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Pearl

JUX86 : Faceted Prehnite Earrings with Pearl

JUX82 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JUX89 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Pearl

JUX67 : Garnet Earrings

JUX88 : Green Onyx Earrings

JUX72 : Green Onyx Earrings

JUX87 : Labradorite Earrings

JUX66 : Labradorite Earrings

JUX69 : Labradorite Earrings

JUX65 : Labradorite Earrings

JUX79 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUX90 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUX84 : Malachite Earrings

JUX63 : Malachite Earrings

JUX56 : Malachite Earrings

JUX61 : Pearl Earrings

JUX83 : Pearl Earrings

JUX71 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUX78 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUX55 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUX64 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUX74 : Redstone Earrings

JUX57 : Redstone Earrings

JUX81 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUX58 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUX68 : Turquoise Earrings

JUX80 : Turquoise Earrings

JUX21 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUX22 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JUX25 : Carnelian Earrings

JUX27 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JUX23 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JUX20 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUX19 : Pink Chalcedony Earrings

JUX24 : Rose Hoop Chandeliers

JUW96 : Black Onyx Chandeliers

JUX12 : Black Onyx Chandeliers

JUX01 : Black Onyx Shoulder Dusters

JUX03 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JUX14 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JUX04 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JUX13 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JUX02 : Pink Chalcedony Chandeliers

JUX07 : Pink Chalcedony Chandeliers

JUX11 : Pink Chalcedony Chandeliers

JUX15 : Pink Chalcedony Chandeliers

JUW97 : Pink Chalcedony Shoulder Dusters

JUX06 : Rose Quartz Chandeliers

JUX16 : Rose Quartz Chandeliers

JUW99 : Rose Quartz Shoulder Dusters

JUU69 : Turquoise Earrings

JUU20 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUU70 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JUU68 : Carnelian Earrings

JUU71 : Dangling Black Onyx Earrings

JUU21 : Garnet Earrings

JUU72 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUU23 : Malachite Earrings

JUU24 : Redstone Earrings

JUU73 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUU22 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSQ66 : Amethyst Earrings

JSR85 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU76 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSV87 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX41 : Carnelian Earrings

JSN28 : Coral Beaded Chandeliers

JMW04 : Fine Cut Citrine Starfish Earrings

JSM89 : Garnet Earrings

JSP25 : Garnet Earrings

JSR15 : Garnet Earrings

JSU55 : Garnet Earrings

JSR63 : Labradorite Earrings

JSP03 : Malachite Earrings

JSX42 : Malachite Earrings

JSU81 : Pearl Earrings

JSU84 : Pearl Earrings

JSK26 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSW60 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSW50 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSQ37 : Sterling Earrings

JSR52 : Sterling Earrings

JSR46 : Sterling Fan Earrings

JSW44 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSW49 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JUK01 : Aquamarine Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ61 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK20 : Green and Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ77 : Israel Cut Black Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUJ68 : Israel Cut Iolite Shower Earrings

JUJ58 : Israel Cut Peridot Shower Earrings

JUJ81 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ82 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ94 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK21 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUT90 : Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Donut Earrings

JUT74 : Faceted Blue Sun Sitara Earrings

JUT72 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUT68 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUT70 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUT75 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUT73 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUT64 : White Pearl Earrings

JSA74 : Amber Earrings

JSQ80 : Carnelian Earrings

JQS47 : Coral Earrings

JTA05 : Faceted Citrine Tops

JPK25 : Fine Cut Citrine Dangling Valentine Earrings

JPJ10 : Fine Cut Dangling Crystal Earrings with Twin Green Onyx

JUD94 : Labradorite and Pearl Earrings

JSA33 : Amber Earrings

JSO85 : Faceted Ruby and Pearl Earrings

JPJ90 : Fine Cut Citrine Earrings with Carnelian

JTE65 : Pearl Bunch Earrings

JKZ66 : Serpent Earrings with Carved Turquoise Flowers

JRV93 : Sterling Twin Hoop Earrings with Butterfly

JPK05 : Triple Carnelian Dangling Earrings

JPJ03 : Fine Cut Dangling Carnelian Designer Earrings with Citrine

JRY78 : Spiral Gold Plated Earrings

JUT31 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUT42 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUT40 : Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Donut Earrings

JUT17 : Carnelian Earrings

JUT29 : Carnelian Earrings

JUT10 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JUT15 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JUT11 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JUT26 : Green Aventurine Earrings

JUT16 : Labradorite Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone

JUT14 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUT18 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUT12 : Twisted Tiger Eye Earrings

JUT25 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JNI96 : Sterling Designer Hoops

JSW45 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSU67 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUO02 : Fossil Earrings

JUI44 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI47 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI91 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI99 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JTZ38 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI50 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI81 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI95 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI56 : Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

JUN62 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JUJ47 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JUQ74 : Faceted Labradorite Marquis Earrings

JUQ79 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Earrings

JUN61 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Shower Earrings

JRZ34 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JUI63 : Green Onyx Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUQ36 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUO16 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO76 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO83 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO19 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUO17 : Ruby Zoisite Teardrop Earrings

JOL83 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JOL71 : Garnet Chandeliers

JUJ66 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JNA43 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA50 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA60 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JKK74 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JUJ72 : Carnelian Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ91 : Carnelian Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUF73 : Faceted Gemstone Gold Plated Earrings (Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Blue Topaz)

JUH44 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JUF74 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Earrings

JUF86 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Earrings

JGT57 : Garnet Chandeliers

JMJ60 : Garnet Hoop Earrings

JRZ22 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JJD94 : Inlay Black Onyx Earrings

JUJ57 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ83 : Labradorite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JMB62 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUJ71 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUJ76 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUJ88 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMJ58 : Lapis Lazuli Hoops

JLZ23 : Malachite Earrings

JMB21 : Malachite Earrings with Spiral

JMB68 : Malachite Flower Earrings

JMB18 : Malachite Hoop Earrings

JNQ02 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Star

JUJ86 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK16 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK22 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JRN05 : Pearl Earrings

JUJ73 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ79 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK15 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK11 : Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK14 : Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JGT35 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JNA13 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JUI49 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI51 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI78 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI83 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUI93 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JRV98 : Sterling Earrings

JRW12 : Sterling Earrings

JRZ45 : Sterling Earrings

JRW18 : Sterling Earrings with Charms

JRZ20 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JUK65 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JUH14 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI52 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI88 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI98 : Turquoise Earrings

JKR20 : Turquoise Hoop Earrings

JUQ98 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JUQ99 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUQ95 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JUR01 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JUR03 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Earrings

JUR02 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUR06 : Sunstone Earrings

JUR05 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSE52 : Amber Earrings

JPW76 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JUH01 : Gemstone Umbrella Meenakari Chandeliers (Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli and Citrine)

JRZ28 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JUJ54 : Israel Cut Carnelian Shower Earrings

JUK03 : Multi-Color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUI77 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JRV97 : Sterling Earrings

JKT11 : Sterling Rose Earrings

JOM48 : Black Onyx Bunch Earrings

JMA03 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB22 : Black Onyx Flower Earrings

JNJ82 : CZ Tops

JMJ55 : Faceted Australian Crystal Hoops

JUF84 : Faceted Garnet Gold Plated Earrings

JSC97 : Faceted Gemstone Dangling Earrings

JGT21 : Garnet Chandeliers

JUJ98 : Green and Pink Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUJ85 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JNI45 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Star

JFW94 : MOP Earrings with Marcasite

JPA75 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JKX63 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JKX49 : Sterling Hoops

JUI80 : Turquoise Earrings

JUK09 : Aquamarine Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JNA64 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA52 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JGS96 : Black Onyx Earrings

JUJ64 : Carnelian Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JOC54 : Enamel Hoops

JRO71 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRO59 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRO58 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRO62 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JOM45 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JRZ30 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JUJ56 : Israel Cut Labradorite Shower Earrings

JIU60 : Labradorite Chandeliers

JRZ43 : Lot of Five Sterling Earrings

JNI48 : Meenakari Earrings

JUL04 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers

JGM42 : MOP Tops

JRW09 : Sterling Earrings

JRW22 : Sterling Earrings

JRW05 : Sterling Earrings

JNJ45 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JOE19 : Sterling Tribal Lakshmi Earrings

JNC05 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUI87 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI46 : Turquoise Earrings

JRQ72 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JRO67 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUJ60 : Green and Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JQA81 : Inlay Post Earrings

JUF80 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Garnet and Rose Quartz

JUG41 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JRW07 : Sterling Earrings

JUI45 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI85 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI94 : Turquoise Earrings

JFL85 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Chandeliers

JKT60 : Sterling Chandeliers with Marcasite

JKZ63 : Black Pearl Designer Earrings with Black Onyx

JOM37 : Carnelian Earrings

JSU74 : Carnelian Earrings

JQP97 : Coral Beaded Earrings

JUQ34 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JUJ46 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings with Charms

JSY73 : Pearl Earrings

JUQ77 : Faceted Black Onyx Marquis Earrings

JUQ33 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JUQ76 : Faceted Green Onyx Marquis Earrings

JUQ72 : Faceted Prehnite Earrings

JUQ11 : Faceted Redstone Earrings

JUQ75 : Faceted Sunstone Marquis Earrings

JUQ39 : Green Onyx Earrings with Pearl

JUQ21 : Israel Cut Carnelian Shower Earrings

JUQ26 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUP49 : Kundan Chandelier Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emeralds

JUQ86 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUQ06 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUQ88 : Ruby Zoisite Post Earrings

JUQ90 : Ruby Zoisite Post Earrings

JUQ85 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUQ89 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUQ81 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUQ82 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUQ87 : Ruby Zoisite Tops

JUQ84 : Ruby Zoisite Yoni Earrings

JUQ78 : Tiger Eye Marquis Earrings

LBJ92 : Garnet Red Nose Stud

JUO77 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JUO80 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JUO82 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JUO38 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Charms

JUO84 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Charms

JUO41 : Faceted Ruby Dangling Earrings

JUO78 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JUO81 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JUO37 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Charms

JUO39 : Israel Cut Black Onyx Shower Earrings

JUO79 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUN96 : Faceted Lapis lazuli Marquis Earrings

JUO18 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Marquis Earrings

JUN95 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUN94 : Fossil Earrings

JUO04 : Fossil Earrings

JUO06 : Fossil Earrings

JLO14 : Meenakari Tops

JUO01 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO05 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO14 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO22 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO24 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUO15 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUO21 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUO25 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUQ07 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUO20 : Turquoise Marquis Earrings

JUN67 : Faceted Amethyst Shower Earrings

JUN82 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUN66 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JUN90 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JUN72 : Faceted Iolite Shower Earrings

JUN92 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JUN86 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUN60 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUN76 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUN65 : Faceted Prehnite Marquis Earrings with Pearl

JUN56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUN63 : Faceted Sunstone Marquis Earrings with Pearl

JUN58 : Fossil Earrings

JUN64 : Fossil Earrings

JUN55 : Fossil Earrings

JUN69 : Fossil Earrings

JUN75 : Fossil Earrings

JUN79 : Fossil Earrings

JUN85 : Fossil Earrings

JUN89 : Fossil Earrings

JUN57 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JUN77 : Turquoise Earrings

JMB15 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR20 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JUJ89 : Aquamarine Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUK06 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Chandeliers

JUJ95 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ90 : Israel Cut Pink and Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUK07 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUJ70 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ67 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUJ93 : Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUQ80 : Faceted Redstone Marquis Earrings

JUJ44 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JUJ51 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings

JUJ49 : Faceted Green Amethyst Earrings with Charms

JUJ48 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

JUJ50 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Earrings

JUJ45 : Faceted Oval Green Amethyst Earrings

JUI41 : Faceted Iolite Tops

JUI22 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JUH96 : Faceted Amethyst Gold Plated Earrings

JUI08 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUI24 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUI25 : Faceted Brown Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI14 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JUI67 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI17 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Earrings

JUI65 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings with Pink

JUI66 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI68 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI15 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUI21 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUI26 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUI61 : Iolite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUH95 : Israel Cut Black Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUH97 : Israel Cut Brown Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI64 : Israel Cut Brown Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUI69 : Israel Cut Brown Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUH99 : Multi-color Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUI70 : Shower Earrings of Faceted Tourmaline

JUI62 : Shower Earrings of Israel Cut Multi-color Tourmaline

JUH98 : Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JUI10 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI11 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI12 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI13 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI16 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI18 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI19 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI20 : Turquoise Earrings

JUI23 : Turquoise Earrings

JUH94 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JUH92 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JUH93 : Shower Earrings of Faceted Peridot

JUC33 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JNA06 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Dangles

JUF76 : Faceted Amethyst and Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

JUF87 : Faceted Blue Topaz and Pearl Gold Plated Earrings

JUF82 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Earrings

JUF79 : Faceted Garnet and Pearl Earrings

JUG08 : Faceted Labradorite Shower Earrings

JUG17 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JUF85 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JUG07 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JUG19 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JUH03 : Gemstone Meenakari Earrings (Peridot, Lapis Lazuli and Garnet)

JUG18 : Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers of Faceted Garnet

JUG05 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Shower Earrings

JTZ72 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUG20 : Meenakari Lattice Earrings with Charms

JUG25 : Pearl and Faceted Smoky Quartz Shower Earrings

JUG16 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings with CZ and Pearl

JUG10 : Sterling Meenakari Lattice Earrings with Charms

JKR07 : Black Onyx Earrings

JTZ19 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUD99 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUE04 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JUD98 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE01 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE02 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE05 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE06 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE08 : Turquoise Earrings

JUE03 : Turquoise Rectangle Earrings

JUD93 : Faceted Amethyst and Pearl Shoulder Duster

JUD92 : Faceted Garnet Drops Gold Plated Earrings

JUD96 : Faceted Peridot and Pearl Shoulder Duster

JUD95 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JUC99 : Meenakari Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Green Aventurine, Garnet and Faceted Rose Quartz)

JUC89 : Sterling Earrings In Kundan Flavor

JUC88 : Sterling Meenakari Earrings

JUC86 : Turquoise Earrings

JTY96 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ15 : Turquoise Earrings

JTS46 : Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JTX12 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Shower Earrings

JTX86 : Faceted Carnelian and Iolite Earrings

JTX78 : Faceted Crystal and Apatite Dangling Earrings

JTX87 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Peridot)

JTS54 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JTS19 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JTZ77 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ95 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTS25 : Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JTZ05 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ10 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ40 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ49 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ43 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Earrings

JTS60 : Tourmaline Israel Cut Chandeliers

JTZ41 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ47 : Turquoise Earrings

JTV02 : Enameled Umbrella Chandeliers with Citrine

JGP90 : Carnelian Designer Chandeliers

JUD36 : Faceted Black Onyx Shower Earrings

JUD19 : Faceted Brown Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUD43 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JUD25 : Faceted Citrine Shower Earrings

JUD29 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JUD33 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JUD41 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JUD44 : Faceted Garnet Shower Earrings

JUD03 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUD08 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUD39 : Faceted Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JUD07 : Pearl Earrings

JUD22 : Sterling Kundan Earrings

JUC42 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JUC27 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUC43 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JUC45 : Meenakari Earrings

JUC30 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Lapis Lazuli

JUQ83 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JUB36 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB43 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB53 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB75 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB79 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB83 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB85 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB88 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB89 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB94 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB98 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JUB35 : Turquoise Earrings

JUB42 : Turquoise Earrings

JUB51 : Turquoise Earrings

JUB60 : Turquoise Earrings

JUB67 : Turquoise Earrings

JUB73 : Turquoise Earrings

JUA50 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUA58 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUA68 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUA75 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUA81 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUB32 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTS98 : Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers of Faceted Amethyst

JUA46 : Turquoise Earrings

JUA09 : Faceted Amethyst Blooming Flower Gold Plated Earrings with Central Smoky Quartz

JTZ57 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ64 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ80 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ84 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ88 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTZ91 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JUA08 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Spiral

JTZ14 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ25 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ30 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ37 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTZ46 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTY93 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JTZ20 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JTZ50 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JTZ01 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ06 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ11 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ24 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ35 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ44 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ53 : Turquoise Earrings

JTZ28 : Turquoise Marquis Earrings

JTO13 : Nepalese Filigree Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JTY90 : Inlay Earrings

JTY71 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY73 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY78 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY79 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY81 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY82 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY83 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY65 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Sterling Leaves

JTY66 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTY85 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTY89 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTY52 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY56 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY62 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTY48 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTY53 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTY21 : Black Onyx Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTY25 : Black Onyx Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTY23 : Brown Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTY27 : Brown Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTS96 : CZ Gold Plated Earrings with Central Pearl

JTS95 : Faceted Amethyst Drops Gold Plated Earrings

JTS97 : Faceted Green Onyx Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers

JTS94 : Faceted Iolite Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

JTS99 : Faceted Peridot Drops Gold Plated Earrings

JTY22 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTY26 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTY17 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Beaded Shower Earrings

JTY19 : Prehnite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTS90 : Magenta Victorian Post-type Ear Studs with Cut Glass

JTS55 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings with Dangling Agate

JTS65 : Faceted Emerald Chandeliers

JTS56 : Faceted Gemstone Bunch Earrings
(Apatite, Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst)

JTS66 : Faceted Ruby Hoop Chandeliers

JTS76 : Fine Cut Garnet Post Earrings

JTS75 : Fine Cut Peridot Tops

JTS58 : Garnet Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTS57 : Meenakari Earrings with Charms

JTS59 : Meenakari Lattice Earrings with Garnet Charms

JTS45 : Carnelian Earrings

JTS26 : Emerald and Garnet Beaded Earrings

JTS27 : Faceted Amethyst Designer Earrings

JTS17 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JTS15 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Charms

JTS21 : Faceted Iolite Chandeliers

JTS24 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTS14 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JTS22 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JTS16 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Charms

JTS23 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Charms

JTS18 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JTX81 : Dangling Earrings of Faceted Carnelian and Iolite

JTX77 : Faceted Gemstone Bunch Earrings (Carnelian, Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Crystal)

JTX91 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Apatite Earrings

JTX74 : Garnet Israel Cut Showers

JTX80 : Garnet Israel Cut Showers

JTX66 : Green and Pink Tourmaline Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTX64 : Hessonite Shower Israel Cut Showers

JTX69 : Israel Cut Black Onyx Shower Earrings

JTX65 : Israel Cut Citrine Shower Earrings

JTX99 : Israel Cut Garnet Earrings

JTX68 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JTX70 : Israel Cut Hessonite Shower Earrings

JTX71 : Israel Cut Pink and Green Tourmaline Showers

JTX63 : Israel Cut Rose Quartz Shower Earrings

JTX73 : Israel Cut Rose Quartz Shower Earrings

JTX76 : Israel Cut Shower Earrings of Pink and Green Tourmaline

JTX79 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Bunch Earrings

JTX94 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Earrings

JTX67 : Labradorite Israel Cut Shower Earrings

JTX62 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JTX72 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Showers

JTX75 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Israel Cut Showers

JTX82 : Tourmaline Israel Cut Bunch Earrings

JTX54 : Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JRP26 : Persian-Blue Chandelier Earrings with Gold Accent

JMS59 : Fine Cut Citrine Superfine Earrings

JTW68 : Kundan Chandelier Earrings with Brown Glass Beads

JTW53 : Magenta and Golden Earwrap Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JTW84 : Polki Post Earrings with Faux Emeralds and Cut Glass

JTW52 : Polki Post Earrings with Faux Ruby and Cut Glass

JTX30 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JTX23 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JTX04 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JTX08 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Black Onyx, Garnet and Carnelian)

JTX20 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTX16 : Garnet Beaded Earrings

JTX18 : Lapis Lazuli Beaded Earrings

JTV87 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JTV60 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earrings

JTV04 : Enameled Umbrella Chandeliers with Peridot, Garnet and Faceted Rose Quartz

JTV03 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Garnet and Citrine

JTV01 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Green Aventurine and Faceted Citrine

JSX33 : Amethyst Earrings

JSY10 : Amethyst Earrings

JTE84 : Amethyst Shower Earrings

JSX28 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSZ43 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JPP38 : Dangling Rose Quartz Earrings

JQR86 : Faceted Citrine Hoop Earrings

JRO57 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JSP46 : Garnet Earrings

JSX32 : Garnet Earrings

JSP39 : Labradorite Earrings

JSP97 : Malachite Earrings

JSP12 : Pearl Earrings

JOC43 : Pearl Hoop Chandeliers

JSZ49 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSY09 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JQV44 : Sterling Chandeliers

JSQ45 : Sterling Earrings

JSX39 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JBC51 : Pearl Chandeliers

JSX99 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JRO49 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JRC86 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

QO78 : Amethyst Earrings

QT63 : Moonstone Filigree Earrings

JBD29 : Turquoise Earrings

JTM95 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Inlay Earrings

JTM96 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Earrings

JTM75 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JTM49 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Inlay Ring

JTM37 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTM54 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTM41 : Nepalese Inlay Flower Earrings

JTM38 : Nepalese Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JTM42 : Nepalese Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JTM17 : Nepalese Rhombus Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JMW67 : Fine Cut Citrine Spiral Post Earrings

JTL39 : Kundan Earrings with Faux Emerald and Rubies

JTL45 : Kundan Earrings with Sky-Blue Beads

JTK47 : Crystal Beaded Earrings

JTK51 : Faceted Gemstone Valentine Earrings (Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst)

JTK48 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTJ96 : Amethyst Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK21 : Faceted Apatite Fine Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK29 : Faceted Carnelian Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK20 : Faceted Carnelian Gold Plated Shower Earrings

JTK13 : Faceted Iolite Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK17 : Faceted Pearl, Apatite and Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JTK07 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK15 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Designer Gold Plated Earrings

JTK12 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK16 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Chandeliers

JTK05 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTK11 : Frosted Crystal Earrings with Faceted Citrine

JTK22 : Garnet Chandeliers

JTJ97 : Garnet Chandeliers with Pearl

JTK25 : Gemstone Gold Plated Umbrella Chandeliers ( Pink Tourmaline, Apatite and Pearl)

JTK19 : Gemstone Shower Earrings (Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet)

JTK18 : Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers ( Labradorite, Crystal, Garnet, Peridot and Amethyst)

JTK37 : Nepalese Inlay Tops

JTK04 : Peacockolite Earrings

JTK24 : Peacockolite Earrings

JTK30 : Peacockolite Earrings

JTJ93 : Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JSB03 : Amber Earrings

JSX23 : Black Onyx Earrings

JOL61 : Carnelian Earrings

JSX27 : Carnelian Earrings

JPK04 : Citrine Marquis Earrings with Shower

JQS38 : Faceted Garnet Showers

JMZ67 : Faceted Peridot Dangling Drop Earrings

JRZ02 : Gold Plated Earrings

JSX25 : Labradorite Earrings

JSY05 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX26 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JTF88 : Carved Green Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers with Israel Cut Garnet, Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst

JTF86 : Faceted Apatite Umbrella Chandeliers with Carnelian

JTF84 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JTF80 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst)

JTF83 : Faceted Labradorite Chandeliers

JTF81 : Gemstone Shower Earrings (Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot and Garnet)

JTF87 : Israel Cut Amethyst Shower Earrings

JTF85 : Israel Cut Black Onyx Shower Earrings

JTF89 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JTF82 : Israel Cut Prehnite Shower Earrings

JTI73 : Large Kundan Earrings with Red Cut Glass Beads

JTI75 : Royal Blue Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JTJ05 : Azure Kundan Earrings

JTJ08 : Kundan Chandelier Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emeralds

JTJ12 : Kundan Earwrap Earrings with Golden Dangles

JTJ07 : Mehandi-Green Earwrap Kundan Umbrella Earrings with Cut Glass Beads

JTJ13 : Orange Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JTJ15 : Twin-Design Kundan Earwrap Jhumka Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emeralds

JRP20 : Red Flask Earrings with Green and Golden Accents

JTG85 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTG77 : Frosted Crystal Earrings with Citrine Charms

UA12 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JBC81 : Faceted Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JBB30 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Chandeliers

JBB27 : Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

QW68 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JTF78 : Coral Beaded Earrings

JTE99 : Dangling MOP Earrings

JTG03 : Emerald Beaded Chandeliers

JTF74 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JTF69 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JTF93 : Faceted Carnelian, Amethyst and Iolite Umbrella Chandeliers

JTF77 : Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JTF91 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Amethyst, Peridot and Rainbow Moonstone)

JTF73 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Carnelian)

JTF94 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Carnelian, Amethyst and Garnet)

JTF99 : Faceted Gemstone Umbrella Chandeliers (Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet and Black Onyx)

JTF67 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTF92 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JTF75 : Israel Cut Amethyst Shower Earrings

JTF76 : Israel Cut Carnelian Shower Earrings

JTF79 : Israel Cut Garnet Shower Earrings

JTF96 : Israel Cut Labradorite Shower Earrings

JTF98 : Israel Cut Peridot Shower Earrings

JTG02 : Israel Cut Peridot Shower Earrings

JTF71 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers with Iolite

JTG01 : Redstone Earrings

JTF95 : Shower Earrings of Israel Cut Amethyst

JTF97 : Shower Earrings of Israel Cut Garnet

JTF90 : Shower Earrings of Israel Cut Peridot

JTG58 : Sterling Umbrella Chandeliers

JBP12 : Carnelian Gypsy Post Earrings

JBE23 : Jade Earrings

JTF06 : Dangling Crystal Earrings

JTF65 : Earwrap Kundan Earrings with Faux Ruby and Emerald

JTE93 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JTF02 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JTF19 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JTE88 : Faceted Jasper Earrings

JTE82 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTF09 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTF13 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTF21 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTF18 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Earrings

JTF05 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Shower Earrings

JTF20 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Shower Earrings

JTE89 : Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Shower Earrings

JTF60 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JTE56 : Amethyst Shower Earrings

JTE54 : Black Onyx Earrings

JTI74 : Brown Kundan Earrings

JTE55 : Carnelian Earrings with Charms

JTE64 : Faceted Amethyst and Apatite Earrings

JTE73 : Faceted Amethyst and Pearl Earrings

JTE42 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JTE47 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JTE44 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JTE63 : Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Shower Earrings

JTE48 : Malachite Earrings

JTE62 : Rutilated Quartz Earrings

JTE51 : Unpolished Crystal Earrings

JTI87 : Golden Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JTI88 : Large Kundan Chakra Earrings with Faux Emerald and Ruby

JTB96 : Turquoise and Coral Nepalese Shower Earrings

JTJ23 : Faux Pearl Earwrap Kundan Umbrella Earrings

JTJ28 : Kundan Earrings with Imitation Pearls

JTJ25 : Pink Kundan Earrings with Cut Glass

JTJ24 : Robin-Egg Blue Kundan Earrings

JTE22 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Amethyst

JTE29 : Inlay Earrings

JTE24 : Inlay Post Earrings

JTE27 : Nepalese Inlay Post Earrings

JTE21 : Nepalese Inlay Tops

JTE28 : Nepalese Inlay Tops

JTD66 : Peridot Jhumka Earrings

JTC43 : Inlay Blooming Flower Earrings

JTC62 : Inlay Earrings with Knotted Rope

JTC25 : Multi-color Inlay Earrings

JTB74 : Multi-color Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC39 : Multi-color Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC54 : Multi-color Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTB97 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC13 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC50 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC60 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC64 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC66 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Knotted Rope

JTB64 : Spider's Web Inlay Earrings

JTC14 : Blooming Flower Inlay Chandeliers

JTB49 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings with Charms

JTC73 : Crescent Moon and Star Pendant

JTB37 : Inlay Flower Chandeliers

JTC04 : Inlay Flower Earrings

JTB08 : Israel Cut Pink and Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JTB59 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC56 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC58 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC69 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTC32 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings Coral and Turquoise

JTB81 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTB94 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JTB62 : Amethyst Chandeliers

JTC74 : Coral and Turquoise Shower Earrings

JTB44 : Inlay Rugby Earrings

JTB57 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTB69 : Rugby Inlay Earrings

JTC06 : Rugby Inlay Earrings

JTB88 : Twirling Inlay Earrings

JTB58 : Amethyst Earrings

JTB89 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

JTA98 : Faceted Iolite Chandeliers

JTA92 : Faceted Peridot Shower Earrings

JTB41 : Garnet Earrings

JTC24 : Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTB16 : Inlay Nepalese Earrings with Coral

JTB32 : Malachite Earrings

JTC68 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTA88 : Pearl Chandeliers

JTB17 : Pink and Green Israel Cut Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JTA94 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JTC09 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JTB40 : Turquoise and Coral Earrings

JTB13 : Twirling Earrings

JTA12 : Blooming Flower Earrings with Coral

JTA38 : Blooming Flower Earrings with Coral

JTA81 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

JTA78 : Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings with Coral

JTA49 : Coral and Turquoise Nepalese Earrings

JTA21 : Dangling Blooming Flower Earrings with Central Coral

JTA67 : Dorje Inlay Earrings

JTA53 : Gemstone Inlay Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JTA15 : Inlay Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JTA47 : Inlay Flower Earrings

JTA43 : Nepalese Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JTA82 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JTA11 : Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JSE43 : Amber Earrings

JSE44 : Amber Earrings

JSE46 : Amber Earrings

JSE47 : Amber Earrings

JSE51 : Amber Earrings

JSE54 : Amber Earrings

JSE55 : Amber Earrings

JSE56 : Amber Earrings

JSE73 : Amber Earrings

JSZ53 : Amethyst Earrings

JSZ55 : Amethyst Earrings

JSZ60 : Amethyst Earrings

JLD04 : Antiquated Earrings from Rajasthan

JSZ27 : Aquamarine Chandeliers

JSZ52 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSZ30 : Carnelian Earrings

JSZ31 : Carnelian Shoulder Dusters

JTA02 : Faceted Peridot Tops

JSZ46 : Garnet Earrings

JSZ51 : Garnet Earrings

JSZ33 : Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSZ38 : Labradorite Earrings

JSZ44 : Labradorite Earrings

JTA06 : Labradorite Earrings

JSZ45 : Malachite and Peridot Earrings

JSZ28 : Malachite Earrings

JSZ29 : MOP (Shell) Earrings

JSZ39 : Pearl Shoulder Dusters

JSZ34 : Prehnite Earrings

JSZ37 : Prehnite Earrings

JSZ35 : Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Earrings

JSZ47 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JTA04 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSZ59 : Redstone Earrings

JSZ58 : Rose Quartz and Amethyst Earrings

JSZ56 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSZ54 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSZ32 : Sterling Chandeliers

JRW21 : Sterling Earrings

JSZ26 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSZ36 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSZ42 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSE45 : Amber Earrings

JSA53 : Amber Tops

JLY80 : Amethyst Earrings

JMB67 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU58 : Amethyst Earrings

JBC91 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR57 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSU66 : Black Onyx Earrings

JTA03 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB33 : Blue Chalcedony Dangling Earrings

JMC15 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSU86 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JTF64 : Bridal Kundan Earrings

JQV52 : Cross Earrings

JKX54 : Designer Sterling Hoops

JLY76 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JGR99 : Faceted Ruby Flowers

JGF93 : Faceted Ruby Tops

JPF88 : Garnet Bunch Chandeliers

JLY92 : Garnet Earrings

JNA35 : Garnet Earrings

JSU57 : Garnet Earrings

JSU65 : Garnet Earrings

JSW30 : Garnet Earrings

JNP99 : Hoop Chandeliers of Australian Crystal

JTB35 : Inlay Earrings with Coral

JSU64 : Labradorite Earrings

JSV08 : Labradorite Earrings

JMA40 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSQ75 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX94 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSW14 : Malachite Earrings

JSX98 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSV85 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX84 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JTF57 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JLY70 : Rose Quartz Hinged Earrings

JSY06 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JTB84 : Rugby Inlay Earrings

JMB12 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSY49 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JTC35 : Spider's Web Blooming Flower Inlay Earrings

JKT51 : Starfish Earrings

JRW03 : Sterling Earrings

JSQ35 : Sterling Earrings

JKT38 : Sterling Earrings with Granulation

JSX44 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSX63 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSY71 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JLY67 : Twin Amethyst Hinged Earrings

JLY78 : Twin Garnet Earrings

JTC12 : Twirling Inlay Earrings

JSY67 : Faceted Gemstone Blooming Flower Earrings with Charms (Garnet, Citrine, Iolite, Amethyst and Peridot)

JSY64 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSY72 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JSY62 : Malachite Earrings

JSY61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY66 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY69 : Redstone and Pearl Earrings with Lattice

JSY60 : Redstone Lattice Earrings

JSY63 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSY68 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSY65 : Turquoise Earrings

JSY70 : Turquoise Earrings

JSY51 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSY48 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY50 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY53 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY56 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSY52 : Sterling Earrings

JSY42 : Rainbow Moonstone Dangling Earrings

JSX62 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX66 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX75 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX76 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX82 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX53 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX81 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX86 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX92 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSY01 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX77 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSX85 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSX54 : Carnelian Earrings

JSX65 : Carnelian Earrings

JSX95 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JSX73 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JSX71 : Garnet Earrings

JSX72 : Garnet Earrings

JSX79 : Garnet Earrings

JSX91 : Garnet Earrings

JSY03 : Garnet Earrings

JSX51 : Labradorite Earrings

JSX52 : Labradorite Earrings

JSY07 : Labradorite Earrings

JSX50 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX55 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX56 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX70 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX90 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX69 : Malachite Earrings

JSX88 : Malachite Earrings

JSX64 : Pearl Earrings

JSX48 : Prehnite Earrings

JSX49 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX57 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX58 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX68 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX93 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX47 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX80 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX83 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX89 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSY02 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX67 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSX78 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSX46 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSX74 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSY08 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSX59 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSX61 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSX96 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSX97 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSY04 : Turquoise Earrings

JSX34 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX45 : Amethyst Earrings

JSX16 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX18 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX20 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX36 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX40 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSX21 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSX37 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSX35 : Dangling Labradorite Earrings

JSX19 : Dangling Malachite Earrings

JSX30 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JSX29 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSX31 : Pearl Earrings

JSX43 : Prehnite Earrings

JSX38 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSX17 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSX24 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JTI86 : Black Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JRR56 : Goddess Kali Earrings

JOM49 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JSW90 : Sterling Antiquated Ethnic Chandeliers with Iolite and Smoky Quartz

JOF18 : Lord Buddha Earrings

JSW48 : Amethyst Earrings

JSW57 : Amethyst Earrings

JSW59 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSW71 : Carnelian Earrings

JSW61 : Gray Moonstone Earrings

JSW69 : Labradorite Earrings

JSW51 : Malachite Earrings

JSW66 : Prehnite Earrings

JSW53 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSW64 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSW65 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSW68 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSW70 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSW43 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSW54 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSW52 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSW56 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSW63 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSW41 : Amethyst Earrings

JSW29 : Carnelian Earrings

JSW35 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JSW16 : Labradorite Earrings

JSW22 : Labradorite Earrings

JSW36 : Labradorite Earrings

JSW15 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSW28 : Malachite Earrings

JSW31 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSW91 : Ethnic Chandeliers with Rainbow Moonstone

JSW12 : Amethyst Earrings

JSW10 : Carnelian Earrings

JSV89 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JSW09 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSW01 : Malachite Earrings

JSW11 : Malachite Earrings

JSV88 : Sterling Earrings

JNQ03 : Gold Nose Pin with Cubic Zirconia

JRJ43 : Carved Lapis Lazuli Beaded Earrings with Charms

JSU77 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JSU78 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JSU40 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU45 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU50 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU98 : Amethyst Earrings

JSV05 : Amethyst Earrings

JSV07 : Aquamarine Earrings

JSU42 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSU69 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSV09 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSV13 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSU56 : Carnelian Earrings

JSU59 : Carnelian Earrings

JSU70 : Carnelian Earrings

JSU99 : CZ Earrings

JSU88 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JSU94 : Faceted Labradorite Earrings

JSU91 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JSU54 : Garnet Earrings

JSU61 : Garnet Earrings

JSU63 : Garnet Earrings

JSU80 : Garnet Earrings

JSU90 : Garnet Earrings

JSU41 : Green Onyx Marquis Earrings with Pearl

JSU44 : Labradorite Earrings

JSU46 : Labradorite Earrings

JSU68 : Labradorite Earrings

JSU73 : Labradorite Earrings

JSV11 : Labradorite Earrings

JSU49 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSV03 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSU60 : Malachite Earrings

JSV10 : Malachite Earrings

JSU96 : Prehnite Earrings

JSV12 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSU83 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSU87 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSU93 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSV02 : Shell (MOP) Earrings

JSU72 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JSU48 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSU52 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSU43 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSU71 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSV04 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSU51 : Amethyst Earrings

JSU53 : Prehnite Earrings

JRY98 : Earrings of Chinese Buddhist Symbol Carved on Turquoise

JSP45 : Pearl Earrings

JST09 : Garnet Earrings

JST10 : Labradorite Earrings

JSG85 : Pink Pearl Shower Earrings with Swarovski

JSS45 : Amethyst Earrings

JSS44 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSS47 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSS48 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSS46 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSS63 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS67 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS70 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS78 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS83 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS89 : Ruby Zoisite Earrings

JSS49 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSS25 : Black Polki Post Earrings with Cut Glass

JSS31 : Polki Post Earrings with Faux Ruby and Cut Glass

JSR91 : Amethyst and Pearl Earrings

JSR70 : Amethyst and Pearl Earrings with Lattice

JSR56 : Amethyst Earrings with Spiral

JSR77 : Black Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSR59 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR79 : Carnelian Earrings

JSR84 : Faceted Black Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSR82 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSR86 : Faceted Carnelian and Pearl Earrings

JSR78 : Faceted Green Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSR73 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JSR69 : Faceted Rose Quartz and Pearl Earrings

JSR72 : Faceted Smoky Quartz and Pearl Earrings

JSR74 : Garnet Earrings

JSR62 : Garnet Earrings with Spiral

JSR66 : Green Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSR87 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSR75 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Dangling Pearl

JSR71 : Malachite Earrings

JSR55 : Prehnite Earrings

JSR90 : Prehnite Earrings

JSR54 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSR65 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSR76 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSR80 : Spider's Web Turquoise and Pearl Earrings

JSR61 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JSR67 : Sunstone Earrings with Spiral

JSR81 : Tiger Eye and Pearl Earrings

JSR83 : Tiger Eye and Pearl Earrings

JSQ83 : Amethyst Earrings

JSR16 : Amethyst Earrings

JSR22 : Amethyst Earrings

JSR40 : Amethyst Earrings

JSR38 : Antiquated Earrings

JSQ79 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSQ86 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR04 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR07 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR28 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSR39 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMG05 : Carnelian Earrings

JSQ68 : Carnelian Earrings

JSR44 : Carnelian Earrings

JSR48 : Carnelian Earrings

JSR12 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JSR09 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSR27 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JSQ74 : Faceted Green Onyx Earrings

JSQ76 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JSR08 : Faceted Tiger Eye Earrings

JSR11 : Green Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSR43 : Green Onyx Lattice Earrings with Pearl

JSQ73 : Labradorite Earrings

JSR21 : Labradorite Earrings

JSQ72 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSQ77 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSR06 : Malachite Earrings

JSR34 : Malachite Earrings

JSQ81 : Pearl Earrings

JSQ67 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSQ85 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSR02 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSR01 : Rose Quartz and Amethyst Earrings

JSQ64 : Sterling Earrings

JSQ70 : Sterling Earrings

JSQ65 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSQ82 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSQ87 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSR37 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSR53 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSR32 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JSQ69 : Turquoise Earrings

JSR13 : Turquoise Earrings

JSR51 : Turquoise Earrings

JSP59 : Amethyst Earrings

JSP60 : Amethyst Earrings

JSQ32 : Carnelian Earrings

JSP62 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JSQ42 : Green Onyx Earrings

JSP61 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSQ34 : Sterling Earrings

JSQ36 : Sterling Earrings

JSQ41 : Sterling Earrings

JSP26 : Amethyst Earrings

JSP37 : Amethyst Earrings

JSP94 : Amethyst Earrings

JSP17 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSP27 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSP43 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSP68 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSP91 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSP10 : Carnelian Earrings

JSP98 : Garnet Earrings

JSP99 : Garnet Earrings

JSP92 : Green Onyx and Pearl Earrings

JSP75 : Green Onyx Earrings

JSQ02 : Green Onyx Earrings

JSP73 : Labradorite Earrings

JSP93 : Labradorite Earrings

JSP16 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSP47 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSP70 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSP14 : Malachite Earrings

JSP38 : Malachite Earrings

JSP77 : Malachite Earrings

JSQ01 : Malachite Earrings

JSP09 : Pearl Earrings

JSP20 : Pearl Earrings

JSP44 : Pearl Earrings

JSP13 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSP29 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSP36 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSP79 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSP96 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSP95 : Rose Quartz and Amethyst Earrings

JSP11 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSP19 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSP66 : Ruby Earrings

JSP18 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSP28 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSP40 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JPI82 : Faceted Labradorite Post Earrings

JSO93 : Amethyst Earrings

JSO98 : Amethyst Earrings

JSP02 : Amethyst Earrings

JSO99 : Carnelian Earrings

JSP05 : Faceted Emerald and Pearl Earrings

JSO91 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JSO92 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSO95 : Malachite Earrings

JSO94 : Pearl Earrings

JSP01 : Pearl Earrings

JSO90 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSO89 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSO97 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSP04 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSO96 : Turquoise Earrings

JSO40 : Garnet Earrings

JSO37 : Malachite and Peridot Earrings

JSO38 : Prehnite and Peridot Earrings

JSN99 : Amethyst Earrings

JSO31 : Black Onyx and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSO10 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSO14 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSO36 : Blue Chalcedony with BT Earrings

JSO27 : Carnelian Earrings

JSO03 : Garnet Earrings

JSO29 : Garnet Earrings

JSO07 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSO32 : Prehnite Earrings

JSO42 : Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet Earrings

JSO16 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSO30 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSO35 : Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JSO43 : Rose Quartz and Garnet Earrings

JSO39 : Rutilated Quartz and Lemon Quartz Pendant

JSO21 : Sterling Earrings

JSO33 : Tiger Eye and Citrine Earrings

JSO12 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSO41 : Tourmalinated Quartz and Smoky Quartz Earrings

JSO34 : Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JMB69 : Garnet Earrings

JSN38 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSN57 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSN63 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSN34 : Carnelian Earrings

JSN47 : Carnelian Earrings

JSN48 : Carnelian Earrings

JSN60 : Carnelian Earrings

JSN40 : Coral Beaded Earrings

JSN56 : Coral Chandeliers

JSN46 : Coral Earrings

JSN67 : Coral Earrings

JSN32 : Coral Shower Earrings

JSN61 : Labradorite Earrings

JSN65 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSN43 : Malachite Earrings

JSN66 : Malachite Earrings

JSN42 : MOP (Shell) Earrings

JSN31 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSN53 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JSN41 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSN52 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSN07 : Amethyst Earrings

JSN21 : Amethyst Earrings

JSN20 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSN11 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSJ62 : Citrine Earrings

JSN06 : Coral Earrings

JSN14 : Coral Earrings

JSN18 : Coral Earrings

JSN19 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSN22 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JSN26 : Tiger Eyes Earrings

JSM90 : Amethyst Earrings

JSM93 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSM99 : Black Onyx Earrings

JSM92 : Garnet Earrings

JSM91 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSM95 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSM88 : Malachite Earrings

JSM96 : Malachite Earrings

JSM98 : Malachite Earrings with Charms

JSN01 : Pearl Earrings with Shell (MOP)

JSM97 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Charms

JSN03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Lattice

JSN02 : Spider's Web Turquoise Earrings

JSM87 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSM94 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JSC82 : Fine Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JSK30 : Amethyst Earrings

JSK56 : Amethyst Earrings

JSK34 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JSK23 : Faceted Garnet Tops

JSK12 : Blue Chalcedony Beaded Earrings

JSK20 : Carnelian Earrings

JSK15 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSE42 : Amber Earrings

JSE79 : Amber Earrings

JOM34 : Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JOL56 : Carnelian Earrings

JRO96 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JMV96 : Fine Cut Smoky Quartz Designer Earrings with Citrine

JOM33 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JOM52 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JRZ31 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JRO77 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JNQ09 : Meenakari Earrings

JSE39 : Amber Earrings

JSE40 : Amber Earrings

JSE53 : Amber Earrings

JOM67 : Amethyst Chandeliers

JMA26 : Amethyst Earrings

JMB59 : Amethyst Earrings

JMJ57 : Amethyst Earrings

JMB52 : Amethyst Earrings with Spiral

JNI73 : Amethyst Hinged Earrings

JOE26 : Antiquated Peacock Earrings with Dangling Faceted Black Onyx

JNA45 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA53 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA55 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JNA77 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JMB20 : Black Onyx Dangling Earrings

JMA02 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB16 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB81 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMG36 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMG40 : Black Onyx Earrings

JLZ40 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JLZ68 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMB47 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JOM68 : Carnelian Designer Bunch Earrings

JMB40 : Carnelian Earrings

JRN36 : Coral Earrings

JNP20 : Cubic Zirconia Earrings

JNK72 : Cubic Zirconia Tops

JOE77 : Dangling Faceted Crystal Nymph Earrings

JPK22 : Dangling Fine Cut Green Onyx Earrings with Peridot

JMJ59 : Designer Black Onyx Earrings

JKT70 : Designer Chandeliers with Marcasite & Faceted Garnet

JOC53 : Enamel Hoops

JMW11 : Faceted Citrine Bell Earrings

JRO50 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRZ82 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Peridot, Garnet, Citrine and Amethyst)

JRO69 : Faceted Moonstone Earrings

JRO65 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JRQ86 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JMV98 : Fine Cut Amethyst Designer Earrings with Blue Topaz

JPJ12 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Earrings

JMV93 : Fine Cut Citrine Designer Earrings

JMW09 : Fine Cut Gemstone Flower Earrings (Amethyst and Citrine)

JLZ76 : Garnet Earrings

JMB01 : Garnet Earrings

JMB58 : Garnet Earrings

JMB25 : Garnet Earrings with Spiral

JKQ43 : Garnet Oval Tops

JRZ18 : Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

JKQ83 : Labradorite Cabochon Tops

JME30 : Labradorite Chandeliers

JMA78 : Labradorite Hoop Earrings

JMA91 : Labradorite Hoops

JLZ36 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JLZ39 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMB05 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMB17 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMB48 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMA68 : Lapis Lazuli Hoop Earrings

JKQ98 : Malachite Cabochon Earrings

JMA57 : Malachite Earrings

JLZ37 : Malachite Earrings

JMB04 : Malachite Earrings

JMJ65 : Malachite Earrings

JMB36 : Malachite Hoop Earrings

JNI37 : Meenakari Earrings

JNI22 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JNI52 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Star

JNI68 : Meenakari Floral Earrings

JNI50 : Meenakari Valentine Earrings with Dangle

JMA90 : Pearl Earrings

JLZ47 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JMA86 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoops

JRV77 : Sterling Earrings

JRW04 : Sterling Earrings

JNJ30 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JNK69 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JKT43 : Tiger Eye Cabochon Earrings

JNP14 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JME85 : Twin Amethyst Earrings

JKQ88 : Twin Black Onyx Earrings

JSC95 : Yellow Chalcedony Earrings

JSI66 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JLO10 : Meenakari Tops

JSG84 : Pearl Shower Earrings with Swarovski Charms

JSG67 : Faceted Citrine Earrings with Spiral

JSE38 : Amber Earrings

JSE48 : Amber Earrings

JSC96 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSC94 : Yellow Chalcedony Earrings

JSE70 : Amber Earrings

JSE23 : Amethyst Earrings

JSC98 : Faceted Orange Moonstone Earrings

JSC84 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JSC93 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JSC67 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Charms

JSC70 : Faceted Grey Moonstone Earrings

JSC92 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JSC68 : Faceted Rose Quartz Chandeliers

JSC91 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JSC62 : Faceted Yellow Chalcedony Earrings

JSC61 : Fluorite Beaded Earrings

JSC64 : Grey Pearl Shower Earrings with Swarovski Charms

JSC83 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JSC60 : Pink Pearl Shower Earrings with Swarovski Charms

JSC63 : Turquoise Beaded Earrings

JSB61 : Amber Large Earrings

JRZ40 : Amethyst Chandeliers

JRV10 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRV92 : Ratangarhi Fertility Chandeliers

JRZ21 : Sterling Gold Plated Designer Earrings

JRZ29 : Sterling Gold Plated Solar Earrings

JRV89 : Sterling Solar Earrings

JRV94 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JSB04 : Amber Earrings

JSB07 : Amber Earrings

JSB08 : Amber Earrings

JSB06 : Amber Earrings with Knotted Rope Border

JSA89 : Amber Tops

JSB05 : Amber Tops

JRO75 : Amethyst Earrings

JRO72 : Apatite Showers

JOJ78 : Black Onyx Bunch Earrings

JQN68 : Canadian Jade Earrings with Carved Spike

JOL59 : Carnelian Earrings

JRS71 : Carved Turquoise Earrings

JPG11 : Dangling Black Onyx Earrings

JNJ96 : Faceted Amethyst Dangling Earrings

JPG05 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Beaded Earrings

JMW05 : Fine Cut Gemstone Flower Earrings (Garnet and Citrine)

JPF92 : Garnet Beaded Earrings

JMJ63 : Labradorite Earrings

JME63 : Malachite Cradle Earrings

JNI30 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JNI34 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JNP82 : Moonstone Chandeliers

JMJ51 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JME87 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JRO95 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JME64 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JME67 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JPP53 : Turquoise and Garnet Flower Earrings

JMF16 : Twin Garnet Earrings

JMA62 : Twin Pearl Earrings

JKQ53 : Amethyst Earrings

JLZ73 : Amethyst Earrings

JLZ84 : Amethyst Earrings

JMG26 : Amethyst Earrings

JOM25 : Amethyst Earrings

JKQ58 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB56 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMA88 : Black Onyx Pointed Oval Earrings

JLZ52 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMA63 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JLZ35 : Carnelian Earrings

JMB55 : Carnelian Earrings

JOL69 : Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JPA82 : Coral, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise Inlay Earrings

JOH67 : Dangling Black Onyx Earrings

JLZ60 : Designer Carnelian Post Earrings

JNJ80 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JNK01 : Faceted Citrine Dangling Post Earrings

JOF60 : Faceted Crystal Antiquated Earrings

JKT81 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JMW63 : Fine Cut Amethyst Spiral Post Earrings

JPJ94 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Marquis Shower Earrings

JMV97 : Fine Cut Garnet Designer Earrings

JMW06 : Fine Cut Peridot Flower Earrings

JOL25 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JPD38 : Garnet Dangling Drop Earrings

JLZ66 : Garnet Earrings

JLZ89 : Garnet Earrings

JMA25 : Garnet Earrings

JMA97 : Garnet Earrings

JMF15 : Gemstone Beaded Earrings

JKQ62 : Green Onyx Earrings

JMG27 : Green Onyx Earrings

JLZ41 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JLZ80 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JPA79 : Lapis Lazuli Inlay Earrings with Coral

JMA61 : Malachite Earrings

JMB19 : Malachite Earrings

JMJ49 : Malachite Earrings

JNI05 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JNI31 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JMF79 : Monalisa Hoop Chandeliers

JMB03 : Pearl Dangling Drop Earrings with Malachite

JLZ87 : Pearl Earrings

JMA70 : Pearl Earrings

JMA84 : Pearl Earrings

JMB11 : Pearl Earrings

JKZ58 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JOE16 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers

JOE18 : Sterling Valentine Earrings in Tribal Flavor

JMA69 : Triple Amethyst Earrings

JMG16 : Triple Tiger Eye Earrings

JMB84 : Turquoise Earrings

JLZ54 : Twin Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMG51 : Twin Tiger Eye Earrings

JOM01 : Luscious Garnet Bunch Earrings

JRW02 : Sterling Ratangarhi Earrings

JRY70 : Black Onyx Dangling Drop Earrings

JRY81 : Carnelian Dangling Drop Earrings

JRY71 : Conical Gold Plated Earrings

JRY77 : Dangling Drop Turquoise Earrings

JRY79 : Green Onyx Earrings with Charms

JRZ01 : Sterling Gold Plated Donut Earrings with Dimples

JRY73 : Sterling Gold Plated Earrings

JRY82 : Vegetative Gold Plated Earrings

JMN96 : Cherry Quartz Designer Earrings with Pearls and Peridot

JRH77 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JQD99 : Antiquated Cube Earrings

JPF93 : Black Onyx Earrings

JOE80 : Dangling Faceted Black Onyx Antiquated Earrings with Valentine and Peacock

JOH89 : Dangling Tiger Eye Earrings

JQE61 : Endless Knot Earrings

JGY49 : Faceted Aquamarine Hoop Chandeliers

JOH75 : Faceted Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JOF17 : Lord Hanuman Earrings

JRX20 : Black Polki Post Earrings with Cut Glass

JRX19 : Emerald-Colored Polki Post Earrings with Cut Glass

JKT39 : Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers

JRX27 : Polki Post Earrings with Multi-Colored Cut Glass

JQO94 : Garnet Bunch Earrings

JRV99 : Sterling Ratangarhi Earrings

JRV95 : Ratangarhi Earrings

JRW13 : Sterling Earrings from Ratangarh

JRV96 : Sterling Vegetative Earrings

JPU94 : Robin's Egg Blue Umbrella Chandeliers

JMA80 : Twin Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JNJ04 : Designer Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JLG07 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangle

JQJ05 : Amber Spiral Earrings

JRQ77 : Sterling Earrings

JRU93 : Sterling Earrings with Charms

JRU94 : Sterling Earrings with Decorative Motifs

JQB11 : Black Onyx Cabochon Earrings

JOL88 : Black Onyx Chandeliers

JMB39 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMG37 : Black Onyx Earrings

JNE43 : Black Onyx Vase Earrings

JMB63 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMB24 : Blue Chalcedony Rhombus Earrings

JQN67 : Canadian Jade Earrings

JOM60 : Carnelian Designer Bunch Earrings

JME42 : Carnelian Earrings

JNK02 : Faceted Black Onyx Dangling Earrings

JOL58 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JOM54 : Garnet Bunch Chandeliers

JPP57 : Garnet Earrings

JOC49 : Iolite Chandeliers with Black Onyx and Spiral

JME43 : Malachite Earrings

JPP56 : Malachite Earrings

JOL67 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JOM64 : Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

JRU95 : Sterling Vegetative Earrings

JNA34 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JQB02 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JOE75 : Tribal Antiquated Earrings

JRV09 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRU83 : Carved Turquoise Earrings

JOC10 : Antiquated Blue Chalcedony Tumble Earrings with Garnet Balls

JKX29 : Chandeliers with Garnet

JPI21 : Citrine Umbrella Chandeliers

JQS43 : Dangling Pearl Hoop Chandeliers

JQS46 : Faceted Amber Designer Earrings

JPF80 : Faceted Garnet Drop Earrings

JQN04 : Fish Pair Earrings (Ashtamangala)

JOL73 : Garnet Chandeliers with Knotted Rope

JKX52 : Kundalini Earrings

JQS41 : Peridot Shower Earrings

JQN09 : Valentine Dangling Earrings

JRQ90 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings with mm Sized Iolite

JRR78 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Beaded Earrings

JKT65 : Designer Earrings with Robin's Egg and Marcasite

JRO74 : Israel Cut Apatite Beaded Earrings

JRO97 : Faceted Flat Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRI54 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JRO83 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst and Citrine)

JRM36 : Faceted Peridot Rhombus Earrings

JRK23 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRO76 : Israel Cut Garnet Earrings

JQU80 : Navaratna Earrings

JRM43 : Valentine Inlay Earrings with Charms

JRO52 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

LAL88 : Faceted Crystal Earrings with Peridot

JZV73 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Earrings

LAN22 : Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JRO51 : Multi-color Faceted Gemstones Earrings (Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine and Iolite)

JRM45 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings

JZV72 : Peridot Gold plated Chandeliers

JZU81 : Prayer Wheel Earrings

JRQ02 : Pipal Leaf Inlay Earrings

JRQ03 : Frog Earrings with Turquoise and Marcasite

JRQ04 : Marcasite Blooming Flower Earrings with Central Shell (MOP)

JRP99 : Pipal Leaf Inlay Earrings

JRO24 : Carved Lapis Lazuli Beaded Earrings with Charms

JRN90 : Crystal Beaded Earrings

JRN98 : Faceted Amethyst Blooming Earrings with Charms

JRN83 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JRN99 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JRO23 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRO25 : Nepalese Inlay Earrings with Coral

JRO16 : Pearl Beaded Earrings

JRP25 : Black Chandelier Earrings with Gold Accent

JRP24 : Lilac Chandelier Earrings with Gold Accent

JNA11 : Amethyst Earrings with Dangles

JRQ68 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Charms

JRR08 : Garnet Balls Earrings

JRU12 : Green Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JRU09 : Large Imitation Pearl and Kundan Earrings

JRU20 : Pearl Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JRU10 : Robin-Egg Earwrap Kundan Earrings with Cut Glass Beads

JRU19 : Robin-Egg Kundan Chandelier Earrings

JRS65 : Vegetative Earrings with mm Sized Rainbow Moonstone

JRM42 : Pearl Earrings with Charms

JRN03 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JRM44 : Valentine Inlay Earrings

JRM02 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JRL98 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JRL91 : Faceted Tourmaline Earrings

JRM06 : Israel Cut Multi-color Tourmaline Earrings

JRL84 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JRL82 : Tourmaline Israel Cut Beaded Earrings

JQU81 : Dangling Black Pearl Earrings

JRK22 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRI71 : Sterling Kundalini Earrings

JQN08 : Multi-color MOP (Shell) Butterfly Earrings

JMG50 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JMW07 : Garnet Marquis Blooming Flower Earrings

JQS16 : Navaratna Valentine Earrings

JMA77 : Amethyst Earrings

JMA34 : Amethyst Marquis Earrings

JOL82 : Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers with Valentine

JNA56 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JMJ48 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB86 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JLZ17 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings with Spirals

JMJ24 : Blue Chalcedony Hoops

JLZ74 : Blue Chalcedony Marquis Earrings

JPK24 : Blue Topaz Post Earrings

JQN66 : Canadian Jade Earrings

JMJ44 : Carnelian Earrings with Spiral

JFO23 : Coral Post Earrings

JPF91 : Designer Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

JKQ54 : Double Sided Gemstone Earrings (Lapis Lazuli and Shell)

JPD21 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JPH75 : Faceted Amethyst Valentine Earrings

JQM94 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

JPF81 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Carnelian, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot and Garnet)

JPF97 : Faceted Labradorite Beaded Earrings

JNM58 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JQN46 : Faceted Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

JPK07 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Earrings with Dangling Black Onyx

JPK40 : Fine Cut Amethyst Shower Earrings with Blue Chalcedony

JPK06 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Bell (Ghanta) Earrings

JMW74 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Earrings

JPH88 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Earrings

JPJ99 : Fine Cut Citrine Earrings

JPJ98 : Fine Cut Citrine Earrings with Dangling Lemon Topaz

JKZ83 : Fine Cut Light Weight Amethyst Earrings

JMV99 : Fine Cut Peridot Earrings with Starfishes

JMV94 : Fine Cut Smoky Quartz Earrings

JPM28 : Garnet Cabochon Post Earrings

JLZ83 : Garnet Earrings

JMB80 : Garnet Earrings

JME32 : Gemstone Chandeliers (Iolite, Carnelian, Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet, Peridot, Green Onyx and Amethyst)

JPA74 : Inlay Nepalese Earrings

JMB38 : Labradorite Dangling Earrings

JMB51 : Labradorite Earrings

JMB45 : Lotus Earrings with Central Turquoise

JMB23 : Malachite Earrings

JMB50 : Malachite Earrings

JMG19 : Malachite Earrings

JMJ13 : Malachite Hoops

JLS31 : Marcasite Post Earrings

JNI65 : Meenakari Pendant and Earrings Set with Dangling Garnet

JKX21 : Meenakari Pendant with Matching Earrings Set

JLO25 : Meenakari Tops

JNI53 : Meenakari Valentine Earrings Dangling Star

JHH03 : Mother of Pearl Earrings

JMB09 : Pearl Dangling Drop Earrings with Turquoise

JMG23 : Pearl Earrings

JMK98 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JOM32 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JPW58 : Rose Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers

JKZ62 : Starfish Earrings with Black Pearls

JQN63 : Sterling Art Noveau Earrings

JML55 : Sterling Marcasite Earrings

JQP34 : Sterling Rhombus Earrings

JKT49 : Sterling Rose Earrings

JMF14 : Sterling Valentine Chandeliers with Marcasite

JQN44 : Tiger Eye Chandeliers

JNH77 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JMI19 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JLZ63 : Tiger Eye Hinged Earrings

JNA14 : Turquoise Earrings

JKS95 : Twin Agate Hinged Earrings

JMW03 : Fine Cut Amethyst Starfish Earrings

JGM43 : MOP Earrings

JME74 : Sterling Tribal Earrings

JNA39 : Unakite Circular Earrings

JCJ69 : Faceted Blue Topaz Tops with Iolite

JJA43 : Faceted Garnet Chandeliers with Dangles

JMB70 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JLO08 : Meenakari Tops

JHH05 : Shell Post Earrings

JFL59 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JCJ73 : Faceted Amethyst Tops with Iolite

JKR06 : Labradorite Earrings

JPR26 : Navaratna Earrings with Central Ruby

JNC88 : Monalisa Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JNA40 : Unakite Cabochon Earrings

JJW36 : Sterling Sequins Hoop Chandeliers with Amethyst

JRJ44 : Carved Lapis Lazuli Beaded Earrings

JRI46 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRI28 : Sterling Blooming Flower Earrings

JRJ46 : Lapis Lazuli Beaded Earrings

JRI50 : Vegetative Earrings with Faceted Peridot

JRJ47 : Beaded Earrings of Lapis lazuli

JRJ45 : Carved Lapis lazuli Beaded Earrings

JRI31 : Coral Triangular Earrings

JRI47 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Beaded Earrings

JRI45 : Sterling Kundalini Earrings

JRI51 : Sterling Dragonfly Earrings

JRH86 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JRH87 : Inlay Nepalese Earrings

JRI22 : Malachite Earrings

JRH76 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JCK35 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Earrings

JME12 : Blue Chalcedony Beaded Earrings

JME28 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JNK04 : Carnelian Shower

JQN85 : Faceted Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQU66 : Israel Cut Peridot Beaded Earrings

JQJ93 : Navaratna Valentine Earrings

JME10 : Rainbow Moonstone Designer Earrings

JNK18 : Turquoise Chandeliers with Pearl

JRH50 : Carved Smoky Quartz Earrings

JRG39 : Hoop Earrings

JRG35 : Spiral Earrings

JRF43 : Sterling Fish Earrings with Charms

JRG42 : Sterling Incised Bags Earrings

JRG38 : Sterling Paisley Earrings with Incised Design

JRG41 : Sterling Spike Earrings

JRG43 : Sterling Teardrop Dimple Earrings

JRG37 : Sterling Triangle Earrings

JRF44 : Tulip Earrings

JRE20 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JRD88 : Amber Earrings

JRD87 : Amber Earrings

JRD22 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JRD63 : Peridot Shoulder Dusters

JRC87 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

QF74 : Black Onyx Earrings

QO84 : Black Onyx Hoop Earrings

QD84 : Double Stone Amethyst Earrings

QW76 : Garnet and Carnelian Earrings

QE85 : Garnet Earrings

QO44 : Hoop Earrings of Aventurine and Garnet

JNC89 : Monalisa Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JQS53 : Carnelian and Rose Quartz Bunch Earrings

JME16 : Citrine and Carnelian Chandeliers

JPD32 : Faceted Amethyst Chandeliers with Garnet

JMP42 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JNK15 : Fine Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JPI19 : Fine Cut Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JNE05 : Flower Earrings

JQR06 : Large Faceted Rose Quartz Earrings

JQQ58 : Monalisa Bunch Earrings

JQI23 : Carnelian Beaded Earrings

JRC19 : Faceted Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings

JQI11 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JRC27 : Turquoise and Coral Inlay Crescent Earrings with Knotted Rope

JRC12 : Victory Banner (Ashtamangala) Earrings

JRB59 : Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JRB88 : Vegetative Earrings with Citrine

JRB89 : Vishva Vajra Earrings with Central Black Onyx

JRB26 : Black Pearl Shower Earrings

JRB70 : BT Earrings

JRB62 : Faceted Amethyst Briolette Earrings

JRB69 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JRB23 : Faceted Garnet and Citrine Hoop Chandeliers with Sterling Leaves

JRB36 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JRB61 : Faceted Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JRB77 : Faceted Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers (Peridot, Carnelian, Iolite, Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JRB28 : Faceted Peridot Hoop Earrings

JRB65 : Faceted Peridot Post Earrings

JRB22 : Garnet Designer Earrings

JRB64 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JRB63 : Pink Pearl Shower Earrings

JRB13 : Vegetative Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JRB25 : Vegetative Earrings with Faceted Citrine

JRA85 : Faceted Emerald Earrings

JRA84 : Faceted Ruby Earrings

JMC80 : Sterling Fertility Earrings

JQQ13 : Endless Knot Inlay Earrings

JRC89 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JQQ09 : Inlay Earrings with Svayambhunath Stupa Eyes

JQR99 : Carved Lemon Topaz Earrings

JQQ97 : Meenakari Earrings

JQP35 : Sterling Earrings

JJU46 : Amber Earrings

JKR93 : Amethyst Earrings

JKZ95 : Amethyst Earrings

JND38 : Australian Crystal Earrings

JKD63 : Australian Crystal Twin Hoop Chandeliers

JKT28 : Black Onyx Earrings

JKR96 : Black Onyx Tops

JKT30 : Blue Chalcedony Chandeliers

JKQ65 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JKQ70 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JQN70 : Canadian Jade Earrings with Spike

JKR22 : Carnelian and Pearl Earrings

JKQ68 : Carnelian Earrings

JKQ75 : Carnelian Earrings

JKT89 : Carnelian Earrings

JKK73 : Carnelian Valentine Chandeliers

JPK02 : Faceted Carnelian Dangling Hoops Earrings

JKZ92 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JQI12 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JKT61 : Faceted Peridot Earrings with Granulation

JKZ93 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Earrings

JKZ77 : Faceted Triple Peridot Earrings

JKQ72 : Garnet Cabochon Earrings

JKR90 : Garnet Hinged Earrings

JGT54 : Green Onyx Chandeliers

JKR97 : Green Onyx Earrings

JKT36 : Inverted Teardrop Green Onyx Earrings

JKQ77 : Labradorite Cabochon Earrings

JKQ87 : Labradorite Cabochon Earrings with Spiral

JKQ46 : Labradorite Earrings

JKR24 : Labradorite Earrings

JKT75 : Labradorite Valentine Chandeliers

JKQ94 : Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Tops

JGT36 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JKT41 : Marcasite Valentine Chandeliers

JKX19 : Meenakari Earrings

JQQ24 : Meenakari Earrings

JKR08 : MOP (Shell) Earrings

JKQ45 : Peru Chalcedony Earrings

JKZ94 : Rainbow Moonstone Clip Earrings

JKR09 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JKQ86 : Rectangular Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JKT29 : Robin's Egg Valentine Chandeliers

JKQ66 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JKS01 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JKI57 : Shell Flower Earrings With Gemstone Dangles

JKX55 : Sterling Earrings

JKX50 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JKX46 : Sterling Hoops

JKX51 : Sterling Hoops

JKX60 : Sterling Hoops

JKX24 : Sterling Lattice Tops

JKT13 : Sterling Rose Earrings

JKQ51 : Teardrop Labradorite Earrings

JKQ97 : Teardrop Malachite Earrings

JQS76 : Tiger Eye Bezel Bunch Earrings

JKT34 : Tiger Eye Cabochon Earrings

JKQ64 : Turquoise Earrings

JKR16 : Turquoise Hoops

JKQ30 : Twin Black Onyx Hinged Earrings

JKQ42 : Twin Black Onyx Hinged Earrings

JKR86 : Twin Carnelian Hinged Earrings

JKQ48 : Twin Garnet Hinged Earrings

JKR04 : Twin Labradorite Earrings

JPK03 : Twin Lemon Topaz Earrings

JKQ39 : Twin Shell Hinged Earrings

JQT84 : Yin Yang Inlay Earrings

JKZ75 : Faceted Triple Black Onyx Earrings

JKQ55 : Garnet Earrings

JFM61 : Garnet Showers

JGT06 : Rainbow Moonstone Valentine Chandeliers

JQP98 : Coral Beaded Earrings

JQS19 : Faceted Citrine Hoop Earrings with Garnet

JQR97 : Faceted Iolite Tops

JQS01 : Faceted Peridot Marquis Earrings with Amethyst

JQS54 : Israel Cut Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQQ98 : Meenakari Earrings

JQQ99 : Meenakari Earrings

JQP28 : Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JQP43 : Ratangarhi Sterling Earrings

JQP44 : Sterling Earrings from Ratangarh

JQP52 : Vegetative Earrings of Sterling Silver

JQV50 : Chakra Post Earrings

JQW67 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JQW68 : Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

JQV48 : Marquis Lattice Earrings of Sterling Silver

JQW70 : Pearl Drop Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JQV51 : Shower Earrings

JQV42 : Sterling Dimple Earrings

JQV45 : Sterling Earrings

JQV43 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JQV46 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JQV49 : Sterling Tops

JQV47 : Sterling Vegetative Earrings

JQN07 : Vishva Vajra Earrings with Central Coral

JQA86 : Black Onyx Earrings

JPG01 : Carnelian Bunch Earrings with Flower

JOL05 : Faceted Gemstone Valentine Chandeliers (Black Onyx, Peridot, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JNK71 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JNM55 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JOB77 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Flower Post Earrings

JQA89 : Garnet Cabochon Earrings

JNK34 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JKV50 : Inlay Turquoise Earrings with Coral

JOM27 : Marquis Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JPF89 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Chandeliers

JPA22 : Sterling Designer Earrings

JMA50 : Twin Labradorite Earrings

JNA05 : Twin Pearl Earrings

JML14 : Amethyst Earrings

JPF90 : Amethyst Hoops Earrings

JMB02 : Black Onyx Earrings

JQA87 : Black Onyx Earrings with MOP

JMB30 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMB32 : Carnelian Earrings

JMA46 : Carnelian Marquis Earrings with Leaves

JOG76 : Dangling Pearl Earrings

JPJ97 : Dangling Post Earrings of Fine Cut Rose Quartz

JQA75 : Enamel Earrings

JQA79 : Enamel Post Earrings

JPD48 : Fine Cut Australian Crystal Chandeliers

JPP55 : Garnet Earrings

JOM57 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JPA72 : Lapis Lazuli Inlay Nepalese Earrings

JMG35 : Malachite Earrings

JNA10 : Malachite Earrings

JOI67 : Malachite Hinged Earrings

JNI39 : Meenakari Earrings

JNI51 : Meenakari Floral Earrings

JLZ62 : Pearl Dangling Drop Earrings with Malachite

JMA09 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JMB27 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JMB53 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JMB83 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JPG03 : Rose Quartz Hoop Earrings

JMA29 : Shell Marquis Earrings

JMG30 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JQA95 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JMB34 : Turquoise Earrings

JLZ48 : Amethyst Earrings

JLZ97 : Amethyst Earrings

JLZ50 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMB82 : Black Onyx Earrings

JLZ59 : Black Onyx Post Earrings

JLZ28 : Garnet Hoop Earrings

JLZ49 : Garnet Marquis Earrings

JMA19 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JLR53 : Marcasite Earrings

JLF75 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Spikes

JLO27 : Multi-color Meenakari Tops

JLZ30 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower Earrings

JLN91 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JLZ53 : Tiger Eye Earrings

JLS14 : Triple Tiger Eye Earrings

JLS36 : Twin Black Onyx Earrings

JQB09 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JOM69 : Amethyst Chandeliers

JOE69 : Antiquated Earrings

JPG15 : Antiquated Twin Hoops

JNA57 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JOC05 : Black Onyx Dimple Chandeliers with Pink Pearl

JNC50 : Black Onyx Earrings

JPP46 : Black Onyx Earrings

JQV10 : Black Pearl Shower Earrings

JMA31 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMA30 : Carnelian Earrings

JNK73 : Cubic Zirconia Earrings

JPG10 : Dangling Faceted Black Onyx Earrings

JOC06 : Dangling Garnet Antiquated Pendant

JQV16 : Dangling Pearl Earrings

JNK62 : Faceted Amethyst Cross Earrings

JPI01 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JPH82 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Peridot

JPA04 : Faceted Black Onyx Dangling Post Earrings

JPI23 : Faceted Black Onyx Umbrella Chandeliers

JNK61 : Faceted Citrine Cross Earrings

JLE61 : Faceted Garnet Beaded Earrings

JPP41 : Faceted Gemstone Earrings (Crystal and Citrine)

JNJ94 : Faceted Peridot Dangling Earrings

JNM60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JPI26 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Post Earrings

JPA26 : Faceted Twin Green Chalcedony

JPK01 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Dangling Earrings

JMW69 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Earrings

JPP51 : Garnet Chandeliers

JPP39 : Gemstone Flower Antiquated Earrings (Coral, Lapis Lazuli and Central Turquoise)

JQV03 : Israel Cut Carnelian Beaded Earrings

JOB08 : Kanhaiya Earrings

JME29 : Labradorite Chandeliers

JQV01 : Lot of Four Gemstone Chandeliers (Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet and Rainbow moonstone)

JNI19 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers

JPW61 : Moonstone Dimple Earrings

JQV02 : Pearl Shower Earrings

JNH72 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JOM35 : Rainbow Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JQB03 : Shell Earrings

JNJ58 : Sterling Earrings

JNM31 : Sterling Earrings

JNI94 : Sterling Hoops

JND19 : Turquoise Earrings

JPG06 : Twin Green Onyx Earrings with Ghungroos

JOM20 : Valentine Cubic Zirconia Earrings

JLZ15 : Black Onyx Earrings

JLZ94 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JNA32 : Carnelian Earrings

JLZ77 : Double Labradorite Hinged Earrings

JLZ86 : Garnet Earrings with Dimples & Dangles

JLZ46 : Malachite Earrings

JLZ79 : Malachite Earrings

JNA33 : Malachite Earrings

JLO03 : Meenakari Hoops

JLO23 : Meenakari Tops

JLO24 : Meenakari Tops

JLZ96 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Spiral

JEM34 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JPG04 : Carnelian Designer Chandeliers

JPG08 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JMA53 : Amethyst Dangling Earrings

JMB41 : Amethyst Earrings

JMG33 : Black Onyx Earrings

JMA18 : Blue Chalcedony Dimple Earrings with Dangles

JMA17 : Carnelian Earrings

JMA38 : Carnelian Earrings

JMB54 : Carnelian Earrings

JML63 : Carnelian Earrings with Marcasite

JNM32 : Designer Hoop Earrings

JMS89 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JPD34 : Faceted Blue Topaz Dangling Drop Earrings

JPF96 : Faceted Carnelian Dangling Earrings with Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, Rainbow Moonstone and Carnelian

JNJ95 : Faceted Citrine Dangling Earrings

JMW73 : Faceted Citrine Starfish Earrings

JMZ74 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JPA06 : Faceted Garnet Post Earrings

JOM02 : Faceted Rose Earrings with Tourmalinated Quartz

JMS61 : Fine Cut Garnet Earrings

JMA75 : Garnet Earrings

JMA85 : Garnet Hoops

JMK80 : Granulated Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JMG06 : Labradorite Earrings

JNI78 : Lot of Eight Meenakari Tops

JNI79 : Lot of Eight Meenakari Tops

JNI32 : Lot of Five Meenakari Earrings with Dangles

JNI75 : Lot of Four Meenakari Tops

JND21 : Monalisa Earrings with Faceted Citrine

JNA76 : Moonstone Umbrella Chandeliers

JMA98 : Pearl Dangling Drop Earrings with Garnet

JLZ57 : Pearl Earrings

JMA93 : Pearl Earrings

JML28 : Pearl Earrings

JMA36 : Pearl Earrings with Spiral

JMB73 : Pearl Flower Earrings

JMG13 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JNJ27 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JNJ29 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JNJ24 : Sterling Hoops

JNK68 : Sterling Hoops

JNJ73 : Sterling Kundalini Earrings

JMK77 : Sterling Rose Flower Earrings

JOF52 : Turquoise Nugget Antiquated Earrings with Pink Opal

JLZ93 : Amethyst Earrings

JLZ65 : Black Onyx Earrings

JLZ72 : Garnet Earrings

JLZ43 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings with Spiral

JLG10 : Meenakari Earrings

JQU67 : Peridot Shower Earrings

JLS15 : Sterling Leaf Earrings

JQJ08 : Amber Earrings

JQJ29 : Amber Flower Earrings

JQJ28 : Amber Hinged Earrings

JQJ26 : Amber Valentine Earrings

JOF84 : Carnelian Donut Earrings with Dangles

JOH82 : Dangling Apatite Carved Flower Earrings

JQQ04 : Earrings of Endless Knot

JPF79 : Faceted Labradorite Drop Earrings

JQQ07 : Swayambhunath Inlay Earrings

JQQ10 : The Ten Powerful Syllables of The Kalachakra Mantra Earrings

JLP39 : Turquoise Earrings

JQP51 : Beaded Earrings of Sterling Silver

JQR98 : Faceted Blue Topaz Tops

JQS45 : Faceted Peridot Hoop Chandeliers

JQS68 : Pink and Green Tourmaline Shower Earrings

JQS39 : Pink Pearl Earrings

JQP48 : Sterling Earrings

JQP49 : Sterling Earrings from Ratangarh

JQP53 : Sterling Granulated Earrings with Knotted Rope

JQP37 : Sterling Ratangarhi Earrings

JQP33 : Yoni Chakra Earrings

JNK60 : Faceted Garnet Cross Earrings

JQD94 : Sterling Peacock Ratangarhi Earrings

JQR91 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings with Carved Flowers

JQR94 : Green Onyx Carved Flowers Earrings

JQS79 : Malachite Inlay Earrings

JQN64 : Brassiere Earrings

JQR93 : Carnelian Earrings with Carved Flowers

JQS21 : Citrine Jhumka Earrings

JQN06 : Coral Earrings

JQM86 : Faceted Carnelian Earrings

JQR92 : Faceted Garnet Sun and Moon Earrings

JQS20 : Faceted Gemstone Hoop Chandeliers (Peridot, Carnelian and Iolite)

JQS44 : Faceted Green Onyx Triple Hoops Earrings

JQR96 : Fine Cut Lemon Topaz Tops

JQR90 : Fine Cut Peridot Earrings

JQR95 : Fine Cut Rose Quartz Tops

JQN65 : Granulated Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JQS42 : Pearl Triple Hoops Earrings

JQS52 : Vegetative Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JQS48 : Vegetative Earrings with Gemstone

JQN69 : Canadian Jade Earrings with Dangle

JQR89 : Dangling Carved Smoky Quartz Flowers Earrings

JQR85 : Faceted Garnet Flower Earrings

JQR27 : Fine Cut Garnet Chakra Earrings

JQR88 : Fine Cut Peridot Earrings with Dangles

JQR87 : Valentine Earrings of Faceted Gemstone (Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Blue Topaz)

JQQ59 : Carnelian Dangling Earrings with Carved Flowers

JQR05 : Carved Rose Quartz Earrings

JQR09 : Designer Gemstone Jhumka Umbrella Chandeliers (Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz)

JQQ60 : Faceted Peridot Flowers Earrings

JQQ57 : Labradorite Bunch Earrings

JQR61 : Long Amber Earrings

JQR07 : Pearl Bunch Earrings

JQQ56 : Pearl Hoop Chandeliers

JQP40 : Sterling Earrings From Ratangarh

JLQ52 : Turquoise Earrings

JQP54 : Filigree Earrings with Central Coral

JQP55 : Filigree Earrings with Central Turquoise

JQP31 : Inlay Earrings

JQP46 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JQP50 : Lord Ganesha Earrings

JQP36 : Peacock Earrings

JQP39 : Sterling Earrings

JQP42 : Sterling Earrings

JQP45 : Sterling Earrings

JQP41 : Sterling Earrings From Rajasthan

JQP47 : Sterling Earrings From Rajasthan

JQP32 : Sterling Yoni Dimple Earrings

JQP01 : Svayambhunath Inlay Earrings

JQO98 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Earrings

JQP29 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Earrings

JQP38 : Sterling Chakra Earrings

JQM83 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Earrings

JQM79 : Tourmaline Earrings

JQM88 : Yin Yang Inlay Earrings

JQN83 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQN87 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JGW21 : Faceted Ruby Flowers

JQN82 : Faceted Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQN84 : Fine Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JQL28 : Amber Earrings

JQL29 : Amber Earrings

JQL30 : Black Onyx Beaded Earrings

JQL26 : Carnelian Earrings

JQL27 : Faceted Garnet Earrings with Robin's Egg

JQL25 : Faceted Iolite and Moonstone Chandeliers

JQL24 : Iolite Earrings

JQL22 : Labradorite Earrings

JQL31 : Lapis Lazuli Chandeliers

JQL23 : Pearl and Garnet Hoop Earrings

JQM71 : Stupa Earrings

JQL32 : Valentine Earrings

JQM72 : Vishva Vajra Earrings with Turquoise

JQK78 : Black Onyx Dangling Earrings

JQK57 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JQK65 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JQI48 : Both Side Endless Knot Earrings

JQK61 : Carnelian Earrings

JQK62 : Faceted Amethyst and Apatite Earrings

JQK63 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JQK67 : Faceted Crystal Beaded Earrings

JQK66 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JQK75 : Faceted Crystal Earrings

JQK54 : Faceted Peridot Beaded Earrings

JQK64 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JQI47 : Garnet Earrings

JQK55 : Green Tourmaline Earrings

JQI53 : Inlay Earrings from Nepal

JQI54 : Malachite Yin Yang Earrings

JQK68 : Mandala Earrings with Coral and Turquoise

JQI49 : OM Earrings

JQI55 : Spider's Web Earrings

JQK53 : Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQK56 : Tourmaline Earrings

JQI51 : Yin Yang Earrings

JQI56 : Yin Yang Inlay Earrings

JQI50 : Endless Knot Earrings

JQN86 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Beaded Earrings

JQQ02 : Auspicious Endless Knot Earrings

JMW08 : Twin Amethyst Flowers

JQJ96 : Amber Donut Earrings

JQJ95 : Amber Earrings

JQK03 : Amber Earrings

JQJ97 : Amber Earrings with Dangling Sterling Leaf

JQK07 : Amber Earrings with Sterling Flowers and Plants

JQJ98 : Amber Yoni Earrings

JQK01 : Amethyst Earrings

JQK06 : Black Onyx Chandeliers

JQK05 : Black Onyx Earrings

JQK04 : Garnet Earrings

JQK08 : Labradorite Chandeliers

JQJ99 : Malachite Earrings

JQK02 : Rose Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers

JQJ94 : Amber Earrings

JQJ31 : Amber Cabochon Earrings

JQJ30 : Amber Oval Earrings

JJT40 : Blue Chalcedony Bunch Earrings

JQJ25 : Amber Post Earrings

JQJ07 : Amber Earrings

JQJ06 : Amber Earrings with Butterfly

JQJ09 : Amber Earrings with Flowers and Leaves

JQI03 : Black Onyx Dangling Earrings

JQI24 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Dangling Balls Earrings

JQI10 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JQI25 : Faceted Carnelian Beaded Earrings

JQJ04 : Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JQJ03 : Pearl Chandeliers

JQI09 : Prayer Wheel Earrings

JIH54 : Rainbow Moonstone Chandeliers

JPK97 : Twin Ruby Dangling Earrings

JNC76 : Amethyst Bunch Earrings

JQG20 : Both Side Mandala Earrings

JQH34 : Buddha's Eight-Fold Noble Path (Earrings)

JOC11 : Antiquated Dimple Earrings with Gemstone (Faceted Carnelian and Amethyst)

JPM27 : Faceted Crystal Teardrop Earrings

JNK33 : Fine Black Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JOL91 : Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers with Valentine

JOL77 : Rainbow Moonstone Designer Bunch Earrings

JOM51 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JOF01 : Sterling Antiquated Tribal Hoop Earrings

JME73 : Amethyst Circular Earrings

JOC04 : Antiquated Sterling Tribal Earrings

JOC01 : Antiquated Tribal Earrings with Rose Quartz and Amethyst

JNI35 : Black Onyx Balls Under Sterling Leaves

JMB66 : Carnelian Earrings

JOH66 : Carnelian Fine Earrings

JPA77 : Coral and Lapis Lazuli Inlay Nepalese Earrings with Turquoise

JKT46 : Designer Earrings with Dangle

JKZ97 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Peridot

JME25 : Faceted Citrine Earrings

JNJ66 : Faceted Garnet Earrings

JNA70 : Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JOK99 : Faceted Gemstone Fine Chandeliers (Garnet, Citrine, Black Pearl, Peridot and Garnet)

JOF27 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Antiquated Peacock Earrings

JNP87 : Faceted Multicolor Gemstone Earrings

JNJ81 : Faceted Peridot Tops

JNM56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with Dangle

JOI92 : Faceted Rose Quartz Dangling Earrings

JPP42 : Faceted Rose Quartz Shower Earrings with Garnet

JNK30 : Fine Carnelian Hoop Chandeliers

JPD35 : Fine Cut Amethyst Hoop Chandeliers

JPD47 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

JPA07 : Fine Cut Citrine Post Earrings

JNK25 : Fine Peridot Chandeliers with Carnelian

JMH93 : Fluorite Disc Earrings

JMA60 : Garnet Chandeliers

JNK19 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JLN71 : Green Onyx Hoop Chandeliers

JKX17 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangling Star

JLO28 : Meenakari Tops

JNP50 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers

JMG38 : Pearl Earrings

JME97 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JMJ36 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JNP79 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JOL70 : Rose Quartz Marquis Hoop Chandeliers

JOH94 : Rugged Pearl Bunch Earrings with Garnet

JKT53 : Starfish Earrings

JME83 : Sterling Rose Earrings

JNJ09 : Superfine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Flower Earrings

JMB37 : Turquoise Earrings

JKQ67 : Turquoise Earrings with Pearl

JKQ78 : Twin Carnelian Earrings

JMH66 : Twin Carnelian Valentine Earrings

JNC32 : Amethyst Chandelier Earrings

JOL75 : Amethyst Earrings

JMA65 : Amethyst Flower Earrings

JKT10 : Amethyst Umbrella Chandeliers

JOE78 : Antiquated Sterling Ganesha's Trunk Earrings with Dangles

JOF44 : Antiquated Sterling Hoop Earrings

JOC08 : Antiquated Sterling Tribal Earrings

JNA66 : Australian Crystal Bunch Earrings

JND40 : Australian Crystal Hoop Earrings

JOH64 : Black Onyx Earrings

JOM05 : Black Onyx Earrings

JOM36 : Black Onyx Earrings

JME19 : Black Onyx with Pearl Earrings

JKQ74 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMB79 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JLZ14 : Blue Chalcedony Hoop Earrings

JPD83 : Blue Topaz Earrings

JKK75 : Carnelian Chandeliers

JKT44 : Carnelian Earrings

JMG15 : Carnelian Earrings

JMG49 : Carnelian Earrings

JNE06 : Coral Flower Earrings with Central Turquoise

JPA23 : Cubic Zirconia Earrings

JKT58 : Designer Etched Hoops

JKT79 : Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone Dangle

JNK43 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JPA19 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JQB21 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JOM16 : Faceted Amethyst Valentine Earrings with Sterling Grains

JLC64 : Faceted Iolite Earrings with Rose Quartz Dangling Drop

JLE60 : Faceted Labradorite Beaded Earrings

JNK64 : Faceted Labradorite Cross Earrings

JNJ03 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JPM29 : Faceted Smoky Topaz Earrings

JOF51 : Faceted Turquoise Tumble Antiquated Earrings

JME52 : Fine Carnelian Earrings

JPA17 : Fine Cubic Zirconia Earrings

JNK58 : Fine Cut Garnet Shield Earrings

JPA08 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JNJ93 : Fine Faceted Garnet Earrings

JMJ74 : Garnet Earrings

JNJ56 : Garnet Earrings

JML58 : Garnet Hoop Chandeliers with Marcasite

JPM34 : Gemstone Beaded Earrings

JKJ37 : Gemstone Shower

JQA77 : Inlay Post Earrings

JMI17 : Labradorite Earrings

JKQ82 : Lapis Lazuli Circular Earrings

JMA15 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMG42 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JMH44 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JKQ50 : Malachite Earrings

JKX15 : Meenakari Dangling Earrings

JNI67 : Meenakari Dangling Earrings

JLO05 : Meenakari Tops

JLO09 : Meenakari Tops

JLO12 : Meenakari Tops

JLO22 : Meenakari Tops

JLO26 : Meenakari Tops

JKX16 : Meenakari Umbrella Chandeliers with Black Onyx

JFM69 : Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JMJ10 : Moonstone Hoop Chandeliers

JOM47 : Multicolored Bunch Earrings

JPA78 : Nepalese Earrings with Lapis Lazuli, Coral and Turquoise

JOG11 : Om (AUM) Earrings

JKQ44 : Oval Blue Chalcedony Tops

JLZ25 : Pearl Earrings

JKQ52 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JKZ60 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JKQ96 : Rectangular Blue Chalcedony Earrings

JMI24 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JMJ11 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JNA36 : Rose Quartz Earrings

JOM46 : Rose Quartz Hoop Chandeliers

JNK03 : Smoky Quartz Earrings

JME48 : Sterling Chandeliers with Marcasite

JNJ25 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JNJ42 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JPP58 : Sterling Oval Earrings

JKT48 : Sun Flower Earrings

JKQ80 : Teardrop Garnet Earrings

JKQ84 : Turquoise Earrings

JKR18 : Turquoise Earrings

JKQ31 : Twin Amethyst Hinged Earrings

JKR12 : Twin Black Onyx Earrings

JKQ33 : Twin Carnelian Hinged Earrings

JKR99 : Twin Garnet Earrings

JMH71 : Twin Malachite Valentine Earrings

JME70 : Twin Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JDY76 : Filigree Antiquated Post Earrings

JKM97 : Garnet Earrings

JIH02 : Pearl Earrings

JME23 : Black Onyx Earrings

JQE44 : Coral Beaded Earrings

JQE14 : Brassiere Earrings

JQE07 : Prayer Wheel Earrings

JQE08 : Amethyst Beaded Earrings

JQD91 : Antiquated Sterling Earrings

JQE04 : Fairy Earrings

JQE09 : Garnet and Rose Quartz Balls Under Sterling Leaves

JQD98 : Sterling Dangling Spiral Earrings with Flowers

JQD93 : Sterling Donut Lattice Earrings

JQD97 : Sterling Filigree Earrings with Central Coral

JQE05 : Sterling Filigree Earrings with Central Turquoise

JQE01 : Sterling Hoop Chandeliers

JQD96 : Sterling Hoop Earrings

JQE03 : Sterling Serpent-Hood Earrings

JQE02 : Sterling Spiral Earrings

JQD92 : Sterling Tribal Hoop Earrings

JQE06 : The Ten Syllables of the Kalachakra Mantra Inlay Earrings

JQD95 : Tibetan Om Inlay Earrings

JQD71 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Earrings

JQD24 : Amber Designer Chandeliers

JQD20 : Amber Donut Earrings

JQD21 : Amber Earrings

JQD23 : Amber Floral Earrings

JQD22 : Amber Frame Earrings

JQD25 : Amber Valentine Earrings

JQD40 : Fine Filigree Earrings with Central Lapis Lazuli

JQD19 : Amber Designer Earrings

JQD14 : Amber Earrings

JQB07 : Carnelian Cabochon Earrings

JQB01 : Black Onyx Cabochon Post Earrings

JQA97 : Black Onyx Earrings

JQA99 : Blue Chalcedony Cabochon Earrings

JQA93 : Carnelian Cabochon Post Earrings

JPA25 : Fine Cut Twin Amethyst Earrings

JQB10 : Malachite Cabochon Earrings

JQA96 : Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JQB06 : Shell Marvel Earrings

JQB08 : Tiger Eye Cabochon Earrings

JQA94 : Tourmalinated Quartz Cabochon Post Earrings

JQB05 : Tourmalinated Quartz Cabochon Tops

JQA92 : Black Onyx Earrings with MOP

JOE71 : Antiquated Sterling Tribal Earrings

JME14 : Carnelian Post Earrings

JMA55 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Earrings with Pearl Dangle

JMA67 : Garnet Star Earrings with Dangle

JQC57 : Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JNK45 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Earrings

JMA47 : Labradorite Earrings

JMA66 : Labradorite Earrings

JNA31 : Lapis Lazuli Earrings

JNA01 : Malachite Earrings

JMA51 : Pearl Earrings

JMA76 : Pearl Earrings

JMF19 : Peridot Chandeliers

JPD79 : The Eight-Petalled Dharmachakra Meenakari Earrings

JMG34 : Twin Malachite Earrings

JMA54 : Blue Chalcedony Earrings with Leaf

JLC67 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings with Blue Chalcedony

JMA39 : Malachite Earrings

JKS79 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Hinged Earrings

JOI90 : Antiquat