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OW13 : Ardhanarishvara

OW12 : Lady Decorating The Pot

OW01 : Apsara Emerging From Lotus Pond

OP14 : Goddess of Wisdom - Saraswati

OV98 : The Inseperable Radha Krishna

OV96 : The Silhouette Of The Buddha

OV73 : Lover of Bangles

OU74 : Indian Beauties

OT63 : Lakshmi, The Goddess of Abundance

OV83 : Krishna With His Elder Sister

OV77 : Two Nubile Friends Dallying With The Dholak

OV70 : Ethereal Maiden

OV71 : A Newlywed In Wait

OV66 : Bridal Anticipation

OV05 : Rajasthani Lady with Veil

OW09 : Goddess Saraswati

OV63 : Puja at Shiva Temple

OV57 : Beautiful Hindu Bride

OV59 : Bedecked Nayika in Profile

OV58 : Krishna's Vigorous Dance with Gopis

OV62 : Radha Krishna Swinging in the Raining Season

OV56 : Radha Krishna

OV48 : Krishna With His Bashful Beloved

OV55 : Krishna's Music Pure as Lotus

OV50 : Lady with a Sword

OV49 : Ornamented Lady

OV45 : Lady in Veil

OV41 : Waiting at the Door

OV18 : Shringara of Baby Krishna

OV30 : Steam Engine Against Taj Mahal

OV24 : Galloping Horses

OV20 : Goddess Lakshmi

OV19 : Gypsies Ladies

OV23 : Rustic Beauty

OU44 : A Rich Offering of Love

OV14 : Lord Ganesha in Kailash

OV15 : Shakuntala

OV13 : Dandiya Dance

OV12 : Krishna With Gopies

OV06 : Lady with Milk Pots

OV08 : Rajasthani Lady with Veil

OU98 : Gita Upadesha

OV02 : Lady Waiting at the Door

OU97 : Lord Ganesha in Modern Idiom

OT71 : Yogi Meditating on OM

OU24 : The Ten Sikh Gurus

OU58 : Goddess Santoshi Mata

OU78 : Indian Beauties

OU95 : Medieval Rajasthan I (Framed)

OU96 : Medieval Rajasthan II (Framed)

OU90 : Adi Guru Shankaracharya

OU91 : Adi Shankaracharya with Disciples

OU87 : Gossiping Ladies

OU86 : Guru Nanak Ji

OU93 : King and Queen

OU28 : The Blue-Hued Beautiful Lord Vishnu

OU84 : Dancing Ganesha

OU83 : Lady with the Lamp

OU85 : Shringar

OU79 : Indian Beauties

OU76 : Rustic Beauty with Traditional Jewelry

OU80 : Shringar of The Queen

OU77 : The Striking Banjara Woman, Looking Out Into The Distance

OU75 : Beauty in Thought

OU72 : Desert-Skinned Beauty, Looking Out Her Door

OU73 : Padmini Nayika

OU71 : Temptress

OU70 : Galloping Horses

OU68 : Three Gypsy Ladies

OT42 : Friends

OT64 : Lady with Sword (Framed)

OU66 : Fear and Fight

OU65 : Goddess Durga

OU59 : Potters of Desert

OT29 : Friends in Vacations

OU63 : The Queen

OU54 : Gaja Lakshmi

OU57 : Goddess Saraswati Wearing White Sari and Seated on Swan

OU56 : Devotee and Krishna

OU53 : Goddess Tripura-Sundari (Lalita)

OU48 : Lady Listening Bhajan in the Backdrop of Krishna and Gopi Figures

OT51 : A Maid in Valley

OU45 : A Royal Lady

OU47 : Bhagawan Vishnu (Framed)

OU43 : A Royal Damsel Enjoying Solitude with a Puff of Hookah

OU46 : Lady Feeding Fruits to Her Pet Peacocks

OU42 : The Queen

OU30 : A Gypsy Lady

OU35 : Goddess Saraswati Wearing Sari Seated on Lotus

OU37 : Hansa Damayanti

OU31 : Portrait of a Rajasthani Bride

OU36 : Shri Hanuman Commemorating Rama’s Name

OU33 : Shringara

OT86 : Mahishasura-Mardini Ten-armed Durga

OU21 : Lord Hanuman Sings Bhajans of Rama

OQ33 : A Rich Offering of Love

OU23 : Goddess Mahakali

OU26 : Goddess Saraswati

OS11 : Mother Goddess Durga

OU20 : Rhythmic Dance of Three Ladies

OU22 : Shri Krishna Combing Radha’s Hair

OP05 : Hansa Damayanti

OU17 : Mother and Child

OU15 : Radha Krishna

OU16 : The Veena Player

OU13 : Goddess Lalita

OU12 : Ten-Armed Goddess Durga

OU09 : Kirtan

OU08 : Lady with Her Pet Peacocks

OU06 : Lady with Fruits

OU07 : The Queen

OU04 : Devi Parvati

OU05 : Gypsy Ladies From Rajasthan

OU02 : The Goddesses - Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga

OT97 : Five-Headed Lord Ganesha

OT94 : Adi Guru Shankaracharya

OT95 : Lady with Lamp

OT96 : Shiva Family

OT84 : A Musical Concert

OT92 : Goddess Lakshmi

OT89 : Goddess Lalita

OT91 : Lord Rama Embraces His Devout Devotee Hanuman

OT88 : Mother Yashoda Feeding Baby Krishna (Framed)

OT90 : Venugopala (Lord Krishna with His Cow)

OT87 : The Great Goddess Minakshi

OT83 : Beauty in Every Shade

OT73 : Ardhanarishvara (Shiva and Durga)

OT81 : The Sisters

OT82 : The Veiled Bride

OT78 : Dattatreya, A Saint Revered as the Incarnation of Tri-murti

OT77 : Manifestation of Goddess Kali as Tara

OT76 : The Buddha (Framed)

OT74 : The Temptress

OT72 : The Queen

OT68 : Goddess Gayatri

OT66 : Lord Rama

OT67 : Mehandi of the Bride

OT65 : Portrait of a Bride

OT70 : The Sisters

OT62 : A Royal Damsel Enjoying Solitude

OT61 : The Lady

OT59 : Four Armed Goddess Saraswati Wearing Sari

OT58 : Passion

OT55 : The Veiled Beauty (Framed)

OT54 : Worshipping at an Ancient Temple

OT52 : The Royal Pair (Set of Two Paintings)

OT47 : Gypsy Lady

OT50 : Shiva on Kailash

OT18 : Hari-Hara (A Composite Image Vishnu and Shiva) with Garuda and Nandi)

OT44 : Deadly Beauty (Framed)

OT43 : Bathing Lady (Framed)

OT40 : Twilight Lady (Framed)

OT28 : The Lady with the Sword (Framed Oil Painting)

OT35 : The Veiled Beauty (Framed Oil Painting)

OT38 : Tying the Knot

OT32 : Piercing Passion (Framed Oil Painting)

OT39 : Goddess Kuan Yin

OT34 : The Highest Shakti (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Twelve, Chapter 8)

OT31 : A Face of the Wall

OR33 : A Fine Painting of Veer Hanuman

OT33 : Nataraja (With Narrow Black Frame)

OT20 : Adi Guru Shankaracharya

OT01 : The Veena Player

OR75 : Bees Partake the Nectar of Shri Hari's Fragrant Essence

OT23 : Ardhanarishvara

OT24 : His Majesty Lord Ganesha

OT21 : Krishna Balarama

OT22 : Lady with Parrot

OT26 : Tantric Linga Yantra

OT25 : Yantra

OT19 : A Nair Woman Adorns Herself

OR11 : Rudra-Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu

OR36 : Eighteen-armed Goddess Durga

OR05 : Shiva as Ling in Yogasana

OR39 : Lord Vishnu’s Descent from Vaikuntha

OT17 : Lady with Parrots

OT13 : Dushyanta and Shakuntala

OT16 : Shringara of a Courtesan

OS76 : We The Civilized....

OS91 : Abhaav

OS97 : Gracious Divinity and Purity

OS01 : Lord Venkateshvara

OT06 : Goddess Gayatri with Her Mantra

OT05 : Portrait of a Lady from Rajasthan

OT08 : Radha Krishna

OT07 : Nautch Girls on an Earthy Palette

OS46 : Complete Fitness Basket

OS84 : Turbulence Inside the Mind of a Yogi

OR04 : Union of Kali and Shiva A Tantrika Vision

OS98 : Goddess Varahi

OR06 : Kundalini-Sadhana Kindling of Inherent Dormant Energies

OS96 : Vishnu's Vaman Incarnation

OS81 : Lord Shri Krishna in the Folk Idiom

OS77 : Sri Krishna and Radha

OS70 : Mari-Amma A South Indian Transform of Goddess Durga

OS69 : The Goddess Annapurna

OS54 : A Royal Damsel Enjoying Solitude with a Puff of Hookah

OS71 : The Lady Enjoying Swing

OS67 : Krishna Delivering Gita Sermon

OS74 : Royal Lady

OS68 : Shankaracharya Ji

OS52 : Lady with Her Pet Peacocks

OS58 : Courtesan

OS63 : Shakuntala Patralekhan

OS57 : The Messenger

OS60 : Veena Player

OS62 : Woman, Wine and Song

OS65 : The Portrait of a Rich Lady

OS55 : The Common Concerns

OS53 : The Moment When All Distinctions Vanish….

OS50 : Shri Hanuman Commemorating Rama’s Name

OS17 : Parvati with Ganesh in Her Lap

OS28 : Goddess Lakshmi with Auspicious Elephant

OR97 : A Mother’s Love for the Supreme Lord of the World

OR82 : Her Divine Aura Pervades the Cosmos in Entirety

OS10 : The Holy Family

OR19 : Early Morning Worship of Tulsi Devi

OR22 : Varahi One of the Sapta-Matrikas

OR95 : Benefiting the World with His Divine Presence

OR24 : The Legendary Beauty Damayanti

OR29 : The Portrait of a Begum

OR43 : Radha and Krishna, The Inseparable

OR83 : Shiva and His Shakti - Inseparable from Each Other

OS27 : Parvati as Annapurna, The Goddess of Plenty

OS15 : The Portrait of a Royal Lady

OS21 : Pancha-mukha Shiva in Padmasana

OS24 : Portrait of a Lady Reading a Letter

OS16 : Mother and Daughter

OS48 : Nayika Shringara

OS49 : The Lady in Blue

OS30 : Composite Image of Bhagwan Vishnu, Shri Rama and Lord Kalki (the Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu)

OS44 : Writing a Love Letter

OS20 : Shri Krishna's Gita Updesha to Arjuna on the Battle Field of Kurushetra

OS40 : Mirabai

OS39 : Radha Krishna

OS42 : Radha on the Banks of Yamuna

OS43 : Sarnath Preaching Buddha

OS41 : Water Offering to Lord Surya

OS38 : Ardhanarishvara (Shiva Shakti)

OP96 : Maternal Love and Tranquility

OR79 : Baby Ganesha Seated in the Lap of Mother Parvati in Kailash

OS36 : Cosmic Goddess Bhuvaneshvari The Creator of the World

OS35 : Goddess Lakshmi with Wealth Pot and Raining Coins

OS34 : Shri Krishna, Arjuna, Draupadi and Subhadra (from the Mahabharata)

OR40 : Shri Vishnu Lakshmi

OS26 : Fluting Krishna

OS25 : Going to the Temple with her Flower Basket

OS29 : Post Amor

OS31 : The Puja Thali

OR53 : Shri Narayan (Lord Vishnu)

OS23 : Love-longing Nayika

OS18 : Lovesick Gopis

OS22 : Waiting at the Door

OS19 : Mirabai

OS07 : Guru Nanak

OS13 : Meera and Krishna

OS09 : Shri Vishnu on Sheshnag

OS08 : The Damsel

OS14 : Two Gypsy Ladies

OS05 : Gayatri Devi with Her Mantra

OS03 : Ragini Sehuti

OS02 : Sufi Dargah

OR98 : Goddess Saraswati Seated on Her Mount

OR99 : Mother Goddess Mahakali

OR96 : Enthroned Ganesha

OR51 : Shiva Parvati and Ganesha Seated Against a Shiva Ling on the Icy Peaks of Mount of Kailash with Nandi

OR94 : A Portrait of Rajasthani Bride

OR91 : Goddess Minakshi

OR90 : Mother Goddess Durga

OR88 : Shri Krishna

OR89 : Shri Ram Durbar

OR93 : Sufi Love Scene

OR86 : A Rajasthani Bride

OR85 : Lord Shiva Blessing Parvati Worshipping The Shiva Linga

OR87 : Mother Goddess Kali

OR84 : The Mahavidya Tara

OR80 : Serene Green Terrain with a Quiet Lake

OR78 : Mother Yasoda Feeding Butter to Kanhaiya

OR77 : Enthroned Ganesha Spectacularly Embossed in 24 Karat Gold

OR76 : Four-Armed Standing Saraswati with Multi-color Flowers Aureole

OR74 : An Episode From the Life of Guru Nanak

OR73 : Apsara

OR72 : Lady with Hookah

OR70 : Shiva Parvati Bless Ganesha Worshipping The Shiva Linga

OR69 : Shiva, Parvati, The Linga and Kailash

OR68 : A Tribal Lady Archer

OR63 : Four-Armed Standing Lakshmi

OR62 : Lord Surya on the Seven Horse Chariot, with Dawn as His Charioteer

OR66 : Modern Day Gopis in Musical Concert at Vrindavan

OR67 : Queens Enjoy the Game of Dice

OR65 : Shringara of Princess

OR54 : Shyam Sundar Krishna (Heavily Embossed with 24 Karat Gold)

OR60 : The Angel

OR55 : The Descent of Goddess Ganga from Heaven

OR58 : The Lonely Lady in Blue

OR52 : Yogini - The Great Lover of Godhead

OR47 : A Royal Lady with Hookah

OR48 : Lonely Lady on Terrace (Virahini Nayika) with Two Lotus Buds Symbolizing the Couple

OR50 : Princess with Parrot

OR49 : The Dark Night

OR46 : Waving Her Dupatta, She Goes to Meet Her Lover

OR42 : Blessing Goddess Sita and Lord Rama

OR41 : Dancing Ganesha

OR45 : Imaginative Imagery (Al-Buraq)

OR44 : Lord Vishnu as Mohini with Amrit Kalash

OR38 : Lord Krishna's Cow

OR37 : The Descent of Goddess Ganga from Heaven

WJ36 : Omar Khayyam

WJ17 : Meditating on the Yoni

WJ08 : Shiva's Tantric Sadhana Reverberating with OM

OR32 : Gajendra Moksha

OR35 : Goddess Chinnamasta - One of The Ten Mahavidyas

OR34 : Goddess Gayatri

OR31 : Krishna Paints Radha's Feet

OQ39 : A Nair Woman Adorns Herself

OR18 : Mother Goddess Durga

OR23 : Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion

OR28 : Nayika Dressing Herself

OR30 : Preparation of Suhaag Raat

OR26 : Rajasthani Bride

OR25 : The Love Letter

OR27 : Tribal Beauty

OR21 : Shri Rama and Sita in Exile

OR17 : Gaja Lakshmi

OR14 : Queen with Companion

OR16 : The Princess

OQ95 : Ram Durbar

OR13 : Life is But a Song on the Ferry Boat of Love

OR12 : Royal Lady with Parrot

OR09 : A Musical Concert

OR07 : Lady Worshipping The Shiva Linga

OR10 : Old Banaras

OR08 : Purusha and Prakriti (Shiva Linga)

OR01 : Goddess Saraswati in a Swan Sari

OR03 : Three Faces, One Family

OR02 : Goddess Kali The Mother Goddess

OQ36 : Ganesha with Siddhi & Buddhi

OQ93 : An Amazing Hymn of Praise….

OQ98 : Deccan Prince

OQ99 : Deccan Princess

OQ94 : From the Deserts of Rajasthan

OQ97 : Krishna Balarama

OQ96 : The Pot Seller

OQ82 : Kailashpati on Kailash (Meditating Shiva) with Shivalinga of Ice

OQ16 : Ram Durbar

OQ88 : A Sadhu with Ramnami Turban

OQ91 : At the Door

OQ89 : The Gypsy Beauty

OQ87 : The Rajput

OQ90 : Two Ladies

OQ85 : A Lady Court Dancer

OQ83 : A Village Belle

OQ80 : Mirabai A Devotional Saint of India

OQ81 : Mother and Child

OQ86 : Portrait of Guru Gobind Singh

OQ84 : Shrinathji

OQ79 : An Elaborately Dressed Nautch Girl

OQ77 : Infant Krishna

OQ78 : Krishna's Cow

OQ75 : Adi Shankaracharya with Disciples

OQ76 : Chakra

OQ74 : Shiva Ling

OP76 : An Exercise in Maternal Instincts

OQ73 : Portrait of a Courtesan

OQ69 : Apsara - The Angel

OQ71 : Krishna as Venugopal

OQ72 : Loneliness

OQ70 : Provocation in Moonlight

OP38 : Vishwamitra - the Hermit

OQ17 : With Caresses!

OQ67 : A Lady of Royal Lineage

OQ66 : Colors and Contours

OP48 : Play On!

OQ62 : Vivekananda – The Common Man's Philosopher

OQ58 : The Eleventh Rudra

OQ65 : Amrapali

OQ92 : Dressing to Kill

OQ57 : Offering Water to Tulsi

OQ08 : Srinathji

OQ60 : One with the Perfect State of Brahman

OQ64 : The Fragrance of Music

OQ63 : The Living Legend of Indian Music

OQ61 : The Shapely, Rural Beauty

OQ59 : Mother and Child (Extraordinary Tenderness)

OQ52 : Damsels from Rajasthan

OQ51 : Goddess Lakshmi with Ganesha and Saraswati

OQ54 : Learning to Play the Flute

OQ55 : Virahini Nayika

OQ48 : Eternal Wait

OQ46 : Heroine with Swan Couple

OQ49 : Saraswati in Concert

OQ50 : Yearning…

OQ45 : Sensual Innocence

OQ44 : Swinging Dreams

OQ38 : Gajalakshmi

OQ37 : Pose and Poise of the Two

OQ41 : Shankaracharya and Disciples

OQ35 : A Lonely Maiden

OQ32 : Sisters from Rajasthan

OQ34 : The Veena Player

OQ28 : A True Picture of Wisdom and Intellect

OQ31 : Adding To Her Beauty

OQ30 : Heer Ranjha (Grieving Emotions of Two Desperate Hearts)

OQ29 : The Mighty Hanuman

OQ24 : Goddess Saraswati

OQ26 : Hanuman

OQ25 : Sai Baba

OQ20 : A Guru, Par Excellence

OQ18 : A Unique Celebration of the Cosmic Couple

OQ22 : Shiva, The Destroyer

OQ21 : Vishwamitra And Maneka

OQ19 : Who is Brighter? The Full-Moon, or Shiva Himself?

OP02 : Lady with an Apple

OP21 : The Descent of Ganga

OQ14 : Omnipotent God

OQ15 : Shiva Parvati

OQ13 : Vaishno Devi

OQ11 : Krishna as Venugopal

OQ12 : Portrait of a Lady

OQ05 : In Union with Krishna

OQ10 : Of Brides And Bridesmaid

OQ06 : Omar Khayyam

OQ09 : Two Ladies of North Indian Nobility

OQ04 : Bound in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

OQ02 : Narada, The Inventor of the Vina

OQ01 : The Lissome Nayika

OP99 : To My Beloved

OQ03 : Virahini Nayika

OP95 : An Episode from the Mahabharata

OP93 : Damsels from Rajasthan

OP94 : Sensuality, Thy Name is Woman

OP92 : The Troupe

OP97 : Two Women, Two Circumstances

OP91 : Descent of Ganga as Bhagirathi

OP90 : Portrait of a Deccani Lady

OP89 : The Yogi Attains Siddhi

OP81 : Dushyanta and Shakuntala

OP83 : Forlorn

OP84 : Saraswati

OP80 : The Bridal Preparation

OP74 : An Audio-Visual Experience

OP75 : Breaking Through the Barriers of Color and Texture

OP78 : Messiah

OP77 : The Brooding Yogi

OP71 : Adolescent Krishna

OP72 : An Angel on Earth

OP73 : Krishna the Divine Musician

OP69 : Radha Krishna the Divine Couple

OP68 : Moonlit Taj Mahal

OP67 : Portrait of a Deccani Lady

OP62 : Goddess of Victory

OP64 : Of the Fairyland

OP63 : Radha Krishna on a Swing

OP60 : Portrait of a Lady from Kerala

OP59 : The Pot Seller

OP57 : Geisha

OP54 : The Battlefield of Kurukshetra

OP58 : The Veena Player

OP55 : Young Krishna

OP52 : Longing

OP51 : Gajalakshmi

OP50 : To Entice Beautiful Maidens

OP49 : Lady in Distress

OP45 : Mother and Child

OP46 : Shakuntala with Friends

OP47 : The Veena Player

OP42 : Bala Krishna

OP44 : Maa Durga

OP37 : Sri, Mother of the Earth

OP32 : Gopala the Butter Thief

OP36 : Krishna and Balarama

OP30 : Krishna in Royal Splendour

OP33 : Radha

OP34 : Radha Krishna

OP35 : Shankar Parvati

OP28 : A Myth Retold I

OP29 : A Myth Retold II

OP26 : Usha, the Goddess of Dawn

OP24 : Benevolent, Yet not so Devi

OP23 : Broken Heart

OP19 : A Regal Illusion

OP20 : Ethnic and Traditional Beauty

OP22 : Portrait of a Young Woman

OP12 : The Courtesan

OP17 : Hans Damayanti

OP07 : Lady with an Apple

OP08 : The Portrait of a Lady

OP10 : The Portrait of a Young Girl

OP11 : The Veena Player

OP06 : Shakuntala with Friends

OP04 : Maneka Seduces Vishwamitra

OP01 : The Veena Player

WA34 : The Lady Archer

WA32 : Lady of the House

WA33 : The Courtesan

WA30 : The Sisters

WA31 : Women of India