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ME79 : The Court of Solomon, the Legendary King of Israel

ME36 : Akbar Hunting (folio from the Akbar-nama)

MF41 : The Bird Simurgh Addresses an Assembly of Animals

ME37 : Laila Persuading Majnun

MI72 : The Old Man

MH99 : Medieval European Priest

MF07 : Humayun

MF42 : Noah's Ark, from the Akbarnama, attributed to Miskin

MF12 : A Mujra to Entertain the King

MF53 : Celebrating Dance and Music

MG15 : Maharana Pratap - An Austere Portrait

MH19 : Sarus/Heron

MH73 : Mridangam

MJ98 : Mridangam

MJ93 : The Elephant Combat

PH21 : Battle with the Hazars, from the Baburnama

MK51 : Akbar and Tansen Visit Haridas

MK27 : The Turban

MA51 : Mughal Flower

MK43 : Dhatura (An Intoxicant Flower)

MI40 : Pashu Kunjar - Composite Elephant

MA49 : The Princess

MK35 : Calligraphic Rabbit

MK37 : Calligraphic Royal Elephant

MK36 : Islamic Calligraphy

MK41 : Islamic Priest (in Calligraphy)

MK42 : Prayer Offering (in Calligraphy)

MK32 : Creating Her Own Raga for a Thunderous Night

MJ16 : Dancing Ladies

MI33 : Ladies Engaged in Dance

MK31 : The Colors of Dance

MK28 : Embossed Jewelry

MK26 : Lady With Fan

MK29 : Man with Traditional Turban

MK25 : Royal Procession

MK24 : The Mughal Harem

MK30 : The Royal Pair

MK18 : Gypsies of India Series -2

MK16 : Royal Bengal Tiger

MK14 : A Damsel

MK11 : Calligraphic Birds

MK12 : Calligraphic Falcon

MK15 : Wine and Woman

MK10 : Writing a Letter

MK06 : Calligraphic Birds

MK04 : Calligraphic Fish

MK03 : Calligraphic Pendant

MK08 : Calligraphic Tiger

MK01 : Calligraphic Falcon

MJ95 : Lady in Dancing Pose

MJ96 : Lady with Flower

MJ99 : Tabla

MJ88 : The Horse-Puzzle

MJ90 : The Science of Natural History Elevated to the Status of Art

MJ97 : Trumpet Pair

MJ92 : The Young Damsel Dressing Her Hair

MJ87 : A Dance for Self Delight

MJ84 : Dandiya A Dance That Reveals Beauty

MJ85 : The Potter’s Shop

MJ82 : The Royal Damsel Shooting Down Mangoes

MJ81 : Lioness with Face of a Woman - A Grotesque

MH12 : Amour on the Swing

MB08 : Village Belle

MS05 : Procession

MJ80 : The Snake Charmer

MJ78 : Dhola and Maru A Folklore of Rajasthan

MJ79 : Necklace

MJ77 : Superfine Embossed Jewelry

MF93 : A Portrait of King Akbar the Falconer

MJ86 : Mughal Emperor Shahjahan with His Sick Wife Mumtaj Mahal

MJ75 : The Begum of Oudh Flying a Kite

MJ71 : Mang Tika

MJ74 : Royal Elephant

MJ73 : Necklace

MJ70 : Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal

MJ67 : Gypsies

MJ69 : The First Night (Suhag Raat)

MJ68 : Wedding Procession

MJ66 : Nautch Girls (Company School)

MJ60 : Elephant Painted with Royal Procession and Wild Life Scene

MJ58 : Jehangir with His Falcon

MJ59 : Playing with Elephant

MJ38 : Akbar Handing Over to Shahjahan the Mughals’ Dynastic Crown

MJ39 : Timur Handing the Crown of Hindustan to Babur

MI99 : Royal Women Hawking (Falconry)

MJ54 : Yogini from Deccan, Perhaps the Princess Badr-e-Munir

MJ50 : Lioness with the Face of a Woman A Grotesque Form

MJ56 : Royal Procession

MJ51 : Portrait of a Blind Lyrist

MJ44 : The Mysterious Warrior

MJ49 : Love on a Harp Shaped Boat

MJ48 : Umrao Jaan

MJ53 : March of Camels

MJ46 : Courtesan in Wait

MJ47 : Lady with a Hookah

MJ32 : Mughal Emperor Shahjahan with His Sick Wife Mumtaj Mahal

MJ40 : Kite-Flying on the Rooftop

MJ41 : Man with Fine Turban

MJ42 : Man with Traditional Turban

MJ43 : Sword and Sheath

MJ28 : A Courtier Buying Kites

MJ31 : Dandiya A Dance That Reveals Beauty

MJ29 : Now No More to Wait

MJ36 : Prince Shahjahan Accepts a Wreath of Jewels from a Sufi

MJ37 : Vase

MJ27 : Mughal Noble with Goitre

MJ25 : Rajput

MJ26 : The Shah

MJ20 : Now No More to Wait

MJ21 : Study of Antelopes

MJ22 : The Elephant Fight

MJ23 : Tiger Hunt

MI59 : Maharaja Man Singh Romancing with His Consort on a Galloping Horse

MI60 : Women in Love

PH18 : Zahhak Punished A Folio from the Shah-Nama

MI94 : Ragini Deshakhya

AC76 : Study of a ‘Huge and Strange Looking Animal’

MJ09 : A Begum Giving Sitting for a Portrait

MJ04 : Ladies at a Flower Shop

MJ19 : Ladies at a Cloth-shop

MJ17 : Parakiya Confidantes Persuading Heroine to Meet the Hero

MJ14 : The Potter’s Shop

MJ13 : The Royal Couple on Swing

MJ15 : The Royal Damsel Shooting Down Mangoes

MJ12 : The Mughal Prince Shah Shuja

MI61 : The Iranian Invader Nadir Shah

WL59 : Mughal Court Scene

MJ05 : Festival of Kites

MJ03 : Swinging Ladies Awaiting the Arrival of Rain

AC80 : Elephant Procession

AC75 : Procession of Royal Elephant, Horse and Camel

AC82 : Royal Elephant

MI98 : Hunt of the Rhino

AP13 : Mughal Flower

MI97 : Roses with Butterfly

ME80 : Chingiz Khan Dividing His Empire Between His Sons (Illustration from the Chingiz-nama)

MG43 : Lighting the Lamp

MH85 : Music Lessons

MG18 : Nur Jahan

MG51 : Mughal Emperor Shahjahan

WK67 : Mughal Procession

MH84 : Princes Play Polo on Two Beautiful Horses

MH70 : An Appreciation of The Harmonium

MF91 : Shahjahan

MH23 : The Tranquil Pleasures of Love

MI95 : Nayika Shringar

MG69 : The Vaishnava Meets the Sufi, as Akbar Looks On

MI92 : Calligraphic Falcon

MI93 : Calligraphic Falcon

MI89 : Lady Combing Her Hair

MI91 : Painting Her Lover

MI82 : The Bird Simurgh Addresses an Assembly of Animals

MI73 : Calligraphic Fish

MI71 : Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

MI68 : Monarch from the Deccan

MJ65 : Mughal King Shahjahan

MI70 : Prince with Hookah

MI69 : Princess with Hookah

MI62 : A Courtesan

MI65 : From The Shahnama

MI63 : Pashu Kunjar - Composite Elephant

MI67 : Taj Mahal - A Monument of Love and Sorrow

MI64 : The Elephant Fight

MG02 : Mumtaz Mahal

MH37 : Dara Shikoh with Sages in a Garden

PH24 : The Story of Haftvad and the Worm

MG74 : Garuda Flying with the Fighting Elephant and Tortoise

MI57 : Boar Hunt

MI56 : Princesses Playing Pigeons Play with Companions (Kabutarbaji)

MI58 : Sufi with Crowned Globe

PA99 : Fantastic Elephants

MI54 : Royal Procession

MI53 : Love at First Sight

MI49 : Paniharins

MI46 : Textile Trader

MI48 : A Dance for Self Delight

MI52 : Persian Inverted Dancer

MI47 : A Princess with Friends and Attendants on Outing

MI50 : Nurjahan

MI43 : Akbar - The Great Mughal Emperor

MI51 : Black Deer

MG46 : Courtesan Tying Ghungroos

MG24 : Exuding Innocence (No Monkey Business)

MD79 : Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

MI42 : A Freed Elephant Family

MI37 : Nayika Confiding in Her Pigeon Messenger

MI38 : Nayika Shringar

MI36 : A Musical Party

MI35 : Concert of a Couple Sharing a Common Passion

MI34 : The Kite Workshop

MI14 : A Princess

MI26 : Mughal Harem (With Lattice)

MH98 : A Courtesan

MH93 : A Village Beauty

MI02 : Elephants Combat

MI12 : Eternal Lovers (Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal)

MI10 : Nautch Girl with Hookah and Wine

MH89 : Idealized Feminine Charm

MH90 : In a Bed of Lotuses

MH91 : Innocent Charm

MH87 : Lonely Lady in The Clouds

MH94 : Mumtaz Mahal

MI09 : Nautch Girl

MH92 : Remembering Her Lover

MH96 : Royal Riders (Jodhpur School)

MH95 : The Smirking Beauty

MH79 : Beauty and Purity (Physical and the Divine)

MH80 : Lady Adorning Herself

MH81 : Potteries Shop

MA98 : Love Scene

MH78 : Harem Scene

MH75 : Portrait of a Courtesan

MH77 : The Bangle Shop

MF65 : Monochromatic Delight

MF99 : Ornaments

MF98 : Pashu Kunjar - Composite Camel

MF69 : Portrait of Dara Shikoh

ME89 : Tempest of Love

MF76 : The Miniaturist

MF68 : The Open Door

MH55 : Elephants Combat

MH61 : Mughal Nobles

MH60 : Mughal Warrior

MH62 : Portrait of Shah Jahan

MH64 : A Pair of Trumpets

MH72 : An Appreciation of The Harmonium

MF35 : Couple in Dalliance

MH69 : Dhola

FE29 : Falcon

MH56 : Lady Confides in Her Bird

MF62 : Mumtaz Mahal

MH58 : Portrait of a Princess

MF46 : Reluctant Desire

MF79 : Resting at the Oasis

MH71 : Sarod

MH59 : Shy Bride

MH65 : Sitar

MH67 : Tabla

MH68 : Tabla

MF11 : The Heroine in Her Wind-Palace

MH74 : Trumpet

MH63 : Veena

MH66 : Veena

MH57 : Woman Dressing Herself

MH52 : Band of Female Musicians

MH46 : Princes

MH47 : Princesses

MH49 : Royal Lady Adorning Herself with the Help of Her Maid

MH54 : Tying Anklets on the Royal Elephant

MH45 : The Maid Leads the Heroine to Her Lover

MF28 : A Mughal Officer of Rank

MF20 : A Village Belle After the Morning Bath

MF21 : Babur - Founder of the Mughal Dynasty

ME34 : Deccani Dignitary

ME71 : Ecstasy and Elation

HM01 : The Occulist (Sathiya)

MC44 : The Princess

ME97 : Violin - One Supreme Example of a Bowed Instrument

ME12 : Wine and Woman

MG54 : A Voluptuous Intoxication

MH44 : The Sari Shop

MH38 : Prince Khurram is Bestowed with the Title of 'King of the World' (Shah Jahan) by His Father Jahangir

MH41 : A Guarded Romance in the Shamiana

MH40 : Polo on Elephants

MH43 : Secluded Pleasures

MH39 : The Beautiful Mystery of Dance

MH42 : Which is More Interesting – The Book, or the Parrot?

MH36 : The Sensuous Fisherwoman

MP99 : The Chieftain

MA18 : The Deccan Prince

MH35 : A Man Smoking Hookah

MH33 : Semi-Nude

MH34 : The Soft Hues of Love

MH31 : Mughal Flower

MH32 : Mughal Harem

MB03 : Village Belles

MH27 : The Semi-Divine, Exotic Vision of Beauty

MH26 : Allegorical Portrait of the God Mars

MH28 : Curvaceous Beauty

MF96 : Nautch Girl

MG07 : The Beauty of Jewelry

MA92 : Jharokha - The Window

MF59 : Babur the Great Mughal

MH22 : Composure Personified

MH10 : Princes in Waiting

MH20 : Samarpita – The Heroine Devoted to Her Love

MH16 : A Floral Delight

MH15 : An Elephant from the Royal Stables

MH24 : Elephants in Action

MH17 : Falcon

MH18 : Flowers in Bloom

MG99 : Princesses in Waiting

MH13 : Raga Sarang

MH11 : The Human Royal Meets the Wild One

MH25 : The Royal Bull and His Female

MG14 : Lady at Her Toilet

MH14 : Prince in His Harem

MG92 : A Delicate Warrior

MG91 : A Rajasthani Gentleman with His Shy Bride

MG94 : At the Hermit's Cave

MG97 : Hooded Gyrfalcon

MG90 : Into the Realm of Voyeurism….

MG95 : Noble with Hukah

MG96 : Princess Feeding Peacocks

MG93 : The Joys of Hemp

MG80 : Capturing the Cheetah

MG79 : A Colorful (and Joyous) Celebration of Life

MG86 : A Discomfiting Portrait

MG88 : Kings & Successors

MG84 : Medieval Travelers

MG87 : Mughal King with Rosary

MG78 : Stylish Portrait of a Royal Lady

MG89 : The Leisure of a Warrior

MG83 : Vying for Center stage

MG71 : At the Well

MG68 : The Fruits of Colour

MG77 : Braiding Her Hair

MG65 : Mughal Portrait of a Hindu Brahmin

MG44 : The Royal Sport

MG76 : Vishnu Killing the Demons Madhu and Kaitabha

MG66 : The Royal Horse

MG62 : A Taste of Music

MG61 : Being Pampered

MG64 : The Prince

MG63 : The Princess

MG60 : Prince Amongst His Concubines

MG52 : Babur Hunting Rhinoceros Near Bigram (Peshawar)

MG59 : Dhola Maru (In an Exotic Setting)

MG57 : Looking For A Groom

MG58 : Mughal Court

FE40 : Tethered Falcon

MG53 : The Rhythm of Beauty

MG56 : The Sufi

MG50 :

HM06 : The Perfumer in his Shop

MG41 : Carried by Angels

MG34 : Dara Shikoh

MG39 : Flowers

MG45 : Lost in the Depths of Love They are Oblivious to the Surroundings. . . .

MG37 : The Brahmin with a Basket

MG36 : The Fruit Seller

MG40 : The Old Man

MG47 : White Elephant

MG48 : Herb Pennock

MG49 : W. Horton

MG28 : Birds of a Feather

MG33 : Daughter of the Jungle

MG30 : Jahangir Spearing a Lioness

MG27 : Ragini Deshakhya

MG29 : The Science of Natural History Elevated to the Status of Art

MG32 : The Wedding Procession

MG31 : To Attain God

PH01 : The Angel

MP40 : A Niche Portrait

MP57 : After the Hunt

MP30 : Bahadur Shah Zafar

MG19 : A Persian Battle

MG21 : A Royal Steed

MG20 : An Expressive Portrait

MG23 : Ascetic with Yogini

MG25 : Love on the Terrace

MG17 : The Gateway of Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra

MG16 : Kites and Associated Accessories

MG12 : An Aristocratic Fan

MG11 : Horse and Accessories

MG10 : Islamic Calligraphy

MG13 : Mughal Prince with Rose

PH09 : Babur Captures a Flock of Sheep from the Hazaras

MG03 : A Damsel Bedecked in Jewelry

MF97 : A Rajasthani Rustic

MG04 : A Royal Ride

MG06 : Caught in a Desert Storm

MG05 : Hookah Apparatus

MF94 : Portrait of a Young Lady

MG08 : The Elephant Fight

MF95 : Transportation for the Women of Royalty

MF86 : A Composite Extravaganza

MF90 : Beauty In Movement

MF88 : In the Harem

MF85 : Jahangir Receives Prince Khurram

MF89 : Seduction in Monochrome

MF83 : The Battle of Panipat

MF78 : Jehangir's Secular Credentials

MF81 : Love on the Terrace (Bundi School)

MF80 : Pose and Poise

MF73 : A Sikh Chieftain

MF77 : Drummer

MF67 : Elephant Herd

MF72 : Liveried Guard

MF71 : Royal Elephant

MF74 : Sikh Regiment

MF75 : The Traveller

MF70 : Wishing to Bestow Every Happiness in the World on Her....

MF66 : Leisure Time

PH06 : Battle Scene from the Shahnama

MF63 : Music of the Soul

MF61 : Shah Jahan

MF64 : The Game of Hopscotch

MF60 : Portrait of Shahjahan

PH02 : Akbar Hunting Tigers

MF58 : Shah Jahan

MF56 : Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

MF57 : The Village Belle

MF51 : A Celebration of Womanhood

MF50 : Akbar and Tansen Visit Haridas

MF48 : Celebrations!

MF47 : Jehangir at His Court

MF49 : Persian Canon

FE16 : Pheasant

MF54 : Portrait of a Dignitary

ME83 : Shringar

MF43 : Battle with the Hazars, from the Baburnama

MF45 : Jehangir, Lord of the World

MF40 : Urdu Calligraphy

MF32 : 'Come Hither, My Love'

MF38 : A Rajasthani Costume

MF33 : At the Florist

MF34 : Dance of the Kanjars - A Gypsy Tribe

MF39 : Idling at the Harem

MF37 : Shringar

MF30 : The Cloth Merchant

MF36 : The Feudal Lord

MF31 : The Performers

MF29 : Hunt Gone Awry

MF87 : Omar Khayyam

MF25 : A Rajasthani Damsel

MF24 : Akbar the Great

MF23 : Angel

MF26 : Kama Deva Seated on Camel

MF14 : Lady of the House

MF22 : Lady with Hookah

MF15 : Love Scene

MF13 : Maidens Welcoming the Arrival of Shravana

MF17 : Taj Mahal

MF18 : The First Time (Suhag Raat)

MF27 : The Housekeeper

MF16 : The Light Leads But Let a Protective Hand Guard It

MF19 : The Sitar Player

ME99 : The Wait (A Harmony of European, Chinese, Indian and Persian Aesthetics)

MF04 : 15th Bengal Native Infantry (Ludhiana Sikhs), 1893

MF08 : 15th Lancer's Regiment (1937)

MF09 : A Tall Sikh Soldier

MF06 : Exemplary Courage

MF05 : Governor's Bodyguards (Madras 1912)

ME96 : Musical Instrument - Tabla

ME94 : Rama and Lakshman Battle the Demon Rakshas

ME95 : Royal Diversion (Arrogant 'Mistress' and Submissive Servants)

ME81 : A Hindu Maharajah

ME86 : A Maiden from the Deserts of Rajasthan

ME92 : Astrologer (Tarot Card Reader?)

ME93 : Aurangzeb

ME91 : Confined Creativity (A Scene from Rural Rajasthan)

ME90 : Delight in Dancing

ME84 : Just Picturesque

ME88 : Musical Instrument - Iktara

ME82 : The Hairy Witch

ME85 : Waiting Restlessly

MD85 : Victorious and Joyous

AC19 : Wonders of Nature

MD71 : The Left Hand Path

ME75 : A Bad Portrait of an Adorable Child

ME68 : A Deccani Prince

ME72 : A Hieratic Portrait of a Maratha

ME77 : An Appreciation of The Harmonium

ME65 : In My Own World!

ME74 : In the Life of a Prince

ME67 : Luxurious Milieu

ME66 : Monarch from the Deccan

ME78 : Musical Instrument - Harp

ME76 : Musical Instrument - Sitar

ME73 : The Aging Ascetic

ME70 : The Courtesan

ME64 : The Wise, Old Man

ME69 : Tipu Sultan

HM11 : Massage in Winter

HM10 : Rejuvenating Massage

MS03 : Taj Mahal

ME59 : Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Oudh

ME60 : Dara Shukoh

ME63 : Manifestation of Raga Shoshar

ME61 : The Portrait of a Calligrapher

ME62 : Wrestlers

ME45 : Jehangir in His Private Court

HM07 : Surgeon Attending to Leg of Patient

ME54 : A Gaddi (shepard), Smoking a Hookah, Meets a Girl in a Hilly Landscape

ME53 : Portrait of a Medieval Indian Chieftain

ME55 : Sawai Madho Singh of Jaipur

ME56 : The Accountant

HM05 : Chiropodist

HM04 : Doctor Reading Pulse

HM02 : The Doctor

ME57 : Apes in the Forest

ME58 : Rama and Lakshman Battle the Demon Rakshasa

ME47 : A Symbol of Undying Love

ME52 : Mughal Procession

ME46 : Prince and Concubine

ME48 : Quenching Thirst

ME51 : Raja Rani

ME49 : Tiger Hunt

ME50 : Victory March

ME44 : Gymnasium

ME42 : Frenzy

ME40 : Mother and Child

ME39 : Oriental Princess in Occidental Headgear

ME38 : Portrait of Kirat Prakash of Sirmur

ME41 : Prince Seeks the Sadhu's Blessings

ME43 : The Prince

ME31 : A Night of Passion

ME21 : An Evening on the Terrace

ME22 : Beauty Needs No Color!

ME32 : Eyes are Oceans with Unfathomable Depths

ME33 : In That Heaven Where Faces are Flowers and Eyes Fragrance

ME35 : Nari-Kunjara

ME26 : Pachyderms at play

ME28 : Pashu-Kunjara

ME29 : Redemption From Evil Spirits

ME25 : Rustic beauty

ME23 : Shahi Kalam Portrait of a Sari Clad Lady

ME24 : The Custom of Sati

ME30 : The Horse-Puzzle

ME27 : The Symbol of Love (The Taj Mahal)

ME18 : A Procession of Rats

ME20 : Earpicker (Specialist in Removing Wax)

ME16 : Lion Kills the Bull

ME17 : Makes You Dance To Her Tune

ME19 : Shahjahan Mumataz

ME14 : A Courtesan Relaxing

ME11 : A Royal Romance

ME10 : Composite Composition

ME13 : Hunt of Lions

ME09 : Shahjahan and Jahanara

ME06 : The European

ME05 : Hunt of a Lion

MD98 : Kanaphate Jogi

ME01 : Ragini Telangi

ME02 : The Procession of the Royal Couple

ME03 : The Rajah's Savari

ME04 : The Siege

MD99 : The Wrestlers

MD90 : A Royal Personage in Worship

MD91 : Akbar Visits Mu'in-ud-din Chishti at Ajmer

MD89 : Damsels and Demons

MD94 : Hunting Scene

MD93 : May Thy Be Blessed

MD92 : The Bathing Sadhus

MD96 : The Procession

MD97 : The Procession

MD95 : The Sawaari

MD86 : Farewell to the Bride

MD84 : The Procession

MD87 : The Wedding Procession (Baraat)

MD88 : The Wedding Procession (Baraat)

MD83 : Playful Squirrels

MD82 : Me and My Pet

MD81 : The Game of Polo

MD80 : The Sadhu Math

MD78 : Prince and Ascetic Listen to Music

MD76 : A portrait of Abdullah Khan from Padshahnama Folio

MD77 : The Yogis

MD75 : A Noble Hunt

MD74 : The Old Sufi

MD73 : Mumtaz Mahal

MD55 : Pyari Khan (A Dancing Woman of Delhi in the Usual Undress)

MD72 : Shah Jahan

MD65 : Crossing the Moat

MD66 : The Army

MD68 : The Badshah

MD69 : The Hunt

MD67 : The Hunting Expedition

MD70 : The Procession

MD64 : The Death of Khan Jahan Lodi

MD63 : A Harem Scene

MD62 : A Rajput Prince

MD56 : Mumataj Mahal, Shahjahan and Nara-Pashu-Kunjara

MD57 : Pashu-Kunjar - The Battle of the Elephants

MD61 : Prince Salim

MD59 : The Nobleman with Prayer Book

MD60 : The Nude Princess

MD58 : The Sufi with Cow

MD54 : The Badshah and his Crew Hunting Tigers

MD53 : Love Scene

MD41 : A Battle Scene

MD44 : A Friendship Treaty after the War

MD49 : Dance to his Tune!

MD52 : In the Garden of Love

MD40 : Local Chieftain receiving the Prince

MD36 : Madhushala

MD37 : Mother and Child

MD43 : Portrait of a Dressed Maharaja

MD42 : Portrait of an Undressed Maharaja

MD51 : The Ascetic

MD50 : The Mem-Sahib

MD39 : The Portrait of a Royal Servant

MD45 : The Sufi gives a Sermon

MD46 : The Tailor

MD48 : The Toy Seller

MD47 : The Village Belle

MD38 : The Yogis

MD34 : Mughal Procession

PA22 : Rider on a Nag

MD33 : Royal Procession

HT09 : Swami Hanuhaak

MD35 : The Army

MD32 : The Deluge in Agra

HT10 : With a Will to Live There Always is a Way to Life

MS09 : Procession

MS10 : Procession

MD07 : A Courtesan

MD27 : A Favored Courtesan

MD20 : A Harem Scene

MD14 : A Rajasthani Damsel

MD28 : A Yogini Doing Penance

MD06 : An inebriated Lady

MD05 : Battle with the Lions

MD13 : Beauty with a Beast

MD17 : Composite Animal - The King

MD16 : Composite Animal - The Queen

MD25 : Composite Animal - The Royal Couple

MD09 : Desire

MD26 : Governor General's Body Guard, Madras (1914)

MD30 : Hazi Khan

MD15 : In the Garden of Love

MD11 : King Akbar and Queen Jodhabai

MD22 : Love Scene

MD02 : Mother and Child

MD01 : Mumtaz Mahal

MD19 : Mumtaz Mahal

MD12 : Noor Jahan

MD23 : Parrot Stealing Away Wine

MD04 : Pashu-Kunjar or the Elephant composed of Animals

MD24 : Portrait of a Courtesan Embellished with Calligraphy

MD18 : Shah Jahan

MC99 : Shah Jahan Enthroned

MC95 : The General

MD21 : The King at Leisure

MD10 : The Portrait of a Horse

MD31 : The Portrait of a Knight

MD29 : The Portrait of a Peasant

MC98 : The Queen

MC96 : The Queen and the Tantric

MD03 : The Resurrection

MC97 : The Saint gives a Sermon

MD08 : The Wait

MC74 : !st Bombay Lancer's (1887)

MC71 : !st Madras Lancer's (1887)

MC73 : 6th Bombay Cavalry (jacob's Horse) - 1888

MC81 : Austerity?

MC46 : Battle with the Demons
Persian School

MC53 : Composite Animal - The Bard

MC54 : Composite Animal - the Princess

MC69 : Couple in Dalliance

MC50 : Court Scene
Persian School

MC62 : Emperor Babur

MC72 : Governor General's Body Guard (1912)

MC59 : Iktara Player

MC55 : In the Garden of Love

MC61 : Jehangir and Noorjehan

MC56 : Love Scene

MC67 : Love Scene

MC68 : Love Scene

MC83 : Love Scene

MC43 : Maharani

MC48 : Mother and Child

MC85 : Persian Soldiers

MC49 : Qay's First Glimpse of the Fair Layla
Persian School

MC89 : Royal Procession

MC76 : Tantra

MC58 : The Afghan Writer

MC75 : The Ayurveda Physician

MC82 : The Book-keeper

MC70 : The Corpulent Noble in His Harem

MC65 : The Desperate Passion

MC86 : The Dragon

MC91 : The Dream

MC92 : The Dream

MC80 : The Emperor's Court

MC60 : The Falconer

MC79 : The Nobleman

MC47 : The Parade
Kota School

MC52 : The Performers

MC78 : The Performers

MC51 : The Portrait of a Maratha Warrior

MC90 : The Prince Loses His Way

MC57 : The Rajput

MC87 : The Rescue

MC66 : The Royal Boat

MC63 : The Sadhu

MC64 : The Sadhu

MC88 : The Sawari

MC45 : The Tantric

MC84 : The Town Square
Persian School

MC77 : The Trader

MC94 : Celestial Seeks Itself In Sensuous

MC93 : Where there is no World Beyond

MC37 : A Baron in Dark Cloudy Night

MC39 : A Noble Offering Prayers

MC40 : A Noble Seeking a Saint's Blessings

MC41 : A Nobleman

MC42 : Prince Dara Shikoh Praying

MC38 : The Trumpet Boy

MC33 : Apsara

MC21 : Ardhamandali Dancer

MC28 : Composite Animal - The Sawari

MC32 : Couple in Embrace

MC29 : Elegant Courtesan

MC36 : Jehangir

MC17 : Lady on the Terrace

MC15 : Lady With Attendant

MC30 : Lady With Hookah

MC23 : Nupur-Padika Chari

MC22 : Radha Churning Butter

MS08 : Taj Mahal

MC19 : The Battle

MC16 : The Camp

MC26 : The Dancer

MC31 : The Lady in Traditional Medieval Costume

MC20 : The Maiden

MC25 : The Nobleman

MC27 : The Official

MC35 : The Reptile

MC18 : The Semi-Nude

MC24 : Village Belle

MB98 : Akbar

MC10 : Beauty of Guler

MC05 : Deer Hunt

MB95 : Gossip

MC14 : Hunt of a Deer

MB99 : Hunt Of a Lion

MC06 : Jehangir's Lion Hunt

MB97 : Jodhabai

MC11 : Kalagi

MB96 : Lady with Hookah

MC13 : Mughal Harem

MB93 : Mughal Prince Playing Polo

MC12 : Necklace Set

MC08 : Nobleman and the Mendicant

MC07 : Persian Battle Scene

MS07 : Royal Procession

MC09 : The Clergy

MC03 : The Fakir

MB94 : The Gramophone

MC04 : The Sadhu

MC02 : The Teacher

MC01 : The Thief

AA19 : Forest Panchayat

AA27 : Mughal Flower

AA24 : The Tiger Hunt

AA23 : Wild Elephant

MB84 : A Courtier with a Falcon

MB81 : Abhisarika Nayika

MB72 : Couple in Love

MB67 : Deccan Dignity

MB90 : Demons

MB80 : Hansini Nayika

MB76 : In the Garden

MB69 : In the Royal Harem

MB92 : In the Royal Harem

MB73 : Lady Wearing a Turban

MB68 : Laila

MB86 : Madaari

MB83 : Mughal Emperor Akbar

MB88 : Mughal Emperor Akbar with a Lion

MB82 : Portrait of Mughal Prince Khusrauv

MB71 : Raja Sansarchand

MB70 : Shah Jahan

MB74 : Shah Jahan, Mumtaz, and the Taj

MB91 : The Battle

MB89 : The Maiden

MB75 : The Palanquin

MB85 : The Sadhu

MB87 : The Snake Charmer

MB79 : The Strayed Baroness

MB65 : Jehangir the Falconer

MB64 : Lady with Hookah

MB66 : Lady with Hookah

AP80 : The Deer

AP81 : The Rampant Elephant

MB40 : Demons

MB41 : Hunt of a Boar

MB42 : Hunt of a Boar

MB48 : Hunt of a Boar

MB47 : Jehangir and Noorjehan

MB33 : Lady with Hookah

MB59 : Lady with Hookah

MB49 : Love Scene

MB50 : Love Scene

MB51 : Love Scene

MB38 : Maharajah

MB53 : Make-Up of the Bride

MB54 : Mother and Child

MB21 : Mughal General

MB35 : Pampering of a Princess

MB36 : Persian Hunting Scene

MB23 : Prince Salim

MB57 : Procession of Victory

MB39 : Rani of Jhansi

MB52 : Royal Couple

MB37 : Royal Procession

MB60 : The Bashful Courtesan

MB30 : The Battle

MB32 : The Child

MB26 : The Courtesan

MB44 : The Courtesan

MB24 : The Dancer

MB45 : The Dancer

MB46 : The Dancer

MB55 : The Dancer

MB22 : The Falconer

MB29 : The Forest

MB31 : The Lady

MB56 : The Lonely Maiden

MB43 : The Maiden

MB34 : The Queen

MB27 : The Shrew

MB61 : The Turban

MB62 : The Turban

MB63 : The Turban

MB28 : The Warrior

MB58 : Virahini Nayika

MB20 : The Maiden

MB14 : Love Scene

MB19 : Love Scene

MB10 : Mughal Court Scene

MB12 : Mughal Harem

MB15 : Mughal Harem

MB17 : Mughal Harem

MB16 : Mughal Harem

MB18 : Prince Outing with Concubines

MB11 : The Royal Boat

MB07 : The Semi-Nude

MA95 : A King Enjoying Huqqa in an Outcamp

MA93 : A Prince with a Rose

MA96 : Harem Scene

MB01 : In Anticipation

MA89 : Jehangir

MA90 : Lotus

MA91 : Love Scene

MB04 : Mughal Flower

MB06 : Mughal Flower

MA99 : Ragini Dipika

MB05 : Rajput

MA94 : Royal Couple

MA97 : Royal Lady

MA88 : The Maiden

MS02 : Tiger Huntung Scene

MA73 : Dara Shukoh

MA75 : Decorated Horse

MA76 : Dhola and Maru

MA79 : Elephant Herd

MA86 : Floral Delight

MA77 : Harem Scene

MA83 : Hunting Scene

MA78 : Love Scene

MA80 : Mughal Court Scene

MA85 : Mughal Flower

MA87 : Mughal Flower

MA71 : Mughal General

MA81 : Royal Procession

MA74 : Saddled Horse

MA72 : The Bard

MA82 : The Sultan

MA84 : Time to Unwind

MA04 : The Princess

MA03 : The Princess

MA70 : A Medieval Tribal

MA69 : Baano

MA59 : Harem Scene

MA65 : Jehangir

MA58 : Love Scene

MA62 : Mughal Court Scene

MA68 : Mughal General

MA64 : Prince on Horseback

MA63 : The Courting

MA66 : The Nobleman

MA55 : The Prayer

MA57 : The Prince

MA56 : The Princess

MA52 : The Qazi

MA41 : Couple in Embrace

MA42 : Courtesan

MA46 : Maharajah

MA45 : Nautch Girl (Dancer)

MA48 : Portrait of a Maharaja

MA40 : Princess

MA50 : The Indian Prince

MA47 : The King

MA43 : The Princess

MA44 : The Royal Prince

MA38 : Dhola Maru

MA37 : Mughal Flower

MA36 : The Courtesan

MA30 : Dara Shukoh

MA33 : Lady after Bath

MA28 : Lady with Hookah

MA29 : Mughal Harem

MA35 : The Battle

MA27 : The Betel Chewer

MA34 : The Lonely Maiden

MA32 : The Yogini

MA08 : A Rajput Prince

MA09 : Aurangzeb

MA06 : Composite Animal

MA10 : Composite Animal - The Bard

MA13 : English Lord

MA11 : Kalagi

MA16 : Love Scene

MA15 : Mughal Court Scene

MA26 : Mughal Prince

MA14 : Persian Calligraphy

MA17 : Persian Hunting Scene

MA05 : Royal Lady wih Attendants

MA20 : Royal Procession

MA12 : Shah Jahan

MA25 : The Courtesan

MA24 : The Dancer

MA23 : The Lonely Maiden

MA22 : The Soldier

MP98 : Dhapli Player

MA01 : Iktara Player

MP97 : Lady with Hookah

MP94 : Looking Behind

MP96 : Love Letter

MA02 : Reveries of Hemp

MP95 : The Bashful Courtesan

MP92 : The Lonely Princess

MP93 : Will He Come?

WP43 : Mughal Procession

WP42 : Mughal Procession

BA78 : The Taj Mahal

MP90 : Jharokha - the Window

MP91 : The Sufi Saint

MP87 : The Feudal Lord

MP86 : The Maiden

MP85 : The Cavalier

MP80 : Empress Mumtaz Mahal

MP79 : Exemplary Dignity

MP83 : Hunt of a Deer

MP71 : Lady With Hookah

MP72 : Mumtaz Mahal

MP76 : Peshva

MP82 : Royal Procession

MP78 : Sepoy

MP84 : Taking for a Ride!

MP81 : The Feudal Lord

MP73 : The King

MP75 : The Poet

MP74 : The Queen

MP68 : Longing and Desire

MP70 : The Fakir

MP69 : The Prince

MP67 : The Princess

MP66 : The Princess

MP65 : A Charmer Invoking Spirits

MP63 : The Maiden

MP62 : Dara Shukoh

MP58 : Lady with a Cat

MP60 : The Courtesan

MP59 : The Horse

MP61 : The Maiden

MP56 : Mughal Court Scene

MP54 : The Lonely Maiden

MP55 : The Rider

MP53 : Bagpiper Player

MP52 : Love Scene

MP38 : Aurangzeb

MP48 : Bagpiper Player

MH06 : Hunt Of a tiger

MP43 : Jehangir

MP37 : Madho Singh, King Of Jaipur

MP46 : Mughal Prince

MP44 : Sepoy - 18th Tiwana regiment, 1903

MP45 : Shringar

MP39 : The Courtesan

MP42 : The King

MP47 : The Soldier

MP41 : The Sultan

MP34 : Harem Scene

MP33 : Harem Scene

MP32 : Harem Scene

MP28 : Noah's Ark

MP29 : The Battle

MP08 : A Medieval Hindu Saint

MP25 : Afghan village

MP15 : Hari Singh

MP10 : Jahangir's Dream

MP04 : Lonely lady

MP13 : Love Scenes

MP12 : Mehfil

MP11 : Mughal Harem

MP19 : Noorjahan

MP14 : The Prince

MP03 : Lady with hookah

SF15 : Iktara

MA19 : Mughal Harem

MP50 : Shah Jahan

MP49 : Mumtaz Mahal

MP51 : Couple on the Terrace

MP22 : Mughal Court

MS01 : Mughal Hunting Scene

MP18 : Revelry in Harem

ME07 : Tabla Player

SF13 : The Tramp