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RB30 : Goddess Durga

RC59 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

RB43 : Enthroned Ganesha

RC37 : Kamalasana Lord Ganesha

RB98 : Blessing Lord Ganesha

RC66 : Decorated Elephant with Upraised Trunk

RB39 : Goddess Saraswati

RC89 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

MI84 : Lord Ganesha with Trident and Peacock

RB40 : Lord Hanuman Chanting the Name of Lord Rama

RC77 : Rajasthani King and Queen (Embossed Painting)

RC88 : Goddess Lakshmi

RC87 : Harmonium (Embossed Painting)

RC85 : Mridangam (Embossed Painting)

RC86 : Veena (Embossed Painting)

RC82 : Bracelet Pair (Embossed Painting)

RC83 : Mang Tika (Embossed Painting)

RC84 : Turban Kalagi (Embossed Painting)

RC80 : Foliate and Floral with Parrot Pair

RC81 : Radha and Krishna Swing Together

RC79 : Rasa Lila of Shri Krishna

MI16 : Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) in Regal Splendor

RC17 : The Colors of Rajasthan

RC75 : Bhagwan Hanuman Carrying Mount Dron (Embossed Painting)

RC74 : Radha Krishna (Embossed Painting)

RC71 : Foliate and Floral

RC76 : Lady Dressing Herself (Embossed Painting)

RC72 : Peacock - National Bird of India (Embossed Painting)

RC70 : Pair of Bangles (Embossed Painting)

RC67 : Foliate and Floral

RC68 : Krishna Teasing Radha

RC69 : Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi

RC64 : Stylized Peacock Pair

RC65 : Two Pairs of Brides and Grooms

RC61 : Camel

RC63 : Foliate and Floral with Peacock Pair

RC62 : The Ten Sikh Gurus

RC58 : Radha Krishna

RC60 : Superfine Embossed Jewelry with Lattice

RC54 : A Rajasthani Groom

RC53 : Portrait of a Princess

RC55 : Portrait of a Rajasthani Bride

RC57 : Superfine Embossed Jewelry of Rajasthan with Box

RC56 : The Rajput

RC45 : Radha Krishna

RC44 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

RC50 : Lord Ganesha Seated in the Backdrop of Om (AUM)

RC43 : Mughal Harem

RC46 : Mughal Pattern

RC51 : Ornamental Dreams

RC49 : Prince Enjoying Music

RC47 : Shiva Family

RC48 : Shri Satyanarayan Puja

RC52 : Warrior Ganesha

RC39 : Superfine Embossed Necklace with Earrings

RC42 : Embossed Jewelry

RC41 : Lord Ganesha with Lattice

RC40 : Superfine Embossed Jewelry

RC38 : Goddess Saraswati

RC27 : Awesome Necklace (Embossed Painting)

RC16 : Elephant Riders

RC24 : Embossed Necklace

RC36 : Embossed Necklace (Embossed Painting)

RC22 : Introspective Lady

RC21 : Jeweled Paisley (Embossed Painting)

RC25 : King and His Queen (Set of Two Embossed Paintings)

RC35 : Lady with Parrot

RC29 : Lady with Prominent Nosering (Embossed Painting)

RC20 : Lady with Typical Indian Nosering

RC28 : Mang Tika (Embossed Painting)

RC19 : Pair of Bangles (Embossed Painting)

RC34 : Ragini

RC30 : Ragini

RC26 : Rajasthani Choker (Embossed Painting)

RC32 : Rajasthani Man with Bride (Set of Two Embossed Paintings)

RC23 : Shrinath Ji

RC33 : The Lady-Bird

RC31 : Traditional Indian Necklace (Embossed Painting)

RC15 : Lady with Lotus and Bird

RC18 : Shrinath Ji

MI86 : Krishna Fluting for Radha (With Lattice)

MI76 : Radha Krishna (With Lattice)

MI85 : Radha Krishna

MI83 : Radha with Her Beloved Krishna

MI87 : The Divine Couple Radha and Krishna (With Lattice)

MI88 : Venugopala with his Beloved Radha (With Lattice)

MI78 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

MI77 : Chaturbhuja Turbaned Ganesha Seated in Maharaja Lila Asana (With Lattice)

MI80 : Mughal Pattern

MI79 : Shiva Parvati with Baby Ganesha in Kailash

MI81 : Shri Ganesha Scripting World's Largest Epic Mahabharata (With Lattice)

MI27 : A Courtesan

MI14 : A Princess

MI30 : A Rajput Prince

MI31 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

MI24 : Divine Lover (Radha Krishna) (With Lattice)

MI20 : Fluting Krishna with Radha (With Lattice)

MI21 : Lord Ganesha Enjoying Modak (With Lattice)

MI26 : Mughal Harem (With Lattice)

MI32 : Ornaments of Rajasthan

MI23 : Radha Embracing Krishna

MI17 : Shirdi Sai Baba

MI22 : The Adorable Krishna (With Lattice)

MI28 : The Lovers (With Lattice)

MI29 : Wine and Woman

MI13 : A Couple from the Deserts of Rajasthan

MI15 : Lord Ganesha on His Mount

MI18 : Radha Krishna (With Lattice)

MI19 : Shri Ganesha (With Lattice)

RB05 : Mother Yashoda Ties up Krishna with a Rope

RA45 : Mujra - The Dance

RC14 : Gramophone

RC08 : Harmonium

RC13 : Harmonium

RC06 : Mridangam

RC10 : Mridangam

RC09 : Tabla

RC12 : Tabla

RC07 : Veena

RC11 : Veena

RB06 : Gita Updesha

RB95 : Adoloscent Krishna

RC03 : Bani Thani

RB96 : Chandrika

RC05 : Ganapati

RC02 : Ganesha Parvati

RB97 : Gayatri Devi

RC04 : Hanuman

RB99 : Lord Shiva

RC01 : Rose

RB90 : Ganesha Seated on Lotus

RB92 : Radha Krishna

RB91 : Shah Jahan and Mumtaz

RB93 : The Courtesan

RB94 : The Royal Couple

RB85 : A Royal Romance

RB83 : Balachandra Ganapati

RB79 : Bejeweled Bright

RB88 : Besides the Lotus Pond

RB82 : Foliate and Floral

RB72 : Ganesha as Vinayaka

RB84 : Hawking in the Air

RB86 : In the Scenic Forests of Vrindavan

RB80 : Maha Ganesha

RB87 : Mirror Tells the Truth

RB89 : Modakas and More

RB75 : Radha Krishna the Eternal Lovers

RB77 : The Eternal Lovers

RB78 : The Most Loyal Server

RB74 : The Mother Without a Nimbus

RB76 : The Regal Woman

RB73 : The Shamsa Design (An Ode to Islamic Decorative Art)

RB81 : When One Cannot Distinguish Where Radha's Body Starts and Krishna's Ends

RB56 : Ganesha with Ridhi and Sidhi

RB55 : In a Tender Moment

RB52 : Mumtaz, Inspiration Behind the Taj Mahal

RB54 : Rapturous Oblivion

RB53 : Reminiscent of The Mughals (Flowers Galore)

RB57 : The Wise Owl

RB66 : Nandikeshvar Shiva

RB65 : Portrait of a Gypsy Bride

RB67 : Portrait of a Mughal Bride

RB60 : A Hypnotic design

RB59 : Floral Magic

RB58 : King of Beasts

RB62 : Lalitasana Ganesha

RB64 : Mughal Pattern

RB63 : Radha

RB61 : The Most Glorious Contribution of The Mughals

RB70 : Costumes of Rajasthan - Coat

RB69 : Costumes of Rajasthan - Ghagra

RB68 : Costumes of Rajasthan - Sherwani

RB71 : Ganesha with Ridhi and Sidhi

RB46 : A Mughal Princess

RB48 : Ganapati

RB50 : Ganesha Riding His Mouse

RB41 : Goddess Durga

RB47 : Krishna the Cowherd

RB45 : Little Krishna Eating Laddoos

RB42 : Radha Krishna

RB49 : Radha Krishna

RB51 : Radha Krishna

RB44 : Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

RB37 : Gajalakshmi (Auspicious Lakshmi Bathed by Elephants)

RB38 : Ganesha the Scribe

RB33 : Kali

RB32 : Mughal Pattern

RB36 : Portrait of a Maarwari Bride

RB34 : Portrait of a Mughal Bride

RB31 : Radha Krishna

RB35 : The Flute Seduces

RB28 : A Marble Piece, A Marvel Of Craftsmanship

RB21 : Goddess Lakshmi

RB23 : Goddess Saraswati

RB22 : Kali

RB27 : Lord Ganesha

RB25 : Mumtaz Mahal

RB29 : Radha Krishna

RB24 : Shah Jahan

RB26 : Shiva and Parvati

RB20 : Kalagi

RA49 : Bracelets

RA30 : Necklace

RB16 : A Marvel That Marble Creates

RB18 : Ganapati

RB15 : Lady from Rajasthan in Traditional Jewelry

RB19 : Lord Ganesha

RB17 : The Colors of Rajasthan

RB14 : Radha Krishna

RB12 : Ear Rings

RB13 : Tikka

RA98 : Gaja-Lakshmi

RB01 : Hanuman

RB04 : Krishna and Balarama

RB03 : Lady of the Harem

RA99 : Lord Ganesha

RB10 : Love Request

RA97 : Shiva and Parvati

RB02 : The Courtesan

RB07 : The Goddess Lakshmi

RB08 : The Goddess Saraswati

RB09 : The Goddess Saraswati

RA95 : Ear Rings with Tikka

RA96 : Necklace Set

RA93 : Bani Thani

RA91 : Bashful Lady with Blossoms

RA94 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

RA87 : Ganesha Scribing the Mahabharata

RA85 : Lord Ganesha

RA89 : Mughal Lady

RA92 : Mumtaz

RA88 : Shringar of the Lady with an Hourglass Figure

RA84 : Solitary Lady with Hookah

RA86 : Woman wearing the Tika

RA79 : Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)

RA78 : Lady with Hookah

RA75 : Mira Bai

RA77 : Mughal Harem

RA80 : Owl

RA81 : Owl in Flight

RA76 : The Maiden

RA83 : Tiger

RA82 : Wild Elephant

RA73 : 'Arrange my Tresses my Love'

RA72 : Dancing Ganesha

RA66 : Ganapati in Profile

RA69 : Mumtaz Mahal

RA71 : Radha Krishna

RA74 : Radha Krishna

RA68 : Shah Jahan

RA65 : The Colors of Love

RA70 : The Courtesan

RA67 : The Maiden

RA50 : Courtesan

RA44 : Durga

RA47 : Necklace

RA54 : Radha Charms Krishna

RA55 : Radha Krishna

RA52 : Ragini

RA53 : Ragini

RA58 : Ragini

RA59 : Ragini

RA60 : Ragini

RA57 : Saraswati

RA56 : The Sensuous and the Spiritual

RA61 : The Snake Charmer

RA46 : Turban

RA48 : Turban Kalagi

RA43 : Ganesha and Parvati

RA41 : Shiva and Family

RA42 : The Maiden

RA39 : Amourous Couple

RA29 : Bracelets

RA28 : Necklace

RA34 : Radha Krishna

RA35 : Radha Krishna and the Entire Gamut of Sensuous Spirituality

RA31 : Ragini

RA32 : Ragini

RA33 : Ragini

RA37 : Ragini

RA38 : Ragini

RA40 : Ragini

RA36 : The Jealousy of Radha

RA62 : The Canine

RA63 : The Simian

RA64 : Wild Elephant

RA26 : Dressed to Kill (Shringar)

RA18 : Durga

RA17 : Lakshmi

RA19 : Lakshmi

RA16 : Lord Shiva

RA27 : Lord Shiva

RA24 : Lotus

RA25 : Mumtaz Mahal

RA21 : Noor Jehan

RA20 : Shringar

RA14 : The Courtesan

RA15 : The Maiden

RA22 : The Maiden

RA23 : The Many Ways of Love

RA13 : Lady With Hookah

RA12 : Mughal Procession

RA11 : The Lotus Reaper

RA10 : Durga

RA03 : Kali

RA02 : Lakshmi

RA06 : Ragini

RA05 : Ragini

RA04 : Ragini

RA01 : Saraswati

RA09 : The Maiden

RA08 : The Maiden

RA07 : The Maiden

MH09 : Ganesha

MM22 : The Courtesan

MM23 : The Singer

MH08 : Buddha

MM20 : Mughal Procession

MM21 : Shringar

MH05 : Lord Ganesha

MH07 : Hanuman

MH04 : Lakshmi

MM16 : Love Scene

MM14 : Love Scene

MM17 : Moonlight

MR08 : Ragini

MR07 : Ragini

MR06 : Ragini

MR05 : Ragini

MM19 : Royal Procession

MM18 : The Lovers

MH03 : Lord Ganesha

MM13 : Portrait Of a Prince

MW03 : Royal Elephant

MW02 : Camel

MF02 : Cockatoo

MH01 : Lord Shiva

MM05 : Love scene

MW01 : Mughal Flower

MH02 : Radha Krishna

MF01 : Rhinoceros Hornbill

MK02 : Splitting of a bamboo

MF03 : Turkey

RA51 : Forest Scene

MM03 : Jodhabai

HM15 : Lord Ganesha

HM17 : Lord Ganesha

MM12 : Mughal Harem Marble