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PW54 : The Cowherd of Vrindavan

WK09 : Lady Confiding in Her Pigeon Messenger

WN24 : Traditional Rogan Painting From Kutch (Gujarat)

WG22 : The Tiger Hunt

WJ56 : Maharasa

WJ40 : Victory Procession Against the Udaipur Fort

WQ06 : Hunt of a Tiger

WM82 : Lady in Dancing Pose with Flower

WH90 : Bani Thani

WN22 : Royal Elephant Framed in a Floral Border (Old Looking Painting)

WQ43 : The Tiger Hunt

PV31 : Ashtavinayaka

PU96 : Ganesha Profusion, Auspiciousness Multifold

PV10 : Krishna In Vrindavan, Surrounded By His Gopikas

PV01 : Gita Upadesha, Amidst The Chaos Of The Kurukshetra

WN19 : Five Dhyani Buddhas Against The Sunset

WN17 : (From Nepal) Tibetan Buddhist Deity White Tara

WN18 : Tibetan Buddhist Four Harmonious Friends (From Nepal)

TS65 : Chakras and Cosmos (Tibetan Buddhist)

TV35 : Bhagavati - The Great Goddess of Nepal (Large Size)

ZE70 : Bhavachakra of Human Life (The Wheel of Life) Tibetan Buddhist

ZE03 : Large Size Buddha Shakyamuni (Tibetan Buddhist)

TP66 : Shakyamuni Buddha and 35 Confessional Buddhas - Tibetan Buddhist (Large Size)

TG70 : Super Large Eleven Headed Avalokiteshvara Mandala with Five Dhyani Buddhas - Tibetan Buddhist

TD79 : Super Large Size Thousand Buddhas Wall - Tibetan Buddhist

ZE10 : Tibetan Buddhist - Super Large Size Buddha Mandala with Syllable Mantra

WL91 : Krishna Teasing Gopis

PR41 : The Ramayana

PR45 : Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra

PR47 : Kirtan at Radha-Krishna Temple

PR44 : Life of Krishna with Ten Incarnations of Vishnu

PR48 : Temptation of Shakyamuni Buddha and His Life with Ten Incarnations of Vishnu

WN11 : Five Buddhas -Tibetan Buddhist

WM15 : Krishna Feeding a Coy Radha

WN07 : Pichwai of Shrinath Ji With His Different Sewas

WN08 : Pichwai of Shrinath Ji With Peacock Border

WH82 : The Lord's Lila is the Boat to Cross Over the Ocean of Mundane Existence (Shrimad Bhagavata 1.6.35)

WM85 : Curvaceous Beauty

WH46 : Lakshmi Goddess of Peace, Prosperity and Good Luck

PR17 : Navadurga (The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga)

PR18 : Shri Jagannatha of Puri With Dashavatara Border

WC43 : Saraswati

WB19 : The One Goddess

WI07 : Kurma Avatara (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu)

WN05 : Islamic Decorated Koran

WN06 : Lord Shani (Saturn)

WN04 : Rasa Mandala - A Divine Circular Dance of Krishna and Gopis

WN01 : Holi in Vrindavan

WM98 : Radha-Krishna with Gopis Performing Music

WM97 : Victory Procession at Udaipur Fort

PM92 : Coronation of Lord Rama

WF94 : Krishna as Venugopal

PO32 : Marriage Scene of Shiva and Parvati

WM20 : Lord Shri Krishna The Butter Thief (Framed Painting)

WM96 : Goddess Lakshmi Raining Coins

WE86 : The First Offence of One's Child Deserves to be Forgiven (Bhagavata Purana 10.16.51)

WF21 : Raining Arrows

WM73 : Lord Ganesha Scripting the Mahabharata

WJ13 : Rakta Ganesha

WE66 : Devi

WG66 : Krishna Teasing Gopis

WC78 : The Rebel Queen of Jhansi

WM07 : Trivikrama Vishnu in His Incarnation as Vamana

PP33 : Lord Jagannatha in King's Costume (Raja Vesha)

WJ82 : Bani Thani

PN16 : Dashavatara (Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu)

PL97 : Life of Shri Krishna

PP19 : Sheshasayi Vishnu

WM95 : The Highest Shakti (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Twelve, Chapter 8)

WD73 : Saints of India - Narsi Mehta

PN65 : Lord Krishna Delivering to Arjuna Gita Sermon

WM89 : Four Armed Seated Ganesha

WM90 : Goddess Lakshmi with the Auspicious Fortune Pot

WM91 : Saviour Goddess Green Tara

PL07 : Krishna and Balarama Leaving for Mathura with Akrura

WM88 : Enthroned Future Buddha Maitreya in Trayatrimsa Heaven

WM87 : Murali Krishna

WM86 : Pipal Leaf from Bodhi- Tree (Framed)

WJ77 : Krishna, Radha and Companions Play Holi

WM83 : Sensual Grace

WP11 : Persian court scene

WJ32 : Krishna with Gopis in Lotus-pond

WM79 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WM80 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WM84 : Bani Thani

WM75 : Ganesha Offering Prayer to His Parents - Shiva and Parvati

WM78 : Goddess Kuan Yin

WM74 : Karttikeya - The Son of Shiva

WM70 : Lord Ganesha Playing Mridangam and Veena for Riddhi and Siddhi

WM77 : Lord Krishna in the Backdrop of Peacock Features Aureole

WM72 : Lord Shiva Receiving Alms from Annapurna Devi

WM76 : Lord Vishnu and Shiva

WM71 : Murali Krishna with His Cow and Peacock

WM81 : Nayika Conversing with Her Parrot

WD70 : Saints of India - Goswami Tulsidas

PP24 : Lord Shiva Taking his Bride Parvati Home with His Baraat

PO76 : Ganesh-Pata His Forms and Episodes from His Life

PN77 : Dasavatara Kalamakari Kalamakari with Vishnu’s Ten Incarnations

PL09 : Radha and Krishna with Gopis in Attendance

WM68 : Gopis Welcome Krishna, Balarama and their Mates in the Evening

WM69 : Rasa Mandala - A Divine Circular Dance of Krishna with Gopis

WM67 : Shri Krishna Lifting the Mountain Govardhana

WM66 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WM62 : Goddess Lakshmi

WM60 : Gopis of Vrindavan with Lord Krishna

WM65 : Hunting Scene

WM61 : Lord Ganesha Seated on Sheshnag

WM63 : Raga Megha

WM64 : Rasa Mandala (The Divine Circular Dance of Krishna with Gopis)

WM59 : Surya Namaskara

PO21 : Kalamakari with Sheshasayi Vishnu

PP02 : Durga-pata

PO38 : Kalyana-Sundara Kalamakari Portraying the Marriage of Shiva

WK92 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KALARATRI (The Seventh)

WK87 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SHAILAPUTRI (The First)

WL92 : Lady with Parrot

WJ62 : The Prince Coming Forward for Receiving His Bride

WH85 : "Oh, Govind! Oh, Damodar! Oh, Madhav!"

WJ88 : Maharasa

PS69 : Lord Rama Durbar with His Sons Luv and Kush

WM58 : Apsara

WM55 : Goddess Saraswati Playing a Veena

WM57 : Lord Shiva

WM56 : The Dancing Nymph

WM48 : Hunting Scene

WM50 : Hunting Scene

WM53 : Krishna and Balarama Leave for Mathura

WM49 : Persian Outdoors Scene

WM54 : Procession at Hawa Mahal

WM47 : Radha Krishna with Gopis

WM52 : Udaipur Fort

WI86 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Bagalamukhi

WK93 : Lord Rama A Votive Portrait

WL12 : Portrait of a Damsel Holding an Apple

WM45 : Lord Hanuman Offering Prayer Reciting the Ramayana

WM46 : Shri Ramachandra and Kakabhushandi

WK65 : Ayyappan Lord of The Shabari Hill

WM51 : Procession at Udaipur

WM32 : Ash-Smeared Lord Shiva Dancing with Mother Parvati

WM29 : Baby Krishna with Ganesha and Shiva

WM36 : Birds

WM40 : Birds

WM42 : Birds

WM43 : Birds

WM37 : Eagle

WM35 : Goddess Gayatri

WM28 : Kuan Yin

WM39 : Parrot Pair

WM38 : Peacock Pair

WM44 : Peacock Pair

WM31 : Radha Krishna

WM30 : Shiva Bestows Riches

WM34 : Shrinath Keshav Mandir

WM33 : Worship of Shiva Parvati

WL04 : Miles Away from the Fake Pleasures of Our Modern Luxurious World

WD10 : Lord Vishnu with Manifested Energy and Fertility

WM26 : Dancing Ganesha

WM27 : Goddess Kali

WM23 : Goddess Lakshmi

WM21 : Goddess Saraswati

WM24 : Radha Krishna on a Swing of Flowers

WM19 : Shri Rama

WM25 : Standing Goddess Lakshmi

WM22 : Lord Shri Krishna Enjoying Butter

WG70 : Standing Krishna with Aureole of Peacock Feathers

PS36 : Ashta Lakshmi Panel (Framed)

PN55 : Blessing Buddha

WF12 : Kuan Yin

WL20 : One of the Earliest Instances of Environmental Protection....

WM16 : Gopis Celebrate the Presence of Krishna in Vrindavan

WM18 : Radha Krishna Feeding Their Beloved Peacock

WM17 : Shri Krishna Teasing Radharani

WH98 : Man, The Micro-Miniaturized form of the Cosmos

WJ95 : Mirabai, Krishna's Humble Bhakta

WK59 : Jambavant Offers His Daughter and Shyamantaka Gem to Shri Krishna (Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 10.57)

WJ64 : Maharasa

WI02 : The Transcendental Pastimes of the Supreme Lord

WK06 : Sensual Grace

WL81 : A Red Light for All Other Men....

WL50 : Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

WL97 : Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu Holding the Four Vedas

WL98 : Buddha, The Ninth Avatar of Lord Vishnu

WM06 : Parashurama, Incarnation of Vishnu and Annihilator of the Kshatriyas

WK40 : Making Us Dance to His Tune

WM02 : A Village Belle

WM03 : Fluting Baby Ganesha

WM08 : Khodiyar Mata (Rare Goddesses of India)

WM01 : Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

WM04 : Little Ganesha

WL99 : Varah Avatar of Lord Vishnu

WK20 : A Compelling Presence

WL95 : Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion Holding a Willow and the Vase of Divine Nectar

WK26 : Jnana Dakshinamurti Shiva

WL80 : With One Nearly Reaching the Navel.....

WL41 : A Symbol of Undying Love

WG69 : Birth of a Poet - Valmiki is Inspired to Write the Ramayana

WK31 : Marriage Scene of Lord Ganesha

WD95 : Arjuna Kills Jayadratha (From the Mahabharata)

WI87 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Kali

WE50 : Eklavya Paying Guru Dakshina to Dronacharya (A Poignant Episode from the Mahabharata)

WK64 : Five Headed Hanuman

WL96 : Kuan Yin

WK81 : Shiva and the Power of Asceticism

WD22 : Shiva Supports Sri Vishnu

WK77 : Goddess Lakshmi

WL59 : Mughal Court Scene

WK85 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - CHANDRAGHANTA (The Third)

WK86 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KATYAYANI (The Sixth)

WK91 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KUSHMANDA (The Fourth)

WI67 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SIDDHIDATRI (The Ninth)

WK88 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SKANDA MATA (The Fifth)

WI08 : Balarama (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu)

WL36 : Lord Narasimha Killing the Demon Hiranyakashipu

WL77 : Balarama Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

WL73 : Garuda and Hanuman Paying Obeisance to the Emblems of Lord Vishnu

WL88 : Goddess Saraswati

WL89 : Lady Dressing Herself

WL71 : Lord Ganesha Seated on a Conch

WL74 : Lord Shiva Holding River Goddess Ganga into His Matted Hair

WL87 : Momai Maa Devi of Gujerat

WL76 : Nrittya Ganesha

WL85 : Rare Goddesses of India Series - Hingraaj Mata

WL84 : Rare Goddesses of India Series - Hingraaj Mata (Goddess Seated on a Duck)

WL83 : Rare Goddesses of India Series - Naagabai Mata

WL86 : Rare Goddesses of India Series Jwaala Devi

WL93 : Rasa Lila - The Divine Circular Dance of Krishna with Gopis

WL79 : Shirdi Sai Baba

WL78 : Nayika Braiding Her Hair

WL82 : Shiva Parvati

AS88 : Lion with Lioness

WL94 : Shringara of a Courtesan

WL72 : Lady with Parrot

WL90 : Parashurama, The Sixth Avatar of Vishnu

WF98 : Bhuvaneshwari - She Whose Body is the World

PM59 : Aspects of Human Life in Village

PM54 : Tree of Life, Chakravyuh and Aspects of Village Life

WD19 : A Vision for Meditation on the Supreme Lord Narayana (Shrimad Bhagavatam 11.14.37-41)

PM37 : The Chakra of Life

PM39 : The Village

WL65 : A Mujra to Entertain The Prince and His Beloved

WL55 : A Persian Outdoor Court

WL58 : Bani Thani

WL54 : Gypsies

WL42 : Krishna the Enchanter

WL51 : Kumara Karttikeya (Skanda)

WL56 : Lord Ganesha Scripting Mahabharata

WL53 : Mother Goddess Kali

WL63 : Mughal Procession

WL67 : Mughal Procession at Taj Mahal

WL57 : Nrittya Ganesha

WL60 : Prime Amongst Divinities

WL66 : Procession at Hawa Mahal

WL64 : Rajput Procession

WL68 : Saraswati - Goddess of Learning and Arts

WL52 : Shirdi Sai Baba

WL69 : South Indian Durga

WL70 : Taking the Bride Home

WL49 : The Benevolent God Shri Ganesha

WL61 : The Feast

WL39 : Bird of Prey

WL40 : Bird of Prey

WL47 : Lord Shiva Durbar

WL48 : Lovers in Garden

WL35 : Mother Goddess Durga

WL43 : Radha Krishna

WL44 : Relaxing Ganesha Against the Backdrop of Shiva Linga in Kailash

WL37 : Saraswati - Goddess of Knowledge and Arts

WL34 : Shri Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati

WL38 : Shri Rama in Exile

WL46 : The Benevolent God Shri Ganesha

WL45 : With the Blessings of Goddess Saraswati….

WG50 : A Military Parade

WJ50 : Beautifying His Beloved

WJ05 : Courtesan with Wine

WK08 : Lady with a Lotus

WK67 : Mughal Procession

WJ06 : Nayika Shringara

WK05 : Nayika Shringara

WG90 : Pink Roses

WJ69 : Procession at Hawa Mahal Jaipur

WK55 : Radha Krishna Take us Across the Ocean of Suffering On the Ferryboat of Love

WK72 : Raga Chandra

WJ47 : Touching to Feel Him

WG25 : A Rajputana Procession

WL32 : The Taj Mahal

WJ70 : Laila Majnu

WE90 : Mughal Harem

WB91 : Yogi

WL33 : Procession at Hawa Mahal

WL31 : Procession at Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WL30 : Procession at the Taj Mahal

WI64 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SKANDA MATA (The Fifth)

WL24 : Arjuna Blowing His Conch on the Battlefield of Kurukshtra

WL29 : Five-headed Sadashiva

WL26 : Four-armed Standing Vishnu

WL23 : Goddess Saraswati

WL21 : Panch-mukha Sadashiva with His Consort Parvati

WL25 : Rasa Lila of Krishna with Gopis

WL22 : Saints and Narada Paying Obeisance to Lakshmi Vishnu on Garuda

WL27 : The Calligraphist

WL28 : The Sufi

PL88 : Lord Shiva Taking His Bride Parvati Home Accompanied with Principal Hindu Deities, Saints and Shivaganas

PL89 : Mother Goddess Kali (Scroll Painting)

WF85 : Procession at the Taj Mahal

WL14 : A Courtesan

WL02 : Baby Krishna the Butter Thief

WK99 : Four Armed Seated Ganesha

WL03 : Gopala Krishna - The Protector of The Cows

WK98 : HariHara (Composite Image of Shiva and Vishnu)

WL16 : Jain Tirthankar

WL15 : Krishna Teases a Gopi on the Banks of Yamuna

WL07 : Krishna The Lover of Cows

WL11 : Lady with Messenger Pigeon

WL09 : Lord Ganesha Seated on a Conch

WL01 : Mahayogi Shiva

WL05 : Mother Goddess Kali

WL13 : Princesses Enjoy Indoors

WL19 : Radha Krishna

WL18 : Shirdi Sai Baba

WL06 : Shiva Linga Protects Baby Ganesha

WL08 : Standing Lord Shiva

WL17 : The Royal Couple

WF59 : A Bouquet of Flowers

WJ83 : A Persian Outdoor Court

PJ71 : Gita Upadesha

WI34 : Laila is Presented a Book of Love Stories

WJ68 : Laila Majnu

WI28 : Petitioning The Emperor

WJ78 : The Prince Challenged

WH18 : The Procession

WH62 : The Shah's Outdoor Court

WD11 : The Wedding Procession

WK75 : Persian Hunting Scene

WK74 : The Hunt

WK80 : Chaturbhuja Shri Ganesha

WK79 : Goddess Gayatri

WK95 : Lord Shiva on Kailash

WK96 : Mahayogi Shiva

WK90 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - BRAHMACHARINI

WK82 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - MAHAGAURI

WK89 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SIDDHIDATRI

WK97 : Shri Vishnu Lakshmi

WK78 : Shrimati Radharani

WK94 : The Divine Lovers Radha Krishna

WK83 : Lord Ganesha with Red Aureole

WK76 : Harem Scene

WC75 : Ritual of Kali Puja

WK73 : The Fakir

WF14 : Mother India Wearing a Sari and Mahatma Gandhi in Her Lap

WK71 : Adoration of Radha Krishna by Gopis

WK70 : Mother Goddess Kali

WK56 : Dhanvantari Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

WK61 : Garuda with Amrita Kalasha

WK57 : Goddess Gauri

WK63 : Lord Krishna - Women's Very Own God

WK62 : Lord Rama Sita and Lakshmana in Exile

WK60 : Lord Shiva and Meenakshi

WK66 : Lovers in the Garden

WK54 : Radha Krishna with Gopis in Vrindavan

WK58 : Shyama Sundar Bhagwan Krishna

WK68 : Vajrasattva

WK51 : An Evening of Music with Krishna and Radha in Vrindavan

WK53 : Gopis Welcome Krishna, Balarama and their Companions in the Evening

WK52 : Rasa Lila of Shri Krishna

WK50 : Lord Shiva Contemplates on His Linga

WK43 : Mahasiddha Tilopa

WK45 : Raga Megha

WK48 : Shiva Linga with Serpents and Yoni Motif

WK44 : A Persian Commonplace

WK47 : An Abstract Tantric Piece

WK49 : Esoteric Mandala of Shiva Linga

WB64 : Goddess Manasa Devi

PL28 : Shri Krishna's Mathura Gaman

WK23 : Ardhanarishvara (Shiva Shakti)

WK42 : Blessing Shiva with Nandi in the Backdrop of Kailash and Ice Lingas

WK33 : Exchanging Lotuses

WK29 : Gypsies

WK30 : Lonely Lady

WK39 : Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash

WK37 : Mughal Harem

WK34 : Nayika with a Musical Instrument

WK35 : Radha Krishna

WK28 : Shiva Concocting His Favorite Drink

WK36 : Singing and Dancing at The Persian Court

WK38 : Supremeley Auspicious Lord Ganesha

WK32 : The Rasa Dance (Picchwai)

WK41 : The Tantric Manifestation of Shri Hanuman

WK10 : A Grand Rajput Procession

WK22 : Adoration of Mother Cow

WK27 : Krishna's Cow Feeds Him Milk

WK19 : Adoration of Shri Ganesha

WK12 : Ashtalakshmi

WK25 : Bahucharji - Devi Who Rides a Cock (Goddess Worshipped by Eunuchs)

WK18 : Four Armed Blessing Ganesha

WK15 : Goddess Mahakali

WK17 : Lord Hanuman

WK11 : Lovers in a Garden

WK24 : Rasa Mandala - A Divine Circular Dance of Krishna and Gopis

WK14 : The Divine Cow

WK16 : Veneration of Venugopala

PK82 : Auspicious Ashtalakshmi Mandala with Central Ganesha

PK76 : Rasa Mandala with the Life of Krishna Kanhaiya

PK80 : Shri Rama Durbar

WJ16 : Sadashiva - The Cosmic Form of Lord Shiva

WJ97 : Butter Thief Krishna with Brother Balarama

WJ98 : Courtesan

WJ87 : Floating the Lamps of Love

WK07 : Four-Armed Blessing Ganesha

WK02 : Four-Armed Pink Ganesha

WK01 : Lady with a Water Pitcher

WJ93 : Mighty Hanuman

WK03 : Nayika with Garlands

WK04 : Radha Krishna

WJ99 : Virahini Nayika Holding Bough of a Tree

WJ94 : Vishnu Narayana

WJ96 : Worshipping Bhagawan Shiva

WJ85 : A Rajput Victory Procession

WJ80 : Decorated Cover of The Holy Quran

WJ89 : Krishna the Enchanter of Cows and Women

WJ81 : Krishna Watches as Radha's is 'Cooled' by Her Friends

WJ91 : Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash

WJ92 : Padmini Nayika - The Lotus Lady

WJ86 : Procession of a Royal Elephant Family

WJ76 : Radha Krishna Seated on a Bed of Lotuses

WJ90 : Radha Swings with Krishna Attended By Gopis

WJ79 : The Blues of Love

WJ84 : Tiger Hunt

WB39 : Baby Krishna

WJ74 : A Persian Love Affair

WJ72 : Persian Love Scene

WJ75 : Radha Krishna Cross Us Over the Ocean of Suffering On the Ferryboat of Love

WJ73 : Romance in the Garden

WJ66 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WJ67 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WJ65 : Adoration of Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) at Nathdwara

WJ59 : An Evening of Music with Krishna and Radha in Vrindavan

WJ63 : Krishna Balaram with Gopis in Vrindavan

WJ60 : Krishna Collecting Toll Tax from Gopis

WJ55 : Krishna Enchants both Gopis and Cows

WJ57 : Krishna Playing Holi with Gopis in Vraja

WJ61 : Krishna the Enchanter

WJ54 : Procession at Hawa Mahal Jaipur

WC90 : Shani's Influence

WH29 : A Procession of Victory

WH52 : Blessing Hanuman

WG09 : Five-Headed Hanuman

WG89 : Krishna and Friends Dancing in the Bright Night

WG77 : Lord Dattatreya

WH33 : When The Whole World Belongs to Him, What Can He Steal?

WJ27 : Procession of Victory

WE23 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WE78 : Bhimsen - The Patron Deity of the Traders of Nepal

WE76 : Bodhisattva

WH66 : Laila Majnu

WD89 : Lord Ganesha

WE46 : Lord Vishnu

WF93 : Mughal Procession

WD67 : Saints of India - Sri Ramanujacharya

WG03 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Bagalamukhi

WF78 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Dhumavati

WJ19 : Shri Narayana on Shesha Venerated by Garuda

WJ24 : A Bhakta with His Beloved Lord Krishna

WJ48 : An Offering of Love

WJ52 : Goddess Ganga

WJ41 : Gopis Welcome Krishna

WJ33 : Holi At Vrindavan, On the Banks of Yamuna

WJ51 : In the Grove

WJ39 : In the Moonlit Night

WJ28 : Krishna - The Lover of Cows

WJ25 : Krishna Celebrates Diwali with His Companions

WJ34 : Krishna's Lila

WJ31 : Krishna's Toll Tax

WJ21 : Lady with Messenger Pigeon

WJ30 : Large, Antiquated Rasa Lila (Picchwai)

WJ20 : Lord Buddha

WJ37 : Lord Ganesha in Pagdi with Riddhi and Siddhi

WJ42 : Lord Hanuman Sings the Glories of His Beloved Lord Rama

WJ35 : March of Elephants

WJ36 : Omar Khayyam

WJ29 : Radha and Krishna Swing Together

WJ49 : Radha Krishna Framed in Cow Border

WJ45 : Radha Krishna on a Swing

WJ26 : Radha, Krishna and Gopis Worship Goddess Mahakali

WJ38 : Rasa Lila Framed by Cows and Peacocks

WJ53 : Rati and Kamadeva

WJ43 : The Blues of Love

WJ44 : The King Challenged….

WJ46 : The Ladoos of Love

WJ22 : The Trinity of Jagannatha at Puri

WJ23 : When He Comes Back in the Evening After Grazing the Cows…

WJ15 : Khajuraho

WJ07 : Mahavidya Chinnamasta

WJ17 : Meditating on the Yoni

WJ18 : Mughal Harem

WJ08 : Shiva's Tantric Sadhana Reverberating with OM

WJ10 : Tantric Meditation

WJ09 : The Shaman Joining The Earth with The Heavens

WJ11 : The Yogi Become One with The Cosmos

WJ14 : Trivikrama

WI99 : Blessing Ganesha

WI96 : Dancing Ganesha

WI95 : Ganesha Rests while Rats Enjoy the Moment

WJ02 : Krishna and Balarama - The Butter Thieves

WJ01 : Krishna Teases a Gopi (Kishangarh Style)

WJ03 : Lady Dressing Herself

WI94 : Lord Shiva in Kailash

WI93 : Shivalinga Protects Baby Ganesha

WI98 : Shri Rama

WI97 : The Compassionate Shiva

WI92 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Bhairavi

WI88 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Bhuvaneshvari

WI89 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Chinnamasta

WI91 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Dhumavati

WI84 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Kamala

WI90 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Matangi

WI83 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Shodashi

WI85 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Tara

WH48 : Goddess Durga Mother of the World

WI63 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - BRAHMACHARINI

WI65 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KALARATRI

WI68 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KATYAYANI

WI66 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - KUSHMANDA

WI69 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - SHAILAPUTRI

WI82 : Shirdi Sai Baba

WI79 : The Five Powers of Lord Hanuman

WI81 : The Gopis Celebrate the Appearance of Krishna

WI80 : The Gopis Perform Krishna's Shringar on the Banks of River Yamuna

WI78 : The Highest Shakti (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Twelve, Chapter 8)

WI77 : Courtesan with Wine

WI75 : Krishna Offering Betel (Paan) to Radha on the Terrace

WI76 : Radha Krishna (Two Bodies One Soul)

WI25 : When Lord Ganesha is There to Remove All Obstacles, What Can Stop Us from Achieving The Two….?

WI71 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - CHANDRAGHANTA

WI70 : Navadurga - The Nine Forms of Goddess Durga - MAHAGAURI

WI73 : Persian Love Scene

WI74 : Radha Krishna and Companions Worship the Shiva Linga

WI72 : Rama, Lakshmana and Sita (Kishangarh School)

WI57 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - ANSHUMAN

WI56 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - ARYMA

WI54 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - BHAGA

WI52 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - DHATA

WI51 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - INDRA

WI62 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - MITRA

WI60 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - PARJANYA

WI55 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - PUSHA

WI58 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - TVASHTA

WI53 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - VARUNA

WI59 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - VISHNU

WI61 : The Twelve Forms of the Sun (Surya) - VIVASVAN

WI42 : The Joyous Dance

WI12 : Tantric Diagram of Lord Shiva

WE83 : Santoshi Mata - The Goddess of Contentment

WI45 : Whole world is Rama Sita I know,
With folded hands to them I bow.

WH75 : On the Ferryboat of Love We Cross Over the Ocean of Suffering

WI40 : Folk Painting of Lord Ganesha from Varanasi Surrounded by Auspicious Banana Leaves

WI49 : Hunting Tiger on Horseback

WI46 : Islamic Decorative Design

WI43 : Krishna Devises an Ingenious Way for Stealing Butter

WI48 : Krishna swinging with Radha

WI41 : Mother Goddess Kali - Folk Painting for Worship from Varanasi

WI44 : Painting the Portrait of Her Beloved

WI47 : Persian Court

WI50 : You are the Only Husband (Pati) we Need

WI21 : Bani Thani

WI20 : Goddess Lakshmi

WI15 : Harem

WI23 : Lila in the Night

WI06 : Varaha Avatara (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu)

WI17 : Goddess Kali on a Youthful Shiva

PG31 : Krishna with Radha and Gopis

WI11 : Tantric Diagram of Five-Faced Lord Hanuman

WI10 : Tantric Diagram of Goddess Mahakali

WI09 : Tantric Diagram of Varaha Avatara

WI13 : Tantric Diagram of Virata Purusha

WG54 : Dancing with Krishna

WI26 : Elephant Procession

WI03 : Folk Painting of Goddess Durga from Varanasi (For Worship)

WI33 : Procession

WI29 : The Dusk (Maturity) of Love

WI30 : Two Tigers - One Hunt

WI36 : Worshipping Lord Krishna

WI37 : "Please Return My Flute O Love"

WI24 : Butter Thieves

WH99 : Chakras

WI27 : Coming Back Home After Grazing the Cows

WI19 : Dancing Ganesha

WI35 : Holi in Vrindavan

WI39 : Hunting Tiger on an Elephant

WI18 : Krishna - Embodiment of All That is Beautiful in This World

WI04 : Nymph

WI32 : Persian Court

WI31 : Singing and Dancing with Krishna

WI16 : Swinging Passions

WI38 : The Blues of Love

WI05 : The Great Lord Shiva with Hemp

WI22 : Worshipping Shri Nath Ji

WI01 : Yogi Tree

WH94 : A Persian Court

WH81 : Colorful Passions

WH87 : Durga Devi (Sheran Wali Mata)

WH89 : Immortal Sai Baba

WH92 : Mughal Procession

WH97 : Mughal Procession

WH91 : Padmini Nayika - The Heroine Whose Breath is Like the Fragrance of a Lotus

WH88 : Prince with Five Concubines (Mughal Harem)

WH96 : Procession of the Mewars (Suryavanshis) Against the Udaipur Fort

WH95 : Radha Rushes to an Eagerly Waiting Krishna

WH86 : Royal Elephant Framed in a Border Made of Camels and Elephants

WH83 : The Gopis Venerate the Union of The Cosmic Couple

WH93 : When the Cows Forgot to Graze….

WH79 : Mahasiddha Ghantapa The Wielder of Ghanti (Bell)

WH80 : Mahasiddha Tilopa

WH78 : The Mad Princess who Became Mahasiddha Lakshminkara

WH77 : "It is My Duty to Look After those Who Are The Dependents of Those Who Depend Upon Me"

WH73 : Bahucharji - Devi Who Rides a Cock (Goddess Worshipped by Eunuchs)

WH72 : Ever Graceful Kuan Yin

WH51 : Krishna as Shyama Sundar

WH71 : Mahasiddha Jalandhara

WH76 : Swan Couple

WH74 : The Swing of Love

WF36 : Elephant Procession

WH70 : A Confrontation

WH68 : Celebrating An Expectant Mother

WH64 : Collection of Taxes

WH67 : Excursion of a Persian Prince

WH69 : Laila Receives a Book of Love Stories

WH65 : Lovers in a Persian Landscape

WH63 : The King Receiving Foreign Dignitaries

WD44 : Omar Khayyam

WB62 : The Devis Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati

WH60 : Moonlit Taj Mahal

WH55 : A Royal Decorated Elephant

WH56 : Antiquated Composite Animal (Pashu Kunjar)

WH47 : Dhanvantri

WH59 : Like a Brilliant Sapphire Set in Gold….

WH50 : Lord Shiva Seated on Mount of Kailash

WH58 : Mughal Harem

WH61 : Portrait of a Mighty Tiger

WH43 : Portrait of Bani Thani

WH45 : Portrait of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

WH53 : Saraswati Goddess of Knowledge and Arts

WH54 : Tantric Form of Lord Krishna

WH44 : Worship and Adoration of Ganesha

WJ71 : Lovers in a Garden

WE09 : Even As A Child Would Play With His Own Reflection (Sva Pratibimba)

WH37 : The Divine Circular Dance - Rasa Lila

WH38 : The Blues of Love

WG63 : Restoring His Mother's Lost Sons

WH39 : The Women of Vrindavana Pine for Krishna

WE53 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Quran

WG67 : The Receiver Has No Right to Expect Either Respect, Or Any Gift

WH35 : Celebration of Swinging Love

WH27 : Ganesha in Blue

WH36 : Laila and Majnu Play a Game of Dice

WH31 : Loved By All - Men, Women and Cows

WH32 : Procession of a White Elephant Family

WH25 : Radha and Krishna Play Holi with Companions

WH26 : The Cosmic Couple

WH28 : The Gopi's Water is Spilt

WH41 : The Yoga of Fire

WH40 : The Yogi Become One with the Cosmos

WH34 : Woman and Bird

WH42 : Yogi in a Tree

WH30 : Adorable Krishna as Shrinathji

WD82 : Omar Khayyam

WD83 : Omar Khayyam

WG99 : Drenching Each Other with the Colors of Love

WH17 : Radha and Krishna in the Pavilion of Love

WH21 : The Greatest Devotee Blessess His Devotees

WH23 : The Rasa Lile Watched Over by Celestials

WH20 : Bani Thani with a Pair of Lotus Buds

WH19 : Blue Ganesha

WG98 : On The Ferry Boat of Love We Cross Over The Ocean of Miseries

WG81 : Death at a Persian Court

WG82 : Decorated Cover of The Holy Quran

WH22 : Lady Confides in Her Bird

WG91 : On a Cushion of Lotuses, Radha and Krishna Dance Framed by Cows

WG83 : Painting The Emperor's Picture

WG85 : Procession of a Camel Family

WH24 : Procession of an Elephant Family

WG88 : Sage Dadheechi

WG84 : Shiva - The Most Benevolent God

WH16 : The Blues of Love

WG86 : The Whole World Colored the Color of Krishna

WG97 : Victory procession Against the Fort of Udaipur

WG75 : A Prince Takes His Court Outdoors

WG59 : Bani Thani

WG74 : Decorative Mughal Flowers

WG58 : Ganesha Scripting the Mahabharata

WG80 : Ganesha The Spiritual Warrior

WG72 : Hanuman Tears Open His Chest to Reveal and Image of Sita and Rama in His Heart

WG64 : Krishna Playing Holi with Gopis Along with his Mates

WG65 : Krishna's Rasa Lila and the Events from His Life

WG55 : Laila & Majnu

WG57 : Lovers in the Garden

WG78 : Maha Shakti

WG61 : Meditating Shiva

WG62 : Mother Kali

WG56 : Persian Lovers

WG60 : Radha and Krishna on a Swing

WG76 : Radha's Intense Passion is Cooled by Her Companions

WG73 : Rasalila

WG79 : Surya Namaskara

WG68 : Taj Mahal

WG71 : Tiger Hunt

WG34 : Shatakshi Devi - The Goddess with Innumerable Eyes (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Seven, Chapter 28)

WG49 : The Highest Shakti (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Twelve, Chapter 8)

WG39 : A Public Square

WG40 : A Ring for Radha

WG51 : A Visitor at the Shah's Court

WG37 : An Evening of Dance and Music

WG32 : Bhramari Devi - Goddess of the Black Bees (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Ten, Chapter 13)

WG45 : Decorated Camels

WG52 : Decorated Horses

WG36 : Elephant Procession

WG38 : Gifts for the Shah

WG33 : Krishna and Radha Boating on the Yamuna with Gopis

WG48 : Krishna Balarama Welcomed at the Gates of Vrindavana

WG44 : Persian Prince with Concubine

WG47 : Radha and Krishna on a Swing

WG35 : Rati

WG41 : Shiva and Ganesha

WG42 : The Butter Thieves

WG46 : The Mourning

WG43 : The Tiger Hunt

WD96 : A Marriage Procession

WC17 : Apache Devil Dancers

WD29 : Devi the Mother Goddess

WC21 : Enthroned Ganesha

WB67 : Fasting Buddha

WD15 : Sheshmukh Subramanyam

WC79 : Shiva-Shakti

WG11 : Blue Blooded Ganesha

WG29 : A Game of Hide and Seek

WG18 : A Visitor

WG15 : An Evening of Dance and Music

WG26 : At the Shah's Court

WG17 : Bhairava

WG31 : Decorated Elephants

WG23 : Decorated Horses

WG13 : Elephant Procession

WG28 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WG12 : Hunting for Tigers

WG27 : Krishna Dances the Daandia with Gopis

WG10 : Krishna Lifts Mount Goverdhan

WG19 : Love in the Mughal Harem

WG16 : Mughal Harem

WG24 : Persian Court Scene

WG14 : Persian Market Scene

WG30 : Radha Krishna in the Garden of Love

WG21 : Radha Krishna with Gopis

WG20 : The Women of Vrindavana Lament for Krishna

WE52 : Vishwakarma - The Divine Architect

WE80 : The Merger of Radha and Krishna

WD21 : Yashoda Krishna

WF86 : Persian Court Scene

WF89 : Ganga

WE49 : Goddess Gayatri

WF76 : The Swing of Passions

WF90 : Floating Lights on the Gentle Waters of River Yamuna

WF40 : Radha Garlands Krishna

WF96 : A Messenger at the Shah's Court

WF79 : An Amorous Episode

WF91 : Elephant Procession

WF83 : Gayatri Devi

WG04 : Love in Green

WF82 : Midnight Bazar

WF84 : Persian Lovers

WG02 : Radha and Krishna

WG05 : Radha Krishna

WG01 : Sita Ram

WF81 : Sri Nathji at Nathdwara

WF95 : The Rasa Lila Watched Over by Celestials

WF99 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Bhairavi

WF88 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Chinnamasta

WF80 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Kali

WF87 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Kamala

WG07 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Matangi

WG06 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Shodashi

WG08 : The Ten Mahavidyas - Tara

WF92 : Where the Caravan Halts

WF97 : Yamuna

WF28 : Poetry in Love

WF73 : A Bunch of Flowers

WF71 : An Intruder in the Camp

WF77 : Elephant Procession

WF64 : Ganesha on Sheshanaga

WF69 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WF72 : Holi at Vrindavana

WF66 : Moonlit Taj Mahal

WF65 : Mughal Harem

WF74 : Mughal Procession

WF75 : Procession at the Red Fort

WF67 : Radha Krishna

WF62 : Rasa Leela

WF68 : Saraswati

WF63 : The Shah's Entertainment

WF70 : Tiger

WF11 : Kuan Yin

WE68 : Arjuna at Draupadi's Swayamvar

WF24 : How is That a Child of Seven Years Could Hold Up Playfully, A Big Mountain on One hand, as an Elephant King Would Do to a Lotus with its Trunk? (Bhagavata Purana 10.26.3)

WE95 : Laila Majnu

WB72 : Radha Paints Krishna's Feet

WE20 : Radha Paints Krishna's Feet

WC80 : Skanda / Karttikeya

WF58 : The Fortunate Flute

WC77 : The Divine Family

WC72 : Vishnu with Bhu and Sri

WF52 : Ardhanarishvara in a Misty Landscape

WF50 : Ganesha with Ridhi and Sidhi

WF53 : Krishna the Supreme Cowherd

WF49 : Krishna with Gopis on the Banks of the Yamuna at Vrindavan

WF61 : Massaging and Fanning Krishna

WF57 : Mayuri

WF55 : Mughal Harem

WF60 : Procession at the Red Fort

WF56 : The Shah of Iran

WF05 : Elephant Procession

WF48 : A Hindu Procession

WF20 : A Singer from the Bhakti Era

WF23 : Cover of the Holy Quran

WF47 : Elephant Procession

WF45 : Hunting for Boars

WF38 : Krishna and Balarama Swing with Friends

WF22 : Krishna with Gopis

WF31 : Krishna's Meeting with Radha in the Early Morning Hours

WF16 : Laila Majnu

WF29 : Love in the Mughal Harem

WF33 : Mughal Harem

WF25 : Mughal Pattern

WF27 : Mughal Procession

WF19 : Mujra - Royal Entertainment

WF41 : Persian Court Scene

WF44 : Persian Harem Scene

WF30 : Persian Hunting Scene

WF46 : Persian Market Scene

WF18 : Procession at the Red Fort

WF42 : Procession at the Udaipur Palace

WF32 : Radha Krishna in the Garden of Love

WF43 : Radha Krishna Swinging in the Company of Gopis

WF17 : Rasa Lila

WF35 : Royal Gifts for the Shah

WF26 : Shirhin Farhad

WF15 : Sri Nathji at Nathdwara

WF37 : The Great Debate

WF39 : The Messenger

WF34 : The Union of Radha and Krishna

WF13 : Kuan Yin

WE99 : Radha Krishna Swinging in the Company of Gopis

WE92 : Devi Saraswati

WE96 : Procession at the Taj Mahal

WE89 : The Ten Sikh Gurus

WF10 : A Hindu Procession

WE88 : A Medieval Horse Rider

WF03 : A Procession at Night

WF07 : A Royal Procession

WE91 : An Amorous Landscape

WE98 : Bani Thani

WE93 : Hunting for Tigers

WF09 : Krishna with Gopis

WF04 : Love in the Palace Grounds

WF08 : Omar Khayyam

WF06 : Persian Love Scene

WE97 : Ragini Vaasanti

WE94 : Sun God on His Seven Horse Chariot

WF02 : The Great Escape

WE87 : Tigress with Cubs

WE75 : Krishna the Cowherd

WE77 : Ragini Kakubha

WE84 : A Bunch of Flowers

WE81 : Dancing Ganesha

WE79 : Krishna's Mathura Gaman

WE85 : Radha Feeds Krishna

WE82 : Surya Namaskar

WE74 : Elephant Procession

WE64 : Five Headed Ganesha

WE69 : Krishna with Gopis

WE72 : Mughal Flowers

WE70 : Mughal Harem

WE73 : Mughal Procession

WE65 : Raas Leela

WE71 : Radha Krishna on a Swing

WE67 : Scene from a Mughal Harem

WE63 : Shrinath Ji

WE48 : Adi Buddha - Vajrasattva

WE51 : Ashtanga Yoga

WE56 : Love on the Terrace

WE55 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Quran

WE59 : Elephant Procession

WE60 : Krishna-Balarama and the Cowherds of Vrindavana

WE62 : Procession at the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WE61 : Radha and the Gopis Lament Krishna's Departure to Mathura

WE57 : Rasa Lila

WE58 : Song, Dance and Wine at the Persian Court

WE54 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Quran

WE36 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WE27 : A Persian Prince with Concubine

WE21 : An Amorous Landscape

WE37 : At the Shah's Court

WE32 : Gautam Buddha

WE42 : Goddess Saraswati

WE22 : Holi at Vrindavana

WE34 : Laila Majnu

WE24 : Lord Ganesha

WE28 : Maa Vaishno Devi

WE35 : Mughal Flower

WE30 : Mughal Harem

WE38 : Mughal Harem

WE45 : Mughal Pattern

WE39 : Persian Court Scene

WE43 : Radha Krishna

WE31 : Radha Krishna with Gopikas

WE29 : Royal Barbeque

WE44 : Sanjeevani Hanuman

WE25 : Shah at the Hermit's Cave

WE47 : Shiva Parvati

WE41 : The Prince's Outing

WE40 : Weeping Shiva

WE33 : White Rose

WE12 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WE14 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WE05 : An Evening of Music with Krishna and Radha

WE08 : At the Shah's Court

WE10 : Holi at Vrindavana

WE17 : Krishna Drinks Water from Radha's Pitcher

WE11 : Krishna with Gopis

WE13 : Mughal Pattern

WE07 : Persian Hunting Scene

WE15 : Rasa Lila

WE04 : The King and the Maiden

WE06 : Two Ladies on a Terrace

WE16 : Krishna and Sudama

WE18 : Krishna's Ring

WE19 : Radha Krishna on a Swing

WD98 : Mughal Harem

WE01 : Persian Court Scene

WE02 : Procession at the Red Fort

WD99 : Procession at the Udaipur Lake Palace

WE03 : The Taj Mahal

WD88 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WD87 : Laila's Outing

WD90 : Radha Krishna

WD92 : Surya Namaskar

WD91 : The Messenger

WB96 : The Prince's Outing

WD93 : Arjuna Battles Karana at Kurukshetra

WD57 : The Queen as Art Connoisseur

WD97 : Discussion on an Issue of Some Importance

WD94 : Mughal Procession

WD81 : A Meeting of Nobles

WD80 : At the Shah's Court

WD78 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WD84 : Krishna Revels in His Own Self

WD86 : Persian Market Scene

WD85 : The Hearing

WD77 : The Prince's Outing

WD79 : The Visitor

WD76 : Saints of India - Devarishi Narad

WD74 : Saints of India - Eknath

WD64 : Saints of India - Guru Nanak

WD72 : Saints of India - Kabirdas

WD65 : Saints of India - Shankaracharya

WD75 : Saints of India - Shukradev

WD71 : Saints of India - Soordas

WD63 : Saints of India - Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

WD69 : Saints of India - Sri Madhvacharya

WD66 : Saints of India - Sri Nimbarkacharya

WD68 : Saints of India - Sri Vallabhacharya

WD62 : Saints of India - Vedavyasa

WD61 : Hunt of a Tiger

WD56 : Moonlit Taj Mahal

WD60 : Mughal Procession

WD58 : Omar Khayyam

WD59 : Omar Khayyam

WD55 : Persian Market Scene

WD52 : Aurangzeb's Marriage Procession

WD49 : Krishna Sailing on the Yamuna with Gopis

WD54 : Mughal Procession

WD50 : Omar Khayyam

WD51 : Omar Khayyam

WD53 : Persian Market Scene

WD47 : Taj Mahal

WD46 : The Hearing

WD48 : The Visitor

WD42 : A Procession through the streets of Jaipur

WD36 : Devi Saraswati

WD41 : Goddess Kali

WD35 : Hand-Embroidered Gujarati Tapestry

WD43 : Hanumana

WD45 : Karttikeya, Son of Shiva

WD37 : Lord Krishna at Vrindavana

WD40 : Mughal Procession

WD39 : Sai Baba

WD38 : Sri Nath ji at Nathdwara

WC27 : The Camp in a Persian Landscape

WD23 : Adolescent Shiva

WD31 : Balarama

WD17 : Chinnamasta - the Decapitated Goddess

WD20 : Devi Ganga the River Goddess

WD28 : Fresh Milk for Krishna

WD18 : Kurma Avatar

WD32 : Lord Buddha

WD25 : Ma Kali

WD27 : Madhyadhyaan

WD33 : Murlidhar Krishna

WD34 : Narasimha Avatar

WD30 : Sage Parshurama

WD26 : Vamana Avatar

WD24 : Varaha Avatar

WD13 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WD12 : Bahucharji - The Goddess Who Rides a Hen

WD14 : Hunt of a Tiger

WD16 : Mughal Procession

WD09 : Shiva Linga

WC94 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WC97 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WC96 : Decorated Elephant

WD03 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WC98 : Hunt of a Lion

WC92 : Krishna the Divine Musician

WC99 : Mughal Pattern

WC95 : Mughal Procession

WD01 : Omar Khayyam

WD02 : Omar Khayyam

WD04 : The Royal Parade

WC89 : Taj Mahal

WC91 : Gita Updesh

WC83 : Durga of South India

WC76 : Hanuman Stands Tall Over the World

WC73 : Imaginative Imagery (Al-Buraq)

WC88 : Mujra for the Mughal Prince

WC71 : Radha in His Arms

WC85 : Ravana Shaking Mount Kailash

WC74 : Shrinathji

WC84 : Singhvahini

WC82 : The Chinese Traveler (Laughing Buddha)

WC86 : The Cycle Of Life

WC81 : The Death of Satyam Shivam Sundaram

WC87 : The Ten Sikh Gurus

WC69 : A Procession at the Red Fort

WC66 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WC67 : Mughal Procession

WC65 : Radha Krishna in an Intimate Moment

WC68 : Rasa Leela

WC63 : Sri Nath ji

WC64 : Taj Mahal

WC70 : The Royal Parade

WC56 : A Royal Visit to the Astrologer

WC46 : Buddha Under the Bodhi Tree

WC47 : Decorated Royal Elephant

WC49 : Gopala Eating Butter

WC48 : Hanumana

WC54 : Lord Shiva

WC51 : Mughal Love Scene

WC50 : Omar Khayyam

WC59 : Omar Khayyam

WC55 : Radha Feeding Krishna

WC52 : Radha Krishna

WC60 : Radha Krishna

WC57 : Radha Krishna at Vrindavan

WC62 : Radha Krishna in an Intimate Moment

WC45 : Radha Krishna in the Garden of Love

WC44 : Scene from a Mughal Harem

WC53 : The Palanquin

WC58 : The Royal Parade

WC61 : Two Processions Converge in the Town Square

WC42 : Hunt of a Tiger

WC32 : Kali

WC40 : Krishna and Balarama at Mathura

WC35 : Krishna Applies Henna

WC33 : Mughal Pattern

WC31 : Mughal Procession

WC39 : Mughal Procession

WC30 : Raas Leela

WC34 : Raas Leela

WC41 : Raas Leela

WC38 : Radha Feeding Krishna

WC36 : Radha Krishna Swing

WC37 : The Battle of Love

WB95 : A Specimen of Mughal Architecture

WC01 : American Indian Hunting Scene

WC12 : At the Shah's Court

WC22 : Chinese Buddha

WC18 : Dancing Ganesha

WC03 : From the Land of the Rising Sun

WC04 : Ganesha on Mouse

WC16 : Garuda

WC02 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WC09 : Kali

WB98 : Kali on Shiva

WC29 : Krishna Adorning Radha

WC24 : Krishna and Gopikas

WC13 : Kuan Yin

WC19 : Lama

WC28 : Lord Ganesha

WB99 : Moennitarri Warrior in the Costume of the Dog Dance

WB92 : Mughal Procession

WC10 : Mughal Procession

WC15 : Mughal Procession

WB93 : Of Noble Descent

WC20 : Radha Feeds Krishna

WC14 : Radha Krishna

WC23 : Radha Krishna in the Garden of Love

WC26 : Radha Krishna on a Swing

WB97 : Radha Krishna the Lotus Lovers

WC05 : Radha Krishna with Gopikas

WC08 : Samurai Warrior

WC06 : The Corn Dancers

WC11 : The Corn Maiden

WC25 : The Hearing

WB94 : The Prince at the Hermit's Cave

WC07 : The Yogi

WB68 : Radha Krishna with Gopis

WB73 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WB79 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WB83 : Buddha Challenged by Mara

WB77 : Cosmic Ganesha

WB78 : Devi Lakshmi

WB82 : Emperor Ganesha

WB85 : Hunt of a Tiger

WB75 : Kuan Yin

WB81 : Kuan Yin

WB86 : Kuan Yin

WB70 : Lord Shiva

WB71 : Moonlit Taj Mahal

WB69 : Mughal Harem

WB87 : Mughal Pattern

WB74 : Mughal Procession

WB80 : Mughal Procession

WB90 : Mughal Procession

WB84 : Radha Krishna

WB88 : Radha Krishna in the Garden of Love

WB89 : The Love of Krishna

WQ14 : Five Headed Ganesha with Ten Hands

WQ01 : Ganesha Playing the Sitar

WQ03 : Ganesha Riding a Mouse

WQ20 : Hawa Mahal Of Jaipur

WQ17 : Hunt of a Lion

WQ21 : Kali - The Fair and Beautiful Goddess

WQ19 : Mughal Hunting Scene (Udaipur School)

WQ18 : Mughal Procession

WQ10 : Persian Court Scene

WB54 : A Nubile Nymphet

WB58 : An Amorous Landscape

WB61 : Dancing Ganesha

WB65 : Enchanting Krishna

WB55 : Lord Krishna as Brij Bihari

WB66 : Lord Vishnu

WB56 : Mughal Procession

WB59 : Persian Court Scene

WB57 : Persian Market Scene

WB63 : Radha Applies Henna on Krishna's Feet

WB53 : The Persian Nobles in Meeting

WB60 : The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha

WB44 : An Amorous Landscape

WB45 : Lakshmi Vishnu on Garuda

WB47 : Sufis in Royal Attendance

WB43 : Taj Mahal

WB52 : Divine Love in Monsoon

WB51 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WB49 : Krishna the Enchanter

WB46 : Lovers in a Persian Landscape

WB50 : Surya on the Seven Horse Chariot, with Dawn as His Charioteer

WB48 : The Terrifying Goddess

WB33 : Krishna Vanquishes Kaliya

WB34 : A Persian Marketplace

WB37 : Ardhanarishvara

WB40 : Enlightened

WB36 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WB35 : Hunt of a Tiger

WB38 : Kali

WB32 : Taj Mahal

WB41 : The Erotic Ascetic

WB42 : Vishnu Incarnate (Rama)

WB22 : An Amorous Landscape

WB25 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WB27 : Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

WB23 : Sheshashayi Vishnu

WB30 : A Decorated Cover of the Holy Koran

WB31 : Hunt of a Tiger

WB29 : In the Garden of Love with Krishna

WB26 : Radha Krishna with Gopikas

WB28 : Sai Baba

PB82 : Dash Avataar - The Ten Incarnations of Vishnu

WD05 : Ganesha

WD06 : Golden Ganesha

WD07 : Hanumana

WD08 : Lord Balaji

WB17 : A Procession at the Red Fort

WB07 : An Ever-Flowing Grace

WB15 : Begging For the Flute!

WB16 : Diwane Aam

WB12 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WB05 : In a World of Their Own

WB18 : Krishna Performs Radha's Shringar

WB11 : Mahavira

WB21 : Mughal Procession

WB06 : Raas Leela

WB14 : Raas Leela

WB09 : Shiva's Divine Light

WB08 : Taj Mahal

WB10 : The Divine Cowherd

WB20 : The Enraptured Lovers

WB13 : Winning Krishna with Flowers

WB02 : A Royal Outing

WA98 : Baraat - Wedding Procession

WA95 : Court Scene

WA99 : Krishna and Balarama with Gopikas

WA90 : Mughal Procession

WA94 : Persian Marketplace

WB04 : Radha and Krishna at Vrindavan

WA92 : Radha and Krishna on a Swing

WB03 : Radha Krishna with Gopikas

WB01 : Royal Procession

WA91 : Shahi Sawari

WA96 : The Meeting

WA93 : The Prince's Amusement

WA97 : The Royal Courtyard

WA89 : Diwane Aam

WA87 : Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

WA88 : Mughal Procession

WA86 : Taj Mahal

WA80 : Decorated Elephant

WA79 : Krishna Charms the Gopis

WA84 : Krishna the Cowherd

WA85 : Krishna with Gopis

WA78 : Mughal Procession

WA82 : Mughal Procession

WA83 : Mughal Procession

WA81 : The Royal Steed

WA74 : Ardhanarishvara

WA75 : Bhole Nath

WA77 : Lord Shiva

WA76 : Rama and Lakshmana wash the Wounds of Jatayu

WA72 : Mughal Procession

WA73 : Sensuous Immortals

WA66 : Dancing Ganesha

WA64 : Five Headed Hanumana

WA65 : Kali The Governor of Time

WA67 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA71 : Nrittya Ganesha

WA70 : Simhavahini Durga (The Goddess Who Rides A Lion)

WA68 : Sleeping Ganesha

WA69 : Vishwakarma

WA59 : A Girl on Sale

WA58 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA62 : Mughal Procession

WA60 : Radha Krishna in Vrindavan

WA61 : Radha plays Kanhaiya's Murali

WA63 : The Victory March

WA57 : Krishna, Radha and companions play Holi

WA56 : Shiva and Nandi

PB33 : A wall hanging with Uma, Maheshvara, Brahma and Vishnu

WA53 : Holi

WA54 : Pichhawai Shri Nathji

WA55 : Raas Leela

WA52 : Krishna and Gopikas

WA51 : Krishna in the Boat

WA44 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA45 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA46 : Mughal Procession

WA48 : Radha Krishna

WA49 : Radha Krishna

WA50 : Radha Krishna

WA47 : The Nobleman's Outing

WA41 : Radha Krishna

WA42 : Sohni

WA43 : The Swing of Passions

WA40 : Dancing Ganesha

WA38 : Lord Shiva adorning Parvati

WA37 : Maneka Seduces Vishwamitra

WA39 : The Maiden

WA36 : Humming Birds

WA19 : Dancing Ganesha

WA23 : Dancing Shiva

WA26 : Gautam Buddha

WA21 : Lord Shiva

WA24 : Meditating Shiva

WA25 : Meditating Shiva

WA17 : Mira Bai

WA18 : Murli Krishna

WA22 : Radha

WA20 : Saraswati

WP69 : Mughal Procession

WP72 : Mughal Procession

WP81 : Omar Khayyam

WP83 : The Auction

WP80 : The Game of Chess

WP76 : Mughal Procession

WP91 : Camping

WP96 : Krishna with Gopikas

WP94 : Mughal Hunting Scene

WP84 : Mughal Pattern - Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

WP85 : Mughal Pattern - Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

WP86 : Mughal Pattern - Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

WP87 : Mughal Pattern - Ceiling of the Taj Mahal

WP92 : Persian Court Scene

WP93 : Persian Court Scene

WP89 : Radha Krishna

WP90 : Radha Krishna

WP82 : Shah Jahan's Fantasy

WP88 : The Amours of Krishna

WP95 : Tiger Hunt

WA12 : Babur Holds Court

WA02 : Durbar - The Court

WA05 : Durbar - The Court

WA15 : Krishna Charms with his Flute

WA06 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA07 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA08 : Krishna with Gopikas

WA01 : Mischievous Krishna

WA11 : Mughal Court Scene

WA13 : Mughal Court Scene

WP97 : Mughal Hunting Scene

WA09 : Persian Court Scene

WP99 : Radha Krishna

WA14 : Radha Krishna

WP98 : Rajasthani Phad Painting

WA10 : Royal Procession

WA16 : The Flute of Krishna

WA04 : The Royal Hunt

WA28 : Buddha

WP74 : Mughal Procession

WA29 : Shakyamuni

WA27 : Under the Bodhi Tree

WP64 : Lady of the House

WP65 : Lady with Hookah

PC13 : Mahisasura-mardini

WP63 : The Japanese Lord

WP70 : Mughal Procession

WP68 : Mughal Procession

WP66 : Omar Khayyam

WP67 : Omar Khayyam

WP49 : Persian Forest Scene

WP45 : Radha Krishna

WP71 : Mughal Procession

WP56 : Krishna with Gopikas

WP54 : Radha Krishna

WP55 : Radha Teases Krishna

WP73 : Mughal Procession

WP75 : Mughal Procession

WP77 : Mughal Procession

WP78 : Mughal Procession

WP79 : Mughal Procession

WP48 : Persian Court Scene

WP47 : Persian Court Scene

WP50 : The Prince's Birthday

WP58 : Krishna with Gopikas

WP52 : Mughal Court Scene

WP53 : Mughal Court Scene

WP61 : Mughal Court Scene

WP60 : Mughal Love scene

WP62 : Mughal Love scene

WP51 : Persian Court Scene

WP57 : Persian Court Scene

WP59 : Persian Court Scene

WP46 : Radha Krishna

WP44 : Raas Leela

AR12 : White Pelicans

AR11 : Wild Horses

WP43 : Mughal Procession

WP42 : Mughal Procession

AS96 : Sunflowers

WP39 : A Harem Scene

AS87 : Grizzly

WP40 : Mughal Harem

WP37 : Mughal Harem

WP36 : Mughal Harem

AS82 : Panda

WP38 : Radha Krishna

WP41 : Sensual and Erotic

WP35 : Mughal Harem

WP34 : Mughal Procession

AS67 : Royal Horse

WP33 : Krishna with Gopikas

WP32 : Krishna with Gopikas

WP26 : Krishna with Gopikas

AS32 : The Wolf

WP28 : Dancing Court Scene

AC04 : Lion

WP31 : Mughal Procession

WP30 : Mughal Procession

WP29 : Mughal Procession

WP27 : Under The Bodhi Tree

WP09 : Bani Thani

WP07 : Divine Love Cast on a Physical Plane

WP19 : Jaipur Naresh

WP04 : Krishna With Gopikas

WP08 : Love Games of Radha and Krishna

WP03 : Lovers

WP02 : Mughal Harem scene

WP24 : Mughal Procession

WP12 : Omar Khayyam

WP15 : Persian Court Scene

WP14 : Persian Court Scene

WP18 : Persian Scene

WP17 : Persian Scene

WP10 : Radha Krishna

WP06 : Radha Krishna

WP05 : Radha Krishna

WF01 : Birds - Kestrel

WH15 : Radha Requests Krishna to Play his Flute

WM09 : Mughal Love scene

WM05 : Mughal Court