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Buy Gift Items for Corporate and Bulk Gifting from India - Listing of all sold items

Buy Gift Items for Corporate and Bulk Gifting from India

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ZBF41 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity-Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

ZBN86 : Nataraja (Small Statue)

ZAL15 : Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra-For Success in Business

ZBT03 : Deeplakshmi (Goddess of Light)

ZAT04 : Vina-Vadini Saraswati

ZBR73 : Goddess Lakshmi (Small Statue)

ZAL17 : Shri Yantra-The Yantra Which Gives Money

XV47 : Amitabha Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

XU28 : Lord Buddha Head

XU82 : Lord Buddha in Bhumisparasha Mudra

XW07 : Meditating Buddha

XP01 : Nataraja (Small Sculpture)

ZAI53 : Nataraja (Small Statue)

ZBT11 : Deeplakshmi

ZBF45 : Kubera-The God of Wealth (Small Statue)

ZBF33 : Goddess Lakshmi (Small Statue)

ZBS95 : Complete Assembly for Abhisheka of Shiva Linga

ZBR53 : Meditative Buddha Head (Small Sculpture)

ZBR76 : Pancha-Mukhi Ganesha (Small Statue of Five-Headed Ganapati)

ZBK46 : Dhyani Buddha with Beautiful Decorated Robe

ZBQ05 : Pair of Throne Ganesha and Lakshmi

ZAZ65 : Blessing Buddha

XZ88 : Lord Ganesha Granting Abhaya (Small Statue)

ZAD89 : Lord Krishna Vanquishes Kaliya (Small Statue)

XN44 : Lord Shiva Killing Andhaksura (Small Sculpture)

XZ96 : Ram Bhakta Hanuman (Small Statue)

ZAZ77 : Blessing Buddha

XV04 : Lord Buddha in Mara Vijay Mudra

XU32 : Lord Venkateshvara (Flat Statue)

ZAI26 : Relaxing Ganesha

XW06 : The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

RF77 : Small Nataraja

XP59 : Lord Ganesha in Abhaya Mudra (Small Sculpture)

XO90 : Lord Krishna with His Cow and Peacock

ZBO28 : Krishna (Small Statue)

ZBN71 : Vajradhara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

RG61 : Tibetan Buddhist Mayadevi - The Mother of Buddha

ZCD81 : Vastu Yantra Tortoise

ZCB83 : Vastu Yantra Tortoise

ZBT22 : Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (Earth Touching Gesture)

ZBS45 : Devi Durga Hanging Bell

ZBS41 : Cosmic Form of Lord Krishna

ZBS31 : Goddess Lakshmi Hanging Bell

ZBS05 : Goddess Saraswati Hanging Bell

ZBR81 : Krishna Hanging Bell

ZBR72 : Lord Ganesha Under a Tree (Small Statue)

ZBR74 : Lord Ganesha with Large Ears (Small Sculpture)

ZAC57 : Goddess Durga (Small Statue)

ZAO20 : Lord Ganesha Hanging Bells

XI07 : Mahishasur Mardini Mother Goddess Durga (Small Sculpture)

XS09 : Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Green Tara

ZAJ07 : Lord Ganesha (Small Sculpture)

XU94 : Tibetan Buddhist Standing Medicine Buddha with the Bowl of Medicinal Herbs

ZBE39 : Om (AUM) with Stand

ZBO70 : Panther

ZBN32 : Tibetan Buddhist Muladhara Chakra Singing Bowls

ZBN30 : Om (Wall Hanging)

ZBN94 : Buddha in Dhyana Mudra

ZBI20 : Lord Ganesha Seated on a Flower Couch

ZBD75 : Sacred Sri Yantra on Tortoise

ZBF29 : Ganesha (Small Statue)

ZBI36 : Goddess Lakshmi Seated on Chowki

ZBO73 : Om (Wall Hanging)

ZBC18 : Dhyani Buddha

ZBB33 : Blessing Buddha

ZAT10 : Bhagawan Buddha

ZAJ77 : Bhagawan Venkateshvara

XP64 : Baby Ganesha

XT66 : Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra with Pindapatra

XP47 : Goddess Lakshmi Seated on Lotus (Small Statue)

XO88 : Kaliya Vijaya Leela of Shri Krishna

ZV52 : Bhumisparsha Buddha on a High Throne (Small Sculpture)