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SJC79 : Jootis with Zardozi Embroidery and Ghungaroos

SJD01 : Baked-Clay Jootis with Cut-work

SJC69 : Rainbow Ari-Embroidered Slippers from Punjab

SJC58 : Paradise-Pink Designer Jootis with Zardozi Embroidery by Hand and Mirrors

SJC62 : Multi-Color Designer Jootis with Zardozi Embroidery by Hand

SJD07 : Almond-Brown Jootis with Zari-Thread Embroidery

SJC96 : Bitter-Chocolate Jootis with Thread-Embroidery and Ghunghroos

SJC87 : Casual Jootis with Zari-Thread Embroidery

SJC98 : Copper-Brown Mojaris with Cut-work

SJC89 : Cowhide-Red Plain Mojaris for Men

SJC97 : Deep-Mahogany Jootis with Embroidered Spirals in Zari

SJD10 : French-Roast Jootis for Men

SJC86 : Honey-Yellow Jootis with Zari Thread-Embroidery and Cut-work

SJD09 : Leather-Brown Mojaris with Cut-work

SJC90 : Mojaris for Men with Stripes

SJD06 : Multicolored Slip-on Sandals with Floral-Embroidery All-Over

SJC95 : Multicolored Slip-on Sandals with Thread-Embroidery

SJC99 : Multicolored Slip-on Sandals with Thread-Embroidery All-Over

SJD05 : Plain Casual Mojaris with Stripes

SJD04 : Plain Jooits for Men

SJC94 : Plain Jootis for Men

SJC91 : Slip-on Sandals from Kashmir with Ari Floral-Embroidery

SJD11 : Stone-Brown Jootis for Men

SJC80 : Cognac-Brown Slip-on Shoes for Men

SJC81 : Jootis with Zardozi Embroidered Paisleys and Ghungaroos

SJC85 : Toasted-Almond Slippers with Bead-work in Multi Color

SJC83 : Toasted-Almond Slippers with Embroidered Beads and Faux Pearl

SJC76 : Bitter-Chocolate Jootis with Ari-Embroidery in Multi-Color Thread

SJC66 : Jootis with Ari-Embroidery in Multi-Color Thread

SJC67 : Jootis with Floral Ari-Embroidery in Multi-Color Thread

SJC68 : Jootis with Hand-Embroidered Paisley

SJC70 : Multicolor Ari-Embroidered Jootis with Ghungaroos

SJC78 : Rum-Raisin Jootis with Ari-Embroidery in Multi-Color Thread

SJC71 : Shantiniketan Slippers with Painted Peacocks

SJC72 : Slippers with Multi-Color Embroidered Jaal

SJC74 : Tri-Color Ari Embroidered Jootis from Punjab

SJC61 : Black Jootis with Phulkari Floral Embroidery

SJC60 : Black Phulkari Jooti from Punjab with Tri-Color Embroidery by Hand

SJC50 : Cherry Slip-on Shoes for Men with Threadwork

SJC53 : Coffee-Brown Jooti with Floral Cut Work

SJC51 : Hand-Embroidered Phulkari Jooti from Punjab with Sequins

SJC55 : Magenta and Blue Phulkari Jooti with Embroidered Flowers and Sequins

SJC49 : Multi-Color Phulkari Hand-Embroidered Jooti from Punjab

SJC54 : Phulkari Hand-Embroidered Jooti from Punjab

SJC56 : Radiant Orange and Blue Jooti with Thread Embroidered Flowers and Sequins

SJC52 : Tri-Color Phulkari Embroidered Jooti from Punjab

SJC57 : Tri-Color Phulkari Jooti from Punjab

SJC44 : Black Slip-on Sandals with Multicolored Floral Embroidery

SJC37 : Beige and Green Hand-Embroidered Phulkari Jooties

SJC40 : Beige Jooties with Ari Embroidered Leaves

SJC39 : Beige Phulkari Jooties from Punjab with Silver Ari Embroidery

SJC38 : Wedding Jooties with All-Over Zardozi Work

SJC21 : Brown Sandals for Men with Plain Straps

SJC24 : White Slip-On Matted Shoes for Men

SJC08 : Jootis with Multi-Color Threadwork and Sequins

SJC13 : Osho Chappals

SJC05 : Plain Jootis with Beadwork

SJC06 : Plain Jootis with Metallic Thread Embroidery

SJB96 : Baked Clay Slip On Shoes for Kids with Metallic Thread Work

SJB90 : Ladies' Slippers with Thread Embroidery on Edges

SJB92 : Slip-on Matted Shoes for Men

SJB59 : Black Slippers with Ari Embroidery

SJB63 : Brown-Color Jootis with Multi-Color Floral Embroidery

SJB60 : Multi-Color Embroidered Jootis

SJB56 : Multi-Color Embroidered Slippers

SJB66 : Silver-Color Mojaris with Net, Sequins and Beadwork

SJB62 : Silver-Color Shimmering Mojaris

SJB44 : Brown Mojaris with Multi-color Embroidery and Paisley

SJB45 : Jootis with Embroidered Leaves

SJB51 : Tri-Color Chappals with Embroidery

SJB38 : Black Mojaris with Beadwork

SJB34 : Mojaris with Multi-color Embroidery

SJB40 : Multi-color Embroidered Mojaris with Mirror

SJB36 : Toffee-Brown Mojaris with Embroidery

SJB37 : Tri-color Embroidered Jootis

SJB06 : Brown Sandals with Thread-Embroidery

SJA78 : Cherry Sandals with Threadwork

SJA90 : Flat Chappals with Floral Thread-Embroidery

SJA63 : Cherry Embroidered Chappals with Mirrors

SJA49 : Cherry-Red Sandals with Floral Embroidery

SJA40 : Tan Sandals with Threadwork and Mirrors