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Sky-Blue Stole Designed with Contemporary Design-Motifs
Peacock-Blue Chudidar Salwar Suit with Crewel Embroidery
Robin-Egg Blue Lehenga Choli with Beadwork and Sequins
Turquoise Blue Lehenga Choli with Beadwork and Sequins
Algiers-Blue Chudidar Kameez Suit Beadwork and Sequins
Lime and Blue Batik-Dyed Lehenga Choli with Sequins and Embroidery
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Astrological Lore in the Buddhist Sardulakarnavadana
पूजन रहस्य अर्थात् श्री पंचांग देवता पूजन चन्द्रिका: How to Perform Puja
Fragment of A Prajnaparamita Manuscript from Central Asia
130 संस्कृत कथा: 130 Short Sanskrit Stories
Sublime Thoughts on Mahabharata (A Rare Book)
भारतीय दर्शन का इतिहास: History of Indian Philosophy (Set of 4 Volumes)
শ্রীরামচরিতমানস: Sri Ramacharitamanas in Bengali
Excellent products and efficient delivery.
R. Maharaj, Trinidad and Tobago
Aloha Vipin, The books arrived today in Hawaii -- so fast! Thank you very much for your efficient service. I'll tell my friends about your company.
Linda, Hawaii
Thank you for all of your continued great service. We love doing business with your company especially because of its amazing selections of books to study. Thank you again.
M. Perry, USA
Kali arrived safely—And She’s amazing! Thank you so much.
D. Grenn, USA
A wonderful Thangka arrived. I am looking forward to trade with your store again.
Hideo Waseda, Japan
Thanks. Finally I could find that wonderful book. I love India , it's Yoga, it's culture. Thanks
Ana, USA
Good to be back! Timeless classics available only here, indeed.
Allison, USA
I am so glad I came across your website! Oceans of Grace.
Aimee, USA
I got the book today, and I appreciate the excellent service. I am 82, and I am trying to learn Sanskrit till I can speak and write well in this superb language.
Dr. Sundararajan
Wonderful service and excellent items. Always sent safely and arrive in good order. Very happy with firm.
Dr. Janice, Australia