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Black and White Batik Printed Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Flowers and leaves
Bleached-Sand Madhubani Sari from Mithila With Auspicious Kohbar Print
Deep-Water Sari with Printed Madhubani Motifs and Kohbar on Pallu
Caramel and Black Handloom Batik Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Printed Roses
Reed-Yellow Sanskrit Sari from Jharkhand
Off-White Kasavu Sari from Kerala with Zari-Woven Border and Butter-Thief Krishna (Baal Gopal)
Pirate-Black Kalamkari Sari with Goddess Lakshmi Printed on Aanchal
Marine-Green Block-Printed Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Florals All Over
Scarlet-Red and Beige Printed Batik Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Painted Border and Anchal
Hawaiian-Ocean Printed Sari from Kolkata with Multi-Color Leaves on Border and Pallu
Multicolor Printed Georgette Sari with Floral Patch Border
Blue Suryani Sari from Mysore with Printed Leaves
Wood-Ash Kosa Sari from Jharkhand with Printed Roses and Bootis
Multicolored Sari from Kolkata with Printed Red-Indian
Jet-Black Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Kalamkari Print
Tri-Colored Half and Half Printed Sari with Patch Border and Embroidered Blouse
Silver-Fern Sari from Madhya Pradesh with Bagdoo Block-Printed Bootis
Multicolored Sari from Kolkata with Modern Print
Cedar-Green Sari with Printed Sanatan Dharma Mantra
Ivory Sari from Kolkata with Foliage Print and Kantha Hand-Embroidery
Blue and Green Digital-Printed Sari from Kolkata
Gothic-Olive Bagdoo Block-Printed Sari from Madhya Pradesh
Magenta Leharia Printed Sari from Jodhpur
Multicolored Floral Printed Sari with Embroidered Patch Border

Links Related to Printed Sarees

Sari: Indian Woman's Globally Venerated Distinction

"A ritual in temple or at home, celebrating a birth or marriage or mourning a death, sari has its own sanctity on all occasions....Sari is an imaginative wear which the wearer drapes to her fancy using it to add volume to her frail figure or relieve it of its awkward bulk....Whatever the early Sanskrit denominations, the vernacular term 'sari', among others denoting Indian textiles, had evolved with specificity by the 14th century, if not before....Mirabai alludes to term 'sari' in her verses....It was Indian cinema that led sari to its all time heights of popularity."
Sari: Indian Woman's Globally Venerated Distinction

Textiles and Costumes in Early India

"Three conventionalised modes of clothing - one, for the divine female representing fertility, abundance and beauty; two, for an ecclesiastical being; and three, for an entertainer....defined his distinction, rank and role in society. Manu prescribes Brahmins' sacred thread to be made from cotton yarn. No two figures in Ajanta murals wear a similar costume. Ajanta damsels knew multifarious styles of putting on a sari. Ordinarily, a sari was tied on pelvis wrapping both legs....It was worn on body's middle part, that is, from breasts to knees....Designer Blouse from Ajanta which can be the Envy of any Modern Woman."
Textiles and Costumes in Early India

The Indian Sari - Fashioning the Female Form

"The Sari, it is said, was born on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of a Woman. The shimmer of her tears. The drape of her tumbling hair. The colors of her many moods. The softness of her touch. All these he wove together. He couldn't stop. He wove for many yards. And when he was done, the story goes, he sat back and smiled and smiled and smiled".
The Indian Sari - Fashioning the Female Form
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I am very happy with your service, and have now added a web page recommending you for those interested in Vedic astrology books: Many blessings to you.
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