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Paintings of Music

Putting Music Into Image

The Hindu religion has been a fountain of inspiration for the visual arts since time immemorial. From the plethora of our complex deities to the treasure trove of stories in our literature, there is much to Hinduism that lends itself to good painting. However, there is more. Classical Hindu texts of the non-fiction variety expound a world of abstract concepts such as music and dance and the like; and this subsection of our exclusive Hindu paintings section features a collection of paintings on music as laid down in the shastras. A majority of these are ragamala paintings, a famous visual arts tradition that stemmed in medieval India. These seductive illustrations feature the ragas of classical music, and their raginis, ragaputras, and ragaputris, having personified the raga in question to a nayak (hero) or a nayika (heroine) as part of a visual episode that gives away the strictly laid specifications of the raga in question (such as the time of day that the raga is meant to be sung). Some of these paintings are relatively simple depictions of everyday sadhakas and sadhikas with their musical instruments. The Hindu paintings in this section are each a visual-poetic amalgamation of art and music, and would elevate the aesthetic standards of your space with their vibrant hues and gorgeous landscapes.