Ashtapadi (Audio CD)

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Guruvayoor Paani, Janardhnan NedungadiInvis Multimedia (2006)60 Minutes
About The CD

Content : Vocal, Gita Govinda in Kerala Sopana style by Janardhanan Nedungadi
Artiste : Janardhanan Nedungadi
Language : Malayalam
Format : Music-CD
Duration : 60 mins

Ashtapadi (Guruvayoor Paani)

Ashtapadi songs are part of Geeta Govindam, the renowned literary work by the great Sanskrit poet Jayadeva. Composed in the 12th century, Geeta Govindam has eternal love and supreme devotion as its highlights, which centers around Lord Krishna. It is lyrical poetry in 12 chapters, which is further sub-divided into 24 divisions called Prabandha. Each Prabandha is again sub-divided into two, comprising eight couplets called Ashtapadis. In the temples of Kerala, Ashtapadi is sung in front of the Sopanam, the flight of steps leading to the sanctum sanctorum, accompanied by the mellifluous beats of the Edakka'. It is sung only when the sanctum sanctorum door is closed for poojas. Ashtapadi gained currency as part of this tradition of Sopana music.

Sri Janardhanan Nedungadi

Sri Janardanan Nedungadi was formerly the Ashtapadi Bhagavatar of Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple.The Audio CD on Ashtapadi by Invis Multimedia has Sri Janardanan Nedungadi reciting Ashtapadis in Guruvayoor Paani style.


1. Meghair Meduraam Umbaram 2. Pralaya Payodhi Jale 3. Vasante Vasanthi Kusuma 4. Lalitha Lavanga Latapariseelana 5. Rasollasabharena 6. Haravaali Tarala Kanchana 7. Manjutara Kunjalata 8. Sa Sasadhwasanmanada 9. Radha Vadana Virokana 10. Avaso Vipinayate 11. Stanavinihitamapi Haramudaaram

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