Embracing Krishna: Classical Krishna Bhajans (Audio CD)

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Milind ChittalMystica Music Pvt. Ltd.(2011)
About the CD

Embracing Krishna is a unique amalgam of devotion to lord Krishna and devotion to classical music, as the renowned vocalist Milind Chittal has put his heart into the making of this album. It features seven of the most potent & mesmerising devotional bhajans of Lord Krishna in the sublime voice of Milind Chital, accompanied by various artistes on Table, Pakhawaj, Flute, Harmonium and the Manjira.

All the seven tracks are based on seven different ragas. Each track is a masterpiece in itself. It creates a beautiful ambience wherein one gets totally absorbed in listening to it. What adds on to the devotional lyrics is the touch of classical music has made this album an eternal gem. Tale a soulful trip to the ecstatic world of Krishna bhajans and let the divine embrace you.

Bansuri: Milind Sheorey
Table: Shantanu Shukla
Pakhawaj: Gurunath Phadke
Manjira: Prakash Naik
Harmonium: Hemant Hemmady
Tanpura: Vilas Pednekar

About the Artist

A versatile musician, Milind Chittal received rigorous training under Pandit Firoz Dastur of Kirana Gharana for twelve years. He has also learnt under the guidance of Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan of Rampur Sahaswan Gharana and Pandit Dinkar Kaikini of the Agra Gharana.

Having trained proficiency, Milind has emerged as one of the foremost vocalists, with a sonorous voice and excellent range. His emphatic style is the hallmark of his performances. He has been awarded ‘Surmani’ title by Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai, and he has also won numerous competitions including All India Radio music competition, India Culture League and Kalidas Sangeet Spardha.

Milind Chittal has enthralled the audience by his performances in many music festivals, such as Sawai Ghandharva Festival (Pune), Harballabh Sangeet Samellan (Jalandhar), Ustad Amir Khan Festival (Indore and Calcutta), Rahimat Khan Festival (Dharwad), Karavalli Festival (Karwar), Saptak Festival (Ahmedabad) etc.


1Vidur Ghar Jaye Chalo TumRaga Pahadi
2Tuma Matha Javo MurariRaga Jhinjoti
3Sabse Unchi Prem SagayiRaga Khamaj
4Tuma Bina Mori Kaun Khabar leRaga Piloo
5Chalo Mana Ganga Jamuna TeerRaga Pahadi
6Yeri Jasoda Tose Larongi LarayiRaga Sahoni
7Jo Bhaje Hari Ko SadaRaga Bhairavi
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