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Festivals of India: Raksha Bandhan (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)

Festivals of India: Raksha Bandhan (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
Item Code: IZZ565
Amit Chheda
Shethia Audio Video Pvt. Ltd.(2012)
30 mins. Approx.
About the DVD

A Shethia Audio Video Pvt. Ltd.
Produced By: Amit Chheda
Concept By: Raksha Chheda
Directed and Edited By: Rupa Shukla Ahire
Camera: Ameet Ahire
Music: Prem Haria
Production Controller: Sanjay Visharia

Festivals are integral part of any culture. Celebrated throughout the year, the galaxy of Indian Festivals makes the Indian Heritage the richest. Vibrant colours, brightly lit places, traditional cuisines , sweets, dance , music, dresses , ornaments, fasting ,feasting, exchanging gifts ,good will, prayers , processions, rituals , holidays. To welcome a new season or a new year, the harvest or the rain; on religious occasions or birthdays of God, saints and gurus or to worship the Sun and the Moon...

Regions or reasons may vary and so do the names. But, the festive spirit, concept of universal brotherhood, warm hospitality and enthusiasm appeals people across the globe to be a part of it.

The full moon of the shravan, a pious Hindu Monsoon month, falls in August, known as ‘Shravani Poornima’, the day is celebrated for different reasons.

‘Raksha Bandhan’ means the bond of protection and unconditional love between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist and bestow him with gifts and blessings while the brothers promise to stand by sisters through good and bad times. Rakhi is a pledge to be kind to all through one’s actions, speech, and behaviour. The essence of Rakhi suggests universal brotherhood.

For Brahmins, ‘Balev’, the day to take the pledge of Brahmanik rites and change the sacred thread (‘Janeu’ or ‘Yagnopavit’). Amongst all the 16 Sanskars of Hinduism, ‘Upanayan’, the sacred thread initiation, is regarded as supreme. A Brahmin by birth becomes a Brahmin by Karma only after wearing the thread and performing the ceremony.

For fishermen, ‘Narali Pournima’ is the beginning of a new fishing season. The fishing business stops between June and August. Only after offering tender coconuts and receiving blessings of ‘Dariya Raja’, the sea Lord and the rain God Varun, Fisher-folks can celebrate ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and resume fishing activities. Gala processions, traditional Koli attires (Thhaat), Koli-dance. Beats of drums, trumpets and the cries of enjoyment are the trademarks of the festivity.

All Region
NTSC / Colour
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

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