From Father to Son: Ragini Puriya Dhanasri (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICL074
Ali Akbar Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri and Alam KhanMusic Today (2002)58:07 Minutes
From the CD

To be in the audience watching Ali Akbar Khan teach his son, Alam, in concert reminds us of the unique place Indian classical music has in the history of music. Unlike many musical traditions, most of what is performed on the stage is composed on the spot according to the rules of the tradition. For a student, this is the most challenging time of their life, at the feet of their guru, listening and responding with an intensity felt every second by the audience. Its magic pulls you in all keeps you involved until the last note of the performance.

This is the first published recording of Ragini Puriya Dhanasri released by Ali Akbar Khan. It is with great pleasure that we are able to offer this recording to you.

The concert was performed at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California, on May 12.

Ali Akbar Khan Sarode,
Swapan Chaudhuri Tabla
and introducing Alam Khan Sarode

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