Golden Classics – Surinder Kaur (Volume 1 & 2) (Two Audio CD)

Golden Classics – Surinder Kaur (Volume 1 & 2) (Two Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR117
Surinder Kaur Music Today(2004)
From the CD

“The word suggests someone your own your very own someone who cares for you and loves you selflessly; someone who is your magnified self in flesh and bone, in thought – in prudence, in quality – in ability and above all someone you idolize, as a child.

That’s exactly how I fell about my mother, the great Punjabi singer popularly called the ‘Nightingale of Punjab.’ Surinder Kaur, may be a big name, a famous person, the greatest of singers for millions but for me she is my own, my very own dear, affectionate, loving and caring mother, who is there, whenever I need her the most, she would run to me, as I would to her, even when miles apart.

I hear her melodious voice deep within me with every breath I breathe. I have grown up listening to her lullabies. I feel obsessed by her songs and they are my most treasured property. I cherish every moment of her warmth.

To me she is my most beautiful, talented and elegant mother of the world. She is love, love and just pure love.

A feeling of pride sets into my mind when I realise that I belong to a family of singers who have devoted their whole life for traditional and decent melodious Punjabi music right from my very dear aunts Smt, Prakash Kaur, Smt. Narinderpal Kaur to my mother. Luckily, I have inherited this gift from them and by God’s grace, my daughter and granddaughter, are also blessed with the same talent. The same feeling is also shared by my entire family.

Words are just not enough to express emotion. I hope the listeners are left ‘spell bound’ as we have been, by the charm of her voice.”

Volume 1

1. Morh De Ni Mera Ranjhan 05:49
2.Teri Yaad Aayi 05:26
3. Aag Paniyan 05:08
4. Jo Tere Gham Nu 05:12
5. Viccrhe Chiran Toh Mainu05:31
6. Maye Ni Maye05:37
7. Dil Sol Na 04:17
8. Ve Toon Anyon Na 05:05
Volume 2

1. Nit Khair Manga 05:11
2. Massya Di Raat Kali03:08
3. Chhad Ke Takht Hazara04:34
4. Sajna 06:00
5. Koi Dhoond Leyaao 05:01
6.Akhiyan Ve Rati Son 04:40
7. O Pardesiya 04:59
8. Saari Raat Tere 04:44
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