Himalayan Chants: Attain Nirvana At Home (Booklet Inside) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

Item Code: IDA014
Times Music (2007)
About the CDs

Since ancient times the search for spirituality has been one of the most valued pursuits of mankind. Over the centuries our rishis have compiled special shlokas mantras and prayers to aid man in his quest for inner peace. These mantras are meant to be regularly chants as an integral part of daily prayer ritual or during religious ceremonies. In a world full of tumult and uncertainty these holy mantras offer an ocean of tranquility.

Himalayan Chants – The Special Collector’s Edition is conceptualized composed and sung by Ashit Desai. It encompasses the best known Vedic Chants in Crystal clear articulation along with instrumental music to heighten the listening pleasure. Its effect is that of a full choir singing. It forms a perfect blend of authentic Hindu Mantras with exceptional spiritual music and the result is awe inspiring.

The eternal search for spirituality has been one of our most valued pursuits and our rishis have compiled special prayers to aid us in this quest.

Times Music present Himalayan Chants (Special Collector’s Edition) A Perfect Blend of authentic mantras and exceptional spiritual music that echoes the sound of god.

CD One
1. Shri Ganesh Stuti
2. Pratah Smaran
3. Shri Guru Stuti
4. Shri Shankar Stuti
5. Shri Vishnu Stuti
6. Shri Krishna Stuti
7. Shri Devi Stuti
8. Prakirna: Mantra Shloka
9. Prakirna: Mantra
10. Sangachhadnam
11. Nirvanshatakam
12. Devi Suktam
CD Two
1. Ganpati Avahanam
Krishna Avahanam
Shri Ram Avahanam
Devi Avahanam
Vishnu Avahanam
Shiv Avahanam
Guru Avahanam
Hanuman Avahanam
Surya Avahanam
2. Nitya Karma
3. Paropkar/Kshamapana/Pradakshina/Jagruti
4. Geetaji Ke Atharah Naam
5. Shri Krishna Dwadashnaam Stotram
6. Bhavanyashtakam
7. Mangalgeetam

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