How Art Made the World (Set of Two DVD Videos)

Item Code: ICL095
Dr. Nigel SpiveyBBc with Saregama (2005)4 Hrs 15 Minutes
From the CD:

How humans made art and art made us human.

Why does our world look like it does? That great modern mystery is spectacularly unraelled in this international landmark serious; an epic quest across five continents and 100,000 years- via some of the greatest treasures of the ancient world- to the heart of human creativity.

Discovering how the first big artistic discoveries were made, and how they have cascaded down the centuries to define the look of the present day- this is your invitation to see the world from an utterly new perspective. Encompassing everything from cave paintings to ceramics and pyramids to palaces, the series probes the global trend for unrealistic depictions of the human body; the secret powers of the feature film; how politicians manage to manipulate people so easily; visions of death and the afterlife; and crucially, why we use imagery at all.

Beautiful, surprising, and compelling, this awe-inspiring adventure is not only for art lovers, but for anyone who has ever wondered about their place in the world.

Presented by Dr Nigel Spivey
Series Producer: Mark Hedgecoe Executive Producer: Kim Thomas
A BBC/KCET Hollywood co-production
All sleeve images: BBC 2005

Language: English
Subtitle: English
RPG- Enterprises
All Region
Dolby Digital

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