J. Krishnamurti: What will Bring About Change in the Brain? (Region Code: All Regions –Colour) (DVD)

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J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (1983)77 minutes Approx
From The DVD
Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Language: English
Catlogue No: BR83CPJ1-V-ENG
Format: DVD
Region Code: All Regions –Colour
Duration: 77 minutes Approx

About The DVD

Q: Is there an outside agency that will bring change in the brain cells?

There is only thought not Eastern or Western thought.

How does culture come into being?
What do we mean by the word culture?
Is it the training and refinement of the brain?
Is culture that which is contained in the brain cells?

Man has lived on this earth for a million years and we are as primitive now as we were before.

Is culture preventing change?
What will make human beings bring about a radical mutation in themselves?

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