J. Krishnamurti (The World of Peace series): (Brockwood Park, England, 27 August 1983. Talk 1) How can the brain transform itself? (DVD)

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J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (2006)1 hr. 8 min. Approx
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Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Language: English
Audio: English, French, German, Russian
Format: NTSC Colour DVD
Duration: 1 hr. 8 min. Approx

About The DVD

This series of four talks given in Brockwood Park in 1983 serves as an excellent introduction to Krishnamurti’s teaching, especially for those not previously acquainted with it. Krishnamurti’s statements here are simple and direct and cover all the aspects of life that he generally touched upon in his talks and writings –chaos in the world, conflict between human beings and within oneself, the limitation of knowledge and thought, the burden of fear, the universality of sorrow, the mystery of death, the meaning of meditation, and the search for something beyond the measure of man.

Krishnamurti says in this talk that only a small part of our brain is active, and the rest stays in abeyance. We are so concerned with ourselves that we never have the awareness of the whole of life. Is it possible not to be affected from the outside? Are you aware that you are conditioned, or do you accept another’s statement that you are conditioned? Experience and knowledge condition the brain, and the ‘me’, the self, is essentially a movement in knowledge. You are nothing but memories. Memories are dead things, and on these dead things you live. How do you see these memories-as separate from yourself, the observer? When you realize the fact the observer is the observed, something extraordinary happens. As long as there is a division between memories and the observer of those memories, the division creates conflict.

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