Life and Message of Swami Vivekananda (Animated Video Episodes) (DVD)

Life and Message of Swami Vivekananda (Animated Video Episodes) (DVD)

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Ramakrishna Mission (2013)
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Catlogue No: SVLME
Format: DVD

Part 1
1. Equality of man
2. Fearlessness and Compassion
3. The spirit behind the image worship
4. A tale of two frogs
5. Love for india
6. Real Spirituality
7. Staying at a Muslim’s house
8. The Cobbler
9. Bull’s- Eye
10. Way to Peace

Part 2
1. Shiv Gyane Jiva Seva
2. The Unshakeable
3. Mother Cow
4. The Compassionate Heart
5. My Religion
6. Divinity
7. Meditation
8. Instruction to disciples
9. The Arouser
10. Superhuman Sensibility

Part 3
1. Be a Lion
2. Do good to others
3. Peace of mind
4. Squeezing the orange
5. Surrender to God
6. Don’t Accept without Testing
7. Face the brutes
8. His plan for India
9. Parliament of Religions
10. Serving God in Man
11. Conclusion

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